Sleep by Minnie1982


									Enough sleep:

Generally thought that the most appropriate day to sleep eight hours, if not eight hours sleep, then that lack of sleep. In
fact, his view is not scientific, because sleep is it enough unique and individual.

Basically, everyone's physique, age, around the environment vary. Even if the lack of sleep at night, but their good health,
normal work day, is enough without forcing their sleep eight hours.

Is generally believed that 10 to 10-year-old who, eight hours of sleep each day, from 15 to 5-year-old group, seven hours
of sleep a day time, from 50 to 7-year-old man, each day 5-6 hours. But this is not absolute, should wake up the next day
after the level of spirits prevail.

Clinical experiments show that, if the daily 6-7 hours of sleep a long time can not be guaranteed, it is easy to cause

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