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					Pick Your Poison
     Amanda Stewart
   Global Geography 12
       Mrs. Aliphat
   Due: January 24/06
        An Introduction to
– Pesticides are a very
  serious, harmful substance
  that is used throughout the
  world. We can’t avoid it, in
  fact every person on earth
  has absorbed at least 250
  synthetic chemicals into
  their body.
– There are many chemicals
  that we are unaware of
  such as pesticides in our
  powered milk,
  gardens,certain types of
  solid foods, its even in the
  air that we breathe.
Economic Development of
             – Industries as well as big
               corporations fear that if
               pesticides were banned, that
               they would loose billions of
               dollars in food production.
             – Once the word got out that
               pesticides could possibly be
               banned for good, the devious
               local companies quickly
               picked up the slack,
               producing look-alike copies
               of well known chemicals to
               con poorer families.
How Pesticides Affect The
   World Economically
– Businesses and largely
  owned corporations state
  that without chemicals,
  fertilizers or pesticides
  people around the world
  would starve.
– They are obviously missing
  the big picture. If these
  so called business people
  would lower the cost of
  living then the poorer
  people wouldn’t have to
  expose deadly chemicals
  to their children for
  breakfast, lunch and or
Pesticides Vs.The
          – There are thousands of
            harmful, but yet powerful
            pesticides/chemicals that
            are used for a variety of
          – Pesticide parathion is used
            in Taucamarca to kill rats
            and stray dogs for
          – The spray from fumigant
            metam sodium was used
            in California to kill
            nematodes, fungi and
            weed seeds.
Pesticides Vs.The
          – When these dangerous
            chemicals are sprayed,
            they are not only
            ruining our
            environment, but they
            harm our wild life
            when they come in
            contact with these
            chemicals. They cause
            them to either die, or
            become very ill.
        Pesticides In Our
– It has shown that
  farmers, big
  corporations, and
  industries might be in a
  great deal of trouble
  because lately the
  pests gradually become
  resistant to the certain
  types of pesticides,
  which means that they
  have to come up with a
  stronger, more deadlier
  chemical to try and get
  rid of them.
   Pesticides In Our
Environment *Continued*
 • That sadly means
   that our
   environment is in
   serious danger once
   again. When will
   they come up with
   a safer method to
   destroy unwanted
   rodents? If they
   don’t want to do it
   for us, then they
   should consider all
   the animals, and
   vegetation they are
   destroying with
   each spray of their
The Effect Pesticides have
        on People
             • There is tons of harmful
               pesticides and chemicals
               that farmers used to get
               rid of unwanted bugs and
             • Parathion is a type of
               pesticide that causes
               people to vomit and have
             • It is a known fact that
               just three drops of this
               chemical substance is
               enough to kill a grown
The Effect Pesticides have
  on People *Continued*
             • Dealing with chemicals is
               a very risky job, there is
               no room for mistakes. In
               fact a farmer from
               Taucomarca accidentally
               mixed milk powder in with
               Parathion ( which is a
               dangerous pesticide) and
               the result took the lives
               of 24 children.
    The Sustainability of Pick
          Your Poison
•   I believe that this article on
    Pesticides has no
    Sustainability development at
    all. This type of article is
    based mainly on the
    farmers, companies and
    industries and what's best
    for them, not what's best
    for the people that lives in
    the poorer villages. In order
    to have Sustainability you
    have to go from person to
    person to get their input on
    the decision that you are
    The Sustainability of Pick
          Your Poison
•   The decision you are making
    is not only going to affect
    you, but its going to affect
    your surroundings as well.
    But in my article they only
    thought what was best for
    them and that was making a
    lot of money, even if it
    risked the health of the
    poorer people who lived in
    the villages.
    The Sustainability of Pick
          Your Poison
•   So therefore I believe that
    there was no Sustainability
    development there at all.
    They didn’t work together,
    and they never got each
    others input even though the
    villagers had a right to know
    what was going on. They only
    thought about themselves
    which was very selfish. If
    you want to get anything
    accomplished you have to
    work together. It makes for
    a better result In the end.
Did You Know?!?!?!?!
          • Did you know that the
            Arctic have some of the
            highest recorded levels of
            chemical contamination in
            the world, even though
            they are thousands of
            kilometers away from
            where the chemicals are
            Did You Know?!?!?!
•   Did you know that Earlimart,
    a small town in the San
    Joaquin valley has one of the
    highest use of Pesticides and
    deadly chemicals?!?!?!
Did You Know?!???!?
          •   Did you know that women all
              over the world now produce
              breast milk containing traces
              of insecticide DDT. And
              breast milk still remains the
              safest option for
       Did You Know??!!??!!??
•   Did you know that the first
    generation of
    organophosphate poisons was
    tested on prisoners in the
    Nazi Concentration Camp in


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