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					                   Eastern Suffolk BOCES
                 Summer Enrichment Program
                   Sachem School District
                    July 6 – July 31, 2009

                    May 5, 2009; 7PM
               Tamarac Elementary School
    Registration; May 5 at Tamarac Elementary School
                   or Register by Mail

The Eastern Suffolk BOCES does not discriminate against any employee, student, applicant for employment or candidate for enrollment on the
basis of gender, race, color, religion or creed, age, national origin, marital status, disability or any other classification protected by law. For further
information or concerns regarding this statement, please contact the Eastern Suffolk BOCES Department of Human Resources at (631) 687-3056.
The Eastern Suffolk BOCES Summer Enrichment program is being offered for all
Sachem elementary students entering grades 1-6 in September, 2009 at Tamarac
Elementary School in Holtsville. This full day program will start at 8:30 A.M. and
end at 3:30 P.M. Since this program is sponsored by Eastern Suffolk BOCES,
Sachem School District students can benefit from this low cost summer program
with the following extraordinary educational programs and services:
Science and Math Enrichment - Hands on science and math classes designed to make ALL
students get excited about the world around us. Students will be able to select courses from the
list of classes offered on the last page of this brochure. Sample programs include Fantasy
Baseball, Chef Shop, Rocketry, Slime, Goo and Ooze, Math Puzzles, and Candy Making.

Literacy Classes - Students may also choose from an array of literacy classes designed to provide
students an opportunity to use their reading, writing and thinking skills in a fun-filled
environment. Literacy classes include Puppetry, Reader’s Theater, Creative Writing, Picture
Book Writing and Word Games.

Art Classes - Students may also select from the list of art classes that are designed to bring out
the artist in each child. Sample courses are Art Expressions, Jewelry Making and Crafty Tales.
Students will also be provided an Arts and Crafts period during the day.

Recreational Games - Students will be grouped according to grade and participate in basketball,
softball, soccer, football and other sports.

Physical Education - Students will participate in cooperative games and problem solving physical
education activities in a non-competitive format. This adventure-based program will stress
active participation by all students, sportsmanship, group cooperative games and peer relations.

Computer Lab - Students will receive instruction as they research and explore different
computer programs and websites that encourage technological skills.
                ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPS for 2009:
Art Expressions - Experience different artistic techniques and materials as you spend time creating your
own masterpieces. From charcoal to watercolor, different materials will be explored.
Astronomy - Learn about the stars, planets, moon and sun and how they relate to our planet.
Aviation - So how does a plane weighing thousands of pounds fly through the air? Discover flight by
creating your own flying machines and then perform your own test flight.
Candy Making - Learn about the science of making delectable sweets and how important crystals are to
candy making. Students will make taffy, caramel and other delights.
Chef Shop - Create delicious delights and learn how to work magic in the kitchen.
Cook Up A Story - A language enrichment class connecting picture books with an edible project! Listen to
or read a story and then cook your own snack.
Crafty Tales - Read a story and then make a craft related to the story.
Creative Writing - Learn basic literary techniques and then start to write the next “best seller”. Students
will do some writing at home. This class may be taken more than once.
Dinosaurs - Learn about the monsters that ruled the earth so many years ago.
Fantasy Baseball - Become your own baseball manager as you draft your own team and compete against
other class members. Students will apply mathematics as they learn to compare baseball stats.
Forensics - Learn how our top detectives study the clues to solve a crime. Students will learn to use visual
and physical evidence to attempt to capture the crime maker!
Jewelry Making - Learn the basics of making original jewelry as you create necklaces, pins and bracelets
working with beads, stones and jewelry wire.
Kite Building - Build and fly your own kite as you learn the principles of how kites fly. Each student will
build, decorate and then launch two different kite designs and will keep their kites forever.
Lego Land - These popular building blocks will be lots of fun as everyone works together to create
incredible Lego sculptures. They move and each one is unique.
Math Puzzles - Math chains, number patterns and other math games will help students learn about the
beauty and nature of numbers.
Natural Disasters - Tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, lightning; nature can be amazing! You will become
meteorologists and climatologists, creating your own natural disasters.
Orienteering - Learn how to read a compass, use a map and follow a course through the woods as you race
against classmates. After completing this course, you will never be lost again.
Picture Book Writing - Be a famous author. Write, create and illustrate your own classic book.
Puppetry - Make, manipulate and master basic puppets as you use your characters to produce scripted and
original puppet plays.
Readers Theatre - Perform scripted plays as you read assigned parts in the classroom. Students will also
work with fellow class members to write and perform their own plays.
Rocketry - Design your own rockets from scratch, each is an original and then launch them to see how well
your design worked! Sachem Mission Control is looking for a few good astronauts.
Spectacular Scrapbooks - Turn your keepsakes into your own unique scrapbook of memories. Start taking
new photos and collect your old photos so you can design your own scrapbook.
Simple Machines - Learn and apply basic engineering principles of levers, gears and friction as you build
mechanical devices to move heavy weights, pull vehicles and create motion.
Slime, Goo and Ooze - Make all types of gross chemical concoctions and use the fun of making these
substances to learn about chemistry (nothing dangerous).
Storytelling – Learn the ancient art of telling an exciting story. Perfect the skills that will make an everyday
occurrence into a suspenseful adventure.
Water World - Water, water, everywhere! Students will gain an appreciation of the importance of water to
our environment and why we must take steps to preserve this vital natural resource.
Weather Forecasting - Learn how weather forecasters make their predictions and learn how fronts,
clippers, Bermuda Highs, and other forces control the type of weather we experience.
Word Games - Compete against your classmates in MENSA recommended games that will stretch your
thinking and language skills.
STEP 1: General Information – Please print

Child’s Name_________________________________ Grade in Sept 2009___________               Male Female

Father’s Name________________________________ Mother’s Name_________________________

Home Phone_________________________________ Email__________________________________________

Street Address________________________________________________________________, NY____________

STEP 2: Mark the appropriate fee

                          Sessions           Dates                         Cost

                          Session I          July 6 – 17                   $400
                          (2 weeks)

                          Session II         July 20 – July 31             $400
                          (2 weeks)

Step 3 Select TWO classes, one from each section in your child’s appropriate grade. See previous
page for course descriptions. Classes will be limited to 15 students per class and classes may be
dropped due to low enrollment.

  Students entering Grade 1-2          Students entering Grades 3-4           Students entering grades 5-6
  Session I Classes                    Session I Classes                      Session I Classes

  A1    Aviation                       B1    Art Expressions                  C1   Rocketry
  A2    Cook Up a Story                B2    Picture Book Writing             C2   Creative Writing
  A3    Math Puzzles                   B3    Slime, Goo and Ooze              C3   Orienteering
  A4    Dinosaurs                      B5    Crafty Tales                     C4   Jewelry Making
  A5    Water World                    B6    Weather Forecasting              C5   Natural Disasters

  Session II Classes                   Session II Classes                     Session II Classes
                                       B6 Forensics                           C6 Astronomy
  A6    Lego Land                      B7 Readers Theatre                     C7 Spectacular Scrapbooks
  A7    Art Expressions                B8 Kite Building                       C8 Fantasy Baseball
  A8    Picture Book Writing           B9 Story Telling                       C9 Word Games
  A9    Puppetry                       B10 Chef Shop                          C10 Candy Making
  A10   Simple Machines
             Session I Session II                Session I Session II                   Session I Session II
           (class letter,number)               (class letter, number)                 (class letter, number)

  July 6-17   _______     _______      July 6-17     _______     _______      July 6-17   _______      _______

  July 20-31 _______      _______      July 20-31 _______        _______      July 20-31 _______       _______

    STEP 4: Amount Due from Step 2          $400          $800       Pay this amount with registration

All fees are due with submission of this enrollment form. Refunds: 100% before June 1st; 50% before July 6 th
and NO REFUNDS after July 6th. A confirmation of your child’s schedule will be mailed to you by June 15th.
The Program reserves the right to remove any child.

Send MONEY ORDER or Certified Check only payable to Sachem Central School District and mail to:
Ms. Charlene Delgado, Eastern Suffolk BOCES, 15 Andrea Road, Holbrook, NY 11741