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									                                                                                Paul R. May

Mad Bull Marcus - Full Synopsis:

        A neighbor of mine grew up in Trinidad. One day he cooked up some coconut
crab curry and offered to teach my daughter and me how to build a kite from Trinidad.
As he bound the sticks together and wove a delicate pattern with thread, glue, and tissue
paper, he told us about flying mad bull kites as a child. He recounted exciting kite fights,
where he and the other boys would use their kites to try to cut their opponents’ lines. As
he spoke, I could almost hear the mad bull kites growling in the wind.
        More than anything, Marcus wants a mad bull kite of his own. From his hiding
place behind the breadfruit tree, he watches the big boys fight with their mad bull kites on
the beach. They laugh and make their kites dive through the sky, trying to cut each
other’s lines.
        Marcus loves the loud buzzing sound of the mad bull kites, and he goes to the
beach to watch the big boys every day. One day, he gathers up the courage to ask the big
boys to help him build a mad bull kite of his own. They tell Marcus they will help him if
he kicks over an old beach man’s stew pot. Marcus walks right up to the old man’s
house, ready to kick over the pot, but then he smells the wonderful coconut crab curry,
and he knows he will not ruin the man’s food.
        The old beach man introduces himself as Samuel, and he agrees to help Marcus
build a mad bull kite. They work together for several days, and Samuel gives Marcus a
piece of manjha string from India – kite string with rough edges that is used for kite
fighting. When they tie the manjha string to Marcus’s mad bull kite, not even the big
boys are able to cut it out of the sky. His kite is so strong that it almost pulls him into the
ocean, but Mad Bull Marcus holds on with all his might.
        Mad Bull Marcus is filled with rich dialogue and expressions from Trinidad.
With authentic language and colorful imagery of tropical beaches, green palmetto trees,
and multi-colored kites fighting in the wind, the story immerses young readers in the
culture of Trinidad.

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