Birthday & Place               : 01 January 1942, Armenia, Tarlac, Philippines
Nationality                    : Philippine
Civil Status                   : Married to Jacob Bakker-van Vliet for 34 years
                                 3 children as follows:

(1) Pieter E.M. Bakker, 32, Completed his MA in English Language & Literature, (University of Amsterdam)
    Currently completing his MBA in Corporate Communication (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus
    University Rotterdam) Pieter is a Freelance Editor, presently works as PR & Marketing Communications
    Coordinator for Canon Europe, Amstelveen, NL.

(2) Annemarie F.M. Bakker, 30, Masters in European Business (Nice, France), BA Honours, Commercial
    Economics, International School of Economics (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), worked with the UNESCO
    Institute for Water (Delft, The Netherlands), GE (BoZ, The Netherlands), present job: Marketing and
    Communications Manager. TYCO International, Europe, based in Paris.

(3) Henry-Jacques M. Bakker, 29, Conservatory of Music, The Hague. Completed MA in French Studies,
    Leiden University (Leiden, NL).Tenor, sings semi-professionally and is a Parish Council of the Internationa
    English-speaking Roman Catholic church of The Hague. Henry worked at UN‟s Organization for the
    Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, and Eurojust in
    The Hague. Was Philippine‟s Representative to the Youth Conference, UNESCO, Sept-Oct 2005,
    present job: Media & Events Officer, European Climate Exchange, Amsterdam, NL.


Restoration and Development of Natural Resources (RDNR, Inc) 2005 – To Date

Active Environmentalist
July 7 2005, I was one of the inductees at Malacanang for the Restoration and Development of Natural
Resources (RDNR) My personal efforts for environmental protection and restoration, marine life
protection, cleaning and greening, reforestation and tree planting, waste management promotion and
information dissemination from San Juan, Metro-Manila to Tarlac and on to La Union Province has
been ongoing and constant since the early l990‟s. My personal treeplanting advocacy is ongoing.
Member, Forum on the Restoration of the Sierra Mountain Range, 05 June 2006

FOUNDER & PRESIDENT 1999 to date
Friends of Overseas Filipinos Inc (FOFI) 1
FOFI is SEC registered, non-political, non-profit and non-stock organization that aims to build a better
world for children by investing in their education. FOFI aims to establish in the Philippines, an
International Boarding Farm School complex for children of overseas Filipinos using the expertise of
the Dutch in Agricultural Science and Technology.

CENTEX-FOFI International School at Clark Airbase, The Philippines
We are presently working on acquiring a place at Clark to secure a site to establish the CENTEX-
FOFI International School with the children of Overseas Filipinos (OFWs) as main beneficiaries as
well as other children in similar circumstances. As President PGMA has endorsed this project during
the inauguration of the Shell Centex School in Batangas, we at CENTEX-FOFI are counting on her

    Note this page…”Ongoing Interaction with OFWs Worldwide” FOFI


support in helping establish this school in Clark to serve OFW families in that area. And since most
expatriates with children have not brought their families here, CENTEX-FOFI can also serve the
needs of these expatriates working at Clark. FOFI has been sending deserving underprivileged
children to school in its Scholarship portion.

OFW Networking Worldwide
I was one of the initiators in the unification of OFWs worldwide. I attended the first Overseas
Filipinos Summit at Malacañang, August 2001 as representative Netherlands and Singapore In both. I
took an active part in the advocacy and passage of the Absentee Voting Law and the Dual Citizenship
Bill. I am a Charter founder of OFWNet Foundation, a gathering of overseas Filipinos worldwide who
openly supported the programs of government of President GMA as well as her election in 2004.

OWWA in 2002 and 2003
With overseas Filipinos in Saudi Arabia, we openly supported Labor Secretary Pat Santo Tomas in our
drive against OWWA Head Wilhelm Soriano because of the graft and charges against him as well as
loss of funds at that agency during his leadership.

Volunteer Election Campaigner for PGMA (from 1998 then again in 2004)
During the recent elections, I mobilized overseas countrymen, especially domestic helpers in
Singapore who were supporters of Fernando Poe Jr., to transfer camps to PGMA. I hosted
gatherings for OFWs as part of this effort, took special note of a seeming majority of OFW
men and women in support of FPJ. I did daily rounds locally to convince people in the
grassroots level on the merits of giving PGMA another six years in which to continue her
established and ongoing programs of government. In email forums (e.g. Yahoo Groups) and
during interviews I openly endorsed GMA to our overseas countrymen, campaigned for her in
Tarlac and posted her picture at OFW Offices in Bamban, Tarlac.


CLASS PRESIDENT                                                                       1990 – To Date
Class of 1959, Tarlac High School, Tarlac, The Philippines
Organized high school classmates and together launched a provincial-wide tree planting campaign in
Tarlac as well as Scholarship and Reforestation Projects prior to the Mount Pinatubo Disaster.

MEMBER OF THE BOARD                                                                       1992 - 1995
Movies & Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB), QC, The Philippines
Classified and rated films, television and radio shows prior to public release under the administration
of President Fidel V. Ramos. Chaired & conducted movie premières to raise funds to benefit the
victims of Mount Pinatubo (catastrophic volcanic eruption, 1992) and the “Clean & Green” national
program of Mrs. Ming Ramos. Played a role in revising and improving the Board‟s Classification
Guidelines for review in order to better match the changing times; led an active campaign in reducing
and eradicating graft and corruption at MTRCB.


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                                                1968 - 1973
Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS), Justice Department, US Embassy, Manila, The
Organized, systematized and optimized the INS‟ administration system; conducted investigations of
US citizens wanting to adopt children; investigated fraudulent marriages between retired US citizens
(former Filipinos, as well as US servicemen from the US bases in the Philippines) who married young
Philippine citizens to bring them to the United States.

Lancaster Leaf Tobacco (Philippines) 1965 – 1968

Brought up 3 children now specialized in their own fields, ages 32, 30, 29. Married for 34 years to
Jacob Bakker, Agronomist, Dutch National who recently retired from tobacco business after 41 years.
We maintain our first home in the Netherlands and two homes in the Philippines. (San Juan and City
of San Fernando, La Union. Province)

CIVIC CAMPAIGNER                                                                        1986 - 1993

(1) Political Campaigner (1998): While a resident of Singapore, together with some other Filipinos,
    I rallied the Philippine community to support the installation of Vice President GMA during the
    ousting of then-President Estrada.

(2) Political Campaigner (2004): Campaigned vigilantly for PGMA to legitimize her presidency
    during elections 2004

(3) Chief Mediator, World Bank Grant Procurement (1993): Initiated negotiations for a US$4M
    grant from the World Bank to help in the Rehabilitation of Tarlac Province and the surrounding
    areas for Mount Pinatubo victims during the Governorship of Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco.

(4) Chief Mediator, Netherlands Grant Procurement (1993): Negotiated and procured a
    Netherlands‟ Government grant of Philippine Pesos 400M for the Pasig River Rehabilitation
    Program and the Clean and Green Campaign of the National Government under the direction of
    First Lady Ming Ramos.

(5) Campaigner, Anti-Drug Awareness (1980-1993): Activated anti-drug awareness campaigns,
    then permeating at the International School Manila (ISM) and other schools in Luzon in the early
    1980s. In the early 90‟s, actively initiated through the help of well-known columnist, Teddy
    Benigno, the “Justice for Maureen” movement in the Philippines, triggered by the murder of
    young Maureen Hultman, an ISM student. Initiated a fund raising campaign in the International
    Community to help cover the hospitalization bills on behalf of her parents. Maureen was killed by
    the son of a prominent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, which case lasted a
    decade. Led to various spin-offs adopted by a number of civic agencies, i.e. Crusades Against
    Violence, Sex & Violence in Movies & Television, Heinous Crimes, Guns, Pornography &
    Pornographic Materials, etc.

(6) Lecturer, Clean and Green Solid Waste Management Program (1992): Initiated tree-planting
    and solid waste management programs in Tarlac Province with the local municipality and
    individual volunteers as part of raising awareness campaigns for the public. With Narda Camacho,


    we launched the clean and green and waste management system in Tarlac with then Governor
    Tingting Cojuangco. From the Tarlac Provincial Hospital, lectured and demonstrated the Zero-
    Waste Management System, through re-cycling and segregation systems, which started small time
    earning schemes between he local people and establishments and the junk shop operators.
    Supervised cleaning and planting of trees and shrubs around the hospital grounds with the help of
    prisoners who we „borrowed‟ from the provincial jail. With this campaign, the provincial
    government adopted the zero-waste management system of segregation and recycling; so was our
    introduction of cooking using the solar system to reduce people‟s dependence and use of costly
    gas and electricity. This was during the term of my former classmate and neighbor, Governor
    Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco.

(7) Chief Volunteer, Tarlac Province, Rehabilitation of Mt Pinatubo (1991): Conducted
    cultural/social benefits and events with the international community and raised funds for the
    National Government. With the help of the philanthropist and renowned ophthalmologist, Dr.
    Cosme Naval, instigated free eye and medical care services for the afflicted victims. Mobilized
    expatriate international community in the Makati District specifically the Dutch Club and
    members of International School Manila to donate food and clothing.

(8) Secretary of the Dutch Club in the Philippines (1988 – 1990) Organized food festivals, Dutch
    Carnival, Queen‟s Birthday April 30th, and the well-loved and well celebrated Dutch Sinterklaas,
    other typical festivals

(9) Provincial Leader, Provincial Tarlac Charter (Since 1990): Metro-Manila Balikatan
    Movement of Filipino Women for the Environment from the early 1990‟s till present.

10)Political Campaigner (1986): Participated in the First People Power Revolution in the Philippines
in February 1986, during the ousting of then-Dictator President Marcos.

(11)Crusader: For the Protection of Environment, Garbage Management , Against Heinous Crimes,
Against Sex & Violence in Movies and Television, Against Rampant Exploitation of Children

 (12) Singapore, (1998-2004) Member of a support group to avoid exploitation and abuse by
Chinese-Singapore employers of Filipino Domestic helpers in Singapore. At port of entry in
Singapore, upon observation of inhumane treatment of Filipino domestic helpers, I initiated a change
of attitude of abusive receptionists at Immigration Counters, Changi Airport, took part in Skills
Development Programs for DHs in Singapore.

PATRON OF CULTURE & THE ARTS                                                               Since 1975

   Mobilized the largest single donation to Mt. Pinatubo rescue victims, through the organization
    of the MTRCB-led Aladdin Premiere, with Lea Salonga for the Ramos administration.
   Promoted and supported the Filipino cast of the Singapore-based successful musical Chang
    & Eng (The Siamese Twins), Singapore, December 2001. Continue to endorse Philippine arts in
   Endorsed visiting German-based Filipino concert pianist, Miss Imelda Asiaten, Tanglin Club and
    YWCA headquarters, Singapore (enhancement program to revive the Filipino image)
   Featured same German-based Filipino pianist at a concert I helped organize at Clark with NCCA
    Chair Evelyn Pantig and husband Gene Pantig to celebrate the 100th year of Clark Airbase


   Endorsed Netherlands' based piano instructor, Ms. Irma Galias, Tanglin Club and YWCA
    headquarters, Singapore (enhancement program to revive the Filipino image).

   At the International School in Manila (ISM), actively involved with the PTA and as Patron of
    the Arts and as such, vigorously promoted Philippine Music, Folkdances, Handicrafts, Food
    through cultural shows and presentations to the international community.
   Active member of the Women’s International Club (early 70‟s, 8 years in Indonesia), at the
    Surabaya International School, promoting Philippine culture in the Indonesian expatriate
   Promoted and moved with vigilance the modernization of the ongoing International
    Baccalaureate Programs of the school in accordance with the latest European standards by
    promoting the involvement of European citizens as Members of the Board of Trustees.
   Initiated insurance benefits for IASAS sports and culture traveling student exchanges on
    behalf of ISM and parents. (1982 – 1993)
   Promoted the exchange of students with local schools for arts and music activities, as well as
    performing in the provinces in Central/Northern Luzon and Zamboanga and Palawan Provinces.
   Initiated and coordinated various educational field trips for ISManila students, to publishing
    and newspaper companies, including Manila Bulletin, Magnolia Ice Cream Factory and the
    Geographical and Mapping Institution, which grew into staples of their studies.
   Inspired and organized exposure trips amongst students and teachers (often foreign within the
    International School) with orphans at Cribs Orphanage, the Mother Theresa Home for Unwed
    Mothers, orphanages to awaken social consciousness & raise awareness in privileged children.
   Initiated the Kite-Flying Festival in wide-open fields, to instill a sense of freedom and openness
    in students who were tightly sheltered within the (needed) walls of school security.
   Active parent in the Little League Baseball activities where my children participated.
   Organized various fund-raising initiatives, such as book sales and the United Nations
    celebrations to raise funds to charity organizations and raise social/civic awareness and duties
    amongst students. As an active PTA Mother at ISManila, I organized successful international
    fund-raising dinners for the purchase of new instruments for the Music Department.
   Actively promote – through social engagements and in writing - Philippine talents in
    voice, dance, and other cultural performances; organize various benefits for the
    promotion of Philippine artists, linking them up with opportunities/contacts in
    Singapore, the Philippines, the Netherlands and the United States.


University of the East (UE), The Philippines
  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in English.
  Completed 2-years of Journalism Studies
  Commercial Secretarial Education.

Philippine National Civil Service Examinations
   Obtained National Civil Service Eligibilities as a Junior and Senior Stenographer and
    Professional‟s Exam

US Civil Service, US Air Base, Sangley Point, Cavite, The Philippines
  Obtained two US Civil Service Eligibilities as Junior and Senior Stenographer.


Singapore’s National Teacher’s Exams
    While we were residents in Singapore, 1998 to 2004, in their campaign to find qualified
    English teachers, I took the Singapore‟s National Teacher‟s Exams and passed.

Assumption College, The Philippines
  Undergraduate, Education Studies, pursued such studies in the early 80‟s when we came back
   from 8 years residency in Indonesia.

   Dale Carnegie Programmes
   Finished communication-focused seminars.

Metro Manila Balikatan Movement
  Organized various Environment & Garbage Management Seminars.
   with Environmentalist, Narda Camacho..this is ongoing.

Madonna School of Fashion & Design, The Philippines
 One year studies in Fashion Design, Fabric Design and Dressmaking.
 Interior Design Course, Cancio Calma Associates.


English, fluent
Dutch, enough fluency, reading, writing
Bahasa Melayu & Indonesian Bahasa, fluent
Spanish, minimal
Tagalog or Pilipino, fluent
Pampango, mother tongue
Ilocano, conversational
Visayan, conversational


Windows 95/98/ME/XP (MS Office), Word Perfect, Word Star, Word


Freelance Interior Design, Batik Painting, Copper Tooling, Aquarelle Painting, Classical Chinese
Brush Painting (present), Promoting Philippine Music, Art, Language Costumes other Initiatives


Letters of references from the following individuals can also be forwarded upon request:

   Secretary Patricia Santo Tomas, DOLE
   Former President Fidel V. Ramos & Mrs. Ming Ramos
   Mr. Manoling Morato, former Chair, MTRCB, PCSO, etc
   Mr. Irving Ackerman, Philippine Stock Exchange


   Mrs. Leonarda N. Camacho, Environmentalist
   Congressman Jesli Lapus, Tarlac
   Ex Governor Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco


1) Verde de Pasadena Estates                     Phone : +632 721 7710
   209 Pasadena Drive Casa Barcelona PO3         Fax : +632 722 4721
   San Juan, Metro-Manila                        Email :

2) Merellaan 771                                 Phone : +31 10 590 1031
  3145 GE Maassluis                              Fax : +31 10 590 0365
  The Netherlands                                Email :

3) Coral Point Airport Road                      Phone: +63 72 888 3166
   San Fernando, La Union Province               Phone: +63 72 888 3211


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