Possible Project Topics

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					Possible Project Topics

Storybook (Book Animation), Walk in Painting (a virtual tour of painting), Staff Training
(Customs, Flight Staff etc), How to (Microsoft Word etc), Interactive Maps, Fan Clubs,
Concert/Event Guide, Online Real Estate Tours, Safety/Community Warnings(Road
Rules, Cyclone Preparation etc), Boomerangs (making and using tools), Musical
Instrument Instruction, Fish Finder, Marketing (AJ Hacketts, Jungle Tour, Reef Trips,
Rafting etc), Teaching basic skills(Multiplication, Spelling etc), Life cycle (Frog, Coral,
Butterfly etc), Nature/Science (Clouds, Trees, Ecosystem), MM Recipe Book, Theme for
Crosswords, Challenge Quest (Game), Online Virtual Pet.

Healthy Living (Food choices, Fitness etc) , Recycling (what can be recycled & how etc),
Reef, Clubbing Guide, Travel Tips, Hairstyles, Make-Up Application, Kite Flying,
Photography, Skyscrapers, Fire Twirling.