RICE SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT
                             BOARD MEETING MINUTES –
                                October 19, 2005– 7:00 PM

Adopt-A-Hwy started at 3:30 with Bob Borchert, Wally Hildebrandt, Steve Pahs, Tom Coffman, Jed
Kaurich, Abbe Cook and Debbie Skarupa present.

PRESENT: Bob Borchert, Bob Duban, Wally Hildebrandt, Gary Wagenbach, Tom
     Coffman, Steve Pahs, and Debbie Skarupa.

ABSENT:       Dick Huston

Chairman Bob Borchert called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

MINUTES: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Gary Wagenbach to approve the September
21, 2005 Board minutes. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

FINANCIAL: Motion by Gary Wagenbach, second by Wally Hildebrandt to approve the September
Program Summary and bills payable subject to audit. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

BWSR STATE BOARD TOUR COMMENTS: Board felt it was well organized and well done.
Ron Harnack asked good questions to continue discussions. Rice County is almost a metro county.
Neighboring counties are concerned they will be facing similar problems in the near future. Board
was a little disappointed that only one Rice County Commissioner, Jake Gillen, attended and used the
opportunity to meet the BWSR state board and view the locations.

SCOTT LAFAVRE: The BWSR Board will meet October 26th to vote on the RIM land swap
requested by Scott Lafavre. Consensus was that after the BWSR bus tour, the BWSR Board would
probably deny the request. Bob Borchert would like to attend the BWSR Board meeting.

BUILDING PERMIT CHECKLIST: John Nicholson sent a copy of “A Guide for Rural Living”
from Pine County and staff felt it was well done. Gary Wagenbach suggested having a Carleton
College intern work with it. Brad Carlson told Wally Hildebrandt that he may be able to get money
from the ag committee to sponsor the printing costs. Steve to get an electronic copy. Tom suggested
running it by Wade Schulz and Rice County personnel. Could be a work in progress and revised
several times.

FEEDLOT ORDINANCE CHANGES: Steve Pahs had mailed Rice County some suggested feedlot
ordinance changes. Gary Weiers had said they plan on addressing changes to the feedlot ordinance in
two to four months and nothing else has taken place yet. Wally Hildebrandt suggested asking Brad
Carlson to a future meeting to discuss the feedlot ordinance changes.

RAFFLE TICKETS: Bob Borchert had asked for more raffle tickets. Bob Duban may turn his raffle
tickets in at the convention. Bob Duban did get a child’s John Deere wagon as a donation for the
auction. More donations are still needed.

SEMACDE FALL MEETING: A fall meeting was held in Rochester on September 29th. SRF
Engineer, John Adams, has taken a job with the Army Corps of Engineers in Tennessee and Pete Fryer
or a consultant will be completing his projects. A new engineer may not be hired for three to four
months. The recently approved new technician will still stay in Root River when hired.

ADOPT-A-HWY: Bob Borchert, Wally Hildebrandt, Steve Pahs, Tom Coffman, Jed Kaurich, Abbe
Cook and Debbie Skarupa helped with County Road 11 clean up this afternoon. Tom Coffman would
like to see a sign put up and Bob Borchert will check on it.

MASWCD CONVENTION: Registrations are due November 11th. All four supervisors are
planning on attending. Bob Duban will ask Leonard Duffney for a bottle of wine for the auction.

WILDLIFE ENHANCEMENT AWARD: Board to meet Leonard & Rhoda Duffney at the Depot to
present them with the award at noon on November 16th. Staff to ask Daily News and Jerry Groskreutz
from KDHL to interview them and to send paragraph and picture to Agri News.

RC&D GRANT FUNDING: RC&D had scheduled a grant funding foundations presentation for
November 10 that has been postponed for one year. Jewell McKinsey from Connecticut has been
hired as the RC&D Coordinator to replace Roger Lenzmeier and will start August 6th. A building will
be constructed on the White Sands site in Faribault as the trail head for the Sakatah Bike Trail. RC&D
still wants ideas for grant requests.

AD1026 FORM: Ideas were given to John Nicholson at the last meeting. No further comments.

STATE C-S FEEDLOT CONTRACT: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt and second by Bob Duban to
approve the following feedlot state cost-share contract:

CSF#061309 Chuck Shimota 10750 50th St. W New Prague 56071 Wheatland Section 9 Wastewater
and Feedlot Runoff Control Sys. $29,516.25 with $2,952.00 for T&A. All aye - None opposed -
Motion carried.

STATE C-S FINAL FEEDLOT REPORT: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Duban to
approve signing the 2003 Final Feedlot Cost-Share Closeout Report. All aye - None opposed - Motion

STATE C-S VOUCHER: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Gary Wagenbach to approve the
following state cost-share voucher payment:

CS#051335 Bernard Franek, 8715 Union Lake Trail Lonsdale, Wheatland Section 35 - 1 sediment
basin - $1,228.11. Ron Maas was the conservation district technical representative.
All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

STATE C-S JPB TECH ASSISTANT: Motion by Bob Duban, second by Gary Wagenbach to sign
the Joint Powers Board Technical Assistance request to MN BWSR. This is requesting state cost-share
dollars be approved to use towards the JPB tech position who will be housed in Root River SWCD.
Cost will be $3,371.5l in 2006 and around $2,000.00 in 2007. All aye - None opposed - Motion

STATE C-S 2004 CLOSE OUT: Item was tabled until the November 16th board meeting.

STATE C-S VOUCHER: Motion by Bob Duban, second by Gary Wagenbach to approve the
following state cost-share voucher:

CS#040728 Arnold Petricka 9524 E. 255th St. Medford Richland Section 28 1 Waterway, $3,500.00.
All aye - None opposed - Motion carried. Ron Maas was the conservation district technical

STATE C-S AMENDMENT: Motion by Bob Duban, second by Gary Wagenbach to approve an
amendment to increase the Mike Hackett contract by $1,707.22 to a total of $4075.17.

CS#050921 – Mike Hackett – 4830 240th St. W. – Faribault War Sec. 19 Add’l $1,707.22.
All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

STATE C-S VOUCHER: Motion by Bob Duban, second by Gary Wagenbach to approve the
following state cost-share voucher payment:

CS#050921 Mike Hackett 4830 240th St. W. Faribault Warsaw Section 19 –two sediment basins
$4075.17. Steve Pahs was the conservation district technical representative.
All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

HEALTH CARE SAVINGS PLAN: The Minnesota State Retirement System offers a health care
savings plan with several options for employees, though all employees must agree to be included in the
same plan. Discussion followed. Deferred comp has a smaller fee and may be another option. Motion
by Gary Wagenbach, second by Bob Duban to approve the HCSP concept and to initiate the pursuit of
further discussion. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

MASWCD RESOLUTIONS: Board members handed in their ballot sheets after a brief discussion.
Debbie to transfer votes and copy for the next board meeting.

C-S SHELTER BELT PRACTICE: Shelter belts (farmstead windbreaks) with a minimum of three
rows are now eligible for state cost-share funding. Motion by Gary Wagenbach, second by Bob Duban
to approve the usage of state cost share dollars for shelter belt practices at 65% cost share as per the
NRCS field office tech guide. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

ADD’L STATE C-S CONTRACT: Motion by Wally Hildebrandt, second by Bob Duban to approve
the following state cost share contract added this evening as follows:
CS# 060229 Steve Twiehoff, 917 St. Paul Road, Faribault, OneWaterway, Cannon City Section 29,
$2,899.25. All aye - None opposed - Motion carried.

SUPERVISOR REPORTS: Diesel fuel costs were discussed. Gary Wagenbach stated that David
Legvold has accepted the position of Executive Director for the Cannon River Watershed Partnership.

Gary Wagenbach showed maps and went over the (AUAR) on the I35 Corridor project. Rice SWCD is
not anti-mitigation for urban expansion but question the proposed roads going through wetlands on this
project. Gary will draft a letter of concern for staff to revise, Bob Borchert to sign, and then mail to
Rice Co. Planning & Zoning Director Arlyn Grussing before the October 26th comment deadline date.
The transportation plan, prime farmland, and Heath Creek being continuously flowing, were also
briefly discussed.

It was felt that Aldi, Inc. wanted to hook on to existing water and sewer pipes. A draft resolution
about grazing on CRP will be discussed at the next board meeting. Tom Coffman will touch base with
FSA as this may be in the program already.

D.C.REPORT by Tom Coffman:
   1.   Jewel McKenzie has been selected as the new RC&D Coordinator for the Hiawatha Valley
        RC&D. She currently is a DC in Windsor, Connecticut. She is set to begin her duties here
        on January 9th.

   2.       Conservation application is beginning as soybeans are all harvested and some corn is off.
            Waterways, sediment basins, diversions and terraces are being staked on several farms.

   3.       Bauer Tillage Plot was harvested on October 18th. Average of three replications are:
                              Two Pass Treatment          189.5 Bu/ac.
                              Strip Till                  188.0 Bu/ac.
                              No-till                     181.6 Bu/ac.
                              One Pass                    172.6 Bu/ac.

   4.       NACD Board Member Recruitment & Community Outreach Guide (Dec. 2003) is being
            passed out for your information.

Work over the past month has been directed towards many different projects. The BWSR tour was
held at the end of September, which went well. The area 7 fall meeting and JPB meeting were held
September 29th. It was decided to hire a technician and place the position in the Caledonia office. We
will send our portion of the required funds in January. Also, John Adams has announced his
resignation. He will be working through some time in early November. The SE SWCD JPB will
likely not fill his position until early next year in order to stay within budget. This will equate to less
engineering support for the next several months. Three projects have been designed and are awaiting
construction. I expect Pete Fryer will oversee these jobs if the replacement engineer is not hired before
construction starts. No other projects are currently affected.

Other activity this month:
   • Met with MPCA staff to review the stormwater program.

   •   Assisted Abbe with construction site inspections and attended a pre-construction meeting in
       Lonsdale for the Idaho Street project.
   •   Staked a waterway for Steve Twiehoff.
   •   Prepared manure management plans for Doug Story, Mike Weinandt, Loren Piepho, Lisa
       Gilitiuk, Lisa Rudebusch, and Tyrone David. This has taken a lot of time to prepare maps and
       write plans. I expect more of this before the end of the year. All feedlots over 300 animal units
       must have a comprehensive nutrient management plan by January 1st.
   •   Getting tree program set up for the coming year.

Field work is increasing now as crops are being harvested. I have about 20 EQIP status reviews to do
this fall, and will likely be doing some surveying as well.

   Five Observation Well Readings – online reporting.

   Wetland Conservation Act:

   •   On site with BWSR wetland staff at the Leonard Gruber RIM wetland restoration site
       surveying dam.

   •   On site with Scott Lafavre in Section 10 of Webster Twp. to view area that he wants to
       excavate a pond on recently purchased property.

   •   Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) meeting in the City of Lonsdale to view the Val-Rose
       housing development wetland mitigation plan.

   •   On site at Sakatah Shores Development in Section 20 of Morristown Twp. with developer, Dan
       Wenstrom, to discuss a Cease & Desist Order he received. Wrote up Restoration Order.

   •   On site with Jeff Jandro to discuss Cease & Desist Order he received on Twin Lake housing
       development. Construction grading sediment washed into wetland. Restoration Order

   •   Wetland delineation report review on the Vern Steffen property in Section 13 of Wells Twp.
       Several wetlands were delineated. Concurrence letter was sent out.

   •   Wetland delineation report review on the John Carlander property in Section 31 of Wells Twp.
       This is for a proposed housing development. A wetland boundary approval letter was sent out.

   •   Wetland delineation report review on the Randy Holtan property in Section 27 of Shieldsville
       Twp. A wetland boundary approval letter was sent out.

   •   On site on the Mike Tousignant property in Wells Twp – Section 10 to discuss a Cease &
       Desist Order he received. After review, it was determined he did not fill any wetland. Cease &
       Desist Order was cancelled.

    •   Attended Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) meeting in Lonsdale to review wetland impacts on
        the proposed Willow Creek Ponds Development.

I have been doing a wide array of activities over the past few weeks. I visited nearly a dozen sites
about CRP and CREP, and have spoken to dozens of people also. I finally received the go ahead from
BWSR to have printed- all the necessary information for my CREP promotional campaign which will
include a 2 page brochure regarding CREP, a one-page flyer I wrote and had signed by Steve, Tom,
and Brian Langeland, and a payment example for a filterstrip in Rice County. This letter of
information will be sent out to all Rice County landowners the week of October 17th. I also plan to
have the Trnka CRP sign frame and posts together for placement this week as well. I just came back
from the final Conservation Planning session in WI. After writing a few plans and reports, I will be
certified, meaning I can write all CRP plans myself, as well as other practices and engineering

Over the next few weeks, I plan to answer numerous phone calls about CREP II after the mailing is
received. Hopefully, I will be visiting with landowners in the upcoming weeks on-site and having
numerous people signed up for the program. I also have four CRP plans finished that just need to be
signed, so I will be meeting with those folks soon too.

Hello! I am back from vacation! Arizona was lovely, thank you!!

Here’s a numbers update:
130 sites on the list as “active”
8 subdivision registrations
56 sites in Faribault
30 sites in Northfield
18 sites in Lonsdale
 7 sites in Dundas
 6 sites around Webster
 2 sites around Morristown

Last week two MPCA folks came down to Faribault for a meeting with us to discuss the progress of
the program after one year. I used the opportunity to show them a few of the sites around the county
where I am experiencing problems and I need their assistance. Unfortunately, I was informed that the
MPCA has too much work already with their “official” inspectors and they do not really have the time
or the resources to take care of any issues in Rice County. The only cases they will consider are sites
where significant environmental harm has taken place, like a direct sediment discharge into the
Cannon River.

Steve and I made our first destination to the Mendota Homes site and then over to the College City
Dundas job with the sediment in the ditch. From my photographs of the site, the MPCA is discussing
what to do about sites like College City’s where there is an offsite erosion and sedimentation problem,
but it does not pose an immediate threat to surface waters. Basically, you are not allowed to use a ditch
system as your temporary or permanent sediment basin. It is a permit violation to do so, and

contractors/owners cannot think that just because they temporarily own the right of way access that
they can impact the ditch with construction site water.

I was just out to the Aldi job this morning and it is moving along great! All of the wetland areas are
protected and the only concern will be with the drainage ditch when the turn lanes have to be
constructed. The wetland mitigation is scheduled to start in around 3 weeks, and the grading is
progressing nicely. All of the construction site water is staying on the job, and is being held in
temporary sediment basins, that will be dewatered prior to installing pipework.

OTHER CORRESPONDENCE: Fuel costs were discussed. Bob Duban mentioned a Farm Journal
article stating fuel costs run close to 8 gallons per acre with strip till.

UPCOMING EVENTS: November 16th–Depot – Duffney Wildlife Award – 12:00 Noon

ADJOURN:       Chairman Bob Borchert adjourned the meeting at 9:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

                                                        Debbie Skarupa – District Secretary

                                                        Robert Duban – Board Secretary


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