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By Donna M. Reid
July 27, 2007

Reading and Comprehension of novella with Japanese and Chinese characters and
themes:      1. Hiroshima by Laurence Yep
             2. The Star Fisher by Laurence Yep
             3. Slam Dunk by J. B. Preston

In this lesson plan the focus is on the novella “Hiroshima”. However, reading and
comprehension of “Hiroshima” is to be part of a literature unit on books with East Asian
characters and themes. These books will enhance comprehension of references to Japan
and China in both fiction and non-fiction media.

Key Objectives and Sunshine State Standards

The key objectives for this lesson are:
   - to create interest in Japan and Asia and relate this interest to prior knowledge
   - to strengthen knowledge of Japan specifically and East Asia generally
   - to comprehend the key vocabulary words in the text
   - to derive meaning from the text and the complementary movie
   - to compare and contrast the novella with the movies

Vocabulary Development        Reading Comprehension                 Literary Analysis
LA.                    LA8.1.7.1                             LA8.2.1.2
LA.                    LA8.1.7.3                             LA8.2.1.8
LA.                   LA8.1.7.5
LA.                    LA8.1.7.6

Literary Analysis     Prewriting             Listening & Speaking      Informational Text
LA.            LA.             LA.               LA.
LA.                                   LA.


Learners are primarily 8th grade students, reading below grade level. The learners’
Lexile scores range between 500 and 850 – reading level grade 3 to grade 7


Focus on “Hiroshima” - to be completed in 5 days

Primary Source for Hiroshima (Japanese animated movie)

“Grave of the Fireflies” (for comparison with “Hiroshima”) - “In the aftermath of a
World War II bombing, two orphaned children struggle to survive in the Japanese
countryside. To Seita and his four-year old sister, the helplessness and indifference of
their countrymen is as painful as the raids. Through desperation, hunger and grief, these
children’s lives are as heartbreakingly fragile as their spirit and love is inspiring”

Director: Isao Takahata

Materials:     Map of the world with East Asia clearly visibly
               Copies of map for students
               K.W.L. chart
               Copies of the novella “Hiroshima”
               DVD “Death of the Fireflies”
               Crossword of Key Words
               Graphic Organizer – Summarize and Compare/Contrast
               Final Test – FCAT style

Skaffolding ( Steps to achieving comprehension)
Activating/Developing Background Knowledge
Setting:       The setting of Hiroshima will be established by looking at a map of Japan
on the overhead projector. Discuss with students the geographical relationship between
Japan and the United States, in particular Florida. The students then will label Florida
and Japan on their own maps.
Discussion will then be take place on what they know about Japan. They
will be reminded that there are Japanese students are in the school so they must have
some knowledge of their physical appearance and behavior.
Student use K.W.L. chart to document what they know about Japan and also indicate
what they would like to know.

Vocabulary: Focus on key words as follows from Hiroshima.
      Hiroshima           bomber               atom
      emergency           devastate            bombardier
      plunge              uranium              radiation
                          paper crane

Prepare a crossword puzzle using these words. Students complete crossword puzzles.
For Homework students use definitions in crossword puzzle and put words in their own
sentences. Students write their sentences on the board at inception of next class.

Teacher will then show the first 20 minute of the DVD “Death of the Fireflies” This is
to focus students on the topic of war and build students interest in the novella to be read.
It will also build background knowledge.
The task while watching the video is to answer a short questionnaire identifying the
characters, describing the setting and stating 5 actions that take place in the film.
Following the viewing of the DVD, class will discuss it. Students will be asked to report
on their answers to the questions. Teacher will circulate through the classroom during
and after the video to ensure task has been completed. This will form part of the

Reading and Understanding the Text:
The teacher will read aloud the chapters entitled “The Bomb” and “The City”.
Discussion will follow. In groups of two students will then read up to “The Hiroshima
Maidens”. Open discussion will then take place. A questionnaire on the book to this
point will be completed by the groups. The focus of the question sheet will be on the
effects of war and the similarities and differences between Japan and Florida

On the following day, in groups of two, students will buddy- read the remainder of the
novella. Together they are to answer set questions on the text. Discussion will follow.

Watching the DVD
Class will then watch the remainder of the DVD – “Death of the Fireflies”. They will be
asked questions on setting and reactions to the as well as differences/similarities to the
book “Hiroshima”

Class will then review the vocabulary words orally, the main characters, the setting and
the plot of both “Hiroshima” and “Graveyard of the Fireflies” Oral discussion will
compare the novella and the DVD.

Compare and Contrast
Using the compare and contrast graphic organizer, students in their groups will be asked
to compare and contrast the novella “Hiroshima” and the DVD “Death of the Fireflies”.
The organizer will be collected for assessment purposes.

If time allows, or to differentiate instruction discussion\research topics for students could
include: 1. paper cranes 2. Japanese food 3. filial piety 4. Enola Gay

Testing for Understanding
Finally students will then be asked to complete a teacher prepared FCAT format
assessment test. There will be vocabulary questions, questions on the setting, and
questions on the effects of war on Japan.

Assessment breakdown: Test:                                         40 points
                      Question Sheets/Vocabulary puzzle             20 points
                      Compare/Contrast Graphic Organizer            20 points
                      Class Participation                           20 points

                         Total                                  100 points

Submitted by Donna Reid
             July 28, 2007
             Asian Studies – ASH 5388


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