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									                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
178th Military Police Detachment                   178MP          61074
3Com Corporation                                   3COM           60060
3M Company                                         3M             60087
3M Company and 3M Innovative Properties            3M3MIPC        60472
3M ESPE AG                                         3MESPEA        61314
9Star Research, Inc.                               9STAR          60505
A. C. Buehler Foundation                           BUEHLER        61905
AAA New Jersey Automobile Club                     AAANJAC        61311
AAA North Jersey Foundation for Safety             AAANJFS        60421
AAI Corporation                                    AAICORP        62294
aaiPharma Inc.                                     AAIPHAR        60157
AARP Andrus Foundation                             AARP           61962
AB Science                                         ABSCIEN        60333
Abbott Laboratories                                ABBT           51057
Abbott Laboratories Fund                           ABBTFDN        61986
Abgenix, Inc.                                      ABGENIX        61987
Abington Medical Specialists                       ABMEDSP        60327
Abraxis BioScience, Inc.                           ABRAXIS        62519
Abt Associates Clinical Trials                     AACT           61955
Abt Associates Inc.                                ABT            61988
Abu Dhabi Police                                   ADP            61057
Academy Foundation                                 ACADFDN        62478
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scien           AMPAS          51116
ACB Technologies, Inc.                             ACBTECH        60284
Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, Inc.                 ABC2           55128
Accelerated Community Oncology Research            ACORN          62827
Accentia, Inc.                                     ACCENTI        60357
Access Community Health Network                    ACHN           60389
ACCESS Medical Group, Ltd.                         ACCESSM        62559
ACCESS Oncology, Inc.                              ACCESSO        62589
Acclarent, Inc.                                    ACCLARE        62721
ACCP Research Institute                            ACCPRI         62566
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    ACHILLI        62554
ACLAM Foundation                                   ACLAMFD        60817
ACLARA BioSciences, Inc.                           ACLARA         60836
Acoustic Technology Group                          ATG            61127
AcryMed, Inc.                                      ACRYMED        62695
ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable                  ACSGCIP        62764
ACS Green Chemistry Institute                      ACSGCI         62765
ACTELION Ltd.                                      ACTELIO        61247
Aculight Corporation                               ACULIGH        60452
Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       ACUMENP        62423
Ada County Sheriff's Office (ID)                   ACSO           60821
ADAC Laboratories                                  ADAC           60917
Adayana, Inc.                                      ADAYANA        62500
Adeza Biomedical Corporation                       ADEZA          60911
Adherex Technologies Inc.                          ADHEREX        62643
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum               ADLER          62279
ADMA Biologics, Inc.                               ADMABIO        62843
Administration for Children and Families           ACF            09100

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
Administration on Aging                            AOA            09200
Administrative Office of the Illinois Co           AOIC           60112
Adolor Corporation                                 ADOLOR         60858
Adria Laboratories                                 ADRIA          60913
Advanced BioDevices, LLC                           ADVBDEV        62930
Advanced Biologics, LLC                            ADVBIOL        61978
Advanced Bionics Corporation                       ADVBION        62365
Advanced Bio-Technologies, Inc.                    ADVBIOT        60469
Advanced Breath Diagnostics, LLC                   ABD            60148
Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.              ACSYSTM        60916
Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing LLC                ACMLLC         62332
Advanced Corneal Systems, Inc.                     CORNEAL        60737
Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc.              ADLS           62847
Advanced Medical Products, Inc.                    AMP            60724
Advanced Modular Power Systems, Inc.               AMPS           61109
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc.             ANS            62364
Advanced Powder Solutions                          APOWSOL        60164
Advanced Technology Institute                      ATINST         61129
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.                ATM            61130
Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc.                     ATSERV         61132
Advancement Project                                ADVPROJ        60014
Advocate Christ Medical Center                     ACMC           60120
Advocate Health Care                               ADVOCAT        60119
AECOM Consult, Inc.                                AECOMCT        61310
AECOM Technology Corporation                       AECOM          60603
Aegera Therapeutics Inc.                           AEGERA         62682
Aequitas Consulting Group                          AEQUITA        60042
Aeris Therapeutics, Inc.                           AERISTH        62948
Aerogen, Inc.                                      AEROGEN        62374
Æterna Zentaris Inc.                               AETERNA        60584
Afferent Corporation                               AFFEREN        60240
AFLAC Incorporated                                 AFLACIN        61936
After School Matters                               AFTERSC        62443
AGA Medical Corporation                            AGAMC          62289
Agave BioSystems                                   AGAVEBI        62494
Age Wave Health Services, Inc.                     AGEWAVH        61931
Age Wave, LLC                                      AGEWAVL        61932
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quali           AHRQ           09410
Agency for International Development               AID            02000
Agennix Incorporated                               AGENNIX        61979
AGI Dermatics, Inc.                                AGIDERM        60490
Agilent Technologies, Inc.                         AGILENT        53279
Agiltron, Inc.                                     AGILTRO        60003
Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      AGOURON        61933
AIDS Prevention Initiative Nigeria, Ltd.           APIN           62942
AIDS Research Alliance - Chicago                   ARAC           60343
Air Force Materiel Command                         AFMC           61937
Air Force Office of Scientific Research            AFOSR          06410
Air Force Research Laboratory                      AFRL           61938
Air Force Systems Command                          AFSC           60534
Air Liquide America LP                             AIRLIQD        61958

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
Air Liquide S.A.                                   AIRLIQS        62792
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.                   AIRPROD        61959
Airport Police Department/Minneapolis-St           APDMSP         60646
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.                                AJINOMO        55219
Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.             AJIPHAR        60638
Ajou University                                    AJOUU          60193
Akzo Nobel Inc.                                    AKZNINC        61956
Akzo Nobel N.V.                                    AKZONOB        61957
Alabama A&M University                             AAMU           60154
Alabama Department of Public Safety                ALDPS          61267
Alaska Department of Transportation and            AKDOTPF        61027
Albany Medical Center                              AMEDCTR        53165
Albany Medical College                             AMEDCOL        61070
Albemarle Corporation                              ALBEMAR        60661
Albert A. List Foundation, Inc.                    LISTFDN        61784
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Y           EINSTEI        60608
Alcan Engineered Products                          ALCANEP        62604
Alcan Rolled Products                              ALCANRP        62605
Alcan, Inc.                                        ALCAN2         55208
Alcoa Inc.                                         ALCOA2         60413
Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foun           ABMR           50065
Alcon, Inc.                                        ALCON          60655
Alexian Brothers Health System                     ABHS           62405
Alexian Brothers Medical Center                    ABMC           62406
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      ALEXION        61269
Alex's Lemonade Stand, Inc.                        ALEXSLE        60486
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation                         SLOANF         50400
Alion Science and Technology Corporation           ALION          60030
Alkermes Europe, Ltd.                              ALKERME        60658
Alkermes, Inc.                                     ALKEINC        60656
Allegheny-Singer Research Institute                ASRI           61143
Allegiance Healthcare Corporation                  ALLEGIA        60659
Allentown Police Department (PA)                   ALLENPD        60243
Allergan Sales, LLC                                ALLERSA        62302
Allergan, Inc.                                     ALLERGA        60652
Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy                   ACGT           53927
Alliance for Lupus Research                        ALR            55624
Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp.                      ALLIANC        60653
Allos Therapeutics, Inc.                           ALLOS          60654
Almirall Prodesfarma, S.A.                         ALMIRAL        60596
Alpha Industries, Inc.                             ALPHA          60648
Alpha Therapeutic Corporation                      ALPHATC        60649
Alpha-Gamma Technologies, Inc.                     AGT            60441
ALS Society of Canada                              ALSSC          51474
ALS Therapy Alliance, Inc.                         ALSTA          62687
ALTANA AG                                          ALTANAA        61164
Altana Inc.                                        ALTANAI        61165
Altria Group, Inc.                                 ALTRIA         54753
Altus Biologics Inc.                               ALTUS          60340
Alumnae of Northwestern University                 ALUMNA2        62536
ALZA Corporation                                   ALZA           53587

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
Alzheimer's Association                            ALZASSN        50068
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation              ADDF           62656
AMC Cancer Research Center                         AMCCRC         61081
AMCOL International Corporation                    AMCOL          61082
Amer Sexually Transmitted Diseases Assn.           ASTDA          62821
Amer. Soc. for Laser Medicine & Surgery            ASLMS          54878
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and            AAAAI          50002
American Academy of Arts and Sciences              AAAS           53934
American Academy of Audiology                      AUDIOLO        55070
American Academy of Facial Plastic and R           AAFPRS         52718
American Academy of Facial Plastic and R           AAFPRSF        60880
American Academy of Family Physicians Fo           AAFPF          50519
American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics           AAFP           60796
American Academy of Neurology                      AAN            50988
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons           AAOS           53171
American Academy of Orthotists and Prost           AAOPPRS        60337
American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy,           AAOA           53290
American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head            AAOHNSF        52782
American Academy of Pediatrics                     AAPED          50005
American Academy of Sleep Medicine                 AASM           56102
American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc.                AMAIRLQ        62618
American Anthropological Association               AAA            54350
American Association for Cancer Research           AACR           51043
American Association for Clinical Chemis           AACC           60053
American Association for the Advancement           AAAS2          50013
American Association for the Study of Li           AASLD          52600
American Association of Law Libraries              AALL           52195
American Association of Neurological Sur           AANS           52621
American Association of Orthodontists              AAO            60538
American Association of Orthodontists Fo           AAOF           60539
American Association of Petroleum Geolog           AAPG           62455
American Association of Petroleum Geolog           AAPGF          50510
American Association of Spinal Cord Inju           AASCIPS        50511
American Association of University Women           AAUW           50073
American BioScience, Inc.                          AMBIOSC        60753
American Board of Medical Specialties              ABMS           60617
American Board of Medical Specialties Re           ABMSREF        60618
American Brain Tumor Association                   ABTA           50522
American Cancer Society                            ACS            50001
American Cancer Society, Illinois Divisi           ACSIL          60915
American Cell Therapy Research Foundatio           ACTRF          60044
American Chemical Society                          AMCHEMS        50015
American Chemical Society Petroleum Rese           ACSPRF         60647
American Chemical Society, Petroleum Res           PRF            61554
American College Health Association                ACHA           61985
American College of Allergy, Asthma & Im           ACAAI          61984
American College of Cardiology                     ACC            50986
American College of Clinical Pharmacy              ACCP2          62565
American College of Emergency Physicians           ACEP           60011
American College of Gastroenterology               ACG            50984
American College of Physicians-American            ACPASIM        60987

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
American College of Radiology                      ACR2           61983
American College of Radiology Imaging Ne           ACRIN          54198
American College of Rheumatology Researc           ACRREF         60914
American College of Surgeons                       ACSURG         51001
American College of Surgeons Oncology Gr           ACOSOG         60903
American Cyanamid Company                          AMERC          61117
American Dental Association Health Found           ADAHF2         61257
American Diabetes Association                      ADA            50003
American Digestive Health Foundation               ADHF           60912
American Educational Research Associatio           AERA           52170
American Enterprise Institute for Public           AEI            60369
American Epilepsy Society                          EPSOC          51271
American Express Company                           AMEXCO         61119
American Federation for Aging Research             AMFEDAR        50995
American Federation for Medical Research           AFMR           62871
American Foundation for Aging Research             AFDNAR         50531
American Foundation for AIDS Research (A           AFAR           50080
American Foundation for Suicide Preventi           AFSP           51952
American Foundation for Urologic Disease           AFUD           50018
American Health Assistance Foundation              AHAF           50992
American Hearing Research Foundation               AHR            53317
American Heart Association                         AHA            50006
American Heart Association Midwest Affil           AHAMA          52855
American Heart Association of Metropolit           AHAMC          61934
American Home Products Corp.                       AHPC           61960
American Honda Foundation                          AMHONDA        50082
American Institute for Cancer Research             AICR           50083
American Institute of Bisexuality, Inc.            AIB            62826
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medi           AIUM           54187
American Institutes for Research                   AIR2           62492
American Iron and Steel Institute                  AISI           61939
American Liver Foundation                          ALF            50089
American Lock Company                              AMLOCK         61115
American Lung Association                          ALA            50010
American Lung Association of Metropolita           ALAMC          60660
American Managed Care and Review Associa           AMCRA          60657
American Mathematical Society                      AMS2           50023
American Medical Association                       AMA            60681
American Medical Systems, Inc.                     AMS            61168
American Medical Women's Association               AMWA           53366
American Nurses Association, Inc.                  ANA            61003
American Nurses Foundation, Inc.                   ANF            50026
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports            AOSSM          54708
American Otological Society Research Fun           AOSRFND        61911
American Pain Society                              APS2           54718
American Parkinson's Disease Association           APRKDA         50012
American Philosophical Society                     AMPHILS        50029
American Physical Therapy Association              APTA2          54959
American Psychological Association                 AMPA           50038
American Psychological Foundation                  APF2           53347
American Psychological Foundation                  APF            61914

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
American Rhinologic Society                        ARS2           60802
American Roentgen Ray Society                      ARRS           53328
American Saw & Mfg. Co.                            ASMC           61140
American Science Information Center                AMVIS          62587
American Skin Association                          ASA2           54956
American Sleep Medicine Foundation                 ASMF           55040
American Social Health Association                 ASHA           50078
American Society for Aesthetics                    ASA3           62694
American Society for Blood and Marrow Tr           ASBMT          54799
American Society for Bone and Mineral Re           ASBMR          54028
American Society for Engineering Educati           ASEE           50098
American Society for Gastrointestinal En           ASGESAG        62552
American Society for Head and Neck Surge           ASHNS          61145
American Society for Microbiology                  ASM            50040
American Society for Pharmacology and Ex           ASPET2         51025
American Society for Surgery of the Hand           ASSH           52665
American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Su           ASAPS          61144
American Society of Cataract and Refract           ASCRS          62736
American Society of Clinical Oncology              ASCO           50977
American Society of Consultant Pharmacis           ASCPF          62599
American Society of Echocardiography               ASE            55044
American Society of Heating, Refrigerati           ASHRAE         50042
American Society of Hematology                     ASH            51027
American Society of Hypertension, Inc.             ASH2           55033
American Society of Nephrology                     ASN            53264
American Society of Neuroradiology                 ASNR           62677
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology             ASNC           55176
American Society of Nuclear Cardiology F           ASNCF          62450
American Society of Preventive Oncology            ASPO           61142
American Society of Regional Anesthesia            ASRAPM         61242
American Society of Transplant Surgeons            ASTS           54249
American Society of Transplantation                AST            54879
American Speech-Language-Hearing Associa           ASLHA          61139
American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundat           ASLHF          50558
American Surgical Association                      AMSURG         51018
American Thoracic Society, Inc.                    ATS2           62642
American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Netwo           ATHN           62971
American Thyroid Association, Inc.                 THYROID        52991
American Tinnitus Association                      ATA2           52661
American Tool Companies, Inc.                      AMTOOL         61112
American Transportation Research Institu           ATRI           60209
American Trucking Associations                     ATA            61133
American Urological Association                    AMUROL         61113
American Urological Association Foundati           AUAF           62444
American Water Works Association Researc           AWWARF         61120
American-Italian Cancer Foundation                 AICF           54406
Amerigon Incorporated                              ARGN           62913
AmerisourceBergen Corporation                      AMSRCBE        62709
Ameritech Corporation                              AMTECH         61110
Ameritech Foundation                               AMTECHF        61111
Amersham Biosciences                               AB             60981

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
Amersham Health                                    AMERHEA        61304
Amersham International plc                         AMERINT        61118
Amgen Foundation, Inc.                             AMGENFD        60458
Amgen, Inc.                                        AMGEN          61080
Amgen, Inc. and Medtronic, Inc.                    AMG+MED        61060
Amgen-Regeneron Partners                           AMGREGP        61097
Amgen-Regeneron Partners and Medtronic,            ARPMEDT        60399
Amoco Corporation                                  AMOCORP        60898
Amoco Oil Company                                  AMOCO          61116
Ampersand Medical Corporation                      AMPERSA        60663
AMWA Foundation                                    AMWAFDN        53325
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       AMYLIN         61114
Anchorage Police Department                        ANCHPD         60565
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation                        MELONF         50294
Andromed Inc.                                      ANDROME        62386
Anesta Corp.                                       ANESTA         61921
Angela Serra Association for Cancer Rese           ASACR          60015
Angiogen, LLC                                      ANGIOGE        60392
Anixter International                              ANIXINT        61922
Ankeny Police Department (IA)                      ANKENYP        62456
Ann and Robert H. Lurie Foundation                 LURIEFD        62482
Anonymous Foundation                               ANONFDN        61916
Anonymous Foundation (II)                          ANONFD2        60635
Anonymous Foundation (III)                         ANONFD3        60595
Anonymous Foundation (IV)                          ANONFD4        60982
Anonymous Sponsor                                  ANONSP         61090
Anonymous Sponsor (II)                             ANONSP2        60612
AnorMED Inc.                                       ANORMED        62291
Anthra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       ANTHRA         61918
Antigenics Inc.                                    ANTIGEN        60548
Antisoma plc                                       ANTISOM        60329
AO ASIF Foundation                                 AOASIF         62427
AO North America                                   AONA           52685
AO Research Fund                                   AORF           61156
AOI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                          AOIPHAR        62590
APA Optics, Inc.                                   APAOPTI        61913
APACHE Medical Systems, Inc.                       APACHE         61912
Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foun           AAMDSIF        62667
Applera Corporation                                APPLERA        61285
Applied Biosystems Group                           APPLBIO        60559
Applied Clinical Intelligence, LLC                 ACI2           62506
Applied Materials, Inc.                            APPLMAT        53434
Applied Process Technology, Inc.                   APT            60161
Applied Research Associates, Inc.                  ARA            60289
Applied Thin Films, Inc.                           ATFINC         61126
Aqua Alliance                                      AQUAALL        60797
Aramco Services Company                            ARAMCO         61942
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (CO)              ARAPAHO        61943
Arbus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                        ARBUSPH        62874
Ardana plc                                         ARDANA         62485
Ardent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       ARDENTP        60887

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
Ardent Sound, Inc.                                 ARDENTS        62468
Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                        ARENAPH        62630
Areté Associates                                   ARETE          62324
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                        ARIAD          62288
Arizona Department of Public Safety                AZDPS          60946
Arizona Department of Transportation               AZDOT          60795
Arizona State University                           ASU            54881
Arkansas State Police                              ASP            60395
Arkios BioDevelopment International                ARKIOS         61972
Army High Performance Computing Research           AHPCRC         61961
Army Research Office                               ARO            61919
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation                BECKMAN        52534
Aronex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       ARONEX         61940
Array BioPharma Inc.                               ARRAYBI        62893
Arrow International, Inc.                          ARROWIN        60837
ARS ARTHRO AG                                      ARSARTH        62388
Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass                AACG           62299
Arthrex, Inc.                                      ARTHREX        62705
Arthritis Foundation                               ARTHF          50466
Arthritis Foundation, Greater Chicago Ch           AFGCC          61935
Arthritis Foundation, Illinois Division            ARTHFI         61146
Arthritis National Research Foundation             ANRF2          53903
Arthritis National Research Foundation             ANRF           61917
Arthroscopy Association of North America           AANA           62403
Arthur Andersen                                    ANDRSEN        61920
Arthur Vining Davis Foundations                    AVDF           50169
Artielle ImmunoTherapeutics, Inc.                  ARTIELL        60508
Artisan Pharma, Inc.                               ARTISAN        62713
Arts Midwest                                       ARTSMID        52725
ARYx Therapeutics                                  ARYX           62714
ASCEND Therapeutics, Inc.                          ASCEND         60219
Ascenta Therapeutics, Inc.                         ASCENTA        60478
ASCRS Foundation                                   ASCRSFD        62737
Asian Office of Aerospace Research and D           AOARD          62972
Aspect Medical Systems, Inc.                       ASPECTM        60512
Aspen Institute                                    ASPEN          51048
Aspira                                             ASPIRA         61141
Aspiration Medical Technology LLC                  AMT            62774
Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corporation                ASPREVA        62431
Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris            APHP           62700
Associated Universities, Inc., National            NRAO           60619
Association for Academic Surgery                   AASURG         60803
Association for Computing Machinery                ACM            56556
Association for Institutional Research             AIR            52668
Association for International Cancer Res           AICR2          52122
Association for Public Policy Analysis a           APPAM          54721
Association for Surgical Education                 ASURGED        61148
Association of American Colleges and Uni           AACU           61963
Association of American Medical Colleges           AAMC           51032
Association of Professors of Dermatology           APD            62934
Association of Teachers of Preventive Me           ATPM           61131

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name     Customer ID
Association of Women Surgeons Foundation           AWSFDN         60929
Assurance Technology Corporation                   ASSURTE        61099
Astarix Institute, Inc.                            ASTARIX        61134
Astellas Pharma Inc.                               ASTELLA        62286
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.                           ASTPHUS        62287
Asterand, Inc.                                     ASTEINC        62947
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America           AAFA           60780
Astra AB                                           ASTRAAB        61107
Astra Merck Inc.                                   ASTMERC        61135
Astra USA, Inc.                                    ASTRA          61105
AstraZeneca LP                                     ASTZENL        61108
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP                     AZPHARL        60557
AstraZeneca PLC                                    AZPLC          61106
AT&T Foundation                                    ATTFDN         50111
Atairgin Technologies, Inc.                        ATAIRGI        61100
Ataxia Telangiectasia Children's Project           ATCP           60320
Athena Neurosciences, Inc.                         ATHENAN        61128
Athenium Pharmaceuticals, LLC                      ATHENIU        61873
AtheroGenics, Inc.                                 ATHEROG        61017
Atlanta Research and Education Foundatio           ATLAREF        62269
Aton Pharma, Inc.                                  ATONPHA        60356
AtriCure, Inc.                                     ATRICUR        62755
Atrium Medical Corporation                         ATRIUM         62758
Atrix Laboratories, Inc.                           ATRIX          60720
Auburn University                                  AUBURNU        60012
Autism Speaks Inc.                                 AUTISMS        62892
Avalon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       AVALONP        62471
AVANIR Pharmaceuticals                             AVANIR         61123
Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc.                          AVANTI         61124
Aventis Behring L.L.C.                             ABLLC          60355
Aventis Pasteur Inc.                               AVEPAST        60954
Aventis Pasteur Limited                            AVPALTD        60752
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.                       AP             61234
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Products Inc.              APP            61233
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Products Inc. an           APP&BL         61083
Aventis S.A.                                       AVENTIS        61232
Averion International Corp.                        AVERION        62885
Avexa Limited                                      AVEXA          62818
Avon Products Foundation, Inc.                     AVONFDN        61125
Avon Products, Inc.                                AVONPRO        61095
Avyd Devices                                       AVYD           61158
AXAF Science Center                                AXAFSC         61121
Axio Research Corporation                          AXIO           61122
B. Braun Medical Inc.                              BRAUN          61886
Babcock & Wilcox                                   BABWILC        60386
Bach Pharma, Inc.                                  BACHPHA        62419
BAE Systems Inc.                                   BAEINC         62729
BAE Systems plc                                    BAEPLC         62728
Baker Hughes, Inc.                                 BAKHUGH        60791
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.                BALLAER        61251
Ball Corporation                                   BALLCOR        61250

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Ball State University                              BSU             60448
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization             BMDO            06800
Bandag, Inc.                                       BANDAG          60792
Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.                     BARDPV          62351
Barnard College                                    BARNARD         61969
Barr Laboratories Inc.                             BARRLAB         60453
Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         BARRPHA         62304
Barton and Polansky Associates, Inc.               BARTPOL         60380
BASF AG                                            BASFAG          60382
BASF Corporation                                   BASF            60381
Battelle Memorial Institute                        BMI             61895
Battelle Memorial Institute                        BMI2            61896
Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Nor           BMIPNNL         61924
Bausch & Lomb Incorporated                         BOL             60851
Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                BAUSCH          60384
Bavarian Nordic A/S                                BNAS            62822
Baxter Healthcare Corporation                      BAXTER          51156
Baxter International Inc.                          BAXINT          60385
Bayer AG                                           BAYERA2         51603
Bayer Corporation                                  BAYERAG         53091
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.             BHCP            62809
Bayer Institute for Health Care Communic           BIHCC           51046
Baylor College of Medicine                         BCM             54848
Baylor Health Care System                          BHCS            60926
BBN Technologies                                   BBN             62819
BBVA Foundation                                    BBVAFDN         60125
BEA Systems, Inc.                                  BEAS            62853
Bears Care                                         BEARSCA         62814
Beaufour Ipsen Pharma SAS                          BIPPHAR         62497
Bechtel National, Inc., Bettis Atomic Po           BECBAPL         60533
Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff                       BPB             61923
Beckman Coulter, Inc.                              BECKCOU         61163
Becton Dickinson and Company                       BD              60530
Beecham Laboratories                               BEECHAM         60376
Bell Northern Research                             BNR             61928
Bellcore                                           BELCORE         60377
Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation                   IVYFDN          62935
Ben T. Yen                                         BENTYEN         60526
Benedict Engineering Company, Inc.                 BENENGG         60525
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev                 BGU             60732
Benton County Sheriff's Office (OR)                BCSO            60940
Bergen County Police                               BERGEN          60527
Berger-Boyer & Associates, Inc.                    BANDB           60793
Berlex Laboratories, Inc.                          BERLEXL         61259
Berlex Oncology Foundation                         BXONCFD         60098
Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department (           BCSD            62261
Besins International U.S. Inc.                     BESINS          60217
Besselaar Associates                               BESSELR         60528
Best Practice Project Management, Inc.             BESTPRA         62560
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center               BIDMC           60523
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation                    GATESFD         52515

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Bioaccelerate Holdings, Inc.                       BIOACCE         62370
Biocept, Inc.                                      BIOCEPT         62325
Biocompatibles International plc                   BIPLC           60210
Biocompatibles UK Ltd.                             BIOCOMP         60211
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     BIOCRYS         60919
Bioflexis, LLC                                     BIOFLEX         60202
Biogen Idec Inc.                                   BIOGENI         60039
Biogen, Inc.                                       BIOGEN          60920
Biogeneral, Inc.                                   BIOGENE         60921
Bioheart, Inc.                                     BIOHEAR         62831
Bio-Imaging Research                               BIMAGE          60524
Biolink Corporation                                BIOLINK         60922
Biomeasure, Inc.                                   BIOMEAS         60662
Biomet, Inc.                                       BIOMET          60923
Biomira Inc.                                       BIOMIRA         60924
BioMS Medical Corp.                                BIOMSMC         62790
BioMS Technology Corp.                             BIOMSTC         62791
Bionor Immuno AS                                   BIONORI         62889
BioQuest Therapeutics Incorporated                 BIOQUES         62297
BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     BIOSANT         62955
Biosense, Inc.                                     BIOSENS         61901
Biosite Incorporated                               BIOSITE         60875
BioStar, Inc.                                      BIOSTAR         61897
Biosynexus Incorporated                            BIOSYNE         60226
Bio-Technology General Corporation                 BIOTGEN         61898
BioVest International, Inc.                        BIOVEST         60358
BioWhittaker Incorporated                          BIOWHIT         61899
BIRL Industrial Clients                            INDCL           62207
Bisco Inc.                                         BISCO           61902
Blair Police Department (NE)                       BLAIRPD         60115
Blazeman Foundation for ALS                        BFALS           62924
Blooming Grove Police Department (NY)              BGPDNY          61953
Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation                        BLOWITZ         52715
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association             BCBS            60378
Blum-Kovler Foundation                             BLUMKOV         61970
BMI-SG                                             BMISG           60050
BML Pharmaceuticals Inc.                           BMLPHAR         60989
Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH            BOEHING         61014
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, In           BIPHARM         61900
Boise State University                             BOISESU         62912
Bolton Medical, Inc.                               BOLTONM         62802
Bonneville Power Administration                    BPA             60798
Booz, Allen & Hamilton Inc.                        BOOZALH         60371
Boston Biomedical Associates                       BBA             62474
Boston Life Sciences, Inc.                         BLSI            62401
Boston Market Strategies, Inc.                     BMSI            60150
Boston Medical Center                              BMC2            61305
Boston Optical Fiber, Inc.                         BOF             61929
Boston Scientific Corporation                      BSC             60373
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.                     BSS             60374
Boston University                                  BOSTONU         54832

November 7, 2008                                   Page 11 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Boston VA Medical Center                           BVAMC           60097
Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago                      BGCC            60925
BP Amoco                                           BPAMOCO         60897
BP p.l.c.                                          BP              60971
BP Solar International LLC                         BPSOLAR         60025
Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.                           BRACCO          61884
Bradstreet Clinical Research Associates,           BCRA            60529
Brain Aneurysm Foundation                          BAF             62875
Brain Tumor Society                                TBTS            51101
Brandeis University                                BRANDU          61010
Breast Cancer Intergroup of North Americ           TBCI            62891
Breast Cancer Research Foundation                  BCRF            53612
BreathQuant Medical Systems, Inc.                  BREATHQ         62404
Brigham and Women's Hospital                       BRIGHAM         61909
Bristol Myers Company                              BRISTLM         61910
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company                       BMS             61925
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Sanofi            BMSSANO         61927
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Rese           BMSPRI          61926
British Biotech Inc.                               BRITBIO         61882
British Columbia Institute of Technology           BCIT            60379
Brookdale Foundation Group                         BROOKDL         51170
Brown University                                   BROWNU          51029
Brunswick Corporation                              BRUNSWI         60257
Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation                  BRPF            62779
BSEI                                               BSEI            61904
BSST LLC                                           BSST            62914
Buehler Center on Aging of the McGaw Med           BCANU           60927
Buffett Early Childhood Fund                       BECF            60481
Bug, Inc.                                          BUGINC          61906
Bunning Food Allergy Foundation                    BUNNING         62558
Bureau of Health Professions                       BHP             09451
Bureau of Indian Affairs                           BIA             11500
Bureau of Justice Assistance                       BJA             60431
Bureau of the Census                               CENSUS          05100
Bureau of Transportation Statistics                BTS             60804
Burns & McDonnell, Inc.                            BURNSMC         62336
Burnsville Police Department (MN)                  BURNSPD         60843
Burroughs Wellcome Company                         BURWELL         60094
Burroughs Wellcome Fund                            BURWELF         50128
Butler Manufacturing Company                       BUTLER          60095
Butler Manufacturing Company Research Ce           BUTLRES         60096
C. R. Bard, Inc.                                   CRBARD          60771
C.H. Boehringer Sohn                               CHBSOHN         61013
CACI International Inc.                            CACI            62761
Caden Biosciences Inc.                             CUEBIOT         61275
Cahners Healthcare Communication                   CAHNERS         60092
California Department of Transportation            CADOT           60090
California Energy Commission                       CEC             60248
California HealthCare Foundation                   CHCF            52723
California Institute of Technology                 CIT             50130
California Institute of Technology, Jet            JPL             60138

November 7, 2008                                   Page 12 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
California State University                        CALSTAT         60131
California State University, San Bernard           CSUSB           55964
California Table Grape Commission                  CTGC            60562
Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.                        CALIPER         62651
Callisto Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     CALLIST         62489
Calumet College of St. Joseph                      CCSJ            61043
Calypto Design Systems, Inc.                       CALYPTO         62424
Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, LLC               CAMARGO         62798
Cambria Biosciences LLC                            CAMBRIA         60514
Cambridge Antibody Technology                      CAT             62481
Cambridge Health Alliance                          CHA2            60271
Cambridge NeuroScience Inc.                        CNS             62025
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.                        CAMSYS          60022
Camden County Police Academy                       CCPA            60952
Canadian HIV Trials Network                        CTN             51630
Canadian Institutes of Health Research             CIHR            51279
Canary Foundation and the American Cance           CFACS           62739
Cancer Research Institute                          CRI             50133
Cangene Corporation                                CANGENE         62744
Canji, Inc.                                        CANJI           60806
CaP CURE                                           CAPCURE         51230
Capita Foundation                                  CAPITA2         62830
Caracal, Inc.                                      CARACAL         60126
Carbylan BioSurgery, Inc.                          CARBYLA         62692
Cardia, Inc.                                       CARDIA          61016
CardioDx, Inc.                                     CARDIOD         62743
CardioDynamics International Corporation           CDIC            60588
CardioKine, Inc.                                   CARDIOK         62627
CardioKinetix Inc.                                 CRDKNTX         62895
CardioMEMS, Inc.                                   CARDIOM         62734
CardioPulmonics                                    CARDIOP         61881
Cardiovascular Clinical Studies LLC                CCS             62027
Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Inc.                   CARDIAG         61880
CareStat Inc.                                      CARESTA         60639
Cargill, Inc.                                      CARGILL         53728
Carleton College                                   CARLETO         62553
Carnegie Corporation of New York                   CCNY            50135
Carnegie Corporation of New York and the           CARNKNI         62479
Carnegie Council on Ethics and Internati           CCEIA           54324
Carnegie Institution of Washington                 CIW             50606
Carnegie Mellon University                         CMU             54924
Carnegie/DOE Alliance Center                       CDAC            62844
Carolinas HealthCare System                        CAROLHC         60894
Carolinas Medical Center                           CAROLMC         60895
Carter-Wallace, Inc.                               CARTWAL         60099
Cascade Biologics, Inc.                            CASCADE         61878
Cascade Technologies Ltd.                          CASTECH         60460
Case Corporation                                   CASE            61879
Case Western Reserve University                    CWRU            52007
Casey Family Programs                              CFP             62518
Caterpillar, Inc.                                  CTRPLLR         62008

November 7, 2008                                   Page 13 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Cato Research Ltd.                                 CATO            62073
CE.R.I.E.S.                                        CERIES          60183
Cedars-Sinai Health System                         CSHS            61989
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center                        CSMC            62009
Celgene Corporation                                CELGENE         62055
Cell Analysis, Inc.                                CELLANA         60242
Cell Applications, Inc.                            CELLAPP         62056
Cell Therapeutics, Inc.                            CELLTHE         62059
Cellcor Inc.                                       CELLCOR         62057
CellCyte Genetics Corporation                      CELLCYT         62855
Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.                         CELLDEX         62521
Celleration                                        CELLERA         61041
CellPro, Incorporated                              CELLPRO         62058
Celtic Pharma Development Services Bermu           CPDSB           62624
Celtic Pharmaceutical Holdings L.P.                CPH             62573
Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      CENTAUR         61004
Centeon L.L.C.                                     CENTEON         62050
Center for Criminal Justice and Law Enfo           CCJLE           60350
Center for Exhibition Industry Research            CEIR            60370
Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.            CHCS            62046
Center for Image Processing in Education           CIPE            60497
Center for Indoor Air Research                     CIAR            62036
Center for International Rehabilitation            CIR             60185
Centers for Disease Control                        CDC             09430
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services           CMMS            09600
Centerville Police Department (UT)                 CENTEPD         61011
Centocor, Inc.                                     CENTCO          62049
Centocor, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company           CENTLIL         60132
Central Drug Research Institute (India)            CDRI            60755
Central Illinois Police Training Center            CILPTC          60347
Central Lake County Joint Action Water A           CLCJAWA         62732
Central Michigan University                        CMICH           55172
Central Research Institute of Electric P           CRIEPI          61102
Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Trai           CSCJTA          61249
Central Society for Clinical Research              CSCR            62824
Centre for Democracy and Development               CDD2            62703
Cephalon, Inc.                                     CEPHALO         62051
Cera Products, Inc.                                CERAPRO         62543
Ceramatec, Inc.                                    CERAMAT         62318
CerebroVascular Advances, Inc.                     CVA             61999
Cerner Corporation                                 CERNER          60978
CertiChem, Inc.                                    CERTICH         61009
Certus International, Inc.                         CERTUS          60967
Cerus Corporation                                  CERUS           60789
CFD Research Corporation                           CFDRC           60698
CFIDS Association of America, Inc.                 CFIDSAA         52959
CH2M HILL Companies, Ltd.                          CH2MCOM         60426
CH2M HILL Inc.                                     CH2MHIL         60427
Chanel S.A.                                        CHANEL          60184
Charles River Laboratories International           CRIVER          62603
Charlotte Geyer Foundation                         GEYERFD         54440

November 7, 2008                                   Page 14 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Charterhouse Therapeutics Ltd.                     CHTHERA         61944
Cheetah Medical, Inc.                              CHEETAH         62845
Cheil Industries Inc.                              CHEIL           62626
ChemMotif, Inc.                                    CHEMMOT         61062
Chenny Troupe, Inc.                                CHENNY          62048
Chesapeake Composites Corporation                  CHESACC         60862
Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for Internat           CCKF            51261
Chicago Annenberg Challenge                        CHIANCH         62043
Chicago Area Clinical Educators Forum              CACEF           60089
Chicago Area Foundation for Legal Servic           CAFLS           60091
Chicago Association for Research and Edu           CARES           60715
Chicago Asthma Consortium                          CAC             61036
Chicago Bar Association                            CBF             62074
Chicago Bar Foundation                             CBF2            60033
Chicago Biomedical Consortium                      CBC             62607
Chicago Botanic Garden                             CBG             62621
Chicago Center for Health Systems Develo           CCHSD           60328
Chicago Children's Museum                          CCM             61219
Chicago Department of Public Health                CDPH            62817
Chicago Dermatological Society                     CDS             62054
Chicago Fire Department                            CFD             60165
Chicago Foundation for Women                       CFW2            54902
Chicago Manufacturing Center                       CMC             62031
Chicago Patient Safety Forum                       CPSF            62350
Chicago Police Department                          CHIPD           62011
Chicago Public Schools                             CPS             60770
Chicago State University                           CHICAGO         62039
Chicago Tribune Foundation                         CHGTRIB         62042
Chicago Women's AIDS Project                       CWAP            62691
Chicago Zoological Society                         CZS             60085
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation                     CHIBIKE         60615
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce                    CCC2            60304
Chicagoland Orthopedic Physical Therapy            COPTSG          60744
Children and Family Research Center                CFRC            61238
Children's Cancer Fund                             CCF2            62458
Children's Care Foundation                         CHILDCF         62040
Children's Hospital and Regional Medical           CHRMC           61256
Children's Hospital Boston                         CHB             60292
Children's Hospital Los Angeles                    CHLA            61876
Children's Hospital of Buffalo                     CHBUFF          62045
Children's Hospital of Orange County               CHOC            60354
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia                CHOP            62896
Children's Memorial Hospital                       CMH             62024
Chiltern International Limited                     CHILLTD         60725
Chiltern International, Inc.                       CHILTER         60726
Chiron Corporation                                 CHIRON          62033
Chiron Corporation and Solae, LLC                  CHIRSOL         62362
Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation           CAJEF           50261
Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation             CRPF            50093
ChronoChrome, Inc.                                 CHRONOC         60620
Chrysler Corporation                               CHRYCRP         62034

November 7, 2008                                   Page 15 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Chrysler Corporation Foundation                    CHRYSLR         62035
Chugai Pharma USA, LLC                             CHUGAIU         60221
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                    CHUGAI2         60220
Ciba-Geigy Limited Group                           CIBAGGY         62037
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical C           CCHMC           62698
Circuit Court of Cook County                       CCCC            62070
Cisco Systems, Inc.                                CISCO           53767
Citigroup Behavioral Sciences Research C           CBSRC2          62069
Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy           Citizens U      52822
City Colleges of Chicago                           CCCHI           62071
City of Baton Rouge                                BATONRO         60383
City of Boulder Police Department                  BPD             60578
City of Champaign Police Department                CPD             60866
City of Chicago                                    COC             61995
City of Chicago Department of Transporta           CHDOT           62047
City of Columbia Police Department (MO)            COLMOPD         60599
City of Fairview Heights (IL)                      FAIRHTS         62327
City of Hampton, Virginia                          HAMPTON         61945
City of Hope National Medical Center and           COH&BRI         62020
City of Ithaca Police Department                   IPD             61229
City of Jersey City                                JERCITY         62184
City of Lakewood Police Department (WA)            LPD             61887
City of Livermore (CA)                             LIVERMO         60334
City of Los Angeles                                LACITY          60591
City of Minneapolis                                MINNEAP         61277
City of Mississauga                                MISAUGA         61272
City of North Miami Beach Police Departm           NMBPD           60891
City of Northlake (IL)                             NORTHLA         61300
City of Phoenix                                    PHOENIX         60336
City of Scottsdale (AZ)                            SCOTTSD         60225
City of Seattle                                    SEATTLE         61294
City of Troy Police Department (MI)                TROYPD          60640
City of Virginia Beach                             VABEACH         61193
City of Waukesha, Wisconsin                        WAUKESH         61656
City of Wheaton (IL)                               WHEATON         61681
Clark County Sheriff's Office (IN)                 CCSO            60713
Cleveland Heights Police Department                CHPD            60996
Clinical Cardiovascular Research, LLC              C2R             61278
Clinical Financial Services, LLC                   CFS             62872
Clinical Investigation Specialists, Inc.           CIS             60593
Clinical Research Management, Inc.                 CRMI            62881
Clinical Trial Management Services, Inc.           CTMS            62007
Clinician Support Technology Inc.                  CST2            61046
Clinicor, Inc.                                     CLINICO         60650
Clinsys Clinical Research, Inc.                    CLINSYS         62870
ClinTrials Research Inc.                           CLINTRI         62028
Clonetics                                          CLONETI         62030
Clonex Development, Inc.                           CLONEX          60002
CME Trust                                          CMETRUS         62671
Cmed Inc.                                          CMED            60459
Coalition of Limited English Speaking El           CLESE           62534

November 7, 2008                                   Page 16 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative           CNCCG           60695
Coastside Research                                 COASTSI         60881
Coatings by Design Consortium                      COATING         62026
CoAxia, Inc.                                       COAXIA          62841
CoDa Therapeutics, Inc.                            CODATHE         62952
Cold Sore Research Foundation                      CSRF            62840
Coley Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.                   CPG             60980
Colgate-Palmolive                                  COLPALM         62022
Collaborative Motion Control, Inc.                 COMOCO          60368
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                   COLLAGE         60984
College of American Pathologists                   CAP             60613
College of American Pathologists Foundat           CAPFDN          52737
College Park Industries, Inc.                      CPI             62786
Colloid Environmental Technologies Compa           CETCO           62053
Colorado Department of Transportation              CODOT           60432
Colorado School of Mines                           CSM             55966
Columbia College                                   COLMBIA         62021
Columbia University                                COLUNIV         50619
CombinatoRx, Incorporated                          COMBNRX         60036
Comer Science & Education Foundation               CSEF            62960
Commercial Electronics, Inc.                       COMELEC         62016
Commission for Cultural, Educational and           CCESE           62072
Committee on Institutional Cooperation             CIC             55366
Commonwealth Clinical Research Services,           CCRS            62068
Commonwealth Edison Company                        COMED           62015
Commonwealth of Australia Department of            AUSDFCS         61086
Commonwealth of Kentucky                           KY              62741
Commonwealth of Massachusetts                      MA              61737
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania                       PA              61289
Commonwealth of Virginia                           VIRGINI         61670
Commonwealth Research Corporation                  CRC             60772
Community Care Options                             CCOPTIO         60258
Compact Membrane Systems, Inc.                     CMS             60194
Composite Technology Development, Inc.             CTD             62004
Compton Foundation, Inc.                           COMPTON         52641
Compugen Ltd.                                      COMPUGE         62502
Concentra Inc.                                     CONCEN2         62462
Concentric Medical, Inc.                           CONCENT         60239
Conceptus, Inc.                                    CONCEPT         62018
Concern Foundation                                 CONCERN         52479
Concrete Sciences Corporation                      CSC             60760
Concrete Technology Corporation                    CTC             62003
Conductus, Inc.                                    CONDUCT         62019
Confluent Surgical Inc.                            CONFLUE         60521
Congress of Neurological Surgeons                  CNS2            53079
Connecticut Criminal Law Foundation, Cen           CCLFCPS         60423
Connetics Corporation                              CONNETI         60721
CONRAD Program                                     CONRAD          60740
Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia           CONACYT         62017
Consensus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    CONSENS         61965
Consortium of Academic and Research Libr           CARLI           60471

November 7, 2008                                   Page 17 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Consortium of Rheumatology Researchers o           CORRONA         60018
Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago C           CLOCC           60498
Constar International Inc.                         CONSTAR         60346
Constella Clinical Informatics                     CCI             60052
Constella Group, Inc.                              CGI             60051
Constella Group, Ltd.                              CGLTD           62906
Construction Technology Laboratories, In           CTLINC          62006
Consulate General of the Federal Republi           CGFRGCH         61026
Containerless Research, Inc.                       CONTAIN         61998
Continental Disc Corporation                       CDISC           62063
Continental Plastic Containers, Inc.               CPC             60769
Continuum Health Partners, Inc.                    CHP             62382
ConvaTec                                           CONVATC         60742
Cook County                                        COOKCO          62013
Cook County Bureau of Health Services              CCBHS           60983
Cook County Highway Department                     CCHD            62064
Cook County Sheriff's Office                       CCSD            62060
Cook County Sheriff's Training Institute           CCSTI           62061
Cook County State's Attorney's Office              CCSAO           62041
Cook Group Incorporated                            COOKGRO         60140
Cook Incorporated                                  COOKINC         60023
Cookville, Tennessee Police Department             COOKVIL         62014
Cooperative State Research Service                 CRS             60766
Coordinating Research Council, Inc.                CORESCN         60735
COR Therapeutics                                   COR             60745
Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated                  CORCEPT         62860
Cordis Corporation                                 CORDISC         62012
CoreValve, Inc.                                    COREVAL         62463
Corgentech Inc.                                    CORGENT         61301
Corixa Corporation                                 CORIXA          60736
Cornelius Crane Trust                              CCTRUST         62062
Cornell University                                 CORNU           55072
Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.                   CRG             62420
Corning Besselaar, Inc.                            CORBESS         61996
Corning PACT                                       CORNPAC         60738
Cornucopia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                   CORNUCO         62488
Coromed, Inc.                                      COROMED         60739
Corporation for Plastic Surgery Educatio           CPSER           60428
Corthera Inc.                                      BASMEDI         62796
Council for International Exchange of Sc           CIES            50162
Council for Jewish Elderly                         CJE             62032
Council for Tobacco Research-U. S. A.              TOBACCO         61587
Council of Literary Magazines and Presse           CLMP            62029
Council of Scientific and Industrial Res           CSIR            60754
Council of the Great City Schools                  CGCS            62940
Council on Library and Information Resou           CLR             50164
Covance Inc.                                       COVANCI         62834
Covance Periapproval Services, Inc.                COVANCE         60767
CovX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         COVX            60249
Coyote Logistics, LLC                              COYOTE          62846
Creare Inc.                                        CREARE          60764

November 7, 2008                                   Page 18 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Criticare Systems, Inc.                            CRITICA         60765
CRN/Allergy and Respiratory, LLC                   CRNARLL         60878
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Americ           CCF             50629
Crospon Ltd.                                       CROSPON         62873
CryoVascular Systems, Inc.                         CVSYST          60597
CSL Limited                                        CSLLTD          60833
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Servic           CTI             60034
Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       CUBIST          61007
CuraGen Corporation                                CURAGEN         60731
Cure Autism Now Foundation                         CAN             52717
Cure For Lymphoma Foundation                       CFLF            60955
CureTech Ltd.                                      CURETEC         62696
CV Therapeutics, Inc.                              CVTHERA         62000
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     CYCLACE         62888
Cycorp, Inc.                                       CYCORP          60394
CyDex, Inc.                                        CYDEX           62581
Cylex Incorporated                                 CYLEX           62901
Cypros Pharmaceutical Corporation                  CYPROS          62001
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                         CYSTICF         50462
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics,           CFFT            62384
Cytochroma Inc.                                    CYTOCHR         60477
Cytogen Corporation                                CYTOGEN         60083
Cytokine PharmaSciences, Inc.                      CPSI            60873
Cytran, Inc.                                       CYTRAN          60084
Cytyc Corporation                                  CYTYC           60969
Cytyc Health, Inc.                                 CYTYCHE         60970
Daig Corporation                                   DAIG            60778
Daiichi Medical Research, Inc.                     DMRINC          60310
Daiichi Pharma Holdings, Inc.                      DPHINC          60309
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                   DAIICHI         61170
Daiichi Pharmaceutical Corporation                 DAIPHAR         61171
DaimlerChrysler AG                                 DAIMCHR         61964
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport            DFWIA           60859
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport            DFWADPS         60860
Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation            RUNWINC         50208
Dana Corporation                                   DANACOR         60468
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute                       DANAFAR         60086
DanceLink                                          DANCELI         61997
Danco Laboratories, LLC                            DANCOLA         61031
DarPharma, Inc.                                    DARPHAR         62372
Dartmouth College                                  DARTMOU         52790
Datascope Corporation                              DATASCO         60077
Dayton Hudson Corporation                          DAYHUDS         60078
Deacon Research                                    DEACON          60082
Debio                                              DEBIO           62596
Debiovision Inc.                                   DEBIOVI         62597
deCODE genetics, Inc.                              DECODE          60553
Deere & Company                                    DEERE           60104
Defense Academy for Credibility Assessme           DACA            62550
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agenc           DARPA           06100
Defense Intelligence Agency                        DIA2            62800

November 7, 2008                                   Page 19 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Defense Logistics Agency                           DLA             06200
Defense Protective Service                         DPS             60605
Defense Security Service                           DSS             60551
Defense Special Weapons Agency                     DSWA            06300
Defense Threat Reduction Agency                    DTRA            06350
DEKA Research and Development Corporatio           DEKA            62453
Delaware Department of Transportation              DEDOT           60103
Delcan Corporation                                 DELCAN          62957
Dell Inc.                                          DELL            60038
Delphi Corporation                                 DELPHI          62776
DENTSPLY International Inc.                        DENTSPL         60073
Denver Biomedical, Inc.                            DENVBIO         60124
Denver Police Department (CO)                      DENVRPD         60074
Department of Agriculture                          USDA            04000
Department of Commerce                             DOC             05000
Department of Defense                              DOD             06000
Department of Defense Counterintelligenc           DODCIFA         62549
Department of Defense Education Activity           DODEA           60056
Department of Defense Polygraph Institut           DODPI           60552
Department of Education                            ED              07000
Department of Energy                               DOE             08000
Department of Health (UK)                          DHUK            62337
Department of Health and Human Services            HHS             09000
Department of Homeland Security                    DHS             47000
Department of Housing and Urban Developm           HUD             10000
Department of Justice                              DOJ             12000
Department of Labor                                DOL             13000
Department of State                                STATE           14000
Department of the Air Force                        AF              06400
Department of the Army                             ARMY            06500
Department of the Navy                             NAVY            06600
Department of the Navy eBusiness Operati           DONEBUS         60676
Department of Transportation                       DOT             15000
Department of Veterans Affairs                     VA              17000
DePaul University                                  DEPAUL          60075
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.                           DEPUY           60076
DePuy Spine, Inc.                                  DEPUYSP         62377
DePuy, Inc.                                        DEPUYIN         62376
Dermatology Foundation                             DERMF           50174
Desmos, Inc.                                       DESMOS          60100
Destiny BioMediX Corp.                             DESTINY         60101
Detroit Police Department (MI)                     DETPD           60102
DevLab One, Inc.                                   DEVLAB1         60888
DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                          DFB             62835
Diabetes Action Research and Education F           DAREF           61889
diaDexus, Inc.                                     DIADEXU         62572
Dimethaid Health Care Ltd.                         DHCL            60688
Dimethaid Research Inc.                            DRI             60687
DirectGene, Inc.                                   DIRECTG         60827
Discover Financial Services                        DFS             62863
Doctors Cancer Foundation, Inc.                    DCF             62823

November 7, 2008                                   Page 20 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
DOME imaging systems, inc.                         DOMEIS          60874
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation                   DDUKEFD         52164
Dow Corning Corporation                            DCC             60079
Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Medica           AMRF            62916
Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Resear           FALKTRU         62137
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Inc.                      DRREDUS         62962
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.                      DRREDDY         62961
Dr. Scholl Foundation                              SCHOLF          50176
Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.                     SCHWABE         61454
Drexel University                                  DREXEL          60812
Drives Incorporated                                DRIVES          61993
Drug Information Association                       DIA             61239
Duke Clinical Research Institute                   DCRI            60574
Duke University                                    DUKEU           54826
Duke University Medical Center                     DUMC            60573
Dunhuang Academy                                   DUNHUAN         62907
DuPage County Circuit Court                        DCCC            60080
DuPage County Sheriff's Office                     DCSO            60071
DuPont                                             DUPONT          53606
DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company                     DPCO            61991
Dura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         DURAPHA         61990
Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      DURAMED         62305
DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         DUSA            62175
Dutch Healthcare Authority                         NZA             62903
Dynamet Technology Inc.                            DYNAMET         62176
Dynamics Research Corporation                      DRC             61274
Dynasil Corp.                                      DYNASIL         62177
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation               DMRF            51034
E. R. Squibb and Sons, Limited                     SQUIBB          61625
E.P., Ltd.                                         EPLTD           62157
Easter Seals, Inc.                                 EASTER          62760
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group                 ECOG            54967
Eastern Illinois University                        EASTERN         54921
Eastern Michigan University                        EMU             62158
Eastern Missouri Law Enforcement Trainin           EMLETA          62162
Eastern Virginia Medical School                    EVAMED          62164
Eastman Kodak Company                              EASTM           51268
Eaton Corporation                                  EATON           62171
EBI Medical Systems, Inc.                          EBIMS           62172
Eclipse Surgical Technologies, Inc.                ECLIPSE         62173
ECOG Research and Education Foundation,            ECOGREF         62720
Economic and Social Research Institute             ERESEAR         61096
Education Development Center, Inc.                 EDC             62174
Education for Global Involvement, Inc.             EGI             62169
Educational Research and Improvement               EDRESIM         62199
EduMedia, Inc.                                     EDUMEDI         61973
Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital                      HINES           61734
Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation                MALLFDN         55201
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation                   ELC             61299
Efoora, Inc.                                       EFOORA          62168
EIC Laboratories, Inc.                             EICLABS         62196

November 7, 2008                                   Page 21 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Eisai America, Inc.                                EISAI           62197
Eisai Co., Ltd.                                    EISAICO         60404
Eisai Medical Research Inc.                        EISAIMR         62588
Eisai, Inc.                                        EISAINC         60405
Eisai, Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceutica, I           EIJPGSK         61001
Eisai, Inc. and Janssen Pharmaceutica, L           EISJANS         60406
Eisai, Inc. and Pfizer, Inc.                       EISPFIZ         62178
Elan Corporation, plc                              ELAN            62198
Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         ELANPHA         60961
Electric Power Research Institute                  EPRI            50186
Electricite de France                              EDF             62170
Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc.                     EOS             62527
Eli Lilly and Company                              ELILLY          62163
Eli Lilly and Company and Zeneca Pharmac           LIL&ZEN         61094
Elizabeth S. Boughton Trust                        BOUGHTN         61903
Elk Grove Village Police Department (IL)           EGVPD           60286
Ellison Medical Foundation                         ELLISON         52677
Elmer and Sylvia Sramek Charitable Found           ESSCF           61306
Elsa U. Pardee Foundation                          PARDEE          50353
EMBOL-X, Inc.                                      EMBOLX          60570
EMD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                          EMDPHAR         60943
EMD Serono, Inc.                                   EMDSERO         62524
Emergency Medicine Foundation                      EMF             51065
Emergency Nurses Association                       ENA             60973
Emergency Nurses Association Foundation            ENAF            51094
Emil R. Capita Charitable Foundation               CAPITAF         62393
Emisphere Technologies, Inc.                       EMISPHE         60779
Emory University                                   EMORY           54806
Empi, Inc.                                         EMPIINC         62763
Encorium Group, Inc.                               ENCORIU         62670
Endeavor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     ENDEAVO         60756
Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.                          ENDOPHA         60976
Endocardial Solutions, Inc.                        ENDOCAR         62159
Endocrine Fellows Foundation                       ENDOCRI         62160
Endonetics, Inc.                                   ENDONET         60436
EndoVascular Technologies, Incorporated            ETI             62144
Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Col           EMC2            60006
Enlightened Technologies Associates, Inc           ETAI            62155
Enturia, Inc.                                      ENTURIA         62548
Environmental Research Institute of Mich           ERIM            62181
Enzon, Inc.                                        ENZON           60985
EOSPACE Inc.                                       EOSPACE         62610
Epilepsy Foundation of America                     EFA             50468
Epitope, Incorporated                              EPITOPE         62156
EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         EPIX            62321
Equal Justice Works                                EJW             60706
ERC, Incorporated                                  ERCINC          62309
Ernst Schering Foundation                          SCHERFD         56226
ESC Medical Systems Ltd.                           ESC             60773
ESL Defence Ltd.                                   ESL             62295
Esperion LUV Development, Inc.                     ESPLUVD         60717

November 7, 2008                                   Page 22 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Esperion Therapeutics, Inc.                        ESPERIO         60716
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.                         ETHICES         61270
Ethicon, Incorporated                              ETHICON         62148
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foun           EEJF            60005
Etrema Inc.                                        ETREMA          62145
European Commission                                EC              51611
European Hematology Association                    EHA             56306
European Molecular Biology Organization            EMBO            51662
European Space Agency                              ESA             62182
European Union                                     EU              62146
European Union, Delegation of the Europe           EUDECUS         62147
Evangelical Health Systems                         EVNGLIC         62141
Evanston Arts Council                              EAC             62179
Evanston Community Foundation                      ECF             61093
Evanston Hospital Corporation                      EVHOSP          62140
Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club Foundati           ELRCF           62898
Evanston Materials Consulting Corporatio           EMCC            61063
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Researc           ENHRI           62161
Evanston/Skokie Community Consolidated S           EVSKSD          60434
Everest Biomedical Instruments Company             EBIC            62311
Evolve24, LLC                                      EVOLVE2         62283
Evolving Earth Foundation                          EEF             60679
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation                   EMKF            53119
EXACT Sciences Corporation                         EXACTSC         60627
Excaliard Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    EXCALI          62926
ExcelleRx, Inc.                                    EXCELLE         62601
Exelixis Inc.                                      EXELIXI         60509
EXIMIAS Pharmaceutical Corporation                 ZARIX           60684
Extra Space Storage Inc.                           ESS             62539
Exxon Chemical Company                             EXXCHEM         62143
Exxon Corporation                                  EXXON           51014
Exxon Education Foundation                         EXEDF           62142
Exxon Research and Engineering Company             ERECO           62180
Eyetech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      EYETECH         61303
EyeTel Imaging, Inc.                               EYETEL          60988
Fairleigh Dickinson University                     FDU             62282
Fairview Hospital and Healthcare Service           FAIRVWH         62136
Family & Children Services, Inc.                   FCS             60935
Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc.                 FARF            52920
Fannie and John Hertz Foundation                   HERTZFD         50710
Fannie E. Rippel Foundation                        RIPPEL          50381
Fannie Mae Foundation                              FMAEFDN         53083
Farmington Hills Police Department (MI)            FHPD            62131
Favrille, Inc.                                     FAVRILL         62275
FDX Corporation                                    FDXCORP         62165
Federal Aviation Administration                    FAA             15100
Federal Highway Administration                     FHA             15200
Federal Transit Administration                     FTA             15400
Fédération Internationale des Petits Frè           FIPFP           61029
Fel-Pro Incorporated                               FELPRO          62166
Fel-Pro/Mecklenburger Foundation                   FPMF            62123

November 7, 2008                                   Page 23 of 73
                                       NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                           Short Name      Customer ID
FemmePharma Global Healthcare, Inc.            FEMMEPH         62876
Fermiscan Holdings Limited                     FERMISC         62490
Fermiscan USA, Inc.                            FERMIUS         62491
FeRx Incorporated                              FERXINC         60966
Fetzer Institute                               FETZER          52205
Fidelity Foundation                            FIDELIT         60634
Fidia Pharmaceutical Corporation               FIDIA           62130
Field Foundation of Illinois                   FIELDF          62132
Fight for Sight                                FLIGHT          51578
FINRA Investor Education Foundation            FINRAFD         62880
First Chicago NBD Corporation                  FCNBDC          62139
Fisk University                                FISK            60153
Fisons Corporation                             FISONS          62127
Fisons PLC                                     FISOPLC         62128
Fitchburg Police Department (WI)               FPD             60807
Flight Attendant Medical Research Instit       FAMRI           53367
Flint Hills Resources, LP                      FHR             62360
Florence Gould Foundation, Inc.                GOULDFD         60204
Florida A&M University                         FAMU            61287
Florida Department of Children and Famil       FLDCF           62943
Florida Department of Transportation           FLDOT           62129
Florida International University               FIU             55311
Florida State University                       FSU             51107
Focal, Inc.                                    FOCAL           62126
Focus Technologies, Inc.                       FOCUS           60197
FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                   FOLDRX          62925
Foley Family Foundation (WI)                   FOLEYFF         62152
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network             FAAN            62727
Food and Drug Administration                   FDA             09440
Ford Foundation                                FORDF           50193
Ford Motor Company                             FORDMCO         62154
Ford Motor Company and The Boeing Compan       FORDBOE         60473
Forest Laboratories, Inc.                      FOREST          62121
Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                   FORESTP         60863
Forest Preserve District of Cook County        FPDCC           62620
Fortune Brands Home and Office, Inc.           FOBRHO          62125
Fortune Brands, Inc.                           FORBRAN         62153
Foster-Miller, Inc.                            FOSTMIL         62122
Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc.            FFB             52446
Foundation for Anesthesia Education and        FAER2           50196
Foundation for Child Development               FCD             50197
Foundation for Digestive Health and Nutr       FDHN            51013
Foundation for Education and Research in       FERNE           62699
Foundation for Informed Medical Decision       FIMDM           60483
Foundation for Physical Therapy                PATHF           50202
Foundation for Research, Science and Tec       FRST            62515
Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research            FSR             60302
Foundation for Science and Technology          FCT2            60189
Foundation for the National Institutes o       FNIH            55105
Fox Chase Cancer Center                        FCCC            60664
Fox Hollow Technologies, Inc.                  FOXHOLL         60712

November 7, 2008                               Page 24 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Fox Valley Educational Alliance                    FVEA            62265
Fox Valley Technical College                       FVTC            60857
Francis Beidler Charitable Trust                   BEIDLER         60776
Franciscan Health System                           FRANHLT         62124
FRAXA Research Foundation                          FRAXARF         51982
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center             FHCRC           54825
French American Cultural Exchange                  FACE            55413
Fresenius Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA               FMCAG           62665
Fresenius Medical Care North America               FMCNA           62679
FriCSo - Friction Control Solutions Inc.           FRICSO          62681
Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Tes           FEBCT           62676
Frontier Science and Technology Research           FSTRF           62133
Fuel Cell Manufacturing Corporation                FCMC            62138
Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.                        FDI             62771
Fujirebio Inc.                                     FUJIREB         62770
Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.                          FUJIHEA         62149
Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.                   FUJIPHA         62150
Fujisawa Research Institute of America,            FUJIRIA         62151
Fulton County Public Safety Training Cen           FCPSTC          61098
Functional Coating Technology LLC                  FCTLLC          60714
Fundacion Urrutia Elejalde                         FUE             60582
G&P Charitable Foundation for Cancer Res           G&PCFCR         60819
Galderma Laboratories, Inc.                        GALDERM         62116
Gambro Healthcare                                  GAMBRO          62117
Gamma Engineering Corporation                      GAMMAEC         61260
Gas Technology Institute                           GTI2            60607
Gateway Materials Technology, Inc.                 GMT             62099
Gateway Technical Institute                        GTI             62091
GC America, Inc.                                   GCAMER          62954
GC Corporation                                     GCCORP          62953
GE Foundation                                      GEFDN           50211
GE Healthcare                                      GEHEALT         55052
Gear Research Institute                            GEAR            62109
GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       GELTEX          61069
GEMI Fund                                          GEMIFUN         62513
Gemin X Biotechnologies Inc.                       GEMINX          62316
Gemini Biotech                                     GEMINI          62112
Gemini Health Technology, Inc.                     GEMHEAL         62111
Genelabs Technologies, Inc.                        GENELAB         62113
Genentech Foundation for Growth and Deve           GENFDN          51120
Genentech, Inc.                                    GENTECH         62134
Genentech, Inc. and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer            GENRPRP         60398
General Atomics                                    GENATOM         61034
General Electric Company                           GE              62114
General Electric Company, p.l.c.                   GEC             62110
General Mills Operations, Inc.                     GENMILO         62399
General Mills Sales, Inc.                          GENMILS         61174
General Mills, Inc.                                GENMILL         61173
General Motors Cancer Research Foundatio           GMCRF           60957
General Motors Corporation                         GMC             52759
General Motors Foundation, Inc.                    GMFOUND         62096

November 7, 2008                                   Page 25 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
General Motors North American Operations           GMNAO           62097
General Services Administration                    GSA             21000
Generations on Line                                GOL             60035
Generic Devices Consulting, Inc.                   GENDEVC         62902
Genetic Alliance, Inc.                             GENEALL         62886
Genetics Institute, Inc.                           GENETIC         62108
Genmab A/S                                         GENMAB          60879
Genmab, Inc.                                       GENMABI         62335
Genomic Health, Inc.                               GENHLTH         62523
GenStar Therapeutics Corporation                   GENSTAR         60606
Genta Incorporated                                 GENTA           60540
Genzyme Corporation                                GENZYME         62135
GeoMed Global Communications, llc                  GEOMED          60677
Geophysical Research Company, LLC                  GRC             62833
Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational           LURCY           61739
Georgetown University                              GEORGEU         55992
Georgia Institute of Technology                    GIT             54658
German-American Academic Council Foundat           GAACF           62115
Geron Corporation                                  GERON           60932
Gessler Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym           GHSPRDL         60151
Gilbert Police Department (AZ)                     GAZPD           60179
Gilead Sciences                                    GILEAD          62107
Giner, Inc.                                        GINER           60852
Girls Link                                         GIRLSLI         60604
Given Imaging Ltd.                                 GIVEN           60865
Glaxo Wellcome Inc.                                GLAXWEL         62100
Glaxo Wellcome Institute for Digestive H           GIDH            62106
Glaxo Wellcome plc                                 GLAXWEP         62101
Glaxo, Inc.                                        GLAXO           62103
GlaxoSmithKline plc                                GSK             60589
GlaxoSmithKline Research & Education Fou           GSKREF          60671
Glenview Park District                             GLENPAR         60110
Glenview Senior Center                             GSC             60111
Global Health Network, LLC                         GHNLLC          60410
Global Human Body Models Consortium, LLC           GHBMC           62716
GlobalGiving Foundation                            GLOBALG         62921
Gloucester County Police Academy                   GCPA            61950
GM Powertrain Group                                GMPOWER         62098
Gold T-Tech                                        GOLDTTE         61049
Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships                 GOLDMAN         55203
Goodrich Corporation                               GOODRIC         50600
GPC Biotech AG                                     GPCAG           60463
GPC Biotech Inc.                                   GPCINC          60464
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies i           GRAHAM          62093
Grand Valley Metro Council                         GVMC            62092
Grand Valley State University                      GVSU            55967
Grand Victoria Foundation                          GVFOUND         53064
Grant Healthcare Foundation                        GRANTHC         61949
Grayslake Police Department (IL)                   GPD             60686
Great Lakes Center for Truck and Transit           GLCTTR          62102
Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation                  GLHEMOF         62118

November 7, 2008                                   Page 26 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Great Lakes Protection Fund                        GLPH            50697
Greater Rochester Health Foundation                GRHF            62915
Griffith (IN) Police Department                    GRIFFPD         62095
Group Health Cooperative                           GHC             53944
Guava Technologies, Inc.                           GUAVA           62285
Guidant Corporation                                GUIDANT         62104
Guidant Corporation Ireland                        GUIDIRE         61218
Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     GUILFOR         62120
Gustavus and Louise Pfeiffer Research Fo           PFEIFFR         50360
Gynecologic Cancer Foundation                      GCF             51273
Gynecologic Oncology Group                         GOG             62702
Gynetics Inc.                                      GYNETIC         61237
Hackensack University Medical Center               HUMC            61719
Hamilton Civic Hospitals Research Centre           HCHRC           62081
Hampton University                                 HAMPTOU         60201
Hana Biosciences, Inc.                             HANABIO         62797
Hardcoatings Inc.                                  HARDCOA         62084
Harlan Sprague Dawley, Inc.                        HARLAN          61157
Harlan Teklad                                      HARLANT         61159
Harold S. Haller & Co.                             HALLER          62089
Harold Washington College                          HWC             60435
Harris Corporation                                 HARRISC         62664
Harris County Sheriff's Department                 HCSD            62082
Harrison Clinical Research                         HCR             62322
Harry and Maribel G. Blum Foundation               H&MBLUM         60569
Harry F. Chaddick and Elaine Chaddick Fo           HFCECF          60520
Harry W. Morrison Foundation                       HMORRIS         61700
Harvard University                                 HARV            50705
Harvest Technologies Corporation                   HTC             60761
Hawaii Department of Public Safety                 HIDPS           60207
Hawaii Local Technical Assistance Progra           HLTAP           60437
Haymarket Center                                   HAYMCTR         62899
Hayt, Inc.                                         HAYT            60206
Health Care Financing Administration (HC           HCFA            62080
Health Effects Institute                           HEI2            53146
Health Report Services, Inc.                       HRSI            61716
Health Research and Educational Trust              HEALRE2         62256
Health Research, Incorporated                      HRI             60575
Health Resources and Services Administra           HRSA            09450
Healthpoint, Ltd.                                  HEALTHP         62836
Hearten Medical, Inc.                              HEARTEN         61714
Heartland Arts Fund                                HAF             62087
Heartland Blood Centers                            HEARTBC         61713
Heartland Health Outreach                          HHO             62307
HeartWare Limited                                  HEARTWL         62967
HeartWare, Inc.                                    HEARTWR         62968
Heinz Family Foundation                            HEINZFF         53831
Hektoen Institute for Medical Research             HEKTOEN         62090
Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation                   HABF            62315
Helen Bader Foundation, Inc.                       BADER           60387
Helen V. Brach Foundation                          BRACH           61885

November 7, 2008                                   Page 27 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Helene Curtis Industries, Inc.                     HELCURT         62105
Hemophilia & Thrombosis Research Society           HTRS            60321
Henri Beaufour Institute USA, Inc.                 BEAUFOU         60532
Henrietta Lange Burk Fund                          HLBF            62451
Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Adva           HJF             62750
Hereditary Disease Foundation                      HDF             50274
Herff Jones Company of Indiana, Inc.               HERFFJO         60502
Heritage Preservation                              HERITAG         60456
Hermann Eye Fund                                   HEYFUND         60010
Heska Corporation                                  HESKA           61735
Hesperion AG                                       HESPERI         61974
Hewlett-Packard Company                            HEWPACK         61736
High Q Foundation, Inc.                            HIGHQFD         62577
High Throughput Biology Inc.                       HTB             62517
Higher Education for Development                   HED             56035
Highland Park Police Department                    HPPD            60666
Hillenbrand Industries, Inc.                       HILLENB         62745
Hill-Rom Co., Inc.                                 HILLROM         62747
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.                         HILLPET         62268
Hillsboro Community College Tampa, Flori           HCC             62079
Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH                 HILTI           61733
Hinsdale Hospital Foundation                       HHF             62652
Hirsh Industries, Inc.                             HIRSHCO         61731
Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Canc           HFPCR           55735
Hi-Stat Manufacturing Company, Inc.                HISTAT          61952
Histology Services Limited                         HISSERV         61698
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies                HGST            62514
Hitachi, Ltd.                                      HITACHI         60832
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.                  HITCHIN         61254
HNTB Corporation                                   HNTB            61730
Hoellen Foundation                                 HOELLEN         62672
Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.                             HOFLROC         51037
Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                  HOLLISE         61696
Hollister Incorporated                             HOLLIST         61697
Homeland Security Advanced Research Proj           HSARPA          60031
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.                              HONDALT         61980
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.                           HONDARD         61981
Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.                 HRIUS           62389
Honeywell International Inc.                       HNYWLIN         61216
Honolulu Police Department                         HONOLPD         62075
Hoosier Oncology Group, LLC                        HOG             62512
Hoover Foundation                                  HOOVER          62254
Hope for Depression Research Foundation            HDRF            62638
Hope Foundation                                    HOPEFDN         62890
Horace Mann Elementary School, Oak Park            MANN            61728
Hospice Pharmacia                                  HOSPHAR         62602
Hospira, Inc.                                      HOSPIRA         62290
Houghton Mifflin Company                           HMCO            60072
House Ear Institute                                HEI             62493
Howard Brown Health Center                         HBHC            62076
Howard Heinz Endowment                             HHEINZE         60024

November 7, 2008                                   Page 28 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Howard Hughes Medical Institute                    HHMI            50235
Howard University                                  HOWARD          61720
Howmedica Osteonics Corporation                    HOWOSTE         62622
HRL Laboratories, LLC                              HRL             62452
HSH Construction                                   HSH             61717
Hughes Christensen Company                         HUGHCHR         61718
Human Genome Sciences, Inc.                        HGS             61732
Huntington's Disease Society of America            HUNTDSA         50021
Hyal Pharmaceutical Corporation, U.S.              HYALPHA         62243
Hybridon, Inc.                                     HYBRIDO         62320
HyperGalaxy, Inc.                                  HYPERGA         60298
Hyundai Group                                      HYUNDAI         61699
Hyundai Machine Tools                              HMT             61729
Hyundai Precision & Industry Co., Ltd.             HDPIC           62077
IBAH, Inc.                                         IBAH            61710
IBEX Technologies Corporation                      IBEX            61711
Ibex Technologies, Inc.                            IBEXCAN         62238
Ibis Biosciences, Inc.                             IBISBIO         62927
Icagen, Inc.                                       ICAGEN2         62449
ICI Pharmaceuticals Group                          ICIPG           61705
ICON Clinical Research                             ICONCR          61706
ICOS Corporation                                   ICOS            61707
ID LLC                                             IDLLC           62385
Idaho Department of Law Enforcement                IDDLE           61702
Idaho POST Academy                                 IDPOST          61055
Idaho State Police                                 IDSP            60372
IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation                   IDEC            62230
Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       IDENIX          60234
Ikaria Holdings, Inc.                              IKARIAH         62951
ILEX Oncology, Inc.                                ILEX            62221
ILEX Pharmaceuticals, L.P.                         ILEXPHA         60241
Illinois Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Heal           IAHCDHC         60774
Illinois Arts Council                              IAC             54484
Illinois Bar Foundation                            ILBF            62253
Illinois Board of Higher Education                 IBHE            62239
Illinois Campus Compact for Community Se           ICCCS           60953
Illinois Cancer Center                             ICC             61703
Illinois Center for Transportation                 ICT             60494
Illinois Clean Coal Institute                      ICCI            61704
Illinois Coalition                                 ILCOALI         60931
Illinois Community Technology Fund                 ICTF            61155
Illinois Cooperative Collection Manageme           CCMCC           62067
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Au           ILCJIA          62246
Illinois Department of Children and Fami           ILDCFS          62248
Illinois Department of Commerce and Comm           ILDCCA          62247
Illinois Department of Commerce and Econ           ILDCEO          60118
Illinois Department of Energy and Natura           ILDENR          62249
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Fa           ILDPA           62218
Illinois Department of Human Services              ILDHS           62245
Illinois Department of Mental Health and           ILDMH           62250
Illinois Department of Natural Resources           IDNR            60504

November 7, 2008                                   Page 29 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Illinois Department of Public Health               ILDPH           62219
Illinois Department of Transportation              IDOT            62244
Illinois Emergency Management Agency               IEMA            62769
Illinois Equal Justice Foundation                  IEJF            60727
Illinois Humanities Council                        ILHC            53170
Illinois Institute of Technology                   IIT             62251
Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission               IJJC            62252
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and St           ILETSB          60674
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy           IMSA            62457
Illinois Motor Theft Prevention Council            IMTPC           62233
Illinois Office of Mental Health                   ILOMH           60623
Illinois Resource Center                           IRC2            62227
Illinois Society for the Prevention of B           ILSPB           62214
Illinois State Board of Education                  ILED            62220
Illinois State Library                             ILSL            62213
Illinois State Police                              ILSPOL          62215
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority              ILSTHA          62217
Illinois State University                          ILSU            60786
Illinois Transportation Research Center            ITRC            62191
Illinois Universities Transportation Res           IUTRC           62192
Illinois Violence Prevention Authority             IVPA            61085
Illinois-Missouri Biotechnology Alliance           IMBA            62237
ILOG S.A.                                          ILOGSA          62216
Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation           IMAGO           60493
IMAPS Sidney J. Stein Educational Founda           ISJSEF          60214
ImClone Systems Incorporated                       IMCLONE         62704
Immtech International, Inc.                        IMMTECH         62236
Immune Tolerance Network                           ITN             60121
Immunex Corporation                                IMMUNCO         62212
IMMUNICON Corporation                              IMMUNIC         60906
Immunobiology Research Institute                   IRI             62200
Immunomedics, Inc.                                 IMMUNOM         61044
ImmunoTherapy Corporation                          IMMUNOT         62208
Impact Communications, Inc.                        IMPACT          60260
Imperial College of Science, Technology            IMPERIA         62222
Implant Sciences Corporation                       IMPLANT         62231
IMPRA, Inc.                                        IMPRA           62232
Impulse Dynamics (USA) Inc.                        IMPDYNU         62392
Impulse Dynamics N.V.                              IMPDYNN         62391
IMTIX-Pasteur Merieux Connaught Transpla           IMTXPMC         62234
INC Research                                       INCRESE         60685
INCOGEN, Inc.                                      INCOGEN         62284
Incorporated Research Institutions for S           IRISEIS         62194
Incyte Corporation                                 INCYTE          60295
Indevus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      INDEVUS         62932
Indiana Protein Technologies, Inc.                 IPT             60265
Indiana State Police                               ISP             62224
Indiana University                                 INDU            50726
Indiana University Purdue University Ind           IUPUI           60425
Industrial Macromolecular Crystallograph           IMCA            60288
Industrial Technology Research Institute           ITRI            61065

November 7, 2008                                   Page 30 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Industrial-Masonite                                INDMASO         62204
Inex Pharmaceuticals Corporation                   INEXPHA         60896
Infectious Diseases Society of America             IDSA            50238
Influmedix Inc.                                    INFLUME         62740
Infrastructure Technology Institute                ITI             62190
Ingalls Health System                              IHS             61058
Ingalls Hospital                                   INGHOSP         61059
inGenium Research, Inc.                            INGENIU         62387
Ingenix Inc.                                       INGENIX         62615
Ingenix Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.              INGENPS         60818
Ingersoll International, Inc.                      INGERSO         60236
InHealth: The Institute for Health Techn           INHEALT         62825
Inkine Pharmaceutical Co.                          INKINE          62205
Inner Vision Imaging, LLC                          INNERVI         60166
INNERCOOL Therapies, Inc.                          INNERCO         60848
InnoSense LLC                                      INNOSEN         62547
Innovex Inc.                                       INNOVEX         62206
Innovision A/S                                     INNOVIS         60439
INO Therapeutics LLC                               INOTHER         62613
Insight Biomedical Imaging, Inc.                   INSIGHT         62202
Institut de Recherches Internationales S           IRIS            62225
Institute for Biological Research and De           IBRD            62240
Institute for Clinical Systems Integrati           ICSI            61708
Institute for Healthcare Improvement               IHI             52708
Institute for Medical Research, Inc.               IMR             60323
Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorder           IND             62417
Institute for the Study of Aging                   ISA             52513
Institute for the Study of Business Mark           ISBM            60541
Institute for the Study of Learning and            ISLE            62441
Institute for the Study of World Politic           ISWP            50247
Institute of Education Sciences                    IES2            07500
Institute of Museum and Library Services           IMLS            28100
Institute of Transportation Engineers              ITE             62189
Institute of Tribology and Coatings                ITC             62538
Institute of Turkish Studies                       ITS             50250
Integra LifeSciences Corporation                   INTEGRA         62828
Integrated Lightwave Devices                       ILD             61169
Integrated Therapeutics Group, Inc.                ITG             60696
Integrium, LLC                                     INTEGRI         60335
Intel Corporation                                  INTEL           62203
Intel Foundation                                   INTELFD         53137
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects            IARPA           62858
Intelligent Automation, Inc.                       IAI             60205
Inter-American Foundation                          IAF             22000
InterMune, Inc.                                    INTERMU         61023
International Anesthesia Research Societ           IARS            53013
International Antiviral Therapy Evaluati           IATEC           61073
International Association for the Study            IASP2           54903
International Business Machines Corporat           IBM             50487
International Glutamate Technical Commit           IGTC            60787
International Human Frontier Science Pro           IHFSP           62229

November 7, 2008                                   Page 31 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
International Lead Zinc Research Organiz           ILZRO           50475
International Life Sciences Institute              ILSI            50739
International Partnership for Microbicid           IPM             62606
International Reading Association                  READING         51249
International Research & Exchanges Board           IREX2           50256
International Research and Exchanges Boa           IREX            62228
International Society for Magnetic Reson           ISMRM           62856
International Society of Endovascular Sp           ISES            60670
Interstitial, Inc.                                 INTERST         62201
Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.                     ITI2            62464
IntraLuminal Therapeutics, Inc.                    INTRALU         60729
Inveresk Research International Ltd.               INVELTD         61307
Inveresk Research, Inc.                            INVERES         61308
Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc.                IMI             60492
Invitrogen Corporation                             INVITRO         53493
Iowa Department of Public Safety                   IADPS           60811
Iowa Department of Transportation                  IADOT           62242
Iowa State Patrol                                  IASP            60810
Iowa State University                              ISU             54928
Iowa State University, Ames Laboratory             ISUAL           62193
IPSEN Biotech                                      IPSENBI         62226
Ipsen SA                                           BEAUFIP         60643
Irving Harris Foundation                           IHARRIS         60951
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         ISISPHA         60890
Isoflux, Incorporated                              ISOFLUX         62223
Isotechnika Inc.                                   ISOTECH         62582
Ithaka Harbors, Inc.                               ITHAKAH         62473
IVAX Corporation                                   IVAX            60264
Ixion Biotechnology, Inc.                          IXION           60419
J. A. Jones Applied Reseach Co.                    JAJONES         62185
J. B. & M. K. Pritzker Family Foundation           JBMKPFF         62726
J. P. McCarthy Fund at the Community Fou           JPMFCFS         62439
J. Paul Getty Trust                                GETTY           50218
J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation                   JRMF            62631
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation                         JKCF            54212
Jacobs Institute of Women's Health                 JIWH            51050
Jaeb Center for Health Research                    JCHR            61101
James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust                JBPCT           60519
James S. McDonnell Foundation                      MCDONN          50786
Jane Addams Juvenile Court Foundation              JAJCF           61179
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV                           JANPHNV         61000
Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.                        JANPHAR         62186
Janssen Research Foundation                        JANSSEN         62187
Japan Society for the Promotion of Scien           JSPS            62545
Japanese American Service Committee of C           JASC            62639
Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry            JCCC2           62936
JCCC Foundation                                    JCCCF           62937
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (CO)             JCSA            61297
Jefferson Medical College                          JEFFMED         62183
JEHT Foundation                                    JEHTFDN         60709
Jerome Levy Economics Institute of Bard            JERLEVY         62209

November 7, 2008                                   Page 32 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Jesse Brown VA Medical Center                      JBVAMC          60274
Jewish Community Foundation                        JCF             61302
Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsbur           JHF             60267
JGC Corporation                                    JGC             62210
Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative           JCYOI           60177
Joan's Legacy: The Joan Scarangello Foun           JOANSLE         55210
John E. Fogarty International Center for           FIC             09471
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation             KNIGHT          51247
John Templeton Foundation                          TEMPLET         52504
Johnson & Johnson                                  JOHNSON         55229
Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Researc           JNJPRND         62409
Johnson County Community College                   JCCC            62188
Johnson Matthey plc                                MATTHEY         60178
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hea           JOCOMM          61794
Joint Oceanographic Institutions                   JOI             54591
JOMED Inc.                                         JOMED           60998
JOMED N.V.                                         JOMEDNV         60997
JONES Group, Inc.                                  JONESGR         60585
José Carreras International Leukaemia Fo           JCILF           53402
Josephine De Kármán Fellowship Trust               DEKARMA         54538
Joyce Foundation                                   JOYCEF          50266
Jubilant Organosys Ltd.                            JOLTD           62869
Julius N. Frankel Foundation                       FRANKEL         60190
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation In           JDF             50267
KaBOOM!                                            KABOOM          62533
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute               KFRI            61808
Kaiser Permanente                                  KAIPERM         54728
Kanisa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       KANISAP         60455
Kao Corporation                                    KAO             61815
Karmel Medical Acoustic Technologies Ltd           KARMED          60641
Katalyst LLC                                       KATALYS         60324
Kathryn Wasserman Davis                            KWDAVIS         62516
Kaydon Ring and Seal                               KAYDON          61814
Kendle International Inc.                          KENDLE          61810
Kennametal Inc.                                    KEMETAL         61809
Kenner Police Department (LA)                      KENNER          61811
Kenneth F. and Harle G. Montgomery Found           MONTGFD         61227
Kent State University                              KENT            51997
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet                    KTC             62742
Kerr Corporation                                   KERRCOR         62436
Kerr Manufacturing Company                         KERR            61813
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.                     KERYX           62580
Kinea Design, LLC                                  KINEA           62852
KineticSensor, Inc.                                KINETIC         60290
King & Spalding                                    KINGSPA         60748
King County Sheriff's Office (WA)                  KCSO            60175
King Pharmaceuticals Research and Develo           KPRD            60993
King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         KINGPHA         55502
Kingsley Pharmaceutical Incorporation              KINGSLE         62877
Kirby Public School District 140 (Tinley           KPSD            61801
Knoll AG                                           KNOLLAG         61806

November 7, 2008                                   Page 33 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Knoll Pharmaceutical Company                       KNOLL           61805
Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory                     KNOLLS          61807
Knowledge University                               KNOWUNI         61777
Koch Industries, Inc.                              KOCH            53791
Kohler Co.                                         KOHLER          61804
Kopin Corporation                                  KOPIN           61776
Korea Association of Small Business Inno           KASBIR          62939
Korea Electric Power Research Institute            KEPRI           61812
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materia           KIMM            62938
Korea Press Center                                 KPC             61800
Korea Research Foundation                          KRF             60191
Korth O'Neil Engineering, L.L.C.                   KOE             62787
Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                          KOSPHAR         60956
Kosan Biosciences Incorporated                     KOSAN           62749
KPMG Peat Marwick LLP                              PEATMAR         61365
Kraft Foods Inc.                                   KRAFT           61802
Krell Institute                                    KRELL           50975
Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.                        KHK             60699
Kyowa Pharmaceutical, Inc.                         KPI             60700
L. S .B. Leakey Foundation                         LEAKEY          61038
L. S. B. Leakey Foundation                         LEAKEYF         50279
L.D. Caulk                                         LDCAULK         61762
La Grange Memorial Hospital                        LAGRANG         61795
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company                    LAJOLLA         61797
La Rabida Children's Hospital and Resear           LARABID         61764
Laboratoire Central de la Lyonnaise des            LYONNSE         61769
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdin           LABCORP         62461
Lady Tata Memorial Trust                           TATA            52353
Lafarge Fondu International                        LFI             61786
Lafarge S.A.                                       LAFARGE         62690
Lafayette Police Department (CO)                   LAFAYPD         60338
Lake Bluff Police Department (IL)                  LBPD            61793
Lake County Major Crash Assistance Team            LCMCAT          60141
Lam Design Management, LLC                         LDM             62326
Lance Armstrong Foundation                         LAF             52574
Lane Labs-USA, Inc.                                LANELAB         61768
Lannan Foundation                                  LANNAN          50765
Larimer County Sheriff's Office (CO)               LCSO            60361
Laser Industries                                   LASER           61765
Laser Medical Corporation                          LMC             61753
Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation                  STRAUSS         61616
Law & Justice Commission                           LAWJUS          61766
Law Enforcement Instructional Group                LEIGI           61763
Law Enforcement Training Advisory Commit           LETAC           60109
Law School Admission Council, Inc.                 LSAC            52533
Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitab           RUBENST         60975
Lawyer's Trust Fund of Illinois                    LAWYER          61767
Layton BioScience, Inc.                            LAYTON          61792
LBS Technologies, Inc.                             LBS             60823
Leap Learning Systems                              LEAP            62442
Leap of Faith Technologies, Inc.                   LOFTECH         60500

November 7, 2008                                   Page 34 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
LEARN Foundation                                   LEARNFD         60839
Lemelson Foundation                                LEMELSO         61791
Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc.                   LOWENFD         60422
Les Turner Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis           LTF             61770
Leukemia Research Foundation                       LUKRF           52524
Li Creative Technologies, Inc.                     LCT             62669
Libra Foundation                                   LIBRAFD         62754
Library of Congress                                LOC             25000
Life and Health Insurance Medical Resear           LHIMRF          61787
Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team            LSCAT           62636
Life Sciences Research Foundation (Princ           LSRFDN          50284
Lifecore Biomedical                                LIFECOR         61789
LifeCycle Pharma A/S                               LCP             62849
Lifeline Foundation                                LIFELIN         51011
Lifespan                                           LIFESPA         60276
LifeSync Corporation                               LIFESYN         62712
LifeWatch, Inc.                                    LIFEWAT         62711
Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       LIGAND          61790
Lilly Endowment Inc.                               LILLYEN         52529
Lilly ICOS LLC                                     LILICOS         62425
Lilly Research Laboratories                        LILYF           61754
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy                   LILP            54613
Linde AG                                           LINDEAG         62611
Linde Gas                                          LINDEGA         62612
Lindi LLC                                          LINDI           62911
Lineberry Research Associates                      LRA             61241
Link Foundation                                    LINK            54563
Linvatec                                           LINVATE         61780
LipoMatrix Inc.                                    LIPOMAT         61781
Lisle Police Department                            LISLEPD         61783
Littelfuse, Inc.                                   LFUS            60868
Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly           LITTLEB         61030
Little Rapids Corporation                          LRC             61271
Litton Industries, Inc.                            LITTON          61785
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation                            FRY             62119
Lockheed Martin Corporation                        LOCKHEE         53785
Lockheed Martin Fairchild Systems                  LMFS            61750
Lockheed Martin Vought Systems                     LMVS            61751
Loma Linda University                              LLU             61752
Loma Linda University Medical Center               LLUMC           60840
Loma Linda Veterans Association for Rese           LLVARE          61252
Lone Peak Engineering, Inc.                        LONEPEA         61772
Long Manufacturing Ltd.                            LONG            61773
Loral Space Systems                                LORAL           61774
L'Oreal SA                                         LOREAL          60992
L'Oréal USA Products, Inc.                         LOREALU         54845
Los Alamos National Laboratory                     LANL            61779
Los Alamos National Security, LLC, Los A           LANSLAN         50772
Los Amigos Research and Education Instit           LAREI           60516
Los Angeles Highway Safety                         LAHS            61796
Los Angeles Police Department                      LAPD            60152

November 7, 2008                                   Page 35 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Los Gatos Research, Inc.                           LGR             62959
Louisiana Department of Public Safety              LADPS           61263
Louisiana Department of Transportation a           LADOTD          60775
Louisiana Highway Safety Commission                LHSC            61788
Louisiana State Police                             LASP            61264
Louisiana State Police Training Academy            LASPTA          61265
Louisiana State University                         LSU             54925
Loyola College of Maryland                         LOYOLAM         61775
Loyola University Chicago                          LOYOLA          54864
Lucent Technologies, Inc.                          LUCENT          61771
Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust                 MARKEY          61741
Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     LUITPOL         60019
Lumen Biomedical, Inc.                             LUMENBI         62501
Luna Innovations Incorporated                      LUNA            62806
Lupus Clinical Trials Consortium                   LCTC            60046
Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.                  LFA2            50286
Luxar Corporation                                  LUXAR           61740
Lymphoma Research Foundation of America,           LRFA            53206
Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation               LSCRF           62298
Lynntech, Inc.                                     LYNNTEC         60316
Lypro Biosciences, Inc.                            LYPRO           62778
LyTec LLC                                          LYTEC           60963
Mac Services, Inc.                                 MACSERV         61758
Maclean-Fogg Co.                                   MACLEAN         61756
MacroChem Corporation                              MACROCH         61757
Magee-Womens Health Corporation                    MWHC            62381
Magnolia Optical Technologies, Inc.                MAGNOLI         62421
Maine Criminal Justice Academy                     MECJA           61338
Maine Medical Center                               MMC2            62563
Maine Medical Center Research Institute            MMCRI           62564
MaineHealth                                        MAINEHE         62562
Malin Space Science Systems, Inc.                  MSSS            60625
Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc.                         MMI             61317
Management & Engineering Tech                      METECH          61330
Manpower Demonstration Research Corp.              MDRC            61344
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation            MRCHDM          50022
Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation               MMBF            61315
Marine Biological Laboratory                       MBLWH           50779
Marion County Sheriff's Office (OR)                MARCOSO         61231
Marion Merrell Dow, Inc.                           MMD             61316
Maritime Applied Physics Corporation               MAPC            62808
Marketing Analytics, Inc.                          MAI             62359
Marquette University                               MARQUET         54927
Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer            RIVKIN          60474
Marshall Field's and Company                       MFDH            61321
Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation                 MKASH           52601
Mary Kirkland Center for Lupus Research            MKCLRRH         62544
Maryland Department of Transportation              MDDOT           60594
Maryland Medical Research Institute                MMRI            61848
Maryland State Highway Administration              MDDOTSH         61343
Maryland State Police                              MDSP            61345

November 7, 2008                                   Page 36 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Maryland Transportation Authority                  MDTA            61346
Maryland Transportation Authority Police           MDTAP           61347
Massachusetts General Hospital                     MAGH            61760
Massachusetts Highway Department                   MAHD            61761
Massachusetts Institute of Technology              MASSIT          54684
Masterbrand Industries Incorporated                MII             61319
Materials and Electrochemical Research (           MERCORP         61328
Materials and Systems Research, Inc.               MSRI            62807
Materials Modification Inc.                        MATMOD          60245
Materials Research Group, Inc.                     MRG             60365
Materials Research Society                         MRS             55038
Materials Sciences Corporation                     MSC             61863
Maternal and Child Health Bureau                   MCHB            09454
Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.                  MPR             54594
Mathematica, Inc.                                  MATHEMA         60203
Matritech, Inc.                                    MATRITE         61755
Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc.                        MATRIXP         61724
Maurice T. Turner Jr. Institute of Polic           MTTJIPS         60231
Max Kade Foundation, Inc.                          MAXKADE         51033
Mayflower Communications Company, Inc.             MAYFLOW         62658
Mayo Clinic                                        MAYO            61725
Mayo Foundation                                    MAYOFDN         61726
MBI International                                  MBIINTL         61723
M-C Power Corporation                              MCPOWER         61744
McCune Charitable Foundation                       MCCUNE          53479
McDermott International, Inc.                      MCDERMT         61747
McDermott Technology, Inc.                         MCDTECH         61748
McDougal Littell                                   MCDOUGA         60233
McGaw YMCA                                         MCGAWY          61749
McGill University                                  MCGILL          51644
McHenry County Mental Health Board                 MCMHB           62904
McNeil Consumer Healthcare                         MCNCOHE         61742
MCR Research Inc.                                  MCR             60986
MCR Vision                                         MCRVISI         60964
MDS Inc.                                           MDSINC          60734
MDS Nordion                                        MDSNORD         62586
MDS Pharma Services                                MDSPS           60733
Meat & Livestock Australia Limited                 MLA             52290
MechAdept                                          MECHADE         62693
Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office (NC)           MCSO            61745
Medarex, Inc.                                      MEDAREX         61340
Medela AG                                          MEDELAA         62578
Medela, Inc.                                       MEDELA          62579
Medical & Technical Research Associates,           MTRA            61858
Medical College of Wisconsin                       MCW             61743
Medical Incorporated                               MEDICAL         61341
Medical Research Council of Canada                 MRC             61861
Medical Research Laboratories Internatio           MRLI            62429
Medical Technology Systems                         MEDTECH         60041
Medical University of South Carolina               MUSC            54892
Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation                 MEDICIS         60479

November 7, 2008                                   Page 37 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Medifacts International Inc.                       MEDIFAC         60228
MedImmune, Inc.                                    MEDIMMU         60602
Medisearch International Corp.                     MSICORP         62412
Medisearch International N.V.                      MSINV           62411
Meditrina Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    MEDITRI         62956
MedLogic Global Corporation                        MEDLOGI         61336
Medpace, Inc.                                      MEDPACE         62371
Medrad, Inc.                                       MEDRAD          61337
MedTrials, Inc.                                    MEDTRIA         60133
Medtronic AneuRx, Inc.                             MEDANEU         61339
Medtronic AVE, Inc.                                MEDTAVE         60749
Medtronic Sofamor Danek, Inc.                      MEDSOFA         53094
Medtronic Transneuronix, Inc.                      TRANSNE         60020
Medtronic Vascular                                 MEDVASC         60348
Medtronic, Inc.                                    MEDTRON         61333
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System                 MHHC            60008
Memorial Hermann Hospital                          MHH             60009
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center             MSKCC           54520
Merck & Co., Inc.                                  MERCKCO         61327
Merck & Co., Inc. and Banyu Pharmaceutic           MERKBAN         60232
Merck Institute for Science Education, I           MISE            60487
Merck KGaA                                         MERCKKG         60942
Merck Serono S.A.                                  MERCKSE         62525
Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratorie           MERCK           61334
Mercy Hospital                                     MERCY           61348
Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals                        MERRDOW         61361
Merz GmbH & Co. KGaA                               MERZ            62724
Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC                          MERZPHA         62725
Metanexus Institute                                METANEX         52945
MetaPhore Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    METAPHO         60624
Metcalf & Eddy                                     METCALF         60947
MetLife Foundation                                 METLIFE         61331
Metrica, Inc.                                      METRICA         61325
Metropolitan Airports Commission                   MSPMAC          60645
Metropolitan Family Services                       MFS             61888
Metropolitan Planning Council                      MPC             61866
Metropolitan Police Department of the Di           MPDC            60230
Metropolitan Washington Council of Gover           MWCOG           61841
MGI PHARMA, Inc.                                   MGIPHAR         61323
Miami Beach Police Department (FL)                 MIAMIPD         61324
Michael Reese Health Trust                         MRHT            53487
Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police           MACP            61245
Michigan Economic Development Corporatio           MEDC            60609
Michigan Molecular Institute                       MMI2            60820
Michigan State University                          MSU             54932
Micro Therapeutics, Inc.                           MTIX            60805
Microchip Biotechnologies, Inc.                    MBI2            60319
Microelectronics Advanced Research Corpo           MARCO           62839
Microlution, Inc.                                  MICROLU         62532
Micron Group                                       MICRONG         62437
Microsoft Corporation                              MICROSO         54672

November 7, 2008                                   Page 38 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Micrus Endovascular Corporation                    MICRUS          62969
Mid-Atlantic Biomedical Research Laborat           MABRL           61738
Middle East Technical University                   METU            61326
Middle River Aircraft Systems                      MRAS            60801
Middlebury College                                 MIDDLEB         53014
Middletown Township Police Department (N           MTPD            60808
Midwest Air Group, Inc.                            MEH             60461
Midwest Airlines, Inc.                             MIDWEST         60462
Midwest Bio-Laser Institute                        MDWBIOL         61727
Midwest Dairy Association, Inc.                    MDA3            62418
Midwest Eye-Banks and Transplantation Ce           MEBTC           60918
Midwest Regional University Transportati           MRUTC           60939
Midwest Research Institute                         MRI             61862
Midwest Research Institute, Battelle Mem           MRINREL         60999
Midwestern University                              MWU             61854
Milacron Inc.                                      MILACRO         61947
Milheim Foundation for Cancer Research             MILHEIM         50301
Milkhaus Laboratory, Inc.                          MILKHAU         60123
Millennium & ILEX Partners, L.P.                   MIL&ILE         61061
Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                   MLNM            60417
MILLENNIX, Inc. and etrials, Inc.                  MILLETR         61024
Milliken & Company                                 MILLIKE         62785
Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department              MILCSD          61320
Milwaukee County Sheriff's Training Acad           MCSTA           60247
Milwaukee Police Department                        MLWKPD          60746
Mind and Life Institute                            MLI             62688
Mind, Brain, Body and Health Initiative            MBBH            60870
Ministry for Science and Higher Educatio           MCES            60188
Ministry of International Trade and Indu           MITI            60665
Ministry of Science and Technology, Repu           MOST            60757
Ministry of the Interior of the Kingdom            SAUDIMI         60199
Minneapolis Community and Technical Coll           MCTC            61746
Minneapolis Police Department                      MNPLSPD         62262
Minnesota Department of Natural Resource           MNDNR           61240
Minnesota Department of Public Safety              MNDPS           61292
Minnesota Department of Transportation             MNDOT           61869
Minnesota State Colleges and Universitie           MNSCUS          60349
Minnesota State Patrol                             MNSP            61870
Missile Defense Agency                             MDA2            60960
Mississippi State University                       MSSTATE         55970
Missouri Department of Transportation              MODOT           61067
Missouri Foundation for Health                     MFH             55601
Missouri State Highway Patrol                      MOSP            61864
Mitchell Department of Public Safety (SD           MSDDPS          60281
Mitsubishi Pharma America, Inc.                    MITPHAM         60342
Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation                      MITSUPH         60341
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.                             MITSUIC         61872
Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience               MIZUTAN         51226
MMI Incorporated                                   MMIINC          61318
Mobil Oil Comapny                                  MOBIL           61329
Mobil Technology Company                           MOBILTC         61349

November 7, 2008                                   Page 39 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Mobile Team Training Unit 4                        MTU             60672
Moebs $ervices, Inc.                               MOEBS           60162
Molecular Biosystems, Inc.                         MBI             61722
Mondriaan Foundation                               MONDRIA         60936
Monitoring Force USA, Inc.                         MFUSA           60305
Monogram Biosciences, Inc.                         MGRM            60466
Montana Department of Justice                      MTDOJ           60375
Montana Department of Transportation               MTDOT           61856
Montana Highway Patrol                             MTHP            60390
Montana State University                           MSU2            54882
Montana University System                          MUS             62634
Montefiore Medical Center                          MONTEFI         61867
Montgomery Police Department (IL)                  MONTGPD         60285
Montgomery Watson Americas, Inc.                   MWAMERI         61313
Montgomery Watson, Inc.                            MW              61312
Moody’s Foundation                                 MOODYSF         62862
Moody's Corporation                                MOODYS          60495
Moody's Investors Service, Inc.                    MIS             60496
Moore Products Co.                                 MOOREPC         60892
Morehouse School of Medicine                       MSM             62466
Morgan State University                            MORGAN          61020
Morris Animal Foundation                           MAF             50305
Morris Innovative Research, Inc.                   MIR             62368
Morton Cure Paralysis Fund                         MCPF            62866
Motor Vehicle Accident Fund                        MVAF2           62319
Motorola Foundation                                MOTRLFD         50307
Motorola, Inc.                                     MTOROLA         61857
Mount Sinai School of Medicine                     MSSM            54035
MP Technologies, LLC                               MPTECH          60637
MRI Institute for Biomedical Research              MRIIBR          60704
MTEC Photoacoustics, Inc.                          MTEC            60114
mtm laboratories AG                                MTMAG           62964
mtm laboratories, Inc.                             MTMINC          62965
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation               MMRF2           54009
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation               MMRF            61847
Muro Pharmaceutical, Inc.                          MURO            61859
Muscular Dystrophy Association                     MDA             50027
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, I           MTF             62832
Museum of Science and Industry                     MUSEUM          60928
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation                       MGF             61322
Myelin Repair Foundation                           MRF             60352
Myocor, Inc.                                       MYOCOR          62352
Myogen, Inc.                                       MYOGEN          61035
Nabi                                               NABI            61855
NAMI Research Institute                            NAMIRI          61851
NAMM Foundation Research Division                  IFMR            60424
NanoDynamics, Inc.                                 NANODYN         62531
Nanofacture, Inc.                                  NANOFAC         60513
NanoIntegris, Inc.                                 NANOINT         62475
NanoLab, Inc.                                      NANOLAB         62555
NanoMateria, Inc.                                  NANOMAT         60747

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Nanosphere, Inc.                                   NANOSPI         62341
Nanotope, Inc.                                     NANOTOP         60470
Nanovation Technologies, Inc.                      NANOVAT         61852
NASA Ames Research Center                          NARC            61853
NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Cen           NMSFC           61451
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center                   NGSFC           61826
NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts               NIAC            60137
NASA John H. Glenn Research Center at Le           NLRC            61431
NASA Langley Research Center                       NLAN            61435
NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center                NASAJOH         61849
NASD Investor Education Foundation                 NASDIEF         55225
National Academy of Education                      NAE             50313
National Academy of Engineering                    NAE2            62637
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sci           NARASFD         62647
National Academy of Sciences                       NAS             50048
National Aeronautics and Space Administr           NASA            26000
National Alliance for Autism Research              NAAR            53839
National Alliance for Research on Schizo           NARSD           52531
National Ataxia Foundation                         NAF             50315
National Board of Medical Examiners                NBME            51291
National Brain Tumor Foundation                    NBTF            54128
National Bureau of Economic Research               NBER            60590
National Cancer Institute                          NCI             09472
National Center for Chronic Disease Prev           NCCDPHP         09436
National Center for Complementary and Al           NCCAM           09493
National Center for Education Statistics           NCES            61823
National Center for Infectious Diseases            NCID            09432
National Center for Research Resources             NCRR            09475
National Center on Minority Health and H           NCMHD           09495
National Center on Postsecondary Teachin           NCTLA           61842
National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and            NCHECR          61072
National Childhood Cancer Foundation               NCCF            61298
National Collegiate Athletic Association           NCAA            54299
National Comprehensive Cancer Network              NCCN            60598
National Cooperative Highway Research Pr           NCHRP           61844
National Council for Eurasian and East E           NCEEER          50319
National Council for Soviet and Eastern            NCSEER          61843
National Council of State Boards of Nurs           NCSBN           62678
National Council of Teachers of English            NCTE            50807
National Council of YMCAs of the USA               YMCA            60182
National Council on Crime and Delinquenc           NCCD            61845
National Defense University                        NDU             62353
National Down Syndrome Society                     NDSS            52871
National Educational Computing Associati           NECA            60974
National Endowment for the Arts                    NEA             28200
National Endowment for the Humanities              NEH             28300
National Energy Technology Laboratory              FETC            60063
National Eye Institute                             NEI             09476
National Film Preservation Foundation              NFPF            53953
National Fluid Power Association                   NFPA            61832
National Foundation for Infectious Disea           NFID            50809

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
National Foundation on the Arts and the            NFAH            61831
National Foundation to Support Cell Tran           NFCTR           62944
National Geographic Society                        NGS             50457
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency            NGA             06250
National Health and Medical Research Cou           NHMRC           51301
National Health Service                            NHS             55164
National Heart Foundation of Australia             NHFA            60303
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institut           NHLBI           09477
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory            NHMFL           60642
National Highway Traffic Safety Administ           NHTSA           15600
National Human Genome Research Institute           NHGRI           09473
National Imagery and Mapping Agency                NIMA            60416
National Institute of Allergy and Infect           NIAID           09480
National Institute of Arthritis and Musc           NIAMS           09481
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging           NIBIB           09494
National Institute of Child Health and H           NICHHD          09482
National Institute of Dental and Craniof           NIDR            09484
National Institute of Diabetes, Digestiv           NIDDK           09485
National Institute of Environmental Heal           NIEHS           09487
National Institute of General Medical Sc           NIGMS           09488
National Institute of Justice                      NIJ             12200
National Institute of Mental Health                NIMH            09489
National Institute of Neurological Disor           NINDS           09490
National Institute of Nursing Research             NINR            09474
National Institute of Standards and Tech           NIST            05400
National Institute of Statistical Scienc           NISS            61436
National Institute on Aging                        NIA             09478
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and            NIAAA           09479
National Institute on Deafness and Other           NIDCD           09483
National Institute on Disability and Reh           NIDRR           07100
National Institute on Drug Abuse                   NIDA            09486
National Institutes of Health                      NIH             09470
National Italian American Foundation               NIAF            53930
National Jewish Medical and Research Cen           NJMRC           61822
National Kidney Foundation                         KIDNEY          50465
National Kidney Foundation of Illinois             NKFIL           61434
National Library of Medicine                       NLM             09491
National Marrow Donor Program                      NMDP            62551
National Multiple Sclerosis Society                NMSS            50030
National Network of Libraries of Medicin           NNLM            60326
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis           NOAA            05500
National Organization for Hearing Resear           NOHR            53647
National Organization for Rare Disorders           NORD2           51272
National Osteoporosis Foundation                   NOF             52607
National Palliative Care Research Center           NPCRC           62477
National Park Service                              NPS             61416
National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.                NPFINC          52263
National Partnership for Advanced Comput           NPACI           61161
National Patient Advocate Foundation               NPAF            62280
National Patient Safety Foundation                 NPSF            52936
National Physical Science Consortium               NPSC            60558

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
National Railroad Passenger Corporation            NRPC            61418
National Reconnaissance Office                     NRO             61160
National Research Centre for Biotechnolo           GBF             60581
National Research Council                          NATLRES         50053
National Research Council, Strategic Hig           HIGHWAY         60788
National Rosacea Society                           NRS             55193
National Science Foundation                        NSF             31000
National Security Agency                           NSA             06700
National Sleep Foundation                          SLEEPFD         52609
National Space Biomedical Research Insti           NSBRI           61084
National Storage Industry Consortium               NSIC            61438
National Stroke Association                        NSA2            51096
National Transparent Optical Network Con           NTONC           60026
National Transportation Safety Board               NTSB            60291
National Transportation Safety Board Aca           NTSBA           60294
National Undersea Research Center (NURP)           NURC            61437
National Vitiligo Foundation                       NVF             60393
National Water Research Institute                  NWRI            60192
Naval Air Systems Command                          NAVAIR          60280
Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Techno           NAVEODT         62609
Naval Facilities Engineering Command               NAVFAC          61850
Naval Research Laboratory                          NRL             61417
NDCHealth Corporation                              NDCHEAL         60272
Near North Health Service Corporation              NNHS            61453
Nebraska Department of Health and Human            NDHHS           62314
Nebraska Department of Roads                       NDOR            60016
Nebraska Health and Human Services Syste           NHHSS           62313
Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center           NBLETC          60668
NEC Corporation                                    NEC             60824
NEC Foundation of America                          NECFOUN         61817
NEC Laboratories                                   NECLABS         60825
NeoPharm, Inc.                                     NEOPHAR         61834
NeoRx Corporation                                  NEORX           61835
Neotonus Inc.                                      NEOTONU         61836
Nerites Corporation                                NERITES         62303
Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l.                   NMS             62882
Nestlé S.A.                                        NESTLE          62428
Netherlands Competition Authority                  NMA             62569
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs            NMFA            60313
Neurex Corporation                                 NEUREX          61837
Neurim Pharmaceuticals (1991) Ltd.                 NEURIM          62561
Neurobiological Technologies, Inc.                 NTI             60270
Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.                       NEUROCR         60614
Neurocritical Care Society                         NCS             62655
Neurognostics, Inc                                 NEUROGN         62557
Neuronetics, Inc.                                  NEURONE         60322
Neuronyx, Inc.                                     NEURONY         62486
Neurosurgery Research and Education Foun           NREF            61890
Neutron Ltd. and Neutron ROW Ltd.                  NLNRL           62574
Nevada Department of Public Safety                 NVDPS           61136
Nevada Department of Transportation                NEVDOT          61838

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Nevada Highway Patrol                              NEVHP           61839
Nevada System of Higher Education                  NSHE            62342
New Energy and Industrial Technology Dev           NEDO2           51456
New England Conservatory of Music                  NECM            60977
New England Medical Center Hospitals, In           NEMC            61816
New England Research Institute, Inc.               NERI            61220
New Hampshire Police Standards and Train           NHPSTC          60418
New Jersey Department of Transportation            NJDOT           60799
New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic S           NJHTS           61821
New Jersey Institute of Technology                 NJIT            60542
New Jersey State Association of Chiefs o           NJSACOP         60223
New Jersey State Parole Board                      NJSPB           61022
New Mexico Department of Public Safety             NMEXDPS         61433
New Mexico State Highway and Transportat           NMSHTD          61452
New Prospect Foundation                            NEWPROS         60710
New York Academy of Medicine                       NYAM            52454
New York City Commission on Human Rights           NYCCHR          60043
New York State Department of Health                NYSDH           50833
New York State Division of Criminal Just           NYSDCJS         60790
New York State Spinal Cord Injury Resear           NYSCRIB         62619
New York University                                NYU             52961
Newark Police Department                           NEWARKP         61255
NewLink Genetics Corporation                       NEWLINK         62344
Newport Pharmaceuticals International              NEWPORT         61833
Nexell Therapeutics Inc.                           NEXELL          61828
NexMed, Inc.                                       NEXMED          60705
Nexstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      NEXSTAR         61829
NexTech Materials, Ltd.                            NEXTECH         60838
NextGen Aeronautics                                NEXTGEN         62499
Nextran                                            NEXTRAN         61830
Nicolet Biomedical                                 NICOLET         60751
NicOx S.A.                                         NICOX           62625
Nihon Kohden Corporation                           NKC             60782
Nippon Electric Glass                              NEG             61818
Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.                            NKAYAKU         60279
Nitrochem Corporation                              NITROCH         60708
NK Techno Service Co., Ltd.                        NKTS            60628
NKK Corporation                                    NKK             60667
NO LONGER USED                                     DRR             61994
NO LONGER USED                                     HBMC            62078
Nobel Biocare USA, Inc.                            NOBELBI         61448
Nobex Corporation                                  NOBEX           60669
Nordic Bioscience a/s                              NORDBIO         62768
Nordic Bioscience Holding a/s                      NBHOLD          62766
Nortel Government Solutions Inc.                   NORTELG         62686
Nortel Networks Corporation                        NORTEL          62685
North Atlantic Treaty Organization                 NATO            50342
North Carolina Agricultural and Technica           NCA&TSU         61824
North Carolina Department of Crime Contr           NCDCCPS         61088
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trai           NCSHPTA         61087
North Carolina State University                    NCSU            54889

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
North Central Texas Regional Police Acad           NCTRPA          60332
North Dakota Highway Patrol                        NDHP            60722
North East Multi-Regional Training, Inc.           NEMRT2          60577
North Las Vegas Police Department                  NLVPD           60122
North Shore University Hospital                    NSUH            61439
North Star Steel, Incorporated                     NORTHST         60962
Northeast Consortium for Engineering Edu           NCEE            61846
Northeast Multi-Regional Training Unit             NEMRT           60576
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College              NEWTC           60784
Northeastern Illinois Planning Commissio           NIPC            60128
Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Trai           NIPSTA          61244
Northeastern Illinois University                   NEIU            61825
Northeastern University                            NEU             53390
Northern California Institute for Resear           NCIRE           60889
Northern Illinois Training Advisory Boar           NILTAB          60107
Northern Illinois University                       NIU             55483
Northern Trust Corporation                         NTCORP          61440
Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Train           NVCJA           61409
Northrop Grumman Corporation                       NORTHR          61447
Northstar Neuroscience, Inc.                       NSNEURO         60149
Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.                    NWBIO           60990
Northwestern Alumni Association                    NAA             62537
Northwestern Healthcare                            NWHC            61405
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation,           NMFF            60145
Northwestern Memorial Foundation                   NMF             61449
Northwestern Memorial Hospital                     NMH             61450
Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group             NMPG            60420
Norzyme, Inc.                                      NORZYME         61012
NOVA Research Company                              NOVARCO         60229
Nova Research, Inc.                                NOVARES         61422
NovaCardia, Inc.                                   NOVACAR         60273
Novacea, Inc.                                      NOVACEA         62666
Novametrix Medical Systems Inc.                    NOVAMET         61421
Novartis Foundation for Gerontological R           NOVAFDN         61420
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation               NOVARTI         61423
Novo Nordisk A/S                                   NOVNORD         61419
Novo Nordisk Inc.                                  NNPI            61283
NovoCure Ltd.                                      NOVOCUR         62617
Novuspharma SpA                                    NOVUSPH         60850
NPS Allelix Corp.                                  NPSALLE         60580
NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc.                           NPSPHAR         60579
NSABP Foundation, Inc.                             NSABPFD         60415
NSK Ltd.                                           NSK             60134
Nuance Communications, Inc.                        NUANCE          62644
Nuclear Regulatory Commission                      NRC             32000
NuCrypt LLC                                        NUCRYPT         62598
NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Inc.                       NUCRYST         62349
NuNetix, Inc.                                      NUNETIX         62378
NuStats LLC                                        NUSTATS         62708
Nuvelo, Inc.                                       NUVELO          62608
Nycomed Imaging AS                                 NYCOIMA         61406

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Nycomed Inc.                                       NYCOMED         61407
Nyxis Neurotherapies, Inc.                         NYXIS           62522
Oak Park Police Department                         OPPD            61153
Oak Park Public Schools, District 97 (IL           OPPS97          61387
Oak Ridge Associated Universities                  ORAU            61412
Oakland Community College (MI)                     OCC             61402
Oakland County Police Chiefs Association           OCPCA           61404
OBEcure Ltd.                                       OBECURE         62614
ObjectVideo, Inc.                                  OBJECTV         62848
Obstetrix Medical Group, Inc.                      OBSTRIX         60297
Ocean County Engineering Department (NJ)           OCENGG          61092
Ocean County Police                                OCEANCO         61403
Octapharma AG                                      OCTAPHA         62498
Odontographic Society of Chicago Researc           OSCREF          61954
Odyssey Research Associates, Inc.                  ORA             61415
Office for Victims of Crime                        OVC             61375
Office of Community Oriented Policing Se           COPS            60743
Office of Fossil Energy                            DOEOFE          60057
Office of Higher Education Programs                OHEP            61425
Office of Justice Programs                         OJP             60430
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquen           OJJDP           12300
Office of Naval Research                           ONR             06610
Office of Naval Research International F           ONRIFO          60032
Office of Personnel Management                     OPM             33000
Office of Science Education                        OSE             60711
Office of Special Education and Rehabili           OSERS           61410
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Pl           PLANNIN         09500
Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of            ODUSDLA         61053
Office of the Director of National Intel           ODNI            62857
Office of the Regional Health Administra           ORHA5           61181
Office of the Secretary of Defense                 OSD             60885
Office of the Secretary of Health and Hu           HHSOS           61180
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense           USDAT&L         60884
Ohio Department of Public Safety                   ODPS            60143
Ohio Department of Transportation                  OHIODT          61427
Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OH)           OPOTA           61386
Ohio State Highway Patrol                          OSHP            61411
Ohio State University                              OHIO            61426
Ohio University                                    OHIOU           50979
Ohmeda Inc.                                        OHMEDA          61428
Ohmx Corporation                                   OHMX            62649
Oklahoma City Police Training Center               OKCPT           61392
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety               OKDPS           60556
Oklahoma Department of Transportation              OKDOT           61393
Oklahoma Highway Safety Office                     OHSO            60359
Oklahoma State University                          OKSTATE         60054
Olathe Police Department (KS)                      OLATHPD         60363
Old Dominion University Research Foundat           ODURF           60707
Olympic Medical Corp.                              OLYMED          60830
Omnicare Clinical Research                         OMNICCR         60846
Omnicare, Inc.                                     OMNICAR         60847

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
OmniGuide Communications Inc.                      OMNIGUI         60176
OmniPV                                             OMNIPV          62909
OMRON Corporation                                  OMRONCO         62415
Oncology Nursing Society Foundation                ONSF            51091
Oncology Specialists, S.C.                         ONCSPEC         62697
Oncor, Inc.                                        ONCOR           61389
Oncotech                                           ONCOTEC         61390
Oneida County (NY)                                 ONEIDAC         61391
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                       ONO             60583
Ontario Clinical Oncology Group                    OCOG            60215
Ontology Works, Inc.                               OWI             62931
ONY Inc.                                           ONY             61384
Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         ONYXPHA         62467
Ooyala Inc.                                        OOYALA          62723
Open Road Technologies, Inc.                       OPENRD          60235
Open Society Institute                             OSINY           53056
Ophidian Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     OPHIDIA         61385
Optiva Corporation                                 OPTIVA          61383
OptoNet, Inc.                                      OPTONET         60465
Orange County Water District (CA)                  OCWD            61429
OraSure Technologies, Inc.                         ORASURE         62329
Oregon Health & Science University                 OHSU            61002
Oregon State University (OR)                       ORSU            61380
OrganicID                                          ORGANIC         60269
Organogenesis Inc.                                 ORGANOG         61413
Organon, Incorporated                              ORGANON         61414
Orion Group                                        ORIONGR         60702
Orion Pharma                                       ORIONPH         60703
Orphan Therapeutics, LLC                           ORPHANT         60255
Orqis Medical Corporation                          ORQIS           62591
OrTec, Ltd. Co.                                    ORTECLT         60160
Ortho Biotech Clinical Affairs, LLC                OBCA            62354
Ortho Biotech Inc.                                 OBI             61430
Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation                   ORTHO           61394
OrthoLogic Corp.                                   OLGC            62777
Ortho-McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs,           OMJSA           62719
Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, Inc.                     OMN             60522
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.                  OMP             61388
Orthopaedic Research and Education Found           OREF            50349
Orthovita, Inc.                                    ORTHOVI         60353
ORVACS                                             ORVACS          61162
OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                          OSIP            60697
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.                          OSIRIS          61379
Osmic, Inc.                                        OSMIC           62334
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.                OTSUKA          61373
Otsuka Maryland Research Institute, Inc.           OMRI            60318
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                    OTSUKAJ         61374
Ottawa Health Research Institute                   OHRI            62542
Outrun the Sun, Inc.                               OUTRUN          60511
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund                       OCRF            55182
Ovation Research Group                             OVATION         60238

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Owens Corning                                      OWECORN         61376
Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation              OHF             52209
OXO Chemie Group                                   OXOCHGR         61378
OXO Chemie, Inc.                                   OXOCHEM         61377
Oxyfast Corporation                                OXYFAST         61037
Pacesetter, Inc.                                   PACESET         61371
Pacific Institute for Research and Evalu           PIRE            62861
Pacific Vascular Research Foundation               PVRF            60004
Packard BioScience Company                         PBC             61369
Packard Instrument Company                         PACKINS         61372
PacketVideo Corporation                            PACKETV         62674
Pallium India                                      PALLIUM         62784
Palmer Engineering                                 PALMER          60728
PAMI Coordinating Center                           PAMICC          62508
Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc.                       PANACOS         62571
Panama Canal Commission                            PACANAL         61401
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Inc.             PANCAN          62503
Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.                 PRX             62592
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc.                           PARPHAR         62593
Paragon Biomedical                                 PARAGON         61397
Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cor           PVASPR          61515
Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cor           PVASCRF         62440
Paramount Capital, Inc.                            PARACAP         61396
Parexel                                            PAREXEL         61398
Parke-Davis and Pfizer, Inc.                       PDPFIZE         61364
Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research                PARKEDA         61079
Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc.                          PB              62756
Partnership for Cures                              PFC             56030
Pasco County (FL)                                  PASCOCO         61228
PathoGenesis Corporation                           PATHOGE         61368
Patient-Centered Education and Research,           PCER            62567
Paul Mongerson                                     PMONGER         61008
PB Americas, Inc.                                  PBAMERI         62799
PB Consult Inc.                                    PBCONSU         62757
PDL BioPharma, Inc.                                PDL             61971
Pearson Education                                  PEARSED         62339
Pearson Knowledge Technologies                     PKT             62340
Pearson plc                                        PEARSON         62338
Pediatric AIDS Foundation                          PAF             51219
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society              PIDS            55331
Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.                      PDX             60296
Pella Corporation                                  PELLA           61367
Peninsula Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    PENINSU         62402
Pennsylvania Department of Transportatio           PADOT           61288
Pennsylvania State Police                          PASP            61395
Pennsylvania State Police Academy                  PSPA            61517
Pennsylvania State University                      PENNST          54933
Peoples Energy Corporation                         PECORP          61366
Perclose, Inc., Abbott Vascular Devices            PERCLOS         61040
PercuSurge, Inc.                                   PERCUSU         61381
Per-Se Technologies, Inc.                          PERSE           62570

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Perspectives Charter School                        PCS2            60517
Peter Norton Family Foundation                     PNFF            62648
Pfizer Global Research and Development             PGRD            61078
Pfizer Hospital Products Group                     PHPG            61356
Pfizer Inc.                                        PFIZER          50482
Pfizer, Inc. and The AGS Foundation for            PFAGSFD         60129
Pharma Research Corporation                        PHARMA          61358
Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc.           PPD             61559
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer           PHRMAFD         50451
Pharmaceutical Research Associates                 PRA             61556
Pharmaceutical Resource Corporation                PRC             61553
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company and Aventis P           PHUP+AP         60944
Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.                           PHARUPJ         61353
Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc. and Bristol-Mye           PHARBMS         62260
Pharmacia Corporation                              PHA             60901
Pharmaco Investments, Inc.                         PHARINV         62363
Pharmacyclics, Inc.                                PCYC            60693
PharmaLinkFHI, Inc.                                PHLNKFH         62541
PharmaNet, Inc.                                    PHARMAN         61359
PharmaSonics, Incorporated                         PHARSON         60905
Pharmasset, Inc.                                   PHARMAS         60300
Pharmasset, Ltd.                                   PHARLTD         60299
Pharmatech, Inc.                                   PHARMAT         60339
Pharmedic Company                                  PHARMED         61360
Pharm-Olam International Ltd.                      POI             62933
PhDx Systems, Inc.                                 PHDX            60261
Phenome Technologies, Inc.                         PHENOME         62347
Phi Beta Psi Sorority                              PHIBETA         61154
Philadelphia Police Department                     PHILAPD         61354
Philip Morris Incorporated                         PHILMOR         50306
Phoenix Pharmacologics, Inc.                       PHOENPH         60546
Phonak, Inc.                                       PHONAK          61355
PhotoThera Inc.                                    PHOTOTH         62465
Physical Sciences Inc.                             PSI             61516
Physicians Against Land Mines (PALM)               PALM            61399
Picatinny Center for Contracting and Com           PICATIN         60447
Picolight, Inc.                                    PICOLIG         61357
Pierce County Sheriff's Office (WA)                PCWASO          61363
Pillars                                            PILLARS         62945
Pima County Department of Transportation           PCAZDOT         60402
Pima County Sheriff's Department                   PIMAAZ          61350
Pine Family Foundation                             PINEFF          61352
Pinnacle Technology, Inc.                          PINNACL         60781
Piper Rudnick LLP                                  PIPERRU         60266
Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse                      PDG             60930
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center                   PSC             61548
PKD Foundation                                     PKRF            53163
Planar Systems, Inc.                               PLANAR          62445
Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation             PSEF            51053
Playing to Win for Life Foundation for A           P2W4LLT         60167
PLC Medical Systems, Inc.                          PLCMS           62753

November 7, 2008                                   Page 49 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
PLC Systems Inc.                                   PLCINC          62752
Plextronics, Inc.                                  PLEXTRO         60491
Pneuma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       PNEUMAP         62900
POINT Biomedical Corporation                       POINTBI         62733
PolaRx Inc.                                        POLARX          61370
Police Department of Irving (TX)                   IRVTXPD         62195
Police Management Advisors                         PMA2            60592
Policy Research Associates, Inc.                   PRAINC          62878
Policy Research Inc.                               PRI2            62879
Polk Bros. Foundation                              POLKBRS         53520
Polyera Corporation                                POLYERA         60443
Polytechnic University                             POLYTEC         60718
Port Authority of New York and New Jerse           PANYNJ          61051
Port Authority Police                              PANYNJP         61052
Port of Singapore Authority                        PSA             61547
Porter County Sheriff's Department (IN)            PCSD            61877
Portland Cement Association                        PORT            61558
Portland State University                          PSU             60872
Powdermet, Inc.                                    POWDERM         61025
POZEN Inc.                                         POZEN           62865
PPD Development                                    PPDPI           60861
PPG Industries                                     PPG             61560
Pranalytica, Inc.                                  PRANALY         60049
Pratt & Whitney                                    PRAWHIT         61557
Praxair, Inc.                                      PRAXINC         61552
Precision Biomarker Resources, Inc.                PBR             62812
Precision Research, Inc.                           PRI             61152
Preeclampsia Foundation                            PREECLA         62718
Presscott Associates, Ltd.                         PRESSCO         62837
Prevent Blindness America                          PBA             54405
Prevent Cancer Foundation                          CRF             51977
Prince Charitable Trusts                           PCT             55058
Princess Grace Foundation - USA                    PGFUSA          50368
Princeton University                               PRINCET         52092
PRIZM Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                        PRIZM           61555
Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    PROGENI         60147
Progeria Research Foundation, Inc.                 PRF3            60331
Program for Appropriate Technology in He           PATH            62928
Program for Cultural Cooperation                   PCC             62864
ProImmune International Limited                    PROIMMU         61550
Prolerized Schiabo Neu Co.                         PROLERI         61551
Prolexys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     PROLEXY         60307
Prolifix Medical, Incorporated                     PROLIFI         60600
Prologue Research International, Inc.              PROLOGU         61248
Prometheus Laboratories Inc.                       PROMLAB         62460
Promius Pharma, LLC                                PROMIUS         62963
Promotion Marketing Association, Inc.              PROMARK         61545
Pro-Neuron                                         PRONEUR         61546
Propane Education & Research Council               PERC            60621
ProSorp BioTech, Inc.                              PROSORP         62803
Prostate Cancer Foundation                         PCF             52541

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Protarga, Inc.                                     PROTARG         60545
Proteolix, Inc.                                    PROTEOL         62759
Proteome Systems Limited                           PROTEOM         62650
Protonex Technology Corporation                    PROTONE         62529
ProTrials Research, Inc.                           PROTRIA         60547
Providence Health Care and The Universit           PHCUBC          61050
Proxima Therapeutics, Inc.                         PROXIMA         60287
PSI International, Inc.                            PSIINT          62646
Psychometrix Associates, Inc.                      PSYCHOM         61527
PTV AG                                             PTVAG           62707
Public Allies, Inc.                                PUBLICA         60444
Public Authority for Assessment of Compe           PAACKIS         62568
Public Interest Projects, Inc.                     PIP             62717
Public Policy Institute of California              PPIC            61526
Public School District 29 (IL)                     PSD29           61549
Public Welfare Foundation                          PUBWLF          50883
Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation                      PULFIB          53855
Purdue Pharma L.P.                                 PURDUEP         54904
Purdue Research Foundation                         PRF2            60871
Purdue University                                  PRDU            55940
QLT Inc.                                           QLTINC          62653
QLT USA, Inc.                                      QLTUSA          62654
Q-Med AB                                           QMED            60822
Quark Biotech, Inc.                                QUARKBI         60510
Quasars, Inc.                                      QUASARS         62813
Quest Products, Inc.                               QUESTPR         60440
QuesTek Innovations LLC                            QUESTEK         61537
Quintiles, Inc.                                    QUINTLE         61538
R&D Laboratories, Inc.                             R&DLABS         60800
Radcliffe College                                  RADCOLL         61539
Radiation Science, Inc.                            RSI             61511
Radio Flyer Inc.                                   RADIOFL         62850
Ramsey County Sheriff's Department (MN)            RCSDMN          61532
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitatio           LRANRC          60515
RAND Corporation                                   RAND            61540
Raytheon Company                                   RAYTHEO         61150
RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation                       RBCDRF          60136
ReAble Therapuetics, Inc.                          REABLE          62762
Regenerex LLC                                      REGENER         62859
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    REGENRN         61533
RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.                  REGENRX         62629
Regenstrief Institute, Inc.                        REGENST         62920
Regional Plan Association                          RPA             61512
Regional Transportation Authority                  RTACH           61508
Regis University                                   REGISU          61534
REGISTRAT, Inc.                                    REGISTR         61021
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago                RIC             61501
Rehabilitation Institute Research Corpor           RIRC            61523
Rehabilitation Services Administration             RSA             61482
REHAU AG+Co                                        REHAU           61535
Relations Foundation                               RELAFDN         61531

November 7, 2008                                   Page 51 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
REMOVE -- TEST SPONSOR                             REMOVE --       REMOVE
Renaissance Learning, Inc.                         RENLEAR         61018
Renal Care Group, Inc.                             RCG             60227
Reno Police Department (NV)                        RENOPD          60007
Renovis                                            RENOVIS         61056
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                   RPI             55941
Reproductive Toxicology Center                     RTC             61509
Research and Special Programs Administra           RSPA            15800
Research Corporation                               RESCOR          50372
Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene,            RFMH            60311
Research In Motion Limited                         RIM             62887
Research to Prevent Blindness                      RPBLIND         61513
Research Triangle Institute                        RTI2            60411
ResMed Corp.                                       RESMEDC         62328
Resource Optimization of Slope and Basin           ROSBRC          61503
Respiratory Health Association of Metrop           RHAMC           62773
Respiratory Research Institute, LLC                RESPRES         61528
Response Biomedical Corporation                    RBC             62815
Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation, Inc.            RLSFND          61524
Resurrection Health Care                           RHC             62476
Rett Syndrome Research Foundation                  RSRF            52512
Rex Medical, L.P.                                  REXMEDI         62472
Rexam Release                                      REXAMRE         61529
Rheologics, Inc.                                   RHEOLOG         60937
Rheumatology Research International (RRI           RHEUMAT         61500
Rhode Island Department of Transportatio           RIDOT           61946
Rhode Island Hospital                              RIH             60277
Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy              RIMPA           61502
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer                                RPRCR           61514
Rhone-Poulenc S.A.                                 RPSA            61235
Rice University                                    RICE            55433
Richard Florsheim Art Fund                         RFAF            60826
Richard H. Driehaus Foundation                     DRIEHAU         61992
Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center             ROUDEBU         60180
Rigaku Corporation                                 RIGAKU          62333
Rio Rancho (NM) Department of Public Saf           RIORDPS         61525
Rita Allen Foundation                              RALLENF         60244
RITA Medical Systems, Inc.                         RITAMED         60849
RJG Foundation                                     RJGFDN          62908
RMC Research Foundation and the Strategi           RMCFSDC         62689
Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleb           KLEBERG         50272
Robert Lehman Foundation Inc.                      LEHMANF         62910
Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation             RMTRIB          53118
Robert Reilly & Associates                         REILLY          61530
Roche Bioscience                                   ROCHEBI         61520
Roche Group                                        ROCHEG          60535
Roche Laboratories Inc.                            ROCHELA         60537
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.                      ROCHE           60536
Roche Organ Transplantation Research Fou           ROTRF           54964
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc.                    RBF             50382
Rockford Police Deparment (IL)                     ROCKFPD         60029

November 7, 2008                                   Page 52 of 73
                                       NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                           Short Name      Customer ID
Rockford Powertrain, Inc.                      ROCKPOW         61521
Rockwell                                       ROCKWL          61522
Roger Williams Medical Center                  RWMC            62950
Ronald McDonald House Charities                RMHC            61075
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine       RFUMS           60275
Rosenstein Research Ltd.                       ROSENST         61519
Rosztoczy Foundation                           ROSZTOC         62748
Rowak AG                                       ROWAK           61483
Roxane Laboratories, Inc.                      ROXANE          61015
Royal College of Physicians of London          RCPL            52344
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia                  SAUDIEM         60212
RSNA Research and Education Foundation         RSNAREF         60763
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Cen       RUSH            61510
Russell Sage Foundation                        SAGEF           50388
Rutgers University, the State University       RUTGERS         55142
S and C Electric Company                       S&C             61505
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.                      SCJOHNS         61458
Sabre Holdings Corporation                     SABREHC         62781
Sabre Inc.                                     Sabre           62782
Sage Products Inc.                             SAGEPRO         61468
SAIC-Frederick, Inc.                           SAICFRE         60222
Saint Louis University                         SLU             51258
Saint Paul Police Department                   STPMNPD         61638
Salem Police Department (OR)                   SALEMPD         60965
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    SALIXPH         60550
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.                    SALIXLT         60549
Salt Lake City Police Department               SLCPD           61253
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office              SLCSO           61461
Samsung                                        SAMSUNG         61467
Samsung Corporation                            SAMCORP         61504
Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust                SFCT            61284
Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation       WAXMAN          61006
San Diego State University Foundation          SDSUFDN         60841
Sandia Corporation                             SANCORP         61493
Sandia Corporation, Sandia National Labo       SANDNL          61495
Sandler Family Supporting Foundation           SFSF            60561
Sandoz Ltd. (Switzerland)                      SANDLTD         61494
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation (USA)       SANDPHA         60762
Sandoz Research Institute                      SANDOZ          61496
Sandra L. Babcock                              BABCOCK         60979
Sangstat Corporation                           SANGSTA         61497
Sankyo Co., Ltd.                               SANKYO          61281
Sankyo Pharma Inc.                             SANKYOP         61282
Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                   SANOFIP         61499
Sanofi Winthrop, Inc.                          SANOFI          61498
sanofi-aventis                                 SANOAVE         62594
sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC                        SANAVUS         53737
Sanofi-Synthelabo                              SANSYNT         60949
Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc.                         SANSYNI         60950
Santa Ana Police Department                    SAPD            61276
Santec Systems Inc.                            SANTECS         61490

November 7, 2008                               Page 53 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
SANUWAVE, Inc.                                     SANUWAV         62838
Saphikon, Inc.                                     SAPHIKN         61491
Sara Lee Foundation                                SARALEE         53603
Sarnoff Corporation                                SARNOFF         60301
Satellite Healthcare, Inc.                         SATHECA         60543
Satellite Research                                 SATRESE         60544
Saudi Arabian Oil Company                          SARAMCO         61492
Savient Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      SAVIENT         60146
SC Johnson Wax Fund, Inc.                          SCJWAXF         61479
SCEEE Services Corporation                         SCEEESC         61175
Schering AG                                        SCHERIN         61487
Schering-Plough Corporation                        SCHERNG         60945
Schering-Plough Research Institute                 SPRI            60683
Schindler Holding AG                               SCHINDL         61488
Schlumberger Foundation                            SCHLUMF         62805
Schneider (USA) Inc.                               SCHNEID         61478
Schwarz BioSciences Inc.                           SCHWBIO         62274
Schwarz Pharma AG                                  SCHWPAG         62273
Sci-Comp scientific computing                      SCICOMP         62595
Science Applications International Corpo           SAIC            61469
ScienCentral, Inc.                                 SCICENT         62264
Scientific Forming Technologies Corporat           SFTC            62868
Scios Inc.                                         SCIOSIN         61456
Sciperio Inc.                                      SCIPERI         62641
SCIREX Corporation                                 SCIREX          61457
Scleroderma Federation                             SCLEFED         61480
Scleroderma Foundation                             SCLEFDN         50983
Scleroderma Research Foundation                    SRF             62929
Scoliosis Research Society                         SRS             56190
Scotch Plains Police Department (NJ)               SPPD            60691
Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation                SCOTRIT         61476
Scripps Clinic                                     SCRIPPS         61261
Seagate Technology LLC                             SEAGATE         52688
Searle and Company                                 SEARLE          60902
Searle Freedom Trust                               SFT             62751
Seattle Genetics, Inc.                             SGEN            60278
Sechrist Industries, Inc.                          SECHRIS         61471
Selective Genetics, Inc.                           SELGENE         61470
SemanticBits, LLC                                  SEMANTI         62484
Semiconductor Research Corporation                 SRC             50896
SenDx Medical, Inc.                                SENDX           61472
Sentara Health Systems                             SENTARA         61473
Seoul National University                          SNU             62706
Sepracor Inc.                                      SEPRACO         61279
Sermatech International Inc.                       SERMATE         61444
Serono International S.A.                          SERONOI         61137
Serono Laboratories, Inc.                          SERON           60842
Serono, Inc. and Pfizer, Inc.                      SERPFIZ         62396
Sesame Workshop                                    SESAMEW         60224
SFBC International, Inc.                           SFBCINT         61893
SFBC New Drug Services, Inc.                       SFBCNDS         61894

November 7, 2008                                   Page 54 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
SFPE Educational and Scientific Foundati           SFPEESF         61443
SGS SA                                             SGS             62410
SGX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                          SGX             60450
ShangHai DeHaoTang Biotechnology Co., Lt           SDBCO           60216
Shasta Constructors, Inc.                          SHASTA          61466
Sheet Dynamics, Ltd.                               SDL             61103
Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation                SDRUBIN         53534
Sherwood Foundation                                SHERWFD         62897
Shimizu Corporation                                SHIMIZU         61442
Shire Pharmaceutical Development Inc.              SPDINC          62296
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc                    SHIREGR         60554
Shire-BioChem Pharma Inc.                          SHIREBI         60555
Shure Incorporated                                 SHURE           60499
Sictra Ibérica, S.L.                               SICTRA          60317
Siemens Corporation                                SIECORP         60959
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.                  SE&AINC         60893
Siemens Medical Solutions                          SMED            60958
Siemens, AG                                        SIEMENS         61464
Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inc.                       SKF             61445
Sigma Xi                                           SIGMAX2         50399
Sigma-Tau HealthSciences, Inc.                     STHS            60626
Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    SIGMATA         61465
Sigma-Tau Research, Inc.                           STRSRCH         60181
Sigma-Tau S.p.A.                                   STP             61626
Signal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       SIGNALP         61177
Silentech, Inc.                                    SILENTE         62346
Simulex, Inc.                                      SIMULEX         60442
Sinclair Pharma plc                                SPH             62434
SIR Foundation                                     SIRF            55457
Sisters of Mercy Health Services                   SOM             61633
Sisters of Providence                              SISPROV         61462
SixtySeven Kilohertz, Inc.                         67KHZ           60815
SkyePharma Inc.                                    SKYEPHA         60900
SkyePharma PLC                                     SKYEPLC         60899
Sleep Medicine Education and Research Fo           SMERF           60883
SloWave, Inc.                                      SLOWAVE         61967
SME Education Foundation                           SMEEF           61635
Smith & Nephew plc                                 SMITHNE         62810
Smith & Nephew, Inc.                               SMITHNI         62811
Smith Richardson Foundation                        SMITHRF         56036
SmithKlein and French Laboratories                 SK&F            61636
SmithKlein Beecham PLC                             SKBPLC          61637
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals                 SKB             52147
Smiths Group plc                                   SMITHSG         60991
Smiths Medical MD, Inc.                            SMITHMD         60045
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory              SAO             60636
Smithsonian Institution                            SMITHSO         38000
Smokeless Tobacco Research Council, Inc.           STRC            50404
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.                  SSSINC          61621
Social Science Research Council                    SSRC            50488
Social Sciences and Humanities Research            SSHRCC          51448

November 7, 2008                                   Page 55 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Social Security Administration                     SSA             09700
Societe de Conseils, de Recherches et d'           SCRAS           61475
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine            SAEM            52886
Society for Cardiovascular Angiography a           SCAI            52475
Society for Neuroscience                           SFN             52887
Society for Pediatric Dermatology                  SPD             53411
Society for Progressive Supranuclear Pal           CUREPSP         54114
Society for Vascular Surgery                       SVS             60506
Society of Actuaries                               SOA             52888
Society of Family Planning                         SFP             62526
Society of Hospital Medicine                       SHM             55595
Society of Toxicology                              STOXIC          51068
Society of Women in Urology                        SWIU            62783
Solid State Scientific Corporation                 SSSC            61620
Soluble Systems, LLC                               SOLUBLE         62576
Solutia Inc.                                       SOLUTIA         61630
Solvay America, Inc.                               SOLVAAM         61631
Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       SOLVPHA         52489
Solvay S.A.                                        SOLVASA         61632
Somerset County Prosecutor's Office (NJ)           SCPO            60692
Sonexa Therapeutics, Inc.                          SONEXA          62789
SONUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                        SONUS           61634
Sopherion Therapeutics, Inc.                       SOPHERI         62292
South Carolina Department of Transportat           SCDOT           61459
South Carolina Energy Research and Devel           SCERDC          61485
South Carolina Institute for Energy Stud           SCIES           60367
South Carolina Research Authority                  SCRA            61474
South Dakota Bureau of Personnel                   SDBP            61214
South Dakota Department of Transportatio           SDDOT           61477
South Metro Public Safety Training Facil           SMPSTF          60308
Southern Illinois University                       SIU             61463
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Rese           SFBR            60282
Southwest National Primate Research Cent           SNPRC           60283
Southwest Oncology Group                           SWOG            61604
Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Co           SILEC           60105
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center C           SNWSCC          60907
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center S           SSCSD           61172
Space Telescope Science Institute                  STSI            54974
Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, Inc.                SPF             60330
Specialty Materials, Inc.                          SPECMAT         60028
Spectrum Pharmaceutical Research Corpora           SPECTRU         60933
SpeedFam International, Inc.                       SPEEDFA         61627
SpineVision S.A.                                   SPINEVS         62432
SpineVision, Inc.                                  SPINEVI         62433
Spire Corporation                                  SPIRE           61628
Springfield Police Department (IL)                 SPRFDPD         60362
Springfield Police Department (MO)                 SPRMOPD         61280
Springfield Public School District                 SPSD            61623
SPX Corporation                                    SPX             61624
SRA International, Inc.                            SRAINTL         62905
SRI International                                  SRI             55942

November 7, 2008                                   Page 56 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Srico, Inc.                                        SRICO           61213
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital              SJCRH           62266
St. Jude Medical Cardiac Rhythm Manageme           SJMCRMD         61309
St. Jude Medical, Inc.                             STJUDE2         60777
St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center               SLRHC           62383
Standen, Ltd.                                      STANDEN         62616
Stanford University                                STANU           53412
Stanley Medical Research Institute                 SMRI            54090
Star Mountain, Inc.                                STARMTN         61618
State Justice Institute                            SJI2            39000
State of Alabama                                   AL              61266
State of Alaska                                    AK              61028
State of Arizona                                   AZ              60794
State of Arkansas                                  AR              60396
State of California                                CA              60088
State of Colorado                                  CO              60433
State of Connecticut                               CT              62002
State of Connecticut Department of Trans           CTDOT           62005
State of Delaware                                  DE              60081
State of Florida                                   FL              60168
State of Hawaii                                    HI2             60208
State of Idaho                                     ID              61709
State of Illinois                                  IL              54792
State of Illinois Capital Development Bo           ILCDB           60601
State of Illinois, Office of the Secreta           ILSS            60908
State of Indiana                                   IN              60171
State of Iowa                                      IA              62241
State of Louisiana                                 LA              61799
State of Maryland                                  MD              61342
State of Minnesota                                 MN              61868
State of Missouri                                  MO              61871
State of Montana                                   MT              61860
State of Nebraska                                  NE              60017
State of Nevada                                    NV              61408
State of Nevada Commission on Peace Offi           NVCPOST         61262
State of New Hampshire                             NH              61827
State of New Jersey                                NJ              61820
State of New Jersey Department of Law an           NJLPS           60366
State of New Mexico                                NM              61432
State of New York                                  NY              60758
State of North Carolina                            NC              61089
State of North Dakota                              ND              60172
State of Ohio                                      OH              61424
State of Oklahoma                                  OK              60360
State of Rhode Island                              RI2             60169
State of South Carolina                            SC              60246
State of South Dakota                              SD              61215
State of Tennessee                                 TN              60631
State of Texas                                     TX              61968
State of Utah                                      UT              60170
State of Washington                                WA              61184

November 7, 2008                                   Page 57 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
State of West Virginia                             WV              60408
State of Wisconsin                                 WI              61684
State University of New York                       SUNY            50917
State University of New York at Buffalo            SUNYBUF         60632
State University of New York at Stony Br           SUNYSB          52192
Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation                     NIARCHO         62407
Steans Family Foundation                           STEANSF         60690
Stevens Institute of Technology                    STEVENS         60694
Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.                         STIEFEL         60263
Stone, Pogrund & Korey                             SPK             61048
Stoneridge, Inc.                                   STONERI         61951
Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.                    SHAI            62851
Stroud Water Research Center                       SWRC            60414
Structured Materials Industries, Inc.              SMI             60675
Stryker Corporation                                STRYKER         61617
Stuttering Foundation of America                   SFOA            61460
Stuttering Foundation of America                   STUTTER         61611
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Servic           SAMHSA          09800
Suburban Area Agency on Aging                      SUBAGE          61612
Success Lab, Inc.                                  SUCCESS         60568
Sugen, Inc.                                        SUGEN           61613
Summit Drug Development Services, LLC              SUMMITD         62487
Sun Academic Equipment                             SUN             61614
Sun Microsystems, Inc.                             SUNMICR         52773
Sun Prairie Police Department (WI)                 SUNPRAI         60070
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      SUNESIS         62958
Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sc           SWCHSC          62272
Sunol Molecular Corporation                        SUNOL           61615
Sunshine Heart, Inc.                               SHC             62735
SuperGen, Inc.                                     SUPERGE         60400
Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc.                      SBL             62668
Superior Graphite Company                          SUPGRAP         61608
SuperSonic Imagine                                 SUPERSO         62922
Supreme Court of Illinois                          SCOL            60135
Surdna Foundation                                  SURDNAF         51973
Surface Logix, Inc.                                SURFACE         60250
Surgical Sealants, Inc.                            SSI             60719
Susan Love MD Breast Cancer Foundation             LOVEFDN         60701
Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation                  STBF            62923
Sutter Community Hospitals of Sacramento           SUTTER          61610
SVT Associates, Inc.                               SVTA            61268
Swiss National Science Foundation                  SNF             52286
Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc.                    SYBRON          62435
Sydney A. Garfield Memorial Fund                   GMF             60027
Sylvia and Aaron Scheinfeld Foundation             SCHEINF         61486
Symantec Corporation                               SYMANTE         62546
Synchem Inc.                                       SYNCHEM         61605
Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.                        SYNTA           62416
Syntex (U.S.A.) Inc.                               SYNTXUS         61607
Syntex Research                                    SYNTEX          61606
Synthelabo Recherche                               SYNRECH         60403

November 7, 2008                                   Page 58 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Synthes (U.S.A.)                                   SYNTUSA         62661
Synthes Spine Company L.P.                         SYNSPIN         60159
Synthes, Inc.                                      SYNSTRA         60158
Syracuse University                                SYRACUS         55170
Syreon Corporation                                 SYREON          60968
Sysmex America, Inc.                               SYSMEXA         62584
Sysmex Corporation                                 SYSMEX          62583
System Engineering and Laboratories Corp           SEALCOR         60864
T & M Antennas, Inc.                               T&MANTE         61609
Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundatio           TTRF            61151
Taiho Pharma U.S.A., Inc.                          TAIPHUS         60200
Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                     TAIHO           61138
Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                    TAISHO          62366
Taisho Pharmaceutical R&D Inc.                     TAISHOP         62367
TAKE Solutions Ltd.                                TAKESOL         62505
Takeda Global Research and Development C           TGRD            62312
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited              TAKELTD         61166
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, In           TAKPHAR         61167
Tanita Corporation of America Inc.                 TANITAM         61602
Tanner Research, Inc.                              TANNER          62867
TAP Holdings Inc.                                  TAPHOLD         61603
TAP Pharmaceutical Products Inc.                   TAPPP           61066
Target Corporation                                 TARGET          62659
Target Research Associates, Inc.                   TRA             61583
Targeted Genetics Corporation                      TGEN            60476
TASC, Inc.                                         TASC            61601
TDA Research Inc.                                  TDA             61599
Tea Trade Health Research Association              TTHRA           61580
Techniclone Corporation                            TECLON          61600
Technion - Israel Institute of Technolog           TECHNIO         60723
Telcordia Technologies, Inc.                       TELCORD         61054
Teleflex Incorporated                              TELEFLE         61593
Tellabs Foundation                                 TELLAFD         55244
Temple University                                  TEMPLEU         54575
Tenet Healthcare Foundation                        THF             60610
Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Polic           TACP            60844
Tennessee Department of Safety                     TNDOS           61588
Tennessee Department of Transportation             TNDOT           60629
Tensys Medical, Inc.                               TENSYS          60262
Teraklin AG                                        TERAKAG         60855
Teraklin, Inc.                                     TERAKLI         60856
TERC, Inc.                                         TERC            60163
Tercica, Inc.                                      TERCICA         62496
Terra Foundation for American Art                  TERRAFD         62278
Terumo Corporation                                 TERUMOC         62330
Terumo Medical Corporation                         TMC2            62331
Teva Marion Partners                               TMP             60816
Teva Neuroscience, Inc.                            TEVANEU         62358
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.                TEVA            62357
Texas A&M Research Foundation                      TXAM            61573
Texas Biotechnology Corporation                    TXBC            61574

November 7, 2008                                   Page 59 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Texas Department of Public Safety                  TXDPS           61966
Texas Instruments Incorporated                     TI              62585
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Ce           TTUHSC          62540
Texas Tech University System                       TTUS            62793
Thales Group                                       THALES          62276
Thales Research & Technology                       TRT             62277
The Academic Medical Centre at the Unive           AMCUA           60680
The Aerospace Corporation                          AEROCOR         60910
The Aircast Foundation, Inc.                       AIRCAST         60877
The Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundatio           AEBFCLA         61226
The Alexander H. Steinkoler Foundation f           AHSFPCR         60351
The Allen Foundation Inc.                          ALLENFD         51967
The ALS Association                                ALSA            50014
The Ambrose Monell Foundation                      MONELLF         60567
The American Association of Obstetrician           AAOGF           50980
The American College of Obstetricians an           ACOG            50985
The American Dietetic Association Founda           ADAF            50981
The American Geriatrics Society                    AGS             52925
The American Laryngological, Rhinologica           ALROS           60682
The American Music Center                          AMC             50545
The American Physiological Society                 APS             51263
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visua           WARHOL          51193
The Annie E. Casey Foundation                      CASEY           51160
The Arnold P. Gold Foundation                      APGF            53832
The Art Institute of Chicago                       ARTIC           60259
The Association for Frontotemporal Demen           AFTD            62306
The Association for Research in Vision a           ARVO            61147
The Baxter International Foundation                BIF             55770
The Berlex Foundation                              BERLEXF         51248
The Bernard Osher Foundation                       OSHERFD         62369
The BioContinuum Group, Inc.                       BIOCONT         60407
The Black & Decker Corporation                     BL&DECK         61930
The Blue Gator Foundation, Inc.                    BLUEGAT         62662
The Boeing Company                                 BOEINGC         51143
The Braitmayer Foundation                          BRAITMA         52844
The Brookdale Foundation                           BROOKDF         61883
The Brookings Institution                          BROOKIN         52683
The Burnham Institute                              BURNHAM         61907
The Butler Family Fund                             BUTLERF         60972
The California Endowment                           CALENDO         52909
The Cambridge-MIT Institute                        CMI             62356
The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation           DRYFUS          50177
The Campbell Foundation                            CAMPFDN         52634
The Cardiac Society of Australia and New           CSANZ           52554
The Carnegie Hall Corporation                      CARNHAL         60127
The CART Fund                                      CARTFND         60503
The Catholic University of America                 CUA             62271
The Center for the Biology of Chronic Di           CBCD            60312
The Center on Crime, Communities & Cultu           CRIMCOM         60741
The Central Surgical Association Foundat           CSAF            62010
The Century Council                                CENTURY         60156

November 7, 2008                                   Page 60 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh           LINDFDN         50283
The Charles A. Dana Foundation, Inc.               DANAFDN         50167
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc           DRAPER          62454
The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation                MOTT            61865
The CHEST Foundation                               CHESFDN         62038
The Chicago Academy of Sciences                    CHIAS           62044
The Chicago Community Foundation                   CCFDN           62066
The Chicago Community Trust                        CCT             53100
The Children's Heart Foundation                    CHF             55723
The Children's Tumor Foundation, Inc.              CTF             55899
The Citizens Committee on the Juvenile C           CCJC            62065
The City and County of Denver                      DENVER          60938
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation                    CCFOUND         61178
The Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc.                     COCACOL         62023
The Coleman Foundation, Inc.                       COLEMAN         52637
The College Fund/UNCF                              UNCF            61225
The Commercial Club of Chicago                     COMCLCH         60783
The Commonwealth Fund                              COMFUN          50154
The Concord Consortium                             CONCORD         60813
The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology R           CPBR            60768
The Cooley's Anemia Foundation, Inc.               CAF             50158
The Cooper Institute                               COOPERI         61045
The Cooperative Institute for Coastal an           CICEET          55875
The Corporation for National and Communi           CNCS            03000
The Curtiss T. Brennan and Mary G. Brenn           BRENNAN         61908
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation            PACKARD         50351
The Deafness Research Foundation                   DEAF            50467
The Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund                   DZLF            62258
The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation                  DWRF            52544
The Dow Chemical Company                           DOW             61982
The Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation                  DRJAYFD         62480
The Dr. Robert C. Atkins Foundation                ATKINSF         62426
The EJLB Foundation                                EJLBFDN         51472
The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Foundation             EEBFDN          52926
The Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation                 CHENEYF         60475
The EMMES Corporation                              EMMES           60144
The Engelberg Foundation                           EF              61039
The Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Fu           KLINGFN         50273
The Eurasia Foundation                             EURASIA         52532
The Expedition Inspiration Fund for Brea           EIFBCR          60037
The Factor Foundation of America                   FACTORF         60187
The Foundation for Alzheimer's and Cultu           FACM            60446
The Francis Families Foundation                    FRANCIS         50203
The Geneva Foundation                              GENEVAF         62448
The George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard F           HOWARDF         50232
The George Washington University                   GWASH           62088
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation               DELMAS          50172
The Glaucoma Foundation                            TGF             52869
The Goldhirsh Foundation, Inc.                     GOLDHIR         55088
The Grant, MacArthur, and Packard Founda           GRMAPAF         60572
The Greenwall Foundation                           GREENWA         50224

November 7, 2008                                   Page 61 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
The Hamilton Foundation                            HAMILTO         62085
The Hardardt Group                                 HARDARD         62083
The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation              HFGUG           50226
The Heinz Endowments                               HEINZEN         51214
The Helen Hay Whitney Foundation                   WHITF           50438
The Henry A. Murray Research Center of R           HAMRCRC         62086
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation              KFF             50268
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.                    LUCE            50285
The Henry Moore Foundation                         HMOOREF         51707
The Holocaust Education Foundation                 HEF             61715
The Human Relations Foundation of Chicag           HRFC            61721
The Immune Response Corporation                    IMMRESP         62235
The Ingersoll Milling Machine Company              INGMILL         60237
The Innovative Pavement Research Foundat           IPRF            60412
The Institute for Genomic Research                 TIGR            54547
The Institute for Systems Biology                  ISB             61273
The Institute of Medicine of Chicago               IOMC            60835
The International Dyslexia Association             IDA             61701
The International Retinal Research Found           IRRF            60941
The Irvington Institute for Immunologica           IIIR            50257
The J. David Gladstone Institutes                  GLADSTO         62259
The J. M. Kaplan Fund                              KAPLAN          50758
The Jackson Laboratory                             JAXLAB          50749
The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for           CHILDS          50149
The Japan Foundation Center for Global P           CGP             56014
The John A. Hartford Foundation, Inc.              HRTFRD          50229
The John and Mary R. Markle Foundation,            MARKLF          60633
The John B. Pierce Laboratory                      JBPL            60256
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur F           MACARF          50287
The John Douglas French Alzheimer's Foun           JDFAF           54262
The John Merck Fund                                JMF             52921
The John P. Robarts Research Institute             RRI             61481
The Johns Hopkins University                       JOHNSH          50752
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Phy           JHUAPL          62211
The JONES Microbiology Institute                   JONESMI         60586
The Joseph Stokes, Jr. Research Institut           STOKES          60445
The Kara Foundation                                KARAFDN         60814
The Karen Brown Scleroderma Foundation             KBSFDN          62390
The Knight Foundation and Robert R. McCo           KFRRMF          61778
The Knights Templar Eye Foundation, Inc.           KTEF            60564
The Korea Foundation                               KOREAFD         51477
The La Jolla Institute for Allergy and I           LIAI            60886
The Lalor Foundation                               LALORF          50278
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                    LUKSOC          50025
The Liposome Company, Inc.                         LIPOSOM         61782
The Longevity Foundation                           LONGFDN         62301
The Lupus Research Institute, Inc.                 LRI             55389
The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic           LUSTGAR         55721
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation             BRADLEY         50589
The M. L. Annenberg Foundation                     ANNENBG         61915
The Macula Foundation, Inc.                        MACULA          61759

November 7, 2008                                   Page 62 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
The Macula Society                                 MACUSOC         61875
The Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital, Inc.            BASSETT         60306
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation,           MVDREFD         61840
The Mayday Fund                                    MAYDAY          51127
The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neurosci           MEFN            50292
The McKnight Foundation                            MCKNT           50293
The Medical Informatics Corporation                MEDINFO         61335
The Medicines Company                              MEDSCO          61332
The Melanoma Research Foundation                   MRF2            52236
The Merck Company Foundation                       MERCKFD         51684
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkin           MJFOXFD         53136
The Montel Williams MS Foundation                  MWMSF           60485
The Morgridge Family Foundation                    MORGRFD         60571
The Nathan Cummings Foundation                     NCF             50634
The National Academy of Recording Arts &           NARAS           50797
The National Air Transportation Associat           NATA            60867
The National Endowment for Plastic Surge           NEPS            60994
The National Marfan Foundation                     NMF2            53012
The National Pancreas Foundation                   NPF2            54209
The Network for Healthcare Management              NHM             61819
The Neuroradiology Education and Researc           NERF            55047
The Northern Trust Company                         NTRSTCO         61441
The Otho S. A. Sprague Memorial Institut           SPRAG           61629
The Parkinson Alliance                             PARKALL         60482
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation                 PDF             50355
The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in Br           PMCSBA          52232
The Pediatric Family Foundation, Inc.              PFF             60882
The Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company             PEOPGAS         61362
The Petroleum Research Fund                        PETROL          61382
The Pew Charitable Trusts                          PEWCT           50359
The Physicians Foundation for Health Sys           PFHSE           55399
The Picower Foundation                             PICOWER         60314
The Population Council                             TPC             50366
The Procter & Gamble Company                       P&G             50880
The Procter & Gamble Fund                          P&GFUND         61400
The Quaker Oats Company                            QUAKER          61536
The R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Researc           RWJPRI          61507
The Rathmann Family Foundation                     RATHMAN         61541
The Research Corporation of the Universi           UHAWAII         61566
The Retirement Research Foundation                 RRF             50376
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation                 RWJF            50262
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and t           RWJKCWF         61506
The Rockefeller Foundation                         ROKFEL          50384
The Rockefeller University                         ROCKU           54880
The Royal National Institute for Deaf Pe           RNID            52394
The Ruth K. Broad Biomedical Research Fo           RKBBRF          60488
The S.L.E. Foundation, Inc.                        SLEFDN          54891
The Samuel Rubin Foundation, Inc.                  SRUBINF         52876
The SBC Foundation                                 SBCFDN          50913
The Schield Family Foundation, Inc.                SCHIELD         60622
The Schweppe Foundation                            SCHWEP          61455

November 7, 2008                                   Page 63 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
The Scripps Research Institute                     TSRI            55042
The Searle Fund for Policy Research                SEARLEF         60560
The Searle Funds at The Chicago Communit           SFCCT           60507
The Self Family Foundation                         SELFFAM         53560
The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer            KIMMEL          52522
The Siragusa Foundation                            SIRAGUS         60853
The Skin Cancer Foundation                         SKINCAN         51959
The Smart Family Foundation Inc.                   SMARTFF         61246
The Society for Pediatric Urology                  SPU             60489
The Society for Surgery of the Alimentar           SSAT            61650
The Society for the Arts in Healthcare             SAH             55637
The Society of Surgical Oncology, Inc.             SSO             61619
The Society of University Surgeons                 SUS             54994
The Sontag Foundation                              SONTAGF         54392
The Spencer Foundation                             SPNCRF          50411
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundat           KOMEN           51220
The Teagle Foundation                              TEAGLEF         50416
The Theodore and Vada Stanley Foundation           STANLEY         61622
The Thomson Corporation                            THOMCOR         60678
The Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Rese           TSF             61579
The Tinker Foundation                              TINKER          50419
The Twentieth Century Fund                         TCFUND          61597
The United States-Israel Binational Agri           BARD            54502
The University of British Columbia                 UBC             51431
The University of Colorado Foundation              UCF             61568
The University of Iowa                             UI              50936
The University of Mississippi                      OLEMISS         62663
The University of New South Wales                  UNSW            51782
The University of Oklahoma                         OU              55265
The University of Texas at Arlington               UTA             62400
The University of Texas M. D. Anderson C           UTMDACC         61686
The University of Texas Southwestern Med           UTXSWMS         61976
The University of Texas Southwestern Med           UTXSWMC         61977
The University of Toledo                           UTOLEDO         61019
The University of Western Ontario                  UWO             62701
The Upjohn Company                                 UPJOHN          61189
The Urban Institute                                URBANIN         61190
The V Foundation for Cancer Research               VFOUND          60213
The W.P. and H.B. White Foundation                 WHITE           61682
The Wadsworth Foundation                           WADSFDN         52764
The Wallace Foundation                             WALLACF         50953
The Wellcome Trust                                 WELLCOM         51554
The Western Network Health Management an           WESTNET         61652
The Western Trauma Association Foundatio           WTAFER          62633
The Whitaker Foundation                            WITKRF          50436
The Wiley Foundation                               WILEYFD         52778
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation           HEWLETT         50281
The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry            BYNNER          60093
The Woman's Board of Northwestern Memori           WBNMH           60344
The Zaffaroni Foundation                           ZAFFARO         61071
Theradex                                           THERADX         61594

November 7, 2008                                   Page 64 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
THERAKOS, Inc.                                     THERAKO         61891
Therion Biologics Corporation                      THERION         60013
Thermionics Northwest, Inc.                        TNW             61589
ThermoGenesis Corp.                                THERMOG         61595
Theseus Imaging Corporation                        THESEUS         60730
Third Sector New England, Inc.                     TSNE            62414
Third Wave Technologies, Inc.                      THIRDWA         61596
Thomas Hartman Foundation For Parkinson’           THFPR           62829
Thomas Jefferson University                        TJU             62657
Thomson Physicians World                           PHYSWOR         60673
Thomson Scientific & Healthcare                    TSH             62422
Thoratec Corporation                               THORATE         62483
Tibotec BVBA                                       TIBOTBV         60116
Tibotec Pharmaceuticals Ltd.                       TIBOTEC         60117
Tikvah Therapeutics, Inc.                          TIKVAH          62715
Tilker Medical Research Foundation                 TILKER          62640
Tinnitus Research Consortium                       TRC             54205
TiTech International, Inc.                         TITECH          60876
TKL Research, Inc.                                 TKL             61591
TLContact, Inc.                                    TLCONTA         60268
TMC Inc.                                           TMC             61592
Toagosei Co., Ltd.                                 TOAGOSE         61586
Tobin Project, Inc.                                TOBINPR         62941
Toray Industries, Inc.                             TORAY           62680
Torquin, L.L.C.                                    TORQUIN         60467
Town of Hilton Head                                HILTONH         61217
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicag           TTIC            62310
Toyota USA Foundation                              TOYUSFD         50492
Traffic Institute Consulting                       TICSLT          61590
Transgene S.A.                                     TRANSGE         62645
Transit Cooperative Research Program               TCRP            61598
Transition Therapeutics Inc.                       TRTHERA         61182
Transition45 Technologies, Inc.                    T45             62635
TransMolecular, Inc.                               TMI             62361
TransMotive Technologies, Inc.                     TRANMOT         61584
TransOral Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                    TRANSOR         62530
Transportation Research Board                      TRB             54038
Transportation Security Administration             TSA             47500
Trans-Tech, Inc.                                   TRNTECH         61577
Tranzyme Inc.                                      TRZYME          62528
Tranzyme Pharma Inc. and Tranzyme Inc.             TRZMPTZ         62509
Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                     TRIANGL         61582
Trimeris, Inc.                                     TRIMERI         61585
Tri-River Police Training Association              TRIRIVR         60106
Triton Systems, Inc.                               TRITONS         60501
Trubion Pharmaceuticals Inc.                       TRUBION         62345
TrusJoist MacMillan                                TRUSJOI         61578
Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department             TSHWAPD         60155
Tufts University                                   TUFTS           61581
Tulane University                                  TULANE          61892
Tularik Inc.                                       TULARIK         62270

November 7, 2008                                   Page 65 of 73
                                    NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                        Short Name      Customer ID
Tumwater Police Department (WA)             TUMWAPD         61572
Turner Foundation, Inc.                     TURNRFD         60854
Tyco Healthcare Group LP                    TYCOHCG         60254
Tyco International Ltd.                     TYCOINT         60253
U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command      AMCOM           60845
U.S. Army CECOM Acquisition Center          CECOMAC         62683
U.S. Army Construction Engineering Resea    CERL            62052
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers                USACE           61191
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways E    USAEWES         61033
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Developm    ERDC            60391
U.S. Army Humphreys Engineer Center Supp    HECSA           60630
U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel     USAMRMC         61186
U.S. Army Military District of Washingto    MDW             60785
U.S. Army RDECOM Acquisition Center, Res    RDECRTP         62623
U.S. Army RDECOM ARDEC Weapons Systems &    WST             62746
U.S. Army RDECOM CERDEC Night Vision and    NVESD           62738
U.S. Army Recruiting Command                USAREC          60934
U.S. Army Research Institute for the Beh    ARI             61941
U.S. Army Research Laboratory               ARL2            62917
U.S. Army Safety Center                     USASC           60689
U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Comm    USASMDC         60644
U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Co    TACOMLC         62600
U.S. Bioscience, Inc.                       USBIOSC         61187
U.S. Civilian Research & Development Fou    CRDF2           62842
U.S. Department of the Interior             DOI             11000
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency        EPA             18000
U.S. Integrated Optics, Inc.                USIO            61222
U.S. Marine Corps                           USMC            06900
U.S. Small Business Administration          SBA             37000
UAL Corporation                             UALCORP         61576
UCB Pharma Inc.                             UCBPHAR         61543
UCB S.A.                                    UCBSA           61544
UChicago Argonne, LLC, Argonne National     ANL             51098
Ucyclyd Pharma Inc.                         UCYCLYD         60480
UES, Inc.                                   UESINC          61564
Ulthera, Inc.                               ULTHERA         62556
Unihealth America                           UNIHLTH         61197
UniHealth Foundation                        UHF             55227
Unilever                                    UNILEVE         61198
Unimed                                      UNIMED          61199
Union Pacific Corporation                   UNP             60195
Union Pacific Railroad                      UPRR            60196
Unistar International, Inc.                 UNISTAR         62520
United Air Lines, Inc.                      UNAIR           61223
United BioSource Corporation                UBC2            62722
United Cerebral Palsy Foundation            UCPFDN          61570
United Industrial Corporation               UNITIND         62293
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation     UMDF            52031
United Nations                              UN              61206
United Soybean Board                        USB             55432
United States Air Force, Rome Laboratory    ROMELAB         61484

November 7, 2008                            Page 66 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
United States Army Human Engineering Lab           USAHEL          61185
United States Civilian Research and Deve           CRDF            52934
United States Council for Automotive Res           USCAR           60587
United States Display Consortium                   USDC2           62267
United States Geological Survey                    USGS            11400
United States Gypsum Company                       USGYPSU         62684
United States Indonesia Society                    USINDOS         61694
United States Information Agency                   USIA            44000
United States Institute of Peace                   USIP2           45000
United States Postal Service                       USPOST          61210
United States Surgical Corporation                 USSC            61689
United States-Israel Binational Science            USIBSF          51142
United States-Spain Committee for Techni           USSCTSC         61690
United Technologies Corporation                    UNITDET         51181
United Technologies Research Center                UTRC            60563
United Therapeutics Corporation                    UNITHER         61091
United Way/Crusade of Mercy, Inc.                  UWCOM           61688
UnitedHealth Group                                 UHG             60869
Universal Energy Systems                           UES             61563
Universal Technology Corporation                   UTC             61692
Université de Sherbrooke                           USHERBR         62675
Université Laval                                   ULAVAL          60484
Universities Research Association, Inc.,           FERMI           62167
Universities Space Research Association            USRA            61693
University at Albany, State University o           SUNYALB         62966
University Corporation for Atmospheric R           UCAR            50947
University Hospitals Health System                 UHHS            60909
University Hospitals of Cleveland                  UHC             61064
University of Alabama                              UALA            62884
University of Alabama at Birmingham                ALABAMA         54866
University of Alabama Medical School               UALAMS          61575
University of Alabama System                       UASYSTE         62883
University of Alaska Anchorage                     UAA             62281
University of Alaska Fairbanks                     UAF             53692
University of Alaska System                        UA              62308
University of Alberta                              UALBERT         60142
University of Arizona                              UAZ             55173
University of Arkansas                             UARK            62398
University of Arkansas System                      UARKSYS         62397
University of Calgary                              UCALGAR         61571
University of California Humanities Rese           UCHRI           62772
University of California, Berkeley                 UCALBER         54722
University of California, Davis                    UCDAVIS         55946
University of California, DOE Joint Geno           JGI             60518
University of California, Irvine                   UCI             52006
University of California, Lawrence Berke           UCBERK          61542
University of California, Lawrence Liver           LLNL            55598
University of California, Los Alamos Nat           LALAMOS         61798
University of California, Los Angeles              UCLA            50933
University of California, Riverside                UCR             54801
University of California, San Diego                UCSD            54657

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
University of California, San Francisco            UCASF           52927
University of California, Santa Barbara            UCSB            54793
University of California, Santa Cruz               UCSC            54899
University of Chicago                              UCHGO           54550
University of Chicago, National Opinion            NORC            61446
University of Cincinnati                           UCIN            55666
University of Colorado                             UCO             53130
University of Connecticut Health Center            UCHC            61569
University of Dayton Research Institute            UDRI            61562
University of Delaware                             UODE            50934
University of Florida                              UFL             61565
University of Genoa                                UGENOA          60040
University of Georgia                              UGEORG          52248
University of Houston                              UH              54887
University of Houston System                       UHSYSTE         60047
University of Illinois at Chicago                  UIC             61567
University of Illinois at Springfield              UIS             60995
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champai           UIU             52893
University of Illinois College of Medici           UIP             61207
University of Illinois Environmental Cou           UIEC            61208
University of Illinois Water Resources C           UIWRC           61209
University of Kansas                               UKANS           54862
University of Kansas Medical Center                UKSMED          61561
University of Kansas Medical Center Rese           UKMCRI          62257
University of Kentucky                             UKY             54935
University of Kentucky, Kentucky Transpo           KYTC            61803
University of London                               UOL             52115
University of Louisville                           LOUISVI         53129
University of Maine                                UMAINE          61200
University of Maryland Center for Enviro           UMCES           62380
University of Maryland, Baltimore                  UMB             62780
University of Maryland, College Park               UMAR            61201
University of Massachusetts Amherst                UMASSAM         54707
University of Massachusetts Lowell                 UMASSLO         61204
University of Massachusetts System                 UMASS           61202
University of Medicine and Dentistry of            UMDNJ           54849
University of Miami                                UMFLA           55147
University of Michigan                             UM              50941
University of Minnesota                            UMINN           51281
University of Missouri System                      UMSYSTE         61205
University of Missouri-Columbia                    UMISSCO         61203
University of Missouri-Columbia Police D           MUPD            61874
University of Missouri-Rolla                       UMROLLA         61176
University of Nebraska                             UNEB            61290
University of Nebraska Medical Center              UNMC            61291
University of Nebraska-Lincoln                     UNL             55987
University of Nevada, Reno                         UNR             62343
University of New Hampshire                        UNEWHAM         55234
University of New Mexico                           UNM             55948
University of North Carolina at Chapel H           UNCCH           61224
University of North Carolina at Charlott           UNCC            62395

November 7, 2008                                   Page 68 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
University of North Carolina at Wilmingt           UNCWIL          60566
University of North Carolina System                UNCSYST         62394
University of North Texas                          UNT             62919
University of North Texas System                   UNTSYST         62918
University of Notre Dame                           UND             54576
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences C           OUHSC           60048
University of Oregon                               UOREGON         51021
University of Oxford                               OXFORDU         54101
University of Pennsylvania                         UPENN           50942
University of Pittsburgh                           UPITT           54828
University of Rochester                            UROCH           54888
University of South Carolina                       UNIVSC          54867
University of South Florida - Tampa                USFTAMP         60829
University of Southern California                  USC             50946
University of Strathclyde                          STRATH          62673
University of Tennessee                            UTK             60173
University of Tennessee System                     UTNSYST         60174
University of Tennessee, Memphis                   UTMEMPH         60616
University of Texas at Austin                      UTEXAUS         55938
University of Texas Health Science Cente           UTEXSA          61221
University of Texas Health Science Cente           UTEXHOU         61685
University of Texas System                         UTXSYST         61975
University of Toronto                              UTORONT         60401
University of Utah                                 UOU             54840
University of Veracruz                             VERACRZ         61675
University of Vigo                                 UVIGO           62469
University of Virginia                             UVA             51227
University of Washington                           UWA             61687
University of Wisconsin System                     UWS             60454
University of Wisconsin-Madison                    UWIM            54811
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee                  UWM             54810
University of Wisconsin-Parkside                   UWP             61192
University of Wyoming                              UWYO            55937
University System of Maryland                      USM             62379
UOP                                                UOP             61188
Upper Dublin Township Police Depatment (           UDTPD           60948
Urban Libraries Council                            ULC             62355
Urological Research Foundation                     URF             62459
US Micron                                          USMICRO         62438
USENIX Association                                 USENIX          61212
USG Corporation                                    USG             62794
Ushers, Inc.                                       USHERS          61211
Utah Highway Patrol                                UTAHHP          61691
Utah State University                              USU             60113
UT-Battelle, LLC, Oak Ridge National Lab           UTBATTE         61236
VA Lakeside Medical Center                         VALMC           61195
VA Salt Lake City Health Care System               VASLCHC         62375
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International              VALEANT         60345
Valenite Inc.                                      VALENIT         61948
Valera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                       VALERAP         62628
Van Andel Institute                                VAI             62446

November 7, 2008                                   Page 69 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
Van Andel Research Institute                       VARI            62447
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.                      VHB             61032
Vanderbilt University                              VNDBLTU         61668
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program              VCEP            62413
Various Associations (Traffic Institute)           ZASSN           60067
Various Healthcare Systems                         VHS             61678
Various Industry and Trade Organizations           BINDUS          60531
Various Industry Organizations (POG)               PINDUS          61351
Various State of Illinois Agencies (Traf           ZSTIL           60061
Vascular Genetics Inc.                             VASCGEN         61196
Velocimed, Inc.                                    VELOCIM         60218
Ventracor Inc.                                     VENTRAC         62731
Ventracor Limited                                  VENTLTD         62730
Ventritex                                          VENTRIT         61674
Vera Institute of Justice                          VERA            54278
Verity, Inc.                                       VERITY          61243
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated                VERTEXP         61293
VesselTek BioMedical LLC                           VTBM            62894
Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care Sy           VAMHCS          61258
Veterans Health Administration                     VHA             61677
Veterans of Foreign Wars/Ladies Auxiliar           VFWLA           61676
VIA Medical Corporation                            VIA             61679
ViaLogy Corp.                                      VIALOGY         62323
Viamet Pharmaceuticals Inc.                        VIAMET          62575
VIASYS Healthcare Inc.                             VIASYS          60750
Vical Incorporated                                 VICAL           60904
Videojet Systems International, Inc.               VIDEOJE         61680
Village of Grayslake (IL)                          GRAYSLA         62094
Village of Hinsdale (IL)                           HINSDAL         60130
Village of Inverness (IL)                          INVERNE         60108
Village of Long Grove (IL)                         LONGGRO         61042
Village of Mundelein (IL)                          MUNDELE         60429
Village of Roscoe Police                           ROSCOE          61518
Village of Schaumburg (IL)                         SCHAUMB         60293
Village of South Barrington (IL)                   SBARRIN         61489
VIMRX Pharmaceuticals Inc.                         VIMRX           61669
Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                         VION            60457
ViraCor, L.L.C.                                    VIRACOR         62510
Virginia Commonwealth University                   VCU             52503
Virginia Department of Transportation              VADOT           61194
Virginia Organizing Project                        VOP             62970
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State           VATECH          50952
ViroPharma Incorporated                            VIROPHA         62495
Vishwamitra Research Institute                     VRI             62408
Visiting Nurses Association North (Skoki           VNAN            61673
Vivendi                                            VIVENDI         60651
VIVUS, Inc.                                        VIVUS           61672
Voices for Illinois Children, Inc.                 VIC             62775
Volkswagen Foundation                              VWFOUND         52278
Volunteers in Technical Assistance                 VITA            61671
Vysis Inc.                                         VYSIS           60325

November 7, 2008                                   Page 70 of 73
                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
W. K. Kellogg Foundation                           KELOGF          50271
W. L. Gore and Associates                          WLGORE          61646
W. M. Keck Foundation                              KECK            50270
W.W. Grainger, Inc.                                GRAINGE         62949
Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning            WCTLTR          54421
Wabash College                                     WABASHC         55989
Wake Forest University                             WAKEFOR         61666
Wallace H. Coulter Foundation                      COULTFD         62317
Walther Cancer Institute                           WALTHER         62511
Wampole Laboratories                               WAMPOLE         61667
Warner-Lambert Company                             WARLAM          61076
Warner-Lambert Consumer Group                      WLCG            61077
Washington County Sheriff's Office (MN)            WCSO            61658
Washington Mutual Foundation                       WAMUFDN         62816
Washington Square Health Foundation                WASHQ           53607
Washington State Criminal Justice Traini           WSCJTC          61104
Washington State Department of Transport           WASDOT          61661
Washington State Patrol                            WSP             60397
Washington State University                        WSU2            54577
Washington University in St. Louis                 WASHUSL         61183
Washtenaw County (MI)                              WASHTCO         61695
Waste Management and Research Center               WMRC            54567
Water Environment Research Foundation              WERF            53164
Waterville TG Inc.                                 WATERVI         61654
Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company              WATLOW          61655
Waukesha County Sheriff's Department (WI           WCSD            60809
Waukesha County Technical College                  WCTC            61659
Wayne State University                             WSU             61642
Weight Risk Investigators Study Council            WRISC           61640
Weight Watchers Foundation, Inc.                   WWFOUND         61649
Weizmann Institute of Science                      WIS             50957
Wendy Will Case Cancer Fund, Inc.                  WWCF            52720
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropologic           WGF             50433
Werfen Group                                       Werfen Gro      62801
West Virginia State Police                         WVSP2           60409
Westaim Corporation                                WESTAIM         62348
Westat, Inc.                                       WESTAT          62660
Western Illinois University                        WIU             61643
Western Institute for Biomedical Researc           WIBR            62795
Western Trauma Association                         WTA             62632
Westinghouse Electric Corporation                  WELEC           61651
Westmed, Inc.                                      WESTMED         61149
Wetlands Research, Inc.                            WETLAND         60831
Wheeling Jesuit University (WV)                    WJU             61645
Whitehall Foundation, Inc.                         WITHLF          50437
Whitehall-Robins Healthcare                        WHITROB         61662
WHU - Otto Beishem Graduate School of Ma           WHU             61005
Wichita State University                           WICHISU         60021
Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foun           WRMPPF          62535
William Beaumont Hospital                          BEAUMON         62507
William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc.           WGMCF           53481

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                                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                                               Short Name      Customer ID
William Randolph Hearst Foundation                 HEARST          61712
William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans H           WSMMVH          61641
William T. Grant Foundation                        GRANT           50223
Wilsonart International                            WILSONA         61648
Wilson-Cook Medical, Inc.                          WCMI            60139
Winston Laboratories, Inc.                         WINSTON         60186
Winthrop-University Hospital                       WINTHRO         61286
Wisconsin Department of Health and Famil           WIDHFS          60828
Wisconsin Department of Transportation             WISDOT          61647
Wisconsin State Patrol                             WISP            60438
Wisconsin State Patrol Academy                     WISCPAT         60388
Wisconsin Technical College System                 WTCS            60001
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.             WJEA            61644
Withlacoochee Technical Institute                  WTI             60759
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company                            WRIGLEY         62300
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation                 WRIGFDN         62255
Women’s Dermatologic Society                       WDS             62788
Woodrow Wilson International Center for            WWICS           61663
Woods Charitable Fund                              WCF             61657
Woods Fund of Chicago                              WOODS           53512
Worcester Foundation for Experimental Bi           WFEXBIO         61653
Worcester Polytechnic Institute                    WPI             55990
World Health Organization                          WHO             61683
World Health Organization                          WHO2            50447
World Heart Corporation                            WORLDHE         60251
World Heart Inc.                                   WORLDHI         60252
World Vision Inc.                                  WVINC           60198
Worldwide Clinical Trials, Inc.                    WWCT            60069
Wright Laboratory                                  WRIGLAB         61639
Wright State University                            WRIGHSU         55950
Wyeth                                              WYETH           62373
Wyeth-Ayerst                                       WYEAYER         61665
Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories- Research and            WARES           61660
Wyeth-Ayerst Research                              WYAYERE         61664
Xanthus Life Sciences, Inc.                        XANTHUS         60449
Xcenda LLC                                         XCENDA          62710
Xcyte Therapies, Inc.                              XCYTETH         61230
XDx Inc.                                           XDX             62820
Xencor                                             XENCOR          60364
XenoPort, Inc.                                     XENOPOR         60451
Xenova Biomedix Ltd.                               XENBIOM         60315
XOMA Corporation                                   XOMA            60066
Yale University                                    YALE            54490
Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                YPCLTD          61295
Yamanouchi U.S.A. Inc.                             YAMAUSA         61296
Yamanouchi USA Foundation                          YAMUSAF         61047
Yaupon Therapeutics, Inc.                          YAUPONT         62504
Yeshiva University                                 YESHIVA         60611
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals                             ZENECA          60068
Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.                     ZERIA           61068
Zero Ventures LLC                                  ZEROVEN         62854

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                           NU Invoice Customer ID List

Name                               Short Name      Customer ID
Ziena Optimization, Inc.           ZIENA           62263
Zimmer                             ZIMMER          60064
ZIOPHARM Oncology, Inc.            ZIOPHAR         62470
Z-KAT, Inc.                        ZKAT            60065
ZLB Bioplasma AG                   ZLBBIOP         60834
Zollner Pistons                    ZOLLNER         60058
Zonagen, Inc.                      ZONAGEN         60059
ZymoGenetics, Inc.                 ZGEN            62430
ZZZ                                ZZZ             60062

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