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					Company Name                  Ticker Symbol      Industry Name       SIC Code Exchange Code
012 Smile.Communications Ltd       SMLC        Telecom. Services       4810        NDQ
1-800-ATTORNEY Inc                  ATTY            Publishing         2700        NDQ
1-800-FLOWERS.COM                  FLWS              Internet          7370        NDQ
1mage Software Inc                  ISOL   Computer Software/Svcs 3579             NDQ
1st Centennial Bancorp             FCEN                Bank            6000        NDQ
1st Century Bancshares Inc          FCTY               Bank            6000        NDQ
1st Colonial Bancorp Inc           FCOB                Bank            6000        NDQ
1st Constitution Bancorp           FCCY                Bank            6000        NDQ
1st Pacific Bancorp CA             FPBN                Bank            6000        NDQ
1st Source Corp.                   SRCE          Bank (Midwest)        6001        NDQ
21st Century Hldg Co.              TCHC      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330        NDQ
247MGI Inc                         TOFS            Advertising         7310        NDQ
360 Global Wine Company            TSIXQ            Beverage           2080        NDQ
3CI Complete Compliance Corp       TCCC           Environmental        4953        NDQ
3Com Corp.                         COMS      Computers/Peripherals     3573        NDQ
3D Systems                         TDSC            Electronics         3670        NDQ
3M Company                          MMM      Chemical (Diversified)    2813        NYS
3PAR Inc                             PAR   Computer Software/Svcs 3579             AMS
3SBio Inc                          SSRX                Drug            2834        NDQ
4Kids Entmt Inc                     KDE           Entertainment        7950        NYS
4net Software Inc                   FNSI             Internet          7370        NDQ
7 Days Group Holdings Ltd           SVN           Hotel/Gaming         7000        NYS
8x8 Inc                            EGHT          Semiconductor         3674        NDQ
99(Cents) Only Stores               NDN            Retail Store        5300        NYS
A C Moore Arts & Crafts            ACMR       Retail (Special Lines)   5600        NDQ
A-Power Energy Generation Sys      APWR               Power            4900        NDQ
A.D.A.M. Inc                       ADAM              Internet          7370        NDQ
A.H. Belo                           AHC            Newspaper           2710        NYS
A123 Systems                       AONE            Electronics         3670        NDQ
a21 Inc                           ATWOQ        Industrial Services     7300        NDQ
AAON Inc.                          AAON       Electrical Equipment     3600        NDQ
AAR Corp.                            AIR       Aerospace/Defense       3720        NYS
Aaron's Inc.                        AAN            Retail Store        5300        NYS
Aastra Technologies Ltd.          AAH.TO      Telecom. Equipment       4811        TSE
Aastrom Biosciences                ASTM                Drug            2834        NDQ
Abatix Corp                         ABIX            Machinery          3500        NDQ
Abaxis Inc.                        ABAX         Medical Supplies       8060        NDQ
Abazias Inc                        ABZA       Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844        NDQ
ABB Ltd                             ABB          Diversified Co.       9913        NYS
Abbott Labs.                         ABT               Drug            2834        NYS
Abercrombie & Fitch                 ANF       Retail (Special Lines)   5600        NYS
Aberdeen Asia-Pac. Fd.               FAX         Investment Co.        6730        AMS
Aberdeen Australia Fd.               IAF    Investment Co.(Foreign) 6730           AMS
Abigail Adams Natl Bncrp           AANB                Bank            6000        NDQ
Abington Bancorp Inc               ABBC               Thrift           6120        NDQ
ABIOMED Inc.                       ABMD         Medical Supplies       8060        NDQ
AbitibiBowater Inc                ABWTQ      Paper/Forest Products     2600        NDQ
Able Energy Inc                     ABLE           Retail Store        5300        NDQ Inc               AAC              Internet         7370   AMS
ABM Industries Inc.                ABM       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
AboveNet Inc                      ABVT              Internet         7370   NDQ
Abraxas Petrol                    AXAS     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Abraxis BioScience                 ABII               Drug           2834   NDQ
Abviva Inc                        ABVV          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Acacia Research Corp.             ACTG          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc        ACAD                Drug           2834   NDQ
Acadia Rlty Trust                  AKR              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Acceler8 Technology Corp           AXK         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Accelrys Inc                      ACCL     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Accentia Biopharmaceuticals      ABPIQ                Drug           2834   NDQ
Accenture Plc                      ACN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Acceptance Insurance Companies    AICIQ    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Access National Corp.             ANCX                Bank           6000   NDQ
Access Pharmaceuticals Inc        ACCP                Drug           2834   NDQ
Access to Money Inc.              AEMI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Access Worldwide Comm            AWWC     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Accesspoint Corp /NV/             ASAP              Internet         7370   NDQ
ACCO Brands                        ABD      Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NYS
Accuray Inc                       ARAY         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Accuride Corporation             AURDQ           Auto & Truck        3710   NDQ
ACE Aviation Holdings Inc        ACEBF           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
ACE Limited                        ACE     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Acergy SA                         ACGY       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Aceto Corp.                       ACET     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Achillion Pharm.                  ACHN                Drug           2834   NDQ
ACI Worldwide                     ACIW    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ACMAT Corp                       ACMTA     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
ACME Communications Inc           ACME          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Acme Packet Inc                   APKT              Internet         7370   NDQ
Acme United Corp.                  ACU       Household Products      2840   AMS
ACNB Corporation                  ACNB                Bank           6000   NDQ
Acorda Therapeutics Inc           ACOR          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Acorn Energy Inc.                 ACFN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Acorn International Inc            ATV            Advertising        7310   NYS
Acrongenomics inc                AGNM           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
ACS Motion Control Ltd           ACSEF             Machinery         3500   NDQ
ACT Teleconferencing              ACTT        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Actel Corp.                       ACTL     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Action Products Intl               APII     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Actions Semiconductor Co Ltd      ACTS          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
ActionView Int'l Inc              AVEW            Advertising        7310   NDQ
Active Power                      ACPW               Power           4900   NDQ
ActiveCore Technologies Inc       ATVE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Activeworlds Corp                AWLD               Internet         7370   NDQ
ActivIdentity Corp                ACTI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Activision Blizzard               ATVI       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Actuant Corp.                      ATU             Machinery         3500   NYS
Actuate Corporation               ACTU    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Acuity Brands                       AYI     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
AcuNetx Inc                       ANTX         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc         ACUR               Drug            2834   NDQ
Acusphere Inc                     ACUS               Drug            2834   NDQ
Acxiom Corp.                      ACXM    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ADA-ES Inc                        ADES          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp       ADMP               Drug            2834   NDQ
Adams Express                      ADX         Investment Co.        6730   NYS
Adams Golf Inc.                   ADGF            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Adams Resources & Energy            AE     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Adaptec Inc.                      ADPT     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
ADC Telecom.                      ADCT      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
ADCARE Health Systems Inc          ADK         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Addus HomeCare Corp               ADUS         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
ADDvantage Technologies            AEY             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Adeona Pharmaceuticals Inc         AEN               Drug            2834   AMS
Adept Technology Inc              ADEP    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Adex Media Inc.                   ADXM             Internet          7370   NDQ
Adherex Technologies INC         AHX.TO              Drug            2834   TSE
Adino Energy Corp                 ADNY       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NDQ
Adm Tronics Unlimited Inc         ADMT      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Administaff Inc                    ASF        Human Resources        7363   NYS
Adobe Systems                     ADBE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Adolor Corp                       ADLR               Drug            2834   NDQ
AdStar Inc                        ADST           Advertising         7310   NDQ
ADTRAN Inc.                       ADTN      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Advance Amer Cash Advance Ctrs     AEA      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Advance Auto Parts                 AAP        Retail Automotive      5531   NYS
Advance Nanotech Inc              AVNA        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Advanced Analogic Tech. Inc.       AATI         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Advanced Battery Technologies     ABAT      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Advanced Biophotonics Inc         ABPH         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Advanced Clean Tech Inc           ACTH      Information Services     8900   NDQ
Advanced Energy                    AEIS         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Advanced Engine Technologies I    AENG            Machinery          3500   NDQ
Advanced Environ Recycling Tec    AERT        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Advanced Growing Systems Inc      AGWS      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Advanced ID Corp.                 AIDO            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Advanced Life Sciences Hldgs      ADLS               Drug            2834   NDQ
Advanced Materials Grp           ADMGQ      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Advanced Micro Dev.                AMD          Semiconductor        3674   NYS
Advanced Oxygen Technologies      AOXY    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Advanced Photonix                   API     Electrical Equipment     3600   AMS
Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals     APPI        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Advanced Refractive Technols      ARFR         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Advanced Technology Acq. Corp    AXC.D      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Advanced Viral Research Corp      ADVR               Drug            2834   NDQ
AdvanSource Biomaterials Corp      ASB         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Advant-E Corporation              ADVC     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Advanta Corp. 'A'                ADVNQ      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Advent Software                   ADVS     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc.      ANX           Biotechnology        2830   AMS
Advisory Board                    ABCO       Information Services     8900   NDQ
Advocat Inc                       AVCA         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
AdZone Reasearch Inc.             ADZR        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
AECOM Techn.                       ACM        Heavy Construction      1629   NYS
Aecon Group Inc                  ARE.TO       Industrial Services     7300   TSE
Aegean Marine Petro Network       ANW               Maritime          4400   NYS
Aegis Assessments Inc             AGSI       Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
AEGON                              AEG          Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Aehr Test Systems                 AEHR             Electronics        3670   NDQ
Aeolus Pharmaceuticals Inc        AOLS                Drug            2834   NDQ
AEP Industries                     AEPI      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Aero Grow International Inc       AERO       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
AeroCentury Corp                   ACY      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Aeropostale                        ARO       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Aerosonic Corp.                    AIM        Aerospace/Defense       3720   AMS
AeroVironment                     AVAV        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
AES Corp.                          AES                Power           4900   NYS
AEterna Zentaris Inc             AEZ.TO               Drug            2834   TSE
Aethlon Medical Inc               AEMD         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Aetna Inc.                         AET         Medical Services       8000   NYS
Aetrium Inc                       ATRM             Electronics        3670   NDQ
AFC Enterprises Inc               AFCE            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Affiliated Computer                ACS     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Affiliated Managers                AMG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Affinity Tech Group               AFFIQ            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Affirmative Ins. Hldgs            AFFM      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Affymax Inc.                      AFFY           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Affymetrix Inc.                   AFFX         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Aflac Inc.                         AFL          Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
AFP Imaging                       AFPC         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
African Diamond Company Inc       AFDM      Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Aftersoft Group Inc               ASFG     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
AGA Medical Holdings Inc          AGAM         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
AGCO Corp.                        AGCO             Machinery          3500   NYS
AGF Management Ltd. 'B'         AGF/B.TO    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   TSE
AgFeed Industries Inc.            FEED         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Agilent Technologies                A        Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
Agilysys Inc.                     AGYS             Electronics        3670   NDQ
AGL Resources                      AGL        Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
Agnico-Eagle Mines                 AEM          Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Agree Rlty Corp                    ADC               R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Agria Corp                         GRO         Food Processing        2000   NYS
Agrium Inc.                        AGU         Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
AHPC Holdings Inc                 GLOV         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Air Industries Group Inc           AIRI       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Air Methods Corp                  AIRM        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Air Products & Chem.               APD     Chemical (Diversified)   2813   NYS
Air T Inc                         AIRT          Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Air Transport Services Grp.       ATSG          Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Aircastle Ltd.                     AYR     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Airgas Inc.                        ARG      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Airmedia Group Inc                AMCN           Advertising        7310   NDQ
Airspan Networks Inc              AIRO      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
AirTran Hldgs. Inc.                AAI          Air Transport       4510   NYS
Airtrax Inc                       AITX            Machinery         3500   NDQ
Airvana Inc                       AIRV      Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
AJS Bancorp Inc                   AJSB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
AK Steel Holding                   AKS       Steel (Integrated)     3312   NYS
Akamai Technologies               AKAM          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Akeena Solar Inc                  AKNS              Power           4900   NDQ
Akesis Pharmaceuticals Inc       AKESQ           Recreation         7900   NDQ
Akorn Inc.                        AKRX        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Aksys Ltd                         AKSY               Drug           2834   NDQ
Alabama Aircraft Inds. Inc.        AAII         Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Alamo Group                        ALG            Machinery         3500   NYS
Alamogordo Finl Corp              ALMG              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Alanco Technologies Inc.          ALAN    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Alaska Air Group                   ALK          Air Transport       4510   NYS
Alaska Communic.                  ALSK       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Alaska Pacific Bancshares Inc     AKPB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Albany Int'l 'A'                   AIN            Machinery         3500   NYS
Albany Molecular                  AMRI               Drug           2834   NDQ
Albemarle Corp.                    ALB     Chemical (Diversified)   2813   NYS
Alberto-Culver                     ACV      Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NYS
Alcatel-Lucent ADR                 ALU      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NYS
Alcoa Inc.                          AA     Metals & Mining (Div.)   1000   NYS
Alcon Inc.                         ACL        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Alderox Inc                       AROX      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Aldila Inc.                       ALDA           Recreation         7900   NDQ
Aleritas Capital Corporation      ARTA     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Alexander & Baldwin               ALEX            Maritime          4400   NYS
Alexanders Inc.                    ALX           Retail Store       5300   NYS
Alexandria Real Estate             ARE             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Alexion Pharmac.                  ALXN               Drug           2834   NDQ
Alexza Pharmaceuticals Inc.       ALXA               Drug           2834   NDQ
Alfacell Corp                     ACEL               Drug           2834   NDQ
Algoma Central Corp.             ALC.TO           Maritime          4400   TSE
Alico Inc.                        ALCO        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Align Techn.                      ALGN        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc    ATDA.TO          Retail Store       5300   TSE
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.   ATDB.TO          Retail Store       5300   TSE
ALJ Regional Hlds Inc              ALJJ           Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Alkermes Inc.                     ALKS               Drug           2834   NDQ
All Amer Semiconductor           SEMIQ           Electronics        3670   NDQ
All-American Sportpark Inc       AASP           Recreation          7900   NDQ
Alleghany Corp.                     Y    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Allegheny Energy                  AYE     Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Allegheny Techn.                  ATI    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NYS
Allegheny Valley Bancorp Inc.    AVLY               Bank            6000   NDQ
Allegiant Travel                 ALGT          Air Transport        4510   NDQ
Allegro Biodiesel Corporation    ABDS        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Allergan Inc.                     AGN               Drug            2834   NYS
ALLETE                            ALE    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Alliance Bancorp Inc of PA       ALLB              Thrift           6120   NDQ
Alliance Bancshares Ca.          ABNS               Bank            6000   NDQ
Alliance Bankshares Corp         ABVA               Bank            6000   NDQ
Alliance Data Sys.                ADS     Information Services      8900   NYS
Alliance Fiber Optic             AFOP    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Alliance Financial Corp          ALNC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Alliance HealthCare Svcs Inc.     AIQ        Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Alliance Holdings GP LP          AHGP               Coal            1220   NDQ
Alliance One International        AOI             Tobacco           2085   NYS
Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp     ALLP               Drug            2834   NDQ
Alliance Resource                ARLP               Coal            1220   NDQ
Alliance Semiconductor           ALSC         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
AllianceBernstein Hldg.            AB     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
AllianceBernstein Income          ACG        Investment Co.         6730   NYS
Alliant Energy                    LNT    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Alliant Techsystems               ATK      Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
Allied Capital Corp.              ALD     Public/Private Equity     6799   NYS
Allied Defense Group Inc          ADG      Aerospace/Defense        3720   AMS
Allied First Bancorp Inc.        AFBA              Thrift           6120   NDQ
Allied Healthcare Intl Inc       AHCI        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Allied Hlthcare Prod             AHPI        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Allied Motion Technologies In    AMOT     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Allied Nevada Gold Corp           ANV        Precious Metals        1041   AMS
Allied Security Innovations      ADSV    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Allied World Assurance Hldgs     AWH     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Allin Corporation                ALLN     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Allion Healthcare Inc.            ALLI     Pharmacy Services        5910   NDQ
Allis-Chalmers (NEW)              ALY      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Allos Therapeutics Inc           ALTH               Drug            2834   NDQ
Allot Communications Ltd         ALLT       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Alloy Inc.                       ALOY             Internet          7370   NDQ
Allscripts-Misys Hlth.           MDRX    Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
Allstate Corp.                    ALL    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Almaden Minerals Ltd            AMM.TO       Precious Metals        1041   TSE
Almost Family Inc                AFAM        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Alnylam Pharmac.                 ALNY         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Alon USA Energy Inc               ALJ    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Along Mobile Technology Inc      AGMB      Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Alpha Natural Res.                ANR               Coal            1220   NYS
Alpha Pro Tech Ltd                APT             Apparel           2300   AMS
Alpha Security Group Corp.        HDS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Alpha Trade.Com                   APTD            Internet           7370   NDQ
alpha-En Corp                     ALPE         Entertainment         7950   NDQ
AlphaRx Inc                       ALRX        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Alphatec Holdings Inc             ATEC       Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Alpine Group                      APNI           Electronics         3670   NDQ
ALR Technologies Inc.             ALRT       Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Alseres Pharmaceuticals Inc       ALSE              Drug             2834   NDQ
Alsius Corp                       ALUS       Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc       ALTI   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Altera Corp.                      ALTR         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Alternate Marketing Networks     ALTM       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Alternative Construction Tech    ACCY        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
Altex Ind                         ALTX    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
AltiGen Communications Inc       ATGN      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Altisource Portfolio Solutions    ASPS     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Altra Holdings Inc.               AIMC           Machinery           3500   NDQ
Altria Group                       MO             Tobacco            2085   NYS
Altus Pharmaceuticals Inc        ALTUQ              Drug             2834   NDQ
Alvarion Ltd                      ALVR     Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Amacore Group Inc                 ACGI     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc.        AMAG               Drug             2834   NDQ
Amanasu Environment Corp.        AMSU          Environmental         4953   NDQ
Amarillo Biosciences             AMAR               Drug             2834   NDQ
Amarin Corporation PLC           AMRN               Drug             2834   NDQ                       AMZN             Internet           7370   NDQ
AMB Finl Corp                    AMFC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
AMB Property                      AMB              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Ambac Fin'l Group                 ABK      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Ambase Corp                       ABCP     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Ambassadors Group Inc             EPAX           Recreation          7900   NDQ
Ambassadors Intl Inc              AMIE      Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Ambient Corp /NY                 ABTG     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
AMCOL Int'l                       ACO     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NYS
AMCON Distributing Co.             DIT    Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   AMS
AMCORE Financial                  AMFI              Bank             6000   NDQ
Amdocs Ltd.                       DOX       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Amedia Networks Inc               AANI   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Amedisys Inc.                    AMED         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
AMEN Properties Inc              AMEN             Internet           7370   NDQ
Amer Biltrite Inc.                 ABL     Chemical (Specialty)      2820   AMS
Amer Equity Investment Life        AEL        Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
Amer. Axle                         AXL           Auto Parts          3716   NYS
Amer. Capital Ltd.               ACAS      Public/Private Equity     6799   NDQ
Amer. Claims Evaluation          AMCE         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Amer. Eagle Outfitters            AEO      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Amer. Ecology Corp.               ECOL         Environmental         4953   NDQ
Amer. Elec. Power                  AEP    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Amer. Express                      AXP     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Amer. Financial Group           AFG     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Amer. Greetings                  AM            Publishing          2700   NYS
Amer. Int'l Group               AIG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Amer. Locker Group              ALGI       Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Amer. Med. Sys.                AMMD         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Amer. Nat'l Ins.               ANAT         Insurance (Life)       6310   NDQ
Amer. Oriental Bioengineering   AOB          Biotechnology         2830   NYS
Amer. Pacific                  APFC      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Amer. Physicians Capital       ACAP     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Amer. Physicians Service Gp    AMPH      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Amer. Reprographics Co.         ARP             Internet           7370   NYS
Amer. Science & Eng. Inc.       ASEI     Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Amer. Shared Hosp Service       AMS         Medical Services       8000   AMS
Amer. Software 'A'            AMSWA    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Amer. States Water              AWR           Water Utility        4941   NYS
Amer. Superconductor           AMSC              Power             4900   NDQ
Amer. Tower 'A'                 AMT      Wireless Networking       7380   NYS
Amer. Vanguard Corp.            AVD      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Amer. Water Works               AWK           Water Utility        4941   NYS
Amer. Woodmark                AMWD         Building Materials      3200   NDQ
AmerAlia Inc                   AALA     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
AMERCO                         UHAL             Trucking           4200   NDQ
Ameren Corp.                    AEE     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Ameriana Bancorp               ASBI               Thrift           6120   NDQ
America Movil                   AMX        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
America Service Group          ASGR         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
America's Car Mart Inc         CRMT           Auto & Truck         3710   NDQ
American Ammunition Inc.      AAMUQ       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
American Apparel Inc.           APP             Apparel            2300   AMS
American Bank Inc.             AMBK               Bank             6000   NDQ
American Bio Medica Corp       ABMC         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
American Business Bank         AMBZ               Bank             6000   NDQ
American Business Finl Svcs    ABFIQ     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
American Campus Communities     ACC             R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
American Caresource Holdings   ANCI     Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
American Commercial Lines Inc   ACLI            Maritime           4400   NYS
American Community Newspapers ACNIQ            Newspaper           2710   NDQ
American Consol. Mgmt Grp Inc  ACMI         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
American Dairy Inc.             ADY         Food Processing        2000   NYS
American Defense Systems Inc.   EAG       Aerospace/Defense        3720   AMS
American Dental Partners       ADPI         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
American DG Energy Inc.        ADGE      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
American Electric Tech          AETI     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
American Energy Production In  AENP     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
American Healthchoice          AMHI         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
American Home Food Prods Inc   AHFP        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
American HomePatient           AHOM         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
American Independence Corp     AMIC             Internet           7370   NDQ
American International Indust  AMIN          Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
American Italian Pasta Co        AIPC        Food Processing       2000   NYS
American Land Lease Inc          ANLD              R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
American Lorain Corporation       ALN        Food Processing       2000   AMS
American Medical Alert           AMAC            Electronics       3670   NDQ
American Medical Tech Inc        ADLI        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
American Metal & Tech. Inc       AMGY        Metal Fabricating     3400   NDQ
American Mold Guard Inc          AMGI       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
American Mortgage Acceptance     AMOA              R.E.I.T.        6720   NDQ
American Natl Bnkshrs Inc VA     AMNB               Bank           6000   NDQ
American Oil & Gas Inc            AEZ     Petroleum (Producing)    1300   AMS
American Petro-Hunter Inc.       AAPH     Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NDQ
American Public Education Inc     APEI     Educational Services    8299   NDQ
American Racing Capital Inc      AMRA         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
American Railcar Inds             ARII            Railroad         4002   NDQ
American River Bankshares        AMRB               Bank           6000   NDQ
American Safety Insurance Grou    ASI     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)    6330   NYS
American Soil Technologies Inc   SOYL         Environmental        4953   NDQ
American Sports Dev't Group      ASDP           Advertising        7310   NDQ
American Technologies Grp Inc    ATGR         Environmental        4953   NDQ
American Technology              ATCO            Electronics       3670   NDQ
American Telecom Services Inc    ATEL       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
American Tonerserv Corp.         ASVP     Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NDQ
American Vantage Companies       AVCS          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
American Wagering Inc            BETM          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
American West Bancorporation     AWBC               Bank           6000   NDQ
AmericasBank Corp                AMAB               Bank           6000   NDQ
AmeriChip International Inc       ACII     Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
AmeriCredit Corp.                 ACF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
AmeriGas Partners                 APU       Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
Amerigon Inc.                    ARGN            Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
AMERIGROUP Corp                   AGP        Medical Services      8000   NYS
Ameriprise Fin'l                  AMP     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Ameris Bancorp                   ABCB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Amerisafe Inc.                   AMSF     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)    6330   NDQ
AmeriServ Finl Inc               ASRV               Bank           6000   NDQ
AmerisourceBergen                 ABC        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Ameristar Casinos Inc.           ASCA          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Ameritrans Cap Corp              AMTC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Amerityre Corporation            AMTY            Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
Ameron Int'l                      AMN       Building Materials     3200   NYS
Ames National Corp               ATLO         Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Ametek Inc.                       AME         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Amgen                            AMGN          Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
AMICAS Inc                       AMCS    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Amicus Therapeutics Inc          FOLD          Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Amistar Corp.                    AMTA            Machinery         3500   NDQ
Amkor Technology                 AMKR      Semiconductor Equip     3680   NDQ
AML Communications Inc           AMLJ      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
AMN Healthcare                    AHS       Human Resources        7363   NYS
Amnex Inc                        AMXIQ      Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Ampal-Amer. Israel                AMPL    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Ampco-Pittsburgh                    AP        Steel (General)       3311   NYS
Amphenol Corp.                     APH          Electronics         3670   NYS
AMR Corp.                          AMR         Air Transport        4510   NYS
Amreit Inc.                      AMYRZ            R.E.I.T.          6720   AMS
AMREP Corp.                        AXR        Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
AmSurg Corp 'A'                   AMSG       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Amtech Systems Inc                ASYS        Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
AmTrust Financial Services         AFSI   Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Amylin Pharm.                     AMLN              Drug            2834   NDQ
Anadarko Petroleum                 APC    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
ANADIGICS Inc.                    ANAD        Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc        ANDS              Drug            2834   NDQ
Analog Devices                     ADI        Semiconductor         3674   NYS
Analogic Corp.                    ALOG     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Analysts Int'l                    ANLY   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Anaren Inc.                       ANEN          Electronics         3670   NDQ Inc                  ACOM         E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Anchor BanCorp WI                 ABCW             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Anchor Funding Services Inc.      AFNG    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Andes Gold Corp                   AGCZ        Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Andrea Electronics                ANDR          Electronics         3670   NDQ
Andrew Peller Ltd 'A'           ADW/A.TO         Beverage           2080   TSE
Andrew Peller Ltd.              ADW/B.TO         Beverage           2080   TSE
Anesiva Inc                       ANSV              Drug            2834   NDQ
Angeion Corp.                     ANGN       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
AngelCiti Entertaimnet Inc.       AGCI            Internet          7370   NDQ
AngioDynamics                     ANGO       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Angiotech Pharm. Inc.             ANPI              Drug            2834   NDQ
Anglo Swiss Res Inc              ASWRF    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
AngloGold Ashanti ADR               AU        Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Anika Therapeutics Inc.           ANIK              Drug            2834   NDQ
Animal Health Intl Inc             AHII             Drug            2834   NDQ
Anixter Int'l                      AXE          Electronics         3670   NYS
Annaly Capital Mgmt.               NLY            R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Annapolis Bancorp Inc.            ANNB              Bank            6000   NDQ
AnnTaylor Stores                   ANN     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Anooraq Resources Corp             ANO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
Answers Corporation               ANSW            Internet          7370   NDQ
ANSYS Inc.                        ANSS   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Antares Pharma Inc                 AIS              Drug            2834   AMS
ante4 Inc.                        ANTF        Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Anthony Clark Int'l Insurance    ACKBF    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Anthracite Cap Corp                ACPI           R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Antigenics Inc.                   AGEN              Drug            2834   NDQ
ANTs software inc                 ANTS   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Aon Corp.                          AON    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
AP Pharma Inc                     APPA              Drug            2834   NDQ
APAC Customer Services            APAC      Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Apache Corp.                       APA    Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NYS
Apartment Investment               AIV             R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
Apco Oil and Gas Int'l Inc       APAGF    Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NDQ
Apex Silver Mines                APXSQ        Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Apogee Enterprises                APOG       Building Materials    3200   NDQ
Apogee Technology Inc.            ATCS           Electronics       3670   NDQ
Apollo Gold Corp                   AGT        Precious Metals      1041   AMS
Apollo Group `A'                  APOL     Educational Services    8299   NDQ
Apollo Investment                 AINV     Public/Private Equity   6799   NDQ
Apollo Resources Internationa     AOOR     Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Apollo Solar Energy Inc           ASOE              Power          4900   NDQ
Apolo Gold & Energy Inc          APLLE        Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Appalachian Bancshares Inc        APAB              Bank           6000   NDQ
Appiant Technologies              APPS   Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Apple Inc.                        AAPL    Computers/Peripherals    3573   NDQ
Appliance Recycling Center        ARCI         Environmental       4953   NDQ
Applied DNA Sciences Inc          APDN         Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Applied Energetics Inc            AERG     Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Applied Ind'l Techn.               AIT           Machinery         3500   NYS
Applied Materials                 AMAT     Semiconductor Equip     3680   NDQ
Applied Micro                     AMCC         Semiconductor       3674   NDQ
Applied Nanotech Hldgs Inc        APNT           Machinery         3500   NDQ
Applied NeuroSolutions Inc        APSN              Drug           2834   NDQ
Applied Science Products Inc      APLD      Aerospace/Defense      3720   NDQ
Applied Signal Techn.             APSG     Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
Approach Resources Inc            AREX    Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NDQ
AppTech Corp                      APCX   Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
AptarGroup                         ATR    Packaging & Container    2640   NYS
Aqua America                      WTR           Water Utility      4941   NYS
Aquis Communications              AQIS      Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Arabian Amer Dev Co               ARSD    Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NDQ
Aracruz Celulose S A ADR           ARA    Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
Aradigm Corp                     ARDM        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Arbinet Corp                      ARBX          E-Commerce         7372   NDQ
Arbitron Inc.                      ARB     Information Services    8900   NYS
Arbor Mem Svcs Inc.             ABOA.TO     Industrial Services    7300   TSE
Arbor Memorial Services Inc     ABO/B.TO    Industrial Services    7300   TSE
Arc Wireless Solutions Inc       ARCW      Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
ARCA biopharma Inc                ABIO              Drug           2834   NDQ
Arcadia Resources Inc              KAD       Medical Supplies      8060   AMS
ArcelorMittal                       MT      Steel (Integrated)     3312   NYS
Arch Cap Group Ltd                ACGL    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)    6330   NDQ
Arch Chemicals                     ARJ     Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Arch Coal                          ACI               Coal          1220   NYS
Archer Daniels Midl'd             ADM         Food Processing      2000   NYS
Archipelago Learning Inc          ARCL     Educational Services    8299   NDQ
Archon Corp                       ARHN         Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Arcland Energy Corp.              ACLY    Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NDQ
ArcSight Inc                     ARST   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Arctic Cat Inc                   ACAT           Recreation         7900   NDQ
Ardea Biosciences Inc            RDEA              Drug            2834   NDQ
Arden Group 'A'                 ARDNA    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc        ARNA         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Arena Resources Inc               ARD    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Argan Inc.                        AGX           Machinery          3500   AMS
Argo Group International         AGII    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Argon ST                         STST      Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Argonaut Technologies Inc        AGNT       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Argyle Security Inc.             ARGL           Electronics        3670   NDQ
ARI Network Services             ARIS            Internet          7370   NDQ
Ariad Pharm. Inc                 ARIA              Drug            2834   NDQ
Ariba Inc.                       ARBA          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Ariel Corp                      ADSPQ    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Ark Restaurants Corp.            ARKR           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Arkados Group Inc                AKDS            Internet          7370   NDQ
Arkansas Best                    ABFS            Trucking          4200   NDQ
Arlington Asset Investment         AI     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Arlington Hospitality Inc        HOST         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Armanino Foods of Distinction    AMNF        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Armstrong World Inds.             AWI       Building Materials     3200   NYS
Arotech Corporation              ARTX           Electronics        3670   NDQ
ArQule Inc                       ARQL              Drug            2834   NDQ
Array BioPharma Inc              ARRY              Drug            2834   NDQ
Arrhythmia Res Tech               HRT       Medical Supplies       8060   AMS
Arris Group                      ARRS     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Arrow Electronics                ARW            Electronics        3670   NYS
Arrow Financial                 AROW               Bank            6000   NDQ
Arrow Resources Development     ARWD     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NDQ
Arrowhead Research Corp.        ARWR             Internet          7370   NDQ
Art Technology                   ARTG          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Art's-Way Manufacturing         ARTW            Machinery          3500   NDQ
Artes Medical Inc               ARTEQ       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Artesian Res Corp               ARTNA          Water Utility       4941   NDQ
Artesian Resources Corp         ARTNB          Water Utility       4941   NDQ
ArthroCare Corp.                 ARTC       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Artificial Life Inc              ALIF   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Artio Global Investors Inc        ART     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
ARTISTdirect Inc                 ARTD            Internet          7370   NDQ
Aruba Networks Inc               ARUN     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
ArvinMeritor                     ARM            Auto Parts         3716   NYS
ARYx Therapeutics Inc            ARYX              Drug            2834   NDQ
ASA INTL LTD                     ASAL   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ASA Ltd.                          ASA        Precious Metals       1041   NYS
ASAT Holdings Limited (ADS)     ASTTY         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Asbury Automotive                 ABG       Retail Automotive      5531   NYS
Ascendant Solutions Inc          ASDS   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Ascendia Brands Inc             ASCBQ            Internet          7370   NDQ
Ascent Media Corporation          ASCMA           Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Ascent Solar Technologies Inc      ASTI                Power           4900   NDQ
Asconi Corp                        ASCD              Beverage          2080   NDQ
Ashland Inc.                        ASH       Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Asia Pacific Wire & Cable         AWRCF       Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Asia Time Corp                     ATYM       Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
AsiaInfo Holdings Inc              ASIA               Internet         7370   NDQ
Asiamart Inc                       AAMA      Property Management       6510   NDQ
ASML Holding N.V.                  ASML          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Aspen Exploration Corporation      ASPN      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Aspen Group Resources Corp        ASRPF      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Aspen Insurance Hldgs Ltd           AHL      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Aspen Technology Inc.              AZPN     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
AspenBio Pharma Inc                APPY           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Aspyra Inc                         APYI     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Asset Acceptance Capital Corp      AACC       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Assisted Living Concepts Inc.       ALC          Medical Services      8000   NYS
Assoc. Banc-Corp                   ASBC          Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Associated Estates                  AEC               R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
AssuranceAmerica Corporation       ASAM      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Assurant Inc                        AIZ      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Assured Guaranty                   AGO             Reinsurance         6399   NYS
Assured Pharmacy Inc               APHY            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Asta Funding Inc                   ASFI       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Astea Intl Inc                     ATEA     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Astec Inds.                        ASTE             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Astoria Financial                    AF                Thrift          6120   NYS
Astral Media Inc. 'A'            ACM/A.TO         Entertainment        7950   TSE
Astralis Pharmaceuticals Ltd       ASTR               R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
AstraZeneca PLC                     AZN                 Drug           2834   NYS
Astro-Med                          ALOT      Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Astronics Corp                     ATRO        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Astrotech Corp                     ASTC        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Asure Software Inc                 ASUR     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
AT&T Inc.                            T          Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
ATA Inc                            ATAI     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ATC Healthcare Inc                 AHNA         Human Resources        7363   NDQ
ATC Techn.                         ATAC             Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Atco Ltd                         ACOY.TO         Utility (Foreign)     4914   TSE
ATCO Ltd.                        ACO/X.TO       Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   TSE
Athenahealth Inc.                  ATHN      Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Atheros Communications             ATHR               Internet         7370   NDQ
Athersys Inc                       ATHX                 Drug           2834   NDQ
Atlantic American Corp             AAME       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Atlantic Bancgroup Inc             ATBC                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Atlantic Coast Federal Corp.       ACFC                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Atlantic So. Financial Grp Inc     ASFN                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Atlantic Tele-Network              ATNI         Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Atlantic Wine Agencies Inc         AWIN              Beverage          2080   NDQ
Atlantis Plastics                 ATPL      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Atlas Acquisition Holdings Cor    AXGU     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Atlas Air Worldwide              AAWW            Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Atlas Energy Inc                  ATLS     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Atlas Mining Co                   ALMI     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Atlas Pipeline Holdings LP         AHD       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Atlas Pipeline Partners L.P.       APL       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Atlas Technologies Group Inc      ATYG    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Atmel Corp.                       ATML         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
ATMI Inc.                         ATMI      Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
Atmos Energy                       ATO       Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
ATP Oil & Gas Corp                ATPG       Natural Gas (Div.)      4929   NDQ
AtriCure Inc                      ATRC        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Atrinsic Inc                      ATRN              Internet         7370   NDQ
Atrion Corp                       ATRI        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
ATS Automation Tooling Systems   ATA.TO            Machinery         3500   TSE
ATS Corp                          ATCT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ATS Medical                       ATSI        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
ATSI Communications               ATSX       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Attunity Ltd                     ATTUF              Internet         7370   NDQ
Atwood Oceanics                    ATW       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Auburn Natl Bancorp               AUBN                Bank           6000   NDQ
AudioCodes Ltd.                   AUDC      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Audiovox 'A'                      VOXX      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Augusta Resource Corp              AZC         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Aura Systems                      AUSI            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Aurizon Mines Ltd                  AZK         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Aurora Gold Corp                  ARXG         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Aurora Oil & Gas Corp            AOGSQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
AuthenTec Inc                     AUTH         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Authentidate Hldg Corp            ADAT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Auto Data Network Inc            ADNW     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Auto Graphics Inc                 AUGR    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Autobytel Inc                     ABTL              Internet         7370   NDQ
AutoChina International Inc       AUTC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Autodesk Inc.                     ADSK    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
AutoImmune Inc.                   AIMM                Drug           2834   NDQ
Autoinfo Inc.                     AUTO              Trucking         4200   NDQ
Autoliv Inc.                       ALV            Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Automatic Data Proc.               ADP    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
AutoNation Inc.                     AN        Retail Automotive      5531   NYS
Autonomy Corporation             AUTNF    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
AutoZone Inc.                      AZO        Retail Automotive      5531   NYS
Auxilio Inc.                      AUXO              Internet         7370   NDQ
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc      AUXL                Drug           2834   NDQ
Avago Technologies                AVGO         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Avalon Correctional Svcs Inc.     CITY       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Avalon Hldgs Corp                 AWX           Environmental        4953   AMS
Avalon Oil and Gas Inc            AOGN     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
AvalonBay Communities               AVB              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Avani International Group Inc      AVIT             Beverage           2080   NDQ
Avanir Pharmaceuticals             AVNR                Drug            2834   NDQ
Avantair Inc                       AAIR      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Avatar Holdings                    AVTR          Homebuilding          1521   NDQ
Avatech Solutions Inc              AVSO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
AVAX Technologies Inc              AVXT                Drug            2834   NDQ
Avensys Corporation                AVNY        Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Aventine Renewable Energy Hld     AVRNQ               Power            4900   NDQ
Avenue Group Inc.                  AVNU     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Avery Dennison                      AVY      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
AVI BioPharma Inc                   AVII               Drug            2834   NDQ
Avid Technology                    AVID       Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Avigen Inc                         AVGN                Drug            2834   NDQ
Avis Budget Group                   CAR       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Avista Corp.                        AVA      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Avistar Communications Corp        AVSR     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Avitar Inc New                     AVTI         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Aviza Technology Inc              AVZAQ          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Avnet Inc.                          AVT            Electronics         3670   NYS
Avon Products                       AVP      Toiletries/Cosmetics      2844   NYS
AVP Inc                            AVPI          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
AvStar Aviation Group Inc          AAVG           Air Transport        4510   NDQ
AVVAA World Health Care Prods      AVVH                Drug            2834   NDQ
AVX Corp.                           AVX            Electronics         3670   NYS
Aware Inc Mass                    AWRE     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Axcelis Technologies Inc           ACLS          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Axcess International Inc           AXSI      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Axesstel Inc                       AXST      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Axial Vector Engine Corp           AXVC            Machinery           3500   NDQ
Axion International Hldgs Inc      AXIH    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Axion Power International         AXPW             Electronics         3670   NDQ
Axis Capital Holdings Ltd           AXS     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
AXS-One Inc                        AXSO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   TSE
AXT Inc                            AXTI          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Aztec Technology Partners Inc.     AZTC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
AZZ Inc.                            AZZ      Electrical Equipment      3600   NYS
b-Fast Corp                        BFTC       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
B.O.S. Better OnLine Solution      BOSC              Internet          7370   NDQ
B&G Foods Inc                       BGS     Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NYS
B+H Ocean Carriers                 BHO              Maritime           4400   AMS
B2Digital Inc                      BTDG        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
BAB Inc                            BABB            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Babcock & Brown Air Ltd             FLY       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
BackWeb Technologies Ltd          BWEBF              Internet          7370   NDQ
Badger Income Fund               BADU.TO           Machinery           3500   TSE
Badger Meter                        BMI      Precision Instrument      3800   NYS
Badger Paper Mills Inc.            BPMI     Paper/Forest Products      2600   NDQ
Baidu Inc                          BIDU              Internet          7370   NDQ
Baker (Michael) Corp.              BKR       Industrial Services    7300   AMS
Baker Hughes                        BHI     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Bakers Footwear Group inc         BKRS               Shoe           3140   NDQ
Balaton Power Inc                BPWRF              Power           4900   NDQ
Balchem Corp                      BCPC     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Baldor Electric                    BEZ     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Baldwin & Lyons                  BWINA    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Baldwin & Lyons Inc.'B'          BWINB    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Baldwin Technology Co.             BLD            Machinery         3500   AMS
Ball Corp.                          BLL   Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Ballantyne Strong Inc              BTN         Entertainment        7950   AMS
Ballard Power Sys.                 BLDP             Power           4900   NDQ
Ballistic Recovery Systems         BRSI     Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Bally Technologies Inc              BYI         Hotel/Gaming        7000   NYS
BancFirst Corp. OK                BANF         Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Bancinsurance Corp                 BCIS    Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Banco Latinoamericano S.A.          BLX              Bank           6000   NYS
Bancolombia S.A.                    CIB              Bank           6000   NYS
Bancorp of New Jersey               BKJ              Bank           6000   AMS
Bancorp Rhode Island Inc           BARI              Bank           6000   NDQ
BancorpSouth                       BXS               Bank           6000   NYS
BancTrust Financial Group Inc     BTFG               Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank Mutual Corp                  BKMU              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Bank of America                    BAC               Bank           6000   NYS
Bank of Commerce                  BOCH               Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of East Asia Limited         BKEAY              Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of Florida Corporation        BOFL              Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank Of Granite                   GRAN               Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of Hawaii                     BOH               Bank           6000   NYS
Bank Of Kentucky Financial Cor     BKYF              Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of Marin Bancorp             BMRC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of McKenney                  BOMK               Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of Montreal                 BMO.TO       Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Bank of New York Mellon             BK               Bank           6000   NYS
Bank of Nova Scotia              BNS.TO       Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Bank of the Carolinas Corp        BCAR               Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of the James Fin'l Grp        BOJF              Bank           6000   NDQ
Bank of the Ozarks                OZRK         Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Bank South Carolina               BKSC               Bank           6000   NDQ
BankAtlantic Bancorp Inc.          BBX              Thrift          6120   NYS
BankFinancial Corp                 BFIN             Thrift          6120   NDQ Inc                      BNX             Internet         7370   AMS
BankUnited Finl Corp             BKUNQ               Bank           6000   NDQ
Banner Corp                       BANR              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Banro Corporation                  BAA         Precious Metals      1041   AMS
Bar Harbor Bankshares              BHB               Bank           6000   AMS
Bard (C.R.)                        BCR        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Bare Escentuals                   BARE      Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NDQ
Barnes & Noble                     BKS     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Barnes Group                        B           Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Barnwell Industries                BRN     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Barrett Bus. Svcs                 BBSI        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Barrick Gold                       ABX         Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Barzell Industries Inc           TPUTQ      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Baseline Oil & Gas Corporation   BOGAQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Basic Earth Science Sys Inc       BSIC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Basic Energy Services Inc.         BAS       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Basin Water Inc.                 BWTRQ          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Bassett Furniture                 BSET     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Baxter Int'l Inc.                  BAX         Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Bay Banks of Virginia Inc         BAYK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Bay National Corp                 BAYN               Bank            6000   NDQ
BayHill Capital Corp.             BYHL        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Baylake Corp                      BYLK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Bayou City Exploration Inc        BYCX     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Baytex Energy Trust                BTE     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
BB&T Corp.                         BBT               Bank            6000   NYS
BCB Bancorp Inc                   BCBP               Bank            6000   NDQ
BCB Holdings Ltd                 BCBHF          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
BCE Inc.                           BCE        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
BCSB Bancorp Inc                  BCSB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
BE Aerospace                      BEAV       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
BE Semiconductor Inds NV          BESIY         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Beach First Natl Bancshares       BFNB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Beacon Enterprise Solutions Gr    BEAC        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Beacon Federal Bancorp Inc.       BFED               Bank            6000   NDQ
Beacon Power Corp                 BCON      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Beacon Roofing Supply Inc         BECN        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
BearingPoint                     BGPTQ    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Beasley Broadcast Group Inc       BBGI          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Beazer Homes USA                   BZH          Homebuilding         1521   NYS
bebe stores inc                   BEBE      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Beckman Coulter                    BEC         Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Becton Dickinson                   BDX         Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Bed Bath & Beyond                 BBBY      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Beicang Iron & Steel Inc          BEIC         Steel (General)       3311   NDQ
Bel Fuse Inc /NJ                 BELFB            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Bel Fuse Inc.                    BELFA            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Belden Inc.                        BDC      Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Bell Inds.                         BLLI           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Bell Microproducts                BELM          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
BELLUS Health Inc                 BLUS          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Belo Corp. 'A'                     BLC            Newspaper          2710   NYS
Bemis Co.                          BMS     Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Benchmark Bankshares Inc          BMBN               Bank            6000   NDQ
Benchmark Electronics              BHE            Electronics        3670   NYS
Beneficial Mutual Bancorp Inc     BNCL               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Benetton Group S.p.A. ADR        BNGPY              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Benihana Inc                    BNHN            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Bennet Environmental Inc        BEVFF         Environmental        4953   NDQ
BEO Bancorp                      BEOB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Berkeley Technology Ltd         BKLYY    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Berkley (W.R.)                   WRB     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Berkshire Bancorp Inc            BERK              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Berkshire Hathaway              BRK/A    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc      BHLB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Berliner Communications Inc      BERL      Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Berry Petroleum `A'               BRY    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Best Buy Co.                      BBY     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Best Energy Services Inc         BEYS      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Betawave Corporation            BWAV            Advertising        7310   NDQ
Beverly Hills Bancorp Inc        BHBC    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Beverly National Corp             BNV               Bank           6000   AMS
BFC Financial Corp               BFCF    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
BFC Financial Corp.             BFCFB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
BGC Partners Inc.                BGCP     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
BGI Inc                          BGII         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
BHP Billiton Ltd. ADR             BHP    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NYS Inc                     BIDZ          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Big 5 Sporting Goods             BGFV     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Big Buck Brewery & Steakhouse   BBUCQ           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Big Lots Inc.                     BIG           Retail Store       5300   NYS
BigBand Networks                 BBND      Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Bill Barrett Corp                 BBG    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Biloxi Marsh Lands Corp          BLMC    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Bimini Capital Management Inc   BMNM              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ Ltd.                  BNGOF             Internet         7370   NDQ
BIO-key International Inc        BKYI      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Bio-Rad Labs 'B'                BIO/B       Medical Supplies       8060   AMS
Bio-Rad Labs. 'A'                 BIO       Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Bio-Reference Labs Inc           BRLI       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Bioanalytical Systems            BASI       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
BioClinica Inc                   BIOC       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
BioCoral Inc                     BCRA         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
BioCryst Pharm Inc.              BCRX               Drug           2834   NDQ
BioCurex Inc.                    BOCX         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Biodel Inc                       BIOD               Drug           2834   NDQ
BioDelivery Sciences Int'l       BDSI               Drug           2834   NDQ
Biofield Corp                    BZEC       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
BioForce Nanosciences Hldgs      BFNH         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
BioForm Medical Inc              BFRM       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
BioFuel Energy Corp              BIOF              Power           4900   NDQ
Biogen Idec Inc.                  BIIB              Drug           2834   NDQ
Bioheart Inc                     BHRT         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Bioject Medical Tech             BJCT       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
BioLargo Inc.                    BLGO       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
BioLase Technology Inc           BLTI       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
BioLife Solutions Inc            BLFS         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
BioMarin Pharmac.                BMRN          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
BioMed Realty Trust Inc           BMR              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Biomedical Tech. Solutions       BMTL          Environmental         4953   NDQ
Biomerica Inc.                   BMRA         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
BioMimetic Therapeutics Inc.     BMTI                Drug            2834   NDQ
Bionovo Inc                      BNVI                Drug            2834   NDQ
Biopack Environmental Solutio    BPAC     Packaging & Container      2640   NDQ
Biophan Technologies Inc         BIPH                Drug            2834   NDQ
Biopure Corp                    BPURQ                Drug            2834   NDQ
BIOQUAL Inc                      BIOQ          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Bioquest Technologies Inc        BQST       Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NDQ
BioSante Pharmaceuticals Inc.    BPAX                Drug            2834   NDQ
BioScrip Inc                     BIOS        Pharmacy Services       5910   NDQ
BioSpecifics Tech. Corp          BSTC          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
BioSphere Medical Inc.           BSMD         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc.     BSPM                Drug            2834   NDQ
Biosyntech Inc                    BSYI         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Biotech Holdings Ltd            BIO.TO               Drug            2834   TSE
Biotime Inc.                     BTIM                Drug            2834   NDQ
Biotransplant Inc               BTRNQ                Drug            2834   NDQ
Biovail Corp.                     BVF                Drug            2834   NYS
Birch Mountain Resources Inc    BMD.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   TSE
Birks & Mayors Inc                BMJ      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   AMS
Birner Dental Management Svcs    BDMS         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Bison Instruments Inc            BSOI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Bitstream Inc                     BITS   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
BJ Services                       BJS       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
BJ's Restaurants                  BJRI           Restaurant          5812   NDQ
BJ's Wholesale Club                BJ            Retail Store        5300   NYS
BKF Capital Group Inc            BKFG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Black & Decker                    BDK             Machinery          3500   NYS
Black Box                        BBOX      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Black Dragon Resource Cos Inc    BDGR     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Black Hills                       BKH      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Blackbaud Inc                    BLKB    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Blackboard Inc.                  BBBB    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Blackhawk Bancorp Inc            BHWB                Bank            6000   NDQ
BlackRock Inc.                    BLK      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Blackstone Group LP                BX      Public/Private Equity     6799   NYS
Blast Energy Services Inc        BESV        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Blastgard International Inc      BLGA              Internet          7370   NDQ
Block (H&R)                       HRB      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Blockbuster Inc.                  BBI      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Blonder Tongue Labs Inc           BDR      Electrical Equipment      3600   AMS
Blount International Inc          BLT             Machinery          3500   NYS
Blue Coat Sys.                   BCSI    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Blue Dolphin Energy              BDCO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
Blue Holdings Inc                 BLHI             Apparel           2300   NDQ
Blue Nile                         NILE              Internet        7370   NDQ
Blue Valley Ban Corp              BVBC                Bank          6000   NDQ
Bluebook Int'l Holding Co        BBKH            E-Commerce         7372   NDQ
Bluefly Inc                       BFLY     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Bluegate Corporation              BGAT              Internet        7370   NDQ
Bluegreen Corp.                   BXG           Diversified Co.     9913   NYS
Blueknight Energy Partners LP     BKEP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   NDQ
BlueLinx Holdings                  BXC     Retail Building Supply   5211   NYS
BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd         BPHX    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Bluepoint Linux Software Corp     BLPT    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Bluestar Health Inc               BLSH          Entertainment       7950   NDQ
Blyth Inc.                         BTH      Household Products      2840   NYS
BMB Munai Inc                      KAZ     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
BMC Software                      BMC     Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
BMP Sunstone Corp                 BJGP       Pharmacy Services      5910   NDQ
BNC Bancorp                      BNCN                 Bank          6000   NDQ
Bnccorp Inc                      BNCC                 Bank          6000   NDQ
BNS Holding Inc                  BNSSA    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Boardwalk Pipeline                BWP       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Bob Evans Farms                   BOBE            Restaurant        5812   NDQ
Bodisen Biotech Inc               BBCZ      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Boeing                              BA       Aerospace/Defense      3720   NYS
BofI Holding Inc.                 BOFI               Thrift         6120   NDQ
Bogen Communications Intl        BOGN             Electronics       3670   NDQ
Boise Inc                           BZ     Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
BOK Financial                     BOKF         Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Bolt Technology Corp.             BOLT       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   NDQ
Bombardier Inc. 'B'             BBDB.TO      Aerospace/Defense      3720   TSE
Bon-Ton Stores                   BONT             Retail Store      5300   NDQ
Bonds.Com Group Inc.             BDCG               Internet        7370   NDQ
Bonso Electronics Intl Inc       BNSO       Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
Bontan Corporation Inc           BNTNF              Internet        7370   NDQ
Bontex Inc                        BOTX          Diversified Co.     9913   NDQ
Books-A-Million                  BAMM      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Boots & Coots Intl Well Cntrl     WEL        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   AMS
Borders Group                      BGP     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
BorgWarner                        BWA              Auto Parts       3716   NYS
Boss Holdings Inc                 BSHI              Apparel         2300   NDQ
Boston Beer 'A'                   SAM              Beverage         2080   NYS
Boston Private Fin'l Hldgs        BPFH                Bank          6000   NDQ
Boston Properties                  BXP              R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
Boston Scientific                  BSX        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Bottomline Technologies Inc       EPAY    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ        BBTC          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Bovie Medical Corp                 BVX        Medical Supplies      8060   AMS
Bowl America CI 'A'              BWL/A            Recreation        7900   AMS
Bowlin Travel Centers Inc.       BWTL             Retail Store      5300   NDQ
Bowne & Co.                        BNE             Publishing       2700   NYS
Boyd Gaming                        BYD          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NYS
BP PLC ADR                          BP     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
BPI Energy Holdings Inc           BPIGF    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
BPO Managment Services Inc        HAXS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
BPW Acquisition Corp               BPW      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
BPZ Resources Inc                  BPZ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Brady Corp.                        BRC          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Braintech Inc/BC                  BRHI       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Brandt Inc                        BNDT      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Brandywine Realty Trust            BDN             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Bravo! Foods International Cor    BRVO         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
BRE Properties                     BRE             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Breakwater Resources             BWR.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
Breeze-Eastern Corp.               BZC       Aerospace/Defense       3720   AMS
BreitBurn Energy Partners L.P.    BBEP     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Brendan Technologies Inc          BDTE            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Bridge Bancorp Inc                BDGE               Bank            6000   NDQ
Bridge Capital Holdings           BBNK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Bridgeline Software Inc           BLSW             Internet          7370   NDQ
Bridgepoint Education Inc           BPI     Educational Services     8299   NYS
Bridgford Foods                   BRID         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Briggs & Stratton                  BGG            Machinery          3500   NYS
Brigham Exploration Co            BEXP     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Brightpoint Inc.                   CELL     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
BrightStar Information Tech.      BTSR    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Brilliant Digital Entertain       BDLN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Brink's (The) Co.                  BCO       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Brinker Int'l                      EAT            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Bristol-Myers Squibb               BMY               Drug            2834   NYS
Bristow Group                      BRS          Air Transport        4510   NYS
Britannia Bulk Holdings Inc       BBLKF            Maritime          4400   NDQ
British Amer Tobacco ADR            BTI            Tobacco           2085   NYS
Britton & Koontz Capital          BKBK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Broadband Wireless Intl Corp      BBAN      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Broadcast International Inc       BCST      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Broadcaster Inc                   BCAS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Broadcom Corp. 'A'                BRCM      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Broadleaf Capital Partners        BDLF      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Broadpoint Gleacher Securitie     BPSG      Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Broadridge Fin'l Solutions Inc      BR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
BroadVision Inc.                  BVSN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Broadway Finl Corp                BYFC              Thrift           6120   NDQ
Broadwind Energy Inc              BWEN              Power            4900   NDQ
Brocade Communic.                 BRCD     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Bronco Drilling Co Inc            BRNC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Brookdale Senior Living            BKD         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Brooke Corp.                     BXXXQ     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Brookfield Asset Mgmt.             BAM     Property Management       6510   NYS
Brookfield Homes Corp.             BHS             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Brookfield Infrastructure Ptnr      BIP     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Brookfield Pptys Corp           BPO.TO             R.E.I.T.         6720   TSE
Brookline Bancorp                BRKL               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Brooklyn Federal Bancorp         BFSB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Brooks Automation                BRKS             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Brown & Brown                     BRO      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Brown Shoe                        BWS               Shoe            3140   NYS
Brown-Forman 'B'                  BF/B            Beverage          2080   NYS
BRT Realty trust                  BRT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Bruker Corp.                     BRKR      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Brunswick Bancorp                BRBW               Bank            6000   NDQ
Brunswick Corp.                    BC            Recreation         7900   NYS
Brunton Vineyards Holdings In    BVYH             Beverage          2080   NDQ
Brush Engineered                   BW     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NYS
Bryn Mawr Bank Corp.             BMTC               Bank            6000   NDQ
BSD Medical Corp                 BSDM         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
BSML Inc                         BSML            Electronics        3670   NDQ
BSQUARE Corporation              BSQR    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
BT Group ADR                       BT        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
BTU International Inc.           BTUI          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Buckeye GP Holdings LP            BGH       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Buckeye Partners L.P.             BPL       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Buckeye Technologies              BKI     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Buckhead Amer Corp               BUCK          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Buckle (The) Inc.                 BKE      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Bucyrus Int'l                    BUCY                Coal           1220   NDQ
Buffalo Wild Wings               BWLD            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Build-A-Bear Workshop Inc         BBW      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Builders FirstSource Inc         BLDR        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Building Materials               BLGM        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Bulova Technologies Group Inc    BLVT       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Bunge Ltd.                         BG         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Burger King Hldgs.                BKC            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Burke Mills Inc                  BMLS          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Burlington Northern               BNI              Railroad         4002   NYS
Butler Intl Inc                  BUTL       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Butler Natl Corp                 BUKS          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Buzz Technologies Inc            BZTG        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
BVR Systems 1998 Ltd            BVRSF    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Bway Holding Company              BWY     Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
C & D Technologies                CHP      Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
C & F Finl Corp                   CFFI              Bank            6000   NDQ
C.H. Robinson                    CHRW       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
C2 Global Technologies Inc       COBT        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
CA Inc.                            CA    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Cabela's Inc.                     CAB      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Cablevision Sys. 'A'              CVC             Cable TV          4840   NYS
Cabot Corp.                       CBT     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Cabot Microelectr's              CCMP      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Cabot Oil & Gas 'A'               COG        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Cache Inc.                        CACH      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
CACI Int'l                        CACI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Cadbury PLC                        CBY         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Caddo International Inc           CADD     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Cadence Design Sys.               CDNS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Cadence Financial Corp            CADE               Bank            6000   NDQ
Cadence Pharm.                    CADX          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Cadiz Inc                         CDZI          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Cadus Pharm Corp                  KDUS                Drug           2834   NDQ
CAE Inc.                         CAE.TO      Aerospace/Defense       3720   TSE
Cagle's Inc.                      CGL/A        Food Processing       2000   AMS
CAI International Inc              CAP             Maritime          4400   NYS
Cal Dive International Inc.        DVR       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Cal-Maine Foods                   CALM         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Calais Resources Inc             CAAUF     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Calamos Asset Mgmt                CLMS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
CalAmp Corp.                      CAMP      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Calavo Growers Inc.               CVGW         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Caledonia Mining Corporation     CAL.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
Calgon Carbon                      CCC          Environmental        4953   NYS
California Coastal Cmntys         CALC          Homebuilding         1521   NDQ
California Community Bank         CABK               Bank            6000   NDQ
California First Natl Bancorp     CFNB      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
California Micro Devices          CAMD            Electronics        3670   NDQ
California Pizza                   CPKI           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
California United Bank            CUNB               Bank            6000   NDQ
California Water                   CWT           Water Utility       4941   NYS
Caliper Life Sciences             CALP          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Call Now Inc                      CLNW            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Callaway Golf                      ELY            Recreation         7900   NYS
Callidus Software Inc             CALD    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Callisto Pharmaceuticals Inc      CLSP                Drug           2834   NDQ
Callon Pete Co                     CPE        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
CallWave Inc                      CLWA    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Calpine Corp                       CPN               Power           4900   NYS
Calton Inc.                       CTON          Homebuilding         1521   NDQ
Calumet Specialty Products L.P    CLMT     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Calypso Wireless Inc.             CLYW      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Calypte Biomedical                CBMC         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Cambex Corp.                      CBEX     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Cambrex Corp.                      CBM     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Cambridge Bancorp                 CATC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Cambridge Heart Inc               CAMH         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Camco Finl Corp                    CAFI              Bank            6000   NDQ
Camden Natl Corp                   CAC               Bank            6000   AMS
Camden Property Trust              CPT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Cameco Corp.                     CCO.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
Camera Platforms International    CPFR       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Cameron Int'l Corp.                CAM       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
CaminoSoft Corp                   CMSF     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Campbell Resources              CCHH.TO         Precious Metals      1041   TSE
Campbell Soup                      CPB         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Camtek Ltd                        CAMT      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Can Cal Resources Ltd             CCRE     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Can. Imperial Bank               CM.TO         Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Can. National Railway              CNI              Railroad         4002   NYS
Can. Natural Res.               CNQ.TO        Canadian Energy        1299   TSE
Can. Pacific Railway                CP              Railroad         4002   NYS
Canada Bread Ltd                 CBY.TO        Food Processing       2000   TSE
Canadian Solar Inc                CSIQ               Power           4900   NDQ
Canadian Superior Energy Inc.     SNG      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Canadian Tire Corp. 'A'         CTCA.TO       Retail Automotive      5531   TSE
Canadian Utilities 'B'           CUX.TO       Natural Gas Utility    4920   TSE
Canadian Western Bank           CWB.TO         Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Canam Group Inc                 CAM.TO        Steel (Integrated)     3312   TSE
Canarc Resource Corp            CCM.TO          Precious Metals      1041   TSE
CanArgo Energy Corp              CANRQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Candela Corp.                     CLZR         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Candlewood Hotel                  CNDL           Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Canfor Corporation               CFP.TO    Paper/Forest Products     2600   TSE
Cangene Corp                     CNJ.TO          Biotechnology       2830   TSE
Cano Petroleum Inc.               CFW      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Canon Inc. ADR                     CAJ       Foreign Electronics     9975   NYS
Cantel Medical Corp.              CMN          Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Canterbury Pk Hldg Corp           CPHC           Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
CanWest Global Communications    CGS.TO         Entertainment        7950   TSE
Canyon Bancorp                    CYBA                Bank           6000   NDQ
Capco Energy Inc                 CGYNQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Cape Bancorp Inc                  CBNJ               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Cape Fear Bank Corp.             CAPEQ                Bank           6000   NDQ
Cape Systems Group Inc            CYSG    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Capella Education Company         CPLA      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Capital Bank Corp                 CBKN                Bank           6000   NDQ
Capital Beverage                  CBEV             Beverage          2080   NDQ
Capital City Bank Group Inc       CCBG                Bank           6000   NDQ
Capital Corp of the West         CCOWQ                Bank           6000   NDQ
Capital Financial Holdings        CPFH      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Capital Gold Corp                 CGLD          Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Capital Growth Systems Inc        CGSY        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Capital Markets Technologies      CMKT      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Capital One Fin'l                  COF      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Capital Product Partners LP       CPLP              Maritime         4400   NDQ
Capital Properties Inc            CPTP              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Capital Senior Living              CSU         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Capital Trust                       CT      Public/Private Equity    6799   NYS
CapitalSource                      CSE      Public/Private Equity    6799   NYS
CapitalSouth Bancorp              CAPB                Bank           6000   NDQ
Capitol Bancorp Ltd                CBC                Bank           6000   NYS
Capitol Fed. Fin'l                CFFN              Thrift          6120   NDQ
CapLease Inc.                      LSE             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Caprius Inc                       CAPIE      Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Capstead Mtg. Corp.                CMO             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Capstone Therapeutics             CAPS         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Capstone Turbine                  CPST              Power           4900   NDQ
Caraco Pharmaceutical Lab. Ltd     CPD               Drug           2834   AMS
Caraustar Inds.                  CSARQ    Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
CARBO Ceramics                     CRR      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Cardiac Science Corporation       CSCX       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cardica Inc                       CRDC       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cardima Inc                       CADM        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Cardinal Bankshares Corp          CDBK              Bank            6000   NDQ
Cardinal Financial Corp.          CFNL              Bank            6000   NDQ
Cardinal Health                    CAH       Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
CardioGenesis Corp                CGCP       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cardiome Pharma Corp              CRME               Drug           2834   NDQ
CardioNet Inc                     BEAT       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cardiovascular Biotherapeutics    CVBT               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cardiovascular Systems Inc         CSII              Drug           2834   NDQ
Cardium Therapeutics Inc           CXM               Drug           2834   AMS
Cardo Medical Inc                 CDOM       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cardtronics Inc                   CATM      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Career Education                  CECO     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
CareGuide Inc.                    CGUE    Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Caribbean Amer. Health Resort     CAHR       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Caribou Coffee Company            CBOU           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Carlisle Cos.                      CSL         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
CarMax Inc.                        KMX       Retail Automotive      5531   NYS
Carmike Cinemas Inc               CKEC         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Carnival Corp.                     CCL           Recreation         7900   NYS
Carolina Bank Holdings Inc        CLBH              Bank            6000   NDQ
Carpenter Technology               CRS        Steel (General)       3311   NYS
Carriage Services Inc              CSV      Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Carrizo Oil & Gas                 CRZO    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Carrollton Bancorp                CRRB              Bank            6000   NDQ
Carrols Restaurant Group Inc.     TAST           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Carter's Inc.                      CRI             Apparel          2300   NYS
Carthew Bay Technologies Inc     CWBYF              Power           4900   NDQ
Carver Bancorp Inc                CARV              Thrift          6120   NDQ
CAS Medical Systems Inc           CASM       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cascade Bancorp                   CACB              Bank            6000   NDQ
Cascade Corp.                     CASC            Machinery         3500   NYS
Cascade Financial Corp            CASB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Cascade Microtech Inc             CSCD        Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Cascades Inc.                    CAS.TO   Paper/Forest Products     2600   TSE
Case Financial Inc                CSEF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Casella Waste Sys.                CWST         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Casey's Gen'l Stores              CASY    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Cash Amer. Int'l                CSH     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Cash Technologies Inc.         CTQN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Caspian Services Inc           CSSV      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Cass Information Sys Inc       CASS     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Castle (A.M.) & Co.             CAS         Steel (General)      3311   NYS
Castle Brands Inc               ROX            Beverage          2080   AMS
Castleguard Energy Inc.        MOAT    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Casual Male Retail Group      CMRG      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Catalyst Health Solns          CHSI       Pharmacy Services      5910   NDQ
Catalyst Paper Corporation    CTL.TO   Paper/Forest Products     2600   TSE
Catalyst Pharm. Services       CPRX               Drug           2834   NDQ
Catcher Holdings Inc           CTHH     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Caterpillar Inc.                CAT            Machinery         3500   NYS
Cathay General Bancorp         CATY               Bank           6000   NDQ
Cato Corp.                     CATO     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Catuity Inc                    CTTY   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Cavco Industries Inc.          CVCO      Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NDQ
Cavico Corporation             CAVO             Internet         7370   NDQ
Cavium Networks Inc            CAVM         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
CB Richard Ellis                CBG       Industrial Services    7300   NYS
Cbeyond Inc.                   CBEY       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
CBIZ Inc                        CBZ     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
CBL & Assoc Pptys Inc.          CBL             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
CBR Brewing Company Inc       CBRAF            Beverage          2080   NDQ
CBS Corp. 'B'                   CBS         Entertainment        7950   NYS
CBT Financial Corp             CBTC               Bank           6000   NDQ
CC Media Holdings Inc         CCMO          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
CCA Inds.                      CAW       Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   AMS
CCF Holding Co.                CCFH               Bank           6000   NDQ
CCFNB Bancorp Inc              CCFN               Bank           6000   NDQ
CCL Industries Inc.          CCLB.TO   Packaging & Container     2640   TSE
CCL Industries Inc. 'A'      CCL/A.TO    Household Products      2840   TSE
CCSB Financial Corp            CCFC              Thrift          6120   NDQ
CDC Corp.                     CHINA          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
CDC Software Corp              CDCS   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
CDI Corp.                       CDI       Human Resources        7363   NYS
CDSI Hldgs Inc                 CDSI   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
CDSS Wind Down Inc            CWDW              Internet         7370   NDQ
CE Franklin Ltd                 CFK      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
CEC Entertainment               CEC           Restaurant         5812   NYS
Cecil Bancorp Inc              CECB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
CECO Environmental             CECE         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Cedar Fair L.P.                 FUN           Recreation         7900   NYS
Cedar Shopping Centers Inc      CDR             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Cel-Sci Corp.                  CVM          Biotechnology        2830   AMS
Celadon Group                   CGI             Trucking         4200   NDQ
Celanese Corp                    CE    Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Celera Corp.                    CRA         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Celestica Inc.                  CLS           Electronics        3670   NYS
Celexpress Inc                    CELX        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Celgene Corp.                     CELG               Drug             2834   NDQ
Cell Robotics International In     CRII        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cell Tech Intl Inc                 EFLI        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Cell Therapeutic                  CTIC               Drug             2834   NDQ
Cellcom Israel Ltd                 CEL        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
Celldex Therapeutics              CLDX               Drug             2834   NDQ
Celsion Corp.                     CLSN         Medical Services       8000   AMS
CEMEX ADS                           CX        Building Materials      3200   NYS
Cen. Vermont Pub. Serv.             CV      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Centene Corp                       CNC         Medical Services       8000   NYS
Center Bancorp Inc                CNBC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Center Financial Corp             CLFC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Center for Wound Healing Inc.    CFWH          Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Centerline Holding Co             CLNH      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
CenterPoint Energy                 CNP     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
CenterSpan Comm. Corp             CSCC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
CenterStaging Corp                CNSC          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Centerstate Banks Inc             CSFL               Bank             6000   NDQ
Central Bancorp Inc Mass          CEBK               Bank             6000   NDQ
Central Europe/Russia              CEE    Investment Co.(Foreign)     6730   NYS
Central European Dist.            CEDC             Beverage           2080   NDQ
Central European Media Enterps    CETV          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Central Federal Corp              CFBK               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Central Garden & Pet              CENT       Household Products       2840   NDQ
Central Jersey Bancorp            CJBK               Bank             6000   NDQ
Central Pacific Finl               CPF               Bank             6000   NYS
Central VA Bankshares             CVBK               Bank             6000   NDQ
Central Valley Community Banco    CVCY               Bank             6000   NDQ
Centrue Financial Corporation     TRUE         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Centurion Gold Holdings Inc       CGHI          Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Century Alum Co                   CENX     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
Century BanCorp.                 CNBKA               Bank             6000   NDQ
Century Casinos Inc               CNTY           Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
CenturyTel Inc.                    CTL        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
Cenveo Inc.                        CVO      Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NYS
Cephalon Inc.                     CEPH               Drug             2834   NDQ
Cepheid                           CPHD         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Ceradyne Inc.                     CRDN      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Ceragon Networks Ltd              CRNT      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Cerner Corp.                      CERN     Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
Certicom Corp                    CIC.TO   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   TSE
Cerus Corp                        CERS               Drug             2834   NDQ
CEVA Inc.                         CEVA          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
CF Industries                       CF         Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
CFS Bancorp Inc                   CITZ               Thrift           6120   NDQ
CGI Group Inc.                     GIB    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
CH Energy Group                    CHG      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Chad Therapeutics                CHADQ         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Chai-Na-Tai Corp                 CCCFF       Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Challenger Energy Corp           CHQGF   Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Champion Comm. Svcs. Inc         CCMS      Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Champion Inds.                    CHMP    Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NDQ
Champion Parts Inc.              CREBQ          Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Chang-On Int'l Inc               CAON        Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Channell Commercial Corp          CHNL    Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Chapeau Inc                       CPEU             Power           4900   NDQ
Charles & Colvard Ltd             CTHR    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Charles River                      CRL      Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Charming Shoppes                  CHRS    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Chart Industries Inc              GTLS           Machinery         3500   NDQ
Charter Communications Inc       CHTRQ           Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Charter Financial Corp            CHFN             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg       CHRT        Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Chase Corp                         CCF        Diversified Co.      9913   AMS
Chattem Inc.                      CHTT    Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NDQ
Chaus (Bernard)                  CHBD             Apparel          2300   NDQ
CHDT Corp                        CHDO         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Check Point Software              CHKP         E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Checkpoint Systems                 CKP    Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
Cheesecake Factory                CAKE          Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Cheetah Oil & Gas Ltd            COHG    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Chelsea Therapeutics Int'l Inc    CHTP              Drug           2834   NDQ
Chem Rx Corp                      CHRX     Pharmacy Services       5910   NDQ
Chembio Diagnostics Inc           CEMI      Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Chemed Corp.                       CHE        Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd.    CXSP              Drug           2834   NDQ
Chemical Financial                CHFC             Bank            6000   NDQ
Chemokine Therapeutics Corp       CHKT        Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
ChemSpec Intl Ltd                  CPC    Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Chemtura Corp.                   CEMJQ    Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Chemung Financial Corp           CHMG              Bank            6000   NDQ
Cheniere Energy Inc                LNG     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
Cheniere Energy Partners L.P.      CQP     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
Cherokee Inc.                     CHKE            Apparel          2300   NDQ
Chesapeake Corp.                 CSKEQ   Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
Chesapeake Energy                  CHK     Natural Gas (Div.)      4929   NYS
Chesapeake Financial Shares       CPKF             Bank            6000   NDQ
Chesapeake Utilities Corp.         CPK     Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
Chester Bancorp                   CNBA             Bank            6000   NDQ
Cheviot Financial Corp            CHEV             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Chevron Corp.                      CVX   Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Chicago Bridge & Iron              CBI      Metal Fabricating      3400   NYS
Chicago Rivet & Mach Co            CVR      Metal Fabricating      3400   AMS
Chico's FAS                        CHS    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Chicopee Bancorp Inc              CBNK             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Chief Consolidated Mining Co.     CFCM   Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Children's Place                  PLCE    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
China   3C Group                    CHCG            Electronics        3670   NDQ
China   Advanced Const. Mat Grp     CADC        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
China   Agri-Business Inc.          CHBU      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
China   Agritech Inc                CAGC      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
China   Agro-Technology Hldgs      CAGTE      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
China   America Holdings Inc        CAAH          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
China   Aoxing Pharmaceutical       CAXG                Drug           2834   NDQ
China   Architectural Eng. Inc      CAEI        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
China   Armo Metals Inc.            CNAM        Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
China   Auto Logistics Inc.         CALI      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
China   Automotive Systems Inc      CAAS            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
China   BAK Battery Inc             CBAK            Electronics        3670   NDQ
China   Biologic Products Inc.      CBPO          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
China   Cablecom Holdings Ltd       CABL             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
China   Carbon Graphite Grp. Inc    CHGI        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
China   Clean Energy Inc            CCGY               Power           4900   NDQ
China   Digital TV Holding Co.       STV            Electronics        3670   NYS
China   Direct Inc                   CDII         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
China   Eastern Airls ADR            CEA           Air Transport       4510   NYS
China   Education Alliance Inc       CEU      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
China   Energy Recovery Inc.        CGYV               Power           4900   NDQ
China   Finance Online Co.           JRJC             Internet         7370   NDQ
China   Fire & Security Group       CFSG       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
China   Food & Beverage Co          CHIF          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
China   Fund (The)                   CHN    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
China   GengSheng Minerals Inc      CHGS       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
China   Green Material Tech         CAGM          Environmental        4953   NDQ
China   GrenTech Corp               GRRF      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
China   Healthcare Acquisition      CHHM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
China   Holdings Acquisition         HOL      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
China   Housing & Land Dev Inc      CHLN     Property Management       6510   NDQ
China   Huaren Organic Products     CHRN     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
China   Industrial Waste Mgmt       CIWT          Environmental        4953   NDQ
China   Info. Security Tech Inc     CPBY              Internet         7370   NDQ
China   Infrastructure Invsmt.       CIIC         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
China   INSOnline Corp              CHIO         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
China   Integrated Energy Inc       CBEH               Power           4900   NDQ
China   Kangtai Cactus Bio-Tech     CKGT         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
China   Logistics Group Inc         CHLO           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
China   Marine Food Grp Ltd.        CMFO         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
China   MediaExpress Holdings       CCME            Advertising        7310   NYS
China   Medicine Corporation        CHME       Pharmacy Services       5910   NDQ
China   Mobile Hong Kong Ltd         CHL        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
China   Natural Gas                 CHNG       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
China   Natural Resources Inc       CHNR          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
China   Nepstar Chain Drugstore      NPD      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
China   Networks Int'l Hldgs       CNWHF      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
China   Northeast Petroleum Hlng     NEP     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
China   Nuvo Solar Energy Inc       CNUV               Power           4900   NDQ
China Organic Agriculture Inc    CNOA         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
China Pharma Holdings Inc         CPHI               Drug            2834   NDQ
China Precision Steel Inc        CPSL                Drug            2834   NDQ
China Recycling Energy Corp.     CREG               Power            4900   NDQ
China Ritar Power Corp.          CRTP            Electronics         3670   NDQ
China Security & Surveillance     CSR            Electronics         3670   NYS
China Shen Zhou Mining & Res      SHZ     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   AMS
China Sky One Medical Inc         CSKI               Drug            2834   NDQ
China Solar & Clean Energy Sol   CSOL               Power            4900   NDQ
China Southern Airlines           ZNH           Air Transport        4510   NYS
China Stationery and Office      CSOF              Apparel           2300   NDQ
China Sun Grp High-Tech Co       CSGH            Electronics         3670   NDQ
China Sunergy Company Ltd        CSUN               Power            4900   NDQ
China Techfaith Wireless Comm    CNTF       Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
China Technology Dev. Grp Corp   CTDC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
China TransInfo Tech Corp        CTFO     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
China Valves Technology Inc      CVVT             Machinery          3500   NDQ
China Water Group Inc            CHWG          Environmental         4953   NDQ
China Wireless Comm. Inc.        CWLC              Internet          7370   NDQ
China XD Plastics Company Ltd.   CXDC       Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
China Yingxia Int'l Inc           CYXI        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals    CYXN         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
China Yuchai Intl Ltd             CYD           Auto & Truck         3710   NYS
China-Biotics Inc                CHBT                Drug            2834   NDQ
ChinaCast Education Corp         CAST       Educational Services     8299   NDQ
ChinaEdu Corp.                   CEDU       Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Chindex Int'l Inc.               CHDX         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Chino Commercial Bancorp         CCBC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Chipotle Mex. Grill               CMG            Restaurant          5812   NYS
Chiquita Brands Int'l             CQB         Food Processing        2000   NYS
Choice Hotels Intl Inc            CHH           Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
ChoiceOne Financial Services     COFS                Bank            6000   NDQ
Chordiant Software Inc           CHRD              Internet          7370   NDQ
Christopher & Banks               CBK       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
ChromaDex Corp.                  CDXC                Drug            2834   NDQ
Chromcraft Revington              CRC     Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   AMS
Chubb Corp.                        CB      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Church & Dwight                   CHD        Household Products      2840   NYS
Churchill Downs                  CHDN           Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Churchill Ventures Ltd            CHV      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Chyron Corp.                     CHYR     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
CIBER Inc.                        CBR    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
CIBT Education Group Inc          MBA       Educational Services     8299   AMS
Cicero Inc                       CICN    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Ciena Corp.                       CIEN      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Cigma Metals Corp                CGMX          Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
CIGNA Corp.                        CI         Medical Services       8000   NYS
Cimarex Energy Co.                XEC     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Cimatron Ltd                     CIMT     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Cimetrix Inc                      CMXX   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Cincinnati Bell                     CBB      Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Cincinnati Financial               CINF   Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp       CIDM    Information Services     8900   NDQ
Cinemark Hldgs.                    CNK           Recreation         7900   NYS
Cinram Int'l Income Fund         CRWU.TO       Entertainment        7950   TSE
Cintas Corp.                       CTAS     Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Ciprico Inc.                      CPCIQ   Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
CIRCOR Intl Inc                     CIR          Machinery          3500   NYS
Circuit City Stores               CCTYQ    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Circuit Research Labs              CRLI    Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Cirrus Logic                      CRUS         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
CirTran Corp                       CIRC    Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Cisco Systems                     CSCO     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Cistera Networks Inc              CNWT    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Citadel Broadcasting Corp          CTDB        Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Citi Trends Inc.                   CTRN         Retail Store        5300   NDQ
Citigroup Inc.                       C               Bank           6000   NYS
Citizens & Northern Corp          CZNC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Citizens Bancshares Corp /GA/      CZBS              Bank           6000   NDQ
Citizens Community Bancorp Inc     CZWI             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Citizens Financial Corp/DE         CIWV              Bank           6000   NDQ
Citizens First Bancorp Inc         CTZN             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Citizens First Corporation         CZFC              Bank           6000   NDQ
Citizens Holding Company           CIZN              Bank           6000   NDQ
Citizens Inc. 'A'                   CIA       Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Citizens Republic                  CRBC              Bank           6000   NDQ
Citizens South Banking Corp        CSBC             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Citrix Sys.                        CTXS  Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
City Bank                          CTBK              Bank           6000   NDQ
City Holding                      CHCO               Bank           6000   NDQ
City National Corp.                 CYN              Bank           6000   NYS
CKE Restaurants                     CKR          Restaurant         5812   NYS
CKF Bancorp Inc                    CKFB              Bank           6000   NDQ
Ckrush Inc.                       CKRU           Advertising        7310   NDQ
CKX Inc                            CKXE        Entertainment        7950   NDQ
CKX Lands Inc                       CKX   Property Management       6510   AMS
Clancy Systems International I     CLSI  Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
CLARCOR Inc.                        CLC   Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Clarient Inc.                      CLRT       Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Clark Holdings Inc                  GLA         Air Transport       4510   AMS
Clarus Corp                        CLRS         E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Classica Group Inc                 TCGI       Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Clayton Williams Energy            CWEI   Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NDQ
Clean Diesel Technologies Inc      CDTI    Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Clean Energy & Power Inc           KEPI            Internet         7370   NDQ
Clean Energy Fuels                 CLNE     Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NDQ
Clean Harbors                       CLH        Environmental        4953   NYS
Clear Channel Outdoor Holding      CCO           Advertising        7310   NYS
Clear Choice Financial Inc        CLRI    Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Clearfield Inc.                  CLFD      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
ClearOne Commmunications Inc     CLRO      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
ClearPoint Business Resources    CPBR       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
ClearStory Systems Inc           CSYS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Clearwire Corp.                  CLWR        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Cleco Corp.                       CNL     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Cleveland Biolabs Inc             CBLI              Drug             2834   NDQ
ClickSoftware Technologies       CKSW    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Cliffs Natural Res.               CLF         Steel (General)        3311   NYS
Clifton Savings Bank             CSBK               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Clinical Data Inc                CLDA         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Clorox Co.                        CLX       Household Products       2840   NYS
Cloud Peak Energy Inc             CLD               Coal             1220   NYS
CLST Holdings Inc                CLHI      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
CLX Medical Inc.                 CLXM         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
CME Group                         CME      Securities Brokerage      6210   NDQ
CMS Bancorp Inc                  CMSB               Thrift           6120   NDQ
CMS Energy Corp.                  CMS     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
CNA Fin'l                         CNA     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
CNA Surety Corp                   SUR     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
CNB Financial Services Inc       CBFC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
CNB Finl Corp                    CCNE               Bank             6000   NDQ
CNB Finl Corp N Y                CNBF               Bank             6000   NDQ
CNH Global NV                     CNH            Machinery           3500   NYS
CNinsure Inc                     CISG     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
CNS Response Inc                 CNSO         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
CNX Gas Corp                      CXG     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Coach Inc.                        COH      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Coach Industries Inc             CIGIQ            Internet           7370   NDQ
Coachmen Ind.                    COHM       Manuf. Housing/RV        3792   NDQ
Coast Bancorp                    CTBP               Bank             6000   NDQ
Coastal Banking Company Inc      CBCO               Bank             6000   NDQ
Coastal Carib Oils & Mins       COCBF     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Cobalt International Energy       CIE     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
CoBiz Financial Inc              COBZ               Bank             6000   NDQ
Cobra Electronics                COBR            Electronics         3670   NDQ
Coca-Cola                          KO             Beverage           2080   NYS
Coca-Cola Bottling               COKE             Beverage           2080   NDQ
Coca-Cola Enterprises             CCE             Beverage           2080   NYS
Coda Octopus Group Inc          CDOCE          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Codorus Valley Bancorp           CVLY               Bank             6000   NDQ
Coeur d'Alene Mines               CDE         Precious Metals        1041   NYS
Coffee Holding Co.                JVA             Beverage           2080   AMS
Cogdell Spencer Inc               CSA              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Cogeco Cable Inc.               CCA.TO            Cable TV           4840   TSE
Cogeco Inc.                     CGO.TO            Cable TV           4840   TSE
Cogent Inc                       COGT    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Cognex Corp.                     CGNX      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Cognizant Technology              CTSH    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Cogo Group Inc                    COGO            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Cohen & Company Inc               COHN              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Cohen & Steers Inc                 CNS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Coherent Inc.                     COHR      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Cohesant Inc                      COHY        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Cohu Inc.                         COHU            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Coinstar Inc.                     CSTR       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Coldwater Creek                   CWTR      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Coleman Cable Inc                 CCIX      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Colfax Corp                        CFX         Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
Colgate-Palmolive                   CL       Household Products      2840   NYS
Collective Brands                  PSS      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Collectors Universe Inc           CLCT            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Colonial Bankshares Inc           COBK               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Colonial BncGrp. 'A'             CBCGQ               Bank            6000   NDQ
Colonial Commercial Corp          CCOM       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Colonial Pptys Tr                  CLP              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Colony Bankcorp                   CBAN               Bank            6000   NDQ
Colony Financial Inc              CLNY     Property Management       6510   NYS
Color Imaging Inc                  CIIG    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Colorado Wyoming Reserve Co       CWYR     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Columbia Bancorp Ore.             CBBO               Bank            6000   NDQ
Columbia Banking Sys Inc.         COLB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Columbia Commercial Bancorp       CLBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Columbia Labs                     CBRX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Columbia Sportswear               COLM              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Columbus McKinnon                 CMCO            Machinery          3500   NDQ Inc.                CGUD    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Comarco Inc.                      CMRO      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
CombiMatrix Corp                  CBMX          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Combinatorx Inc                   CRXX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Comcast Corp Cl A                CMCSA             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Comcast Corp.                    CMCSK             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Comdial Corp.                    CMDZQ      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Comdisco Holding Company Inc      CDCO      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Comerica Inc.                      CMA         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NYS
Comforce Corp.                     CFS       Industrial Services     7300   AMS
Comfort Systems USA                FIX       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Comm Bancorp Inc                  CCBP               Bank            6000   NDQ
Command Center Inc                CCNI        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Command Security Corp.             MOC       Industrial Services     7300   AMS
Commerce Bancshs.                 CBSH         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Commerce Energy Group Inc         CMNR               Power           4900   NDQ
Commerce Online Inc               CMIB             Internet          7370   NDQ
Commercefirst Bancorp Inc         CMFB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Commercial Bancshares Inc /OH/   CMOH                Bank            6000   NDQ
Commercial Metals                  CMC         Steel (General)       3311   NYS
Commercial National Financial     CEFC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Commercial Natl Finl Corp Pa    CNAF                Bank           6000   NDQ
Commercial Vehicle Group Inc    CVGI           Auto & Truck        3710   NDQ
Commerzbank AG                 CRZBY                Bank           6000   NDQ
Commodore Applied Tech          CXIA          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Commodore Environmental         COES          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Commonwealth Bankshares Inc     CWBS                Bank           6000   NDQ
Commonwealth Biotechnologies    CBTE                Drug           2834   NDQ
CommScope                        CTV      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NYS
Commtouch Software Ltd          CTCH              Internet         7370   NDQ
Communication Intelligence       CICI    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Communication Sys.               JCS      Telecom. Equipment       4811   AMS
Community Bancorp               CBON                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Bancorp Inc/VT        CMTV                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Bank Sys.              CBU                Bank           6000   NYS
Community Bankers Trust Corp     BTC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Community Bk Shs Ind Inc        CBIN                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Capital               CPBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Capital Bancshares I  ALBY                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Central Bank          CCBD                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Finl Corp Va          CFFC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Health                 CYH         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Community Investors Bncp Inc.   CIBN               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Community Partner Bancorp       CPBC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Shores Bank Corporat  CSHB                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Tr Bancorp            CTBI                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community Valley Bancorp        CVLL                Bank           6000   NDQ
Community West Bancshares       CWBC                Bank           6000   NDQ
CommVault Systems Inc           CVLT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Compania de Minas Buenaventura   BVN         Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Compass Diversified Hldg        CODI          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Compass Minerals Int'l           CMP        Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
Compellent Technologies Inc      CML     Computers/Peripherals     3573   AMS
Competitive Technologies Inc.    CTT       Industrial Services     7300   AMS
Complete Prod. Svcs.             CPX       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Composite Technology Inc        CPTC               Power           4900   NDQ
Comprehensive Care Corp.        CHCR         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Compton Petroleum Corp.        CMT.TO    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   TSE
CompuCredit Holdings Corp       CCRT      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Compugen Ltd                    CGEN                Drug           2834   NDQ
CompuMed Inc.                   CMPD         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
CompuSonics Video Corp          CPVD            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Computer Horizons               CHZS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Computer Modelling Grp. Inc.   CMG.TO   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   TSE
Computer Prog. & Sys.           CPSI     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Computer Sciences                CSC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Computer Software Innovations   CSWI              Internet         7370   NDQ
Computer Task Group             CTGX    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Compuware Corp.                 CPWR    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
CompX Intl 'A'                   CIX     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NYS
comScore Inc                      SCOR       Information Services      8900   NDQ
Comstock Homebuilding Comp.       CHCI           Homebuilding          1521   NDQ
Comstock Resources                 CRK     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NYS
COMSYS IT Partners Inc.            CITP        Human Resources         7363   NDQ
Comtech Telecom.                  CMTL       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Comtrex Systems Corp.             COMX    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Comverge Inc                      COMV                Power            4900   NDQ
Con-way Inc.                       CNW              Trucking           4200   NYS
ConAgra Foods                      CAG          Food Processing        2000   NYS
Conceptus Inc                     CPTS          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Concho Resources Inc               CXO     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NYS
Concord Camera                    LENS             Recreation          7900   NDQ
Concur Techn.                     CNQR            E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Concurrent Computer               CCUR        Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Conexant Systems                  CNXT           Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Congoleum Corp 'A'               CGMCQ     Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NDQ
Conmed Corp.                      CNMD          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Conmed Healthcare Mgmt Inc        CONM    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Conn. Water Services              CTWS            Water Utility        4941   NDQ
Conn's Inc                        CONN       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
ConocoPhillips                     COP     Petroleum (Integrated)      2900   NYS
Conolog Corp                      CNLG       Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Conrad Inds Inc                   CNRD        Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Conseco Inc                        CNO      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
CONSOL Energy                      CNX                 Coal            1220   NYS
Consol. Communic.                 CNSL         Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Consol. Edison                      ED       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Consol. Tomoka Land                CTO           Diversified Co.       9913   AMS
Consolidated Energy Inc.          CEIW                Power            4900   NDQ
Consolidated Graphics              CGX             Publishing          2700   NYS
Consolidated Mercantile Inc.     CSLMF     Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NDQ
Consolidated Water Co Ltd         CWCO          Utility (Foreign)      4914   NDQ
Constant Contact Inc.             CTCT            E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Constellation Brands               STZ              Beverage           2080   NYS
Constellation Energy               CEG       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Constellation Energy Ptnrs LLC     CEP     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NYS
Consulier Engineering Inc         CSLR             Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Consumer Portfolio                CPSS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
ConSyGen Inc                      CSGI    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Cont'l Airlines                    CAL            Air Transport        4510   NYS
Cont'l Materials Corp              CUO      Retail Building Supply     5211   AMS
Contango Oil & Gas Co.             MCF     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   AMS
Continental Energy Corp.          CPPXF    Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NDQ
Continental Fuels Inc             CNFU        Oil/Gas Distribution     4610   NDQ
Continental Minerals Corp        KMK.TO         Precious Metals        1041   TSE
Continental Resources Inc          CLR     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NYS
Contintl Info Sys Corp New        CISC    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Continucare Corp                   CNU          Medical Services       8000   AMS
Convera Corp                      CNVR    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Convergys Corp.                   CVG      Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Conversion Services Int'l        CVNS             Internet         7370   NDQ
Converted Organics Inc           COIN         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Cooper Cos.                       COO       Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Cooper Inds.                      CBE     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Cooper Tire & Rubber              CTB            Auto Parts        3716   NYS
Cooperative Bankshares          COOPQ              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Copa Holdings SA                  CPA          Air Transport       4510   NYS
Copano Energy LLC                CPNO      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Copart Inc.                      CPRT       Retail Automotive      5531   NDQ
Copernic Inc                     CNIC             Internet         7370   NDQ
CopyTele Inc.                    COPY    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Corby Distilleries LTD         CDLB.TO           Beverage          2080   TSE
Corby Distilleries Ltd.        CDL/A.TO          Beverage          2080   TSE
Corcept Therapeutics Inc         CORT               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cordia Corp                      CORG   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Core Laboratories                 CLB      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Core Molding Technologies         CMT           Retail Store       5300   AMS
Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc        CORE    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Corel Corp                       CREL   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Corfacts Inc                     CFCC      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Corgi International Ltd         CRGIY            Machinery         3500   NDQ
Corinthian Colleges              COCO     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Corn Products Int'l               CPO        Food Processing       2000   NYS
Cornell Companies Inc             CRN      Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc     CRTX               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cornestone Bancshares Inc.       CSBQ               Bank           6000   NDQ
Corning Inc.                      GLW     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Corning Natural Gas Corp         CNIG      Natural Gas Utility     4920   NDQ
Corp. Office Pptys                OFC             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Corporate Executive              EXBD     Information Services     8900   NDQ
Corrections Corp. Amer.           CXW    Property Management       6510   NYS
Corriente Resouces Inc          CTQ.TO       Precious Metals       1041   TSE
Cortex Pharmaceuticals Inc       CORX               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cortland Bancorp Inc             CLDB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Corus Bankshares Inc             CORS               Bank           6000   NDQ
Corus Entertainment Inc           CJR         Entertainment        7950   NYS
CorVel Corp.                     CRVL       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Cosan Limited                     CZZ        Food Processing       2000   NYS
Cosi Inc                         COSI           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
CoSine Communications Inc        COSN     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Cost Plus Inc.                   CPWM     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
CoStar Group                     CSGP     Information Services     8900   NDQ
Costco Wholesale                 COST           Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Cott Corp.                        COT            Beverage          2080   NYS
Counsel Corporation             CXS.TO      Medical Services       8000   TSE
CounterPath Corp                 CPAH             Internet         7370   NDQ
Courier Corp.                    CRRC            Publishing        2700   NDQ
Cousins Propertys                 CUZ             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Covance Inc.                      CVD                Drug           2834   NYS
Covanta Holding Corp.             CVA               Power           4900   NYS
Covenant Transport Inc            CVTI             Trucking         4200   NDQ
Coventry Health Care              CVH         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Cover-All Tech Inc               COVR    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Covidien Plc                      COV         Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Covista Communications Inc       CVST        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Cowen Group Inc.                 COWN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Cowlitz Bancorp                  CWLZ                Bank           6000   NDQ
CPC Of America Inc                CPCF        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
CPEX Pharmaceuticals Inc.         CPEX        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
CPI Aerostructures Inc            CVU        Aerospace/Defense      3720   AMS
CPI Corp.                          CPY           Recreation         7900   NYS
CPI International Inc             CPII      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
CPS Technologies Corp            CPSH            Electronics        3670   NDQ
CRA International Inc             CRAI       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Cracker Barrel                   CBRL            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Craft Brewers Alliance           HOOK             Beverage          2080   NDQ
Craftmade International           CRFT       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Crane Co.                          CR          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
CRAWFORD & CO 'A'                CRD/A     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Crawford & Co. 'B'               CRD/B     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Cray Inc                         CRAY     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Crazy Woman Creek Bcp            CRZY               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Creative Technology Ltd.         CREAF           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Creative Vistas Inc              CVAS            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Credicorp Ltd                     BAP      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Credit Acceptance                CACC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ Inc        CRMZ              Internet         7370   NDQ
Credo Pete Corp.                 CRED     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Cree Inc.                        CREE          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Crescent Banking Co              CSNT                Bank           6000   NDQ
Crescent Financial Corp.         CRFN                Bank           6000   NDQ
Crimson Exploration Inc          CXPO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
CRM Holdings Ltd                 CRMH      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)    6330   NDQ
Crocs Inc.                       CROX                Shoe           3140   NDQ
Croghan Bancshares Inc           CHBH                Bank           6000   NDQ
Cross (A.T.)                      ATX      Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NDQ
Cross Country Health.            CCRN        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Crosshair Exploration & Mining    CXZ          Precious Metals      1041   AMS
Crossroads Systems Inc           CRDS       Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Crosstex Energy                   XTXI       Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NDQ
Crosstex Energy LP                XTEX       Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NDQ
Crown Andersen                   CRAN          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Crown Castle Int'l                 CCI      Wireless Networking     7380   NYS
Crown Crafts Inc.                CRWS     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Crown Financial Holdings Inc      CFGI      Securities Brokerage    6210   NDQ
Crown Holdings                    CCK     Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Crown Media Holdings Inc Cl A    CRWN             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Crusader Energy Group Inc        CKGRQ    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Cryo-Cell Intl Inc                CCEL        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
CryoLife Inc.                      CRY        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
CryptoLogic Ltd                   CRYP             Internet         7370   NDQ
Crystallex Intl Corp               KRY         Precious Metals      1041   AMS
CSB Bancorp Inc /OH               CSBB               Bank           6000   NDQ
CSG Systems Int'l                 CSGS       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
CSMG Technologies Inc             CTGI         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
CSP Inc.                          CSPI   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
CSS Industries                     CSS     Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
CSX Corp.                          CSX             Railroad         4002   NYS
CTC Media Inc                     CTCM         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
CTD Holdings Inc                  CTDH        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
CTI Group Holdings Inc            CTIG   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
CTI Industries                    CTIB    Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
CTS Corp.                          CTS            Electronics       3670   NYS
Cubic Corp.                        CUB            Electronics       3670   NYS
Cubic Energy Inc                   QBC    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Cubist Pharm.                     CBST               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cuisine Solutions Inc.            CUSI        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Cullen/Frost Bankers               CFR               Bank           6000   NYS
Culp Inc.                          CFI    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NYS
Cumberland Pharmaceutical Inc     CPIX               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cummins Inc.                       CMI            Machinery         3500   NYS
Cumulus Media Inc                 CMLS         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Curis Inc.                        CRIS               Drug           2834   NDQ
Curon Medical Inc                CRNM         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Curtiss-Wright                     CW             Machinery         3500   NYS
Cutera Inc.                       CUTR        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
CVB Financial                     CVBF               Bank           6000   NDQ
CVD Equipment Corp                 CVV      Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
CVF Technologies Corp             CNVT     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
CVR Energy Inc                     CVI    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
CVS Caremark Corp.                 CVS       Pharmacy Services      5910   NYS
Cyalume Technologies Holdings     CYLU      Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Cyanotech Corp.                   CYAN               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cyber Digital                     CYBD      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
CyberDefender Corp                CYDE             Internet         7370   NDQ
Cyberkinetics Neurotech. Sys      CYKN        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Cybernet Internet Srvcs Intl      ZNET             Internet         7370   NDQ
Cyberonics                        CYBX        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
CyberOptics                       CYBE      Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
CyberSource Corp                  CYBS             Internet         7370   NDQ
Cybex Intl Inc                    CYBI        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Cybrdi Inc                        CYDI          Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc      CYCC               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cycle Country Accessories Corp     ATC            Machinery         3500   AMS
Cygne Designs Inc.                CYDS              Apparel         2300   NDQ
Cyios Corporationc                CYIO    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Cymer Inc.                        CYMI     Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
Cynosure Inc                     CYNO        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cypress Bioscience                CYPB       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cypress Semic.                     CY          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Cytec Inds.                        CYT    Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
CytoCore Inc                      CYOE       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Cytokinetics Inc                  CYTK               Drug           2834   NDQ
Cytomedix Inc                      GTF         Biotechnology        2830   AMS
Cytori Therapeutics Inc           CYTX               Drug           2834   NDQ
CytRx Corp.                       CYTR               Drug           2834   NDQ
D'Angelo Brands Inc              DNBD          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
DAC Technologies Group Interna    DAAT           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Daily Journal Corp.-SC            DJCO           Newspaper          2710   NDQ
Daimler AG                         DAI          Auto & Truck        3710   NYS
Daktronics Inc.                   DAKT      Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure     DJRT           Recreation         7900   NDQ
Daleen Technologies Inc           DALN   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Dalrada Financial Corp           DFCO      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Dana Holding Corp                 DAN            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Danaher Corp.                     DHR          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Danaos Corp                       DAC             Maritime          4400   NYS
Danka Business ADR               DANKY     Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NDQ
Danvers Bancorp Inc              DNBK               Thrift          6120   NDQ
DARA BioSciences Inc             DARA        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Darden Restaurants                 DRI           Restaurant         5812   NYS
Darling Intl Inc                  DAR          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Data I/O Corp.                    DAIO           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Datalink Corporation              DTLK    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
DataLogic Int'l Inc.              DLGI             Internet         7370   NDQ
DataMEG Corporation              DTMG      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Dataram Corp.                    DRAM     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
DataTRAK Intl Inc                 DATA       Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Datawatch Corp                   DWCH    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
DaVita Inc.                       DVA        Medical Services       8000   NYS
Dawson Geophysical Co.           DWSN       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Daxor Corp.                       DXR        Medical Services       8000   AMS
Daystar Technologies Inc          DSTI              Power           4900   NDQ
Dayton Superior Corporation      DSUPQ       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
DCB Financial Corp                DCBF               Bank           6000   NDQ
DCP Midstream Partners LP         DPM       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
DCT Industrial Trust Inc.         DCT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
DDi Corp                          DDIC           Electronics        3670   NDQ
DDS Wireless International In    DD.TO          E-Commerce          7372   TSE
DealerTrack Hldgs.                TRAK   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Dean Foods                         DF         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Dearborn Bancorp Inc              DEAR               Bank           6000   NDQ
Debt Resolve Inc.                DRSV              Internet         7370   NDQ
Debut Broadcasting Corp Inc       DBTB         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Deckers Outdoor                   DECK               Shoe           3140   NDQ
deCODE genetics Inc.              DCGN                Drug           2834   NDQ
Decorator Inds Inc.                DII     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   AMS
Deep Down Inc                     DPDW       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Deer Consumer Products Inc.       DEER            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Deer Valley Corp                  DVLY        Manuf. Housing/RV      3792   NDQ
Deere & Co.                         DE             Machinery         3500   NYS
Default Proof Credit Card Syst    DPRS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Defense Industries Int'l Inc      DFNS        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
DEI Holdings Inc                  DEIX            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Dejour Enterprises Ltd             DEJ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Dekania corp                       DEK      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Del Global Technologies Corp.     DGTC         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Del Monte Foods                    DLM         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Delcath Systems Inc.              DCTH         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Delek US Holdings Inc               DK     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
dELiA*s Inc.                      DLIA      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Dell Inc.                         DELL     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Delphi Fin'l `A'                   DFG         Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
delSECUR Corp                     DLSC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
DelSite Inc.                      DSIIQ               Drug           2834   NDQ
Delta Air Lines                    DAL           Air Transport       4510   NYS
Delta Apparel Inc                  DLA              Apparel          2300   AMS
Delta Galil Industries Ltd       DELTY              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Delta Natural Gas                 DGAS        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NDQ
Delta Petroleum                   DPTR     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ                    DDDC              Internet         7370   NDQ
Deltek Inc                        PROJ    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Deltic Timber                      DEL      Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
Deluxe Corp.                       DLX             Publishing        2700   NYS
DemandTec Inc                     DMAN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Denbury Res Inc                    DNR     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Dendreon Corp                     DNDN                Drug           2834   NDQ
Denison Mines Corp               DML.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
Denny's Corporation               DENN            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Dental Patient Care America       DPAT         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Dentsply Int'l                    XRAY         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Depomed Inc                       DEPO                Drug           2834   NDQ
Derma Sciences Inc                DSCI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Derycz Scientific Inc             DYSC             Publishing        2700   NDQ
Descartes Sys Group Inc           DSGX    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Design Within Reach Inc           DWRI      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Destination Maternity             DEST              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Destiny Media Technologies Inc    DSNY              Internet         7370   NDQ
Deswell Inds Inc                  DSWL        Foreign Electronics    9975   NDQ
Detrex Corp.                      DTRX         Chemical (Basic)      2810   NDQ
Deutsche Telekom ADR                DT        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Developers Div. R'lty              DDR              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Devon Energy                       DVN        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
DeVry Inc.                          DV       Educational Services    8299   NYS
DexCom Inc.                       DXCM         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
DG FastChannel Inc                DGIT            Advertising        7310   NDQ
DGSE Companies Inc                DGSE         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
DHT Maritime Inc                   DHT             Maritime          4400   NYS
DHX Media Ltd                    DHX.TO         Entertainment        7950   TSE
Dialysis Corp Amer                DCAI         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Diamond Discoveries Int'l Corp    DMDD     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Diamond Foods                     DMND         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Diamond Hill Investment Group     DHIL      Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Diamond Management                DTPI           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Diamond Offshore                    DO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Diamondhead Casino Corp           DHCC          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
DiamondRock Hospitality Co.        DRH              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Diana Shipping Inc                 DSX             Maritime          4400   NYS
Diapulse Corp Of America          DIAC         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
DiaSys Corp                       DYXC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Dice Holdings Inc                  DHX              Internet         7370   NYS
Dick's Sporting Goods              DKS      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Diebold Inc.                       DBD      Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NYS
Diedrich Coffee Inc               DDRX            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Digi Int'l                         DGII    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Digimarc Corporation              DMRC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Digirad Corp                      DRAD         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Digital Ally Inc                  DGLY            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Digital Angel Corp.               DIGA        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Digital Lightwave                 DIGL      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Digital Music Group Inc           ORCD          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Digital Power Corp                 DPW      Electrical Equipment     3600   AMS
Digital River                     DRIV           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Digital Video Sys Inc             DVID     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
DigitalFX International inc       DGFX              Internet         7370   NDQ
DigitalGlobe Inc                   DGI      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NYS
DigitalPost Interactive Inc.      DGLP              Internet         7370   NDQ
DigitalTown Inc                   DGTW              Internet         7370   NDQ
Diguang Intl Development Co       DGNG            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Dillard's Inc.                     DDS            Retail Store       5300   NYS
Dime Cmnty Bancorp Inc.           DCOM               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Dimeco Inc                        DIMC                Bank           6000   NDQ
DineEquity Inc.                    DIN            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Diodes Inc.                       DIOD            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Diomed Holdings Inc              DIOMQ         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Dionex Corp.                      DNEX      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Dionics Inc                       DION          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Direct Insite Corp                 DIRI   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
DIRECTV                            DTV             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Discover Fin'l Svcs.               DFS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Discovery Bancorp                 DVBC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Discovery Communications Inc     DISCA          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Discovery Labs                    DSCO                Drug           2834   NDQ
Dish Network 'A'                DISH               Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Disney (Walt)                    DIS            Entertainment        7950   NYS
Distinctive Devices Inc         DDVS               Internet          7370   NDQ
Dita Inc                        DITA          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Ditech Networks Inc             DITC       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Diversified Corp. Res           HIRD        Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Diversified Thermal Solutions   DVTS         Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Diversinet Corp.               DVNTF             Electronics         3670   NDQ
DivX Inc.                       DIVX        Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Dixie Group                     DXYN     Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NDQ
DME Interactive Holdings Inc    DMEI               Internet          7370   NDQ
DNB Financial Corp /PA/         DNBF                 Bank            6000   NDQ
DND Tecnologies Inc.            DNDT           Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
DNP Select Inc. Fund             DNP           Investment Co.        6730   NYS
Document Capture Tech. Inc      DCMT      Office Equip/Supplies      3570   NDQ
Document Security Systems Inc    DMC            Entertainment        7950   AMS
Dolan Media                      DM               Publishing         2700   NYS
Dolby Labs.                      DLB        Entertainment Tech       3663   NYS
Dole Food                       DOLE      Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NYS
Dollar Fin'l Corp.              DLLR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Dollar General Corp               DG             Retail Store        5300   NYS
Dollar Thrifty Auto.             DTG               Trucking          4200   NYS
Dollar Tree Inc.                DLTR             Retail Store        5300   NDQ
Dominion Resources                 D       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Domino's Pizza                   DPZ             Restaurant          5812   NYS
Domtar Corp.                     UFS      Paper/Forest Products      2600   NYS
Donaldson Co.                    DCI              Machinery          3500   NYS
Donegal Group                  DGICB      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Donegal Group Inc              DGICA      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Donnelley (R.R) & Sons           RRD              Publishing         2700   NDQ
Donnkenny Inc.                 DNKYQ               Apparel           2300   NDQ
Doral Fin'l Corp                 DRL      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
Dorchester Minerals LP          DMLP     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NDQ
Dorel Inds Inc                   DIIB    Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NDQ
Dorman Products Inc.            DORM              Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Dot Hill Systems Corp            HILL    Computers/Peripherals       3573   NDQ
Double Eagle Petroleum Co.      DBLE     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NDQ
Double-Take Software Inc.       DBTK    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Douglas Emmett Inc.              DEI               R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
DOV Pharmaceutical Inc          DOVP                 Drug            2834   NDQ
Dover Corp.                      DOV              Machinery          3500   NYS
Dover Downs Gaming & Entrtnmnt   DDE            Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
Dover Industries Ltd           DVI.TO          Diversified Co.       9913   TSE
Dover Motorsports Inc            DVD            Entertainment        7950   NYS
Dover Saddlery Inc              DOVR       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Dow Chemical                    DOW           Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
Downey Fin'l                   DWNFQ                Thrift           6120   NYS
DPAC Technologies Corp          DPAC     Computers/Peripherals       3573   NDQ
DPL Inc.                         DPL      Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Dr Pepper Snapple                  DPS             Beverage           2080   NYS
Dragon Pharmaceuticals Inc        DRUG                Drug            2834   NDQ
Dreams Inc                         DRJ             Recreation         7900   AMS
DreamWorks Animation              DWA            Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Dress Barn                        DBRN      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Dresser-Rand Group                 DRC             Machinery          3500   NYS
Drew Industries                    DW        Manuf. Housing/RV        3792   NYS
DRI Corporation                   TBUS      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Dril-Quip Inc                      DRQ       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd      DKAM             Beverage           2080   NDQ
Drucker Inc                       DKIN     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ                     DSCM      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
DryShips Inc                      DRYS              Maritime          4400   NDQ
DSA Financial Corp                DSFN               Thrift           6120   NDQ
DSP Group                         DSPG      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
DST Systems                        DST    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
DSW Inc.                          DSW       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
DTE Energy                         DTE     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
DTS Inc.                          DTSI       Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Du Pont                            DD          Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
Duckwall-ALCO Stores              DUCK            Retail Store        5300   NDQ
Ducommun Inc.                      DCO       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
Duff & Phelps Inc                  DUF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
Duke Energy                        DUK      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Duke Realty Corp.                  DRE              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Dun & Bradstreet                   DNB      Information Services      8900   NYS
Duncan Energy Partners L.P.        DEP     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Dundee Corp. 'A'                 DCA.TO    Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   TSE
Dune Energy Inc.                   DNE     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Dunes Hotels & Casinos Inc        DUNE              R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Duoyuan Printing Inc               DYP             Machinery          3500   NYS
Dupont Fabros Tech.                DFT     Property Management        6510   NYS
Durect Corp                       DRRX         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
DUSA Pharmaceuticals              DUSA                Drug            2834   NDQ
DWS High Income                    KHI          Investment Co.        6730   NYS
DXP Enterprises Inc               DXPE       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Dyax Corp                         DYAX                Drug            2834   NDQ
Dycom Inds.                         DY        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
Dyna Group Intl Inc.              DGIX      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Dynacq Healthcare Inc              DYII        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Dynamex Inc                       DDMX              Trucking          4200   NDQ
Dynamic Materials                 BOOM        Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Dynamic Response Group Inc        DRGZ            Advertising         7310   NDQ
Dynamics Research Corp.           DRCO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp   DYMTF           Environmental        4953   NDQ
Dynasil Corp of America           DYSL          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Dynatronics Corp                  DYNT         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Dynavax Technologies Corp         DVAX                Drug            2834   NDQ
DynCorp Int'l Inc                  DCP       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Dynegy Inc. 'A'                    DYN        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Dynex Cap Inc                       DX              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Dyntek Inc                        DYNE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
E Med Future Inc.                 EMDF         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
E-House China Holdings Ltd          EJ     Property Management       6510   NYS
E-L Finl Corp. Ltd.              ELF.TO     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   TSE
e.Digital Corp                    EDIG            Electronics        3670   NDQ
E'Prime Aerospace Corporation     EPEO       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
E*Trade Fin'l                     ETFC      Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
EACO Corporation                  EACO            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Eagle Bancorp Inc.                EGBN               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Eagle Bancorp/MT                  EBMT               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Eagle Broadband Inc               EAGB      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Eagle Bulk Shipping               EGLE             Maritime          4400   NDQ
Eagle Financial Services Inc      EFSI                Bank           6000   NDQ
Eagle Materials                    EXP        Building Materials     3200   NYS
Eagle Resource Holdings Inc       ERHI       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Eagle Rock Energy Partners Ltd    EROC        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NDQ
Earth Sciences Inc                ESCI     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
EarthFirst Technologies Inc       EFTI          Environmental        4953   NDQ
EarthLink Inc.                    ELNK              Internet         7370   NDQ
Earthworks Entertainment Inc     EWKS            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
East Texas Financial Svcs         ETFS               Thrift          6120   NDQ
East West Bancorp                EWBC                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Eastern Amern Nat Gas Tr           NGT        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Eastern Company                    EML        Metal Fabricating      3400   AMS
Eastern Insurance Holdings Inc     EIHI    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Eastern VA Bankshares             EVBS                Bank           6000   NDQ
Eastgroup Pptys Inc                EGP              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Eastman Chemical                   EMN     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Eastman Kodak                       EK      Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
easyhome Ltd                     EH.TO      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   TSE
EasyLink Services Intl.           ESIC              Internet         7370   NDQ
Eat at Joe's Ltd                  JOES            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Eaton Corp.                        ETN            Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Eaton Vance Corp.                   EV      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Eautoclaims.Com Inc               EACC              Internet         7370   NDQ Inc                     EBDC               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Ebay Gmarket Co Ltd              EBGMY           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
eBay Inc.                         EBAY              Internet         7370   NDQ
Ebix Inc                          EBIX    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ECB Bancorp Inc                   ECBE                Bank           6000   NDQ
Echelon Corp.                     ELON      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Echo Global Logistics Inc         ECHO              Trucking         4200   NDQ
Echo Resources Inc                ECHR     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Echo Therapeutics Inc             ECTE        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
EchoStar Corp.                    SATS             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Eclips Energy Technologies        ECET      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Eclipsys Corp.                    ECLP     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
ECO2 Plastics Inc.                EOPI          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Ecolab Inc.                        ECL      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Ecolocap Solutions Inc           ECOS           Environmental        4953   NDQ
Ecology & Environment              EEI          Environmental        4953   AMS
Ecotality Inc.                    ETLE              Power            4900   NDQ
ECtel Limited                     ECTX        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Edac Tech Corp                   EDAC        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
EDCI Holdings Inc                 EDCI      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Edd Helms Group Inc              EDDH        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Eddie Bauer Holdings Inc         EBHIQ           Retail Store        5300   NDQ
EDGAR Online Inc                 EDGR              Internet          7370   NDQ
Edge Petroleum                   EPEXQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Edgewater Technology Inc         EDGW        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ Inc                    DIET             Internet          7370   NDQ
Edison Int'l                       EIX     Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
eDoorways Corp                   EDWY              Internet          7370   NDQ
EDP - Energias de Portugal       EDPFY              Power            4900   NDQ
Education Management Corp        EDMC       Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Educational Devel.               EDUC             Publishing         2700   NDQ
Edwards Lifesciences               EW          Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
EESTech Inc                       EESH          Environmental        4953   NDQ
EF Johnson Technologies Inc        EFJI     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Efuture Information Tech. Inc     EFUT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
eGain Communications Corp        EGAN              Internet          7370   NDQ
eGames Inc                       EGAM     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
EGPI Firecreek Inc                EFIR     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
eHealth Inc.                      EHTH     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Einstein Noah Restaurant Grou     BAGL            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
El Capitain Precious Metals       ECPN     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
El Paso Corp.                       EP        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
El Paso Electric                    EE     Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
El Paso Pipeline                   EPB       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Elamex S.A.De C.V. CL I          ELAMF            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Elan Corp. ADR                     ELN               Drug            2834   NYS
Elbit Medical Imaging Ltd        EMITF       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Elbit Systems                     ESLT       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Elbit Vision Systems Ltd         EVSNF      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Elcom Int'L Inc                   ELCO    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Eldorado Gold Corp                EGO          Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Elecsys Corp                      ESYS       Aerospace/Defense       3720   AMS
Electr. for Imaging                EFII    Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NDQ
Electro Energy Inc                EEEI            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Electro Rent Corp.                ELRC       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Electro Scientific                ESIO      Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
Electro-Optical Sciences Inc      MELA         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Electro-Sensors                   ELSE      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Electroglas Inc.                 EGLSQ          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Electrohome Ltd.                ELLH.TO         Entertainment        7950   TSE
Electronic Arts                   ERTS       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Electronic Control Security       EKCS           Electronics         3670   NDQ
Electronic Game Card Inc          EGMI         Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Electronic Systems Tech. Inc      ELST     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Electronic Tele-Commun Inc.       ETCIA    Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Elephant Talk Communications      ETAK       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
ELine Entertainment Group Inc     EEGI         Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Elite Pharmaceuticals             ELTP               Drug            2834   NDQ
Elixir Gaming Technologies         EGT         Hotel/Gaming          7000   AMS
Elizabeth Arden Inc.              RDEN      Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NDQ
Ellomay Capital Ltd              EMYCF     Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NDQ
Elmira Savings Bank FSB           ESBK              Thrift           6120   NDQ
eLong Inc                         LONG          E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
eLoyalty Corp                     ELOY   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Elron Electronic Inds. Ltd.       ELRN         Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Elxsi Corporation                 ELXS         Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Elysium Internet Inc              EYSM          E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Embraer Empresa Brasileira de       ERJ     Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
EMC Corp.                          EMC    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NYS
EMC Insurance                     EMCI    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Emclaire Financial Corp           EMCF               Bank            6000   NDQ
EMCOR Group                        EME       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
EMCORE Corp.                      EMKR         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Emdeon Inc                          EM    Healthcare Information     7375   NYS
Emera Inc                        EMA.TO         Water Utility        4941   TSE
Emerald Dairy Inc.                EMDY        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Emergency Medical Services         EMS        Medical Services       8000   NYS
Emergent Biosolutions Inc          EBS         Biotechnology         2830   NYS
Emergent Group Inc                 LZR        Medical Services       8000   AMS
Emerging Vision Inc                ISEE    Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Emeritus Corp                      ESC        Medical Services       8000   AMS
Emerson Electric                   EMR     Electrical Equipment      3600   NYS
Emerson Radio Corp                 MSN           Electronics         3670   AMS
Emisphere Tech. Inc.              EMIS               Drug            2834   NDQ
Emmis Communications              EMMS         Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Empire Company Ltd.             EMP/A.TO  Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   TSE
Empire Dist. Elec.                 EDE    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Empire Energy Corporation Int     EEGC    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Empire Petroleum Corporation      EMPR    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Empire Resorts Inc                NYNY         Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Empire Resources Inc              ERSO        Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
Employers Holdings Inc              EIG   Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Empyrean Holdings Inc             EMPY     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Emrise Corporation                  ERI    Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
EMS Technologies                  ELMG     Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Emtec Inc.                        ETEC   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Emulex Corp.                        ELX   Computers/Peripherals      3573   NYS
En Pointe Tech Inc                ENPT    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
ENB Financial Corp                ENBP               Bank            6000   NDQ
Enbridge Energy Mgmt LLC           EEQ      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Enbridge Energy Partners LLP       EEP       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Enbridge Inc.                   ENB.TO       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   TSE
EnCana Corp.                       ECA        Canadian Energy        1299   NYS
Encision Inc                      ECIA         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Encore Acquisition                 EAC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Encore Bancshares Inc             EBTX                Bank           6000   NDQ
Encore Capital Group Inc          ECPG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Encore Energy Partners LP          ENP     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Encore Wire Corp.                 WIRE        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Encorium Group Inc               ENCO          Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Endeavour International Inc        END     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Endeavour Silver Corp              EXK         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
EnDevCo Inc                       EDVC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Endo Pharmac. Hldgs.              ENDP                Drug           2834   NDQ
Endologix Inc                     ELGX         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Endovasc Inc                      EVSC                Drug           2834   NDQ
Endurance Specialty Hldgs Ltd      ENH     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
EndWave Corp                     ENWV       Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Ener1 Inc                          HEV      Electrical Equipment     3600   AMS
Enerchem Int'l Inc              ECH.TO      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   TSE
Enerflex Systems Income Fund    EFXU.TO      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   TSE
Energen Corp.                      EGN        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Energizer Holdings                 ENR       Household Products      2840   NYS
Energy Composites Corp.           ENCC     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Energy Conversion                 ENER               Power           4900   NDQ
Energy Focus Inc                  EFOI       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Energy Inc                        EGAS        Natural Gas Utility    4920   NDQ
Energy Infrastructure Acq.         EIIN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Energy Partners Ltd.               EPL     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Energy Quest Inc                  EQST               Power           4900   NDQ
Energy Recovery Inc                ERII         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Energy Services of America         ESA      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Energy Transfer                    ETP       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Energy Transfer Equity L.P.        ETE       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Energy XXI (Bermuda) Ltd          EXXI     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
EnergyConnect Group Inc           ECNG     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
EnergySolutions                     ES          Environmental        4953   NYS
Energytec Inc.                   EYTCQ       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Enerlume Energy Management        ENLU            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
EnerNOC Inc.                     ENOC                Power           4900   NDQ
ENERSIS S A ADR                    ENI         Utility (Foreign)     4914   NYS
EnerSys                            ENS      Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
ENGlobal Corp                      ENG     Computers/Peripherals     3573   AMS
enherent Corp                     ENHT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Ennis Inc.                         EBF      Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NYS
Enova Systems Inc                  ENA      Electrical Equipment     3600   AMS
EnPro Industries Inc.              NPO          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Ensco Int'l plc                    ESV       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Ensign Energy Services Inc       ESI.TO    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   TSE
Ensign Group Inc                  ENSG         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
enSurge Inc                       ESGI              Internet          7370   NDQ
Entech Solar Inc                  ENSL      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Entegris Inc                      ENTG          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Entercom Comm. Corp                ETM          Entertainment         7950   NYS
Entergy Corp.                      ETR     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
EnteroMedics Inc.                 ETRM         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Enterprise Bancorp Inc            EBTC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Enterprise Finl Services Corp     EFSC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Enterprise GP Holding LP           EPE       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Enterprise Informatics Inc        EINF    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Enterprise Products                EPD       Oil/Gas Distribution     4610   NYS
Entertainment Pptys                EPR              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Entheos Technologies Inc          ETHT              Internet          7370   NDQ
Entorian Technologies Inc         ENTN          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Entrada Networks Inc              ESAN    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Entravision Comm Corp              EVC          Entertainment         7950   NYS
EntreMed Inc                      ENMD                Drug            2834   NDQ
Entropic Communications Inc       ENTR          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Entropin Inc                      ETOP          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Entrx Corp                        ENTZ       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
eNucleus Inc                     ENUIQ              Internet          7370   NDQ
Enviro Voraxial Tech Inc          EVTN             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Envirokare Tech Inc               ENVK             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Environmental Elements Corp      EECPQ          Environmental         4953   NDQ
Environmental Power Corp           EPG       Industrial Services      7300   AMS
Environmental Solutions Worldw   ESWW             Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Environmental Tectonics Corp.     ETCC       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Envirostar Inc.                    EVI       Industrial Services      7300   AMS
Envoy Capital Group Inc          ECG.TO      Industrial Services      7300   TSE
EnXnet Inc.                       EXNT              Internet          7370   NDQ
Enzo Biochem                       ENZ          Biotechnology         2830   NYS
Enzon Pharmac.                    ENZN                Drug            2834   NDQ
EOG Resources                      EOG       Natural Gas (Div.)       4929   NYS
eOn Communications Corp           EONC      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Eos International Inc             EOSI              Internet          7370   NDQ
Epic Data Int'l Inc.             EKD.TO           Electronics         3670   TSE
Epicept Corp                      EPCT                Drug            2834   NDQ
Epicor Software Cp                 EPIC   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
EPIQ Sys Inc                      EPIQ    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
EPIX Pharmaceuticals Inc.          EPIX        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Epixtar Corp                      EPXR        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
ePlus Inc                         PLUS              Internet          7370   NDQ
Epoch Holding Corp                EPHC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Epolin Inc /NJ/                   EPLN      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
EQT Corp.                          EQT       Natural Gas (Div.)       4929   NYS
Equifax Inc.                       EFX      Information Services      8900   NYS
Equifin Inc                       EQUI     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Equinix Inc.                      EQIX           E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Equitable Financial Corp          EQFC               Thrift            6120   NDQ
Equity Media Holdings Corp       EMDAQ          Entertainment          7950   NDQ
Equity One Inc                     EQY           Retail Store          5300   NYS
Equity Residential                 EQR              R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
eResearchTechnology               ERES     Healthcare Information      7375   NDQ
ERF Wireless Inc                  ERFW        Telecom. Services        4810   NDQ
Ergo Science Corp                 ERGN                Drug             2834   NDQ
Ericsson ADR                      ERIC       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Erie Indemnity Co.                ERIE      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
eRoom System Technologies Inc     ERMS     Computers/Peripherals       3573   NDQ
ESB Financial Corp                ESBF               Thrift            6120   NDQ
Escalade Inc.                     ESCA       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Escalon Med Corp                  ESMC         Medical Services        8000   NDQ
ESCO Technologies                  ESE          Diversified Co.        9913   NYS
Espey Mfg. & Electronics Corp.     ESP            Electronics          3670   AMS
ESSA Bancorp Inc                  ESSA               Thrift            6120   NDQ
Essex Ppty Tr                      ESS              R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
Essex Rental Corporation          ERNT           Auto & Truck          3710   NDQ
Esterline Technologies             ESL        Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
Etelos Inc                        ETLO          Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
Eternal Technologies Group       ETLTQ    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Ethan Allen Interiors              ETH     Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NYS
Ethos Environmental Inc           ETEV       Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
etrials Worldwide Inc             ETWC    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Eureka Financial Corp.            EKFC               Thrift            6120   NDQ
Euro Tech Holdings Co Ltd         CLWT          Environmental          4953   NDQ
Eurobancshares Inc.               EUBK                Bank             6000   NDQ
Eurogas Inc                       EUGS     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NDQ
Euronet Worldwide Inc.            EEFT    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
European Equity Fund               EEA    Investment Co.(Foreign)      6730   NYS
Euroseas Ltd                      ESEA              Maritime           4400   NDQ
Eurotech Ltd                      EUOT          Environmental          4953   NDQ
EV Energy Partner LP              EVEP     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NDQ
EV Innovations Inc                 EVII         Diversified Co.        9913   NDQ
ev3 Inc.                          EVVV         Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Evans Bancorp Inc                 EVBN                Bank             6000   NDQ
Evans&Suthrlnd Cmptr              ESCC     Computers/Peripherals       3573   NDQ
EVCI Career Colleges Hld C        EVCI       Educational Services      8299   NDQ
Ever-Glory Int'l Group Inc         EVK              Apparel            2300   AMS
Evercel Inc                       EVRC            Electronics          3670   NDQ
Evercore Partners Inc              EVR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
Everest Re Group Ltd.               RE           Reinsurance           6399   NYS
Evergreen Energy Inc               EEE      Electric Util. (Central)   4911   AMS
Evergreen Solar Inc.              ESLR               Power             4900   NDQ
Evolution Petroleum Corp           EPM    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   AMS
Evolving Sys Inc                  EVOL        Telecom. Services        4810   NDQ
EXACT Sciences Corp               EXAS                Drug             2834   NDQ
Exactech Inc                      EXAC         Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Exar Corp.                        EXAR            Electronics          3670   NDQ
Exceed Co Ltd                       EDS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd         EXM              Maritime          4400   NYS
Exchange Bank                      EXSR                Bank            6000   NDQ
EXCO Resources Inc                  XCO     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Exco Technologies Ltd.            XTC.TO            Machinery          3500   TSE
ExelixisInc.                       EXEL          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Exelon Corp.                        EXC      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Exeter Resource Corp                XRA         Precious Metals        1041   AMS
EXFO Electro-Optical Engr          EXFO        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Exide Technologies                 XIDE             Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
ExlService Holdings Inc            EXLS       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Expedia Inc.                       EXPE              Internet          7370   NDQ
Expeditors Int'l                   EXPD       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Exponent Inc                       EXPO       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Express Scripts 'A'                ESRX       Pharmacy Services        5910   NDQ
Express-1 Expedited Solutions       XPO           Air Transport        4510   AMS
ExpressJet Holdings Inc.            XJT           Air Transport        4510   NYS
Extendicare REIT                 EXEU.TO             R.E.I.T.          6720   TSE
Exterran Partners LP               EXLP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
Extra Space Storage Inc             EXR              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Extreme Networks                   EXTR     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
EXX Inc 'A'                       EXEXA            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Exxon Mobil Corp.                   XOM     Petroleum (Integrated)     2900   NYS
EZchip Semiconductor Ltd           EZCH      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
EZCORP Inc.                        EZPW      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Ezenia! Inc                        EZEN              Internet          7370   NDQ
F.N.B. Corp.                        FNB                Bank            6000   NYS
F&M Bank Corp                      FMBM                Bank            6000   NDQ
F5 Networks                         FFIV     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Facet Biotech Corp                 FACT          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
FactSet Research                    FDS      Information Services      8900   NYS
Fair Isaac                         FICO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
Fairchild Corp.                   FCHDQ      Information Services      8900   NDQ
Fairchild Semic.                    FCS          Semiconductor         3674   NYS
Fairfax Financial Holdings        FFH.TO    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   TSE
FairPoint Communic.                 FRP        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
FalconStor Software Inc            FALC      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Family Dollar Stores                FDO            Retail Store        5300   NYS
Family Room Entertainment Cor      FMYR          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Familymeds Group Inc               FMRX              Internet          7370   NDQ
Famous Dave's of America           DAVE            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Fannie Mae                          FNM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Fansteel Inc                        FELI       Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Farmer Bros. Co.                   FARM         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Ca     FMCB                Bank            6000   NDQ
Farmers Capital Bank Corp.         FFKT                Bank            6000   NDQ
Farmers National Banc Corp /OH     FMNB                Bank            6000   NDQ
FARO Technologies                  FARO      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Fastenal Co.                       FAST     Retail Building Supply     5211   NDQ
Fauquier Bankshares Inc.         FBSS               Bank            6000   NDQ
FBL Finl Group Inc                FFG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
FBR Capital Markets Corp         FBCM     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
FC Banc Corp                     FCBZ               Bank            6000   NDQ
Federal Agric Mtg Corp          AGM/A     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Federal Agric Mtg Corp Cl C      AGM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Federal Rlty. Inv. Trust          FRT             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Federal Screw Works              FSCR        Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
Federal Signal                    FSS          Auto & Truck         3710   NYS
Federal Trust Corp               FDTR              Thrift           6120   AMS
Federal-Mogul Corp.              FDML            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Federated Investors                FII    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
FedEx Corp.                       FDX          Air Transport        4510   NYS
FedFirst Finl Corp               FFCO              Thrift           6120   NDQ
FEI Company                      FEIC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
FelCor Lodging Tr.                FCH             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Feldman Mall Properties Inc      FMLP             R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Fellows Energy Ltd              FLWEE       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Female Health Co                 FHCO        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Fentura Financial Inc.           FETM               Bank            6000   NDQ
Ferrellgas Partners L P           FGP       Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
Ferro Corp.                       FOE      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
FFD Finl Corp                    FFDF              Thrift           6120   NDQ
FFW Corp                         FFWC              Thrift           6120   NDQ
FGX Int'l Hldgs Ltd              FGXI      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
FiberCore Inc                    FBCE      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
FiberTower Corporation          FTWRD       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Fibria Celulose SA                FBR     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Fidelity Bancorp Inc             FSBI              Thrift           6120   NDQ
Fidelity D&D Bancorp Inc         FDBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Fidelity National Financial       FNF     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Fidelity National Information     FIS     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Fidelity Southern Corp           LION               Bank            6000   NDQ
FieldPoint Petroleum Corp         FPP     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Fifth Street Finance Corp         FSC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Fifth Third Bancorp              FITB         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Financial Fed.                    FIF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Financial Institutions Inc        FISI              Bank            6000   NDQ
FinancialContent Inc             FCON     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Findex.Com Inc                   FIND    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Finisar Corp                     FNSR      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Finish Line (The)                FINL      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
FinishMaster Inc                 FMST     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Finlay Enterprises Inc          FNLYQ      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Finning International Inc.      FTT.TO           Machinery          3500   TSE
First Acceptance Corp             FAC        Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
First Amer Corp                   FAF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
First Aviation Svcs              FAVS          Air Transport        4510   NDQ
First Bancorp of Indiana Inc     FBPI              Thrift           6120   NDQ
First   BanCorp PR                   FBP             Thrift          6120   NYS
First   Bancorp. NC                 FBNC             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   BancTrust Corp               FIRT            Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Bankers Trustshares Inc     FBTT             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Bankshares Inc              FBSI             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Busey Corp                  BUSE             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Business Fin'l Svcs         FBIZ             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   California Finan. Group     FCAL             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Cap Realty Inc             FCR.TO          R.E.I.T.          6720   TSE
First   Capital Bancorp Inc         FCVA             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Capital Inc.                FCAP             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Cash Inc.                   FCFS    Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
First   Century Bankshares Inc      FCBS             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Chester County Corp         FCEC             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Citizens Banc Corp /OH      FCZA             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Citizens Bancorporation     FCBN             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Citizens Bancshares Inc    FCNCB             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Citzn BncSh-NC             FCNCA             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Clover Leaf Fin'l Corp      FCLF             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Commonwealth                 FCF             Bank            6000   NYS
First   Community Bancshares In     FCBC             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Community Bank Corp         FCFL             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Community Corp /SC/         FCCO             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Defiance Finl Corp          FDEF             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Fed Bancshares of Ark.      FFBH             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Federal Bankshares Inc      FFSX             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Federal of Northern MI      FFNM             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Fin'l Corp. IN              THFF             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Financial Bankshares         FFIN      Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
First   Financial Northwest Inc     FFNW             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Financial Service           FFKY             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Finl Bancorp                FFBC             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Finl Holdings               FFCH             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Franklin Corp.              FFHS             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Horizon National             FHN       Bank (Midwest)        6001   NYS
First   Independence Corp Del       FFSL             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Indl Rlty Tr Inc.             FR           R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
First   Invs Finl Svcs Grp Inc       FIFS   Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
First   Ipswich Bancorp             FIWC             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Keystone Corp               FKYS             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Keystone Finl Inc           FKFS             Thrift          6120   NDQ
First   Litchfield Financial Cor     FLFL            Bank            6000   NDQ
First   M&F Corp                    FMFC             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Mariner Bancorp             FMAR             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Merchants Corp              FRME       Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
First   Mercury Fin'l Corp           FMR    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)    6330   NYS
First   Mid Illinois Bancshares     FMBH             Bank            6000   NDQ
First   Midwest Bancorp             FMBI       Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
First   Montauk Finl                FMFN     Securities Brokerage    6210   NDQ
First Nat'l Bank Alaska          FBAK                Bank             6000   NDQ
First National Bankshares Cor    FBSW                Bank             6000   NDQ
First National Corp /VA/         FXNC                Bank             6000   NDQ
First National Of Nebraska Inc   FINN                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Natl Community Bancorp I   FNCB                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Niagara Finl Group         FNFG                Thrift           6120   NDQ
First Niles Financial Inc.        FNFI               Thrift           6120   NDQ
First Northn Community Bancorp   FNRN                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Of Long Island              FLIC               Bank             6000   NDQ
First PacTrust Bancorp Inc.      FPTB                Thrift           6120   NDQ
First Place Finl Corp            FPFC                Thrift           6120   NDQ
First Regional Bancorp           FRGB                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Reliance BancShares        FSRL                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Robinson Finl Corp         FRFC                Thrift           6120   NDQ
First Savings Financial Grp      FSFG                Thrift           6120   NDQ
First Security Group Inc.        FSGI                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Solar Inc.                 FSLR                Power            4900   NDQ
First South Bancorp              FSBK                Bank             6000   NDQ
First St. Banc.                  FSNM                Bank             6000   NDQ
First State Finl Corp            FSTF                Bank             6000   NDQ
First Trust Bank                 NCFT                Bank             6000   NDQ
First United Corp                FUNC                Bank             6000   NDQ
First W Va Bancorp Inc            FWV                Bank             6000   AMS
Firstbank Corp Mich              FBMI                Bank             6000   NDQ
FirstCity Finl Corp              FCFC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
FirstEnergy Corp.                  FE       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
FirstFed Fin'l-CA                FFED                Thrift           6120   NDQ
Firstmark Corp                   FIRM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
FirstMerit Corp.                 FMER          Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
FirstService Corp.               FSRV        Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Firstwave Technologies Inc       FSTW    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Fiserv Inc.                       FISV   Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Fisher Communications Inc         FSCI          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Flagstar Bancorp                  FBC                Thrift           6120   NYS
Flagstone Reinsurance Hldgs       FSR      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Flamel Technologies S.A.         FLML                 Drug            2834   NDQ
Flamemaster Corp                 FAME       Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Flanders Corp                    FLDR           Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Flanigan's Enterprises Inc        BDL       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   AMS
Flexible Solutions Intl Inc        FSI      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   AMS
FlexiInternational Sftwre Inc     FLXI   Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc     FLXT       Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Flexsteel Inds                   FLXS     Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NDQ
Flextronics Int'l                FLEX             Electronics         3670   NDQ
Flint Telecom Group Inc           FLTT      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
FLIR Systems                      FLIR      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Florida Gaming Corp              FGMG           Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Flotek Industries Inc             FTK        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   AMS
Flow Int'l                       FLOW              Machinery          3500   NDQ
Flowers Foods                    FLO         Food Processing        2000   NYS
Flowserve Corp.                  FLS             Machinery          3500   NYS
Fluor Corp.                      FLR       Heavy Construction       1629   NYS
Flushing Finl Corp               FFIC              Thrift           6120   NDQ
FMC Corp.                        FMC        Chemical (Basic)        2810   NYS
FMC Technologies Inc              FTI      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
FNB Bancorp                     FNBG                Bank            6000   NDQ
FNB United Corp                 FNBN                Bank            6000   NDQ
FNBH Bancorp Inc.               FNHM                Bank            6000   NDQ
Fonar Corporation               FONR        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Fonix Corp                      FNXC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Food Technology Service Inc.     VIFL       Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Foot Locker                       FL      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Football Equities Inc           FBLQ          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Forbes Medi-Tech Inc           FMI.TO               Drug            2834   TSE
Force Protection Inc            FRPT       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Ford Motor                         F           Auto & Truck         3710   NYS
Forest City Enterpr.            FCE/A    Property Management        6510   NYS
Forest City Enterprises Inc     FCE/B    Property Management        6510   NYS
Forest Labs.                     FRX                Drug            2834   NYS
Forest Oil                       FST     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Forlink Software Corporation    FLSW              Internet          7370   NDQ
FormFactor Inc.                 FORM          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Formula Systems (1985) Ltd     FORTY    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Forrester Research              FORR      Information Services      8900   NDQ
Forticell Bioscience Inc       FORBQ                Drug            2834   NDQ
Fortis Inc.                    FTS.TO     Electric Utility (East)   4911   TSE
Fortress International Group     FIGI       Building Materials      3200   NDQ
Fortress Investment              FIG      Public/Private Equity     6799   NYS
Fortress Paper Limited         FTP.TO    Paper/Forest Products      2600   TSE
Fortune Brands                    FO          Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
Fortune Indsustries Inc           FFI         Diversified Co.       9913   AMS
FortuNet Inc                    FNET          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Forum Nat'l Investments Ltd    FMNLF            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Forward Air                     FWRD              Trucking          4200   NDQ
Forward Inds Inc                FORD     Office Equip/Supplies      3570   NDQ
Forzani Group Ltd.             FGL.TO           Recreation          7900   TSE
Fossil Inc.                     FOSL      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Foster (L.B.) 'A'               FSTR             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Foster Wheeler AG               FWLT       Heavy Construction       1629   NDQ
Fountainpowerboat Industries   FPWBQ            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Four Crystal Funding Inc        FCRS         Investment Co.         6730   NDQ
Four Oaks Fincorp Inc           FOFN                Bank            6000   NDQ
Fox Chase Bancorp Inc           FXCB               Thrift           6120   NDQ
FPB Bancorp Inc.                 FPBI               Bank            6000   NDQ
FPIC Insurance                   FPIC    Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
FPL Group                        FPL      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Frankfort Tower Industries      FFTIQ       Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Franklin Bancorp Inc/Mich       FBCP                Bank            6000   NDQ
Franklin Covey                      FC       Educational Services     8299   NYS
Franklin Credit Hldgs Corp        FCMC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Franklin Electr Publ               FEP    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   AMS
Franklin Electric                 FELE       Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Franklin Financial Services Co    FRAF                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Franklin Resources                 BEN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Franklin Wireless Corp            FKWL       Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Fred's Inc. 'A'                   FRED             Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Freddie Mac                        FRE      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Frederick County bancorp Inc      FCBI                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Frederick's of Hollywood Grou      FOH               Apparel          2300   AMS
Freep't-McMoRan C&G                FCX     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NYS
Freeseas Inc                      FREE               Maritime         4400   NDQ
Freightcar America Inc.           RAIL               Railroad         4002   NDQ
Fremont Gen'l                    FMNTQ      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Fremont Michigan InsuraCorp      FMMH       Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Frequency Electrs Inc.            FEIM             Electronics        3670   NDQ
Fresenius Medical Care             FMS         Medical Services       8000   NYS
Fresh Del Monte Prod.              FDP         Food Processing        2000   NYS
Friede Goldman Halter Inc        FGHLQ        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Friedman Inds Inc.                 FRD         Metal Fabricating      3400   AMS
Frisch's Restaurants               FRS             Restaurant         5812   AMS
FRMO Corporation                  FRMO      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Frontier Airlines Holdings       FRNTQ            Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Frontier Communic.                 FTR        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
Frontier Development Group         FRG     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   AMS
Frontier Energy Corp              FRGY               Internet         7370   NDQ
Frontier Finl Corp Wash          FTBKD                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Frontier Oil                       FTO     Petroleum (Integrated)     2900   NYS
Frontline Ltd.                     FRO               Maritime         4400   NYS
Frozen Food Express               FFEX               Trucking         4200   NDQ
FSI Int'l                          FSII      Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
FTI Consulting                     FCN        Industrial Services     7300   NYS
FTS Group Inc                      FLIP              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Fuel Sys. Solns.                  FSYS              Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
Fuel Tech Inc.                    FTEK           Environmental        4953   NDQ
FuelCell Energy                   FCEL                Power           4900   NDQ
FUJIFILM Hldgs. ADR               FUJIY       Foreign Electronics     9975   NDQ
Full House Resorts Inc.            FLL           Hotel/Gaming         7000   AMS
FullCircle Registry Inc.          FLCR        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Fuller (H.B.)                      FUL       Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Fulton Fin'l                      FULT                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Fundtech Ltd.                     FNDT    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Fuqi International Inc            FUQI       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Furmanite Corp.                    FRM        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Furniture Brands                   FBN     Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NYS
Fushi Copperweld Inc.             FSIN       Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Fusion Telecom. Int'l Inc         FSNN        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Fuwei Films Holdings Co. Ltd.     FFHL     Packaging & Container      2640   NDQ
FX Energy Inc                     FXEN       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
FX Real Estate & Entertainment    FXRE     Property Management        6510   NDQ
G Willi-Food International        WILC        Food Processing         2000   NDQ
G-III Apparel Group Ltd            GIII             Apparel           2300   NDQ
G't Atlantic & Pacific             GAP     Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NYS
G't Plains Energy                  GXP     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
G't Wolf Resorts                  WOLF            Recreation          7900   NDQ
G&K Services `A'                  GKSR       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Gabelli Equity                     GAB         Investment Co.         6730   NYS
Gabriel Resources Ltd            GBU.TO        Precious Metals        1041   TSE
Gaiam Inc.                        GAIA      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
GAINSCO Inc.                       GAN     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   AMS
Galaxy Energy Corp               GAXIQ     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Galaxy Nutritional Foods Inc.     GXYF        Food Processing         2000   AMS
Gallagher (Arthur J.)              AJG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
Gallery Of History Inc.           HIST      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
GAMCO Investors Inc                GBL     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
GameStop Corp.                     GME      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
GameTech Intl Inc                 GMTC            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Gaming Partners Intl              GPIC            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Gammon Gold Inc                    GRS         Precious Metals        1041   AMS
Gander Mountain Co.               GMTN      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Gannett Co.                        GCI            Newspaper           2710   NYS
Gap (The) Inc.                     GPS      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Garb Oil & Power Corp             GARB          Environmental         4953   NDQ
Gardner Denver                     GDI             Machinery          3500   NYS
Garmin Ltd.                       GRMN      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Gartner Inc.                        IT      Information Services      8900   NYS
Gasco Energy Inc                   GSX     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Gastar exploration Ltd             GST     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Gate to Wire Solutions Inc        GWIR       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
GateHouse Media                   GHSE            Newspaper           2710   NDQ
Gateway Energy Corporation        GNRG       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
Gateway Inds Inc                  GWAY    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
GATX Corp.                         GMT          Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
Gaylord Entertainm.                GET          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
Geeknet Inc.                      LNUX    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
GelStat Corporation               GSAC        Food Processing         2000   NDQ
GeM Solutions Inc                 GMSL    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Gen-Probe                         GPRO          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Gen'l Amer. Invest                GAM          Investment Co.         6730   NYS
Gen'l Cable                        BGC      Electrical Equipment      3600   NYS
Gen'l Communication 'A'          GNCMA       Telecom. Services        4810   NDQ
Gen'l Dynamics                     GD        Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
Gen'l Electric                      GE          Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
Gen'l Employment Ent.              JOB       Human Resources          7363   AMS
Gen'l Mills                        GIS        Food Processing         2000   NYS
Gen'l Motors                     GMGMQ           Auto & Truck         3710   NYS
Genaera Corp                      GENR                Drug            2834   NDQ
Genco Shipping                     GNK            Maritime          4400   NYS
Gencor Inds Inc                   GENC            Machinery         3500   NDQ
GenCorp Inc.                        GY         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Gendis Inc.                      GDS.TO        Diversified Co.      9913   TSE
GeneLink Inc.                     GNLK        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
General Bearing                   GNRL       Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
General Chem Group                GNMP        Chemical (Basic)      2810   NDQ
General Finance Corp               GFN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
General Growth Pptys New           GGP             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
General Maritime Corp              GMR            Maritime          4400   NYS
General Moly Inc.                 GMO     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
General Steel Holdings Inc         GSI         Steel (General)      3311   AMS
Generex Biotechnology Corp        GNBT         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Genesco Inc.                       GCO               Shoe           3140   NYS
Genesee & Wyoming                 GWR              Railroad         4002   NYS
Genesis Energy                     GEL      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
GeneThera Inc.                    GTHR         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Genetic Technologies Limited      GENE               Drug           2834   NDQ
Geneva Acquisition Corp            GAC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Genitope Corp                     GTOP               Drug           2834   NDQ
Genius Products Inc.              GNPR           Recreation         7900   NDQ
Genmed Holding Corporation        GENM    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Gennum Corp.                     GND.TO    Electrical Equipment     3600   TSE
Genomic Health                    GHDX        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Genoptix Inc                      GXDX        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
GeNOsys Inc                       GNYS        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Genpact Ltd                         G       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Genta Inc.                        GETA               Drug           2834   NDQ
Gentex Corp.                      GNTX           Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Gentiva Health Services Inc       GTIV        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Genuine Parts                      GPC           Auto Parts         3716   NYS
GenVec Inc                        GNVC               Drug           2834   NDQ
Genworth Fin'l                    GNW         Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Genzyme Corp.                     GENZ               Drug           2834   NDQ
Geo Group (The)                    GEO    Property Management       6510   NYS
GeoBio Energy Inc.                GBOE              Power           4900   NDQ
Geocom Resources Inc              GOCM    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
GeoEye Inc.                       GEOY       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
GeoGlobal Resources Inc            GGR             Internet         7370   AMS
Geokinetics Inc.                   GOK      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
GeoMet Inc.                       GMET    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
GeoPetro Resources Co              GPR    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
GeoPharma Inc                     GORX               Drug           2834   NDQ
GeoResources Inc                  GEOI    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
George Foreman Enterprises In     GFME     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Georgetown Bancorp Inc            GTWN              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Georgia Bancshares Inc            GABA               Bank           6000   NDQ
Georgia Carolina Bancshares In    GECR               Bank           6000   NDQ
Georgia Gulf                       GGC        Chemical (Basic)      2810   NYS
Geos Communications Inc           GCMI      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Geoworks                          GWRX    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Gerber Scientific                  GRB      Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
Gerdau Ameristeel Corp           GNA.TO       Steel (Integrated)     3312   TSE
German American Bancorp           GABC         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Geron Corp                        GERN               Drug            2834   NDQ
Getty Realty Corp.                 GTY     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
GFI Group Inc.                    GFIG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
GFR Pharmaceuticals Inc           GFRP         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Giant Interactive Group Inc         GA       Entertainment Tech      3663   NYS
Gibraltar Inds.                   ROCK        Steel (Integrated)     3312   NDQ
Giga-Tronics Inc.                 GIGA            Electronics        3670   NDQ
GigaBeam Corp.                   GGBMQ      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
GigaMedia Ltd.                    GIGM             Internet          7370   NDQ
GigOptix Inc                      GGOX      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Gilat Satellite                    GILT     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Gildan Activewear                  GIL              Apparel          2300   NYS
Gilead Sciences                   GILD               Drug            2834   NDQ
Gilman & Ciocia Inc               GTAX      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
GiveMePower Corp.                 GMPW    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Given Imaging Ltd                 GIVN         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Glacier Bancorp Inc.              GBCI         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Glacier Water Svcs. Inc           GWSV             Beverage          2080   NDQ
Gladstone Capital                 GLAD      Public/Private Equity    6799   NDQ
Gladstone Commercial Corp         GOOD              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Glatfelter                         GLT     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
GlaxoSmithKline ADR                GSK               Drug            2834   NYS
Glen Burnie Bancorp               GLBZ               Bank            6000   NDQ
Glen Rose Petroleum Corp          GLRP          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Glendale Intl Corporation        GIN.TO         Diversified Co.      9913   TSE
Glentel Inc.                     GLN.TO     Wireless Networking      7380   TSE
GLG Partners Inc                   GLG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Glimcher Rlty Trust                GRT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Global 8 Environmental Tech       GBLE          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Global Aircraft Solutions Inc    GACFQ       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Global Axcess Corporation         GAXC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Global Brands Acquisition Corp     GQN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Global Cash Access Holdings        GCA      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Global Casinos Inc                GBCS          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Global Clean Energy Holdings      GCEH          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Global Crossing                   GLBC        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Global Defense Tech & Sys Inc     GTEC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Global Diversified Industries     GDIV        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Global e-Point Inc                GEPT            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Global Energy Group Inc.          GENG        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Global Energy Holdings Group       GNH               Power           4900   AMS
Global Entertainment Corp         GNTP          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Global Entnmt Hldgs/Equities      GAMT          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Global Environmental Energy C    GEECF         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Global Green Solutions Inc        GGRN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Global Inds.                      GLBL       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Global Med Tech                   GLOB         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Global Partners LP                 GLP       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Global Payment Tech               GPTX     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Global Payments                    GPN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Global Power Equipment Gr Inc.    GLPW             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Global Realty Development Co      GRLY        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Global Sources                    GSOL            Advertising        7310   NDQ
Global Telecom & Technology       GTLT        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Global Traffic Network Inc        GNET          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Global-Tech Adv. Innovations       GAI             Machinery         3500   NYS
GlobalOptions Group Inc           GLOI       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
GlobalSCAPE Inc                    GSB              Internet         7370   AMS
Globalstar Inc.                   GSAT        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Globe Bancorp Inc                 GLBP               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Globe Specialty Metals Inc         GSM     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Globecomm Systems                 GCOM      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Globetech Ventures Corp          GTVCF     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
GlobeTrac Inc.                    GBTR      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Glowpoint Inc                     GLOW        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Glu Mobile Inc                    GLUU       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Glycogenesys Inc                 GLGSQ                Drug           2834   NDQ
GMX Resources Inc                 GMXR     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Golar LNG Ltd                     GLNG              Maritime         4400   NDQ
Gold Coast Mining Corp.           GCMG         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Gold Reserve Inc                   GRZ     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
Goldcorp Inc.                       GG         Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Golden Eagle International Inc    MYNG         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Golden Enterprises                GLDC         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc /F    GPXM     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Golden Star Res                  GSC.TO        Precious Metals       1041   TSE
Goldleaf Financial Solutions      GFSI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Goldman Sachs                       GS      Securities Brokerage     6210   NYS
Goldrich Mining Co                GRMC         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
GoldSpring Inc.                   GSPG         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Golf Inc               TEEE              Internet         7370   NDQ
Golf Trust of America              GTA              R.E.I.T.         6720   AMS
Golfsmith Intl Hldgs              GOLF      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Good Times Restaurants            GTIM            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Goodrich Corp.                      GR       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Goodrich Petro Corp.               GDP     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Goodyear Tire                       GT             Auto Parts        3716   NYS
Google Inc.                       GOOG              Internet         7370   NDQ
Gorman-Rupp Co.                    GRC             Machinery         3500   AMS
Gottaplay Interactive Inc.        GTAP      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Gottschalks                      GOTTQ            Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Gouverneur Bancorp Inc            GOVB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
GP Strategies Corp                 GPX          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
GPS Industries Inc              GPSNQ     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Graco Inc.                        GGG           Machinery          3500   NYS
GrafTech Int'l Ltd.                GTI    Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Graham Corp.                      GHM       Metal Fabricating      3400   AMS
Grainger (W.W.)                   GWW     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Gramercy Capital Corp             GKK             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Gran Tierra Energy Inc            GTE    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Grand Canyon Education Inc        LOPE    Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Granite city Food & Brewery       GCFB          Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Granite Construction              GVA      Heavy Construction      1629   NYS
Graphic Packaging Hldg Co         GPK    Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
GraphOn Corp                     GOJO             Internet         7370   NDQ
Gravity Co. Ltd.                 GRVY             Internet         7370   NDQ
Gray Television Inc               GTN         Entertainment        7950   NYS
Graymark Healthcare Inc          GRMH         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Great American Bancorp Inc        GTPS             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Great Basin Gold Ltd              GBG        Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Great China Intl Hldgs Inc        GCIH        Homebuilding         1521   NDQ
Great Lakes Aviation              GLUX         Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Great Northern Iron Ore            GNI       Steel (General)       3311   NYS
Great Southern Bancorp           GSBC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Great West Lifeco Inc.          GWO.TO       Insurance (Life)      6310   TSE
Greatbatch Inc.                    GB           Electronics        3670   NYS
Greater Atlantic Fin'l Corp       GAFC             Thrift          6120   NDQ
Greater Sacramento Bancorp       GSCB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Green Bankshares Inc             GRNB        Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Green Builders Inc               GRBU    Property Management       6510   NDQ
Green Mtn. Coffee                GMCR    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Green Plains Renewable Energy     GPRE             Power           4900   NDQ
Green Planet Group Inc           GNPG     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Green St Energy Inc               GSTY          Electronics        3670   NDQ
Green Star Energies Inc          GSRE              Power           4900   NDQ
Greenbrier Cos Inc.               GBX             Railroad         4002   NYS
Greene County Bancorp Inc.       GCBC              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Greenhill & Co                    GHL     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
GreenHunter Energy Inc.           GRH              Power           4900   AMS
Greenland Corporation             GRLC   Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Greenlight Capital Re             GLRE         Reinsurance         6399   NDQ
Greenman Tech Inc                 GMTI        Environmental        4953   NDQ
Greenshift Corp                  GERS         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Greensmart Corp                  GREN     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Greif Inc.                         GEF   Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Greystone Logistics Inc           GLGI   Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Griffin Ld & Nurseries Inc        GRIF        Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Griffon Corp.                      GFF        Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Grill Concepts Inc                GLLC          Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Groen Brothers Aviation Inc      GNBAE     Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Group 1 Automotive                 GPI      Retail Automotive      5531   NYS
Grubb & Ellis Co.                 GBE     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Grupo TMM SA                      TMM                Trucking         4200   NYS
GS Financial Corp.                GSLA                Thrift          6120   NDQ
GSE Sys Inc                        GVP     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   AMS
GSI Commerce                      GSIC            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
GSI Group                         GSIG       Precision Instrument     3800   TSE
GSI Technology Inc                GSIT           Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
GSV Inc                           GSVI               Internet         7370   NDQ
Gt Lakes Dredge & Dock Co         GLDD              Maritime          4400   NDQ
GT Solar Int'l                    SOLR                Power           4900   NDQ
GTC Biotherapeutics Inc           GTCB                 Drug           2834   NDQ
GTC Telecom Corp                  GTCC         Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
GTSI Corp                         GTSI      Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
GTx Inc                           GTXI                 Drug           2834   NDQ
Guaranty Bancorp                  GBNK                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Guaranty Fed'l Bancshares Inc     GFED                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Guaranty financial Group Inc       GFG                Thrift          6120   NYS
Guardian Cap Group Ltd           GCG.TO      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   TSE
Guardian Capital Group 'A'      GCG/A.TO   Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   TSE
Guardian Tech Intl Inc            GDTI        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Guess Inc.                         GES               Apparel          2300   NYS
Guidance Software Inc.            GUID     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Guided Therapeutics Inc           GTHP                 Drug           2834   NDQ
Gulf Island Fabrication           GIFI        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Gulf Resources Inc                GFRE      Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Gulfmark Offshore                  GLF              Maritime          4400   NYS
Gulfport Energy Corporation       GPOR      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Gulfstream Intl Group Inc          GIA            Air Transport       4510   AMS
GVI Security Solutions Inc        GVSS             Electronics        3670   NDQ
Gymboree Corp.                    GYMB       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Gyrodyne Co Amer Inc              GYRO       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
H.E.R.C. Products Inc             HERC            Water Utility       4941   NDQ
H&E Equipment Services Inc        HEES              Machinery         3500   NDQ
Habersham Bancorp Inc             HABC                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Hackett Group Inc                 HCKT            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Haemacure Corp                   HAE.TO          Biotechnology        2830   TSE
Haemonetics Corp.                  HAE          Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Hain Celestial Group              HAIN          Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Halifax Corp.                     HALX     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Hallador Petroleum Company        HPCO      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Halliburton Co.                    HAL        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Hallmark Finl Svcs                HALL      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Hallwood Group Inc.               HWG         Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
Halozyme Therapeutics Inc         HALO           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Hampden Bancorp                   HBNK                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Hampshire Group Ltd.              HAMP               Apparel          2300   NDQ
Hampton Roads Bankshares          HMPR                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Hana Biosciences Inc              HNAB                 Drug           2834   NDQ
Hancock (J) Invs. Trust            JHI          Investment Co.        6730   NYS
Hancock Fabrics                   HKFI       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Hancock Holding                   HBHC         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Handleman Co.                     HDLM            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Hanesbrands Inc.                   HBI              Apparel           2300   NYS
Hanger Orthopedic Grp             HGR          Medical Services       8000   NYS
Hanmi Financial Corporation       HAFC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Hanover Foods Corporation /PA/   HNFSA         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Hanover Insurance                  THG     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Hansen Medical Inc               HNSN          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Hansen Natural Corp.              HANS             Beverage           2080   NDQ
Harbin Electric Inc               HRBN      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Harbor Brewing Co Inc            HBWO     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Harbourton Capital Group Inc      HBTC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Hardinge Inc.                    HDNG             Machinery           3500   NDQ
Hardwired Interactive INc        HDWR              Internet           7370   NDQ
Harley-Davidson                   HOG             Recreation          7900   NYS
Harleysville Group                HGIC     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Harleysville Nat'l                HNBC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Harleysville Svgs Finl Corp       HARL               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Harman Int'l                       HAR      Electrical Equipment      3600   NYS
Harmonic Inc.                     HLIT      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Harmony Gold Mining Company Li    HMY          Precious Metals        1041   NYS
Harold's Stores                  HRLSQ      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Harrington West Finl Grp Inc     HWFG                Thrift           6120   NDQ
Harris & Harris Group             TINY      Public/Private Equity     6799   NDQ
Harris Corp.                       HRS            Electronics         3670   NYS
Harris Interactive Inc            HPOL             Internet           7370   NDQ
Harris Stratex Networks Inc       HSTX        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Harry Winston Diamond Corp       HW.TO     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   TSE
Harsco Corp.                       HSC       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Hart Stores Inc                  HIS.TO    Computers/Peripherals      3573   TSE
Harte-Hanks                       HHS            Advertising          7310   NYS
Hartford Fin'l Svcs.               HIG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Hartmarx Corp.                   HTMXQ              Apparel           2300   NDQ
Hartville Group Inc               HVLL         Insurance (Life)       6310   NDQ
Harvard Bioscience Inc            HBIO               Drug             2834   NDQ
Harvest Natural Resources         HNR      Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Harvey Electronics Inc           HRVEQ      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Hasbro Inc.                        HAS            Recreation          7900   NYS
Hastings Entmt Inc                HAST      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Hauppague Digital                 HAUP            Electronics         3670   NDQ
Haverty Furniture                  HVT      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Haverty Furniture Companies In   HVT/A           Retail Store         5300   NYS
Hawaiian Elec.                      HE      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Hawaiian Holdings Inc               HA          Air Transport         4510   AMS
Hawk Corp                         HWK         Metal Fabricating       3400   AMS
Hawkins Inc                      HWKN      Chemical (Diversified)     2813   NDQ
Hawthorn Bancshares Inc          HWBK                Bank             6000   NDQ
Hayes Lemmerz Intl Inc           HAYZQ            Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Haynes International Inc          HAYN        Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
HCB Financial                    HCBN                Thrift         6120   NDQ
HCC Insurance Hldgs.              HCC     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
HCP Inc.                          HCP               R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
Head N V                         HEDYY            Recreation        7900   NDQ
Headwaters Inc.                    HW                Power          4900   NYS
Health Anti-Aging Lifestyle       HLOI       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Health Care REIT                  HCN               R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
Health Fitness Corp.               FIT            Recreation        7900   AMS
Health Grades Inc.               HGRD         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Health Mgmt. Assoc.               HMA         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Health Net                        HNT         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Healthcare R'lty Trust             HR               R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
Healthcare Svcs.                 HCSG        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
HealtheTech Inc.                 HETC         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
HealthGate Data Corp             HGAT              Internet         7370   NDQ
HEALTHSOUTH Corp.                 HLS         Medical Services      8000   NYS
HealthSpring Inc                   HS         Medical Services      8000   NYS
HealthStream Inc                 HSTM              Internet         7370   NDQ
HealthTronics Inc                HTRN         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ Inc          HEWA     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Healthways Inc.                  HWAY         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Heart Tronics Inc                HRTT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Heartland Bancshares Inc /IN/    HRTB                Bank           6000   NDQ
Heartland Express                HTLD              Trucking         4200   NDQ
Heartland Financial USA Inc       HTLF         Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Heartland Oil Gas & Corp         HTOG     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Heartland Partners L.P.          HTLLQ              R.E.I.T.        6720   NDQ
Heartland Payment Systems Inc     HPY      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
HeartWare International Inc      HTWR         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
HearUSA Inc.                      EAR         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Heckman Corp                      HEK      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Hecla Mining                       HL          Precious Metals      1041   NYS
Heelys Inc                        HLYS               Shoe           3140   NDQ
HEI Inc                           HEII            Electronics       3670   NDQ
HEICO Corp                       HEI/A      Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
HEICO Corp.                        HEI      Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Heidrick & Struggles              HSII       Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Heinz (H.J.)                      HNZ         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Helen of Troy Ltd.                HELE      Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NDQ
Helicos Biosciences Corp         HLCS                Drug           2834   NDQ
Helios & Matheson No. America    HMNA        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Helix BioMedix Inc               HXBM           Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Helix Biopharma Corp             HXBPF               Drug           2834   NDQ
Helix Energy Solutions            HLX       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Hellenic Telecom Org. SA (OTE)    OTE        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Helmerich & Payne                  HP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
HemaCare Corp.                   HEMA         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Hemagen Diagnostics Inc.         HMGN         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Hemispherx Biopharma Inc          HEB           Biotechnology       2830   AMS
Hendrx Corp                     HDRX           Environmental        4953   NDQ
Hennessy Advisors Inc           HNNA       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Henry (Jack) & Assoc.            JKHY    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Henry Bros. Electronics Inc       HBE            Electronics        3670   AMS
HepaLife Technologies            HPLF              Internet         7370   NDQ
Herald National Bank             HNB                 Bank           6000   AMS
Herbalife Ltd.                    HLF         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Herborium Group Inc             HBRM      Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Hercules Offshore Inc            HERO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Heritage Bankshares Inc/VA       HBKS                Bank           6000   NDQ
Heritage Commerce Corp           HTBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
Heritage Financial              HFWA                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Heritage Financial Group        HBOS                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Heritage Oaks Bancorp            HEOP                Bank           6000   NDQ
Heritage-Crystal Clean Inc       HCCI          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Herley Inds.                     HRLY            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Hersha Hospitality Trust          HT               R.E.I.T.         6720   AMS
Hershey Co.                       HSY         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Hertz Global                      HTZ              Trucking         4200   NYS
Heska Corp                       HSKA                Drug           2834   NDQ
Hess Corp.                        HES     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Hewitt Associates 'A'            HEW         Human Resources        7363   NYS
Hewlett-Packard                  HPQ      Computers/Peripherals     3573   NYS
Hexcel Corp.                      HXL     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
HF Financial Corp.               HFFC               Thrift          6120   NDQ
HFB Financial Corp               HFBA               Thrift          6120   NDQ
HFF Inc                           HF               R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
hhgregg Inc                      HGG       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Hi-Rise Recycling Systems Inc    HIRI             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Hi-Tech Pharm.                   HITK                Drug           2834   NDQ
Hibbett Sports                   HIBB      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Hickok Inc                      HICKA            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Hickory Tech Corp                HTCO        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
HiEnergy Technologies Inc.       HIET      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
High Country Bancorp Inc         HCBC               Thrift          6120   NDQ
High Liner Foods Inc            HLF.TO        Food Processing       2000   TSE
Highlands Bankshares             HBSI                Bank           6000   NDQ
Highway Holdings Ltd             HIHO        Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
Highwood Pptys Inc.              HIW               R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Hiland Holdings GP LP            HPGP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Hill International Inc            HIL       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Hill-Rom Hldgs.                  HRC          Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Hillenbrand Inc.                   HI         Funeral Services      7261   NYS
Hilltop Holdings Inc             HTH               R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Himax Technologies Inc           HIMX          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Hingham Inst Sav                 HIFS               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Hirsch Int'l                    HRSH              Machinery         3500   NDQ
Hitachi Ltd. ADR                  HIT       Foreign Electronics     9975   NYS
Hittite Microwave Corp           HITT          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
HKN Inc                           HKN    Petroleum (Integrated)     2900   AMS
HLTH Corp.                       HLTH    Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
HMG Courtland Prop                HMG              R.E.I.T.         6720   AMS
HMN Financial Inc.               HMNF               Thrift          6120   NDQ
HMS Holdings Corporation         HMSY    Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
HNI Corp.                         HNI    Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NYS
Hoku Scientific Inc              HOKU               Power           4900   NDQ
Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals      HEPH                Drug           2834   NDQ
Holly Corp.                       HOC    Petroleum (Integrated)     2900   NYS
Holly Energy Partners L.P.        HEP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Hollysys Automation Techn.       HOLI            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Hollywood Media Corp             HOLL          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Holobeam Inc                     HOOB              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Hologic Inc.                     HOLX        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Homasote Co                      HMTC        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Home Bancorp inc                 HBCP               Thrift          6120   NYS
Home Bancshares Inc              HOMB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Home City Financial Corp.        HCFL               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Home Depot                         HD     Retail Building Supply    5211   NYS
Home Diagnostics Inc             HDIX        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Home Federal Bancorp Inc/Md      HOME               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Home Finl Bancorp                HWEN               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Home Loan Fin'l Corp             HLFN               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Home Pptys NY Inc                 HME              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Home Solutions of America Inc    HSOA          Environmental        4953   NDQ
HomeFed Corporation              HOFD              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Homeland security Capital Cor    HOMS       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Homeland Security Network Inc    HSYN            Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Homeowners Choice Inc             HCII    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Honda Motor ADR                   HMC           Auto & Truck        3710   NYS
Honeywell Int'l                   HON          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Hong Kong Highpower Technology    HPJ            Electronics        3670   AMS
Hooker Furniture Corp            HOFT    Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NDQ
Hooper Holmes                      HH    Healthcare Information     7375   AMS
Hopewell Valley Community Bank   HWDY               Bank            6000   NDQ
HopFed Bancorp                   HFBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Horace Mann Eductrs.              HMN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Horizon Bancorp/IN/              HBNC         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Horizon Financial                HRZB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Horizon Lines Inc                 HRZ             Maritime          4400   NYS
Hormel Foods                      HRL         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Hornbeck Offshore Services Inc    HOS       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Horsehead Holding Corp           ZINC    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
Horton D.R.                       DHI          Homebuilding         1521   NYS
Hospira Inc.                      HSP                Drug           2834   NYS
Hospitality Properties            HPT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Host Hotels and Resorts           HST          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
Hot Topic Inc.                   HOTT      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Hotel Outsource Mgmt. Intl       HOUM      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
House of Brussels Chocolates     HBSL     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
House of Taylor Jewelry Inc      HOTJ      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Houston Amer Energy Corp         HUSA     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Houston Wire & Cable Co.        HWCC       Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Hovnanian Enterpr. 'A'            HOV           Homebuilding        1521   NYS
HQ Sustainable Maritime Inds      HQS         Food Processing       2000   AMS
HRPT Pptys Tr                     HRP               R.E.I.T.        6720   NYS
HSBC Holdings PLC                 HBC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
HSN Inc.                         HSNI      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
HST Global Inc.                  HSTC                Drug           2834   NDQ
Hub Group                        HUBG              Trucking         4200   NDQ
Hubbell Inc 'A'                 HUB/A      Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Hubbell Inc. 'B'                HUB/B      Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Hudson City Bancorp              HCBK                Thrift         6120   NDQ
Hudson Highland Group Inc.       HHGP        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Hudson Holding Corporation       HDHL         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Hudson Technologies Inc.         HDSN           Environmental       4953   NDQ
Hudson Valley Hldgs Corp         HUVL                Bank           6000   NDQ
Hughes Communications Inc.       HUGH        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
HUGHES Telematics Inc            HUTC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Hugoton Royalty Trust             HGT     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Hull Energy Inc                  HULL              Beverage         2080   NDQ
Human Genome                     HGSI           Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Human Pheromone Sciences Inc.    EROX      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Humana Inc.                       HUM         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Humatech Inc                     HUMT      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Hunt (J.B.)                      JBHT              Trucking         4200   NDQ
Huntington Bancshs.              HBAN          Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Huntsman Corp.                    HUN     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Hurco Companies                  HURC             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Huron Consulting                 HURN        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Hurray! Holding Co. Ltd.         HRAY        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Husky Energy Inc.               HSE.TO    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   TSE
Hutchinson Techn.                HTCH      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Huttig Building Products Inc     HBPI        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Hyatt Hotels Corp                  H            Hotel/Gaming        7000   NYS
Hybrid Energy Holdings Inc       HYBE         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Hydrogen Corp                   HYDGQ                Power          4900   NDQ
Hydrogen Power Inc               HYDP          Investment Co.       6730   NDQ
Hydrogenics Corp                 HYGS      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Hydromer Inc                     HYDI     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Hydron Technologies Inc.         HTEC       Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NDQ
Hypercom Corp                     HYC     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NYS
Hyperdynamics Corp                HDY    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   AMS
HyperFeed Technologies Inc      HYPRQ              Internet         7370   NDQ
Hythiam Inc                      HYTM         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
I.C. Isaacs & Co.                ISAC               Apparel         2300   NDQ
I.D. Systems Inc.                IDSY      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
i2 Technologies Inc              ITWO            E-Commerce         7372   NDQ
IA Global Inc                      IAO              Internet          7370   AMS
IAC/InterActiveCorp               IACI              Internet          7370   NDQ
IAMGOLD Corp.                  IMG.TO          Precious Metals        1041   TSE
IAS Communications Inc          IASCA       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
iBasis Inc                       IBAS               Internet          7370   NDQ
Iberiabank Corp                  IBKC          Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Ibis Technology Corp              IBIS          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
IBSG International Inc            IBIN    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Icad Inc.                        ICAD      Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Icagen Inc.                      ICGN                 Drug            2834   NDQ
iCarbon Corp                     ICRB        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
ICC Worldwide Inc                ICCW           Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
IceWEB Inc.                      IWEB               Internet          7370   NDQ
ICF International Inc             ICFI       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
ICO Glogal Comm. (Hldgs) Ltd     ICOG         Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
ICO Inc.                         ICOC       Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
ICON Plc                          ICLR         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Iconix Brand Group               ICON               Apparel           2300   NDQ
ICOP Digital Inc                 ICOP             Electronics         3670   NDQ
ICT Group Inc                    ICTG        Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
ICTS International N V          ICTSF        Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
ICU Medical                       ICUI         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
ICx Technologies Inc             ICXT             Electronics         3670   NDQ
IDACORP Inc.                       IDA      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
IdeaEdge Inc                     IDAE       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Idearc Inc.                     IDARQ              Publishing         2700   NDQ
Ideation Acquisition Corp         IDIU      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Idenix Pharma. Inc.               IDIX                Drug            2834   NDQ
Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc        IDRA           Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
IDEX Corp.                         IEX             Machinery          3500   NYS
IDEXX Labs.                      IDXX          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
IDI Global Inc.                   IDIB              Internet          7370   NDQ
iDNA Inc                          IDAI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
IDT Corp Cl B                      IDT        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
IEC Electronics Corp               IEC            Electronics         3670   AMS
IEH Corp.                        IEHC             Electronics         3670   NDQ
iGate Corp.                      IGTE     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Igene Biotechnology Inc          IGNE           Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
IGI Laboratories Inc                IG          Diversified Co.       9913   AMS
IGM Financial Inc.             IGM.TO       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   TSE
iGO Inc                          IGOI      Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
IHS Inc.                           IHS      Information Services      8900   NYS
II-VI Inc.                         IIVI     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Ikanos Communications            IKAN           Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Ikonics Corp                     IKNX       Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
iLinc Communications Inc         ILNC               Internet          7370   NDQ
Illini Corp                        ILII               Bank            6000   NDQ
Illinois Tool Works               ITW         Metal Fabricating       3400   NYS
Illumina Inc.                    ILMN          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
ILX Resorts Inc                   ILXRQ          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Image Entertainment                DISK          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Image Sensing Sys Inc              ISNS      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Image Technology Laboratories      IMTL     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
ImageMax Inc                      IMAG        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Imagenetix Inc                     IAGX         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
ImageWare Systems Inc              IWSY    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc    IMDS         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
ImaRx Therapeutics Inc             IMRX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Imation Corp.                       IMN     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NYS
IMAX Corp.                         IMAX          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Imergent Inc                         IIG          E-Commerce          7372   AMS
Immersion Corp                    IMMR      Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Immtech Pharmaceuticals Inc.       IMMP               Drug            2834   NDQ
ImmuCell Corp.                     ICCC               Drug            2834   NDQ
Immucor Inc.                      BLUD         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Immunicon Corp                   IMMCQ         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
ImmunoGen Inc.                    IMGN                Drug            2834   NDQ
Immunomedics                      IMMU           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Immunotech Laboratories Inc       IMMB           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
IMPAC Mortgage Hldgs               IMPM             R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Imperial Capital Bancorp Inc       IMPC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Imperial Ginseng Prods Ltd        IGPFF         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Imperial Inds Inc                   IPII       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Imperial Oil Ltd.                   IMO        Canadian Energy        1299   AMS
Imperial Sugar Co.                 IPSU         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Imperial Tobacco Group PLC        ITYBY             Tobacco           2085   NDQ
Implant Sciences Corp.             IMSC        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Impreso Inc                       ZCOM      Paper/Forest Products     2600   NDQ
IMS Health                           RX     Healthcare Information    7375   NYS
In Veritas Medical Diagnostic      IVME             Internet          7370   NDQ
Inca Designs Inc                   IDGI             Apparel           2300   NDQ
Incentra Solutions Inc           ICNSQ              Internet          7370   NDQ
Income Oppurtunity Rlty             IOT             R.E.I.T.          6720   AMS
inContact Inc                     SAAS              Internet          7370   NDQ
Incyte Corp.                       INCY          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Indep Bank Corp/MI                 IBCP               Bank            6000   NDQ
Independence Fed Savings Bank      IFSB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Independence Hldg. Co               IHC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Independent Bank MA                INDB               Bank            6000   NDQ
India Globalization Capital         IGC       Heavy Construction      1629   AMS
Indiana Community Bancorp          INCB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Indl Alliance Ins and Finl       IAG.TO     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   TSE
Industrial Enterprises of Amer     IEAM     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Industrial Minerals Inc           IDSM      Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Industrial Svcs of America         IDSA          Environmental        4953   NDQ
IndyMac Bancorp Inc.             IDMCQ       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Inergy Holdings LP                NRGP       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Inergy L.P.                       NRGY        Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NDQ
Infinera Corp.                     INFN      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Infinex Ventures Inc.              INFX     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Infinite Group Inc.                 IMCI     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Infinity Energy Resources           IFNY      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Infinity Medical Group Inc         IMGR        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Infinity Pharmaceuticals            INFI               Drug           2834   NDQ
Infinity Prop. & Casualty          IPCC     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
infoGROUP Inc                      IUSA    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
InfoLogix Inc                       IFLG   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
InfoNow Corp.                     INOW            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Informatica Corp.                  INFA           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Information Analysis Inc.           IAIC   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Information Architects Corp        IACH              Internet         7370   NDQ
Information Services Group Inc       III     Information Services     8900   NDQ
Infosmart Group Inc                IFSG    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
InfoSonics Corp                    IFON      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
InfoSpace Inc.                     INSP              Internet         7370   NDQ
Infosys Techn. ADR                  INFY   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
InfuSystems Holdings Inc            INHI       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Ingersoll-Rand                       IR             Machinery         3500   NYS
Ingles Markets                    IMKTA     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Ingram Micro 'A'                     IM     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NYS
Inhibitex Inc                      INHX          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Inhibition Therapeutics Inc        IHBT                Drug           2834   NDQ
Inksure Technologies Inc           INKS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
InMedica Development Corp          IMDD          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Inmet Mining Corp.               IMN.TO     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
InnerWorkings Inc.                INWK     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Innodata Isogen Inc                INOD    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Innophos Holdings Inc.             IPHS     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Innospec Inc                       IOSP      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Innotrac Corp                      INOC       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Innova Pure Water Inc              IPUR          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Innovative Card Technologies       INVC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Innovative Software Techs Inc       INIV          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Innovative Solutions & Support     ISSC       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Innovex Inc.                       INVX      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Innuity Inc.                       INNU    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Inovio Biomedical Corp              INO        Medical Supplies       8060   AMS
InPlay Technologies Inc            NPLA            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Inrob Tech Ltd                      IRBL           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Insight Enterprises                NSIT      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Insignia Solutions Inc            INSGY    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Insignia Systems                    ISIG      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
InSite Vision Inc                  INSV        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Insituform Techn.                  INSU        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Insmed Inc                         INSM                Drug           2834   NDQ
Inspire Pharmaceuticals            ISPH          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
instaCare Corp                     ISCR     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Insteel Industries                 IIIN       Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Insulet Corp                     PODD         Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
InsWeb Corporation               INSW        Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Insynq Inc                        INSQ             Internet           7370   NDQ
Int'l Baler Corp                  IBAL            Machinery           3500   NDQ
Int'l Business Mach.               IBM     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NYS
Int'l Commercial Television       ICTL           Advertising          7310   NDQ
Int'l Flavors & Frag.               IFF     Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Int'l Game Tech.                   IGT          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
Int'l Monetary Systems Ltd.       ITNM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Int'l Paper                          IP    Paper/Forest Products      2600   NYS
Int'l Rectifier                     IRF         Semiconductor         3674   NYS
Int'l Speedway 'A'                ISCA            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Int'l. Card Establishment Inc     ICRD             Internet           7370   NDQ
Integra Bank Corporation          IBNK               Bank             6000   NDQ
Integra LifeSciences              IART        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Integral Systems                  ISYS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Integral Technologies Inc\CA      ITKG      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Integral Vision Inc               INVI      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
IntegraMed Amer Inc              INMD          Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Integrated BioPharma Inc          INBP         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Integrated Data Corp              ITDD    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Integrated Device                 IDTI          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Integrated Electrical Svcs Inc    IESC        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
Integrated Environmental Tech     IEVM     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
Integrated Security Syst           IZZI           Electronics         3670   NDQ
Integrated Silicon Solution        ISSI         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Integrated Surgical Sys. Inc.     ISSM        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Integrative Health Tech Inc.       IHTI         Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Integrity Bancshres Inc          ITYCQ               Bank             6000   NDQ
Integrys Energy                    TEG     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Intel Corp.                       INTC          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
IntelGenx Technologies Corp.      IGXT       Pharmacy Services        5910   NDQ
Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc.         IDN     Computers/Peripherals      3573   AMS
Intelligent Living Corp           ILVC        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
Intelligent Sys Corp.              INS     Computers/Peripherals      3573   AMS
Intelligroup Inc                  ITIG    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
IntelliPharmaceutics Int'l In      IPCI         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Intellon Corp                     ITLN          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Inter Parfums Inc.                IPAR      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Inter-Atlantic Financial Inc.      IAN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Interactive Brokers Group Inc     IBKR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Interactive Data                   IDC      Information Services      8900   NYS
Interactive Intelligence Inc      ININ    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Interactive Motorsports & Ent     IMTS          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Interactive Sys Worldwide Inc     ISWI       Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
interCLICK inc                    ICLK             Internet           7370   NDQ
IntercontinentalExch.               ICE     Securities Brokerage      6210   NYS
InterDigital Inc.                 IDCC      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Interep National Radio Sales I      IREP            Advertising        7310   NDQ
Interface Inc. 'A'                 IFSIA     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Interleukin Genetics                  ILI         Biotechnology        2830   AMS
Interline Brands Inc                  IBI       Building Materials     3200   NYS
Interlink Electronics Inc           LINK            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Intermec Inc.                         IN       Wireless Networking     7380   NYS
Intermountain Community Bncp       IMCB                Bank            6000   NDQ
InterMune Inc                      ITMN                Drug            2834   NDQ
Internap Network Services           INAP             Internet          7370   NDQ
International Absorbents Inc         IAX       Household Products      2840   AMS
International Automated System      IAUS       Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
International Coal Group Inc         ICO               Coal            1220   NYS
International Dispensing Corp      IDND      Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
International Energy Inc            IENI      Information Services     8900   NDQ
International Fight League In        IFLI              Drug            2834   NDQ
International Forest Products    IFP/A.TO     Paper/Forest Products    2600   TSE
International Fuel Tech. Inc.       IFUE          Environmental        4953   NDQ
International Royalty Corp           ROY     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
International Speedway Corp         ISCB            Recreation         7900   NDQ
International Stem Cell Corp       ISCO           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
International Textile Group         ITXN            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
International Wire Group Inc       ITWG        Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Internet America Inc               GEEK              Internet          7370   NDQ
Internet Brands                     INET           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Internet Capital Group Inc          ICGE             Internet          7370   NDQ
Internet Initiative Japan Inc        IIJI            Internet          7370   NDQ
InterOil Corp                        IOC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Interphase Corp.                    INPH     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Interplay Entertainment Corp        IPLY       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Interpublic Group                    IPG            Advertising        7310   NYS
Intersections Inc                   INTX        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Intersil Corp. 'A'                   ISIL         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Interstate Hotels & Resorts          IHR              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Intertape Polymer Group Inc.       ITPOF     Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
Interval Leisure Group Inc.         IILG        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Intervest Bancshares Corp.          IBCA               Bank            6000   NDQ
inTEST Corp                         INTT            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Intevac Inc                         IVAC     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Intl Assets Hldg Corp.              IAAC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Intl Bancshares Corp.              IBOC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Intl Shipholding                     ISH             Maritime          4400   NYS
Intl Smart Sourcing Inc             ISSG          Diversified Co.      9913   OTC
Intl Thoroughbred Breeders          ITGB            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Intl Tower Hill Mines Ltd           THM      Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
Intrepid Potash Inc                   IPI      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
IntriCon Corp                         IIN           Machinery          3500   AMS
Introgen Therapeutics Inc         INGNQ                Drug            2834   NDQ
Intrusion Inc.                      INTZ     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Intuit Inc.                         INTU    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Intuitive Surgical               ISRG         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Inuvo Inc                        INUV              Internet          7370   NDQ
Invacare Corp.                     IVC        Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
inVentiv Health                   VTIV               Drug            2834   NDQ
Inverness Med.                     IMA        Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Investment Techn.                  ITG     Securities Brokerage      6210   NYS
Investors Bancorp Inc            ISBC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Investors Heritage Capital       IHRC         Insurance (Life)       6310   NDQ
Investors Title Co                ITIC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
INX Inc.                          INXI    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
ION Geophysical                     IO      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Iowa First Bancshares Corp       IOFB                Bank            6000   NDQ
Iowa Telecom. Svcs.               IWA        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
iParty Corp.                       IPT             Internet          7370   AMS
iPass Inc                         IPAS             Internet          7370   NDQ
IPC Hldgs Ltd                     IPCR          Reinsurance          6399   NDQ
IPC The Hospitalist Co           IPCM         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
IPG Photonics Corporation         IPGP           Electronics         3670   NDQ
iQ Power AG                     IQPOF      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
IR BioSciences Holdings Inc      IRBS              Internet          7370   NDQ
Iridex Corp                       IRIX        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Iridium Communications Inc       IRDM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Iris International Inc            IRIS        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
iRobot Corp.                      IRBT      Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Iron Mountain                      IRM      Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Ironclad Performance wear Co.    ICPW              Apparel           2300   NDQ
Ironstone Group Inc              IRNS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Irvine Sensors                   IRSN      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Isabella Bank Corp               ISBA                Bank            6000   NDQ
ISCO International Inc          ISOOQ          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
iSecureTrac Corp                  ISEC           Electronics         3670   NDQ
Isilon Systems Inc.               ISLN    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Isis Pharmac.                     ISIS         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Isle of Capri Casinos Inc         ISLE         Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Islet Holdings Inc                ISHI           Retail Store        5300   NDQ
Isomet Corp                      IOMT      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
IsoRay Inc                         ISR               Drug            2834   AMS
Isotechnika Pharma Inc          ISA.TO               Drug            2834   TSE
Isramco Inc.                      ISRL    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Ista Pharmaceuticals              ISTA         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
iStar Financial Inc                SFI             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
ITC Deltacom                     ITCD        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
ITC Holdings                       ITC    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Iteration Energy Ltd.            ITXFF    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Iteris Inc                          ITI    Precision Instrument      3800   AMS
ITEX Corp                         ITEX     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
ITIS Holdings Inc                ITHH              Internet          7370   NDQ
Itron Inc.                        ITRI     Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Itronics Inc                     ITRO          Environmental         4953   NDQ
ITT Corp.                             ITT         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
ITT Educational                       ESI     Educational Services     8299   NYS
Ituran Location & Control Ltd       ITRN            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Ivanhoe Energy Inc                 IE.TO     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   TSE
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd                 IVN.TO         Precious Metals       1041   TSE
IVAX Diagnostics Inc                 IVD         Medical Supplies      8060   AMS
Ivivi Technologies Inc               IVVI        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
iVoice Inc                          IVOI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Ixia                                XXIA      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
IXYS Corp                           IXYS          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
J. Alexander's Corp                  JAX            Restaurant         5812   AMS
J. Crew Group                        JCG      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
J.W. MaysInc.                      MAYS           Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
J&J Snack Foods                      JJSF        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
j2 Global Communic.                JCOM         Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Jabil Circuit                         JBL           Electronics        3670   NYS
Jacada Ltd.                         JCDA    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Jack in the Box                     JACK            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Jackson Hewitt Tax Svce Inc           JTX     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Jacksonville Bancorp Inc /FL/       JAXB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Jacksonville Bancorp Inc/Ill        JXSB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Jaclyn Inc.                         JCLY              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Jaco Electrs Inc                    JACO          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Jacobs Engineering                   JEC       Heavy Construction      1629   NYS
Jacobs Financial Group Inc           JFGI     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Jade Art Group Inc                  JADA     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Jaguar Mng (Canadian)             JAG.TO         Precious Metals       1041   TSE
JAKKS Pacific Inc                   JAKK            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Jamba Inc                           JMBA            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
James River Coal Co                 JRCC                Coal           1220   NDQ
Janel World Trade Ltd               JLWT           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Janus Capital Group                  JNS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Japan Equity Fund                    JEQ    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Japan Smaller Cap Fd                 JOF    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Jarden Corp.                         JAH       Household Products      2840   NYS
Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc          JAV       Pharmacy Services       5910   AMS
Javo Beverage Co. Inc.              JAVO         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Jazz Pharmaceuticals Inc            JAZZ          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
JDA Software Group                  JDAS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
JDS Uniphase                        JDSU            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Jean Coutu Group 'A'             PJC/A.TO      Pharmacy Services       5910   TSE
JED Oil Inc.                       JEDOF     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Jefferies Group                       JEF     Securities Brokerage     6210   NYS
Jefferson Bancshares Inc             JFBI              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Jeffersonville Bancorp              JFBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Jennifer Convertibles Inc            JEN     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   AMS
Jesup & Lamont Inc.                   JLI     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
JetBlue Airways                     JBLU           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Jewett-Cameron Trading Co. Ltd     JCTCF       Household Products      2840   NDQ
Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals Inc     JGBO              Drug            2834   NDQ
Jingwei International Ltd.      JNGW    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
JK Acquisition Corp             JKAK     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
JLM Couture Inc                 JLMC             Apparel          2300   NDQ
JMAR Technologies Inc           JMAR      Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
JMP Group Inc                     JMP    Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Jo-Ann Stores                     JAS    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Joe's Jeans Inc                 JOEZ     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
John Bean Technologies Corp       JBT          Machinery          3500   NYS
Johnson & Johnson                 JNJ       Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Johnson Controls                  JCI          Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Johnson Outdoors                JOUT           Recreation         7900   NDQ
Jones Apparel Group               JNY            Apparel          2300   NYS
Jones Lang LaSalle                JLL    Property Management      6510   NYS
Jones Soda Co.                  JSDA            Beverage          2080   NDQ
Joseph A. Bank                  JOSB     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Journal Communications            JRN          Newspaper          2710   NYS
Joy Global                      JOYG              Coal            1220   NDQ
JPE INC                          JPEI          Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
JPMorgan Chase                    JPM             Bank            6000   NYS
JPS Industries                   JPST        Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Juma Technology Corp.           JUMT       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Juniata Valley Financial Corp    JUVF             Bank            6000   NDQ
Juniper Group Inc               JUNP         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Juniper Networks                 JNPR     Telecom. Equipment      4811   NYS
K V Pharmaceutical 'A'          KV/A              Drug            2834   NYS
K-Fed Bancorp                   KFED              Thrift          6120   NDQ
K-Sea Trans. Ptnrs L.P.           KSP           Maritime          4400   NYS
K-Swiss Inc.                    KSWS              Shoe            3140   NDQ
K-Tron Int'l                     KTII     Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
K-V Pharmaceutical              KV/B              Drug            2834   NYS
K12 Inc                           LRN     Educational Services    8299   AMS
Kadant Inc.                       KAI        Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Kaiser Aluminum Corporation.    KALU        Metal Fabricating     3400   NDQ
Kaiser Group Holdings Inc.      KGHI         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Kaman Corp.                     KAMN         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
KANA Software Inc               KANA          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Kandi Technolgies Corporation   KNDI          Auto & Truck        3710   NDQ
Kansas City Life Ins             KCLI       Insurance (Life)      6310   NDQ
Kansas City South'n              KSU             Railroad         4002   NYS
Kapstone Paper & Packaging      KPPC     Paper/Forest Products    2600   NDQ
KAR Auction Services Inc         KAR     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Katy Industries Inc             KATY         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Kaydon Corp.                     KDN           Machinery          3500   NYS
KB Home                          KBH         Homebuilding         1521   NYS
KBR Inc.                         KBR       Heavy Construction     1629   NYS
KBW Inc                          KBW     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Kearny Financial Corp           KRNY              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Keithley Instruments              KEI     Precision Instrument    3800   NYS
Kellogg                             K         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Kelly Services 'A'               KELYA       Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Kendle Intl Inc                  KNDL        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Kenexa Corp                      KNXA        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Kenilworth Systems Corp.         KENS          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Kennametal Inc.                   KMT        Metal Fabricating      3400   NYS
Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc      KWIC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Kenneth Cole 'A'                  KCP                Shoe           3140   NYS
Kensey Nash Corp                 KNSY        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Kent Finl Svs Inc                KENT     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Kent Int'l Holdings Inc          KNTH                Drug           2834   NDQ
Kentucky Bancshares Inc           KTYB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Kentucky First Fed. Bncp          KFFB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc     KERX          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Kewaunee Scientific Corp.        KEQU     Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NDQ
Keweenaw Land Assn Ltd           KEWL     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NDQ
Key Energy Services Inc           KEG       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Key Technology                   KTEC             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Key Tronic Corp.                 KTCC    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
KeyCorp                           KEY                Bank           6000   NYS
Keynote Systems Inc              KEYN              Internet         7370   NDQ
KeyOn Communications Holdings    KEYO              Internet         7370   NDQ
Keystone Consolidated Inds Inc   KYCN        Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
Kforce Inc                       KFRC        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
KHD Humboldt Wedag Int'l          KHD     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Kid Brands Inc.                    KID     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Killbuck Bancshares Inc           KLIB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Kilroy Rlty Corp                  KRC              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Kimball Int'l 'B'                KBALB   Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NDQ
Kimber Resources inc              KBX         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Kimberly-Clark                    KMB       Household Products      2840   NYS
Kimco Realty                      KIM              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Kinder Morgan Energy              KMP       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Kindred Healthcare Inc            KND        Medical Services       8000   NYS
Kinetic Concepts                   KCI       Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
King Pharmac.                      KG                Drug           2834   NYS
Kingstone Companies Inc           KINS      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Kingsway Finl Svcs Inc            KFS     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Kinross Gold                      KGC    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NYS
Kirby Corp.                       KEX             Maritime          4400   NYS
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc           KGILF        Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Kirkland's Inc.                   KIRK   Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NDQ
KIT Digital Inc                   KITD             Internet         7370   NDQ
KKR Financial Holdings LLC        KFN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
KLA-Tencor                       KLAC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Klever Marketing Inc             KLMK            Advertising        7310   NDQ
klondike Star Mineral Corp       KDSM    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
KMG Chemicals Inc                KMGB      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Knight Capital Group              NITE     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Knight Transportation Inc          KNX              Trucking         4200   NYS
Knightsbridge Tankers             VLCCF            Maritime          4400   NDQ
Knoll Inc                          KNL      Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NYS
Knology                           KNOL             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Knot (The)                        KNOT              Internet         7370   NDQ
Knox Nursery Inc                  KNUR      Paper/Forest Products    2600   NDQ
Kobex Minerals Inc                 KXM          Precious Metals      1041   AMS
Kodiak Energy Corp                KDKN         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp              KOG     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Kohl's Corp.                       KSS            Retail Store       5300   NYS
Kohlberg Capital Corporation      KCAP      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Kolorfusion Intl Inc              KOLR             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Komodo Inc                        KMDO              Internet         7370   NDQ
Komunik Corporation              KOM.TO       Industrial Services    7300   TSE
Kona Grill Inc                    KONA            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Kongzhong Corp                    KONG        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Kopin Corp                        KOPN       Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Koppers Holdings Inc               KOP          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Kore Holdings Inc                 KORH          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Korea Electric ADR                 KEP         Utility (Foreign)     4914   NYS
Korea Fund                          KF    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Korn/Ferry Int'l                   KFY        Human Resources        7363   NYS
Koss Corp                         KOSS       Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Kraft Foods                        KFT         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Kraton Performance Polymers        KRA       Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Kratos Defense & Security         KTOS        Aerospace/Defense      3720   NDQ
Kreisler Mfg Corp.                KRSL        Aerospace/Defense      3720   NDQ
Krispy Kreme                       KKD            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Kroger Co.                          KR      Retail/Wholesale Food    5400   NYS
Kronos Advanced Tech Inc          KNOS              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Kronos Worldwide Inc               KRO       Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
KS Bancorp Inc                     KSBI              Thrift          6120   NDQ
KSW Inc                            KSW             Machinery         3500   NDQ
KT Corporation                     KTC        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Kulicke & Soffa                    KLIC     Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
Kupper Parker Commun              KPCG            Advertising        7310   NDQ
KVH Inds Inc                      KVHI        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Kyocera Corp. ADR                  KYO        Foreign Electronics    9975   NYS
Kyzen Corp 'A'                    KYZN       Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
L-1 Identity Sol.                   ID     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NYS
L-3 Communic.                       LLL       Aerospace/Defense      3720   NYS
L&L International Holdings Inc     LLFH               Coal           1220   NDQ
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co         LJPC               Drug           2834   NDQ
La-Z-Boy Inc.                      LZB     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NYS
LaBarge Inc.                        LB            Electronics        3670   AMS
Labopharm Inc                    DDS.TO        Medical Services      8000   TSE
Laboratory Corp.                    LH         Medical Services      8000   NYS
LaBranche & Co Inc                 LAB      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Laclede Group                       LG        Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
LaCrosse Footwear Inc            BOOT                Shoe           3140   NDQ
Ladenburg Thalmann Finl Svcs       LTS     Securities Brokerage     6210   AMS
Ladish Co                         LDSH      Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Lafayette Community Bancorp       LFYC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Lake Shore Bancorp Inc            LSBK              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Lakeland Bancorp Inc              LBAI               Bank           6000   NDQ
Lakeland Finl Corp                LKFN         Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Lakeland Ind                      LAKE       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Lakes Entertainment Inc.          LACO          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
LAM Industries Inc                LAIC        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Lam Research                      LRCX     Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
Lamar Advertising                 LAMR           Advertising        7310   NDQ
Lan Airlines S.A.                  LFL          Air Transport       4510   NYS
Lancaster Colony                  LANC      Household Products      2840   NDQ
Lance Inc.                        LNCE        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Lancer Orthodontics Inc           LANZ        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
LandAmerica Finl Group           LFGRQ     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Landauer Inc.                      LDR         Environmental        4953   NYS
Landec Corp                       LNDC        Chemical (Basic)      2810   NDQ
Landmark Bancorp Inc              LARK              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Landry's Restaurants               LNY           Restaurant         5812   NYS
Landstar Sys.                     LSTR             Trucking         4200   NDQ
Lannett Co Inc                     LCI               Drug           2834   AMS
Lantronix Inc                    LTRXD    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
LaPolla Industries Inc            LPAD     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Laporte Bancorp Inc.              LPSB              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Largo Vista Group Ltd             LGOV           Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Las Vegas Sands                    LVS          Hotel/Gaming        7000   NYS
LaSalle Hotel Pptys                LHO             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Laser Master International        LMTI            Publishing        2700   NDQ
LaserCard Corp.                   LCRD    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Lattice Inc                       LTTC     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Lattice Semiconductor             LSCC         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Lauder (Estee)                      EL      Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NYS
Law Enforcement Assoc. Corp      LAWE            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Lawson Products                  LAWS         Metal Fabricating     3400   NDQ
Lawson Software Inc              LWSN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Layne Christensen                 LAYN      Heavy Construction      1629   NDQ
Lazard Ltd.                        LAZ     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Lazare Kaplan International In     LKI     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   AMS
LCA-Vision                        LCAV        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
LCC Intl Inc.                     LCCI     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
LCNB Corp                         LCNB               Bank           6000   NDQ
LDK Solar Company Ltd              LDK              Power           4900   NYS
Le@p Technology Inc               LPTC             Internet         7370   NDQ
Leadis Technology Inc.            LDIS         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Leap Wireless                     LEAP       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
LeapFrog Enterpr. 'A'               LF           Recreation         7900   NYS
Lear Corp. (old)                 LEARQ            Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
Learning Tree Int'l              LTRE     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
LECG Corp                        XPRT     Information Services     8900   NDQ
Lecroy Corp                      LCRY     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
LecTec Corp.                     LECT              Drug            2834   NDQ
Lee Pharmaceuticals              LPHM              Drug            2834   NDQ
Legacy Bancorp Inc               LEGC             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Legacy Reserves                  LGCY    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Legal Access Technologies Inc    LGAL        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Legg Mason                         LM     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Leggett & Platt                   LEG    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NYS
Lehman Bros. Holdings           LEHMQ     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Lenco Mobile Inc                 LNCM     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Lender Processing Services        LPS     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Lennar Corp.                      LEN         Homebuilding         1521   NYS
Lennox Int'l                       LII          Machinery          3500   NYS
Lenovo Group Ltd                LNVGY    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Lenox Group Inc.                LENXQ    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Lenox Wealth Management Inc      LNXW              Bank            6000   NDQ
Leon's Furniture Ltd.           LNF.TO   Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   TSE
Lescarden Inc                    LCAR         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Leucadia National                 LUK         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Level 3 Communic.                 LVLT      Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Lexicon Pharm. Inc.              LXRX              Drug            2834   NDQ
Lexicon United Inc.              LXUN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Lexington B & L Finl Corp        LXMO             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Lexington Corp. Pptys             LXP            R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Lexington Precision Corp        LEXPQ       Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
Lexmark Int'l `A'                 LXK     Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NYS
Lexon Technologies Inc           LEXO            Internet          7370   NDQ
LGA Holdings Inc.                LGAH           Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
LGL Group Inc                     LGL         Diversified Co.      9913   AMS
LHC Group Inc.                   LHCG        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Libbey Inc.                       LYBI     Household Products      2840   NDQ
Liberate Technologies Inc        LBTE            Internet          7370   NDQ
Liberty All-Star                  USA        Investment Co.        6730   NYS
Liberty Bancorp Inc.             LBCP             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Liberty Global                  LBTYA            Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Liberty Homes Inc               LIBHB         Homebuilding         1521   NDQ
Liberty Homes Inc.              LIBHA      Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NDQ
Liberty Property                  LRY            R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Life Exchange Inc                LFXG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Life Partners Holdings Inc        LPHI    Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Life Quotes Inc                  QUOT      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Life Technologies                 LIFE       Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Life Time Fitness Inc             LTM           Recreation         7900   NYS
LifePoint Hospitals              LPNT        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
LifeQuest World Corp             LQWC              Drug            2834   NDQ
Lifespan Inc                     LSPN         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
LifeStore Financial Group        LSFG             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Lifetime Brands Inc              LCUT       Household Products      2840   NDQ
Lifevantage Corp                 LFVN         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Lifeway Foods Inc.               LWAY         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Ligand Pharmaceuticals           LGND               Drug            2834   NDQ
Lightbridge Corp                 LTBR              Power            4900   NDQ
LightPath Technologies Inc       LPTH      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Lihua International Inc          LIWA      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Lilly (Eli)                        LLY              Drug            2834   NYS
Lime Energy Co.                  LIME      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Limelight Networks Inc           LLNW             Internet          7370   NDQ
Limited Brands                    LTD      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Lin TV Corp.                      TVL          Entertainment        7950   NYS
Linamar Machine Limited         LNR.TO           Machinery          3500   TSE
Lincare Holdings                 LNCR         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Lincoln Educational Svcs         LINC      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Lincoln Elec Hldgs.              LECO            Machinery          3500   NDQ
Lincoln Nat'l Corp.               LNC         Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Lindsay Corp.                     LNN            Machinery          3500   NYS
Linear Technology                LLTC          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Linktone Ltd                     LTON        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Linkwell Corp                    LWLL         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Linn Energy LLC                  LINE     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Lionbridge Technologies Inc      LIOX             Internet          7370   NDQ
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp     LGF          Entertainment        7950   NYS
Liquidity Services Inc           LQDT           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Liquidmetal Technologies         LQMT        Metal Fabricating      3400   NDQ
Liteglow Industries Inc         LTGLQ            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Litewave Corp                    LTWV        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Lithia Motors                     LAD           Retail Store        5300   NYS
Lithium Technology Corp          LTHU      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Littelfuse Inc.                  LFUS      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Littlefield Corporation          LTFD          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Live Current Media Inc           LIVC           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Live Nation Inc                   LYV       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
LiveDeal Inc                      LIVE            Internet          7370   NDQ
LivePerson Inc                   LPSN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
LiveWire Mobile Inc.            LVWRD      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Liz Claiborne                      LIZ            Apparel           2300   NYS
LJ International Inc             JADE      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
LKQ Corp.                        LKQX            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
LMI Aerospace Inc.               LMIA       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
LML Payment Sys Inc              LMLP     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
LMS Medical Systems Inc         LMSMF         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
LNB Bancorp Inc                  LNBB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Loblaw Companies Limited          L.TO    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   TSE Corporation            LOCM      Information Services     8900   NDQ
Lockheed Martin                   LMT       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
LodgeNet Interactive             LNET             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Lodgian Inc                       LGN          Hotel/Gaming         7000   AMS
Loews Corp.                          L      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Logansport Finl Corp              LOGN                Bank           6000   NDQ
Logic Devices Inc.                LOGC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
LogicVision Inc                   LGVN          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Logitech Int'l                    LOGI     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
LogMeIn Inc                       LOGM              Internet         7370   NDQ
LoJack Corp.                      LOJN            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Longport Inc                       LPTI        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Longtop Fin'l Technologies Ltd      LFT   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Longwei Petroleum Investment       LPIH     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
LookSmart Ltd.                    LOOK              Internet         7370   NDQ
LoopNet Inc.                      LOOP              Internet         7370   NDQ
Loral Space & Comm Inc            LORL        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Lorillard Inc.                      LO              Tobacco          2085   NYS
Lorus Therapeutics Inc           LOR.TO        Medical Services      8000   TSE
Lottery & Wagering Solutions      LWSL          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc.        LTUS                Drug           2834   NDQ
LOUD Technologies Inc             LTEC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Louisiana Bancorp inc             LABC               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Louisiana-Pacific                  LPX     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Lowe's Cos.                        LOW     Retail Building Supply    5211   NYS
LoyaltyPoint Inc                   LYLP             Internet         7370   NDQ
LSB Corp.                         LSBX               Thrift          6120   NDQ
LSB Financial Corp                 LSBI              Thrift          6120   NDQ
LSB Inds.                          LXU         Chemical (Basic)      2810   AMS
LSI Corp.                           LSI         Semiconductor        3674   NYS
LSI Industries                    LYTS      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
LTC Pptys Inc.                     LTC              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
LTX-Credence Corp                 LTXC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Lubrizol Corp.                      LZ      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Luby's Inc.                        LUB            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Lucas Energy Inc                    LEI    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Lucille Farms Inc                 LUCY     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Lufkin Inds.                      LUFK       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
LUKOIL                           LUKOY     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
lululemon athletica inc           LULU      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Lumber Liquidators Inc.              LL       Building Materials     3200   NYS
Luminex Corp                      LMNX          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Luna Innovations Inc              LUNA      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Luna Technologies Int'l Inc.       LTII     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Lundin Mining Corp               LUNMF     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Luxottica Group ADR                LUX      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Lydall Inc.                        LDL      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Lyris Inc                          LYRI          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
M & F Worldwide                   MFW           Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
M B A Holdings Inc                MBAH       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
M.D.C. Holdings                    MDC          Homebuilding         1521   NYS
M/I Homes                          MHO          Homebuilding         1521   NYS
M&F Bancorp Inc                   MFBP                Bank           6000   NDQ
M&T Bank Corp.                   MTB               Bank             6000   NYS
M45 Mining Resources Inc        MRES     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
Mac-Gray Corp                    TUC       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Macatawa Bank Corporation       MCBC               Bank             6000   NDQ
MACC Private Equities           MACC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Mace Security Intl              MACE         Diversified Co.        9913   NDQ
Macerich Co.                     MAC              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Mack-Cali R'lty                  CLI              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Mackinac Financial Corp         MFNC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Macquarie Infrastructure         MIC       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
MacroChem Corp DEL              MACM               Drug             2834   NDQ
Macy's Inc.                       M            Retail Store         5300   NYS
Mad Catz Interactive Inc       MCZ.TO   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   TSE
Madden (Steven) Ltd.            SHOO               Shoe             3140   NDQ
MAG Silver Corporation           MVG         Precious Metals        1041   AMS
Magal Security Syst Ltd         MAGS            Electronics         3670   NDQ
Magellan Health Svcs.           MGLN        Medical Services        8000   NDQ
Magellan Midstream               MMP      Oil/Gas Distribution      4610   NYS
Magellan Petroleum Corp.        MPET     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Magic Software Enterprises      MGIC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Magma Design Automation Inc     LAVA    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Magna Entertainment Corp       MECAQ          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Magna Int'l 'A'                  MGA            Auto Parts          3716   NYS
Magna-Lab 'A'                  MAGAA        Chemical (Basic)        2810   NDQ
Magnetek Inc.                    MAG      Electrical Equipment      3600   NYS
Magnitude Information           MAGY    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Magnum Hunter Resources Corp     MHR     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Maguire Properties Inc           MPG              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Magyar Bancorp Inc              MGYR               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Maiden Holdings Ltd             MHLD     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Maidenform Brands Inc            MFB              Apparel           2300   NYS
Main Street Capital Corp        MAIN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Maine & Maritimes Corp          MAM       Electric Utility (East)   4911   AMS
MainSource Financial Group      MSFG         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Majesco Entertainment Co        COOL             Internet           7370   NDQ
MakeMusic Inc.                  MMUS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Makita Corp                    MKTAY            Machinery           3500   NDQ
MAKO Surgical Corp              MAKO        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Malvern Federal Bancorp Inc     MLVF               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Mammatech Corp                 MAMM           Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Man Sang Int'l BVI Ltd           MHJ              Apparel           2300   AMS
Management Network Grp Inc.     TMNG       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Manchester Inc                 MNCSQ     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
Mandalay Media Inc              MNDL         Entertainment          7950   NDQ
Manfelder Metals Ltd            MNSF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
MangoSoft Inc                   MGOF    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Manhattan Assoc.                MANH    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Manhattan Bancorp               MNHN               Bank             6000   NDQ
Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc    LOAN           Newspaper            2710   NDQ
Manhattan Pharmaceuticals Inc     MHAN               Drug            2834   NDQ
Manhattan Scientifics Inc         MHTX      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Manifold Capital Corp             MANF     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Manitex International Inc         MNTX            Machinery          3500   NDQ
Manitoba Telecom Services Inc    MBT.TO       Telecom. Services      4810   TSE
Manitowoc Co.                     MTW             Machinery          3500   NYS
Mannatech Inc                     MTEX               Drug            2834   NDQ
MannKind Corp.                    MNKD               Drug            2834   NDQ
Manpower Inc.                     MAN         Human Resources        7363   NYS
ManTech Int'l 'A'                 MANT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Manulife Fin'l                     MFC         Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
MAP Pharmaceuticals Inc.          MAPP               Drug            2834   NDQ
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.            MFI.TO        Food Processing       2000   TSE
Marathon Oil Corp.                MRO      Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Marchex Inc.                      MCHX           Advertising         7310   NDQ
Marcus Corp.                      MCS           Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
Margo Caribe Inc.                MRGO        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Marine Products Corp               MPX            Recreation         7900   NYS
MarineMax                          HZO      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Mariner Energy Inc.                ME      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Markel Corp.                       MKL     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Market Leader Inc                 LEDR     Property Management       6510   NDQ
MarketAxess Holdings Inc          MKTX      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Marketing Acquisition Corp        MAQC           Advertising         7310   NDQ
Markwest Energy Partners LP       MWE         Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Marlin Business Svcs Inc          MRLN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Marriott Int'l                    MAR           Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
Marsh & McLennan                  MMC       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Marshall & Ilsley                   MI         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NYS
Marshall Edwards Inc              MSHL          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Martek Biosciences                MATK          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Marten Transport Ltd.             MRTN             Trucking          4200   NDQ
Martha Stewart                    MSO        Household Products      2840   NYS
Martin Marietta                   MLM         Building Materials     3200   NYS
Martin Midstream Ptnrs LP         MMLP             Maritime          4400   NDQ
Marvel Entertainment               MVL            Recreation         7900   NYS
Marvell Technology                MRVL      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Masco Corp.                        MAS        Building Materials     3200   NYS
Masimo Corp.                      MASI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc.   MMGW               Power            4900   NDQ
Massey Energy                      MEE               Coal            1220   NYS
MasTec                             MTZ       Heavy Construction      1629   NYS
Mastech Holdings Inc              MHH     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   AMS
MasterCard Inc.                    MA       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Matech Corp                       MTCH      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Material Sciences                 MASC      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
MathStar Inc                      MATH          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Matrix Service Co.                MTRX       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Matrixx Initiatives Inc           MTXX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Mattel Inc.                      MAT            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Matthews Int'l                  MATW         Funeral Services      7261   NDQ
Mattson Technology Inc.         MTSN          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Maui Ld & Pineapple Co Inc.      MLP          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Max Capital Group               MXGL           Reinsurance         6399   NDQ
Maxco Inc.                      MAXC       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
MAXIMUS Inc.                    MMS        Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Maxwell Technologies Inc.       MXWL     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
MaxWorldwide Inc                MAXW           Advertising         7310   NDQ
MAXXAM Inc.                     MXM           Diversified Co.      9913   AMS
Maxygen Inc                     MAXY               Drug            2834   NDQ
Mayflower Bancorp Inc           MFLR               Thrift          6120   NDQ
MB Finl Inc                     MBFI               Bank            6000   NDQ
MBF Healthcare Acquisition       MBH      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
MBIA Inc.                        MBI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
MBT Finl Corp                   MBTF               Bank            6000   NDQ
McAfee Inc.                      MFE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
McClatchy Co.                    MNI            Newspaper          2710   NYS
McCormick & Co.                  MKC         Food Processing       2000   NYS
McCormick & Schmicks Seafood    MSSR            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
McDermott Int'l                  MDR          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
McDonald's Corp.                 MCD            Restaurant         5812   NYS
McGrath RentCorp                MGRC       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
McGraw-Hill                      MHP            Publishing         2700   NYS
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.       MHR.TO           Publishing         2700   TSE
McKesson Corp.                   MCK         Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
McMoRan Exploration Co          MMR      Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
McRae Ind Inc                  MRINA          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
MDC Partners Inc                MDCA           Advertising         7310   NDQ
MDI Inc                         MDIZ            Electronics        3670   NDQ
MDRNA Inc                       MRNA          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
MDS Inc                        MDS.TO        Medical Services      8000   TSE
MDU Communications Intl Inc     MDTV             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
MDU Resources                    MDU        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Mead Johnson Nutrition Co        MJN         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Meade Instruments               MEAD            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Meadowbrook Ins Grou             MIG     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
MeadWestvaco                    MWV      Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Measurement Specialties Inc     MEAS      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Mechanical Technology Inc.      MKTY      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
MedAssets Inc.                  MDAS     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
MedCath Corp                    MDTH         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
MedClean Technologies Inc       MCLN          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Medco Health Solutions           MHS       Pharmacy Services       5910   NYS
MedCom USA Inc                  EMED       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Media General 'A'                MEG            Newspaper          2710   NYS
Media Sciences Intl Inc          MSII     Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NDQ
Mediacom Communications Corp    MCCC             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
Medialink Worldwide             MDLK      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Mediatechnics Corpnc              MEDT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Medical Action Inds.              MDCI        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Medical Connections Holdings      MCTH       Human Resources         7363   NDQ
Medical Int'l Tech Inc            MDLH        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Medical Nutrition USA Inc         MDNU               Drug            2834   NDQ
Medical Staffing Network Hldgs   MSNW        Human Resources         7363   NYS
MedicalCV Inc.                    MCVI        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Medicines Company                 MDCO               Drug            2834   NDQ
Medicinova Inc                    MNOV               Drug            2834   NDQ
Medicis Pharmac.                   MRX               Drug            2834   NYS
Medicure Inc                      MCUJ               Drug            2834   NDQ
Medidata Solutions Inc            MDSO     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Medifast Inc                       MED        Food Processing        2000   NYS
Medis Technologies                MDTL              Power            4900   NDQ
Medivation Inc                    MDVN         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Mediware Info Syst                MEDW     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Medizone International Inc        MZEI         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
MEDNAX Inc.                        MD         Medical Services       8000   NYS
MedQuist Inc.                     MEDQ     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Medra Corp.                       MDRA      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Medtox Scientific Inc.            MTOX        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Medtronic Inc.                     MDT        Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Medwave Inc                      MDWV         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Megatech Corporation              MGTC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Melcor Developments Ltd          MRD.TO            R.E.I.T.          6720   TSE
Mellanox Technologies Ltd         MLNX         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
MEMC Elec. Mat'ls                  WFR         Semiconductor         3674   NYS
Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp       MEMY               Drug            2834   NDQ
MEMSIC Inc                        MEMS      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Men's Wearhouse                    MW       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Mendocino Brewing Inc             MENB            Beverage           2080   NDQ
Mentor Graphics                   MENT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
MER Telemgmt                      MTSL      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Mera Pharmaceuticals Inc          MRPI         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Mercadolibre Inc                  MELI          E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Mercantile Bancorp Inc             MBR               Bank            6000   AMS
Mercantile Bank Corp.            MBWM                Bank            6000   NDQ
Mercer Insurance Group            MIGP     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Merchants Bancshares Inc.         MBVT               Bank            6000   NDQ
Merck & Co.                        MRK               Drug            2834   NYS
Mercury Computer Sys.             MRCY     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Mercury General                    MCY     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Meredith Corp.                     MDP            Publishing         2700   NYS
Merge Healthcare Inc              MRGE     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Meridian Bioscience               VIVO        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Meridian Holdings Inc             MRDH             Internet          7370   NDQ
Meridian Interstate Bancorp       EBSB              Thrift           6120   NDQ
Meridian Resource Corp             TMR     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Merilus Inc                       MRHD    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Merisel Inc.                     MSEL     Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Merit Medical Systems            MMSI        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Meritage Homes Corp              MTH          Homebuilding          1521   NYS
Meritage Hospitality Group In   MHGU            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Merix Corp                      MERX      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Merrimac Inds Inc.               MRM            Electronics         3670   AMS
Merriman Curhan Ford Group      MERR              Internet          7370   NDQ
Mesa Air Group                  MESA           Air Transport        4510   NDQ
Mesa Labs Inc                    MLAB        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Met-Pro Corp.                    MPR            Machinery           3500   NYS
Meta Financial Group Inc.       CASH               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc      MBRX          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Metabolix Inc                    MBLX     Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Metal Storm Limited             MTSXY      Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Metalico Inc.                    MEA          Environmental         4953   AMS
Metalink Ltd                     MTLK         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Metalline Mining Co              MMG     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   AMS
Methanex Corp.                  MEOH      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Methode Elec.                     MEI           Electronics         3670   NYS
MetLife Inc.                      MET        Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
Metro Bancorp Inc                METR               Bank            6000   NDQ
Metro Inc.                     MRU/A.TO  Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   TSE
Metro One Telecommunications     INFO      Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Metro PCS Communic.               PCS       Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
MetroCorp Bancshares Inc         MCBI               Bank            6000   NDQ
Metropolitan Health Networks     MDF         Medical Services       8000   AMS
Mettler-Toledo Int'l             MTD      Precision Instrument      3800   NYS
Metwood Inc                     MTWD        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
Mexco Energy Corp                MXC     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Mexican Restaurants Inc.         CASA           Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Mexico Fund                      MXF    Investment Co.(Foreign)     6730   NYS
Mexoro Minerals Ltd.            MXOM     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
MF Global Ltd                     MF      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
MFRI Inc.                        MFRI           Machinery           3500   NDQ
MFS Multimarket                  MMT         Investment Co.         6730   NYS
MGE Energy                      MGEE     Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NDQ
MGIC Investment                  MTG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
MGM Mirage                       MGM          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
MGP Ingredients Inc.             MGPI        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
MGT Capital Inv. Inc.            MGT    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   AMS
MHI Hospitality Corp.            MDH              R.E.I.T.          6720   AMS
MI Developments Inc               MIM    Property Management        6510   NYS
Michelex Corp                   MLXO          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Michigan Community Bancorp Ltd  MCBP                Bank            6000   NDQ
Michigan Heritage Bancorp Inc   MHBC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Micrel Inc.                      MCRL           Electronics         3670   NDQ
Micro Component Tech            MCTIQ           Electronics         3670   NDQ
Micro Imaging Technology Inc    MMTC         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Micro Laboratories Inc           MLAR        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Microchip Technology              MCHP          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
MicroFinancial Inc                 MFI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Microfluidics International       MFLU         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Microlog Corp.                    MLOG    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Micromem Technologies Inc.       MMTIF     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Micromet Inc                       MITI         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Micron Technology                  MU           Semiconductor        3674   NYS
Micronetics Inc.                  NOIZ            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Micropac Industries Inc           MPAD            Electronics        3670   NDQ
MICROS Systems                    MCRS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Microsemi Corp.                   MSCC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Microsoft Corp.                   MSFT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
MicroStrategy Inc                 MSTR    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Microtune Inc.                    TUNE            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Microvision Inc.                  MVIS      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Microwave Filter Co Inc           MFCO            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Micrus Endovascular Corp          MEND         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Mid Penn Bancorp Inc               MPB               Bank            6000   AMS
Mid-Amer Apt Cmntys                MAA              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Mid-Wisconsin Financial Servic    MWFS               Bank            6000   NDQ
Midas Inc.                         MDS           Auto & Truck        3710   NYS
MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals       MBRK               Drug            2834   NDQ
Middleburg Financial Corp         MBRG               Bank            6000   NDQ
Middleby Corp. (The)              MIDD            Machinery          3500   NDQ
Middlesex Water                   MSEX           Water Utility       4941   NDQ
MidgardXXI Inc                    MGXX     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Midland Capital Holdings Corp     MCPH               Thrift          6120   NDQ
MidNet Inc                        MIDX        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Midnight Holdings Group Inc       MHGI       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Midsouth Bancorp                   MSL               Bank            6000   AMS
Midway Games Inc                 MWYGQ       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Midway Gold Corp                  MDW          Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Midwest Banc Hldgs Inc            MBHI         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Migami Inc.                       MIGA          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Mikros Systems Corp.              MKRS          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Milacron Inc.                    MZIAQ            Machinery          3500   NDQ
Mile Marker International Inc     MMRK            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Milestone Scientific              MLSS         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Millenium Bankshares Corp         MBVA               Bank            6000   NDQ
Millenium Holding Group Inc/AZ    MNHG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Millenium Prime Inc               MLMN      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Millennium Biotechnologies        MBTG          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Millennium India Acquisition      SMCG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Miller (Herman)                   MLHR     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Miller Inds Inc. Tenn              MLR            Machinery          3500   NYS
Millicom Intl Cellular S A        MICC        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Million Dlr Saloon                MLDS            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Millipore Corp.                    MIL      Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
Minco Gold Corp                   MGH      Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
MIND C.T.I. Ltd                  MNDO    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Minden Bancorp Inc               MDNB               Thrift         6120   NDQ
Mindray Medical Intl. Limited      MR        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Mindspeed Technologies Inc        MSPD         Semiconductor       3674   NDQ
Mine Safety Appliance             MSA             Machinery        3500   NYS
Minefinders Corp Ltd              MFN     Metals & Mining (Div.)   1000   AMS
Minera Andes Inc /WA             MNEAF    Metals & Mining (Div.)   1000   NDQ
Minerals Techn.                   MTX      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Mines Management Inc              MGN         Precious Metals      1041   AMS
MIPS Technologies Inc             MIPS         Semiconductor       3674   NDQ
Miracor Diagnostics Inc          MRDG        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Mirant Corporation                 MIR              Power          4900   NYS
Miravant Med Tech                 MRVT               Drug          2834   NDQ
Miscor Group Ltd                  MIGL            Machinery        3500   NDQ
Misonix Inc.                     MSON        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Mission West Pptys                MSW              R.E.I.T.        6720   AMS
Mistras Group Inc                  MG       Industrial Services    7300   NYS
Mitcham Inds Inc                  MIND      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   NDQ
Mitek Systems Inc                 MITK    Computers/Peripherals    3573   NDQ
Mitsui & Co Ltd                  MITSY         Diversified Co.     9913   NDQ
MIV Therapeutics Inc              MIVI       Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
MKS Instruments                   MKSI     Semiconductor Equip     3680   NDQ
MKTG Inc                         CMKG            Advertising       7310   NDQ
ML Macadamia Orchards LP          NNUT        Food Processing      2000   NDQ
MMC Energy Inc                   MMCE               Power          4900   NDQ
MMR Information Systems Inc       MMRF               Drug          2834   NDQ
Mobicom Corp                      MBIC     Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
Mobile Mini Inc                   MINI      Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Mobile Telesystems OJSC           MBT       Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Mobilepro Corp                    MOBL             Internet        7370   NDQ
Mocon Inc.                       MOCO      Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
MOD-PAC CORP                      MPAC            Machinery        3500   NDQ
Modavox Inc                      MDVX              Internet        7370   NDQ
Modern Medical Modalities Corp   MODM        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Modine Mfg.                       MOD            Auto Parts        3716   NYS
ModusLink Global Solutions In     MLNK             Internet        7370   NDQ
Mohawk Inds.                      MHK     Furn/Home Furnishings    2500   NYS
Molecular Insight Pharm. inc      MIPI         Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Molex Inc 'A'                    MOLXA           Electronics       3670   NDQ
Molex Inc.                        MOLX           Electronics       3670   NDQ
Molina Healthcare Inc.            MOH        Medical Services      8000   NYS
Molson Coors Brewing               TAP            Beverage         2080   NYS
Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc       MNTA               Drug          2834   NDQ
Monaco Coach                     MCOAQ      Manuf. Housing/RV      3792   NDQ
Monadnock Bancorp                MNKB               Thrift         6120   NDQ
Monarch Casino & Resort           MCRI         Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Monarch Cement Co                MCEM        Building Materials    3200   NDQ
Monarch Community Bancorp Inc     MCBF              Thrift         6120   NDQ
Monarch Financial Holdings Inc   MNRK                Bank          6000   NDQ
Monarch Services Inc              MAHI            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Money Centers of America Inc      MCAM       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
MoneyGram Int'l Inc                MGI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Monmouth Real Estate Inv Corp    MNRTA             R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Monogram Biosciences Inc          MGRM               Drug            2834   NDQ
Monolithic Power Systems          MPWR          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc     TYPE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Monro Muffler Brake               MNRO        Retail Automotive      5531   NDQ
Monroe Bancorp of IN              MROE               Bank            6000   NDQ
Monsanto Co.                      MON      Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Monster Worldwide                 MWW             Advertising        7310   NYS
Monterey Gourmet Foods Inc        PSTA         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd         MRH     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Monument Resources Inc           MNMN      Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Moody's Corp.                     MCO       Information Services     8900   NYS
MOOG INC 'B'                     MOG/B       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Moog Inc. 'A'                    MOG/A       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Moore-Handley                     MHCO      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Morgan Stanley                     MS       Securities Brokerage     6210   NYS
Morgan's Foods                    MRFD            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Morgans Hotel Group               MHGC          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Morguard Corp.                   MRC.TO     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   TSE
Morningstar Inc.                  MORN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Moro Corp                         MRCR        Steel (Integrated)     3312   NDQ
Morton's Restaurant Group          MRT            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Mosaic Company                     MOS        Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
Most Home Corp                    MHME       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
MoSys Inc                         MOSY          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Motorcar Parts Of America Inc.    MPAA           Auto & Truck        3710   NDQ
Motorola Inc.                      MOT      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NYS
Mountain Province Diamonds Inc   MPV.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
Movado Group                       MOV      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Move Inc                          MOVE             Internet          7370   NDQ
Moventis Capital Inc              MVTS             Internet          7370   NDQ
MPC Corporation                  MPCCQ    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
mPhase Technologies Inc           XDSL      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
MPM Tech Inc                      MPML          Environmental        4953   NDQ
MPS Group                          MPS        Human Resources        7363   NYS
MRU Holdings Inc                 UNCLQ      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
MRV Communic.                     MRVC     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
MSB Financial Corp                MSBF               Thrift          6120   NDQ
MSC Industrial Direct             MSM             Machinery          3500   NYS
MSCI Inc.                          MXB      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
MSGI Security Solutions Inc       MSGI            Advertising        7310   NDQ
MTI Tech. Corp                   MTICQ     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
MTM Technologies Inc              MTMC      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
MTR Gaming Group Inc              MNTG          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
MTS Medication Technologies       MTSI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
MTS Systems                       MTSC      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Mueller (Paul) Co                MUEL       Steel (Integrated)     3312   NDQ
Mueller Inds.                     MLI       Metal Fabricating      3400   NYS
Mueller Water Prod.              MWA             Machinery         3500   NYS
Mullen Group Ltd                MTL.TO            Trucking         4200   TSE
Multi-Color Corp                 LABL    Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
Multi-Fineline Electronix Inc    MFLX            Electronics       3670   NDQ
Multiband Corp                  MBND        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
MultiCell Technologies Inc       MCET          Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Multimedia Games Inc            MGAM             Recreation        7900   NDQ
Mundus Group Inc                MNDP          Investment Co.       6730   NDQ
Municipal Mtg & Equity L L C    MMAB      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Murphy Oil Corp.                 MUR     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Mutual Risk Mgmt Ltd            MLRMF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
MutualFirst Financial Inc        MFSF               Thrift         6120   NDQ
MV Oil Trust                     MVO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
MWI Veterinary Supply Inc.       MWIV      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Myers Inds.                       MYE         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Mylan Inc.                        MYL               Drug           2834   NDQ
MYR Group Inc                    MYRG      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Myriad Entertainment & Resort    MYRA     Information Services     8900   NDQ
Myriad Genetics                 MYGN           Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Myriad Pharmaceuticals Inc       MYRX               Drug           2834   NDQ
MyWeb                   MWEB              Internet         7370   NDQ
MZT Holdings Inc                 MZTH        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
N-Viro Intl Corp                 NVIC        Chemical (Basic)      2810   NDQ
NA Galvanizing & Coatings Inc    NGA     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals          NABI          Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Nabors Inds.                     NBR       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
NACCO Inds. 'A'                   NC          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Nalco Hldg.                       NLC          Environmental       4953   NYS
Nam Tai Electronics Inc.          NTE            Electronics       3670   NYS
Nano Mask Inc.                  NANM         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Nanogen Inc                      NGEN          Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
Nanometrics Inc                 NANO          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Nanophase Tech                   NANX     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Nanosphere Inc                   NSPH        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
NAPCO Security Systems Inc.      NSSC     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Nara Bancorp Inc                 NARA               Bank           6000   NDQ
NASB Finl Inc                    NASB               Thrift         6120   NDQ
Nasdaq OMX Group                NDAQ      Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Nash Finch Co.                   NAFC    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Nat'l Bank of Canada            NA.TO        Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Nat'l Fin'l Partners              NFP     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Nat'l Healthcare Exchg Srvcs     NHCR    Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Nat'l Western Life               NWLI        Insurance (Life)      6310   NDQ
Nathan's Famous Inc.             NATH           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
National Bancshares Corp /OH/   NBOH                Bank           6000   NDQ
National Bankshares Inc          NKSH               Bank           6000   NDQ
National CineMedia Inc           NCMI          Entertainment       7950   NDQ
National Coal Corp                NCOC               Coal           1220   NDQ
National Datacomputer Inc         NDCP    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
National Dentex Corp              NADX        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
National Energy Group Inc.        NEGI    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
National Fuel Gas                  NFG       Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
National Health Invs Inc.          NHI             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
National Holdings Corp            NHLD     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
National Instruments              NATI     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
National Interstate Corp          NATL    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
National Investment Mgrs. Inc.    NIVM     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
National Lampoon Inc              NLMP            Publishing        2700   NDQ
National Maintenance Group Inc   NMGP        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
National Oilwell Varco            NOV       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
National Presto Ind.               NPK         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
National Quality Care Inc.        NQCI        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
National Research Corp            NRCI    Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
National Retail Properties In     NNN              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
National Scientific Corp /AZ      NSCT         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
National Semic.                   NSM          Semiconductor        3674   NYS
National Technical Systems        NTSC      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Nationwide Health Pptys Inc.       NHP             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Natl Beverage                     FIZZ            Beverage          2080   NDQ
Natl HealthCare L.P.              NHC         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Natl Penn Bancshares              NPBC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Natl RV Holdings                 NRVHQ      Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NDQ
Naturade Inc                     NRDCQ        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Natural Alternatives Intl Inc.    NAII        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Natural Gas Services Group Inc    NGS       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
Natural Health Trends Corp        BHIP        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Natural Resource Ptnrs Ltd.        NRP               Coal           1220   NYS
Natus Medical                     BABY        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Naugatuck Valley Finl Corp        NVSL              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Nautilus Inc.                      NLS     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Navarre Corp                      NAVR   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Navigant Consulting                NCI      Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Navigators Group                  NAVG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Navios Maritime Holdings Inc       NM              Maritime         4400   NYS
Navios Maritime Partners LP       NMM              Maritime         4400   NYS
NaviSite Inc.                     NAVI             Internet         7370   NDQ
Navistar Int'l                     NAV          Auto & Truck        3710   NYS
NB&T Financial Group Inc          NBTF               Bank           6000   NDQ
NBT Bancorp                       NBTB               Bank           6000   NDQ
NBTY Inc.                          NTY     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
NCI Bldg. Sys.                     NCS       Building Materials     3200   NYS
NCI Inc                           NCIT    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
NCR Corp.                          NCR           Electronics        3670   NYS
Neenah Paper                        NP    Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Nektar Therapeutics               NKTR               Drug           2834   NDQ
Nelnet Inc                         NNI     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Neogen Corp.                      NEOG          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Neogenomics Inc                   NGNM          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
NeoMagic Corp                     NMGC          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
NeoMedia Technologies             NEOM    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Neonode Inc                       NEON     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Neopharm Inc                      NEOL               Drug            2834   NDQ
Neoprobe Corp.                    NEOP         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
NeorogesX                         NGSX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Neose Technologies                NTEC          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Neostem Inc                        NBS       Industrial Services     7300   AMS
Nephros Inc.                      NEPH         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Ness Energy International Inc     NESS     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Ness Technologies Inc             NSTC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Nestor Inc.                       NEST    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc       UEPS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
NetApp Inc.                       NTAP     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ Inc ADS               NTES             Internet          7370   NDQ
Netezza Corp                        NZ     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Netflix Inc.                      NFLX             Internet          7370   NDQ
NETGEAR                           NTGR      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
NetList Inc                       NLST    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Netlogic Microsystems Inc         NETL          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Netmed Inc                        NTME         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
NetScout Systems Inc              NTCT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
NetSol Technologies Inc           NTWK    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
NetSuite Inc                        N     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Nettel Holdings Inc               NTTL      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Network CN Inc                   NWCN           Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Network Engines Inc               NENG     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Network Equip. Tech.              NWK     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Network-1 Security Solutions I    NSSI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Neuralstem Inc                     CUR               Drug            2834   AMS
Neuro-Hitech Pharmaceuticals      NHPI               Drug            2834   NDQ
Neurobiological Tech. Inc          NTII         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Neurocrine Biosci.                NBIX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Neurogen Corp                     NRGN               Drug            2834   NDQ
Neurologix Inc.                   NRGX          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
NeuroMetrix Inc                   NURO         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
NeuStar Inc.                       NSR      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NYS
Neutral Tandem Inc                TNDM        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Nevada Gold & Casinos Inc         UWN           Hotel/Gaming         7000   AMS
Nevsun Resources Ltd             NSU.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   TSE
New Century Bancorp Inc           NCBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
New Century Companies Inc         NCNC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
New Concept Energy Inc             GBR             Cable TV          4840   AMS
New Dragon Asia Corp              NWD           Biotechnology        2830   AMS
New Energy Systems Group          NEWN      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
New England Bancshares Inc        NEBS               Thrift          6120   NDQ
New Frontier Energy Inc            NFEI    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
New Frontier Media                NOOF             Cable TV          4840   NDQ
New Generation Biofuels Hldngs    NGBF               Power           4900   NDQ
New Generation Holdings Inc      NGHO     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
New Germany Fund                    GF    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
New Gold Inc                      NGD          Precious Metals       1041   AMS
New Green technologies Inc        NGRN               Power           4900   NDQ
New Hampshire Thrift              NHTB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
New Horizons Worldwide           NWRZ       Educational Services     8299   NDQ
New Jersey Mining Company         NJMC         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
New Jersey Resources               NJR        Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
New Leaf Brands Inc               NLEF             Beverage          2080   NDQ
New Mexico Software Inc           NMXC              Internet         7370   NDQ
New Oriental Education & Tech      EDU      Educational Services     8299   NYS
New Oriental Energy & Chem.       NOEC      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
New Ulm Telecom Inc               NULM        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
New World Brands Inc             NWBD              Beverage          2080   NDQ
New York & Co.                    NWY       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
New York Community                 NYB               Thrift          6120   NYS
New York Health Care              BBAL     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
New York Times                     NYT            Newspaper          2710   NYS
NewAlliance Bancshares Inc         NAL               Thrift          6120   NYS
NewBridge Bancorp                 NBBC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Newcastle Investment Corp.         NCT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Newell Rubbermaid                 NWL        Household Products      2840   NYS
Newfield Exploration               NFX        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
NewLead Holdings Ltd              NEWL             Maritime          4400   NDQ
NewMarket Corp.                    NEU      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
NewMarket Technology Inc         NWMT     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Newmont Mining                     NEM         Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Newpark Resources                   NR       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Newport bancorp Inc               NFSB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Newport Corp.                     NEWP      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Newport Digital Tech. Inc         NPDT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
News Corp.                        NWS           Entertainment        7950   NDQ
NewStar Financial Inc.           NEWS       Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Newtek Business Services          NEWT          Environmental        4953   NDQ
NexCen Brands Inc                 NEXC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Nexen Inc.                       NXY.TO       Canadian Energy        1299   TSE
Nexgen Biofuels Ltd              NXGNF         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Nexity Financial Corp             NXTY                Bank           6000   NDQ
NexMed Inc                        NEXM                Drug           2834   NDQ
Nexstar Broadcasting Grp Inc      NXST          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Next Inc                          NXTI            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Nextera Enterprises Inc           NXRA       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
NextMart Inc                      NXMR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
NextWave Wireless Inc             WAVE      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Nexxus Lighting Inc               NEXS       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
nFinanSe Inc                      NFSE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
NGAS Resources Inc                NGAS       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
NHS Health Solutions Inc          NHSH        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
NIC Inc                           EGOV             Internet         7370   NDQ
NICE Systems Ltd.                 NICE      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Nicholas Financial Inc            NICK     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Nicor Inc.                         GAS       Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
Nighthawk Radiology               NHWK        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Nigthawk Systems Inc.             NIHK      Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
NII Holdings                      NIHD       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
NIKE Inc. 'B'                      NKE               Shoe           3140   NYS
Niko Resources Ltd.              NKO.TO    Petroleum (Producing)    1300   TSE
Nile Therapeutics Inc             NLTX               Drug           2834   NDQ
Ninetowns Internet Tech Group     NINE    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
NiSource Inc.                       NI       Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
Nissan Motor ADR                 NSANY          Auto & Truck        3710   NDQ
Nitches Inc.                      NICH             Apparel          2300   NDQ
NIVS Intellimedia Tech Grp Inc     NIV           Electronics        3670   AMS
NL Industries                       NL      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
NMT Medical Inc                   NMTI        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
NN Inc.                           NNBR        Metal Fabricating     3400   NDQ
No Fire Technologies               NFTI     Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Nobel Learning Communities Inc     NLCI     Educational Services    8299   NDQ
Nobility Homes Inc.               NOBH       Manuf. Housing/RV      3792   NDQ
Noble Corp.                         NE      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Noble Energy                       NBL     Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NYS
Noble Intl Ltd                   NOBLQ            Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
Noble Romans                      NROM           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Nocopi Technologies Inc/MD/       NNUP     Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NDQ
Nokia Corp. ADR                    NOK      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NYS
Norbord Inc.                     NBD.TO    Paper/Forest Products    2600   TSE
NorCal Community Bancorp          NCLC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Nordic Amer. Tanker Shp.           NAT             Maritime         4400   NYS
Nordson Corp.                     NDSN            Machinery         3500   NDQ
Nordstrom Inc.                     JWN           Retail Store       5300   NYS
Norfolk Southern                   NSC             Railroad         4002   NYS
Norsat Intl Inc                  NII.TO     Telecom. Equipment      4811   TSE
Norsk Hydro ADR                  NHYDY     Chemical (Diversified)   2813   NDQ
Nortech Systems Inc               NSYS           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Nortel Networks                  NRTLQ      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NYS
North Amer. Energy Ptnrs Inc     NOA.TO     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   TSE
North American Gaming and Ente    NAGM         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
North American Palladium         PDL.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)   1000   TSE
North American Scientific        NASMQ        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
North American Tech Group         NAMC       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
North Cent Bancshares Inc         FFFD              Thrift          6120   NDQ
North Penn Bancorp Inc            NPBP              Thrift          6120   NDQ
North State Bancorp               NSBC               Bank           6000   NDQ
North Valley Bancorp              NOVB               Bank           6000   NDQ
North-West Oil Group Inc          NWOL     Petroleum (Producing)    1300   NDQ
Northcore Technologies Inc       NTLNF             Internet         7370   NDQ
Northeast Bancorp                  NBN               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Northeast Community Bancorp       NECB               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Northeast Ind Bancorp Inc         NIDB               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Northeast Utilities                NU       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd      NAK     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   AMS
Northern Oil & Gas Inc            NOG      Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Northern States Finl              NSFC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Northern Technologies Intl        NTIC     Packaging & Container      2640   NDQ
Northern Trust Corp.              NTRS         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Northfield Bancorp Inc            NFBK               Bank             6000   NDQ
Northfield Labs Inc              NFLDQ               Drug             2834   NDQ
Northgate Minerals Corp.           NXG         Precious Metals        1041   AMS
Northrim BanCorp Inc.             NRIM               Bank             6000   NDQ
Northrop Grumman                   NOC       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
Northstar Aerospace Inc          NAS.TO           Machinery           3500   TSE
Northstar Electronics Inc         NEIK      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Northstar Neuroscience Inc        NSTR       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
NorthStar Realty Finance Corp      NRF              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Northway Financial Inc            NWYF               Bank             6000   NDQ
Northwest Bancorporation Inc.     NBCT               Bank             6000   NDQ
Northwest Bancshares              NWBI               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Northwest Indiana Bancorp         NWIN               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Northwest Nat. Gas                NWN         Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
Northwest Pipe Co                 NWPX         Steel (General)        3311   NDQ
NorthWestern Corp                 NWE      Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NDQ
Nortia Capital Partners Inc       NCPI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Norwood Financial Corp            NWFL               Bank             6000   NDQ
Notify Technology Corp.           NTFY    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Nova Biosource Fuels Inc         NBFAQ               Power            4900   NDQ
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd    NVMI      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Novabay Pharmaceuticals Inc        NBY               Drug             2834   AMS
Novadel Pharma Inc.                NVD               Drug             2834   AMS
NovaGold Resources inc             NG          Precious Metals        1041   AMS
NovaMed Inc                       NOVA         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Novartis AG ADR                    NVS               Drug             2834   NYS
NovaStar Financial                NOVS              R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Novatel Wireless Inc              NVTL      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Novavax Inc                       NVAX          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Novegen Limited                   NVGN               Drug             2834   NDQ
Novell Inc.                       NOVL    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Novellus Sys.                     NVLS      Semiconductor Equip       3680   NDQ
Novelos Therapeutics Inc          NVLT          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Novo Nordisk ADR                   NVO               Drug             2834   NYS
Novoste Corp                      NVTP         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
NPS Pharmac.                      NPSP          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
NRG Energy                         NRG               Power            4900   NYS
NSTAR                              NST      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
NT Media Corp of California       NTMI            Electronics         3670   NDQ
NTELOS Hldgs.                     NTLS        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
NTN Buzztime Inc                  NTN       Entertainment Tech       3663   AMS
NTS Realty Holdings Ltd           NLP              R.E.I.T.          6720   AMS
Nu Horizons Electronics Corp.   NUHC             Electronics         3670   NDQ
Nu Skin Enterprises               NUS       Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NYS
Nuance Communic.                NUAN     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Nuclear Solutions Inc.           NSOL           Environmental        4953   NDQ
Nucor Corp.                       NUE          Steel (General)       3311   NYS
NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp     NCST         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Numerex Corp                    NMRX         Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
NuMobile Inc                     NUBL              Internet          7370   NDQ
NuStar Energy L.P.                NS        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
NuStar GP Holdings LLC           NSH        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Nutraceutical Intl               NUTR                Drug            2834   NDQ
NutriSystem Inc.                 NTRI         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Nutrition 21 Inc                 NXXI                Drug            2834   NDQ
Nutrition Mgmt Svcs Co.         NMSCA        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
NuVasive Inc.                    NUVA         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Nuveen Muni Value Fund            NUV          Investment Co.        6730   NYS
Nuvo Research Inc               NRI.TO               Drug            2834   TSE
NV Energy Inc.                    NVE      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
NVE Corp                         NVEC            Electronics         3670   NDQ
NVIDIA Corp.                     NVDA          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
NVR Inc.                          NVR           Homebuilding         1521   NYS
NxStage Medical Inc.             NXTM         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
NXT Energy Solutions Inc        NSFDF       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
Nyer Med Group Inc               NYER         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
NYMAGIC Inc.                     NYM       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Nymox Pharmacuetical Corp        NYMX                Drug            2834   NDQ
NYSE Euronext                     NYX      Securities Brokerage      6210   NYS
O.I. Corp.                       OICO      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
O'Charley's Inc.                 CHUX            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
O'Reilly Automotive              ORLY        Retail Automotive       5531   NDQ
O2Micro Int'l Ltd.               OIIM          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
OAK Financial Corp               OKFC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Oak Ridge Financial Services     BKOR                Bank            6000   NDQ
Oak Ridge Micro-Energy Inc      OKME             Electronics         3670   NDQ
Oakridge Energy Inc              OAKR     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Oakridge Holdings Inc           OKRG        Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Obagi Medical Products Inc.      OMPI         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Occam Networks Inc              OCNW       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Occidental Petroleum              OXY     Petroleum (Integrated)     2900   NYS
Occulogix Inc                    TEAR         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Ocean Bio-Chem Inc.              OBCI      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Ocean Power Technologies Inc     OPTT               Power            4900   NDQ
Ocean Shore Hldg Co             OSHCD               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Oceanaut Inc                     OKN       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Oceaneering Int'l                 OII       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
OceanFirst Financial Corp        OCFC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
OceanFreight Inc                 OCNF             Maritime           4400   NDQ
Oceanic Exploration Corp         OCEX    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Och-Ziff Capital Managemet Grp    OZM    Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
Oclaro Inc                       OCLR        Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
OCTuS Inc                        OCTI   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Oculus Innovative Sciences Inc   OCLS              Drug             2834   NDQ
Ocwen Finl Corp                   OCN             Thrift            6120   NYS
Odimo Inc                        ODMO         E-Commerce            7372   NDQ
Odyssey Healthcare               ODSY       Medical Services        8000   NDQ
Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc   OMEX      Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Odyssey Pictures Corp            OPIX        Entertainment          7950   NDQ
Office Depot                      ODP    Office Equip/Supplies      3570   NYS
OfficeMax                         OMX    Office Equip/Supplies      3570   NYS
OGE Energy                        OGE    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Ohio Art Co                      OART          Recreation           7900   NDQ
Ohio Legacy Corp                 OLCB        Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Ohio Valley Banc Corp            OVBC              Bank             6000   NDQ
Oil States International Inc      OIS     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.      3533   NYS
Oil-Dri Corp of Amer              ODC     Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Oilsands Quest Inc                BQI    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Old Dominion Freight             ODFL            Trucking           4200   NDQ
Old Line Bancshares Inc          OLBK              Bank             6000   NDQ
Old Nat'l Bancorp                 ONB        Bank (Midwest)         6001   NYS
Old Point Financial Corp         OPOF              Bank             6000   NDQ
Old Republic                      ORI    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Old Second Bancorp               OSBC              Bank             6000   NDQ
Olin Corp.                        OLN       Chemical (Basic)        2810   NYS
Olympic Steel Inc.               ZEUS        Steel (General)        3311   NDQ
OM Group                         OMG      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Omagine Inc.                     OMAG        Diversified Co.        9913   NDQ
Omega Flex Inc                   OFLX        Steel (General)        3311   NDQ
Omega Healthcare Investors        OHI            R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
Omega Navigation Ent. Inc.       ONAV           Maritime            4400   NDQ
Omega Protein                     OME       Food Processing         2000   NYS
Omeros Corp                      OMER              Drug             2834   NDQ
OMNI Energy                      OMNI     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.      3533   NDQ
Omni Financial Svcs Inc          OFSI              Bank             6000   NDQ
Omnicare Inc.                     OCR      Pharmacy Services        5910   NYS
Omnicell Inc.                    OMCL       Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Omnicom Group                     OMC          Advertising          7310   NYS
OmniComm Systems Inc             OMCM            Internet           7370   NDQ
OmniVision Techn.                OVTI     Entertainment Tech        3663   NDQ
OMNOVA Solutions Inc              OMN     Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Omtool Ltd                       OMTL   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
On Assignment                    ASGN      Human Resources          7363   NDQ
ON Semiconductor                 ONNN        Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
On Track Innovations Ltd         OTIV          Electronics          3670   NDQ
On2 Technologies Inc.             ONT   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   AMS
On4 Communications Inc           ONCI     Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
OncoGenex Pharmaceutical Inc     OGXI              Drug             2834   NDQ
Oncologix Tech Inc.               OCLG        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Oncolytics Biotech Inc            ONCY               Drug            2834   NDQ
Oncothyreon Inc                  ONY.TO              Drug            2834   TSE
One Voice Technologies Inc        OVOE    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
OneBeacon Insurance Group Ltd      OB      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Oneida Financial Corp.            ONFC              Thrift           6120   NDQ
ONEOK Inc.                         OKE        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
ONEOK Partners LP                  OKS        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Online Resources Corp             ORCC             Internet          7370   NDQ
Online Vacation Cntr. Hldng Co    ONVC       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Onsite Energy Corp                ONSE       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Onstream Media Corporation        ONSM            Advertising        7310   NDQ Inc                     ONVI             Internet          7370   NDQ
Onyx Pharmac.                     ONXX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Open Text Corp.                   OTEX           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
OpenTable Inc.                    OPEN           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
OpenTV Corp. 'A'                  OPTV       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Opexa Therapeutics Inc            OPXA               Drug            2834   NDQ
Ophthalmic Imaging Systems Inc    OISI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
OPKO Health Inc                    OPK               Drug            2834   AMS
Oplink Communications Inc         OPLK      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
OPNET Technologies Inc            OPNT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Opnext Inc                        OPXT      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Oppenheimer Holdings Inc           OPY      Securities Brokerage     6210   NYS
OPT Sciences Corp                 OPST       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Optelecom-NKF Inc                 OPTC      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
OPTi Inc.                         OPTI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Optibase Ltd                      OBAS     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Optical Cable Corp                OCCF      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Optimal Group                     OPMR      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc       OPTR               Drug            2834   NDQ
OptimumBank Holdings              OPHC               Bank            6000   NDQ
optionsXpress Holdings Inc.       OXPS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Oracle Corp.                      ORCL    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Oragenics Inc                     ORNI               Drug            2834   NDQ
Orange 21 Inc                     ORNG      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
OraSure Technologies Inc          OSUR               Drug            2834   NDQ
ORBCOMM Inc.                      ORBC      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Orbit Int'l Corp                  ORBT          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Orbit/FR Inc                      ORFR      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Orbital Sciences                   ORB       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Orbitz Worldwide Inc              OWW            E-Commerce          7372   NYS
Orbotech Ltd.                     ORBK      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Orbus Pharma Inc                 ORB.TO         Environmental        4953   TSE
Orchid Cellmark Inc               ORCH               Drug            2834   NDQ
Orchids Paper Products Co          TIS     Paper/Forest Products     2600   AMS
Orckit Communications Ltd.        ORCT      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Ore Pharmaceutical Hldgs Inc      ORXE               Drug            2834   NDQ
Orexigen Therapeutics Inc         OREX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Organa Gardens Intl inc          OGNG           Machinery           3500   NDQ
Organic To Go Food Corp          OTGO           Restaurant          5812   NDQ
OrganiTECH USA Inc               ORGT      Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Orient-Express Hotels Ltd         OEH         Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
Oriental Finl Group               OFG              Thrift           6120   NYS
Origen Financial Inc             ORGN            R.E.I.T.           6720   NDQ
Origin Agritech Ltd              SEED        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Orion Energy Systems Inc         OESX     Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Orion Healthcorp Inc-Cl A        ORNH    Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
Orion Marine Group Inc            ORN      Heavy Construction       1629   NDQ
Oritani Financial Corp.           ORIT             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Orleans Homebuilders Inc          OHB         Homebuilding          1521   AMS
Ormat Technologies                ORA             Power             4900   NYS
Orrstown Financial Services In   ORRF              Bank             6000   NDQ
Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc     ORS     Telecom. Equipment        4811   AMS
Orthofix International            OFIX       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Orthometrix Inc                  OMRX        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Orthovita Inc                     VITA       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Oryx Technology Corp             ORYX     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Osage Bancshares Inc             OSBK              Thrift           6120   NDQ
Oscient Pharmaceuticals          OSCIQ             Drug             2834   NDQ
OSG America L.P.                  OSP            Maritime           4400   NYS
Oshkosh Corp.                     OSK          Auto & Truck         3710   NYS
OSI Pharmac.                      OSIP             Drug             2834   NDQ
OSI Systems                       OSIS    Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Osiris Therapeutics Inc           OSIR             Drug             2834   NDQ
Osteotech Inc.                   OSTE        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Otelco Inc                         OTT      Telecom. Services       4810   AMS
OTIX Global Inc                   OTIX       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Otter Tail Corp.                 OTTR    Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NDQ
OurPets Inc                      OPCO     Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Outdoor Channel Holdings Inc     OUTD         Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Overhill Farms Inc.                OFI       Food Processing        2000   AMS
Overland Storage Inc.            OVRLD   Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Overseas Shipholding              OSG            Maritime           4400   NYS                    OSTK            Internet           7370   NDQ
Overture Acquisition Corp          NLX    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Owens & Minor                      OMI       Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Owens Corning Inc.                 OC       Building Materials      3200   NYS
Owens-Illinois                      OI   Packaging & Container      2640   NYS
Oxford Inds.                      OXM            Apparel            2300   NYS
OXiGENE Inc                      OXGN              Drug             2834   NDQ
OXIS Intl. Inc.                   OXIS             Drug             2834   NDQ
Oxygen Biotherapeutics Inc       OXBT         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
OYO Geospace                     OYOG     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
P.A.M. Transport Svcs             PTSI           Trucking           4200   NDQ
P.F. Chang's                      PFCB          Restaurant          5812   NDQ
P&F Industries                    PFIN      Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
PAB Bankshares                    PABK             Bank             6000   NDQ
PACCAR Inc.                     PCAR           Auto & Truck        3710   NDQ
Pacer International Inc.        PACR             Trucking          4200   NDQ
Pachinko World Inc              PCHW          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Pacific Alliance Corp /UT/      PALC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Pacific Biometrics Inc.         PBME          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Pacific Cap. Bancorp            PCBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Pacific CMA Inc.                PACC          Air Transport        4510   NDQ
Pacific Continental Corp.       PCBK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Pacific Ethanol                  PEIX             Power            4900   NDQ
Pacific Mercantile Bancorp      PMBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.      PNG.TO       Natural Gas Utility    4920   TSE
Pacific Office Properties Tr     PCE             R.E.I.T.          6720   AMS
Pacific Premier Bancorp          PPBI             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Pacific Rim Mining Corp          PMU         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Pacific Sands Inc               PFSD       Household Products      2840   NDQ
Pacific State Bancorp           PSBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Pacific Sunwear                 PSUN      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Pacific WebWorks Inc            PWEB             Internet          7370   NDQ
PacificHealth Labs Inc.          PHLI    Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
PacificNet Inc                  PACT          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Packaging Corp.                  PKG     Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Pactiv Corp.                     PTV     Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
PacWest Bancorp                 PACW               Bank            6000   NDQ
PAETEC Holding Corp.            PAET        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Paid Inc                        PAYD             Internet          7370   NDQ
Pain Therapeutics Inc            PTIE              Drug            2834   NDQ
PainCare Holdings Inc           PRXZ         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Palatin Technologies Inc         PTN          Biotechnology        2830   AMS
Pall Corp.                        PLL    Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Palm Harbor Homes Inc           PHHM          Homebuilding         1521   NDQ
Palm Inc.                       PALM      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Palomar Med. Techn.             PMTI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Pamet Systems Inc               PMTT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Pamrapo Bancorp                  PBCI             Thrift           6120   NDQ
Pan Amer. Silver                PAAS         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc     PANC               Drug            2834   NDQ
Panasonic Corp.                   PC       Foreign Electronics     9975   NYS
Panera Bread Co.                PNRA            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
PanGenex Corp                   PGCX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Panhandle Oil & Gas Inc 'A'      PHX     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Pansoft Co Ltd                  PSOF    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Pantry (The) Inc.               PTRY      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Papa John's Int'l               PZZA            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
PaperFree Medical Solutions     PFMS            Publishing         2700   NDQ
Par Pharmaceutical               PRX               Drug            2834   NYS
PAR Technology                   PTC     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NYS
Paradigm Holdings Inc.          PDHO    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Paradigm Med Inds Inc           PDMI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Paradise Inc                    PARF         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
ParaFin Corp                     PFNO       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Paragon Technologies Inc         PGNT             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Parametric Technology            PMTC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Paramount Gold & Silver           PZG         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Paramount Resources Ltd.        POU.TO    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   TSE
PAREXEL Int'l                     PRXL               Drug           2834   NDQ
Park Bancorp Inc                  PFED              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Park City Group Inc              PCYG    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Park Electrochemical               PKE     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Park National                     PRK         Bank (Midwest)        6001   AMS
Park-Ohio                        PKOH          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Parke Bancorp Inc                PKBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
Parker Drilling                   PKD       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Parker-Hannifin                    PH          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
ParkerVision Inc                 PRKR            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Parkvale Financial Corp.         PVSA               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Parkway Bank                     PKWY                Bank           6000   NDQ
Parlay Entertainment Inc         PRYNF             Internet         7370   NDQ
Parlux Fragrances                 PARL     Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NDQ
Particle Drilling Tech Inc.      PDRT       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
PartnerRe Ltd.                     PRE          Reinsurance         6399   NYS
Pason Systems Inc               PSI.TO      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   TSE
Passur Aerospace Inc             PSSR       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Patapsco Bancorp Inc             PATD                Bank           6000   NDQ
Patch International Inc         PTCHE     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Path 1 Network Technologies      PNOT     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Patheon Inc                     PTI.TO               Drug           2834   TSE
Pathfinder Bancorp               PBHC               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Patient Portal Technologies      PPRG    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Patrick Inds Inc.                 PATK       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Patriot Coal Corp                 PCX                Coal           1220   NYS
Patriot National Bancorp Inc     PNBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
Patriot Scientific Corp           PTSC     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Patriot Transportation Holdin     PATR         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Patterson Cos.                   PDCO        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Patterson-UTI Energy Inc.         PTEN      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Paulson Capital                   PLCC     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Paws Plus Inc                     PPLS     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Paychex Inc.                      PAYX   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Payment Data Systems Inc         PYDS              Internet         7370   NDQ
PBS Holdings Inc                 PBHG     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
PC Connection                    PCCC      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
PC Group Inc                     PCGR        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
PC Mall Inc                      MALL    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
PCTEL Inc.                        PCTI      Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
PDF Solutions Inc                PDFS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
PDG Environmental Inc.           PDGE          Environmental        4953   NDQ
PDI Inc.                          PDII      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
PDL BioPharma                     PDLI               Drug           2834   NDQ
Peabody Energy                    BTU                Coal             1220   NYS
Peace Arch Entertainment Group     PAE         Entertainment          7950   AMS
Peapack Gladstone Financial Co    PGC                Bank             6000   AMS
PECO II Inc                        PIII     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Peerless Systems                 PRLS     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Peet's Coffee & Tea               PEET        Food Processing         2000   NDQ
Pegasystems Inc                  PEGA     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Penford Corp.                    PENX       Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Pengrowth Energy                  PGH         Canadian Energy         1299   NYS
Peninsula Bank Holding Company   PBKH                Bank             6000   NDQ
Penn Millers Holding Corp        PMIC      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
Penn National Gaming Inc.        PENN          Hotel/Gaming           7000   NDQ
Penn Octane Corp                 POCC        Natural Gas Utility      4920   NDQ
Penn Treaty American              PTYA        Insurance (Life)        6310   NDQ
Penn Virginia Corp.               PVA        Natural Gas (Div.)       4929   NYS
Penn Virginia GP Hldgs LP         PVG                Coal             1220   NYS
Penn Virginia Res.                PVR                Coal             1220   NYS
Penn West Energy Trust            PWE      Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Penn. R.E.I.T.                     PEI             R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
Penney (J.C.)                      JCP           Retail Store         5300   NYS
Pennichuck Corp                  PNNW           Water Utility         4941   NDQ
Penns Woods Bancorp Inc          PWOD                Bank             6000   NDQ
Penseco Financial Services Cor   PFNS                Bank             6000   NDQ
Penske Auto                       PAG        Retail Automotive        5531   NYS
Penson Worldwide Inc.            PNSN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Pentair Inc.                      PNR          Diversified Co.        9913   NYS
Penthouse International Inc.     PHSL             Publishing          2700   NDQ
Penwest Pharmaceuticals Co       PPCO                Drug             2834   NDQ
People's Liberation Inc.          PPLB             Apparel            2300   NDQ
People's United Fin'l            PBCT                Thrift           6120   NDQ
Peoples Bancorp                   PBNI               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Peoples Bancorp Inc Ohio         PEBO                Bank             6000   NDQ
Peoples Bancorp of N.C. Inc      PEBK                Bank             6000   NDQ
Peoples Bancorporation Inc /SC   PBCE                Bank             6000   NDQ
Peoples Community Bancorp Inc     PCBI               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Peoples Educational Holdings     PEDH             Publishing          2700   NDQ
Peoples Financial Corp           PFBX                Bank             6000   NDQ
Peoples Financial Servcs Corp     PFIS               Bank             6000   NDQ
Peoples-Sidney Financial Corp     PPSF               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Pep Boys                           PBY       Retail Automotive        5531   NYS
Pepco Holdings                    POM       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
PepperBall Technologies Inc       PBAL           Electronics          3670   NDQ
Pepsi Bottling Group              PBG             Beverage            2080   NYS
PepsiAmericas Inc.                PAS             Beverage            2080   NYS
PepsiCo Inc.                       PEP            Beverage            2080   NYS
Perceptron Inc.                  PRCP       Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc    PPHM         Medical Services        8000   NDQ
Perfect World Co Ltd             PWRD              Internet           7370   NDQ
Perfectenergy Intl Limited       PFGY               Power             4900   NDQ
Perficient Inc                    PRFT              Internet          7370   NDQ
Performance Tech Inc               PTIX       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Perfumania Holdings Inc           PERF           Retail Store         5300   NDQ
Pericom Semiconductor             PSEM          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
PerkinElmer Inc.                    PKI     Precision Instrument      3800   NYS
Perma-Fix Enviro Svcs              PESI         Environmental         4953   NDQ
Permian Basin Rty Tr               PBT              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Perrigo Co.                       PRGO                Drug            2834   NDQ
Perry Ellis Intl Inc              PERY              Apparel           2300   NDQ
Pervasip Corporation              PVSP        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Pervasive Software                PVSW    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Pet DRx Corporation               VETS         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
PetMed Express Inc.               PETS       Pharmacy Services        5910   NDQ
Petro America Corp                PTRZ     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Petrobank Energy & Res. Ltd      PBG.TO    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   TSE
Petroflow Energy Ltd.              PED     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   AMS
Petrohawk Energy                    HK     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Petroleo Brasileiro ADR            PBR     Petroleum (Integrated)     2900   NYS
Petroleum Development Corp.       PETD        Natural Gas (Div.)      4929   NDQ
Petrominerals Corp                PTRO     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
PetroQuest Energy Inc               PQ     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Petrosearch Energy Corporation    PTSG     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
PetSmart Inc.                     PETM      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
PFF Bancorp Inc                  PFFBQ               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Pfizer Inc.                        PFE                Drug            2834   NYS
Pfsweb Inc                        PFSW       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
PG&E Corp.                         PCG      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
PGT Inc                           PGTI        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
Phantom Fiber Corp                PHFB      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Pharmac. Product                  PPDI                Drug            2834   NDQ
Pharmacyclics                     PCYC                Drug            2834   NDQ
Pharmasset Inc                    VRUS                Drug            2834   NDQ
PharmAthene Inc                     PIP               Drug            2834   AMS
PharMerica Corp.                   PMC       Pharmacy Services        5910   NYS
Pharmos Corp.                     PARS                Drug            2834   NDQ
Phase Forward                     PFWD      Information Services      8900   NDQ
Phazar Corp                       ANTP      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
PHC Inc.                           PHC         Medical Services       8000   AMS
PHH Corp.                          PHH       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
PHI Group Inc                     PHIE      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
PHI Inc.                           PHII          Air Transport        4510   NDQ
Philip Morris Int'l                 PM              Tobacco           2085   NYS
Philips Electronics NV             PHG       Foreign Electronics      9975   NYS
Phillips-Van Heusen                PVH              Apparel           2300   NYS
Phlo Corp                         PHCP          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Phoenix (The) Cos.                 PNX         Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
Phoenix Footwear Group Inc         PXG      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   AMS
Phoenix Gold Intl Inc             PGLD            Electronics         3670   NDQ
Phoenix Technologies              PTEC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Phosphate Holdings Inc.          PHOS      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
PhotoMedex Inc                   PHMD         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Photonics Products Group Inc     PHPG            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Photronics Inc.                   PLAB     Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
Physicians Formula Holdings       FACE     Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NDQ
PhytoMedical Technologies Inc     PYTO        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
PICO Hldgs Inc                    PICO         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Piedmont Community Bank Group    PCBN                Bank           6000   NDQ
Piedmont Natural Gas               PNY       Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
Pier 1 Imports                     PIR     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Pike Electric Corp                PIKE     Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Pinnacle Airlines Corp            PNCL          Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Pinnacle Bankshares Corp          PPBN               Bank           6000   NDQ
Pinnacle Bankshares Inc           PCLB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Pinnacle Data Systems              PNS   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   AMS
Pinnacle Entertain.                PNK         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
Pinnacle Financial Prtners Inc    PNFP               Bank           6000   NDQ
Pinnacle Resources Inc           PNRR     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Pinnacle West Capital             PNW     Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Pioneer Drilling Co.               PDC      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
Pioneer Natural Res.               PXD    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Pioneer Railcorp                  PRRR             Railroad         4002   NDQ
Pioneer Southwest Energy Ptnrs     PSE    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Pipeline Data Inc                 PPDA             Internet         7370   NDQ
Piper Jaffray Co Inc               PJC    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Pitney Bowes                       PBI    Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NYS
Pixelplus Company Ltd            PXPLY         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Pixelworks Inc.                  PXLW       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Pizza Inn Inc.                    PZZI    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Plains All Amer. Pipe.             PAA      Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Plains Exp. & Production           PXP    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Planar Systems Inc                PLNR           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Planet Biopharmaceuticals Inc     PBPH     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
PlanetOut Inc                     LGBT             Internet         7370   NDQ
PlanGraphics Inc                 PGRA       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Plantronics Inc.                   PLT           Electronics        3670   NYS
Platina Energy Group Inc         PLTGQ    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Platinum Underwriters Hldgs        PTP    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
PLATO Learning                    TUTR     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Playboy Enterprises 'B'            PLA         Entertainment        7950   NYS
Players Network Inc               PNTV         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Playlogic Entertainment Inc       PLGC         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
PLC Systems                      PLCSF        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Plexus Corp.                      PLXS           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Plug Power Inc                    PLUG     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Plum Creek Timber                  PCL    Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Plumas Bancorp                    PLBC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Pluris Energy Group Inc           PEYG    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Plus Solutions Inc                PLSO             Internet         7370   NDQ
PLX Technology Inc                PLXT        Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
PMA Cap Corp                     PMACA    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
PMC-Sierra                        PMCS        Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
PMFG Inc                          PMFG          Machinery           3500   NDQ
PMI Group                          PMI    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
PNC Financial Serv.                PNC             Bank             6000   NYS
PNM Resources                      PNM    Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Point Blank Solutions Inc         PBSO        Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Point.360                         PTSX        Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Pointer Telocation Ltd            PNTR      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
PokerTek Inc.                     PTEK        Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Polar Molecular Holding Corp.    POMH       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Polaris Inds.                       PII         Recreation          7900   NYS
Polo Ralph Lauren `A`               RL            Apparel           2300   NYS
Polycom Inc.                      PLCM     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd      POLXF             Drug             2834   NDQ
Polymer Group Inc 'B'            POLGB     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
PolyMet Mining Corp                PLM    Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
PolyOne Corp                       POL     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Polypore Intl Inc                  PPO      Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Poniard Pharmaceuticals           PARD             Drug             2834   NDQ
Pool Corp.                        POOL          Recreation          7900   NDQ
Pope & Talbot                    PTBTQ    Paper/Forest Products     2600   NDQ
Pope Resources L.P.               POPE    Paper/Forest Products     2600   NDQ
Popular Inc.                      BPOP             Bank             6000   NDQ
Porta Systems                     PORT     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Portec Rail Products Inc          PRPX            Railroad          4002   NDQ
Porter Bancorp Inc                PBIB             Bank             6000   NDQ
Portfolio Recovery Associates     PRAA    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Portland General                   POR    Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Portsmouth Square Inc             PRSI        Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
POSCO ADR                          PKX      Steel (Integrated)      3312   NYS
PositiveID Corporation            PSID          Electronics         3670   NDQ
Positron Corp                     POSC       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Post Pptys Inc.                    PPS            R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Potash Corp.                       POT       Chemical (Basic)       2810   NYS
Potential Holdings Inc            POTN    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Potlatch Corp.                     PCH    Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Potomac Bancshares Inc            PTBS             Bank             6000   NDQ
Powder River Petroleum Int'l     PWDR     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Powell Industries                POWL           Machinery           3500   NDQ
Power 3 Medical Products Inc     PWRM        Medical Services       8000   NDQ
Power Corp. of Canada           POW.TO    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   TSE
Power Financial Corp.           PWF.TO       Insurance (Life)       6310   TSE
Power Integrations                POWI     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Power Medical Interventions       PMII       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Power Sports Factory Inc.         PSPF         Auto & Truck         3710   NDQ
Power-One                        PWER      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
PowerCold Corp                    PWCL        Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
PowerLinx Inc                     PWNX            Electronics         3670   NDQ
PowerSecure Int'l Inc             POWR       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
PowerVerde Inc                    PWVI               Power            4900   NDQ
Powerwave Techn.                  PWAV      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
POZEN Inc                         POZN                Drug            2834   NDQ
PPG Inds.                           PPG    Chemical (Diversified)     2813   NYS
PPL Corp.                           PPL     Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
PPT Vision Inc.                    PPTV    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
PracticeXpert Inc                  PXPT             Internet          7370   NDQ
Praxair Inc.                         PX     Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Pre-Paid Legal Services             PPD      Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Precision Aerospace Component     PAOS       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Precision Auto Care Inc            PACI           Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Precision Castparts                 PCP      Aerospace/Defense        3720   NYS
Precision Drilling Trust         PDU.TO    Petroleum (Producing)      1300   TSE
Precision Optics Corp. Inc.        PEYE        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Preferred Voice Inc                PRFV       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Preformed Line Products Co.        PLPC     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Premier Exhibitions Inc            PRXI      Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Premier Financial Bancorp Inc      PFBI               Bank            6000   NDQ
Premier Power Renewable Energy    PPRW               Power            4900   NDQ
Premier Wealth Management Inc     PWMG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Premiere Global Services            PGI       Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
Premierwest Bancorp               PRWT                Bank            6000   NDQ
Preo Software Inc                 PRESF   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
President Casinos Inc.           PREZQ          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Presidential Life                  PLFE        Insurance (Life)       6310   NDQ
PRESIDENTIAL RLTY 'A'             PDL/A             R.E.I.T.          6720   AMS
Presidion Corporation              PSDI    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Presstek Inc.                      PRST            Publishing         2700   NDQ
Pressure BioSciences Inc           PBIO     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Prestige Brands Hldgs. Inc.        PBH                Drug            2834   NYS
PreVu Inc.                        PRVU      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
PRG-Schultz Int'l                 PRGX       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Price (T. Rowe) Group             TROW      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ                      PCLN             Internet          7370   NDQ
PriceSmart Inc                    PSMT      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Pride Intl Inc                     PDE       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Prime Companies Inc                PCIR       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Prime Holdings & Investments       PHIV     Information Services      8900   NDQ
Prime Star Group Inc               PSGI            Beverage           2080   NDQ
PRIMEDIA Inc                       PRM             Publishing         2700   NYS
PrimeEnergy Corp                  PNRG     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Primoris Services Corp             PRIM         Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Primus Guaranty Ltd                PRS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Primus Telecom Group              PRTLQ       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Princeton Media Group Inc        PCMEF             Publishing         2700   NDQ
Princeton Natl Bancorp Inc        PNBC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Princeton Review Inc              REVU      Educational Services      8299   NDQ
Principal Fin'l Group             PFG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Private Media Group Inc          PRVT            Publishing          2700   NDQ
PrivateBancorp                   PVTB         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Pro travel Network Inc           PTVL           E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Pro-Dex Inc Colo.                PDEX        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Pro-Pharmaceuticals Inc          PRWP               Drug             2834   NDQ
ProAssurance Corp.                PRA      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Procera Networks Inc              PKT             Internet           7370   AMS
Procter & Gamble                   PG       Household Products       2840   NYS
Procyon Corp                     PCYN          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Productivity Technologies Co     PRAC            Machinery           3500   NDQ
Profile Tech Inc                 PRTK       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd       PGLA          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Progenics Pharmaceuticals        PGNX               Drug             2834   NDQ
Proginet Corp                    PRGF    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Progress Energy                   PGN      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Progress Software                PRGS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Progressive (Ohio)                PGR     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
Progressive Gaming Intl.        PGICQ          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Proliance International Inc     PLNTQ            Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
ProLink Holdings Corp            PLKH    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Prologic Mgmt Sys Inc            PRLO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Prologis                          PLD             R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
PROS Holdings Inc                 PRO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
Prospect Medical Hldgs            PZZ     Healthcare Information     7375   AMS
Prosperity Bancshares Inc        PRSP               Bank             6000   NDQ
Protalex Inc                     PRTX          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Protalix BioTherapeutics Inc      PLX          Biotechnology         2830   AMS
Protection One Inc               PONE      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Protective Life                    PL         Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
Protein Polymer Tech. Inc.        PPTI         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Proteonomix Inc                  PROT          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Proterion Corp                   PROI      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
ProtoSource Corp                 PSCO             Internet           7370   NDQ
Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc    PVCT               Drug             2834   NDQ
Providence & Worcester R R       PWX              Railroad           4002   AMS
Providence Resources Inc         PVRS     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Providence Service Corp          PRSC       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Provident Community Bancshare    PCBS               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Provident Energy                  PVX        Canadian Energy         1299   NYS
Provident Fin'l Svcs.             PFS               Thrift           6120   NYS
Provident Finl Hldgs             PROV               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Provident New York Bancorp       PBNY               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Proxim Corp Cl A                PROXQ      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Proxim Wireless Corp             PRXM      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Prudential Bancorp Inc of Pa.    PBIP               Thrift           6120   NYS
Prudential Fin'l                  PRU         Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
PS Business Parks                 PSB             R.E.I.T.           6720   AMS
PSB Group Inc.                   PSBG               Bank             6000   NDQ
PSB Holdings Inc.                  PSBH                Thrift           6120   NDQ
PSI Corporation                    PSCP            Advertising          7310   NDQ
PSI Technologies Holdings Inc     PSITY          Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
pSivida Corp                       PSDV                Drug             2834   NDQ
PSS World Med Inc                  PSSI         Medical Services        8000   NDQ
Psychemedics Corp.                 PMD          Medical Services        8000   AMS
Psychiatric Solutions              PSYS         Medical Services        8000   NDQ
Public Serv. Enterprise             PEG       Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Public Storage                      PSA              R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
Publix Super Markets Inc           PUSH      Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NDQ
Puda Coal Inc.                     PUDA                Coal             1220   NDQ
Pulaski Finl Corp                  PULB                Thrift           6120   NDQ
Pulte Homes                        PHM           Homebuilding           1521   NYS
PURE Bioscience                    PURE         Medical Services        8000   NDQ
Pure Cycle Corp                    PCYO          Environmental          4953   NDQ
Pure Nickel Inc                   PNCKF     Metals & Mining (Div.)      1000   NDQ
Pure Transit Technologies Inc      PTTL               Power             4900   NDQ
PureSafe Water Systems Inc        PSWS           Environmental          4953   NDQ
Purple Communications Inc.         PRPL        Telecom. Services        4810   NDQ
PVF Capital Corp                   PVFC                Thrift           6120   NDQ
Pyramid Oil Co                      PDO     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   AMS
Pzena Investment Mgmt Inc           PZN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NYS
Q.E.P. Company Inc                 QEPC             Machinery           3500   NDQ
QAD Inc.                           QADI    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
QC Holdings Inc.                  QCCO       Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
QCR Holdings Inc                  QCRH                 Bank             6000   NDQ
Qiagen N.V                        QGEN           Biotechnology          2830   NDQ
Qiao Xing Mobile Comm. Co. Ltd     QXM        Telecom. Equipment        4811   NYS
QKL Stores Inc.                    QKLS      Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NDQ
QLogic Corp.                       QLGC          Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
QLT Inc.                          QLT.TO               Drug             2834   TSE
QNB Corp                           QNBC                Bank             6000   NDQ
QuadraMed Corp                    QDHC      Healthcare Information      7375   NDQ
Quaker Chemical                    KWR        Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Quaker Fabric                     QFABQ     Furn/Home Furnishings       2500   NDQ
Qualcomm Inc.                     QCOM        Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Quality Distribution Inc           QLTY              Trucking           4200   NDQ
Quality Products Inc               QPDC             Machinery           3500   NDQ
Quality Systems                    QSII    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Qualmark Corp                     QMRK             Electronics          3670   NDQ
Qualstar Corp                      QBAK     Computers/Peripherals       3573   NDQ
Quanex Bldg. Prod.                   NX        Building Materials       3200   NYS
Quanta Services                    PWR        Heavy Construction        1629   NYS
Quantum Corporation                QTM      Computers/Peripherals       3573   NYS
Quantum Fuel Sys. Tech Wldwid     QTWW                Power             4900   NDQ
Quaterra Resources Inc             QMM      Metals & Mining (Div.)      1000   AMS
Quebecor Inc.                    QBRA.TO           Publishing           2700   TSE
Quebecor Inc. 'B'                QBRB.TO           Publishing           2700   TSE
Quepasa corporation                QPSA              Internet           7370   NDQ
Quest Capital Corp.               QCC        Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Quest Diagnostics                 DGX        Medical Services      8000   NYS
Quest Energy Partners LP         QELP    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Quest Products Corp              QPRC         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Quest Resource Corp              QRCP       Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NDQ
Quest Software                   QSFT   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Questar Assessment Inc           QUSA     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Questar Corp.                     STR       Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Questcor Pharmaceuticals Inc.    QCOR               Drug           2834   NDQ
Quick-Med Technologies Inc       QMDT         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
QuickLogic Corp                  QUIK         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Quicksilver Gas Services LP       KGS      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   AMS
Quicksilver Res.                 KWK        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Quidel Corp.                     QDEL        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Quigley Corp                     QGLY     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Quiksilver Inc.                   ZQK     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Quixote Corp.                    QUIX         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Quotemedia.Com Inc               QMCI             Internet         7370   NDQ
Qwest Communic.                    Q        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
R H Donnelley Corp              RHDCQ           Advertising        7310   NDQ
R.G. Barry Corporation            DFZ               Shoe           3140   AMS
Rackspace Hosting Inc.            RAX             Internet         7370   NYS
RADCOM Ltd                       RDCM   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Radian Group Inc                  RDN     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Radiant Logistics Inc            RLGT          Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Radiant Systems                  RADS    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp      RPC        Medical Supplies      8060   AMS
Radio One 'D'                   ROIAK         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
RadioShack Corp.                  RSH     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
RadiSys Corp                     RSYS    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
RadNet Inc                       RDNT        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
RADVA Corp                       RDVA    Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
Radview Software Ltd            RDVWF             Internet         7370   NDQ
RADVISION Ltd.                   RVSN       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Radware Ltd.                    RDWR              Internet         7370   NDQ
RAE Systems Inc.                  RAE     Precision Instrument     3800   AMS
Railamerica Inc.                   RA             Railroad         4002   NYS
Rainier Pacific Fin'l Grp        RPFG              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Rainmaker Systems Inc            RMKR   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
RAIT Financial Trust              RAS             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Ralcorp Holdings                  RAH        Food Processing       2000   NYS
RAM Energy Resources Inc         RAME    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
RAM Holdings Ltd                 RAMR     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Rambus Inc.                      RMBS         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Ramco-Gershenson Pptys            RPT             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Ramtron International Corp.      RMTR         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Rand Logistics Inc               RLOG            Maritime          4400   NDQ
Range Resources Corp.             RRC    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Rapid Link Inc                   RPID       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Rapidtron Inc.                  RPDT           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Raptor Networks Tech. Inc       RPTN             Internet         7370   NDQ
Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp      RPTP               Drug           2834   NDQ
Raser Technologies Inc            RZ      Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Raven Inds.                     RAVN         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Raymond James Fin'l              RJF      Securities Brokerage    6210   NYS
Rayonier Inc.                    RYN     Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
Raytheon Co.                     RTN       Aerospace/Defense      3720   NYS
RBC Bearings                    ROLL            Machinery         3500   NDQ
RBC Life Sciences Inc           RBCL               Drug           2834   NDQ
RC2 Corp                        RCRC         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
RCM Technologies Inc.           RCMT       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
RCN Corporation                 RCNI       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Reading International Inc        RDI     Property Management      6510   AMS
Ready Mix Inc.                   RMX       Building Materials     3200   AMS
Real Goods Solar Inc            RSOL              Power           4900   NDQ
RealNetworks Inc.              RNWK              Internet         7370   NDQ
Realty Finance Corporation     RTYFZ             R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Realty Income Corp.               O              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Recon Technology Ltd            RCON      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
RecycleNet Corp                 GARM          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Red Hat Inc.                     RHT    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NYS
Red Lion Hotels Corp             RLH         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NYS
Red Robin Gourmet               RRGB           Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Reddy Ice Hldgs.                 FRZ        Food Processing       2000   NYS
RedEnvelope Inc.               REDEQ     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ India Limited        REDF             Internet         7370   NDQ
Redpoint Bio Corp               RPBC        Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Redwood Trust Inc               RWT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Reed Elsevier NV                 ENL           Newspaper          2710   NYS
Reed's Inc                      REED            Beverage          2080   NDQ
Reflectkote Inc.                RKTE      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Refocus Group Inc.              RFCS        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Regal Entertainment Group        RGC         Entertainment        7950   NYS
Regal One Corporation           RONE     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Regal-Beloit                     RBC            Machinery         3500   NYS
Regency Affiliates Inc          RAFI         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Regency Centers Corp.            REG             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Regency Energy Partners LP      RGNC      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Regeneron Pharmac.              REGN         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
ReGenerRx Biopharmaceuticals     RGN               Drug           2834   AMS
Regent Communications Inc       RGCI         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
REGI U S Inc                    RGUS            Machinery         3500   NDQ
Regions Financial                 RF               Bank           6000   NYS
Regis Corp.                      RGS      Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NYS
RehabCare Group                  RHB        Medical Services      8000   NYS
Reinsurance Group                RGA        Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Reis Inc                        REIS             R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.         RET.TO    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   TSE
Reliability Inc.                 REAL      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Reliance Steel                     RS          Steel (General)      3311   NYS
Reliv Intl                       RELV         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
RELM Wireless Corp               RWC       Wireless Networking      7380   AMS
Remedent Inc                     REMI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
RemoteMDx Inc                    RMDX             Electronics       3670   NDQ
Renaissance Learning             RLRN      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
RenaissanceRe Hldgs.              RNR            Reinsurance        6399   NYS
Renasant Corp.                   RNST                Bank           6000   NDQ
Renasant Fin'l Partners Ltd     REN.TO     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   TSE
Renegy Holdings Inc              RGYH          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Renewal Fuels Inc                RNWF             Electronics       3670   NDQ
Renhuang Pharmaceutical Inc      RHGP        Pharmacy Services      5910   NDQ
Rent-A-Center                     RCII           Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Rentech Inc.                      RTK        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   AMS
Rentrak Corp                     RENT          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
ReoStar Energy Corp              REOS     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Repligen Corp.                   RGEN          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Repro-Med Systems Inc            REPR         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Repros Therapeutics Inc          RPRX                Drug           2834   NDQ
Repsol-YPF ADR                    REP     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Republic Airways Holdings Inc    RJET           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Republic Bancorp Inc KY Cl A    RBCAA                Bank           6000   NDQ
Republic First Bancorp           FRBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
Republic Services                 RSG          Environmental        4953   NYS
Res-Care Inc.                    RSCR         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Research Frontiers               REFR      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Research in Motion               RIMM      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Reserve Petroleum Co             RSRV     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
ResMed Inc.                       RMD         Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Resolute Energy Corp              REN      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Resource America Inc.            REXI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Resources Connection             RECN        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Response Genetics Inc            RGDX                Drug           2834   NDQ
Retail Pro Inc                  RTPRQ    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Retail Ventures Inc               RVI            Retail Store       5300   NYS
Retalix Ltd.                     RTLX    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Retractable Technologies Inc.     RVP         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Reunion Inds Inc                RUNIQ          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Revenue Properties Co.Ltd.      RPC.TO          Homebuilding        1521   TSE
Revlon Inc.                       REV       Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NYS
Revolutions Medical Corp         RMCP         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Rewards Network Inc              DINE        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Rex Energy Corp                  REXX     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
REX Stores Corp                   RSC      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.       RNN                Drug           2834   AMS
Rexhall Industries              REXLQ       Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NDQ
Reynolds American                 RAI              Tobacco          2085   NYS
RF Inds Ltd                       RFIL     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
RF Micro Devices                  RFMD       Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
RF Monolithics Inc                RFMI            Electronics        3670   NDQ
RGC Resources Inc                 RGCO        Natural Gas Utility    4920   NDQ
RHI Entertainment Inc             RHIE          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Rhodia SA                        RHAYY       Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NDQ
Richardson Elec.                  RELL            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Richelieu Hardware Ltd           RCH.TO    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   TSE
Richmont Mines                   RIC.TO         Precious Metals      1041   TSE
Rick's Cabaret Intl               RICK            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Ridgefield Acquisition Corp       RDGA                Drug           2834   NDQ
Ridley Inc.                      RCL.TO        Food Processing       2000   TSE
Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc         RIGL                Drug           2834   NDQ
RightNow Technologies Inc        RNOW            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Rim Semiconductor Inc             RSMI       Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Rimage Corp.                      RIMG     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
RINO International Corp           RINO          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Rio Tinto PLC                      RTP     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NYS
Rio Vista Energy Partners L.P.    RVEP       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NDQ
Riskmetrics Group Inc              RMG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
RIT Technolgies Ltd                RITT      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Ritchie Brothers                   RBA        Industrial Services    7300   NYS
Rite Aid Corp.                     RAD        Pharmacy Services      5910   NYS
River Valley Bancorp              RIVR          Bank (Midwest)       6001   NDQ
Riverbed Technology Inc           RVBD     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Riverview Bancorp Inc             RVSB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Riviera Hldgs Corp                RVHL           Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Riviera Tool                       RIVT            Machinery         3500   NDQ
RLI Corp.                           RLI     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)    6330   NYS
Robbins & Myers                    RBN             Machinery         3500   NYS
Robert Half Int'l                  RHI        Human Resources        7363   NYS
Roberts Realty Investors Inc        RPI             R.E.I.T.         6720   AMS
Robocom Systems Int'l Inc         RIMS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Robotic Vision Sys.              RVSIQ       Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
Rochester Medical                 ROCM         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Rock Energy Resources Inc         RCKE          Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Rock of Ages Corp                 ROAC        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Rock-Tenn 'A'                      RKT     Packaging & Container     2640   NYS
Rocketinfo Inc.                   RKTI              Internet         7370   NDQ
Rockford Corporation              ROFO            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Rockport Healthcare Group Inc     RPHL         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Rockville Financial Inc.          RCKB               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Rockwell Automation                ROK       Electrical Equipment    3600   NYS
Rockwell Collins                   COL        Aerospace/Defense      3720   NYS
Rockwell Medical Tech             RMTI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Rockwood Holdings Inc              ROC      Chemical (Diversified)   2813   NYS
Rocky Brands Inc                  RCKY                Shoe           3140   NDQ
Rocky Mountain Choc Factory       RMCF         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Rocky Mountain Minerals Inc       RMMI     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Rodman & Renshaw Capital Grp      RODM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Rodobo International Inc.        RDBO         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Roebling Financial Corp Inc      RBLG                Thrift         6120   NDQ
Rofin-Sinar Techn.               RSTI      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Rogers Communications             RCI              Cable TV         4840   NYS
Rogers Corp.                      ROG             Electronics       3670   NYS
Rollins Inc.                      ROL       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Roma Financial Corp              ROMA                Thrift         6120   NDQ
Rome Bancorp Inc                 ROME                Thrift         6120   NDQ
Ronson Corp.                     RONC       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
RoomLinX Inc                     RMLX              Internet         7370   NDQ
Roper Inds.                       ROP             Machinery         3500   NYS
Rosetta Genomics Ltd.            ROSG                Drug           2834   NDQ
Rosetta Resources Inc            ROSE     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Rosetta Stone Inc                 RST      Educational Services     8299   NYS
Ross Stores                      ROST      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Rotech Healthcare Inc            ROHI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Rothmans Inc.                   ROC.TO             Tobacco          2085   TSE
Rouge Inds Inc 'A'              RGIDQ        Steel (Integrated)     3312   NYS
Rovi Corp.                       ROVI       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Rowan Cos.                        RDC       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Royal Bancshares of Pa. Inc     RBPAA                Bank           6000   NDQ
Royal Bank of Canada             RY.TO        Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Royal Caribbean Cruises           RCL             Recreation        7900   NYS
Royal Dutch Shell 'A'           RDS/A     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Royal Financial Inc              RYFL                Thrift         6120   NDQ
Royal Gold                       RGLD          Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Royal Invest Int'l                RIIC   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Royale Energy Inc                ROYL     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Royalite Petroleum Company In    RYPE     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Royce Value Trust                 RVT          Investment Co.       6730   NYS
RPC Inc.                          RES       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
RPM Int'l                         RPM      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
RPM Technologies Inc             RPMM       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
RRI Energy                        RRI                Power          4900   NYS
RRSat Global Com. Network Ltd    RRST        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
RSC Holdings Inc                  RRR       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
RTI Biologics Inc                RTIX           Biotechnology       2830   NDQ
RTI Intl Metals Inc               RTI     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NYS
Rubicon Minerals Corp             RBY     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
Rubicon Technology Inc.          RBCN          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Rubio's Restaurants Inc          RUBO            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Ruby Tuesday                       RT            Restaurant         5812   NYS
Ruddick Corp.                     RDK     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NYS
Rudolph Technologies Inc         RTEC          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
rue21 Inc                         RUE               Apparel         2300   NDQ
Rural/Metro Corp.                RURL         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Rurban Financial Corp            RBNF         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Rush Enterprises Inc            RUSHB        Retail Automotive      5531   NDQ
Rush Enterprises Inc.           RUSHA        Retail Automotive      5531   NDQ
Russel Metals Inc.              RUS.TO         Steel (General)      3311   TSE
Ruth's Hospitality Group Inc     RUTH            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
RWE Aktiengesellschaft          RWEOY         Utility (Foreign)     4914   NDQ
Rx For Africa Inc                RXAF            Retail Store       5300   NDQ
RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp          RXII               Drug           2834   NDQ
Ryder System                        R             Trucking          4200   NYS
Ryland Group                      RYL           Homebuilding        1521   NYS
S & T Bancorp                    STBA                Bank           6000   NDQ
S.Y. Bancorp Inc                 SYBT                Bank           6000   NDQ
S&K Famous Brands               SKFBQ      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
S1 Corporation                   SONE              Internet         7370   NDQ
Saba Software Inc                SABA              Internet         7370   NDQ
Safe Bulkers Inc                   SB             Maritime          4400   NYS
Safe Technologies Int'l Inc      SFAZ              Internet         7370   NDQ
Safeguard Scientifics             SFE          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
SafeStitch Medical Inc           SFES    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Safety Insurance Group Inc       SAFT     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Safeway Inc.                      SWY     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NYS
Saga Communic. 'A'                SGA          Entertainment        7950   NYS
Sagemark Companies Ltd           SKCO      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Sagient Research Systems Inc     SRYS      Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Saia Inc                         SAIA             Trucking          4200   NDQ
SAIC Inc.                         SAI        Industrial Services    7300   NYS
Saks Inc.                         SKS            Retail Store       5300   NYS Inc                   SLRY    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Salem Communications Corp        SALM          Entertainment        7950   NDQ                    CRM           E-Commerce          7372   NYS
Salisbury Bancorp Inc             SAL                Bank           6000   AMS
Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd        SLXP                Drug           2834   NDQ
Sally Beauty                      SBH       Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NYS
Salon Media Group Inc            SLNM              Internet         7370   NDQ
Samaritan Pharmaceuticals        SPHC                Drug           2834   NDQ
Samex Mining Corp               SMXMF     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Samuel Manu-Tech Inc.           SMT.TO         Steel (General)      3311   TSE
San Juan Basin Rlty.              SJT        Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Sancon Resources Recovery Inc    SRRY          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Sand Technology Inc             SNDTF    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Sanders Morris Harris Group      SMHG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Sanderson Farms                  SAFM         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
SanDisk Corp.                    SNDK     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
SandRidge Energy Inc               SD     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Sandston Corp                    SDON     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc         SASR                Bank           6000   NDQ
Sanfilippo John B.               JBSS         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Sangamo Biosciences Inc          SGMO                Drug           2834   NDQ
Sangui Biotech Intl Inc          SGBI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Sanmina-SCI Corp.                SANM            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Sanofi-Aventis                    SNY                Drug           2834   NYS
Sanswire Corporation             SNSR        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Santa Fe Finl Corp              SFEF              R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Santa Monica Media Corp          MEJ      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Santander Bancorp                SBP                Bank            6000   NYS
Santarus Inc                    SNTS                Drug            2834   NDQ
SAP AG                           SAP    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
Sapiens Int'l Corp.             SPNS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Sapient Corp.                   SAPE           E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Sapphire Industries Corp         FYR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Saputo Inc                     SAP.TO        Food Processing        2000   TSE
Sara Lee Corp.                   SLE         Food Processing        2000   NYS
SatCon Technololgy              SATC       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Satyam Computer Services Ltd     SAY    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
Sauer-Danfoss                    SHS             Machinery          3500   NYS
Saul Centers                     BFS              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Savannah BanCorp. Inc.          SAVB                Bank            6000   NDQ
Save the World Air Inc          ZERO          Environmental         4953   NDQ
Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc     SVNT          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
SAVVIS Inc                      SVVS        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
SBA Communications              SBAC      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Scailex Corporation Ltd        SCIXF      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
SCANA Corp.                      SCG      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
ScanSource                      SCSC     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
SCBT Financial Corp             SCBT                Bank            6000   NDQ
Sceptre Investment Counsel     SZ.TO    Investment Co.(Foreign)     6730   TSE
Schawk Inc.                      SGK     Packaging & Container      2640   NYS
Scheid Vineyards                SVIN         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Schein (Henry)                  HSIC         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Schiff Nutritional Int'l         WNI                Drug            2834   NYS
Schlumberger Ltd.                SLB       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Schmitt Inds Inc OR             SMIT             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Schnitzer Steel Inds 'A'        SCHN         Steel (General)        3311   NDQ
Scholastic Corp.                SCHL             Publishing         2700   NDQ
School Specialty Inc            SCHS      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Schuff International Inc        SHFK        Steel (Integrated)      3312   NDQ
Schulman (A.)                   SHLM      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Schwab (Charles)               SCHW       Securities Brokerage      6210   NDQ
Schweitzer-Mauduit Intl Inc     SWM      Paper/Forest Products      2600   NYS
SCI Engineered Materials Inc    SCIA          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
SciClone Pharm.                 SCLN                Drug            2834   NDQ
Scientific Games                SGMS          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Scientific Learning Corp        SCIL      Educational Services      8299   NDQ
Scientigo Inc                   SCNG    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
SCM Microsystems               SCMM      Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
SCOLR Pharma Inc                DDD                 Drug            2834   AMS
Scope Industries                SCPJ         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Scores Holding Company Inc.     SCRH          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Scott's Liquid Gold Inc         SLGD       Toiletries/Cosmetics     2844   NDQ
Scottish Re Group Ltd          SKRRF         Insurance (Life)       6310   NDQ
Scotts Miracle-Gro              SMG        Household Products       2840   NYS
Scripps (E.W.) 'A'                SSP             Newspaper          2710   NYS
Scripps Networks                  SNI           Entertainment        7950   NYS
SE Financial Corp                SEFL                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Seaboard Corp.                    SEB           Diversified Co.      9913   AMS
Seabridge Gold Inc                 SA          Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Seabright Insurance Hldgs         SBX      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
SeaChange Int'l                  SEAC       Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Seacoast Bk. Fla 'A'             SBCF                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Seacor Holdings                   CKH        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Seaena Inc                       SEAI       Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Seafarer Exploration Corp        SFRX               Maritime         4400   NDQ
Seagate Technology                STX     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Seahawk Drilling Inc             HAWK     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Sealed Air                        SEE     Packaging & Container      2640   NYS
Sealy Corp.                        ZZ     Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NYS
Seanergy Maritime Corp           SHIP      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Sears Canada Inc.               SCC.TO            Retail Store       5300   TSE
Sears Holdings                   SHLD             Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Seaspan Corp.                     SSW               Maritime         4400   NYS
Seattle Genetics Inc             SGEN           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Secured Digital Applications     SDGL        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
SecureLogic Corp.                SLGI    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Security Asset Capital Corp      SCYA        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Security Bancorp Inc.            SCYT                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Security Bank Corp/US           SBKCQ                 Bank           6000   NDQ
Security Federal Corp            SFDL                Thrift          6120   NDQ
Security First Int'l Hldgs In    SCFR        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NDQ
Security Natl Finl Corp         SNFCA         Insurance (Life)       6310   NDQ
SED Intl Hldgs                   SECX     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Sedona Corp                      SDNA     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Seen on Screen TV Inc            SONT             Retail Store       5300   NDQ
SEI Investments                  SEIC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Select Comfort                   SCSS     Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NDQ
Select Medical Holdings Corp      SEM         Medical Services       8000   NYS
Selectica Inc                    SLTC               Internet         7370   NDQ
Selective Ins. Group              SIGI     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Semiconductor Mfg Int'l Corp      SMI          Semiconductor         3674   NYS
Sempra Energy                     SRE      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Semtech Corp.                    SMTC          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
SendTec Inc                      SNDN            E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Seneca Foods 'A'                SENEA         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Seneca Foods 'B'                SENEB         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Senesco Technologies Inc          SNT           Biotechnology        2830   AMS
SENETEK PLC ADR                 SNKTY           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Senior Housing Properties Tr      SNH               R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Senomyx Inc.                     SNMX           Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
SenoRx Inc                       SENO         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Sense Technologies Inc           SNSG              Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
Sensient Techn.                   SXT         Food Processing        2000   NYS
SensiVida Medical Technologie     SVMT       Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Sentex Sensing Technolgoy Inc     SNTX     Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
Sento Corp                        SNTO   Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Sentry Technology Corp            SKVY     Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
SEQUENOM Inc                     SQNM                Drug          2834   NDQ
SeraCare Life Sciences Inc        SRLS       Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Service Corp. Int'l                SCI       Funeral Services      7261   NYS
Servidyne Inc                     SERV      Manuf. Housing/RV      3792   NDQ
Servotronics Inc                   SVT           Electronics       3670   AMS
SETO Holdings Inc                 SETO     Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Severn Bancorp Inc                SVBI              Thrift         6120   NDQ
SFB Bancorp Inc                   SFBK              Thrift         6120   NDQ
Shamir Optical Inds. Ltd.        SHMR      Precision Instrument    3800   NDQ
Shanda Games Ltd                  GAME     Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Shandong Zhouyuan Seed            SZSN      Pharmacy Services      5910   NDQ
Sharper Image                    SHRPQ    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Shaw Commun. 'B'                SJRB.TO           Cable TV         4840   TSE
Shaw Group                       SHAW        Metal Fabricating     3400   NYS
ShawCor Ltd.                    SCLB.TO     Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   TSE
ShawCor Ltd. A                  SCL/A.TO    Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   TSE
Shell's Seafood Restaurantsn     SHLLQ           Restaurant        5812   NDQ
Shelron Group Inc                 SRNG   Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Shenandoah Telecom.               SHEN      Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
ShengdaTech Inc                   SDTH    Chemical (Diversified)   2813   NDQ
Shengtai Pharmaceutical Inc.      SGTI       Food Processing       2000   NDQ
SHEP Technologies Inc.           STLOF           Auto Parts        3716   NDQ
Sherritt Intl Corp                S.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)   1000   TSE
Sherwin-Williams                  SHW      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Sherwood Brands Inc               SHDB       Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Shi Corp.                         SHCC      Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Shiloh Inds.                      SHLO      Steel (Integrated)     3312   NDQ
Shiner Int'l Inc                  BEST        Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Ship Finance Intl Ltd              SFL            Maritime         4400   NYS
Shoe Carnival                     SCVL              Shoe           3140   NDQ
Shoe Pavilion                    SHOEQ              Shoe           3140   NDQ
ShoLodge Inc.                     LODG         Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Shoppers Drug Mart Corp          SC.TO      Pharmacy Services      5910   TSE
Shopsmith Inc                    SSMH             Machinery        3500   NDQ
Shore Bancshares Inc              SHBI              Bank           6000   NDQ
ShoreTel Inc                      SHOR     Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Shuffle Master                    SHFL         Hotel/Gaming        7000   NDQ
Shutterfly Inc                    SFLY          E-Commerce         7372   NDQ
SI Financial Group Inc             SIFI             Thrift         6120   NDQ
Siboney Corp.                     SBON     Educational Services    8299   NDQ
Siebert Finl Corp                 SIEB    Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Sielox Inc                        SLXN    Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Sierra Bancorp                    BSRR              Bank           6000   NDQ
Sierra Monitor Corp /CA/          SRMC         Environmental       4953   NDQ
Sierra Wireless Inc               SWIR     Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
SIFCO Industries                   SIF      Precision Instrument     3800   AMS
Sify Technologies Ltd             SIFY              Internet         7370   NDQ
SIGA Technologies Inc             SIGA                Drug           2834   NDQ
Sigma Designs                     SIGM       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Sigma Inds                       SIC.TO     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   TSE
Sigma-Aldrich                     SIAL      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Sigmatron Int'l Inc.             SGMA        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Signature Bank                    SBNY                Bank           6000   NDQ
Signature Eyewear                 SEYE      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Signature Leisure Inc             SGLS       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Silgan Holdings                   SLGN     Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
Silicom Ltd                       SILC     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Silicon Graphics                 SGICQ     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Silicon Graphics Int'l Corp        SGI     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Silicon Image                     SIMG       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Silicon Labs.                     SLAB          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Silicon Mountain Holdings Inc    SLCME     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Silicon Storage                   SSTI     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
SiliconWare Precision Inds. Co    SPIL          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Silver Butte Mining Co            SIBM     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Silver Standard Resources Inc.    SSRI         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Silver State Bancorp             SSBXQ                Bank           6000   NDQ
Silver Wheaton                    SLW          Precious Metals       1041   NYS
Silverado Gold Mines Ltd         SLGLF         Precious Metals       1041   NDQ
Silverleaf Resorts Inc.           SVLF          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
Silverstar Holdings Ltd          SSTRF       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Simcere Pharmaceutical Group       SCR                Drug           2834   NYS
Simclar Inc                       SIMC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Simmons First Nat'l 'A'           SFNC         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Simon Property Group               SPG              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Simon Worldwide Inc              SWWI       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Simpson Manufacturing             SSD         Building Materials     3200   NYS
Simulations Plus Inc               SLP     Healthcare Information    7375   AMS
Sina Corporation                  SINA              Internet         7370   NDQ
Sinclair Broadcast                SBGI          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Singapore Telecommunications     SGAPY        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Sino-Global Shipping America      SINO             Maritime          4400   NDQ
SinoCubate Inc                    SBAT          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Sinoenergy Corp                   SNEN       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
SinoFresh HealthCare Inc          SFSH                Drug           2834   NDQ
Sinohub Inc.                      SIHI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Sinovac Biotech Ltd                SVA                Drug           2834   AMS
Sionix Corporation /UT/           SINX          Environmental        4953   NDQ
SiriCOMM Inc                     SIRCQ      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Sirius XM Radio Inc               SIRI       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Sirona Dental                     SIRO         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Sitestar Corp                     SYTE              Internet         7370   NDQ
Siuslaw Financial Group Inc       SFGP                Bank           6000   NDQ
Six Flags Inc.                   SIXFQ            Recreation         7900   NDQ
SJW Corp.                         SJW           Water Utility       4941   NYS
Skechers U.S.A.                   SKX                Shoe           3140   NYS
Skilled Healthcare Group Inc      SKH         Medical Services      8000   NYS
SkillSoft ADR                     SKIL     Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Skinny Nutritional Corp          SKNY         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Skinvisible Inc                  SKVI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Sky Petroleum Inc                 SKPI    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Skye International Inc            SKYI       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
SkyePharma Plc                  SKYEY                Drug           2834   NDQ
Skyline Corp.                     SKY       Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NYS
SkyPeople Fruit Juice Inc         SPU             Beverage          2080   AMS
Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Co    SKBI          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
SkyTerra Communications Inc      SKYT        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
SkyWest                          SKYW           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Skyworks Solutions Inc.          SWKS          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
SL Green Realty                   SLG              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
SL Inds. Inc.                      SLI     Electrical Equipment     3600   AMS
SLM Corporation                   SLM      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
SLS Int'l Inc                   SLSZQ            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Small Cap Strategies Inc        SMC/A    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Small World Kids Inc            SMWK             Recreation         7900   NDQ
Smart Balance                    SMBL         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Smart Energy Solutions Inc       SMGY              Internet         7370   NDQ
Smart Modular Tech. (WWH)        SMOD    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Smart Move Inc                   SMVE       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Smart Online Inc                 SOLN              Internet         7370   NDQ
SmartHeat Inc                    HEAT      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
SmartPros Ltd                    SPRO      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
SMF Energy Corporation           FUEL        Natural Gas Utility    4920   NDQ
Smith (A.O.)                      AOS             Machinery         3500   NYS
Smith & Wesson Holding Corp      SWHC            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Smith Int'l Inc.                   SII      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Smith Micro Software             SMSI      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Smith Midland Corp               SMID       Heavy Construction      1629   NDQ
Smithfield Foods                  SFD         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Smithtown Bancorp Inc            SMTB                Bank           6000   NDQ
SMTC Corp.                       SMTX            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Smucker (J.M.)                    SJM         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Smurfit-Stone Cont.             SSCCQ     Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
SNAP Interactive Inc              STVI          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Snap-on Inc.                      SNA             Machinery         3500   NYS
SNC Lavalin Group Inc.          SNC.TO         Diversified Co.      9913   TSE
SNM Global Holdings              SNMN         Investment Co.        6730   NDQ
Soapstone Networks Inc           SOAP      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Sobieski Bancorp Inc             SOBI               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Sociedad Quimica y Minerea de     SQM     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Socket Mobile Inc                SCKT     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
SofTech Inc                      SOFT    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ Inc.                    SOHU              Internet         7370   NDQ
Soil Biogenics Ltd              SOBGF         Precious Metals        1041   NDQ
SOKO Fitness & Spa Group Inc     SOKF           Recreation           7900   NDQ
Solar Energy Initiative Inc      SNRY              Power             4900   NDQ
Solar Enertech Corp              SOEN              Power             4900   NDQ
Solar Power Inc                  SOPW      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Solar Thin Films Inc             SLTZ      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Solarfun Power Holdings Co.      SOLF              Power             4900   NDQ
Solarwinds Inc.                   SWI    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
Solera Hldgs.                     SLH          E-Commerce            7372   NYS
Soligen Technologies Inc         SGTN        Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Soligenix Inc                    SNGX        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Solitario Exploration & Royal   SLR.TO        Precious Metals        1041   TSE
Solitron Devices Inc.            SODI           Electronics          3670   NDQ
Solpower Corp                    SOCR      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Solstice Resorts Inc             SOSR          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Solta Medical Inc                SLTM        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Solutia Inc                       SOA     Chemical (Diversified)     2813   NYS
Somanetics Corp.                 SMTS        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals Inc      SOMX               Drug             2834   NDQ
Somerset Hills Bancorp           SOMH               Bank             6000   NDQ
Sona Mobile Holdings Corp       SNMBQ    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Sonesta Int'l Hotels Corp.      SNSTA          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Sonic Automotive                  SAH       Retail Automotive        5531   NYS
Sonic Corp.                      SONC           Restaurant           5812   NDQ
Sonic Foundry Inc.               SOFO    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Sonic Solutions                  SNIC           Electronics          3670   NDQ
SonicWALL Inc                    SNWL             Internet           7370   NDQ
Sono-Tek Corporation             SOTK            Machinery           3500   NDQ
Sonoco Products                   SON     Packaging & Container      2640   NYS
SonomaWest Holdings Inc          SWHI       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Sonoran Energy Inc               SNRN     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
SonoSite Inc.                    SONO        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Sonus Networks Inc               SONS      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Sony Corp. ADR                    SNE       Foreign Electronics      9975   NYS
SORL Auto Parts Inc.             SORL            Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Sotheby's                         BID      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Sound Health Solutions Inc       SHSO        Medical Services        8000   NDQ
SoundBite Communications Inc     SDBT    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Sourcefire Inc                    FIRE   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ Inc             SNET    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
South Financial Grp Inc          TSFG               Bank             6000   NDQ
South Jersey Inds.                 SJI      Natural Gas Utility      4920   NYS
South Street Finl Corp           SSFC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
South Texas Oil Co.             STXXQ     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Southcoast Financial Corp        SOCB               Bank             6000   NDQ
Southeastern Bank Financial      SBFC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Southeastern Banking Corp        SEBC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Southern Banc Inc                SRNN               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Southern Co.                       SO      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Southern Community Finl Corp      SCMF               Bank            6000   NDQ
Southern Copper                    PCU     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NYS
Southern First Bancshares Inc     SFST               Bank            6000   NDQ
Southern Michigan Bancorp Inc    SOMC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Southern Mo. Bancorp Inc          SMBC               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Southern Nat'l Bancorp Va.        SONA               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Southern Union                     SUG       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
SouthFirst Bancshares Inc.        SZBI               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Southpeak Interactive Corp.       SOPK       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Southrn Conn. bancorp Inc.         SSE               Bank            6000   AMS
Southside Bancshares Inc.         SBSI               Bank            6000   NDQ
Southwall Tech                   SWTX       Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Southwest Airlines                 LUV           Air Transport       4510   NYS
Southwest Bancorp Inc.            OKSB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Southwest Ga Finl Corp             SGB               Bank            6000   AMS
Southwest Gas                     SWX         Natural Gas Utility    4920   NYS
Southwest Water                  SWWC            Water Utility       4941   NDQ
Southwestern Energy               SWN         Natural Gas (Div.)     4929   NYS
Sovereign Exploration Assocs      SVXA             Maritime          4400   NDQ
Sovran Self Storage                SSS              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Soyo Group Inc.                   SOYO      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
SP Acquisition Holdings            DSP      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Spain Fund                         SNF    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Span-America Medical Systems      SPAN         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Spanish Broadcasting Sys. Inc.    SBSA          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Spansion Inc.                    SPSNQ            Electronics        3670   NDQ
SPAR Group Inc                    SGRP       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Spartan Motors                    SPAR       Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NDQ
Spartan Stores                    SPTN     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Spartech Corp                      SEH     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
Sparton Corp.                      SPA            Electronics        3670   NYS
SpatiaLight Inc                   SPLT            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Spatializer Audio Labs Inc        SPZR            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Specialty Underwriters Allnce     SUAI     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Spectra Energy                      SE       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Spectra Energy Partners LP         SEP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Spectral Diagnostics             SDI.TO        Medical Supplies      8060   TSE
Spectranetics Corp.               SPNC         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
SpectraScience Inc                SCIE         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Spectre Gaming Inc               SGMG             Recreation         7900   NDQ
Spectrum Brands Inc.             SPCBQ      Electrical Equipment     3600   NYS
Spectrum Control Inc.             SPEC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Spectrum Group Intl Inc           SPGZ           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc      SPPI                Drug           2834   NDQ
Speedus Corp                      SPDE          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Speedway Motorsports               TRK            Recreation         7900   NYS
Spherion Corp                      SFN        Human Resources        7363   NYS
Spherix Inc.                      SPEX         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Spindletop Oil & Gas Co           SPND     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Spire Corp.                      SPIR       Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Spirit AeroSystems                SPR        Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Sport Chalet                    SPCHB       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Sport Supply Group Inc            RBI       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   AMS
Sport-Haley Inc                  SPOR              Apparel           2300   NDQ
Sports Properties Acquisition    HMR       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS Intl Inc.         SPCI              Internet          7370   NDQ
SportsQuest Inc                  SPQS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Spreadtrum Communications Inc    SPRD          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Sprint Nextel Corp.                 S        Telecom. Services       4810   NYS
SPX Corp.                        SPW           Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
SRA Int'l Inc.                    SRX    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
SRI/Surgical Express Inc         STRC         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
SRS Labs Inc                     SRSL            Electronics         3670   NDQ
SRX Post Holdings Inc           SRX.TO      Wireless Networking      7380   TSE
St. Joe Corp.                     JOE          Homebuilding          1521   NYS
St. John Knits Intl Inc.          SJKI             Apparel           2300   NDQ
St. Jude Medical                  STJ         Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
St. Mary Land & Expl               SM     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
STAAR Surgical                   STAA         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Stage Stores Inc                  SSI       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Stamford Industrial Group Inc   SIDGQ              Internet          7370   NDQ Inc                   STMP              Internet          7370   NDQ
StanCorp Finl Group Inc           SFG         Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
Standard Management Corp         SMAN        Pharmacy Services       5910   NDQ
Standard Microsystems            SMSC          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Standard Motor Prod.              SMP             Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Standard Pacific Corp.            SPF          Homebuilding          1521   NYS
Standard Parking Corp            STAN        Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Standard Register                  SR      Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NYS
Standex Int'l                     SXI          Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
Stanley Furniture                STLY     Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NDQ
Stanley Inc.                      SXE        Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Stanley Works                    SWK              Machinery          3500   NYS
Stantec Inc.                    STN.TO       Heavy Construction      1629   TSE
Staples Inc.                     SPLS      Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NDQ
Star Buffet                      STRZ            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Star Bulk Carriers Corp.         SBLK      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Star Gas Partners L P             SGU        Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
Star Scientific Inc              CIGX              Tobacco           2085   NDQ
Starbucks Corp.                  SBUX            Restaurant          5812   NDQ
Starlims Technologies Ltd        LIMS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Starrett (L.S.)                   SCX             Machinery          3500   NYS
Startech Environmental           STHK          Environmental         4953   NDQ
StarTek Inc.                      SRT           E-Commerce           7372   NYS
Starwood Hotels                   HOT          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
State Auto Fin'l                 STFC      Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
State Bancorp Inc NY             STBC                Bank            6000   NDQ
State Street Corp.                STT                Bank            6000   NYS
Steak n Shake                     SNS           Restaurant         5812   NYS
Stealth Medialabs Inc            SMLA             Internet         7370   NDQ
StealthGas Inc.                  GASS            Maritime          4400   NDQ
STEC Inc                          STEC   Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Steel Dynamics                    STLD        Steel (General)      3311   NDQ
Steel Vault Corp                 SVUL    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Steelcase Inc. 'A'                SCS    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NYS
Steelcloud Co                    SCLD    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Stein Mart                       SMRT           Retail Store       5300   NDQ
Steiner Leisure Ltd              STNR       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Steinway Musical                   LVB          Recreation         7900   NYS
Stellar Business Bank             SLRB              Bank           6000   NDQ
Stellar Pharmaceuticals Inc      SLXCF              Drug           2834   NDQ
StellarOne Corporation            STEL              Bank           6000   NDQ
Stem Cell Innovations Inc         SCLL              Drug           2834   NDQ
StemCells Inc.                   STEM               Drug           2834   NDQ
STEN Corp                        STEN        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Stepan Company                    SCL      Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Stephan Co                       SPCO      Toiletries/Cosmetics    2844   NDQ
Stereotaxis Inc                  STXS        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Stericycle Inc.                  SRCL         Environmental        4953   NDQ
STERIS Corp.                       STE       Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Sterling BanCorp.                  STL              Bank           6000   NYS
Sterling Bancshares Texas         SBIB              Bank           6000   NDQ
Sterling Banks Inc               STBK               Bank           6000   NDQ
Sterling Chemicals Inc            SCHI    Chemical (Diversified)   2813   NDQ
Sterling Construction Inc         STRL        Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Sterling Finl Corp WA            STSA              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Sterlite Industries (India)        SLT       Metal Fabricating     3400   NYS
Stewardship Financial Corp       SSFN               Bank           6000   NDQ
Stewart Enterpr. 'A'              STEI       Funeral Services      7261   NDQ
Stewart Info Svcs                 STC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Stifel Financial Corp.              SF     Securities Brokerage    6210   NYS
Stillwater Mining                 SWC         Precious Metals      1041   NYS
Stinger Systems Inc               STYS          Electronics        3670   NDQ
STMicroelectronics                STM         Semiconductor        3674   NYS
Stocker & Yale Inc New           STKR       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Stockhouse Inc                   STKH             Internet         7370   NDQ
Stone Energy                      SGY    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Stoneleigh Partners Acq. Corp.   STAQ     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
StoneMor Partners L.P.           STON        Funeral Services      7261   NDQ
Stoneridge Inc                     SRI     Electrical Equipment    3600   NYS
Storage Computer Corp            SOSO    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Storm Cat Energy Corp            SCUEF   Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
STR Holdings Inc                  STRI        Environmental        4953   NYS
Strasbaugh Inc                   STRB      Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
Strata Oil & Gas Inc             SOIGF   Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Stratasys Inc                    SSYS            Machinery         3500   NDQ
Strategic Diagnostics             SDIX        Environmental        4953   NDQ
Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc     BEE             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Strategic Internet Investment      SIII            Internet          7370   NDQ
Strategic Rare Earth Metals       SREH     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Strattec Sec Corp                 STRT            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Stratus Media Group Inc           SMDI          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Stratus Pptys Inc                 STRS             R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Strayer Education                 STRA      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
Stream Global Services Inc         SGS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Streamline Health Solutions       STRM     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Striker Oil & Gas Inc             SOIS          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Stryker Corp.                      SYK        Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Student Loan Corp.                 STU      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Studio One Media Inc             SOMD           Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Sturm Ruger & Co.                  RGR            Recreation         7900   NYS
Subaye Inc                        SBAY             Internet          7370   NDQ
Suburban Propane                   SPH       Oil/Gas Distribution    4610   NYS
Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc       SCMP               Drug            2834   NDQ
SuccessFactors Inc                SFSF        Human Resources        7363   NDQ
Suffolk Bancorp                   SUBK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Suggestion Box Inc                SGTB    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
SulphCo Inc                        SUF     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Summer Infant Inc                 SUMR      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Summit Environmental Corp Inc     SEVT      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Summit Financial Group Inc.       SMMF               Bank            6000   NDQ
Summit Financial Services Grp     SFNS      Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Summit State Bank                 SSBI               Bank            6000   NDQ
Sun American Bancorp              SAMB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Sun Bancorp Inc                   SNBC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Sun Communities Inc.               SUI             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Sun Healthcare Group Inc          SUNH         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Sun Hydraulics                    SNHY           Water Utility       4941   NDQ
Sun Life Financial Services      SLF.TO    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   TSE
Sun Microsystems                  JAVA     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Sun Motor Int'l Inc              SNMO       Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Sun-Times Media Group            SUTMQ            Newspaper          2710   NDQ
Sunair Services Corp.              SNR          Diversified Co.      9913   AMS
Suncor Energy                    SU.TO        Canadian Energy        1299   TSE
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.      SNSS          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Sunlink Health Sys                 SSY         Medical Services      8000   AMS
Sunoco Inc.                        SUN     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P.     SXL     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
SunOpta Inc.                      STKL         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
SunPower Corp.                   SPWRA              Power            4900   NDQ
Sunrise Senior Living              SRZ         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Sunrise Telecom Inc               SRTI      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc       SHO             R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Suntech Power Hldgs.               STP              Power            4900   NYS
SunTrust Banks                     STI               Bank            6000   NYS
SunVesta Inc                      SVSA    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Sunway Global Inc.              SUWG         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Sunwest Bank                    SWBC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Super Micro Computer Inc         SMCI    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Superclick Inc                   SPCK     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Superconductor Tech.             SCON     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
SuperGen Inc                     SUPG               Drug           2834   NDQ
Superior Bancorp                 SUPR               Bank           6000   NDQ
Superior Energy Svcs              SPN      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Superior Inds. Int'l              SUP           Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Superior Uniform Group            SGC             Apparel          2300   AMS
Superior Well Services Inc       SWSI      Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Superlattice Power Inc           SLAT     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Supertel Hospitality Inc         SPPR             R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Supertex Inc.                    SUPX         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
SUPERVALU INC.                    SVU    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NYS Inc                  SPRT             Internet         7370   NDQ
Supreme Inds Inc.                 STS          Auto & Truck        3710   AMS
SureWest Communications         SURW        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Surge Global Energy Inc          SRGG    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
SurgiLight Inc.                 SLGTQ        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
SurModics Inc.                   SRDX     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Surrey Bancorp                   SRYB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Susquehanna Bancshs.             SUSQ               Bank           6000   NDQ
Susser Holdings Corp             SUSS    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Sussex Bancorp                   SBBX               Bank           6000   NDQ
Sutor Technology Group Inc       SUTR       Steel (Integrated)     3312   NDQ
Sutron Corp                      STRN     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Sutura Inc                       SUTU        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
SVB Fincl. Group                 SIVB               Bank           6000   NDQ
Swank Inc.                       SNKI             Apparel          2300   NDQ
Swift Energy                      SFY    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Swiss Helvetia Fund              SWZ    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Switch and Data Facilities Co    SDXC             Internet         7370   NDQ
Swordfish Financial Inc          SWRF           Electronics        3670   NDQ
SWS Group Inc                    SWS      Securities Brokerage     6210   NYS
SXC Health Solutions Corp        SXCI    Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
Sybase Inc.                        SY   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Sycamore Networks               SCMRD     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Sykes Enterprises                SYKE   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Symantec Corp.                   SYMC   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Symbollon Corp                  SYMBA        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Symmetricom Inc.                 SYMM     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Symmetry Medical Inc              SMA        Medical Supplies      8060   NYS
Syms Corp.                       SYMS     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Symyx Technologies              SMMX      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Synalloy Corp.                   SYNL         Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Synaptics                        SYNA    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Synbiotics Corp.                 SYNB         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Synchronoss Techn.               SNCR      Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
Syndication Inc                   SYNJ          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Synergetics USA Inc               SURG        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Synergx Systems Inc               SYNX            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Synergy Brands Inc                SYBR     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Syneron Medical Ltd               ELOS        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Syniverse Hldgs.                   SVR      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NYS
SYNNEX Corp.                       SNX      Information Services     8900   NYS
Synopsys Inc.                     SNPS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Synova Healthcare Group Inc      SNVHQ        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Synovis Life Technologies Inc     SYNO        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Synovus Financial                  SNV                Bank           6000   NYS
Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp        SNTA                Drug           2834   NDQ
Syntel Inc                        SYNT       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
SyntheMed Inc                     SYMD        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Synthesis Energy Systems Inc      SYMX               Power           4900   NDQ
Synthetech Inc.                   NZYM                Drug           2834   NDQ
Syntroleum Corp                   SYNM       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Synutra Int'l                     SYUT         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
Synvista Therapeutics inc          SYNI               Drug           2834   NDQ
Sypris Solutions                  SYPR            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Sysco Corp.                        SYY     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NYS
Systemax Inc                       SYX      Office Equip/Supplies    3570   NYS
T-3 Energy Svcs Inc               TTES       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
T.J.T. Inc                        AXLE        Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Table Trac Inc                    TBTC          Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
TableMAX Corp                     TBLX       Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NDQ
Tactical Air Defense Services     TADF     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
TAG Oil Ltd                       TAOIF    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
tailwind Financial Inc             TNF      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Taitron Components                 TAIT         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Taiwan Fund                        TWN    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Taiwan Semic. ADR                  TSM          Semiconductor        3674   NYS
Take-Two Interactive              TTWO       Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
TAL International Group            TAL              Trucking         4200   NYS
Talbots Inc.                       TLB      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Talecris Biotherapeutics Hldgs    TLCR          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Taleo Corp.                       TLEO    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Talisman Energy                  TLM.TO       Canadian Energy        1299   TSE
Talon International Inc.          TALN              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Tamalpais Bancorp                 TAMB                Bank           6000   NDQ
Tandy Brands Access.              TBAC              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Tandy Leather Factory Inc           TLF     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   AMS
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers      SKT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Tanzanian Royalty Exploration      TRE         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc     TPPHQ                Drug           2834   NDQ
TapImmune Inc                     TPIM          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Targa Resources Partners LP       NGLS       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Targacept Inc                     TRGT                Drug           2834   NDQ
Target Corp.                       TGT            Retail Store       5300   NYS
Target Development Group Inc       TDGI     Property Management        6510   NDQ
Targeted Genetics Corp            TGEN                 Drug            2834   NDQ
Tarragon Corporation               TARR              R.E.I.T.          6720   NDQ
Taseko Mines Ltd                    TGB         Precious Metals        1041   AMS
TASER Int'l                        TASR       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Tasty Baking                       TSTY        Food Processing         2000   NDQ
Tasty Fries Inc                    TFRY             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Tat Technologies Ltd              TATTF       Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Tata Motors ADR                     TTM           Auto & Truck         3710   NYS
Tate & Lyle Plc                   TATYY        Food Processing         2000   NDQ
Taubman Centers Inc.                TCO          Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
Taylor Calvin B Bankshares Inc     TYCB                Bank            6000   NDQ
Taylor Capital Group Inc           TAYC         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NDQ
Taylor Devices Inc.                TAYD      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
TBS Int'l Ltd                      TBSI             Maritime           4400   NDQ
TBX Resources Inc                  TBXC     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
TC PipeLines Lp                    TCLP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
TCF Financial                       TCB         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NYS
TCW Strategic Income Fund           TSI         Investment Co.         6730   NYS
TD Ameritrade Holding             AMTD       Securities Brokerage      6210   NDQ
TDK Corp. ADR                     TTDKY       Foreign Electronics      9975   NDQ
Team Financial Inc.                TFIN                Bank            6000   NDQ
Team Health Holdings Inc           TMH        Human Resources          7363   NYS
Team Inc.                          TISI       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Teamstaff Inc                      TSTF       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Tech Data                          TECD     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Tech/Ops Sevcon Inc.                 TO      Electrical Equipment      3600   AMS
Teche Holding Co                    TSH               Thrift           6120   AMS
TechLabs Inc                       TCHL              Internet          7370   NDQ
Techne Corp.                       TECH          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Technest Holdings Inc             TCNH               Internet          7370   NDQ
Technical Communications Corp.    TCCO       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Technical Ventures Inc             TEVT      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
Technitrol Inc.                     TNL            Electronics         3670   NYS
TechnoConcepts Inc                 TCPS    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Technology Research                TRCI            Electronics         3670   NDQ
Technology Solutions               TSCC    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Techprecision Corporation          TPCS        Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
TechTarget                         TTGT              Internet          7370   NDQ
TechTeam Global Inc.              TEAM     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Techwell Inc                       TWLL         Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
Teck Resources Ltd. 'B'          TCKB.TO    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   TSE
TECO Energy                          TE      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Tecumseh Products 'A'             TECUA             Machinery          3500   NDQ
Teekay Corp.                         TK             Maritime           4400   NYS
Teekay LNG Partners LP              TGP             Maritime           4400   NYS
Teekay Offshore Partners L.P.      TOO              Maritime           4400   NYS
Tefron Ltd.                       TFRFF              Apparel           2300   NDQ
Tegal Corp                         TGAL         Semiconductor          3674   NDQ
Tejas Inc                        TEJS      Securities Brokerage    6210   NDQ
Tejon Ranch Co.                  TRC          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Tekelec                         TKLC       Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
Teknowledge Corp New            TEKC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Tel-Instrument Electronics        TIK      Precision Instrument    3800   AMS
Telanetix Inc                    TNXI      Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Telava Networks Inc             TLVA      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Telecom N. Zealand               NZT        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Telecommunication Sys Inc       TSYS        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Teledyne Technologies            TDY        Aerospace/Defense      3720   NYS
Teleflex Inc.                    TFX          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Telefonica SA ADR                 TEF       Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Telefonos de Mexico ADR          TMX        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Telephone & Data                 TDS        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Telestone Technologies Corp     TSTC       Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
TeleTech Holdings               TTEC        Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Teletouch Communications Inc     TLLE       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Telik Inc                       TELK          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Telkonet Inc                    TKOI        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Tellabs Inc.                    TLAB       Telecom. Equipment      4811   NDQ
Telstra Corporation Ltd         TLSYY       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Telular Corp.                   WRLS       Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
TELUS Corporation                T.TO       Telecom. Services      4810   TSE
Telvue Corporation              TEVE        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Telzuit Medical Technologies    TZMT              Internet         7370   NDQ
Tembec Inc.                    TMB.TO     Paper/Forest Products    2600   TSE
Temecula Valley Bancorp Inc     TMCV                Bank           6000   NDQ
Tempco Inc                      TEMO    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Temple-Inland                     TIN     Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
Templeton Emerg'g                EMF    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
Tempur-Pedic                     TPX     Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NYS
Tenaris S.A.                      TS        Steel (Integrated)     3312   NYS
Tenet Healthcare                 THC         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Tengasco Inc.                    TGC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Tengtu International Corp       TNTU       Educational Services    8299   NDQ
Tennant Co.                      TNC            Machinery          3500   NYS
Tenneco Inc.                     TEN            Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Tennessee Commerce Bancorp      TNCC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Teradata Corp.                   TDC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Teradyne Inc.                    TER      Semiconductor Equip      3680   NYS
Terax Energy Inc                TEXG     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Terex Corp.                      TEX            Machinery          3500   NYS
Terra Inds.                      TRA         Chemical (Basic)      2810   NYS
Terra Nitrogen                   TNH       Chemical (Specialty)    2820   NYS
Terra Nova Financial Group      TNFG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Terremark Worldwide Inc         TMRK        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
TerreStar Corporation           TSTR       Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
Territorial Bancorp Inc         TBNK               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Tesla Vision Corp               TSLV    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Tesoro Corp.                       TSO     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
TESSCO Tech. Inc                  TESS      Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Tessera Technologies              TSRA          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Teton Energy Corporation         TECJQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Tetra Tech                        TTEK          Environmental        4953   NDQ
TETRA Technologies                 TTI       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Teva Pharmac. (ADR)               TEVA                Drug           2834   NDQ
Texas Capital Bancshares Inc      TCBI         Bank (Midwest)        6001   NDQ
Texas Inds.                        TXI        Building Materials     3200   NYS
Texas Instruments                  TXN          Semiconductor        3674   NYS
Texas Pacif. Land Tr               TPL     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Texas Roadhouse                   TXRH            Restaurant         5812   NDQ
Texas Vanguard Oil Co             TVOC     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Textron Inc.                       TXT          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
TF Financial Corp                 THRD               Thrift          6120   NDQ
TFS Financial Corp                TFSL               Thrift          6120   NDQ
TGC Industries Inc                 TGE       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
TGFIN Holdings Inc                TGFN       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Thai Fund Inc                      TTF    Investment Co.(Foreign)    6730   NYS
The American Education Corp       AECC      Educational Services     8299   NDQ
The Andersons Inc                 ANDE          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
The Bamnk Holdings                TBHS                Bank           6000   NDQ
The Bancorp Inc                   TBBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
The Beard Co                      BRCO          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
The Boyds Collection Ltd.         BYDC      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
The Coast Distrib. Sys.            CRV            Auto Parts         3716   AMS
The Enstar Group Inc.             ESGR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
The First Bancorp Inc.            FNLC                Bank           6000   NDQ
The First Bancshares Inc          FBMS                Bank           6000   NDQ
The Goldfarb Corporation        GDFH.TO         Diversified Co.      9913   TSE
The Goldfield Corp                  GV             Machinery         3500   AMS
The Harcourt Companies Inc.       HRCT              Internet         7370   NDQ
The Intergroup Corp               INTG              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
The Inventure Group Inc.          SNAK         Food Processing       2000   NDQ
The Major Automotive Cos Inc.     MJRC      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
The Mint Leasing Inc              MLES      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
The National Security Group       NSEC         Insurance (Life)      6310   NDQ
The Parent Company               KIDSQ           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
The Quantum Group Inc             QNGP     Healthcare Information    7375   NDQ
The SCO Group Inc                SCOXQ              Internet         7370   NDQ
The Singing Machine Co.          SMDM           Entertainment        7950   NDQ
The Sports Club Company Inc       SCYL            Recreation         7900   NDQ
The St. Lawrence Seaway Corp      STLS              R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
The Walking Co Holdings Inc       WALK      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Theragenics Corp.                  TGX                Drug           2834   NYS
Theravance Inc                    THRX                Drug           2834   NDQ
Thermadyne Holdings Corp         THMD              Machinery         3500   NDQ
Thermo Fisher Sci.                TMO       Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
ThermoEnergy Corp.                TMEN          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Thermogenesis Corp.               KOOL        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ Inc                 TSCM              Internet        7370   NDQ
Thinkpath Inc.                   THPHF    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Thomas & Betts                     TNB      Electrical Equipment    3600   NYS
Thomas Group Inc                  TGIS       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Thomas Properties Group Inc       TPGI              R.E.I.T.        6720   NDQ
Thomas Weisel Partners Grp        TWPG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Thomson Reuters Corp.            TRI.TO     Information Services    8900   TSE
Thor Inds.                         THO       Manuf. Housing/RV      3792   NYS
Thoratec Corp.                    THOR        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Thornburg Mtg.                   THMRQ              R.E.I.T.        6720   NDQ
THQ Inc.                          THQI       Entertainment Tech     3663   NDQ
Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc     THLD                Drug          2834   NDQ
Thunder Mountain Gold Inc         THMG         Precious Metals      1041   NDQ
Tianyin Pharmaceuticals Co Inc      TPI               Drug          2834   AMS
TIB Financial                     TIBB                Bank          6000   NDQ
TIBCO Software                    TIBX           E-Commerce         7372   NDQ
TICC Capital Corp                 TICC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc    TKTM          Entertainment       7950   NDQ
Tidelands Bancshares Inc          TDBK                Bank          6000   NDQ
Tidewater Inc.                     TDW       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.   3533   NYS
Tiens Biotech Group Inc            TBV        Food Processing       2000   AMS
Tier Technologies                  TIER   Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
TierOne Corp.                     TONE               Thrift         6120   NDQ
Tiffany & Co.                       TIF    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
Tiger Telematics Inc              TGTL    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
TigerLogic Corporation            TIGR    Computer Software/Svcs    3579   NDQ
Tigrent Inc                       TIGE      Educational Services    8299   NDQ
TII Network Tech Inc.              TIII     Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Tikro Technologies Ltd            TIKRF        Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Tim Hortons Inc.                   THI            Restaurant        5812   NYS
Timberland Bancorp Inc            TSBK               Thrift         6120   NDQ
Timberland Co. 'A'                 TBL                Shoe          3140   NYS
Timberline Resources Corp          TLR         Precious Metals      1041   AMS
Time Warner                        TWX          Entertainment       7950   NYS
Time Warner Cable                  TWC             Cable TV         4840   NYS
Timken Co.                         TKR        Metal Fabricating     3400   NYS
Tirex Corp                        TXMC          Environmental       4953   NDQ
Titan Energy Worldwide Inc        TEWI               Power          4900   NDQ
Titan Global Holdings Inc         TTGL      Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Titan Int'l                        TWI            Auto Parts        3716   NYS
Titan Machinery Corp               TITN    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Titan Pharm Inc                   TTNP                Drug          2834   NDQ
Titan Technologies Inc             TITT         Environmental       4953   NDQ
Titanium Metals                     TIE    Metals & Mining (Div.)   1000   NYS
TiVo Inc                          TIVO       Entertainment Tech     3663   NDQ
Tix Corporation                   TIXC          Entertainment       7950   NDQ
TJX Companies                       TJX    Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NYS
TLC Vision Corp                   TLCV        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
TN-K Energy Group Inc         TNKY     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
TNS Inc                        TNS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
TNT NV (TP)                  TNTTY           Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Todd Shipyards                 TOD             Maritime          4400   NYS
Tofutti Brands                 TOF         Food Processing       2000   AMS
Toll Brothers                  TOL          Homebuilding         1521   NYS
Tollgrade Communic.           TLGD      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
TomoTherapy Inc               TOMO         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Tompkins Financial Corp        TMP                Bank           6000   AMS
Tootsie Roll Ind.               TR         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Top Image Systems              TISA    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Top Ships Inc                 TOPS             Maritime          4400   NDQ
TOR Minerals International    TORM      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Torchmark Corp.                TMK         Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Toreador Res Corp.            TRGL     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NDQ
Toro Co.                       TTC            Machinery          3500   NYS
Toromont Industries Ltd.     TIH.TO           Machinery          3500   TSE
Toronto-Dominion             TD.TO         Bank (Canadian)       6081   TSE
Torotel Inc                   TTLO        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Torrent Energy Corp.         TRENQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Torstar 'B'                  TSB.TO           Publishing         2700   TSE
Tortoise Capital Resources     TTO      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Torvec Inc                    TOVC            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Total ADR                      TOT     Petroleum (Integrated)    2900   NYS
Total Apparel Group Inc       TLAG              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Total System Svcs.             TSS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
TOUSA Inc.                   TOUSQ          Homebuilding         1521   NDQ
Tower Bancorp Inc             TOBC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Tower Financial Corp          TOFC                Bank           6000   NDQ
Tower Group Inc               TWGP     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
Tower Semiconductor Ltd       TSEM          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Towerstream Corp              TWER              Internet         7370   NDQ
Town Sports Intl Hldgs Inc    CLUB            Recreation         7900   NDQ
TowneBank                     TOWN                Bank           6000   NDQ
Toyota Motor ADR                TM           Auto & Truck        3710   NYS
Toyshare Inc.                 TYHR      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Track Data Corp               TRAC    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Tractor Supply                TSCO     Retail Building Supply    5211   NDQ
TradeStation Group            TRAD    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Trailer Bridge                TRBR             Trucking          4200   NDQ
Trans Lux Corp.                TLX            Electronics        3670   AMS
Trans World Entertain        TWMC       Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Trans-Industries Inc         TRNIQ            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Trans1 Inc.                   TSON         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
TransAct Tech Inc             TACT            Electronics        3670   NDQ
TransAlta Corp.               TA.TO       Canadian Energy        1299   TSE
Transatlantic Hldgs.           TRH           Reinsurance         6399   NYS
Transbiotics Corp             TNSB            Machinery          3500   NDQ
TransCanada Corp.              TRP        Canadian Energy        1299   NYS
Transcat Inc.                      TRNS            Electronics        3670   NDQ
Transcend Services Inc.            TRCR         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Transcept Pharmaceuticals Inc      TSPT                Drug           2834   NDQ
Transcontinental Inc             TCLA.TO            Machinery         3500   TSE
Transcontinental Rlty Inv. Inc      TCI              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
TransDigm Group                     TDG       Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Transfer Technology Intl Corp      TTIN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Transgenomic Inc                   TBIO          Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
TransGlobe Energy                TGL.TO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   TSE
Transition Therapeutics Inc        TTHI                Drug           2834   NDQ
Transmeridian Exploration Inc     TMYEQ     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
TransMontaigne Partners L.P.        TLP       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
TransNet Corp                      TRNT     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Transocean Ltd.                     RIG       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Transtech Inds Inc.                TRTI       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
TranSwitch Corp.                   TXCC          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
TravelCenters of America LLC         TA      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   AMS
Travelers Cos.                      TRV     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Travelstar Inc                     TVLS          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Travelzoo Inc.                     TZOO              Internet         7370   NDQ
TRB Systems International Inc      TRBX            Recreation         7900   NDQ
TRC Cos.                            TRR          Environmental        4953   NYS
Treaty Energy Corp                 TECO     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Tredegar Corp.                       TG      Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Tree Top Industries Inc             TTII             Internet         7370   NDQ Inc                       TREE     Property Management       6510   NDQ
TreeHouse Foods                     THS         Food Processing       2000   NYS
Trend Mining Company              TRDM      Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Trex Co.                           TREX        Building Materials     3200   NYS
Tri City Bankshares Corp           TRCY                Bank           6000   NDQ
Tri Valley Corp                     TIV     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Tri-Continental                      TY         Investment Co.        6730   NYS
Tri-Isthmus Group Inc.             TISG      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Tri-S security Corp                TRIS       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Tri-State 1st Bank Inc             TSOH                Bank           6000   NDQ
Tri-Tech Holding Inc               TRIT          Environmental        4953   NDQ
Triad Guaranty Inc.                TGIC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Trian Acquisition 1 Corp            TUX      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Triangle Petroleum Corp            TPLM     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Trican Well Service Ltd.         TCW.TO       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   TSE
TriCo Bancshares                   TCBK                Bank           6000   NDQ
Trico Marine Services Inc          TRMA       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NDQ
Trident Microsystems               TRID    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
TriMas Corp                         TRS          Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Trimax Corp.                      TMXN               Internet         7370   NDQ
Trimble Nav. Ltd.                  TRMB      Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
TriMedia Entertainment Grp In      TMEG          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Trimedyne Inc.                     TMED        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Trimeris Inc                       TRMS                Drug           2834   NDQ
Trimol Group Inc                 TMOL     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
Trinity Biotech PLC ADR          TRIB        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Trinity Inds.                     TRN       Metal Fabricating      3400   NYS
TrinityCare Senior Living Inc    TCSR        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Trinsic Inc                     TNSIQ       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Trintech Group PLC               TTPA   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Trio Tech Intl                    TRT     Precision Instrument     3800   AMS
Triple Crown Media Inc          TCMIQ     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Triple-S Management Corp          GTS    Healthcare Information    7375   NYS
TriQuint Semic.                  TQNT         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Triumph Group Inc.                TGI      Aerospace/Defense       3720   NYS
Tronox Inc.                     TRXAQ     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NDQ
Trubion Pharmaceuticals Inc      TRBN              Drug            2834   NDQ
True Product ID Inc              TPID           Electronics        3670   NDQ
True Religion Apparel Inc        TRLG             Apparel          2300   NDQ
TrueBlue Inc.                     TBI       Human Resources        7363   NYS
Trump Entertainment Resorts     TRMPQ         Hotel/Gaming         7000   NDQ
TrustCo Bank Corp NY             TRST              Bank            6000   NDQ
Trustmark Corp.                  TRMK              Bank            6000   NDQ
TRW Automotive                   TRW            Auto Parts         3716   NYS
TRX Inc                          TRXI     Information Services     8900   NDQ
Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd      TNP            Maritime          4400   NYS
TSR INC                          TSRI   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
TTI Team Telecom Intl             TTIL      Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
TTM Technologies Inc             TTMI           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Tucows Inc.                       TCX            Internet          7370   AMS
Tuesday Morning Corp             TUES    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Tufco Technologies               TFCO      Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Tupperware Brands                 TUP      Household Products      2840   NYS
Turbodyne Tech Inc               TRBD       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
TurboSonic Technologies Inc      TSTA         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Turnstone Systems Inc            TSTN     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Tutor Perini Corp                 TPC      Industrial Services     7300   NYS
TVA Group Inc                  TVA/B.TO       Entertainment        7950   TSE
TVIA Inc                        TVIAQ         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
tw telecom                       TWTC       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Tweeter Home Entertainment Grp TWTRQ      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Twin Disc Inc.                   TWIN           Machinery          3500   NDQ
Twin Faces East Entertainment    TFAC         Entertainment        7950   NDQ
TXCO Resources Inc              TXCOQ    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
TXP Corp                         TXPO           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Tyco Electronics                  TEL           Electronics        3670   NYS
Tyco Int'l                        TYC         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Tyler Technologies Corp.          TYL         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Tyson Foods 'A'                   TSN        Food Processing       2000   NYS
U S Concrete Inc                 RMIX       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
U S Global Invs Inc             GROW      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
U S Lime & Minerals              USLM       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
U S Microbics Inc                BUGS         Environmental        4953   NDQ
U S Neurosurgical Inc            USNU        Medical Services        8000   NDQ
U.S. Bancorp                      USB         Bank (Midwest)         6001   NYS
U.S. Basketball League Inc       USBL          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
U.S. Cellular                     USM       Telecom. Services        4810   NYS
U.S. Energy Corp.                USEG         Precious Metals        1041   NDQ
U.S. Energy Sys Inc             USEYQ      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NDQ
U.S. Geothermal Inc               HTM               Power            4900   AMS
U.S. Gold Corp                    UXG      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   AMS
U.S. Home Systems Inc            USHS        Building Materials      3200   NDQ
U.S. Physical Therapy            USPH        Medical Services        8000   NDQ
U.S. Shipping Ptnrs L.P.        USSPQ             Maritime           4400   NDQ
U.S. Steel Corp.                    X       Steel (Integrated)       3312   NYS
UAL Corp.                        UAUA           Air Transport        4510   NDQ
Ubics Inc                        UBIX    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
ubroadcast inc                   UBCI              Internet          7370   NDQ
UCBH Hldgs Inc                   UCBH                Bank            6000   NDQ
UCI Med Affiliates Inc           UCIA        Medical Services        8000   NDQ
UDR Inc.                          UDR              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
UFP Technologies Inc             UFPT      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
UGI Corp.                         UGI       Natural Gas Utility      4920   NYS
UIL Holdings                      UIL      Electric Utility (East)   4911   NYS
Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Frag      ULTA      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Ulticom Inc                      ULCM       Telecom. Services        4810   NDQ
Ultimate Software Group Inc      ULTI    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Ultra Clean Holdings Inc         UCTT          Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Ultra Petroleum Corp.             UPL     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Ultralife Corp                   ULBI      Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Ultrapetrol Bahamas Ltd          ULTR             Maritime           4400   NDQ
Ultratech Inc.                   UTEK      Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
ULURU Inc                         ULU                Drug            2834   AMS
UMB Financial Corp.              UMBF                Bank            6000   NDQ
UMC Inc                          UMCN        Medical Services        8000   NDQ
UMH Properties Inc.              UMH           Homebuilding          1521   AMS
Umpqua Holdings Corporation      UMPQ                Bank            6000   NDQ
Under Armour                       UA              Apparel           2300   NYS
Uni-Select Inc.                 UNS.TO           Auto Parts          3716   TSE
Unica Corp                       UNCA    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Unico American Corp.             UNAM     Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Unifi Inc.                        UFI              Apparel           2300   NYS
UniFirst Corp.                    UNF       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Unify Corporation                UNFY    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Unigene Laboratories Inc.        UGNE          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
Unilever NV (NY Shs)               UN         Food Processing        2000   NYS
Unilever PLC ADR                   UL         Food Processing        2000   NYS
Union Bankshares Corp            UBSH                Bank            6000   NDQ
Union Bankshares Inc              UNB                Bank            6000   AMS
Union Drilling Inc.              UDRL       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NDQ
Union National Financial Corp    UNNF                Bank            6000   NDQ
Union Pacific                     UNP              Railroad          4002   NYS
Union Street Acquisition Corp     USQ      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
UniSource Energy                  UNS      Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Unisys Corp.                       UIS    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NYS
Unit Corp.                        UNT     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
United Amer Healthcare Corp.     UAHC         Medical Services       8000   NDQ
United America Indemnity Ltd     INDM     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
United American Corp             UAMA              Internet          7370   NDQ
United Bancorp Inc Ohio          UBCP                Bank            6000   NDQ
United Bancshares Inc/OH         UBOH                Bank            6000   NDQ
United Bkshrs W.Va.               UBSI               Bank            6000   NDQ
United Capital Corp.               AFP         Diversified Co.       9913   AMS
United Community Bancorp         UCBA               Thrift           6120   NDQ
United Community Banks Inc        UCBI               Bank            6000   NDQ
United Community Finl Corp       UCFC               Thrift           6120   NDQ
United Enerrgy Corp              UNRG      Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NDQ
United Financial Bancorp         UBNK               Thrift           6120   NDQ
United Fuel & Energy Crop         UFEN          E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
United Insurance Holdings Corp    UIHC    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NDQ
United Microelectronics Corp      UMC          Semiconductor         3674   NYS
United Natural Foods              UNFI    Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NDQ
United Online                    UNTD              Internet          7370   NDQ
United PanAm Fin Corp             UPFC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
United Parcel Serv.               UPS           Air Transport        4510   NYS
United Refining Energy Corp       URX      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
United Rentals                     URI           Machinery           3500   NYS
United Security Bancshares       UBFO                Bank            6000   NDQ
United Security Bancshares Inc    USBI               Bank            6000   NDQ
United States Antimony Corp      UAMY     Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
United Stationers                USTR      Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NDQ
United Systems Tech Inc          USTG    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
United Technologies               UTX          Diversified Co.       9913   NYS
United Tenn Bankshares Inc       UNTN               Thrift           6120   NDQ
United Therapeutics              UTHR          Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
United Western Bancorp Inc       UWBK      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
United-Guardian Inc.               UG                Drug            2834   AMS
UnitedHealth Group                UNH         Medical Services       8000   NYS
UNITIL Corp.                       UTL     Electric Utility (East)   4911   AMS
Unitrin Inc.                      UTR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Unitronix Corp                   UTRX    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Unity Bancorp Inc                UNTY                Bank            6000   NDQ
Unity Wireless Corporation       UTYW      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Univec Inc                       UNVC        Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Univercell Holdings Inc           UVCL   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Universal American Corp           UAM         Insurance (Life)       6310   NYS
Universal Automotive Inds        UVSLQ           Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Universal Corp.                   UVV              Tobacco           2085   NYS
Universal Detection Technolog    UNDT          Environmental         4953   NDQ
Universal Display Corp            PANL     Electrical Equipment      3600   NDQ
Universal Electronics             UEIC      Entertainment Tech       3663   NDQ
Universal Forest                  UFPI       Building Materials     3200   NDQ
Universal Guardian Holdings      UGHO              Internet         7370   NDQ
Universal Health Realty           UHT              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Universal Health Sv. `B'          UHS         Medical Services      8000   NYS
Universal Ice Blast Inc.          UIBT           Machinery          3500   NDQ
Universal Insurance Hldgs         UVE     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   AMS
Universal Mfg Co                 UFMG            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ
Universal Power Group Inc.        UPG            Electronics        3670   AMS
Universal Security Instruments    UUU       Household Products      2840   AMS
Universal Tech Institute Inc       UTI     Educational Services     8299   NYS
Universal Travel Group            UTA            Recreation         7900   NDQ
Universal Truckload Svcs. Inc.    UACL            Trucking          4200   NDQ
UNIVEST CORP                      UVSP               Bank           6000   NDQ
Unum Group                        UNM         Insurance (Life)      6310   NYS
Unvl Stainless & Alloy Prods      USAP        Steel (General)       3311   NDQ
Uonlive Corporation               UOLI          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Uphonia Inc                      UPHN    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
UPM-Kymmene Oyj                  UPMKY    Paper/Forest Products     2600   NDQ
UQM Technologies Inc.             UQM      Electrical Equipment     3600   AMS
Uranerz Energy Corp               URZ     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
Uranium Energy Corp               UEC     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   AMS
Uranium Resources Inc            URRE     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Uraniumcore Inc                  UCCO     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NDQ
Urban Outfitters                 URBN      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Urigen Pharmaceuticals Inc       URGP                Drug           2834   NDQ
Urologix Inc                      ULGX        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Uroplasty Inc                      UPI        Medical Services      8000   AMS
URS Corp.                         URS       Heavy Construction      1629   NYS
Urstadt Biddle Pptys              UBP              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc     UBA              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
US Airways Group                   LCC          Air Transport       4510   NYS
US Auto Parts Network Inc         PRTS          E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
US Dataworks Inc                  UDW              Internet         7370   AMS
USA Mobility Inc                 USMO      Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
USA Technologies Inc              USAT    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
USA Truck                        USAK             Trucking          4200   NDQ
USA Video Interactive Corp       USVO          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
USANA Health Sciences            USNA                Drug           2834   NDQ
USCorp                           USCS              Internet         7370   NDQ
USEC Inc                          USU     Metals & Mining (Div.)    1000   NYS
USG Corp.                         USG        Building Materials     3200   NYS
USTMAN Liquidating Corp.          USTX         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Utah Medical Prods.              UTMD         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Utd. Fire & Casualty              UFCS    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NDQ
UTG Inc                          UTGN         Insurance (Life)      6310   NDQ
Uti Worldwide Inc                 UTIW          Air Transport       4510   NDQ
UTStarcom Inc.                    UTSI     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Uuniversity Bancorp Inc Mich      UNIB               Bank           6000   NDQ
uVuMobile Inc.                   UVUM        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
V.F. Corp.                         VFC              Apparel            2300   NYS
VAALCO Energy Inc                  EGY     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NYS
Vail Resorts                       MTN           Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
Valassis Communic.                 VCI            Advertising          7310   NYS
Valeant Pharmac.                   VRX                Drug             2834   NYS
Valence Technology                VLNC            Electronics          3670   NDQ
Valero Energy                      VLO     Petroleum (Integrated)      2900   NYS
Valhi Inc.                         VHI          Diversified Co.        9913   NYS
Validian Corporation              VLDI              Internet           7370   NDQ
Validus Holdings Ltd                VR     Insurance (Prop/Cas.)       6330   NYS
Valley Financial Corp /VA/        VYFC                Bank             6000   NDQ
Valley Natl Bancp NJ               VLY                Bank             6000   NYS
Valmont Inds.                      VMI          Diversified Co.        9913   NYS
Valor Energy Corp                 VLEN     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NDQ
Valpey Fisher Corp.                VPF            Electronics          3670   AMS
Valspar Corp.                      VAL      Chemical (Specialty)       2820   NYS
ValueClick Inc.                   VCLK            Advertising          7310   NDQ
ValueRich Inc                      IVA              Internet           7370   AMS
ValueVision Media                 VVTV      Retail (Special Lines)     5600   NDQ
Van Kampen Bond Fund               VBF          Investment Co.         6730   NYS
VanceInfo Technologies Inc         VIT    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NYS
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc         VNDA                Drug             2834   NDQ
Vanguard Natural Resources LLC     VNR     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   AMS
Vantage Drilling Company           VTG     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   AMS
Varian Inc.                       VARI      Precision Instrument       3800   NDQ
Varian Medical Sys.                VAR         Medical Supplies        8060   NYS
Varian Semiconductor              VSEA      Semiconductor Equip        3680   NDQ
Vasamed Inc                       VSMD         Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
VASCO Data Security Intl Inc      VDSI    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Vascular Solutions Inc            VASC         Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Vasomedical Inc                   VASO         Medical Supplies        8060   NDQ
Vaughn Foods Inc                  FOOD         Food Processing         2000   NDQ
VaxGen Inc                        VXGN                Drug             2834   NDQ
VCA Antech                        WOOF         Medical Services        8000   NDQ
VCampus Corporation               VCMP            Publishing           2700   NDQ
Vector Aerospace Corp.           RNO.TO       Industrial Services      7300   TSE
Vector Group Ltd.                  VGR              Tobacco            2085   NYS
Vectren Corp.                      VVC      Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Veeco Instruments                 VECO      Precision Instrument       3800   NDQ
Velan Inc                        VLN.TO           Machinery            3500   TSE
Velocity Express Corp            VEXPQ    Computer Software/Svcs       3579   NDQ
Velocity Portfolio Group Inc      VPGI      Financial Svcs. (Div.)     6100   NDQ
Venoco Inc                          VQ     Petroleum (Producing)       1300   NYS
Ventas Inc                         VTR              R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
Veramark Technologies Inc         VERA       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
VeraSun Energy                   VSUNQ               Power             4900   NDQ
Veraz Networks Inc                VRAZ       Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Verenium Corp                     VRNM      Chemical (Specialty)       2820   NDQ
Veridicom International Inc       VRDI        Aerospace/Defense        3720   NDQ
Veridien Corp                     VRDE         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Verifone Holdings Inc.             PAY   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
Verigy Ltd.                       VRGY     Semiconductor Equip      3680   NDQ
VeriSign Inc.                     VRSN             Internet         7370   NDQ
Verisk Analytics Inc              VRSK       Industrial Services    7300   NDQ
Veritec Inc                       VRTC   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Verizon Communic.                   VZ       Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Vermillion Inc.                  VRMLQ         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Vermont Pure Hldgs Ltd             VPS            Beverage          2080   AMS
Versant Corporation               VSNT   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Versar Inc.                        VSR         Environmental        4953   AMS
VersaTech Inc.                    VRST          Retail Store        5300   NDQ
Verso Paper Corp                   VRS     Paper/Forest Products    2600   NYS
VERSUS TECHNOL                    VSTI           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Vertex Energy Inc                 VTNR    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Vertex Pharmac.                   VRTX         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Vertical Branding inc             VBDG           Advertising        7310   NDQ
Vertical Communications Inc       VRCC   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Vertro Inc                        VTRO             Internet         7370   NDQ
Vestin Realty Mortgage I Inc.     VRTA             R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
Vestin Realty Mortgage II Inc     VRTB             R.E.I.T.         6720   NDQ
VIA NET.WORKS Inc                 VNWI             Internet         7370   NDQ
VIA Pharmaceuticals Inc           VIAP               Drug           2834   NDQ
Viacom Inc. 'B'                  VIA/B         Entertainment        7950   NYS
Viad Corp.                         VVI         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
ViaSat Inc.                       VSAT      Wireless Networking     7380   NDQ
Viaspace Inc                      VSPC           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Vical Inc.                        VICL               Drug           2834   NDQ
Vicon Fiber Optics Corp           VFOX        Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Vicon Inds Inc                     VII           Electronics        3670   AMS
Vicor Corp.                       VICR      Electrical Equipment    3600   NDQ
Video Display Corp.               VIDE           Electronics        3670   NDQ
View Systems Inc                  VSYM   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ Inc                  VCST   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ViewPoint Financial Group         VPFG              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Village Bank & Trust Finl Corp    VBFC               Bank           6000   NDQ
Village Super Market 'A'         VLGEA     Retail/Wholesale Food    5400   NDQ
VillageEDOCS Inc                  VEDO       Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Vimicro International Corp        VIMC         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Vimpel                             VIP       Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Vineyard National Bancorp        VNBCQ               Bank           6000   NDQ
Vion Pharm Inc                    VION               Drug           2834   NDQ
VioQuest Pharmaceuticals Inc      VOQP        Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Virage Logic Corp                 VIRL         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Viral Genetics Inc                VRAL             Internet         7370   NDQ
Virco Mfg Co.                     VIRC    Furn/Home Furnishings     2500   NDQ
Virginia Commerce Bancorp Inc     VCBI               Bank           6000   NDQ
Virginia Heritage Bank            VGBK               Bank           6000   NDQ
Virnetx Holding Corp               VHC     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
ViroPharma Inc                    VPHM               Drug            2834   NDQ
VirTra Systems Inc.               VTSI    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Virtual Radiologic Corporation    VRAD         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
VirtualScopics Inc                VSCP         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Virtus Investment Partners Inc    VRTS      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Virtusa Corp                      VRTU    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
ViryaNet Ltd                     VRYAF             Internet          7370   NDQ
Visa Inc.                            V      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Vishay Intertechnology             VSH            Electronics        3670   NYS
Vision-Sciences Inc.              VSCI         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
VisionChina Media Inc             VISN            Advertising        7310   NDQ
Visiphor Corp.                    VISRF   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
VIST Financial Corporation        VIST               Bank            6000   NDQ
Vista Gold Corp.                   VGZ         Precious Metals       1041   AMS
Vista International Tech          VVIT               Power           4900   NDQ
VistaPrint NV                     VPRT            Publishing         2700   NDQ
Visteon Corp.                    VSTNQ            Auto Parts         3716   NDQ                      VITC           E-Commerce          7372   NDQ
Vital Images Inc                  VTAL         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Vitamin Shoppe Inc                 VSI     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NYS
Vitesse Semiconductor             VTSS          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Vitran Corporation Inc           VTN.TO            Trucking          4200   TSE
Vitro Diagnostics Inc             VODG         Medical Services      8000   NDQ
Vitro S.A.B. de C.V.              VITRY    Packaging & Container     2640   NDQ
Vivus Inc.                        VVUS               Drug            2834   NDQ
VMware Inc.                       VMW     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NYS
VocalTec Comm. Ltd.               VOCL             Internet          7370   NDQ
Vocus Inc                         VOCS    Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Vodafone Group ADR                 VOD        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Voice Mobility International I     VMII   Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Volcano Corp.                     VOLC         Medical Supplies      8060   NDQ
Volcom Inc.                       VLCM              Apparel          2300   NDQ
Volt Info. Sciences                VOL        Human Resources        7363   NYS
Voltaire Ltd                      VOLT     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Volterra Semiconductor Corp       VLTR          Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Vonage Holdings                     VG        Telecom. Services      4810   NYS
Vornado R'lty Trust                VNO              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Voxware Inc                      VOXW     Computer Software/Svcs     3579   NDQ
Voyager Learning Company          VLCY      Information Services     8900   NDQ
Voyant International Corp        VOYTE      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
VPGI Corp.                        VPGC      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
VSB Bancorp                       VSBN               Bank            6000   NDQ
VSE Corp.                         VSEC       Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
VTEX Energy Inc                   VXEN     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Vubotics Inc                      VBTC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Vulcan Int'l Corp                 VULC          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
Vulcan Materials                   VMC        Building Materials     3200   NYS
VYTA Corp                         VYTC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
W Holding Company Inc.             WHI               Bank            6000   NYS
W Technologies Inc              WTCG          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
W.P. Carey & Co. LLC             WPC     Property Management       6510   NYS
W.P. Stewart & Co Ltd           WPSLF     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
W.R. Grace & Co.                 GRA     Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NYS
W&T Offshore Inc                 WTI     Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NYS
Wabash National                  WNC           Auto & Truck        3710   NYS
WABCO Hldgs.                     WBC            Auto Parts         3716   NYS
Wabtec Corp.                     WAB            Machinery          3500   NYS
Waccamaw Bankshares Inc.        WBNK               Bank            6000   NDQ
Waddell & Reed Finl 'A'          WDR      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NYS
Wafer-Gen Bio-systems Inc       WGBS               Drug            2834   NDQ
Wainwright Bank & Trust Co.      WAIN              Bank            6000   NDQ
Wake Forest Bancshares Inc       WAKE              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Wal-Mart Stores                  WMT           Retail Store        5300   NYS
Walgreen Co.                     WAG       Pharmacy Services       5910   NYS
Walker Financial Corp            WLKF     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Wall Financial Corp.            WFC.TO        Homebuilding         1521   TSE
Walter Energy                    WLT               Coal            1220   NYS
Walter Investment Management     WAC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   AMS
Warnaco Group                    WRC              Apparel          2300   NYS
Warner Chilcott plc             WCRX               Drug            2834   NDQ
Warner Music Group               WMG          Entertainment        7950   NYS
Warren Resources Inc             WRES    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   NDQ
Warwick Valley Tel Co           WWVY        Telecom. Services      4810   NDQ
Washington Bkg Co Oak Hbr Wa    WBCO               Bank            6000   NDQ
Washington Federal               WFSL              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Washington Post                  WPO            Newspaper          2710   NYS
Washington R.E.I.T.              WRE              R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
Washington Trst Bncp            WASH               Bank            6000   NDQ
Waste Connections                WCN         Environmental         4953   NYS
Waste Management                  WM         Environmental         4953   NYS
Waste Services Inc.              WSII        Environmental         4953   NDQ
WaterFurnace Renewable Energy   WFI.TO          Machinery          3500   TSE
Waterlink Inc                   WLKNQ        Environmental         4953   NDQ
Waters Corp.                     WAT      Precision Instrument     3800   NYS
Waterside Capital               WSCC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Waterstone Financial Inc         WSBF              Thrift          6120   NDQ
Watsco Inc.                      WSO     Retail Building Supply    5211   NYS
Watson Pharmac.                   WPI              Drug            2834   NYS
Watson Wyatt                      WW       Industrial Services     7300   NYS
Watts Water Techn.               WTS            Machinery          3500   NYS
Wausau Paper                     WPP     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
Wave Systems 'A'                WAVX     Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Wavelit Inc.                     WAVL            Internet          7370   NDQ
Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc    WAYN               Thrift          6120   NDQ
Wayside Technology Group        WSTG      Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Waytronx Inc                    WYNX            Electronics        3670   NDQ
WCA Waste Corp                  WCAA         Environmental         4953   NDQ
WCI Communities Inc             WCIMQ             R.E.I.T.         6720   NYS
WD-40 Co.                         WDFC       Household Products       2840   NDQ
Weatherford Int'l                 WFT        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Web Press Corp.                   WEBP             Machinery          3500   NDQ Group Inc                WWWW     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Webco Inds Inc                    WEBC         Steel (General)        3311   NDQ
WebMD Health                     WBMD      Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
WebMediaBrands Inc.              WEBM       Information Services      8900   NDQ
Websense Inc.                     WBSN           E-Commerce           7372   NDQ
Webster City Fed Bancorp          WCFB               Thrift           6120   NDQ
Webster Fin'l                     WBS                 Bank            6000   NYS
Wegener Corp.                    WGNR       Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Weight Watchers                   WTW       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Weingarten Realty                  WRI              R.E.I.T.          6720   NYS
Weirton Steel                    WRTLQ        Steel (Integrated)      3312   NDQ
Weis Markets                      WMK      Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   NYS
WellCare Health Plans Inc         WCG          Medical Services       8000   NYS
WellPoint Inc.                    WLP          Medical Services       8000   NYS
WellQuest Medical & Wellness      WEQL         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Wells Fargo                       WFC                 Bank            6000   NYS
Wells Financial Corp              WEFP                Bank            6000   NDQ
Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp    WGA             Electronics         3670   AMS
Wellstone Filter Sciences Inc     WFSN              Tobacco           2085   NDQ
Wendy's/Arby's Group              WEN             Restaurant          5812   NYS
Werner Enterprises                WERN              Trucking          4200   NDQ
WesBanco                          WSBC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Wescast Industries Inc           WCSTF            Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Wesco Financial Corp.             WSC           Diversified Co.       9913   AMS
WESCO Int'l                       WCC       Electrical Equipment      3600   NYS
West Coast Bancorp               WCBO                 Bank            6000   NDQ
West Fraser Timber Co.           WFT.TO    Paper/Forest Products      2600   TSE
West Marine                      WMAR       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
West Pharmac. Svcs.               WST          Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Westaim Corp                     WED.TO         Diversified Co.       9913   TSE
Westamerica Bancorp               WABC                Bank            6000   NDQ
Westar Energy                      WR      Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
Westell Techn. 'A'                WSTL             Cable TV           4840   NDQ
Western Alliance Bancorp          WAL                 Bank            6000   NYS
Western Digital                   WDC      Computers/Peripherals      3573   NYS
Western Forest Products Inc      WEF.TO    Paper/Forest Products      2600   TSE
Western Gas Partners LP           WES        Oilfield Svcs/Equip.     3533   NYS
Western Liberty Bancorp           WLBC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Western Pwr & Equip Corp          WPEC       Industrial Services      7300   NDQ
Western Refining Inc              WNR      Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Western Union                      WU       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Westfield Financial Inc           WFD                Thrift           6120   NDQ
WestJet Airlines Ltd.            WJA.TO          Air Transport        4510   TSE
Westlake Chemical                 WLK       Chemical (Specialty)      2820   NYS
Westmoreland Coal Co.             WLB                 Coal            1220   AMS
Weston (George)                  WN.TO     Retail/Wholesale Food      5400   TSE
Westpoint Stevens              WSPTQ   Furn/Home Furnishings      2500   NDQ
Weststar Financial Services Co WFSC               Bank            6000   NDQ
Westwood Holdings Group Inc     WHG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Westwood One                   WWON          Entertainment        7950   NDQ
Wet Seal `A'                   WTSLA    Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Weyco Group                    WEYS               Shoe            3140   NDQ
Weyerhaeuser Co.                 WY     Paper/Forest Products     2600   NYS
WGL Holdings Inc.               WGL       Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
WGNB Corp                      WGNB               Bank            6000   NDQ
Whirlpool Corp.                 WHR             Machinery         3500   NYS
White Electronic Designs Corp  WEDC            Electronics        3670   NDQ
White Mtns Ins Group Ltd        WTM     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
White River Capital Inc          RVR    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   AMS
Whiting Petroleum Corp           WLL   Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NYS
Whitney Holding                WTNY               Bank            6000   NDQ
Whole Foods Market              WFMI    Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
WHX Corp                       WXCO          Diversified Co.      9913   NDQ
WHY USA Financial Group        WUFG     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Wi-Tron Inc                    WTRO         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
WidePoint Corporation           WYY   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   AMS
Wilber Corp                     GIW               Bank            6000   AMS
Wiley (John) & Sons             JW/A            Publishing        2700   NYS
Wilhelmina International Corp  WHLM       Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Willamette Vy Vineyards Inc     WVVI            Beverage          2080   NDQ
Willbros Group Inc               WG       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Willdan Group Inc.             WLDN       Human Resources         7363   NDQ
Williams Coal Sm Gs             WTU       Natural Gas (Div.)      4929   NYS
Williams Controls Inc          WMCO      Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
Williams Cos.                   WMB      Oil/Gas Distribution     4610   NYS
Williams Industries Inc.       WMSI             Machinery         3500   NDQ
Williams Partners LP            WPZ       Natural Gas Utility     4920   NYS
Williams Pipeline Partners LP   WMZ       Oilfield Svcs/Equip.    3533   NYS
Williams-Sonoma                 WSM     Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Willis Group Holdings Ltd       WSH     Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Willis Lease Finance            WLFC          Air Transport       4510   NDQ
Wilmington Capital Management WCM/A.TO Electric Util. (Central)   4911   TSE
Wilmington Trust                 WL               Bank            6000   NYS
Wilshire Bancorp Inc            WIBC              Bank            6000   NDQ
Wilshire Enterprises            WOC          Diversified Co.      9913   AMS
Wind Energy America Inc        WNEAE           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Windstream Corp.                 WIN      Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Windswept Environmental Group   WEGI         Environmental        4953   NDQ
Winland Electronics             WEX      Precision Instrument     3800   AMS
Winmark Corp                   WINA     Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Winmax Trading Group Inc.      WNMX    Metals & Mining (Div.)     1000   NDQ
Winmill & Co Inc               WNMLA    Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Winn-Dixie Stores              WINN     Retail/Wholesale Food     5400   NDQ
Winnebago                       WGO       Manuf. Housing/RV       3792   NYS
Winner Medical Group Inc       WWIN        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Winpak Ltd.                      WPK.TO    Packaging & Container      2640   TSE
Winsonic Digital Media Group     WDMG              Internet           7370   NDQ
Winthrop Realty Trust             FUR              R.E.I.T.           6720   NYS
Wintrust Financial                WTFC               Bank             6000   NDQ
Wipro Limited                     WIT     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NYS
Wireless Age Communications       WLSA      Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Wireless Data Solutions Inc       WDSL      Wireless Networking       7380   NDQ
Wireless Ronin Tech Inc           RNIN    Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Wireless Telecom.                 WTT       Wireless Networking       7380   AMS
Wireless Xcessories Group         WIRX      Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Wisconsin Energy                  WEC      Electric Util. (Central)   4911   NYS
WisdomTree Investments Inc       WSDT       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Wizzard Software Corp             WZE     Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
WMS Industries                    WMS           Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
WNS Holdings Limited              WNS        Industrial Services      7300   NYS
Wolverine Tube Inc                WLVT        Metal Fabricating       3400   NDQ
Wolverine World Wide              WWW                Shoe             3140   NYS
Women First HealthCare Inc       WFHCQ     Healthcare Information     7375   NDQ
Womens Golf Unlimited Inc         WGLF            Recreation          7900   NDQ
Wonder Auto Technology Inc       WATG             Auto Parts          3716   NDQ
Woodbridge Holdings Corp         WDGH           Homebuilding          1521   NYS
Woodside Petroleum Ltd.          WOPEY     Petroleum (Producing)      1300   NDQ
Woodward Governor                WGOV       Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
Workstream Inc                   WSTM         Human Resources         7363   NDQ
World Acceptance                  WRLD      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
World Fuel Services                INT       Industrial Services      7300   NYS
World Gaming plc                 WGMGY          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
World Health Alternatives Inc    WHAIQ        Human Resources         7363   NDQ
World Racing Group Inc            WRGI            Recreation          7900   NDQ
World Wrestling Ent.              WWE           Entertainment         7950   NYS
WorldGate Communications Inc     WGAT              Internet           7370   NDQ
WorldSpace Inc                   WRSPQ          Entertainment         7950   NDQ
WorldStar Energy Corp             WSTR             Internet           7370   NDQ
Worldwide Energy & Manu. USA     WEMU           Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Worthington Inds.                 WOR          Steel (General)        3311   NYS
Wound Management Tech. Inc       WNDM          Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
WPCS International Inc            WPCS             Internet           7370   NDQ
WPP PLC ADR                      WPPGY           Advertising          7310   NDQ
WQN Inc                           WQNI        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
Wright Express                    WXS       Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NYS
Wright Medical                    WMGI         Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
WSB Financial Group Inc.         WSFGQ               Bank             6000   NDQ
WSB Holdings Inc                  WSB               Thrift            6120   NDQ
WSFS Finl Corp                    WSFS              Thrift            6120   NDQ
WSI Inds Inc                      WSCI            Machinery           3500   NDQ
Wuhan General Group China Inc.   WUHN             Machinery           3500   NDQ
WuXi PharmaTech Cayman Inc         WX           Biotechnology         2830   NYS
WVS Financial Corp                WVFC              Thrift            6120   NDQ
WWA Group Inc                    WWAG       Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
Wyndham Worldwide                WYN          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NYS
Wyndstorm Corp                  WYND     Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Wynn Resorts                    WYNN          Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
X-Change Corp                   XCHC      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
X-Rite                           XRIT     Precision Instrument      3800   NDQ
XATA Corp                        XATA           Electronics         3670   NDQ
Xcel Energy Inc.                  XEL     Electric Utility (West)   4913   NYS
Xcorporeal Inc                   XCRP            Internet           7370   NDQ
XELR8 Holdings Inc               XELR        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Xenonics Holdings Inc            XNN      Electrical Equipment      3600   AMS
XenoPort Inc.                    XNPT              Drug             2834   NDQ
Xerium Techn.                    XRM            Machinery           3500   NYS
Xerox Corp.                       XRX     Office Equip/Supplies     3570   NYS
XETA Corp.                       XETA     Telecom. Equipment        4811   NDQ
Xfone Inc.                        XFN       Telecom. Services       4810   AMS
XFormity Technologies Inc        XFMY            Internet           7370   NDQ
Xilinx Inc.                      XLNX         Semiconductor         3674   NDQ
Xinhua China Ltd                XHUA         Precious Metals        1041   NDQ
Xinhua Sports & Entertainment    XSEL         Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Xinyuan Real Estate Company       XIN         Homebuilding          1521   NYS
XL Capital Ltd.                    XL    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)      6330   NYS
XO Communications Inc.          XOHO        Telecom. Services       4810   NDQ
XOMA Ltd                        XOMA               Drug             2834   NDQ
Xponential Inc.                  XPOI     Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NDQ
XTENT Inc                        XTNT        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Xtl Biopharmaceuticals Ltd      XTLBY              Drug             2834   NDQ
XTO Energy                        XTO       Natural Gas (Div.)      4929   NYS
Xynergy Holdings Inc            XYNH          Diversified Co.       9913   NDQ
Xyratex Ltd                      XRTX    Computers/Peripherals      3573   NDQ
Yadkin Valley Financial Corp     YAVY              Bank             6000   NDQ
Yahoo! Inc.                     YHOO             Internet           7370   NDQ
Yamana Gold Inc                   AUY        Precious Metals        1041   NYS
Yanglin Soybean Inc.             YSYB        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
YM Biosciences Inc                YMI              Drug             2834   AMS
Yocream Intl Inc                YOCM         Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Yongye International Inc         YGII         Biotechnology         2830   NDQ
York Water Co                   YORW           Water Utility        4941   NDQ                       UBET         Hotel/Gaming          7000   NDQ
Young Broadcasting Inc          YBTVQ         Entertainment         7950   NDQ
Young Innovations                YDNT        Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
YRC Worldwide                   YRCW             Trucking           4200   NDQ
YTB Intl Inc                    YTBLA           Recreation          7900   NDQ
Yucheng Technologies Ltd         YTEC   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
Yuhe International Inc           YUII        Food Processing        2000   NDQ
Yum! Brands                      YUM            Restaurant          5812   NYS
Z-Trim Holdings Inc             ZTHO      Financial Svcs. (Div.)    6100   NDQ
Zagg Inc                        ZAGG            Electronics         3670   NDQ
Zale Corp.                        ZLC     Retail (Special Lines)    5600   NYS
Zanett Inc                       ZANE   Computer Software/Svcs      3579   NDQ
ZAP.COM Corp.              ZPCM            Internet          7370   NDQ
Zapata Corp.                ZAP         Diversified Co.      9913   NYS
Zareba Systems Inc         ZRBA     Electrical Equipment     3600   NDQ
ZBB Energy Corp             ZBB           Electronics        3670   AMS
Zebra Techn. 'A'           ZBRA     Wireless Networking      7380   NDQ
Zen Holdings Corporation   ZNHL     Securities Brokerage     6210   NDQ
Zenith Nat'l Ins            ZNT    Insurance (Prop/Cas.)     6330   NYS
Zep Inc.                    ZEP     Chemical (Specialty)     2820   NYS
Zhone Technologies Inc     ZHNE    Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
Zhongpin Inc               HOGS        Food Processing       2000   NYS
Ziegler Companies Inc.     ZGCO     Financial Svcs. (Div.)   6100   NDQ
Zilog Inc. (New)           ZILG         Semiconductor        3674   NDQ
Zimmer Holdings             ZMH       Medical Supplies       8060   NYS
Zion Oil & Gas Inc           ZN    Petroleum (Producing)     1300   AMS
Zions Bancorp.             ZION              Bank            6000   NDQ
ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc      ZIOP              Drug            2834   NDQ
ZipRealty Inc               ZIPR     Industrial Services     7300   NDQ
Zix Corp                    ZIXI   Computers/Peripherals     3573   NDQ
ZOLL Medical               ZOLL       Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
Zoltek Cos.                ZOLT    Chemical (Diversified)    2813   NDQ
Zoom Technologies          ZOOM     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Zoran Corp.                ZRAN      Entertainment Tech      3663   NDQ
ZST Digital Networks Inc   ZSTN     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Zumiez Inc.                ZUMZ     Retail (Special Lines)   5600   NDQ
Zunicom Inc                ZNCM     Telecom. Equipment       4811   NDQ
Zupintra Corporation       ZUPC            Internet          7370   NDQ
ZVUE Corp                  ZVUE           Electronics        3670   NDQ
Zygo Corp.                 ZIGO     Precision Instrument     3800   NDQ
ZymoGenetics Inc           ZGEN         Biotechnology        2830   NDQ
Zynex Inc                   ZYXI      Medical Supplies       8060   NDQ
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