How to Start Communicating With a Guy You Like - 5 Ways You Can Do It by sarahnichol


									How to Start Communicating With a Guy You Like - 5 Ways You Can Do It

Communication is vital in every relationship. If it is not, then we'll probably not be given
the chance to talk! The main problem is that everyone knows the essence of constant
communication and there are instances when a person may find it hard to communicate to
others especially when there is a special feeling involved. If ever you see yourself having
this same kind of problem then worry no more because this article will unveil the process
which you can do so you will know how to start communicating with a guy you like.

1. Build up your confidence. It is likely that you find it hard to think of a word to say
because you feel that the man will find you funny for talking to him despite the fact that
both of you don't know each other. This is the moment not to think about what other
people will tell you. This is the time to think about yourself. Worry not about what he is
going to say next because you should worry more if the person you love was able to find
someone new simply because you've failed to tell him about your real emotion. Gain
confidence by perking up your looks so you can become more desirable into his eyes.

2. Practice your dialogue. Actresses would practice their script in order to limit the
room for mistake. Because of this, it may help if you can practice the words that you are
going to say with the guy you desire to have.

3. Do not dig too deep about him. In the process of how to start communicating with a
guy you like, you must begin by thinking about a topic that he will feel comfortable
about. In view of this, get away from asking extremely personal issues like family matters
and office issues. By being careful with your words, this will further allow him to realize
that you are the kind of person who is informed enough not to discuss topics which may
hurt his feelings.

4. Allow him to talk. Since you are the one who had started the conversation, be sure to
give your partner questions that he can answer with ease. Ask whether what kind of breed
he is keeping for a pet, etc. Do not own the conversation because you may want to dig
some truth about him as well.

5. Be interesting and be careful with the topic you discuss with him. It is funny how
some women will shift into the topic of sex without thinking first about the man they are
talking with. It is important that you try to become very sensitive with the topic so you
don't end up being hated by the person who you love to be with. Generic topics like
getting-to-know, world issues, news, etc-are some of the choices to go for.

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