Goals and Objectives for 2008

    1. Publish a 2007 Annual Report of the District’s program accomplishments.

    2. Use newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, and web pages to educate the public and agency
       officials of Conservation District programs. Actively involve the County Commissioner’s
       media office for information dissemination.

    3. Work together with the Lackawanna County Commissioners, State and Federal
       Legislators, and Resource Conservation Agencies to coordinate current projects and
       programs in the County.

    4. Publicize local and national conservation events.

    5. Distribute materials that explain District operations and the role of Conservation
       Districts. Maintain current PowerPoint presentations showing current conservation

    6. Partner and cooperate with local governments, civic groups, landowners, and
       environmental organizations in conservation efforts. (i.e., Conservation Alliance)

    7. Distribute conservation fact sheets, pamphlets, and web information to farmers,
       landowners, developers, and earthmovers.

                                  DISTRICT OPERATIONS

    1. Encourage District Directors and staff to participate in training workshops and
       conferences for the improvement of the District operations and the skills of the staff.
       Explore using individual development plans (IDP) for District staff capacity building.

    2. Support the conservation objectives of the Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation &
       Development (RC&D) Council.

    3. Work with planning agencies, municipalities, and informed citizens to keep abreast of
       issues in resource conservation.

    4. Work to obtain an official MOU between the County Commissioners and the District.
       Develop a Conservation District annual and long range plan.

    5. Conduct a Spring Tree Seedling Sale.

    6. Review priorities, and plans of operations with the Natural Resource Conservation

    7. Maintain a centralized Natural Resource Center for County Agricultural and
       Conservation Agencies.

Goals and Objectives                            1
    8. Provide a conservation rental seeder and planter for Lackawanna’s Cooperators.

    9. Provide office and administrative support for Lackawanna’s Farmland Preservation

    10. Share in the employment of an education technician at the Water Resource Center.

    11. Develop District capacity to capture data and develop computerized reporting, time and
        expense analysis. Participate with Lackawanna County GIS mapping projects.

    12. Sponsor a Regional Chesapeake Bay Engineering Assistant Position in the Lackawanna
        County Conservation District.

    13. Assess staffing needs of the Lackawanna Conservation District.

    14. Participate with Lackawanna County Commissioners 2008 property tax re-assessment.

                                   WATER RESOURCES

    1. Implement a Chesapeake Bay Program in Lackawanna County. Update the “Bay
       Tributary Strategy” for Lackawanna County. Seek new funding sources for ongoing
       nutrient management assistance to landowners.

    2. Administer the NPDES Permit Program for stormwater discharge on earthmoving

    3. Encourage and participate in the reclamation of abandoned mine watersheds.

    4. Support the Lackawanna County Regional Planning Commission efforts to protect water
       resources through planning techniques.

    5. Provide wetland maps and soils data upon request. Refer requests for delineations to the
       PA DEP, US Army Corp of Engineers, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and private

    6. Explore and support new methods of water quality improvement for agricultural
       wastewater, acid mine drainage, and urban stormwater treatment.

    7. Assist with local composting projects that convert organic and farm wastes into beneficial
       soil enhancing products.

    8. Implement stream bank fencing and riparian tree planting projects.

    9. Participate with Lake Lackawanna, Watershed 2000, US Fish and Wildlife Service,
       Growing Greener and other watershed restoration projects. Provide lake and pond
       management assistance to County residents

Goals and Objectives                           2
    10. Increase groundwater protection awareness through education programs.

    11. Assist new and existing watershed groups with conservation assistance.

                                     LAND RESOURCES

    1. Assist farmers and landowners in the planning and funding of Conservation and Nutrient
       Management Plans. Support the installation of Best Management Practices.

    2. Continue to reclaim abandoned mine lands through cooperation with state and federal

    3. Support innovative methods to reclaim mine land and former industrial sites.

    4. Provide planners, developers, farmers, and others with the Lackawanna County Soil
       Survey Report to help plan the use of the land according to its soils limitation.
       Coordinate efforts to utilize the digital soil survey for Lackawanna County.

    5. Encourage forest stewardship practices and support programs that make better use of
       forest resources. Encourage urban/community forestry programs. Support the Wayne
       Lackawanna Forest Landowners Association.

    6. Assist in the formation of Agricultural Security Areas, and support the Agricultural Land
       Preservation. Seek digital mapping to document easements.

    7. Disseminate information and assistance for open space planning and land conservation.

    8. Monitor and promote the conservation of former PG&W Watershed Lands.

                          EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL

    1. Encourage all landowners to develop an Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan for
       their earthmoving activities. The District will inspect earthmoving sites for the proper
       use of erosion controls. Review Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans for
       municipal governments per Level II delegation agreement with the Department of
       Environmental Protection. Collect plan review fees to support the District E&S Program.

    2. Maintain an inventory of critical erosion areas and work to solve them.

    3. Conduct technical workshops for groups involved in engineering, earthmoving, and

    4. Administer the “Dirt and Gravel Road Program” and work more closely with municipal
       sponsors to improve quality of overall projects.

                                EDUCATION AND YOUTH

    1. Maintain an index of educational materials and resources available from the District

    2. Participate with teachers, schools, scouts, and civic groups to educate about the
       Conservation of Natural Resources.

Goals and Objectives                            3
    3. Sponsor Envirothon, Planting Projects, Woodland Resource Adventure Camp.

    4. Sponsor students to Environmental Camps, Woodland Resources Adventure, and
       Leadership Schools. The Board will review Scholarship or Grants requested by teachers,
       interns, and schools, for the purpose of expanding Conservation Education.

    5. Enhance Conservation Education for students, teachers, and citizens using the programs
       developed through the Water Resource Center.

    6. Work with other natural resource partners in providing Environmental Education
       Programs, i.e. Environmental Forum.

    7. Develop and utilize internship and work-study programs in cooperation with local
       colleges and universities. Use opportunities within the Earth Team National
       Conservation Volunteer Program.


    1. Meet with local, state, and federal representatives to discuss programs impacting the
       Conservation Districts.

    2. District Directors and staff will meet with cooperating agencies and support
       organizations to keep abreast of the latest conservation issues.

    3. Participate with the Eastern PA Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation.

    4. Continue to support PA and National Conservation District Associations by attending
       Council Meetings and serving on committees.

    5. We will be receptive to information on Conservation Programs provided by National
       Conservation Associations and District Directors from other areas allowing us to better
       serve the needs of Lackawanna County.

    6. Advise the Lackawanna County Commissioners of the District’s current projects and

Goals and Objectives                           4

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