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									                       Jared Underwood
                                346 E Ivy St
                           Mesa, Arizona 85201
                            (480) 773-9012 (H)
                     E-mail: jared.underwood@asu.edu

                Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
                PhD Biology (Current, ABD)
                Grade Point Average: 4.0

                Brigham Young University, Provo UT
                B.S. Conservation Biology: Wildlife Biology Emphasis (2001)
                Grade-Point Average: 3.94 Graduated Magna Cum Laude

                Brigham Young University, Provo UT
                M.S. Zoology (December 2003)
                Grade-Point Average: 4.0


                Statewide Conservation Coordinator: Small Mammals. Arizona
                Conservation Coordinator/Leader: July 2005- Present
                State coordinator for all small mammal conservation, monitoring, inventory and
                research activities.
                      Develop and implement statewide monitoring and inventory plans
                      Make recommendations on federal and state projects that impact
                      Review and assist in writing biological and environmental assessments,
                         conservation agreements and strategies, and recovery plans.
                      Plan and conduct surveys for listed, candidate, and priority species, in
                         cooperation with other Federal and state agency personnel, private
                         organization representatives, and contractors
                      Serve as Arizona representative on National Prairie Dog Conservation
                      Identification of areas important for the protection of mammals
                      Deliver presentations on the Department’s policies and projects,
                         natural history, and other environmental topics to other agencies and
                         the public
                      Develop and monitor budgets
                      Supervise volunteers and staff in completion of projects
                      Work with diverse federal, state, and local groups to implement
                      Prepare written correspondence, reports and papers for publication
                         based on the literature, observations made, and investigations

                California Sea Lion Behavior Research Project, Gulf of California, Mexico
                Research Team Coordinator/Leader: May 2004- July 2005
                Team Leader for one of three teams working throughout the Gulf of California
                studying sea lion behavior on various islands
                     Collecting data on behavior at sea lion rookeries
                     Collecting tissue samples for genetic analysis
                        Work on remote island locations in the Sea of Cortez under extreme
                        Capture and tagging of sea lion pups
                        Coordinate all aspects of logistics including: budgets, training and
                        Supervise and train volunteers and staff in completion of projects
                        Write peer-reviewed journal articles and reports
                        Give presentations at professional society meetings

                 Northern Goshawk Research Project, BYU, UT
                 Research Team Coordinator/Leader: December 2001- December 2003
                 Contracted by Forest Service’s, Wildlife and Rare Plant Program to complete a
                 project studying the ecology and migration of Northern Goshawks (Accipiter
                 gentilis) throughout the state of Utah.
                      Trapping adult goshawks at the nest site
                      Collecting standard body measurements of birds
                      Develop and monitor budgets
                      Supervise volunteers and staff in completion of projects
                      Work with diverse federal, state, and local groups to implement
                      Collecting field data on various habitat attributes in areas the goshawks
                      Developing a goshawk winter habitat synopsis
                      Presenting findings at scholarly and lay meetings, publishing results in
                           peer reviewed journals


                 Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Springville UT
                 Endangered Wildlife Technician: April 2004- May 2004
                      Trapping of endangered June sucker using hand nets and set nets
                      Collecting standard body measurements, inserting PIT tags
                      Collecting bone clippings for genetic analysis
                      Spawning of fish for creation of family lots
                      Helping with release of captive bred individuals

                 Uinta National Forest, Spanish Fork, UT
                 Wildlife Technician: April 2001-December 2001
                      Performing a forest-wide goshawk nest survey
                      Collecting location information on all known goshawk nests in order to
                          create a GIS database
                      Accomplishing a forest-wide Lynx presence/absence survey
                      Building and maintaining various wildlife improvements such as
                          guzzlers and enclosures
                      Conducting planting projects to improve habitat
                      Performing NEPA surveys and writing corresponding reports

                 Uinta National Forest, Spanish Fork, UT
                 Forestry Technician: May 2000- December 2000
                      Trail, fence, and building maintenance projects
                      Wildlife projects such as surveying for goshawks
                      Directed large groups of volunteers in service projects
                      Revegetation and habitat rehabilitation projects
                      Deliver presentations to local school and boy scout groups
                          Identify and develop projects for volunteer involvement


                 Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
                 Lab Instructor: August 2004- Present
                      Lead inquiry based lab in Introductory biology for non-majors
                      Design weekly homework and quizzes

                 Mesa Community College, Mesa AZ
                 Adjunct Faculty: August 2004- May 2005
                 Life Science Department
                       Develop a three credit hour class in Introductory Biology for majors
                       Teach Introductory Biology lab and lecture classes to majors

                 Utah Valley State College, Orem UT
                 Adjunct Faculty: August 2003- May 2004
                 Biology Department
                      Develop a 3 credit hour class in Introductory Biology for non-majors
                      Teach Introductory Biology lecture classes to non-majors

                 Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
                 Lab Teaching Assistant: September 2002- December 2003
                      Teach Animal Diversity Class
                      Prepare short lecture on animal Phylum of the week
                      Instruct students in dissection of specimens
                      Create and administer a quiz for each lab session

                          Certificate of Merit, Arizona Game and Fish (2006)
                          Arizona State University Graduate College 4-year summer research
                           fellowship (2004)
                          National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention
                          American Ornithological Union Student Membership Award (2003)
                          Student Travel Grant Society of Conservation Biology (2003)
                          Julia Greenwell Award: For graduate biology majors (2002)

                          Natural Areas Program Advisory Committee (Arizona State Parks):
                           Committee evaluates and recommends natural areas for potential
                           acquisition and provides management plan review for State Parks
                          Reviewer for the Journal of Conservation Biology (2006-Present)
                          Reviewer for Studies in Avian biology (2005)

                 Both Spanish and English are spoken and written fluently.
                 Invited Presentations
                 Oral Presentation: The Big Picture about Small Mammals in Arizona
                 Estrella Mountain Community College Wildlife Speaker Series, January 2006

                 Oral Presentation: Compromise: The Real Story of Species Conservation
                 Arizona State Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology, April 2006

                 Professional Society Presentations
                 Poster Presentation: Winter Habitat and Differential Migration of Northern
                 Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis)
                 Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology June 2003

                 Oral Presentation: An analysis of Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)
                 Wintering Areas
                 Annual Meeting of the Society for Raptor Research, September 2003

                 Oral Presentation: Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) Wintering Areas and
                 Movement. Utah Wildlife Society Meeting, February 2004

                 Oral Presentation: Using sea lion entanglement rates help to identify sustainable
                 fishing rates in the Gulf of California.
                 Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology June 2006


                 Underwood, J., C.M. White, and R.L. Rodriguez. 2006. Winter Movement and
                 Habitat Use of Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis) Breeding in Utah.
                 Studies in Avian Biology 31:230-239

                 Deviche, P., K.J. McGraw, and J. Underwood. (Accepted 2006). Season-, Sex-,
                 and age-specific accumulations of plasma carotenoid pigments in free-ranging
                 White-winged crossbills (Loxia leucoptera). Functional Ecology

                 Underwood, J., C.J. Hernandez-Camacho, D. Aurioles-Gamboa, and L.R.
                 Gerber. (Accepted 2007) Using sea lion entanglement rates help to identify
                 sustainable fishing rates in the Gulf of California.


                 Underwood, J. 2006. Small Mammal Conservation Plan. Nongame and
                 Endangered Wildlife Program. Arizona Game and Fish Department, Phoenix,
                 AZ. 80 pp.

                 Underwood, J . 2007 Interagency Management Plan for Gunnison’s Prairie Dogs
                 in Arizona. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program. Arizona Game and
                 Fish Department, Phoenix, AZ. 49pp.


                 Underwood, J. 2007. White-throated Woodrat. Arizona Wildlife Views
                 January-February 2007:16.


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