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					Nuclear power

By, Brandi-Lee Getson
Nuclear power is:

 People think that the energy comes from
  nuclear reactors in the plants.
 But nuclear power is made up of atoms.
 Fissile material makes a reaction chain
  and creates heat.
 The heat is used to boil water and make
Nuclear power was invented
 It wasn’t invented.
 It’s part of nature
 It was found by a scientist in 1930’s.
 It was originally invented to make bombs
  and then for generating electricity.
Nuclear energy waste:

 Theirs a million tons of waste.
 Theirs a thousand tons of waste around
 This is caused by the make of nuclear
  energy and nuclear bombs.
 People are worried about this.
Nuclear power is used
 Nuclear energy is known to be quite
  damage to living cells.
 Billions of microscopic explosions occur
  every second.
Nuclear power is cared for by:

 Radioactive materials are added to the
  air, land, and water.
 The government puts dispersion and
  dilution in the water and air.
Nuclear power plants are
 There are numerous numbers of power
  plants throw out the world.
 Such as in North America, South
  America, Europe, Africa, Asia, west Asia,
  East Asia, and Russia.
The energy it produces:

 Seven percent of the worlds energy.
 Seventeen percent of the worlds
The Advantages of the
nuclear power plant is:
 Nuclear power uses small amount of the
  earths coal and oil.
 Coal and oil burns pollution in the air.
 They use lesser fuel then the fossil
  burner plants.
The disadvantages of the
nuclear power is:
 Nuclear power explosions creates
 This can make people sick.
 It has waste disposal damage.
Chain Reaction
Nuclear energy