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					                24 May                                                Newsletter
          Issue No. 17                                     GOOD SHEPHERD CATHOLIC COLLEGE
                                                                     MOUNT ISA
     ISA QLD 4825                  We ask our ever present god’s blessing on Good Shepherd Catholic College,
                                   this centre for learning and teaching what is true. We ask that those entrusted
     Tel: (07) 4743 2509           with the education of our young people in this College community, may teach
     FAX: (07) 4743 5013           their students how to join the discoveries of human wisdom with the truth of
                                   the Gospel. May we be faithful to the gospel and live it’s message in our lives.
                                   We pray for all associated with our College community – may we be guided
                                   and cared for by Christ – The Good Shepherd; who will be our guide and light
                                   throughout our journey for now and forever.

                                   Bishop Michael Putney

                                                    Blessing & Opening
                                            Refurbishment & Extensions to the College
                                      Naming Ceremony of Good Shepherd Catholic College
                                                     20 May 2005

  Special Interest Articles        Dear Parents
                                   Good Shepherd Catholic College is very proud of our students. Last Friday
                                   was a most significant day for our College community. There was a
                                   tremendous gathering of students, parents and friends, visitors and very
Letter from the Principal   1      prominent people for this special event. Many people commented on the
                                   wonderful body of students who attended our College and the manner in which
                                   these students celebrated the occasion. I would like to thank all parents who
Term Calendar               2      participated in the day and supported our College in some way. We thank
P & F News –Fete Date       2      those who provided morning tea, the Irish Club for assisting us with chairs,
News from the Parish        3
                                   Cathy and Merlin Manners for providing plants for the day and Mob FM and the
                                   North West Star for covering the event.
Tuck Shop Help Required

for Interhouse Athletics           Mr Bernard Durie, the new College Principal, spent four days in Mount Isa and
Carnival school             3      was equally impressed with our College and facilities. Mr Durie is looking
                                   forward to his arrival in July.
Jars & Bottles required     3
Volunteering in the                Congratulations to Mrs Maxine Allen, the Year 8 Camp staff and parents who
Community Notices           3      assisted with the camp.
News from Vet               4
                                   From all reports this was a well
Career Opportunities        4
                                   organised venture that was
Sports Update               5      greatly enjoyed by students,
                                   parents and staff. Again good
                                   reports regarding our Year 8s
                                   have come from Boulia. Well
                                   done Year 8s.
                                                  Good Shepherd Catholic College                                    2
from page 1    Next P & F Meeting
              Tuesday 14th June in
               the Staff Lunch room.
              Agenda will include
              the organisation of
                                       Year 10 Information Night
              the school Fete.         On Tuesday 7th June we plan to have an evening for Year 10 parents when
                                          Mont Isa Catholic High Sch                                  5
              Parents are encouraged   we outline the curriculum and co-curricula options for students as they enter
              to attend.               Years 11 and 12. Although this is not the actual subject selection night it is
                                       an important evening when we provide parents with important information
                                       that will assist them to consider subject offerings before making choices in
 DATE CLAIMER                          Term 3. Year 10 students will also receive assistance in Term 3 as they
  Parents &                            make important choices for Year 11 and beyond.

   Friends                             AUSIMM – MINERAL VENTURE       Year 11 student Rebecca Goodwin has
 Association                           been selected to undertake further studies in June at James Cook
                                       University. Well done Rebecca!
                                       God Bless
    FETE                               Mr Gerard Simon

   15 July

                                                                                                  See write up on

                                                                                 Bishop Michael Putney
                                                                                  Blessing & Naming of
                                                                         Good Shepherd Catholic College Mount Isa

   Principal – Mr Gerard Simon
          School Captains
                                                               TERM CALENDAR
 Krista O’Connor & David Campbell          th
       Blessing & Naming                 24 May                   School Disco (6.00 – 9.00pm) Irish Club
                of                                                Doors close at 7.00pm – on request Irish Club
 Good Shepherd Catholic College          25 May                   Year 10-12 Careers Market – Civic Centre
           Mount Isa                     1 June DATE CHANGE       Interhouse Athletics Carnival
            20/5/2005                    7 June                   Year 10 – 11 Preliminary information evening
                                                                  7.30 – 8.30pm
                                         13 June                  Public Holiday – Queens Birthday
                                         14 June                  P & F Meeting 7.00 pm

                                          17 June                 Last day of term for students
                                       Gerard Simon
                                            Good Shepherd Catholic College                                                  3

     Thought for the Week
                                          WHAT’S ON IN THE PARISH
                                          Thanks to all our visitors for making the 75 Year Celebrations
                                          all that they were. Your presence has done more than you can

             nt Isa
                                          imagine to make us feel that life is so good. Your memories
                                          of your ‘time’ spent in Mount Isa meant so much to you, that
                                          you wanted to return to share in our special celebrations. Thank
             Catholic                     you all!

             High S                       A special thank you to our parishioners who worked so hard to
                                          Make our celebrations such a heart warming experience. May
   Each of us experiences a
                                          God continue to bless you and gift you, so that the Good News
                                          can be really alive here in Mount Isa.
      story of God’s self-
  revelation in a unique way.                                                          Fr Michael Lowcock – Parish Priest
  Tell your story. Add to the
  beautiful mosaic of God’s
    life in this world by the
        story of your life.

                                     4 JARS AND BOTTLES REQUIRED
                                             FOR THE OUTBACK FETE
                                                   JULY 15TH
    If you have small to medium size jars that you can spare for
    the Outback Fete Jam and Chutney makers – please leave them with the staff at the school office
    over the next two weeks.

    These jars are urgently required and your assistance in providing them is greatly appreciated.
    Corena Powers
    Preserve Stall – Ph. 4743 8702

           TUCKSHOP                                                                  POSITIONS VACANT
     PARENT HELP REQUIRED                                                             EAGLE BOY’S PIZZA
          1st June 2005
                                                                    Eagle Boy’s Pizza requires junior customer service staff
          Sunset Oval                                               and kitchen hands and delivery boys. Students must be
Assistance will be required with the serving of food and
drink to students, staff and families on this day. If you are       14 years of age to apply.
attending and available to assist, could you please
contact me, through the school office, prior to the event.          For further information please phone 0419 688 470.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Christine Valentine (Tuckshop Convenor)                                    HAPPY VALLEY COMMUNITY KINDERGARTEN
                                                                           Are hosting a dinner at Town Leagues Club on
                                                                           the 20     August 2005.       The dinner is in
                                                                           recognition of Bianca Frost’s 20 years service at
                        SCHOOL UNIFORMS                                    the    kindergarten.         Friends,   families,
                                                                           acquaintances and past students are invited to
                   Junior Uniforms: 1 x windcheater size 18
                                                                           attend this major milestone in Bianca’s teaching
                                       2 x shorts size 16
                                                                           career. Cost is $40 per family.
                                       1 x long sleeve shirt
                                       2 x short sleeve shirts
                                                                           For further information, please contact:
   Senior Uniform                      2 X shirts size 16
                                                                           Kerrie Davies – 4743 1928
                                       2 x grey shorts
                                                                           Heather Liosatos – 4743 6440 or 0428 436 448
   All uniforms are in ‘ as new condition’ with price negotiable.
   Phone 4743 7413 for further details.
                                   Good Shepherd Catholic College                                           4

                                     VET NEWS
On Wednesday the 25 May 2005, the Years 10, 11 and 12 students from Good Shepherd Catholic College
will be attending the Biennial Careers Market. The following details include the mode of transport and times
allocated to these year groups; to enable all students equal opportunity to access this educational resource
facility that has been sponsored by many local government and non government organisations.

Period 1-2
Yr 11 and Yr 12
Year 11 and 12 students will walk to and from the College. They will leave the College at 9.10am and
arrive at the Civic Centre at 9.30am

Teachers accompanying the students are: Rebecca Brock, Trisha Allen, Nadine Blackford, Craig Cook and
Nattarshia Ruddle.

Students will depart from the Civic Centre at 11.00am and arrive back at the College at 11.20am

Period 5-6
Year 10 students
Students will leave the College by bus at 1.15pm and arrive at the Civic Centre at 1.30pm

Teachers accompanying the students are: Allison Burgess, Veronica Luck, Kylie McCarthy, and Keith
Fainges and Nattarshia Ruddle.

Students will depart from the Civic Centre at 2.45pm and arrive back at the College at 3.00pm
For further information – please contact Ms. Ruddle (via the school office)

         Community businesses attending and displaying information are:
Period 5-6                             Building & Construction Industry Training Fund
Year 10 students                           Central Queensland University
                                      Department of Employment and Training
Students will leave the College by bus at 1.15pmErgon arrive at the Civic Centre at 1.30pm
                                                    and Energy
                                                      Isa Skills
Teachers accompanying the students are: AllisonJames Cook University Burgess,            Veronica Luck, Kylie
McCarthy, and Keith Fainges and Nattarshia Ruddle. TAFE
                                             Mount Isa Institute of
                                                       Q Build
                                                   Qantas College back at the
Students will depart from the Civic Centre at 2.45pm and arrive                         College at 3.00pm
                                                    Qld Program
                                             Queensland Police Service
                                            The University of Queensland
                                                  QMC Fertilizers
                                              Main Roads Department
                                        Queensland University of Technology
                                                MIYPP / Job Pathway
                                               Mount Isa City Council
                                                Zinifex Century Mine
                                              Integrated Mental Health
                                                   Outback at Isa
                                                 Mount Isa Hospital
                                     Employ Net & Apprenticeship Training Service
                    Good Shepherd Catholic College                                       5

            SPORTS UPDATE – from Mr Cook

It is excellent to see the variety and amount of sporting endeavors that students at Good
Shepherd Catholic College have been participating in. To continue the trend, more sporting
events and activities are on the calendar for the remainder of this term and the next.

Interhouse Athletics Carnival
Students have been participating in field events at lunch breaks over the last two weeks and with
high interest in these events, competition has been outstanding.

The Official athletics carnival is planned for Wednesday of the next week (1 / 6 / 05). Sunset oval
will again be the venue for track and field events. Attendance for students is compulsory and it
would be nice to see as many parents present as possible. If you able to attend and help out,
please contact the College and let your interest be known.

Golden Glove Softball
The successful boys Golden Glove Softball side will be
travelling to Brisbane at the end of this week with Ms
Blackford and a parent. The team will be competing against
other schools and colleges from throughout Queensland.
The team leaves later this week to travel to the championship
 – competition begins on Saturday (28 / 05 / 05). Our best wishes go with these boys and team

This year our College has placed two touch teams in the local touch Men’s and Women’s
competition. Both teams play on a Monday night at the local touch field. Throughout the
competition both teams have had mixed results; with some big wins and some close losses.

The Monday night games are good preparation for the North Queensland Catholic Schools
Tournament to be held in Townsville on the 16/7/2005. Our College has nominated two sides to
attend the tournament – an under 15’s male and female side will be selected to participate in the

Rugby League
Under 14’s and 16’s rugby league games have commenced, with the boys involved putting a
great effort into their training and competition games. So far the Under 16’s have played two
games and the Under 14’s one, against Spinifex State College.

All the boys playing should be commended on their excellent effort on the field. Players that
require a special mention are, Under 14’s - Mason Holm and Jack Biondi. For the Under 16’s -
Michael Henderson, Kyle MacNamara, Clinton Farlow, Sam Fong, Ashley Buchbach and Billy

For the remained of this term games will be played each Wednesday afternoon at Alex Inch oval
in Healy.

Yours in Sport
Mr Cook