Managing sickness absence effectively by sdfwerte


									Managing sickness absence
         Martin Purnell

• The Corporate Framework
• Sickness data
• Cause and Effect
• Organisation’s Role
• Manager's Role
• Employee’s responsibility
    The Corporate Framework

• Record it accurately
• Report it quarterly
• Performance manage it!
• Manager’s Appraisal
• Set Targets
• Performance monitor and report it
             Sickness levels
Organisation % time lost       Days            Source
County         5.2%        11.4     days per      LGE

Shire          4.2%         9.6   days per        LGE
Districts                      employee

Private        3% to       6.8 to 8.4          CBI & CIPD
sector         3.7%        days per employee
 Or as a member of the public put
• You had 120,000 days lost last year
  through sickness…. That’s the equivalent
• One employee being off work for nearly
  600 years!!

• What are you doing about it???
         Cause and Effect?

• Stress remains top
• Poor/good leaders?
• Good/poor management
• Bullying?
• HR policies and procedures support the
• etc
Organisation’s Role…
               Record it!

• Collect and report accurate data (actual
  days lost)
• Set performance targets and measures to
  reduce it
• Include in the manager’s appraisal
• Quarterly performance monitoring
• Compare with others
       Attendance Management
• Communication of   • Important in having
  sickness policy        policy that works

• Health promotion   • Difficult to prove,;
                         complements short
                         and long term policy
                     •   Gets a health
                         message out
• Occupational health   • Assessed as leading
  service                   means to < absence
                        •   Good for long term
• Disability case       •   Shown to get LT sick
  management                back to work quicker
                        •   Supports need
• Flexible working      •   Better life balance
Manager’s Role…
             Manager’s job to…
• Measure absence              • Managers need to be
• Embed the policy and           skilled (training/support
    procedure                    essential)
•   Watch and act on trigger   • Early referral and
    points                       intervention
•   Monitor and respond to     • Evidence that role calirty
    constant sickness            makes all clear
•   Role clarity in handling   • Keep in touch if long term
    absence                      sick
•   Do the return to work
               Return to work
•   Welcome back, check recovered
•   Talk about absence, review record
•   Any underlying issues/problems causing it?
•   OK to start work?
•   Action employee is taking to prevent it?
•   Sum up and record
•   Set review date if needed
Don’t say                     Do say
• I suppose you’ll have       • I’ve noticed 6 out of 10
    some excuse or other!         Monday’s you have been
•   You are always off when       off
    important work needs      •   Would you like to
    doing! Can’t rely upon        comment on the pattern?
    you                       •   Any reason why all of
•   You are no use to us if       your absence have been
    you can’t work shifts!        in the last month?
                              •   Is there any problem n
                                  relation to your shift
Any questions?

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