Local Authority Carbon Management

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					Local Authority Carbon Management
Wakefield Climate Change Seminar

Tom Cumberlege
24 January 2008
The Carbon Trust – who are we
and what do we do?

 We are an independent company set up in
 2001 under the Government’s Climate Change
 programme. Our mission is to:

   Accelerate the move to a low carbon economy
   by developing commercial low carbon
   technologies and helping organisations reduce
   their carbon emissions
Carbon Management – Why
  Government Policy:        Legislation is
  Beacons of best           strengthening:
  practice, catalysts for
                            CAAs - Perf
                            Framework – 200
  Climate Change
  Review April & Bill       indicators

                            CCL, CRC

                            EUEPD & DECs

  Press communication       Cost reduction:

  Flagship good news        Opportunities
  story                     associated with energy
  Responding to
  community &
Rises to both energy prices
 and energy consumption

~ 40% of energy costs on heating & 20% on
  Why does the CT work in
      the LA sector?
   In addition to a substantial direct CO2
LAs have a unique potential – governed by elected members
        with a responsibility to serve the community

   Vast indirect impact
    – Wide range of responsibility
    – Leadership and example
    – Key to meeting climate change targets
    – Influence across private, public and domestic
    – Procurement, planning & services
 Carbon Management

          1                 2                    3                  4                 5
    Mobilise the       Set baseline,         Identify &         Finalise         Implement the
    organisation        forecast &            quantify         strategy &             plan
                          targets             options        implementation

Building the       Setting the         Identifying the    Designing a         Complete with
team &             baseline and        risks and          cost effective      budgets,
determining        goals               prioritising the   strategy            targets &
the scope                              opportunities                          success
     LACM to date….

            Inspiring Savings

North Yorks – 20,000 tCO2 & £5M over 5 years
 Cornwall – 14,000 tCO2 & £5M over 8 years
Bradford – 24,000 tCO2 & £6.4M over 5 years
 Essex – 21,000 tCO2 & £6.5M over 5 years
Top tips for successful
carbon management

 Make it Visible

 Make it Practical

 Lead by example!
LACM Certificate - Ministerial
   Iain Wright, Under Secretary of State for Communities &
   Local Government
Tameside Council – Reward and
Cllr John Taylor and Facilities Manager Jon Chesterton
on an Evening Audit