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Learn-to-Swim Lesson Registration—1 by eqb18211


									                        Gainesville Parks & Recreation
                        Swimming Lessons Registration

              Classes are from June 9 thru June 19, 2008
                     Monday thru Thursday only.
        Class times are 9:00a.m, and 10:00a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Fee: $25.00

Register for this class at the Gainesville Leonard Park Pool deadline-listed below.
American Red Cross Swim Lessons for ages 4 and up, and as long as the child can stand
in 3’ feet of water.

All lessons are taught by Certified American Red Cross Lifeguards and held at the
Leonard Park Pool. Learn to swim in a comfortable atmosphere with other kids. This class
is for beginner and intermediate swimmers and will cover floating, rhythmic breathing, and
crawl stroke.

Swim Lesson Schedules are available at the post time slots above. The lessons will take
place at the Leonard Park Pool located at 1000 W. California.

ALL registration for Learn To Swim must be done at the Leonard Park Pool. Registration
begins June 2nd, 2008 and ends June 6th, 2008. Class sizes are limited to five per class for
safety; so early registration is encouraged to ensure desired time slot. We will not be able
to accept more than the limit under any circumstances.

Please call Leonard Pool beginning June 2nd (904) 668-4534 after 1:00 p.m. or the
Gainesville Civic Center Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. (940) 668 4530 for all
swim lesson inquiries.

Patrick R. McCage,
Director of Parks & Recreation
City of Gainesville, Texas
940 668 4530
 Learn-to-Swim Lesson Registration—1
                                     June 9 thru June 19, 2008
                                    Monday thru Thursday only.
Participant Information
Participant                                                  Birth
(Childs Name):                                               Date:                    Sex:
                           First                Last
City:                                   State:                         Zip:
Telephone:                              Mobile:
E-mail Address:

Emergency Information
Secondary Emergency
Telephone:                               Mobile:                      Relationship:

Medical Information
Does the participant have any medical condition the instructor should be aware of? (For example,
diabetic or suffers from seizures.) Circle one: Yes No
If yes, please

                                        Course Information
Class times
Circle one (We will try to accommodate your request)

9:00a.m           10:00a.m.        11:00 a.m.      12:00 p.m.
Learn-to-Swim Level
Circle one
Level 1         Level 2            Level 3         Level 4           Level 5
Fee Information
Fee: $25.00 paid in full
                           Indemnity Agreement and Assumption of Risk
         Participants and their parents agrees to protect, defend, indemnify and save the City of
Gainesville its officers and employees harmless from and against all claims, demands and causes
of action of every kind and character, losses, costs, expenses, attorneys fees and damages of every
kind and character, without limit of any party or parties, including the negligence of the City of
Gainesville, its officers and employees, whether such negligence be joint or concurrent, for injury
to or death of any person or damage to any property, arising out of or in connection with the
activities of the learn to swim program. However, such indemnity shall not apply if it arises out
of the sole negligence of the city, its officers or employees.
Parent Signature______________________________________ Date:__________________
 The six learn-to-swim levels and the objective for each level

Level I: Water Exploration

Helps students feel comfortable in the water, water entry and Exit, rules for safety at pool side,
supported floating and kicking, bubble blowing, putting face in or under water, float in prone
position with support.

Level II: Primary Skills

Float and recover without support, locomotion skills, buoyancy, breath control and underwater
swimming and basic rescue skills.

Level III: Stroke Development

Coordinates front crawl and back crawl. Introduces elementary backstroke and treading
water. Changing Direction and Position Learn to dive from side of pool, builds on the skills in
Level 2 by providing additional guided practice. Treading Safety skills.

Level IV: Stroke Development

Increased endurance and distance in familiar strokes, introduces breaststroke and sidestroke and
turning at a wall, general and personal water safety

Level V: Stroke Refinement

Refinement of key strokes, introduces butterfly, open turns, the feet-first surface dive, and
springboard diving.

Level VI: Swimming and Skill Proficiency

Improve strokes for greater distances. Introduces additional turns as well as the pike and tuck
surface dives. Puts steps in place for upcoming courses i.e. Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard

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