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									        Welcome to
National Tsing Hua University
Q1: If I have any doubts, who should I ask?
A1: Academic Affairs: Division of Enrollment and Division of
    International and Continuing Education
    Contact Ms.Lai, Ext.5137
   Student Affairs: Office of Overseas Chinese and Foreign
        Contact Ms. Tseng, Ext.4703

 Q2: What is the responsibility of the Office of Overseas
       Chinese and Foreign Students?
A2: The Office of Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students takes cares
       of all foreign student’s affairs, such as visa applications,
       scholarship applications and medical services, etc. For further
       questions, please contact:
                Tel: 002-882-3-5715131 ext 4703 Ms. Tseng
                Fax: 002-882-3-5714147
                Office hour: 8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
                Email-address: ocfsa@faculty.nthu.edu.tw
                WWW: http://faculty.nthu.edu.tw/~ocfso
Visitor Visa                       Resident Visa

Resident Visa

               (Alien Resident Certificate)
Resident Visa Application             ARC application, extension and
Documents Required                    visitor visa extension
1. Visa Application Form                 ARC application
     (2 copies)                       1. ARC Application Form
2.    Passport                        2. Passport
3.    Two Photos                      3. One Photo
4.    Student ID Card (original       4. Student ID Card
      and copied)                       (original and copied)
5.    Fee: NT$ 3,000.                 5. Fee: NT$ 1,000
                                      ARC extension
                                      1. ARC
                                      2. Passport
                                      3. Student ID Card
                                      (original and copied )
                                      Fee: NT$1,000 (one year)
  Bureau of Consular Affairs          Hsin Chu City Police Bureau
3F, 2-2, Chi Nan Rd. Sec 1., Taipei   1, Chung Shan Rd., Hsin Chu
  Tel: 02-23432888                    03-5224168 Ext. 2122
Q12. If you need leave Taiwan temporary,
A12. Please apply for a re-entry at Hsin Chu City Police Headquarter
        with the following documents:
      1. ARC
      2. Passport
      3. Student Card (the original and the copied one)
 Q16. Is there any scholarships offered?
 A16: The Ministry of Education offers The General Scholarship to the
         Foreign Students in NTHU. The guidelines are posted on the
         website: http://my.nthu.edu.tw/~ocfso/

 Q17. Are there any activities that particularly belong to foreign students?
 A17: Sure!We will have the welcome party, Christmas Party and Farewell
        Party for the foreign students.

 Q18. What is the Association of Foreign Students?
 A18. Every foreign student is a member of the Association. The
         Association helps foreign students involved in the new and
         unfamiliar environment. Here you can meet new friends and
         experience a new culture.
     Resident Visa                 ARC Holder
  Visitor Visa Holder       (Alien Resident Certificate)

Foreign Student Insurance

                        National Health Insurance
Q14. Questions Related to Medical Insurance
A14. 1. Two kinds of medical insurances are offered: Foreign Student
Insurance and National Health Insurance. Foreign students with ARC
who have stayed in Taiwan for more than four months are required to
enroll in National Health Insurance. The new arriver will be covered by
Foreign Student Insurance after the registration day.
      2. The office of Oversea Chinese and Foreign Student will transfer
the medical insurance to National Heath Insurance (NHI) for Students
staying in Taiwan for more than four months. The premium of Foreign
Student Insurance is NT$1,180 for four months and of Nation Health
Insurance is NT$604 per month. These costs are itemized on the tuition
      3. The foreign student insurance covers clinic visit and
hospitalization. The cost of medical service will be reimbursed to the
beneficiaries after the submission of receipts to the insurance company
via the Office of Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students.
      4. The National Health Insurance covers clinic visit, hospitalization
and child birth. These medical services are provided by NHI contracted
health care provider.
      5. Foreign students transferred from other university or
organization need go the office of Overseas Chinese and Foreign
Students to transfer their insurance registration from old institution to
A Brief Introduction to:
  National Tsing Hua

  NTHU’s three main branches:
  I. Administration 行政
  II. Educational Program教學
  III. NTHU’s Culture & Traditions 清華文化
                                                                              Humanities and Social
                                                              Life Science      Science Building
                                              Nuclear Science Building I
                                                                               Hsiang Szi Lake
                                           Nuclear Reactor

                          Shui Mu                            Food Court Biological Science and
                       Student Center                                    Technology Building
                                          Auditorium          Library
                                                                  Engineering and System
                    Fen I
    Engineering BuildingYun Building         Student Union Center     Science Building
                   Administration Center
                                    Computer &                                          Mei Memorial
         Cheng Kung Lake
                                   Communicatio                                           Garden
                                      n Center
                                                    Physics Building
                      Materials Science
                           Center              Electrical Engineering &
                                                           Kun Building
                                              Computer Science Ming Lake
Bus Stop                                              OCSFO       Materials Science &
                        Chemistry Building       Chemical Engineering
                                                                 Technology Building
         Educational Program 教學

In general, there are seven colleges in our campus, which
are as the followings:

1.College of science (理學院) :
2.College of Engineering (工學院)
3. College of Nuclear Science (原子科學院)
4.College of Humanities & Social Science (人文社會學院)
5.College of Life Science (生命科學院)
6.College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (電機
7.College of Technology Management (科技管理學院)
NTHU’s Culture & Traditions
I. Greensward 大草坪
    a. You can see it once you enter the campus.
    b. There are a flagpole and a big round clock.
    c. It’s a great spot for tourists, for the following reasons.
           1. It’s relaxing.
           2. Picnic.
           3. Fly kites.
    d. NTHU student also like this spot because it allows them to
        organize extracurricular activities.
II. Mei Memorial Garden
     a. It is to memorize President Mei.
      b. When winter comes, the white plum

III. Shui Mu Student Center
     a. Restaurants: provide breakfast,
         lunch and dinner.
     b. Grocery Store: sells daily supplies.
     c. Comic Store: rents comic books,
         novels, DVDs, and so on.
IV. Fen Yun Building
     a. Coffee Shop: a good choice for afternoon tea.
     b. Book Store
     c. Restaurants: provide lunch and dinner.

                                  V. Food Court
                                       a. Grocery Store: sells daily
                                       b. Restaurants: provide breakfast,
                                          lunch and dinner.
VI. Computer & Communication Center
 a. Provides campus-wide computing and communication services for
    teaching, research and administration.
 b. Functions:
       1. Installation and maintenance of a campus-wide computer
                  network for accessing the TANET and Internet.
       2. Provision of various network services.
       3. Installation and maintenance of an e-mail system.
       4. Provision of various telephone services.
       5. Development and maintenance of a computerized
           administration system of the NTHU.
       6. Provision of computer rooms, a network teaching room
                   and a distant learning room.
 c. Provides supports for distant learning and extension programs.

VII. For athletes, the university also provides gymnasium, track and
   field, basketball courts, baseball field, swimming pool, volleyball
   field, badminton and tennis court.
                        VIII. Guest House I
                             It’s like a small hotel that is available to
                        host the NTHU students’ relatives.

IX . Campus Guard
      A. Functions:
          1. Security
          2. Motorcycle Certificates

                          X . Auditorium
                                 a. Holds big assemblies, such as
                                  inaugural and graduation ceremonies.
                                 b. Offers location for big activities, such
                                  as professional performances and

XI. Arts Center
       a. Fulfills the artistic needs of the university community and
        offers art-related courses as General Education.
       b. Their focuses are:
             1. Visual arts
             2. Performance arts
     Tsing Hua Night Market

Taiwanese Food
Japanese Sushi
Korean Food
Catholic Church
Christion Church
Bakery House
Starbuck Coffee
        Campus Bus Stop
Chemistry Building (Start)
General Building II
Student Union
Student Dormitories
Nuclear Science and Technology Development
Humanities and Social Science Building (End)
                                   陽明山國家公園                           Taipei

                                                                          Hsin Chu Science Park
                                                        Hsin Chu          Industrial Technology Research Institute

                              Tai Chung                    Hsin Chu Country

                                                                  Hua Lian Country
                      Yushan                                       太魯閣Taroko

                                                                   National Parks are
                                                                   1.cultural/historic areas. These are areas
                                                                     where development and visitor use are
                                                                     limited to those which preserve important
                                                                     prehistoric sites,monuments of historic
                                                                     value,and lifestyles of indigenous people.
                                                                   2.significant scenic areas. These are areas
                                                                     possessing significant natural features
                                                                     which¡Aif destroyed,cannot be restored.The
                                                                     areas¡Atherefore,shall be strictly protected
                                                                     from development.While the public shall be
                                                                     allowed to enjoy the scenic beauty of the
                                                                     areas,physical impacts must be kept to a
Penghu Islands                                                       minimum.
 (Pescadores)                                                      3.ecological protection areas. These are areas
                                                                     of unique ecological value. Biotic
                 Kao Ksiung                                          communities in these areas shall be
                                                   Green Island      carefully protected from development,and
                                                                     access to these areas shall befor scientific
                                                                     research only.

-Lunar New Year (Jan or Feb)
-Lantern Festival ( Feb)
-Dragon Boat Festival (June)
-A Carnival for Ghosts (August)
-Mid-Autumn Festival (Sep)

                                  Taipei Lantern
HsinChu Science Park is the center of
Taiwan’s science field area. Many
people dream of working here as it is
one of Taiwan’s most important areas.

                          Industrial Technology Research
                          Institute (ITRI) is a non-profit R&D
                          organization engaging in applied
                          research and technical service. It was
                          founded in 1973 by the Ministry of
                          Economic Affairs (MOEA) to attend to
                          the technological needs of Taiwan's
                          industrial development
Hsinchu downtown is the center of
Hsinchu, where Hsinchu’s train station
is located as well as many shopping

Hsin Chu City Police Bureau
 1, Chung Shan Rd. Hsin Chu.
 Tel: 03-5224168 Ext. 2122

                         National Chiao Tung University
                         (NCTU) is located besides
                         NTHU. As well as NTHU,
                         NCTU is an University that
                         excels in Educations.
 - Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
 - JanFuSun Fancy World
 - Leofoo Village
 - Taiwan Folk Village
 - Water Parks
 - Yamay Resort

Aquariums: National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
Zoos/Botanical Gardens﹔
      - Shou Shan Zoo
      - Taipei Zoo
      - Taiwan Herbal Botany Garden
                             Taipei is not only the capital of
                             Taiwan, but a very adventurous
                             place. Taipei has a wide variety of
                             attraction places, many temples,
                             night markets, hang outs, shopping
                             and it has a very convenient way of
                             transportation, which is the MRT
                             (Mass Rapid Transit System).

Kenting is located at the tip
of Taiwan. It is a very nice
place to go for vacations in
summer time. One can enjoy
the sun, as well as the beach.
Alishan is located in Chiayi
and it is famous for and its
attractions are its mountain
rail, forest, sea of clouds,
sunrise and sunset glow.

                               Guan Wu is located
                               between Hsin Chu and
                               Miao Li. It is located deep
                               in the mountains and it is
                               surrounded by nature. It is a
                               very delightful place to go
                               hiking by day and watch the
                               stars by night.
TaiDong is famous for its
night market. TaiDong is a
small quiet city, but once the
night market starts, it is a
place full of people and life.

                                 Taichung is the third largest
                                 metropolitan area in Taiwan.
                                 It is a center of culture and
                                 education. Taichung is an
                                 attractive city due to its
                                 commercial district,
                                 abundant cultural activities,
                                 and the warmth of its
A Brief Note on Dormitory
      A Brief Note
  Dormitory Network
How to connect to internet in

• Prepare both hardware and software
  required. Know your MAC address, Room
  number and the network port.
  The method of finding your MAC address steps by
• For Windows95/98/ME:
Click [Start] button -> click [Run] -> enter winipcfg (OK)
  ->Adapter Address is your MAC address
        For WindowsNT/2000/XP:
• Click [Start] button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command
  Prompt ->
• Type the following line in the Command Prompt:
• Ipconfig /all
• Your MAC address display as Physical address
                Step3: Registration
•   a. Go to學生宿舍網路管理系統
•   b. Click 網路申請/異動
•   C.Fill in the registration form
Step4: Find the setting of your port:

• In the學生宿舍網路管理系統
• Click 【公告事項】→ IP/寢室對照表
• Find your room and the IP / Gatway /
  SubNet Mask of your port
Using Port C, Room 316, Dorm.
    Cheng as an example:
 Step 4: Setup your IP/ SubNet Mask / Gateway /

                         DNS Server:
     Click [Start] -> Control Panel -> Network    Connections -
      > Right Click ‘Local Area Connection , select ‘Properties’

b. Choose your NIC and highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    and Click the ‘Properties’ button

c.   Check / set the following:
     .Use the IP address that belonging your port:
      And then enter your IP / Subnet mask / Gateway

d. .Use the following DNS server addresses:
    NTHU DNS servers are and
The figure is as follow:
How to connect to WWW?
    Step1. set up your Browser and
             Proxy Server
  Using Internet Explorer as example:

• Open Internet Explorer

• Click Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections Tab ->
  Click LAN settings

• Check Use automatic configuration script

• address: http://oz.nthu.edu.tw/proxy.pac
The figure is as follow
• If you want manual configuration:
 Proxy Server : proxy.nthu.edu.tw
 Port: 3128
• For detail, please refer to Computer and
  Communication Center:
NTHU Email Service
• Email address is define as following format:
  login ID@oz.nthu.ed.tw
• Undergraduate student: the login ID start with
• Graduate student: the login ID start with g or d
• For example:
 The UG student with student number 910362,
  his email address is u910362@oz.nthu.edu.tw
     The setting for most email client (Netscape,
•                 Mozilla, Outlook, etc):
    Student can use the webmail client provided by School
    URL: http://webmail.oz.nthu.edu.tw

• Use your OZ account to login
How to input Chinese?
    Step1. Install the New Phonetic IME(新注
•   Control Panel -> Regional and language
•   Click Install files for East asian Languges
•   Press Detail->Add
•   Choose Input Language as Chinese[Taiwan]
•   Choose Keyboard layout/IME as Microsoft
    New phonetic IME 2002a
•   Then you can use Chinese phonetic to input
The figure is as follow
Then you can use the IME Pad by
writing the word by your mouse.
 Q.: How to change my OZ password

A.:1. Go to http://oz.nthu.edu.tw/, click 線上服
   務篇 and then線上更改OZ帳號密碼.
  2. Using passwd command in OZ workstation
   (advanced user only).
 Q.: Where can I find more FAQ or

A.:1. http://oz.nthu.edu.tw
   2. ask your question in the board
 nthu.ccc in 楓橋驛站.
        Q.: Where can I select courses /
       register / find course info. online?

• A.:國立清華大學課務組

  修課 授課 資料查詢系統
• The courses selection & registration system and
  OZ work station are 2 different systems. You
  cannot use OZ account to login

• You cannot set PROXY server in your browser
  when doing course selection. Please use automatic
  configuration or disable PROXY server setting.

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