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         How to Use Paypal
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                                             Paypal is the name of an e-commerce business and website that allows people to send and
                                             receive money via the internet. It serves as a way for people to pay for things online without
                                             revealing their credit card number. It's also an alternative to traditional paper methods such as
                                             checks and money orders. Read on to find out how you can take advantage of the many
                                             features Paypal provides.

         Instructions                                                                                                      Difficulty: Moderate

         1. Sign up for a Paypal account (see Resources below). Choose your account type: a                      Things You'll Need:
            Personal Account allows you to shop online and pay quickly, use a credit card
                                                                                                                    E-mail address
            without exposing your credit card number and send money to people free of charge; a
            Premier Account for casual online sellers allows you to accept credit card and other                    Bank account OR
            payment types for a low fee as well as sell items all over the Internet; a Business                     Credit / Debit card
            Account is ideal for business owners who do a lot of online transactions and need a
            merchant account and the ability to do business under their own business name.

         2. Add your bank account information or link your credit card to your Paypal. This makes it easier for you to pay if you
            want to send money to someone or make a purchase online using your Paypal account.

         3. Choose whom to pay. Select Paypal when checking out online at stores worldwide. You can also send money to just
            about anyone with an e-mail account. They can use their e-mail account to sign up for a free Paypal account and
            receive money.

         4. Decide how to pay. You can pay directly from your Paypal account or your linked bank account. You can also just
            charge it to your credit card but by using Paypal, it keeps your card number from being seen by the other person.

         5. Confirm payment. Once you've made a payment, make sure to check your remaining balance to confirm. Paypal also
            lists your recent transactions, but they may not show up immediately so it's good to also look at your balance to ensure
            your payment has been sent or you've received money.

         6. Receive receipt. Paypal usually sends a receipt to your e-mail address as confirmation. It's good to save this
            information because it will contain the transaction number, the type of transaction. This receipt can be used as proof of
            the transaction in case it is needed.

         Tips & Warnings
            If you're transferring money from your Paypal account to your bank account for a sale you've made, make sure the
            transaction is completed before shipping the item.

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How to Use Paypal |                                                

          Read the Phishing warning on as this is very important to keep your account safe and secure.
          Avoid giving anyone your Paypal password.


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How to Use Paypal |      

         JRIngrisano said
         on 4/6/2008 Good advice. Thanks.

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