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Ministry of Health Promotion Funding Opportunities


									  Ministry of Health
  Promotion (MHP)
Funding Opportunities
      September 27, 2008

 Holiday Inn Toronto Airport East

   PSO – Provincial Sport Organization
   MSO – Multi-Sport Organization
   MHP – Ministry of Health Promotion
   SPF – Sport Priority Funding
   CIAF – Communities in Action Fund
   ACTIVE2010 - is a comprehensive strategy to increase
    participation in sport and physical activity throughout Ontario. Its
    goal is to achieve higher physical activity rates and increased
    sport participation in order to improve the quality of life in the

              ACTIVE2010 Goals
1.   To create opportunities for Ontarians to become involved in quality sport

2.   To enhance opportunities for Ontarians to participate in daily physical

3.   To increase the number of Ontarians who value and believe participation
     in sport and physical activity is an integral and essential part of life in

    An Ontario strategy linking Sport Development and Physical
      Activity to achieve the following:

   Increase physical activity by 10 percentage points by 2010.

   Implement the Ontario Sport Action Plan in partnership with the sport

   Enhance sport development leading up to the 2010

   Build on the resources within the Ministry to strengthen the Sport &
    Recreation Sector.

           PSO/MSO Recognition
   MHP currently recognizes 87 PSOs and MSOs. In
    order to gain provincial recognition, sport
    organizations must meet the following criteria:
       Have a minimum of 200 members with a minimum representation of
        25 members in Northern Ontario and 50 members in Southern
        Ontario and 50 members in Eastern Ontario. (Shown on next slide)
       Be affiliated with the National Sport Organization (NSO) that is
        generally regarded as the national governing body for the amateur
        version of the sport.
       Be able to demonstrate how it provides opportunities for all citizens
        of Ontario.
       Be the provincial leader in its sport - the Ministry supports the
        concept of a single provincial umbrella organization in each sport,
        providing services to all disciplines. Whenever possible, new sports
        will be amalgamated into existing recognized PSO’s with similar

            Regional Distribution
   To insure appropriate provincial distribution of membership, the Ministry
    shall divide the province accordingly:

   Northern Ontario – the northern portion of the province, including Parry
    Sound, North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and North.

   Eastern Ontario – from Peterborough east to Ottawa and north to
    Huntsville and Barry’s Bay.

   Southern Ontario – the Greater Toronto Area, south to Niagara and
    Windsor, north to Orillia and Owen Sound.

                PSO/MSO Funding Program
                      TOTAL 2008-2009 FUNDING $7.93m

      Step 1
      Recognition →    PSO/MSO Recognition Policy
                          87 PSOs/MSOs Recognized
      Step 2

       Base Funding                               ACTIVE2010
      Ongoing Funding                        Sport Priority Funding
               $6.455M                       Project Funding $1.475M
59 out of 64 Recognized PSOs/MSOs          56 out of 71eligible PSOs/MSOs
           received funding                        received funding

         Base Program Overview

 In order to receive MHP Base Funding, recognized PSOs/MSOs
  must participate in one of the Ontario Games, Canada Games or
  Olympic/Paralympic Games or be a PSO/MSO with at least
  2,000 members (“1 in 4 rule”) *.
 MSO Base Funding eligibility
      MSOs formally recognized by MHP.
 Base Funding application asks PSOs/MSOs to describe their
  activity level within existing programs and services that were
  conducted between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009.
 Founded on notion that past performance is best indicator of
  future potential.

          Base Program Overview

 To provide financial assistance to PSOs and MSOs for the
  delivery or programs and core services in a manner that is safe
  and accessible to all.
 Objective, merit-based evaluation of level of capacity.
 The funding application asks for information regarding important
  items such as the number of novice, regional, provincial and
  national championships took place during the year and how
  many athletes participated in these competitions.
 The application also asks about the coaching education program
  for your sport, and asks about the education program for the
  referees and officials.

       ACTIVE2010 Sport Priority
          Funding Program
   A component of PSO Funding Program.

   Provide support to eligible PSOs/MSOs in the development of sport

   Open to all PSOs/MSOs who are eligible to apply for Base Funding;

   Hold current Recognition status with MHP.

   Participate in “1-4 Rule” (Recognized sports that are participant in
    Ontario Games, Canada Games or Olympic/Paralympic Games or
    PSOs/MSOs with at least 2,000 members) .

    ACTIVE2010 Sport Priority
       Funding Program
   Maximum funding requests for 2008/2009 are as follows:
       Small Organizations    0 to 7499 members        $30,000
       Medium Organizations   7500 to 74,999 members   $50,000
       Large Organizations    75000+ members           $70,000

   Projects that received less than the minimum score of 70%
    were not considered for funding.

   Funding will be allocated to the highest ranked projects as
    determined by the Ministry.

   NOTE: Ontario Disc Sports Association had 11, 250 members
    and has a membership factor of 0.5. (as submitted on the
    2008/09 ACTIVE2010 Application SPF) and received $50,000
    in SPF Funding.

The Membership Factor Scale
           PSO        Membership
         Membership      Factor
             0           0.1
            500          0.2
           2500          0.3
           5000          0.4
           7500          0.5
           12500         0.6
           20000         0.7
           30000         0.8
           75000         0.9
          100000          1        12
   The Ontario government invested $7.5 million into the 2008-2009
    Communities In Action Fund (CIAF).
   CIAF is a major feature of ACTIVE2010, Ontario’s Sport and
    Physical Activity Strategy, which aims to help Ontarians to be more
    physically active.
    Now in its fifth year of operation, the program is also a key
    component of Ontario’s Action Plan for Healthy Eating and Active
   Priority is given to projects that benefit children and youth, low-
    income families, Aboriginal communities, older adults, people with a
    disability, women and girls, visible and ethnic minorities.
   Projects should also have a long-term impact on communities
    across the province, and collaborations and partnerships across
    different sectors are highly encouraged.

   Organizations eligible to receive up to 60% of eligible project costs
    include municipalities and incorporated not-for-profit organizations
    located within communities that have a population of more than
    10,000, Ontario colleges and universities, Conservation Authorities,
    Public Health Units, as well as provincial-level incorporated not-for-
    profit organizations.

   Organizations eligible to receive up to 80% of eligible costs include:
    municipalities (with population less than 10,000); Aboriginal
    communities or organizations; incorporated not-for-profit
    organizations (located in communities with a population less than
    10,000); local service boards, and municipal recreation communities
    and school boards in unorganized territories.

   The Communities In Action Fund is administered through the Sport
    and Recreation Branch and the Regional Services Branch of the
    Ministry of Health Promotion.

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