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					  Middleware for
  Grid Computing
      and the
  relationship to
Middleware at large

ECE 1770 : Middleware Systems
By: Sepehr (Sep) Seyedi
Date: Thurs. January 23, 2003
What is Grid Computing?
Definition of the Grid
    Controlled sharing of geographically distributed
    Virtual Organization
    Analogy with power grids
         Consistent, pervasive, dependable, and transparent
          access to electricity from different sources
Characteristics of a Grid
    No centralized control center
    Heterogeneity (of resources)
    Scalability
    Dynamic and Adaptable
Presented early to see relevance to the
design methodologies in grid middleware
Classifications of Applications/Uses:
   Computational Service
        Inherent part of ALL applications
   Data Service
        Scalable storage and access to distributed datasets
   Application Service
        Example: like web services
   Information Service
        Example: WWW portal
   Knowledge Service
        Example: data mining
  A Layered View of a Grid
                              Grid Application
Available as APIs:
global resource             User-level Middleware
management: resource
brokers, …                    Core Middleware

                                 Grid Fabric
 Process management,
 co-allocation of                 Computers,
 resources, storage               supercomputers,
 access, security,                storage devices,
 information registry and         instruments …
 discovery, ….
Middleware Overview
Many organizations involved
   ex: Global Grid Forum and Globus
Components                                                             User-level
   Security                                                              &
        Secure communications (SSL)                                     Core
        Distributed security infrastructure                           ASPECTS
              Manage user credentials to selectingappropriate resources
   Data Management
        Transferring data throughout the grid and to users
        Globus: GridFTP
              Deals with high-performance, security and reliability
   Information Management
        Information DB about resources
        Availability, capabilities, …
   Resource Management
    Resource Management
                                                      ? Types of
Application                                       resources needed ?
                     job             Resource
                                    Resource       Specifications of
                                     Broker           requests

                                      Query     Information Manager

                     Resource Co-allocator
              request       request   request

  Local Resource           Local Resource        Local Resource
     Manager                  Manager               Manager

 Service/Resource          Service/Resource     Service/Resource
 Open Grid Services
 Architecture (OGSA)
Global Grid Forum (
driving force behind OGSA
Promoting a standard and open
architecture for interfaces to resources
Assuring proper uniform behavior of all
resources and interoperability in a
heterogeneous environment
       The Grid Service
Implemented as special a Web service
Standardized behavior  Standardized
Standard interfaces in terms of Web Services
Description Language (WSDL)  GSDL
Implementation independent
   The grid service is able to live on any host
    environment that supports web services.
   Examples: J2EE, .NET, C, Python, … which cover
    most existing operating systems
The Grid Service Interface
  Grid Services must support:
     Discovery
          Registry: holds information about service instances
     Dynamic Service (instance) creation
          Factory: creates service instances
     Lifetime management
          Life length, termination of service in case of failure of
     Notification
     Manageability
          Monitoring and managing service instances
  Grid Services can also provide (custom)
  application services, like web services
How does a Grid Service
Client uses a Grid service interface
A grid service instance is created from a
Factory with the help of a Registry
The grid service instances run with
appropriate resources automatically allocated
New instances can allocated and destroyed
dynamically, to benefit performance
    Example: A web serving environment could
     dynamically allocate extra instances to provide
     consistent user response time

        Simple Invocation                      DB 1

Invocation                                     Database
                          Service Instance      Service
                          Service Instance
                           Service Instance     DB n
                          Service Instance
   -EJB                  Service Instance
-Java Class
                          Service Instance
                            Service Instance
                         Service Instance
                          Service Instance

              Compute service provider
   Hierarchical Use of
      Grid Services

Simple Hosting   Virtual Hosting
 Environment      Environment
     Relationship with
    Middleware at large
Distributed Computing
   Grid computing itself can be thought of as a
    distributed system
   Differs by providing a controlled, dynamic
    resource-sharing framework that addresses the
    requirements of a grid
   Comparison to CORBA, J2EE, and .NET
Grid computing can be used as a building
block in other middleware systems
   ‘Too much middleware’
Benefiting other middleware technologies
   Web services is making advances due to grid
Characteristics of a grid relevant to
Common design methodologies in grid
Grid Services and open standardization
New and existing middleware systems are
beginning to adopt core grid middleware to
become easily ‘grid-enhanced’
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