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					           Flow Chart and Storyboard
Name: Tim Jenkins

E-mail: tjenkins53746@troy.edu

Course Number: EDU 6618

Date: January 25, 2009
4/8/2010           Flow Chart & Storyboard   1
 Flow Chart 1 (Task Analysis of your Topic Instruction)
               SAMPLE below: See pages 493-496 of your text book.

                                     Build a strong starter city

Lesson 1:                                   Lesson 2:           Lesson 3:
Creating a city                             Laying a foundation Manage & Grow

Starting the    Selecting a    Starting a   Creating        Basic        Public      Watching       Managing    City
program         region         city         zones           utilities    Services    your budget    Zones       Advisors

1.Double-      1.Press        1.Select      1.Residential    1.Power     1.Fire      1.The         1.Zone      1.Advisors
click icon     region         sub-region    Zones            Plants      Dept.       Budget        Graph       panel
               button                                                                Panel
2.Click to                    2.Naming      2.Industrial     2.Water     2.Police                  2.Demand    2.Alert
skip intro     2.Choose       the city      Zones                        Dept.       2.Taxes       Chart       notification
3.Wait for                    3.Entering    3.Commercial     and roads   3.Schools   3.Changing
program to                    Mayor         Zones                        and         expenses
load                          mode                                       Hospitals

   4/8/2010                                       Flow Chart & Storyboard                                             2
    Flow Chart 2 (Flow Chart of your Task Analysis)
             SAMPLE below: See pages 493-496 of your text book.

                Build Starter City

           Lesson 1: Start Program

              Program                                      Progress
                                     Lesson 2: Lay         meets         Review
                                     Foundation            evaluation?   Lesson 2

           Troubleshoot                    Lesson 3: Manage & Grow

4/8/2010                              Flow Chart & Storyboard                       3
           Using your Flow Chart to
            Create your StoryBoard

4/8/2010          Flow Chart & Storyboard   4
             StoryBoard for Project:
                Introductory City Planning
              The goal of this lesson is to teach middle school
Lesson 1
              students how to build a strong starter city in Maxis’
Lesson2       Sim City 4.
Lesson 3      Objectives:
              By the end of this lesson, students will:
              •Build a foundation on which to build a custom city.
              •Understand the relationship between different city zones.
              •Analyze budget information and make appropriate adjustments.

 4/8/2010                  Flow Chart & Storyboard                         5
Lesson 1: Creating a City

Sim City 4   In this lesson you will learn how to:
             •Start the Sim City 4 program
             •Select a region
             •Start a city


  4/8/2010             Flow Chart & Storyboard       6
Creating a City – Starting the Program

Picture of     To start Sim City 4:
Sim City 4
Desktop Icon   1. Double-click Sim City 4 icon on desktop.
               2. Click the mouse to skip the introductory video.
               3. Wait for the program to load to the Region
Picture of
               •   If the program does not load correctly, please
Sim City 4
                   signal the instructor.
Region View

  4/8/2010              Flow Chart & Storyboard                7
Creating a City – Selecting the Maxisland Region

Picture of     You must build your city in the Maxisland region:
button         1. Click the “Regions” button at the top of the
               2. Select the “Maxisland” region from the menu.
Screenshot     3. Click “Load Region” to open the Maxisland
of Maxisland      Region.
region in      •   If there is more than one Maxisland region,
menu               please signal the instructor.

   4/8/2010             Flow Chart & Storyboard                  8
Creating a City – Starting a City

Picture of    You may now choose a zone and begin your own
Mayor Mode       city:
              1. Click a sub-region of your choosing; larger
                 regions are recommended.
              2. Click the Play button to start your city.
Picture of
window for    3. Enter Mayor mode to name your city.
naming city   4. Enter your class period for the City Name;
and mayor        enter your name for the Mayor Name.
              5. Click Start City to begin.

  4/8/2010             Flow Chart & Storyboard                 9
Lesson 2 – Laying a Foundation

Images        In this lesson you will learn how to:
              1. Zone your city for effective growth.
              2. Set up basic utilities so your city can function.
              3. Provide essential public services.

                 These skills will give you a strong foundation
                 for your city to grow on.

   4/8/2010            Flow Chart & Storyboard                10
Laying a Foundation – Creating Zones

Image of      In Sim City 4 there are three types of zones:
buttons       1. Residential zones are where people live. Build
                 a $1500 low-density residential zone.
              2. Industrial zones create jobs for your citizens.
                 Build a $1000 medium-density industrial zone
                 one square away from your residential zone.
arrangement   3. Commercial zones create some jobs and also
of zones         provide goods and services to your citizens.
                 Build a $250 low-density commercial zone
                 one square away from your residential zone.

  4/8/2010             Flow Chart & Storyboard                11
Laying a Foundation – Basic Utilities

Windmill       You must provide basic utilities for your city:
next to
residential    1. Power – Start by building a windmill
zone.             connected to your residential zone for basic
                  power. You may want to upgrade to a larger
                  plant in the future.
               2. Water – You will not need water at first, so
Example of
                  leave it for later.
city to this
point.         3. Roads – Add roads between and around your
                  zones so your citizens can travel between

   4/8/2010             Flow Chart & Storyboard                  12
Laying a Foundation – Public Services

Fire station   You must provide some basic services:
with radius
covering       1. Fire – You need a fire station to help combat
entire city.      fires. Build a small fire station and position it
                  so that it covers your entire city.
               2. Police – You also need police protection.
                  Build a small police station and position it so
Example of
                  that it covers your entire city.
city to this
point.         3. Schools & Hospitals – Your city will not need
                  these at first, so leave them for later.

   4/8/2010             Flow Chart & Storyboard                13
Lesson 3 – Management & Growth

Images        In this lesson you will learn how to:
              1. Analyze and manage your budget.
              2. Choose which zones should be build to help
                 your city grow.
              3. Get advise from city advisors.
                 These skills will show you how to manage
                 your city so that it will continue to grow.

   4/8/2010            Flow Chart & Storyboard                 14
Management & Grown – Watching Your Budget

Picture of the   To grow, income must be higher than expenses:
Budget Panel
                 1. Use the Budget Pane to see if you are keeping
                    expenses lower than income.
                 2. Click the Budget Pane to raise or lower your
                    taxes in order to make more money.
Picture of       3. You can also alter funding for other expenses
raising taxes       such as power, water, and public services.
                 Make sure your expenses are low. Remember,
                   your city is young, so take things slow!

   4/8/2010               Flow Chart & Storyboard             15
Management & Grown – Managing Zones

Picture of      You will need to add zones for your city to grow:
Zone graph
                1. Check the Zone graph to see which zone is in
                2. If the colored bar for a zone is above the line,
                   there is demand for more of that zone.
Picture of      3. Build more of whichever zone is highest.
detailed Zone
                Build in steps! Take it one small zone at a time.

  4/8/2010               Flow Chart & Storyboard                16
Management & Grown – City Advisors

Picture of    City advisors can also help guide you:
Panel         1. Check the Advisors Panel frequently for
                 suggestions on how to improve your city.
              2. Sometimes advisors will pop up with an
                 important notice. Pay close attention and click
                 on any blue links to learn more about the
Example of
popup         3. Remember to take it one step at a time; don’t
                 try to solve every problem at once!

   4/8/2010            Flow Chart & Storyboard              17
• My only source is the Sim City 4 program
  and my own experience. Should I source
  the computer program?

4/8/2010        Flow Chart & Storyboard      18