Making Great Stuff with Word Templates by lhl18989


									Making Great Stuff with Word Templates

         What’s a Template? | Templates on your Computer | Text Boxes
                        Finding Templates on the Web

What’s a Template?
A template is a pre-designed document that includes special formatting, layouts,
and/or graphics.

Opening               Open MS Word
Templates             File – Open – Select CD drive from pull-down menu
from the CD
                      Find file – double click on icon

Templates on your Computer
A number of templates are available on your computer.

Opening               Open MS Word
templates on          File – New
                      New document menu appears on right side of screen
                      Select Document Templates
                      Open template by double clicking

Using Word Templates                                                         p. 1
Text Boxes
Text boxes are formatted groups of text on a page.

Inserting text        Menu Bar – Insert – Text Box
boxes                 Move cursor over document
                      Click and hold mouse to drag the text box on your page
                      Release mouse button to create text box

Moving text           Click and drag on edge of text box
boxes                 HINT – Do not drag at the corners, this will resize the box

Resizing text         Click once on text box to get handles (squares on the
boxes                  edges)
                      Click and drag on one of the handles
                      HINT – Use the corners to resize the box proportionally

Formatting            Click once on text box to get handles (squares on the
text boxes             edges)
                      Menu Bar – Format – Text Box
                      Use Tabs to change the line around the box, the colors
                       and fill of the text box, the layout of the text box, etc.

Finding Templates on the Web
 Select Templates from the menu on the left
 Choose a category and/or search for specific templates

Using Word Templates                                                                 p. 2

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