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									                          Clearwater Marine Aquarium
                         Summer Junior Program 2010
               Application period: March 1, 2010 – April 23, 2010

All Applications must include the following:

-Most recent report card with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

-Two letters of recommendation, at least one from a teacher or employer. Letters cannot be from
family members.

-Applicants must write a short essay (200-400 words). The essay should explain why you have
chosen CMA to volunteer, how you feel you would impact the Aquarium and why you feel you
should be chosen.

-A completed CMA application signed by student and parent/guardian.

-A completed Rules of Conduct form signed by parent/guardian.

-It will be up to each applicant to visit CMA and attend our animal and theater presentations to
prepare for an exam. The exam can be taken in the front lobby area following the presentations.
Test information can be found by attending presentations, reading information at Taylor Hall and
viewing the theater presentation. Once you complete your exam it should be turned in along with
your complete paperwork to the front desk, Attention: Dawn De Santis – Director of Volunteers.

-Deadline for applicants is April 23, 2010 – no exceptions. Incomplete applications will not be
accepted, please be prepared to turn all of your information in together.

Volunteers will be chosen from the pool of candidates with complete applications
based on CMA's needs. Juniors will be notified of acceptance status by the 1st
week of May. Please read thru all of the paperwork attached.

For questions, please contact Dawn De Santis – Director of Volunteers by email or 727-441-1790 ext. 230.
                            Clearwater Marine Aquarium
                      Junior Volunteer Summer Program 2010
                     Application Period: March 1 – April 23, 2010

Clearwater Marine Aquarium's Summer Junior Volunteer Program invites students to join us for a
great experience! All students age 16 and over are welcome to apply. Junior volunteers will work
with the education department in the summer camp program, hospitality department, gift shop,
membership desk or guest services department.

Junior Volunteer Information
- All junior volunteers must be at least 16 years old by June 1, 2009
- Volunteers will be required to work 1 full day a week from 8:30am until 4:30pm (they may work 2
days per week if they would like to).

Education Summer Camp Volunteers will be assisting camp instructors both in the classroom
and out on the boat (duties include but are not limited to supervising children, taking camp groups
on bathroom breaks, supervision of campers during lunch and out in the water while snorkeling).
Volunteers in this department are required to have a mask, snorkel, 1 piece swimsuit, closed toed
water shoes and towel during all volunteer shifts

Gift Shop Volunteers will be assisting the gift shop staff. Duties include but are not limited to
stocking items, pricing merchandise, keeping the gift shop area clean & assisting guests with

Hospitality Volunteers will be assisting the Hospitality staff. Duties include but are not limited to
mingling with guests at all of the exhibits, answer questions and assisting in the theater.
Volunteers in this department should be very social and comfortable talking to numerous people

Guest Services Volunteers will be assisting the Front Desk/ Guest Services staff. Duties include
but are not limited to helping guests purchase tickets, tours, etc, using a Point Of Sale system,
making change, and answering phones. Volunteers must have prior retail experience to
volunteer in this position (example cashier in a local grocery store).

Membership Desk Volunteers will provide membership, adoption and donation information to
guests. They will provide guests with CMA presentation schedule information, area tourist maps
and assist guests all of their informational needs. Volunteers at the membership desk will answer
the telephone when the front desk cannot. Most calls are for directions or more information
regarding CMA and our programs.

- Junior volunteers may be assigned or choose to work in other areas throughout the aquarium,
depending on needs that day.
- Applicants who are accepted will be required to attend a junior orientation meeting and training
session. (This meeting will introduce the students to some of the staff and all rules and
expectations will be discussed.) The date of this meeting will be announced with acceptance into
the program.
- All volunteers will be required to purchase a CMA volunteer shirt for $10.00 at orientation.
- Any junior volunteer who has more than one unexcused absence will be dismissed from the
program. Juniors will be subject to dismissal for inappropriate behavior. Those behaviors
considered inappropriate include talking/texting on cell phones during camp time (or playing
games on phones, Ipods, or other devices), refusal to work where needed, and showing lack of
supervision of the children especially in the water.

Parents - The junior volunteer program is an outstanding opportunity for your
student to gain valuable experience in leadership skills and in dealing with the
adult working world. Please do not call or email for your student! Please allow
them to communicate directly with the camp staff. Failure to comply can result in
removal from the junior program.

Please complete all parts of this application legibly (please print). Incomplete forms will
not be considered.

Name (Last/First)     _____________________________________________
Street Address        _____________________________________________
City/State/Zip        _____________________________________________
Date of Birth         __________________________
Home # ____________ __ Cell#________________ Work# ____________
Best time to reach you:     _____________________ Home/Work/Cell (circle one)
E-mail:                     _____________________________________________

By signing this application, you (and your parent/guardian if you are under age 18 yrs.) are
indicating that Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Inc., assumes no responsibility for any injury
suffered by you as a result of your volunteer work either on or off CMA premises, and if you are
accepted into the Clearwater Marine Aquarium Volunteer program, neither you, nor your
parent/guardian, nor heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns shall ever institute any action
at law or otherwise against Clearwater Marine Aquarium as a result of any injury to you or your
property resulting from your volunteer services, and you and your parents/guardian, for
yourselves and your heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns HEREBY RELEASE
CLEARWATER MARINE AQUARIUM, its Board of Directors, Officers, employees, and agents
from and against any and all claims for personal injury to you or loss or damage to your property
arising out of your activities undertaken as a volunteer.
         Executed this ____ day of ______________, 20___.

__________________________               ____________________________
Your signature                                 Parent or Guardian (if
                                               volunteer under age 18)


Name: _________________________                  Relationship: _______________

Phone number: __________________

The junior positions are: (please select your top 3 preferences. Do NOT select the
same position more than once, and number 1, 2 & 3 with 1 being your 1st choice.)

_____Education Summer Camps                      _____Gift Shop

_____Membership Desk                             _____Hospitality

_____Guest Services Front Desk- must have retail experience

Shirt size- please circle one (shirts are adult sizes) small medium large                 XL
                       Junior Volunteer Rules of Conduct

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff wants all of our summer junior participants to enjoy their
experience in an enjoyable, stress-free educational environment.

There are times when it is necessary for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium administrators to make
a decision concerning the acceptability of a juniors behavior in the Summer Program. These
decisions must be based on the welfare of the total summer program community and how the
behavior issue will affect the learning environment and fellow participants.

The following rules have risen out of a need to address unacceptable behavior. Please read all
rules, and discuss these rules with your child(ren):

        Engaging in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the CMA Program will not be
        tolerated. Examples: The use of violent force, noise, coercion, threat, intimidation, fear,
        passive resistance, or any other comparable conduct.

        Vandalizing Aquarium or Summer Camp property is forbidden. This includes, but is not
        limited to, damaging games, tables, chairs, bathrooms, or equipment.

        Repeatedly refusing to follow the directions of the Staff, Summer Camp Instructors,
        Counselors, Interns or Volunteers or engaging in acts of serious disrespect to personnel
        or violation of any rules and policies will be considered unacceptable behavior.

        Intentionally causing or attempting to cause physical injury or behaving in such a way as
        could reasonably cause physical injury to any person will result in isolation and/or
        expulsion from the Junior Volunteer Program.

        Bringing any weapon to CMA (pocket knife, firearms, etc.) will result in isolation and/or
        expulsion from the summer junior volunteer program.

                       Disciplinary steps taken for behavioral problems

Brief supervised separation from the group may be used if necessary when a junior is having
trouble with his/her behavior. The following disciplinary procedures will be used when behavioral
issues occur (whether on the same or separate days):

        First Offense of unacceptable behavior will result in written disciplinary note sent home;
        this note must be returned signed by a parent or guardian at the next volunteer shift.

        Second Offense of unacceptable behavior will result in a written disciplinary notice and
        phone conference with a staff member, parent, and child.

        Third Offense will result in a second written disciplinary notice and a conference with the
        staff member, parent, and child to determine whether the junior will be allowed to
        continue or will be asked to leave the Program. The final decision will be at the sole
        discretion of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff.

Acknowledged on _________________2010,

_____________________________________                 _________________________________
Parent or Guardian Signature                          Junior Volunteers Signature

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