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									Decorations Ideas for a South Indian Wedding

If a bride or groom has South Indian roots, they may want this reflected in their wedding,
whether it takes place in India or elsewhere. Traditional Indian decor is bold in color and design,
with richness and elegance. If you’re throwing a South Indian wedding, you may be looking for
ideas from which to draw inspiration.


Traditionally, Indian ceremonies take place at a mandap, which is an important symbolic element
you'll want to incorporate into a traditional South Indian ritual. Find deep gold and red fabric
colors for more of a traditional look or coordinate fabric colors to match your overall wedding
theme. Real or artificial flowers can adorn the canopy. Marigolds, roses, and jasmine are
commonly used for this purpose. The pillars can be wrapped with floral garlands or silk drapes in
coordinating colors. Usually there is a brightly colored carpet at the floor of the mandap, and
strings of lights, lanterns or candles can be used for illumination. The mandap can also include
wall hangings and decorative artifacts. Don't forget the ornate chairs that often resemble thrones
for you and your groom to sit on under the mandap.

Kalash and Thali

Kalash and Thali are symbols of shagun, or luck. Kalash is a pot usually made of brass, but may
be found in silver as well. The pot contains a coconut surrounded by fresh mango leaves.
Painting is done in beautiful ethnic designs on the exterior of the pot; stickers with Indian
designs can be used for the same purpose. A Thali is a plate made of silver or brass. Banana
leaves cover the plate, with a diya (clay lamp) in the center. The diya is then surrounded with
colorful flowers. Both the Kalash and the Thali can make gorgeous ethnic centerpieces.


Like in America, the vehicle that will take the new couple away is often decorated for the Indian
wedding. However, the decorations used for this purpose are much different. Typically flowers
are using to adorn the car. Fresh, bright flowers are placed on the hood and artificial garlands
drape over the car. Other accessories used to decorate the car can include: mirrors, bows, threads,
artifacts, tissues and bandhani (dyed cotton or silk fabric).

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