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Big Island Aquarium Society News


									                                                                                                  November 2009

                                        Big Island Aquarium Society
                                             The Official News Source Of The BIAS

         PRESIDENT                This Month’s Presentation                                       Place: UHH EKH 127
     DARRELL NEKOBA                                                                               Date: Friday November
                                                              By                                  13, 2009
        Vice President
        Stacey Urasaki                             Jojo Raquel                                    Time: 7:00 pm.
                                                        From                                      Auction: Members will
         Jody Yamada                                                                              auction fish, equipment, &
          Treasurer                                   Aquascapes                                  plants.

        Richard Fujioka                                                                           Bowl Show: This
                                                                                                  monthly competition will
       Board Members
         Kyle Arakaki
                                       President’s Message                                        test your skill as an aquar-
                                                                                                  ist, so be in to win.
          Ray Izuno                                                                               Door Prizes: for all
                                            Thank you for your patience and support over the
       Anne Matsusaka                                                                             attendees
                                  last couple of months. Scheduling has been a major chal-
        Chelton Okada             lenge for the Board and Officers. We’re back on track this      Advertising Rates
       Newsletter Editor          month for our final ―official‖ meeting of the year. With that
                                  said, this month is a VERY important meeting. Aside from        (Monthly)
       Ray, Anne, & Jody          a fabulous presentation we have in store for you, we will       Business Card — $2.00
                                  be putting together our slate of officers for next year. This
                                  is a bit of a change from past practice, but we hope to get     Eighth page — $4.00
    BIAS WEBSITE                  good participation from the general membership. Voting          Quarter page — $6.00
                                  for officers will take place in December during our Christ-                                                                            Other sizes by arrangement.
                                  mas Party.
                                                                                                  Submit camera-ready copy to
Here you can find general in-                                                                     Newsletter Editor and make
formation about the club as                I would like to close this letter by thanking all of   payment to Treasurer
well as information on club       you to all who participated in this year’s fish show at the
meetings and events. The pic-     County Fair. From conception to reality in 3 days – AWE-          BIAS MEMBERSHIP
ture gallery allows members to    SOME! What a small group of committed individuals can                   DUES
post pictures of their favorite   accomplish is truly amazing. A very special MAHALO to
                                                                                                    (Annually, beginning in January)
fish, aquarium or aquatic         Ray and Ann who spearheaded this event.
plants. Members can go to the                                                                         SENIOR MEMBERSHIP
site to find forms for the auc-                                                                                 $15.00
tion, bowl shows and other                                            BIAS President,                 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP
club activities.
This is one of the best aquar-                                        Darrell Nekoba                            $20.00
                                                                                                      JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP
ium club websites out on the
internet so be sure to check it
                                                                      Darrell Nekoba                            $5.00
                                                                                                   (Junior = 18 years and under)
 The Big Island Aquarium Society
                                                       It’s Bowl Show Season!!
  Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                                    (all year long)
            September 11, 2009                     The Bowl Show offers an opportunity for mem-
                                                   bers to show off their fish, get some feedback
                                                   from other members and provide each other
President Darrell Nekoba called the formal         with educational entertainment. And for the
meeting to order at 7:15 pm.                       competitive crowd, there are annual awards for
                                                   those garnering the most points during the
Treasures Report:                                  year.
Richard Fujioka reported that the club has total
of $4755.15.
                                                   Bowl show competitive and display entry forms
                                                   are available on line at the BIAS website,
County Fair:                             , and will be available at
The set-up, clean-up and shift schedules were      the meeting. At each meeting three members
finalized.                                         will be selected to judge the entries for that
                                                   month. Scores and comments for each entry
Meeting adjourned at 8:45.                         will be shared with the group and points will be
                                                   accumulated toward the annual total.
Respectfully Submitted by
                                                   Bowl Show Competition Rules
Jody Yamada
                                                   Containers are to have flat sides, or at a mini-
Secretary                                          mum a flat front side for viewing.
                                                   Entry should be a single fish in an empty con-
                                                   tainer. A gravel bottom is permissible.
     Annual Christmas Party                        There is a maximum of three entries per mem-
                                                   ber per meeting.
Don’t forget to attend the BIAS annual Christ-     Entries must be bred by member or raised by
mas Party at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. It will be   member for at least a three month period.
a fun-filled evening with lots of prizes to be     Fish are to be aquarium raised, rather than
given away.                                        pond or open water raised.

Also, if you won an award from the County Fair
displays, please don’t forget to attend the        Bowl Show Non-competitive Display Rules
Christmas to receive your ribbons and awards.      There are no rules for non-competitive display
                                                   entries. Members are invited to bring fish,
We will be collecting payment for the Christmas    plants, or other aquaria to display.
Party at the BIAS meeting. Please see below
for the details:                                   By: Nancy Crawford

Date: December 11, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $35.00 per person
Payment Deadline: November 22, 2009
          Breeders Corner                                   Announcements

        Welcome to the monthly section called                   All BIAS Members
Breeders Corner. Here you will find a list of
fishes that our BIAS members have successfully
bred during the month. The purpose of this sec-   Please bring your best KOI ANGEL to the mem-
tion is to recognize, and encourage members to    bership meeting on November 13, 2009, for the
breed and share their knowledge concerning the    FINAL round of judging for the annual grow
spawning of aquarium fishes. Members are en-      out/beauty contest. The winner presented at the
couraged to submit a list of fishes they have     Christmas Party. Please make sure that you
bred each month. Lists can be submitted at Sta-   bring your own container to display it in.
cey’s Pets, or via email at
Until next month Happy Breeding,
Stacey Urasaki
October 2009                                         **** FOR SALE ****
Darrell Nekoba
                                                            UTC-3400 Canister Filter
Ruby Red Peacock                                             581 gph
Maleri Island Peacock
Albino maleri Island                                         5.79 gallon volume
Hippo Point Salmon                                           4 large media baskets
OB Peacock
Ruby Green Hap                                                                        $175.00
Gold Peacock
lifallili Jewelfish
Iceberg Electric Blue                                                                 New in Box
Red Tiger motaguense
Honduran Red Point
Cherry Barb
Stolickza Barb                                                  Call Scott K, 895-3952
filamentosa Barb
Koi Swordtail
Fireball Platy
Red Picta                                                Bowl Show Results
G. metallicus
                                                  Thank you to the following people for their en-
Red Spotted Endler's
                                                  tries to the Membership Meetings.
Dalmatian Gambusia
Neon Sunburst Platy
Bleeding Heart Platy                                                     September                 Total
Panda Sword
Peppermint Platy                                  Darrell Nekoba                                   47.00
Hifin Red Saddleback Platy                        Shannon Ochi &                                   50.00
Neon Gold Platy                                   Jacqui Nagakura
Bumblebee Platy
Black Platy                                       Mike Katada                                      101.00
The person with the highest accumulated points at the end of November, 2009, will be declared the
winner of the BIAS Grow out/Beauty Contest.

Points are awarded as follows:

Monthly:              10 points for 1st place
                      5 points for entering
November, 2009        50 points for 1st place
(Final judging)       25 points for 2nd place
                      10 points for entering

The members who are present at each meeting will be judging. Ballots will be passed out and each
member will place a vote for the fish that they see as the most beautiful and the largest size. The
fish with the most votes wins for the month. The overall winner will be determined by whoever has
the highest total points at the end of November, 2009.

Even if you don't win every month it does not mean you can't win the overall points award. By enter-
ing every time you can still accumulate more points than the person who enters only a few times.
Also by having the most beautiful or largest fish at the last judging date you can still jump ahead and
win if you are still close in points. SO KEEP ON ENTERING!!!

                                    Judging dates: (Alternate months)
                            May                     2009
                            Jul.                    2009
                            Sept.                   2009
                            Nov.                    2009
                            (Winner presented at Christmas Party)

Contest Rules:

   Honor system (No switching or replacing of the initial purchases.)

   Must be grown/raised only in an aquarium (No tubs or ponds)

   Only one entry per member/family per month (Enter only your best)

Any Koi Angel that was not purchased at the February meeting (or picked up from Stacy’s pets from
the original batch) will not be eligible for the contest.
Please see below for some of the pictures which Jojo Raquel took during the annual ADA convention held in Japan last month.
Circled in red is
the EKH Building
Squared off in blue
is the Best Place to
 Meetings Held In
  RM # EKH 127

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