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									    Hunger Project

Year 10 – Christian Response to
        people in crisis
Christian Response to people in need
• Course Outline
• Explore the reasons for hunger and poverty in the
  world today
• Ensure you know the definition of the key terms: e.g.
  Poverty, Hunger, Relative and absolute poverty etc.
• Examine the Christian Response to people who are
  hungry or living in poverty – through the study of one
  major Christian Relief organisations
• A. Christian Aid
• B. Tear Fund
• You can compare it with another organisation
• You should finish by giving your personal response 2
             Hunger Facts
There is enough food in the world to feed all the
              people in the world

          So why are people hungry?
        Why are people hungry?

• They are lazy           • They are not well
• They do not have          educated
  natural resources       • There is
• The climate works         overpopulation
  against them            • There is no basic
• Others are greedy         health care

                 True or false?
   You have to decide which reasons are true.
      Key Terms in the Debate
• “Third World” carries the idea of poverty, hunger etc.
• Dates back to the last century (20th Century)
• First World = Western European,
• Second World = Communist,
• Third World = All other areas
• But it also carries the idea of – third class, third rate or
  third place
• Today few use the term underdeveloped world as it is
  equally negative
• A better term is “Developing World” this points to the
  potential of these areas to develop in the future.
• LED, less economically developed                         5
Traditional picture of the distribution of Wealth

          Key Terms in the Debate
• List ten reasons why hunger continues to exist in our
  world today

•   War and Civil War           Greed
•   Lack of natural resources   Climate
•   Natural disasters           World debt
•   Deforestation               Poor Government
•   Corruption                  Low life expectancy
•   Poor water supply           Overpopulation

• If there is enough food to feed everyone in the world
  why are people still hungry? (personal opinion)
     There are two types of poverty:
•    Absolute poverty – this refers to people
     who do not even have basic
     necessities: which include
•    Food
•    Clean water
•    Clothing
•    Shelter
•    Basic health care
a.   Relative poverty – this refers to people
     who are not as well off as others around
     them, but might still be quite wealthy
     Choose one relief organisations and
        complete the following work
1.   Brief history of your chosen organisation
2    Main issues involved in a study of hunger
3    Bible teaching about responding to people in distress?
     (refer to two incidents in the O.T. or the N. T.)
4    Outline the history of either Christian Aid or Tear Fund
5    How does your chosen organisation help those in crisis?
6    Outline in detail one important area of the work of your
     chosen organisation. (e.g. a specific ongoing project)
7    How effective is Christian Aid/Tear Fund as a Christian
     Response to people in crisis?
8    Your personal view of the Christian Aid or Tear Fund

• ¼ of the worlds population              How can it be fair?
• 4/5 of the world’s income
• People live for 70 years or more
• Most people get enough to eat       • South
• Uses 7/8 of world’s annual          • ¾ of the world’s population
  products of resources like petrol
                                      • 1/5 of the world’s income
  or gas
                                      • People live for 50 years
• Eat nearly 2/3 of world’s annual
  supply of grain                     • Only ½ will have any chance of
                                        formal education
• Eat 4/5 of world’s annual
  production of protein               • Uses 1/8 of the world’s annual
                                        products of resources like
                                        petrol and gas
                                      • Eats 1/3 of world’s annual
                                      • Eats 1/5 of world’s annual
                                        production of protein
  Bible refs. to Poverty
Matt 6 : 19-24
• What advice does Jesus give to His
  followers? (quote)

Matt. 19 16-24 (quote)
• How can wealth be a hindrance to
  relationship with God?
         What is Tear Fund?

•   The
•   Evangelical
•   Alliance
•   Relief

• Fund

               The History of Tearfund

1959 - 1960 was designated World Refugee Year by the UN
Many evangelical Christians in the UK sent donations to the
Evangelical Alliance (EA) in order to help work with refugees.
The EA set up the Evangelical Alliance Refugee Fund to
handle the donations that came flooding in.
Donations to the fund increased, and in 1968 the decision
was taken to rename the fund The Evangelical Alliance
Relief Fund - giving the current name Tearfund.
In the UK, Tearfund receives most of its funding from
Christians and in fact only advertises its work in Christian
Magazines etc.
             The History of Tearfund
 Tear fund is an evangelical Christian relief and
  development charity which works in partnership with
  local churches etc. to bring help and hope to
  communities in need around the world.
 Last year, Tearfund supported over 500 projects in
  nearly 100 countries.
 In partnership with other evangelical Christian
  groups and churches around the world, Tearfund
  proclaims and demonstrates the gospel.
 The gospel underpins all our work as we strive for
  the physical and spiritual well-being of people.

        The commitment of Tearfund

 We are committed to Christ
 We are committed to the Bible
 We are committed to the poor
 We are committed to serving them by empowering
  them to meet their basic needs,
 We are committed to overcome injustice and fulfil
  their God-given potential.
 We are committed to the whole person
 We are committed to care for people in the context
  of their family, community and environment

      The commitment of Tearfund

 We are committed   to justice
 We are committed   to prayer
 We are committed   to relationships
 We are committed   to partnership
 We are committed   to excellence
 We are committed   to learning from others in
 We are committed   to accountability

 Tearfund provides a channel for this
  partnership which is expressed through
  prayer, time and money.
 Tearfund works in the following areas of
  development: healthcare; urban renewal;
  conflict and justice; environment and
  agriculture; education and training.
 Tearfund is registered in the UK as a charity
  no 265464.

An agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland,
Christian Aid works wherever the need is greatest,
regardless of religion.
It works through local organisations that understand
local needs, as well as giving help on the ground
through 16 overseas offices.
Christian Aid believes in strengthening people to find
their own solutions to the problems they face.
It strives for a new world transformed by an end to
poverty and campaigns to change the rules that keep
people poor.

          A brief history of Christian Aid 1
Christian Aid began life in 1945 as Christian
Reconciliation in Europe, responding to the needs of
refugees and churches in Europe in the aftermath of the
Second World War.
In 1949 it became an integral part of the British Council
of Churches (now CTBI) as the Department for the Inter-
Church Aid and Refugee Service, becoming involved with
world refugee settlement and justice issues.
It worked closely with the World Council of Churches and
the churches in the newly independent countries in the
South.                                               20
•   In 1964 the organisation changed its name to
    Christian Aid after its best known source of income,
    Christian Aid Week, which began in 1957.
•   Since the reorganisation of the Council of Churches
    in 1991, Christian Aid has been a separate legal
    entity, but remains in close relationship with it.
•   Since its inception Christian Aid has worked on long
    term development projects where the need is
    greatest, working with people and communities
    regardless of race or creed.
•   Today it works in over 60 of the world's poorest
Christian Aid's essential belief is summed up in the
statement `We believe in life before death' now part
of the Christian Aid logo.
In March 2000 the Board approved a new four-year
corporate plan, and a vision statement which
reaffirmed Christian Aid's commitment to
strengthening the poor, sharing our common
humanity and promoting the dignity and rights of
women and men everywhere

    Choose one relief organisations to help you
explore the Christian Response to people in distress

1.   What are the main issues involved in a study of hunger
2.   What the Bible teaches about how to respond to people
     in distress? (refer to 2 incidents in the O.T. or the N. T.)
3.   Outline the history of either Christian Aid or Tear Fund
4.   Choose at least one specific project in which your chosen
     organisation is involved e.g. Christian Aid in Haiti.
5.   Problems faced by Relief Organisations?
6.   How effective is Christian Aid/Tear Fund as a Christian
     Response to people in crisis?
7.   Compare this organisation to one other organisation you
     know about
8.   Your personal response to people in distress             23

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