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									  Canadian Society for
  International Health

 Good Governance and Sustainable
Health Systems in International Health
The Role of the Canadian Society for
        International Health

      Janet Hatcher Roberts
        Executive Director
            April 2005
                Canadian Society for
                International Health

Our approach is to consider what is a
Sustainable Health System?

•   Cost effective
•   Maintains and improves health
•   Appropriate interventions
•   Needs based
•   Integrates intersectoral intervention policy
Opportunities for Collaboration
     Health Systems Strengthening
   Population Health / Health Promotion Frameworks

   Poverty/Education/Gender        Intersectoral Policy Action
    Determinants of Health        Supportive Community and

                                                                 Healthy Public Policies
         Health Status               Policy Environments
                                       Community Action

               Intersectoral Policy Development
     Capacity building for regional / district planning and
                   equity based allocation
     Evidence based clinical and policy decision making,
            eg clinical protocols and guidelines
            Integrated health information systems:
                   data for decision making
  Community Interventions and Health Promotion programs,
                        eg Youth
             Strong and empowered civil society
     Canadian Society for
     International Health

We consider:
  • Why is health reform necessary to build
    and maintain a sustainable health
  • Main objectives of health reform
    • Improving efficiencies and economies of
      health care provision
    • Improving health status
    • Improving the quality of care
               Reformed System

              Rationalized System

Changing Patterns of Behaviour by Health Professionals

Information Systems        Information Systems for
                               Decision Making
       Economics                    Financing


        Rationalizing and Reforming the System
CSIH acknowledges that:

  • Health care should be based on practical,
    scientifically sound methods and
    technologies acceptable to the community
    through their participation
  • It should be part of the country health
    systems and be the main focus of the
    overall social and economic development
    of the community
                         Primary Health Care:
National                So what was happening ?
       Problem        Data Collection Analysis Intervention, Programs/Services Policy
       Identification                          Prevention

                        Continuum of Health Response

  So Where Does the Canadian
 Society for International Health
              Fit In?

• Worked with IDRC to lead the
consultations and follow up to the
1993 WDR
• Asked the questions: Will this work
in the every day settings?
•Lobbied Canadian agencies to
renew commitment to health and
The Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH):

    national non-governmental organization with

    committed to the promotion of international
   health and development

  Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA)

  Canadian Society for Tropical Medicine and
      International Health (1977 to 1988)

Canadian Society for International Health (1988 to

 Advocate for international health and

  Mobilize Canadian resources to advocate and
facilitate research, education and service activities
in international health

 Promote progressive health policies and
programming in Canada and around the world
             Strategic Focus

Capacity building for equity based health reform

Increase awareness of health and development

Advocacy in health and development
                                                                     Canadian Society for
                                                                     International Health

                                                                Janet Hatcher Roberts
                                                                  Executive Director

                                          Board of                    Society's Members



Special Projects and   Central and Eastern            Latin America/              Internships         Asia         Africa
   Development               Europe                     Caribbean

Small Grants Funds:          Ukraine                                               Netcorps        Philippines     Mali
Project Development      South Caucasus                  Guyana                     CIDA         Cambodia/Laos/
                             Russia                      (Bolivia)                  DFA         Thailand/Vietnam
                   Current Projects
• Ukraine: Youth for Health: Inter sectoral Health Policy
• South Caucasus: Health Information Systems Phase II
• Guyana: Public Health Strengthening
• Russia: Evaluation and Monitoring of CIDA Health Projects
• Mali: Appui a l’amerioration de la sante de la reproduction
• Cambodia/Lao/Thailand/Vietnam: Canada South
East Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Program
• Philippines: Equity-Based Health Sector Reform
Capacity building for equity based Health
            Reform Projects:
   International Financial Institutions
  Integration of equity and “determinants of health” philosophy
into health reform initiatives. No private sector options are

 Expressions of interest to World Bank and Asian
Development Bank promoting Canadian technical expertise:
we use our network and members first

 Short-listed on projects in Central and Eastern Europe
(Croatia and Macedonia)

 Successful execution of two projects on human resource
development and health information systems in Croatia
 Short listed and won technical and financial July 2002: Health
Promotion and Surveys . Delivered June 2004
Building Capacity for Equity Based Health
  Reform: Our Future through the CSIH
           Internship Program
•6-9 month professional opportunities for young Canadians to
work abroad with an international or community based
•   Multiple funders: exploring private sector partners
•Host organizations have included: WHO/PAHO, WHO
Collaborating Centres, local NGOs, Ministries of Health,
Universities, Hospitals, United Nations Programs

•Placements address a wide range of health issues and
determinants of health. We also offer placements in Information
Communications Technology in health institutions.
Over 200 CSIH Interns have been
placed in more than 80 countries
          since 1997 !
             Small Grants Programs
HIV/AIDS Phases I and II
    encourages new or emerging partnerships between
  Canadian organizations and those in developing countries
  or countries-in-transition to address local HIV/AIDS priority
   Phase III to be launched this summer

Partnership for Global Health Equity
    funded collaborative health-related research whose
  current theme, approach, and/or partnerships did not
  readily fit under already existing funding frameworks.
Raising Awareness and Advocating for Health
              and Development

 Broad range of health and development issues
 Historically CSIH led the consultation for CIDA’s Health Strategy
 Continues to advocate for increased investment in the health
 sector at CIDA and IDRC
 CSIH mobilizes Canadian expertise for technical assistance and
 This allows us to link population, health and nutrition issues to
 promote health and development and the critical inter sectoral
 action and policy development which is required to make a

  CSIH has established and strengthened
     Canadian networks in population,
            health and nutrition:

Synergy On Line every month to highlight key issues
Network of experts (300) established of academics from
universities and colleges. Provide timely and appropriate
technical assistance, develop background briefing
materials on specific advocacy issues, attend meetings
and monitor key trends
Membership of over 700 members provides technical
assistance. This assistance is in-kind and contributes
significantly against the CIDA contribution
Partnerships with sister organizations connects us with
other networks within and outside the health sector

CSIH often takes a lead role in organizing and
        facilitating NGO consultations:
  Population and Reproductive Health with Action Canada
  for Population and Development (ACPD)
  HIV/AIDS Action Plan Launch and consultation with many
  health NGOs, international donors and partners
  Globalization and trade liberalization and health with CCIC:
  Connecting on the Quebec Summit
• Coordinated with the Canadian Consortia for Global Health
  Research to lobby for health research and development
  support in G8 document: A success story!
• Canada’s new Public Health Agency and its International
• CSIH has produced proactive position papers and
  resolutions/letters to key government departments
       Peace and Health
       Globalization and Health
     Both papers are examples of the promotion of the inter sectoral
     action which is required to promote global health and well being

• Annual international conference on global health issues:
  Canadian Conference for International Health
  November 6-9, 2005: Your Money or Your Health: Health in the
  Global Economy
• Co-hosted World Health Day, 2005

• CSIH is a member of the Canadian Coalition for Global
  Health Research and its Executive Director is a member
  of the Coalition’s Board of Directors (October 2004)

• CSIH’s strong foundation of international partners, our
  ability to negotiate with governments, NGOs and
  academic institutions, and our wide variety of global
  health research and development applications offers
  opportunities for significant adaptation, application and
  implementation for health and well being with a global
  reach and impact.
           Opportunities for Collaboration
•   Multi-partner project implementation (
•   Development of joint project proposals: CIDA and IFI’s
•   Assist in mapping out a plan of action and feasibility studies
•   Mentoring and capacity building utilizing existing models,
    approaches and experiences that are appropriate and needs
    based : CSIH can help you find the best and most appropriate
•   Scientific affiliation with most universities is possible by utilizing
    our network of universities and membership in the Canadian
    Coalition for Global Health Research (
•   Link to service and equipment providers: Linked to solid
    technology assessment, regulatory frameworks and accreditation
    councils eg: Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology
    Assessment, Canadian Council for Health Services Accreditation,
    City Health Departments
Opportunities for Collaboration

     Janet Hatcher Roberts
       Executive Director

           Lori Jones
    Director, Special Projects

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