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South East Region
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Project description and key ideas

• In 2007 we decided to hold a Scarecrow Festival

• About 80 businesses, organisations and residents built scarecrows
  and put them on display

• We created a Trail Sheet showing the location of the Scarecrows

• About 3000 residents and tourist visitors took the Spot the
  Scarecrow Trail
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival

Photo Gallery

• The 2007 and 2008 official photo Gallery is in the Festival website at

• 2008 is also at
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
How did you identify the need for the project?

• The MTI Health Check in 2006/7 identified the need for more
  activities to bring the Community together

• Two MTI members had seen a Scarecrow Festival in North Devon

• The MTI thought it fitted the need and we put together a Scarecrow
  Festival Committee
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Community Involvement

• Apart from the organising committee who create a framework, this
  whole project is actually delivered by the community itself!

• Other than for initial funding there were no other partners needed

• We used posters, newspaper articles and banners to advertise the

• Community members simply completed an Entry Form then built a
  Scarecrow and put it on show
    Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Innovation & Quality of either project / approach

• The key innovation was the Trail Sheet otherwise it would just have
  been a collection of straw figures with no single purpose

•    Overall Project quality was assured by using trained local volunteers
    led by an experienced event manager
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Funding and Future Viability

• 2007 costs were £1528.24

• 2007 income was £1,777.57 this included Sponsorship as follows
      The Hayling Island Bookshop £400
      Hayling Lions Club              £400
      Havant Borough Council          £250

• 2007 Festival surplus of £249.33

• 2008 Surplus is £850.00
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Benefits – What we aimed to achieve

The three objectives of the 2007 Festival were

1. To be an activity that involved all sections of the Hayling Island

2. To stimulate tourism onto the Island

3. To be fun!
     Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Benefits - Results

1.    To be an activity that involved all sections of the Hayling Island
      Participants ranged in age from pre- school to 104 years old, businesses,
      organisations and residents were all represented

2. To stimulate tourism onto the Island
     1144 Trail Sheets were sold and each was used by an average of 2
     people. Many more people simply walked around and looked, estimated
     participants was 3000

      Helped to reinvigorate the local Carnival which had been running
      annually since 1953. Scarecrow Awards are presented at The Carnival.

3. and to be fun!
     We have no measure of fun but you should have seen the children’s
 Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Benefits & What Next?
What related future plans do you have to build on this success?
    – 2008 was three times bigger
    – Plan to run for next four years or until residents get bored

Innovations for 2008 were
• Scarecrow Making Workshops for the residents
• A range of Scarecrow Merchandise to create income for Retailers
   and the MTI
• A Scarecrow Hosting Service
• New Award Categories and a Best In Show category
• Masses of Sponsors keen to be associated
• Better mapping in the Trail Sheets
• Better Trail Sheet Draw Prizes
    Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
2008 Festival – Three times the size!

•   EVERYONE it seemed was involved in making Scarecrows

•   Police, Fire, Lifeboats, First Responders, Doctors and Nurses, Churches of
    all Denominations

•   Businesses, Shops – both National Chains and Local Independents

•   Rest Homes, Sheltered Homes, Daycare Centres, Special Needs Homes,

•   Local Craft Societies, Scouts, Guides and so on

•   ,A range of Scarecrow related merchandise - Mugs and Post Cards
    Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
2008 Festival – Some Facts and Figures
•   246 official entries – three times the number in 2007
•   Over 380 Scarecrow figures on show – ? largest in UK this year?
•   Estimated 4500 people took the Scarecrow Trail
•   Scarecrow Making Workshops – over 100 attended
•   Scarecrow Themed entertainment on seafront – The Mangled Wurzels
•   Scarecrow Cream Teas!
•   BBC Web Pages
•   Extensive Local Radio coverage
•   33 minute DVD produced
•   Completely self funding through sponsorship and merchandise sales
    Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival
Transferability – advice if running a similar project

•   Find something that all the community can do
•   Keep the message simple
•   Organise it to run very well – failure is highly visible
•   Set up separate sub teams to deliver each MTI project
•   Have dedicated volunteers
•   Regular meetings
•   Keep referring to your project objectives
•   Take part and enjoy it yourselves
Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival

              Come and “Spot The Scarecrows”
                     July 25th to August 9th
              Category Awards to be Presented mid way
              through the Festival at The Hayling Island
              Carnival on August 1st

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