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Sunday 15 October 2006 by fjhuangjun

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Sunday 15 October                                                                                                   2006
Viewing: Fri & Sat 1 to 4pm        Sale day viewing from 9am             Sale begins 11 am                     Icluding items
                                                                                                               from the Bill
                Postal, telephone (book lines early!) & fax bidding facility                                   Jackson
                 Low cost after sale post & packing service worldwide                                          Collection, the
                                                                                                               final Ointment
            FREE PARKING            REFRESHMENTS throughout the day                                            Pots from the
 Sale carries 12% buyers premium added to all hammer prices (+ vat on the 12% only)                            Ann Young
            ACCOMMODATION: Norfolk Arms, Chapeltown & Rockingham Arms, Wentworth                               Collection,
                 are the most convenient for this sale. Full listing at back of catalogue                      plus items
                                                                                                               from other
              BBR, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley, S Yorks., S74 8HJ                                        vendors
     Tel: 01226 745156     Fax: 01226 361561         Email:

  This auction coincides with a BUSY week-end at Elsecar - Thomas the Tank Engine Sat & Sun,
    Toy & Train Fair & Auction Saturday PLUS the monthly 120+ stall Antiques Fair Sunday.
                                                                                   Catalogue prepared by Frank, Bobby, Alan Key & Alan Blakeman
Pot Lids                                                                6. BEDFORD COLD CREAM
                                                                        POT LID. 2.8 ins diam.,
1. WHITAKERS BEARS                                                      ‘ANTHONY & SON/
GREASE POT LID. 3.1                                                     ROSE/ COLD CREAM/
ins diam., ‘WHITAKER                                                    CHEMISTS/ BEDFORD’.
LIMITED/ BEARS                                                          Some rusting, will easily
GREASE ... 22 SILK                                                      clean. Scarce regional lid.
STREET CITY/                                                            NR £20-30+.
LONDON’. Primitive
single bear illus’d. Outer
rim rest’n - worth doing
professionally. Rare. NR

                                          2. ATKINSON’S BEARS                                                          7. HEATON CHAPEL
                                          GREASE POT LID. 2.4                                                          COLD CREAM POT LID.
                                          ins diam., ‘JAMES                                                            3.4 ins diam., ‘COLD
                                          ATKINSON’S BEARS                                                             CREAM/ OF/ ROSES ...
                                          GREASE ... LONDON/                                                           CHEMIST & DENTIST,
                                          26’. Four banded                                                             HEATON CHAPEL’. Fine
                                          decorative border. Minute                                                    lge, scarce, regional lid. NR
                                          edge nick, generally very                                                    £30-40+.
                                          good. NR £30-40+.

POMATUM POT LID. 3.2                                                    8. PAIR LIDS WITH BASES. Both
ins diam., highly detailed/                                             approx 3 ins diam. 1. ‘JEWSBURY &
elaborate red print                                                     BROWN’, marbled lid and base. 2.
transfer. ‘DR                                                           ‘KLENZIT ... DENTAL PLATE SOAP’,
FRAMPTONS/                                                              18 lines of writing in total. Both good. (2)
POMATUM .. FOR THE                                                      NR £20-30+.
Repaired down middle &
one small top area. An
exceptionally rare lid -
well worth restoring
professionally. NR £60-80+.
                                                                                                                  9. RADIUM SALVE POT
                                                                                                                     LID. 2.1 ins diam., ‘LUPUS/
                                                                                                                      SCROFULA .... DOCTOR
                                                                                                                      SHOWERS/ RADIUM
                              4. TRANSFERRED POT LID BASES.                                                           SALVE’, bottom edge
                              2.2 to 2.5 ins diam., 3 different                                                       repair, generally good. A
                              transferred bases. 1. ‘ROSS & SONS/ ...                                                 scarce two coloured transfer
                              BEARS GREASE ... LONDON’, green                                                         (turquoise & red), sensibly
                              transfer, 5 lines. 2. ‘A MANDER ..                                                      estimated. NR £20-30+.
                              MALVERN’. 3. ‘HOBSON ...
                              BUXTON’. (3) NR £20-30+.

5. CREME DE SAVON                                                       10. MANNINA POT LIDS. 2.5 to 3.4
LID & BASE. 3.1 ins                                                     ins diam., ‘MANNINA/ HERBAL
diam., elaborately                                                      OINTMENT .... FISHGUARD,
transferred lid & base,                                                 SOUTH WALES’, sizes no 1 & no 2.
green print. ‘CREME DE                                                  Larger example needs cleaning (slight
SAVON .... PARIS                                                        hairline) (2) NR £30-40+.
FRANCE’. NR £20-30+.
11. MRS ELLEN HALES                                                            16. PAIR OF
OINTMENT POT LIDS. 3.8                                                         OINTMENT POTS. 2.8
ins diam. Mighty                                                               ins tall, pair of
impressive large size lid                                                      ‘NATURES HERBAL
featuring central pict                                                         OINTMENT’, one
image of Mrs Ellen Hale                                                        transferred ‘PRICE 2s 9d
herself. ‘CELEBRATED                                                           PER POT’ & 25 lines of
HEAL-ALL OINTMENT                                                              writing printed vertically.
... BRANDON ST.                                                                Plus Original labelled
WALWORTH/                                                                      example (more words!)
LONDON’. Couple                                                                and original bakelite (?)
repaired areas & needs a                                                       top. (2) NR £20-30+.
clean. NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                                          17. TRIO OF
                                                                                                                          OINTMENT POTS.
                                             12. DOCTOR HARDY’S                                                           Tallest 1.7 ins., consists of
                                             SCORBUTIC OINTMENT                                                           2 Holloways varieties.
                                             POT LID. 3 ins diam., ‘OLD                                                   Plus a blue transferred
                                             DOCTOR HARDY’S                                                               ‘POOR MANS FRIEND’.
                                             CELEBRATED SCORBUTIC                                                         Some damages. (3) NR
                                             OINTMENT ... WIBSEY/                                                         £20-30+.
                                             NEAR BRADFORD/
                                             YORKSHIRE’, plus other lines
                                             (nice script). Some wear, could
                                           clean ok? NR £20-30+.

13. PAIR OF POT LIDS. 2.9 to 2.5                                               18. TRIO OF POTS. Tallest 3.8 ins.
ins diam., ‘JEWSBURY & BROWN/                                                  Consisting of a Boots Senna pot. Plus
ORIENTAL TOOTH PASTE’, central                                                 Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla.
coat of arms, marbled edge & side of                                           Plus Bisulphate of Soda stoneware
lid. Plus ‘WOODS ARECA NUT/ 6d/                                                cylinder. Some damages, generally
TOOTH PASTE’. (2) NR £20-30+.                                                  good. (3) NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                                            18A. DR ZIEMERS
                                   14. PAIR OF POT LIDS. 3.5 to 2.8                                              TOOTH PASTE LID. 3.5 ins diam,
                                   ins diam., large ‘CHERRY/ TOOTH                                               ‘DR ZIEMERS ALEXANDRA
                                   PASTE’. Impressive size - needs                                               TOOTH PASTE’ portrait of Princess
                                   cleaning. Plus ‘BOOTS/ CHERRY/                                                Alexandra to centre. Chips to flange.
                                   TOOTHPASTE’. (2) Good. NR £20-                                                NR £40-60+.

15. PAIR OF POT LIDS. 3.1 to 2.5
ins diam., ‘JOHN GOSNELL/                                                      18B. F. S. CLEAVER’S
CHERRY TOOTHPASTE’, young                                                      ARECANUT TOOTH
Queen Victoria to centre. Plus                                                 PASTE POT LID. 2.75
‘CALVERTS CARBOLIC                                                             ins diam, ‘F. S.
TOOTHPASTE’, strong black                                                      CLEAVER’S/ ARECA NUT/
transfer. First with couple of underside                                       TOOTH PASTE’. Good. NR
flakes (2) NR £20-30+.                                                         £20-30+.
18C. WHITE CHERRY                                                        18H. CHERRY TOOTH
TOOTH PASTE POT LID. 2.75                                                PASTE POT LID. 2.6 ins diam,
ins diam, ‘WHITE CHERRY/                                                 ‘CHERRY TOOTH PASTE/
TOOTH/ PASTE’. Good. NR                                                  CLEANSES AND
£20-30+.                                                                 PRESERVES THE TEETH &
                                                                         GUMS’, Brittania pictured
                                                                         with lion to centre. Very good.
                                                                         NR £30-40+.

                                            18D. ARMY AND NAVY                                                     18I. BEDDARDS
                                            TOOTH PASTE POT LID.                                                   BELGRAVIA TOOTH
                                            3 ins diam, ‘CHERRY                                                    PASTE POT LID. 3 ins
                                            TOOTH PASTE/ ARMY &                                                    diam, ‘BEDDARD’S
                                            NAVY CO-OPERATIVE                                                      BELGRAVIA/ TOOTH
                                            SOCIETY LIMITED’,                                                      PASTE/ T. C. WHITE
                                            nibbles to flange. NR £20-                                             ESQ M. R. C. S./
                                            30+.                                                                   SURGEON DENTIST/
                                                                                                                   JOHN BEDDARD/
                                                                                                                   CHEMIST TO THE
                                                                                                                QUEEN’. Very good. NR
                                                                         18J. OTTO OF ROSE
PASTE POT LID. 3.5 ins
                                                                         COLD CREAM POT LID.
                                                                         3.25 ins diam, ‘OTTO OF
                                                                         ROSE/ JOHN BARKER/ &/
                                                                         COMPANY/ LTD/
                                                                         KENSINGTON/ COLD
                                                                         CREAM’, small chip to top
                                                                         edge. NR £20-30+.

                                     18F. JOHN GOSNELL & CO
                                     PAIR OF TOOTH PASTE POT
                                     LIDS. 3 ins diam, black and white
                                     and bronze versions, ‘CHERRY
                                     TOOTH PASTE PATRONIZED BY
                                     THE QUEEN PREPARED BY                                                 18K. COLD CREAM AND
                                     JOHN GOSNELL & CO                                                     TOOTH PASTE POT LID. 2.5 ins
                                     LONDON’. Chip to flange to bronze                                     diam, ‘COLD/ CREAM’ with fancy
                                     version. (2) NR £30-40+.                                              border. Plus ‘CALVERTS
                                                                                                           CARBOLIC TOOTH PASTE’ 2.25
                                                                                                           ins diam. Good. (2) NR £20-30+.

                                                                         18L. BREIDENBACK &
                                                                         CO COLD CREAM POT
                                                                         LID. 2.5 ins diam, ‘PURE/
18G. JOHN GOSNELL & CO                                                   COLD CREAM/
PAIR OF TOOTH PASTE POT                                                  BREIDENBACK & CO/
LIDS. 3 ins diam, as previous lot.                                       PERFUMES/ TO HER
Chip to top edge of black and                                            MAJESTY/ LONDON’. Good.
white version. (2) NR £20-30+.                                           NR £20-30+.
18M. CREME D AMANDE                                     18R. HOLLOWAYS
SHAVING CREAM POT                                       OINTMENT POT LID. 3.25
LID. 3.5 ins diam,                                      ins diam, ‘HOLLOWAYS
‘CREME D’                                               OINTMENT/ 2 S Q D/
AMANDE/ FOR/                                            244 STRAND
SHAVING BOOTS/                                          LONDON’. Good. NR
CASH CHEMISTS’.                                         £20-30+.
Good. NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                   18S. MRS ELLEN
                                                                                                   HALE’S OINTMENT
                          18N. JOHN GOSNELL &
                                                                                                   POT LID. 3 ins diam,
                          CO SHAVING CREAM
                                                                                                   ‘CELEBRATED HEAL-
                          POT LID AND BASE. 3.25
                                                                                                   ALL OINTMENT/ MRS
                          ins diam, ‘AMBROSIAL
                                                                                                   ELLEN HALE’S
                          SHAVING/ CREAM JOHN
                                                                                                   BRANDON ST
                          GOSNELL & CO/
                                                                                                   WALWORTH/ LONDON’
                          PERFUMERS BY
                                                                                                  with the lady herself
                          APPOINTMENT TO HER
                                                                                               pictured. Good. NR £40-60+.
                          MAJESTY’. Flange and base
                          damage. NR £30-40+.
                                                        18T. AUSTRALIAN
                                                        OINTMENT POT LID.
                                                        2.25 ins diam,
18O. ANCHOVY PASTE                                      AUSTRALIAN
POT LID. 3.5 ins diam,                                  OINTMENT SYDNEY
‘ANCHOVY PASTE/                                         N. S. W’. Good. NR
PREPARED BY/ CROSSE                                     £20-30+.
LONDON’. Good. NR £20-

                                                                                              18U. ANTIPELLICULAIRF
                                                                                              POT LID. 2.75 ins diam,
                                                                                              ‘MAZET & CO’S/
                              18P. J G ATKINSON
                                                                                              LONDON/ 3/ -’ with gold
                               COLD CREAM POT
                                                                                              band. Good. NR £30-40+.
                               LID. 2.5 ins diam, ‘J.
                               G. ATKINSON/
                               CHEMIST/ COLD            18V. SAVORY & MOORE
                               CREAM/ 25/               POT LID. 2.5 ins diam,
                               WESTOW HILL/             ‘SAVORY & MOORE/
                               UPPER NORWOOD            CHEMISTS/ TO THE
                               S. E.’ Good. NR £20-     QUEEN LONDON’. Good.
                               30+.                     NR £20-30+.
                                                        18M. CREME D AMANDE
                                                        SHAVING CREAM POT
                                                        LID. 3.5 ins diam, ‘CREME
                                                        D’ AMANDE/ FOR/ SHAVING
                                                        BOOTS/ CASH CHEMISTS’.
                                                        Good. NR £20-30+.

3.25 ins diam,
‘HOVENDEN’S/                                                              POSTAL BIDDERS
GENUINE/ I S/ CASTOR                                       You must ascertain that items described within this catalogue meet
OIL/ POMADE’, minor                                          your needs/ expectations with regard to condition etc. Please
nibbles and hairline to                                  telephone, provide lot numbers, and call back 10 minutes later, for a
flange. NR £30-40+.                                           more detailed condition report - ask for Alan Blakeman.
18W. GOLDEN EYE                                       Shop Rounds
AND BASE. 1.75 ins                                    19. CHEMIST
diam, ‘GOLDEN/ EYE/                                   ROUNDS. 10 to 6.75 ins
OINTMENT/ TIMOTHY                                     tall. All green glass,
WHITES & TAYLORS                                      ribbed with recessed labels
LTD’. Good. NR £20-                                   under glass in red, black
30+.                                                  & gold. All with stoppers,
                                                      one with damaged label &
                                                      rim chip. (6) NR £40-60+.

                                                                                            20. CHEMIST ROUNDS.
                           18X. UNG RUB
                                                                                            10 to 7 ins tall, all green
                            OINTMENT POT LID.
                                                                                            glass, ribbed with recessed
                            2.5 ins diam, ‘UNG RUB/
                                                                                            labels under glass, in red,
                            THE/ RED OINTMENT/ R.
                                                                                            black & gold, all with
                            HANCOCK/ 28 FLEET
                                                                                            stoppers, some with cracks
                            STREET LONDON’. Slight
                                                                                            to labels. (6) NR £40-60+.
                            staining. NR £30-40+.

18Y. CAMBERWELL                                       21. CHEMIST
CHERRY TOOTH PASTE                                    ROUNDS. 10 to 6.75 ins
POT LID. 2.5 ins diam,                                tall, all green glass,
‘CHERRY TOOTH PASTE/                                  ribbed, 5 with recessed
FROSSER ROBERTS                                       labels under glass in red,
COMPANY/                                              black & gold, all with
PHARMACEUTICAL &                                      stoppers. Some damage
ANALYTICAL                                            to labels. (6) NR £40-
CHEMISTS/                                             60+.
CAMBERWELL’, cherries
pictorial. Good. NR £30-

                                                                                            22. CHEMIST
                           18Z. GOSNELL                                                     ROUNDS. 9.25 to 7 ins
                           MINIATURE TOOTH                                                  tall, all green glass, ribbed
                           PASTE POT LID. 1.25 ins                                          with recessed labels under
                           diam, ‘CHERRY TOOTH                                              glass in red, black &
                           PASTE PATRONIZED BY                                              gold, all with stoppers. 2
                           THE QUEEN/ JOHN                                                  with rim chips. (6) NR
                           GOSNELL & CO                                                     £40-60+.
                           LONDON’. Good. NR £30-

LID. 3.25 ins diam, pink
‘THORNTONS/                                           23. GLASS MEASURE? 14 ins
ANTHROCOLINE/                                         long, for wall hanging, clear glass
PREPARED BY/ W M                                      with etched graduated marks. Plus
FRANCIS NORMAN/ 37                                    percolator glass, 13.25 ins tall,
WARWICK STREET                                        acid etched. ‘KAY’S/
WEST LEAMINGTON’.                                     PERCOLATOR/ STOCKPORT’.
Good. NR £40-60+.                                     (2) NR £20-30+.
24. YARDLEY’S                                                         29. HORN
ADVERTISING FIGURES.                                                  SCOOPS.
11.5 to 7.5 ins tall. Coloured                                        Various sizes,
rubberoid example,                                                    metal &
‘YARDLEY’S/ LAVENDAR’                                                 wooden scoop,
in gold lettering to plinth.                                          letter openers.
Slight damage. Plus coloured                                          (17) NR £20-
ceramic example. (2) NR £20-                                          30+.

                                                                      30. MIXED
                                                                      Several metal
                                      25. YARDLEYS TRIO. 7            medical
                                      to 5.5 ins tall. Includes       instruments -
                                      coloured ceramic soap tray      forceps, tooth
                                      figurine. Plus lidded powder    key, pewter
                                      jar. Plus boxed figurine with   syringes etc.
                                      soaps. (3) NR £20-30+.          (18) NR £20-

PERFUME BOTTLES                                                       31. WOODEN STETHOSCOPES.
ETC. Cussons Wild                                                     Wooden monaural stethoscopes & reflex
Lavendar, Yardley’s                                                   hammer. (3) NR £20-30+.
Lavendar Brilliantine,
Sweet May Hodgson &
Simpson Ltd, Cedar Wood,
Rosh-in-Ara Indian
Perfume. 2 boxed perfumes.
Encharma Cold Cream
Complexion Powder.
Yardley’s Powder compact.
Only part shown. NR £20-
                                                                      32. MIXED GROUP. ‘BOOTS IMPROVED ENEMA SYRINGE’, tin
                                      27. MIXED LOT. Drug
                                                                      & contents. Plus boxed enema’s. Plus Pewter clyster with wooden
                                      jars 9.5 ins tall to 3 ins
                                                                      piston, ear trumpet rubber tubes, bulbs etc. (15) NR £20-30+.
                                      diam. White ceramic jar
                                      ‘UNG/ ZINCI’, black
                                      letters. Stoneware jar, metal
                                      lid, ‘UNC.CARBOL’.
                                      Portable scale, Apothecarys
                                      scale, brass & glass Pill
                                      Rounders, boxwood. (5) NR

                                                                      33. GROUP OF SHOP
                                                                      ROUNDS. 10.25 to 7 ins
                                                                      tall. Clear glass shop
                                                                      rounds, 9 with recessed
                                                                      labels under glass, one
28. BOXWOOD CONTAINER.                                                with metal cap, one
2 ins tall, 2.75 ins diam. glass                                      without stopper, 3 aqua
internal fitting. Plus boxwood pill                                   glass cylindrical poison
rounder. Plus Mortar & pestles.                                       bottles with stoppers. Only
white ceramic. Wedgewood                                              part shown. (13) NR £20-
impressed marks. (5) NR £20-30+.                                      30+.
34. GROUP OF                                                             39. GROUP OF
SHOP ROUNDS.                                                             LABELLED
10 to 6.75 ins tall,                                                     MEDICINES, POISONS
green glass,                                                             ETC. Boval Essence of
ribbed, recessed                                                         Rennet, Boots Sal Volatile,
labels under glass,                                                      Linctus Diamorph,
3 cobalt blue                                                            American Oil of
glass, recessed                                                          Peppermint, Copper
labels, rectangular                                                      solution. Some with
shape, green glass                                                       contents. Only part shown.
ribbed bottle.                                                           (26) NR £20-30+.
Some damage.
Only part shown.
(9) NR £40-60+.

                                Mixed Miscellany                                                                    40. MIXED LOT. Boxed
                                                                                                                    Fabrique de Cachets, Pill
                                35. HYGROMETER. 19 by 7 ins,                                                        cartons Beechams etc,
                                copper cased thermometers, humidity                                                 Pasinah cachets, labelled
                                table down centre, fitting below to                                                 poisons with contents,
                                take bottle. ‘CASELLA LONDON’                                                       Carters Little Iron pills,
                                makers mark. NR £20-30+.                                                            Bishops, Stone bottle with
                                                                                                                               label etc. etc. (26)
                                                                                                                                 NR £20-30+.

                                                                         41. ARROWROOT JAR. 14.5
                                                                         ins to top of lid, large pottery
                                                                         jar, overall blue with twin
                                                                         white handles & trim.
                                                                         ‘ARROWROOT’ to
                                                                         centre, gold
                                                                         decoration above &
by 9 by 3 ins., fitted wooden
                                                                         below. A superb &
box. ‘B.D.H. SPOT TEST
                                                                         rarely offered display
                                                                         item. Good. £1200-
LONDON’ to plaque on lid.
NR £20-30+.

                                       37. PILL TILE. 10 ins
                                       square, white glazed pill tile.
                                       Plus clear glass chemists
                                                                                                            42. DELFT DRUG JAR. 8.5 ins
                                       display cupping glass? (2)
                                                                                                            tall, white glazed, spouted. ‘INF
                                       Good. NR £20-30+.
                                                                                                            BUCHO’. Some staining & body
                                                                                                            hairline, spout chip. A fine early
                                                                                                            item. NR £100-120+.

                                                                         43. TRIO
                                                                         CERAMIC DRUG
38. GROUP OF                                                             JAR. 4.5 to 7 ins
LABELLED                                                                 tall, green body,
MEDICINES. Fennings,                                                     domed lid, label
Chest Throat & Lung                                                      under glass
Mixture, Siegels Malt                                                    ‘OL:COC: NUCIF’.
Cough Balsalm, Sequahas                                                  Plus 2 blue bodied
Oil, Falconers Golden                                                    jars, white trim.
Compound, Extract of Cod                                                 ‘CONF: ROSAE.C’.
Liver, Halycitrol etc.                                                   Plus ‘PIL: AL ET
Some with contents. Not                                                  MYR’. Minor
all shown. (18) NR £20-                                                  chipping & hairline.
30+.                                                                     (3) NR £30-40+.
44. EARTHENWARE                                                         49. BISMUTH LOZENGES JAR. 10 ins
DRUG JAR. 9 ins tall                                                    tall to top of stopper, label under glass
to top of domed lid,                                                    ‘BISMUTH LOZENGES’, facetted
blue & white recessed                                                   stopper. Good. NR £20-30+.
lable under glass
‘UNG: SULPH:’. Plus
another ‘UNG:HYD:
MIT:. Some staining,
chip/ nibbles. (2) NR

                                          45. EARTHENWARE
                                          DRUG JAR. 11.5 ins to
                                          top of sloping lid, green &
                                          white, gold label, black
                                          letters ‘UNG: RES: F:’
                                          Plus ‘UNG: PICIS: L’.         50. PAIR OF SHOP JARS. 11.5 to 14.5 ins. ‘MENTHOL AND
                                          Both jars have fading to      EUCALYPTUS PASTILLES’ label needs re-sticking to jar. Plus
                                          lids. (2) Good. NR £60-       ‘ANTISEPTIC THROAT PASTILLES’, possibly not original domed
                                          80+.                          gold lid. (2) Good. NR £30-40+.

                                                                        51. PAIR OF SPITOON
                                                                        BOTTLES. 3.5 to 4.25
                                                                        ins tall, cobalt blue
46. EARTHENWARE                                                         spitoon bottle, metal
DRUG JAR. 8.5 ins tall                                                  screw top, ounces
top of metal lid, green &                                               measure. Plus smaller
white, paper label, ‘UNG:                                               bottle ‘DR
CHRISAROB’. Plus blue                                                   DETWEIBER’ embossed
& white jar, metal lid,                                                 to both sides, hinged lid.
recessed label space paper                                              (2) Good. NR £20-30+.
label ‘PULV: RHEI’.
Chips to one. (2) Good.
NR £40-60+.

                                                                                                                    52. PAIR OF SPITOON
                                                                                                                    BOTTLES. 3.75 ins tall,
                                                                                                                    cobalt blue, both embossed
                                  47. EARTHENWARE DRUG
                                                                                                                    ‘SANLORA’, ‘MAWS
                                  JAR. 11.25 ins to top of domed lid,
                                                                                                                    BARNET’ to base, ounces
                                  pink & white, gold band & trim.
                                                                                                                    measure to rear. (2) Good.
                                  ‘ZINGIBER’ paper label under lid
                                                                                                                    NR £20-30+.
                                  ‘VIZER BRIGHTON’, lid broken &
                                  reglued. NR £80-100+.

                                                                        53. SPITOON BOTTLE. 3.25 ins tall,
                                                                        cobalt blue, waisted spitoon, unusual screw/
                                                                        hinge lid, base marked ‘1405’. Good. NR

.75 to 10.25 ins tall, waisted jar with
paper label ‘SHEM - EL - NESSIM’                                                FULL COLOUR CATALOGUE?
cachou, partial neck label. Plus                                            If you have subscribed to this catalogue simply email your full
labelled perfume. Plus small cardboard                                       name and address to: and we will gladly
face powder container. (3) NR £60-                                                     forward a FULL COLOUR pdf version.
54. TREEN OINTMENT                                                   59. BABY FEEDERS. All clear glass boat shape, one acid etched
INDUCERS. 3.75 ins                                                   ‘BOOTS THE CHEMISTS’. Plus ‘CHEERS & HOPLEY ESTRIAN
wooden ointment inducer,                                             HYGIENIC FEEDER’ & ‘S. MAW SON & SONS LTD LODNON’.
screw base, thin section at                                          (3) NR £20-30+.
top with holes. (5) Good. NR

                                55. BOXWOOD DOUBLE                   60. BABY FEEDERS. All 6 ins tall, clear glass banjo shape, embossed
                                POWDER MEASURES. 2.10 to             ‘BABYS FAVOURITE BOTTLE’. Plus ‘THE CROWN FEEDING
                                2.6 ins, boxwood powder measures,    BOTTLE’ & ‘ S MAW SON & THOMPSON’. (3) NR £20-30+.
                                each with turned centre. (2) Good.
                                NR £30-40+.

MEASURE. 3.5 to 4 ins.,                                              61. BABY FEEDERS. All 5.75 ins tall, banjo shape, clear glass,
as previous lot. (2) Good.                                           embossed ‘BABY’S FEEDER’, ‘BABY’S FAVOURITE FEEDING
NR £30-40+.                                                          BOTTLE’, ‘PRINCESS FEEDING BOTTLE W MATHER’. (3) NR

                                57. BOXWOOD DOUBLE
                                POWDER MEASURE. 3.25 ins.
                                Plus boxwood pill rounder. dark
                                wood ointment inducer, screw base.
                                (3) Good. NR £30-40+.                                                         62. BABY FEEDERS.
                                                                                                              Quantity of baby feeders
                                                                                                              including clear glass,
                                                                                                              plastic, elephant shape,
                                                                                                              boxed Playtex baby nurser
                                                                                                              kit, boxed Winnie the Pooh
                                                                                                              feeding cup. Only part
                                                                                                              shown. (12) NR £20-30+.
Baby Feeders & Shaving Mugs

58. BABY FEEDERS. 8 & 7.5 ins long, 2 boat shape in clear glass,
clear glass example embossed ‘COW & GATE NO 1 STOPPERED
(3) Good.                                                            63. SHAVING
NR £20-                                                              MUGS. 2 with floral
30+.                                                                 design, one with
                                                                     sailing ship, one with
                                                                     golfer, blue glazed
                                                                     example. Only part
                                                                     shown. (5) Good. NR
64. SHAVING MUGS. Blue & white floral design, 3 coloured floral,      69. MIXED GROUP. Rubber model of a female figure, box of enema
one with galleon pictured. Only part shown. (5) Good. NR £20-30+.     nozzles, box of umbilical ligatures, tin Ricollots paper, boxed Placebo
                                                                      inhaler, packet of Poor Mans plasters, packets Acid Tannic. Pill trays
                                                                      etc. Only part shown. (14) NR £20-30+.

65. SHAVING MUGS. Commemorative example King George Queen
Mary? 3 with coloured floral design, another beige glaze. Only part
shown. (5) NR £20-30+.                                                                                   70. GRENET CELL BATTERY. 9
                                                                                                         by 6 by 5 ins. Wooden cased
                                                                                                         apparatus to produce constants &
                                                                                                         induced current via two electrodes
                                                                                                         and handles, polished wooden case,
                                                                                                         brass carrying handles. NR £30-40+.

                                                                      71. MEDICINE CHEST. 7.75 by
                                                                      6.5 by 6 ins, polished mahogany
                                                                      fitted chest, top fitted with 9 square
                                                                      shape, clear glass bottles with paper
Mixed Miscellany                                                      labels, some with contents, one
                                                                      missing its stopper, drawer to base
66. SUPPOSITORY AND                                                   contains glass mortar & pestle,
PESSARY MOULDS                                                        glass measure, scales & weights.
ETC. 4 pessary moulds, 5                                              NR £80-120+.
suppository moulds, 1
bougie mould. (10) NR

                                                                                                                 72. VITALATOR. 10.25 by
                                                                                                                 7.25 by 6.75 ins, wooden
                                                                                                                 cased ‘ROGERS
                                              67. PILL
                                                                                                                 VITALATOR’, information
                                              MACHINE. 13.75 by
                                                                                                                 sheet. NR £30-40+.
                                              8.25 ins, brass &
                                              polished wood pill
                                              machine. Good. NR

                                                                      73. INSTRUMENT
68. PILL MACHINE.                                                     CASE. 9.25 by 5.75 ins.,
13 by 8 ins, roller 18.5                                              polished mahogany fitted
ins long, brass &                                                     case containing 14 eye
polished wood pill                                                    instruments, ivory
machine. Good. NR                                                     handles (part set). NR
£20-30+.                                                              £30-40+.
74. PAIR OF                                                   79. GROUP
BOXED SCALES.                                                 OF SHOP
7.5 by 3.25 ins,                                              ROUNDS. All
wooden cased sets                                             8 ins tall, green
of scales. (2) NR                                             ribbed glass,
£20-30+.                                                      one square
                                                              shape, 4 with
                                                              recessed labels
                                                              under glass, all
                                                              with stoppers.
                                                              (5) NR £30-

                                                                                                    80. GROUP OF
                                                                                                    SHOP ROUNDS.
                                                                                                    Approx 7 ins tall,
                                      75. PAIR OF                                                   green ribbed glass, 2
                                      BOXED SCALES.                                                 with recessed labels
                                      6.75 by 3.75 ins.,                                            under glass, 2 with
                                      wooden boxes. (2)                                             painted labels, all
                                      NR £20-30+.                                                   with stoppers. (4)
                                                                                                    NR £30-40+.

                                                              81. GROUP OF
76. MIXED GROUP.                                              SHOP ROUNDS.
Boxed Renetrometer,                                           Approx 6.5 ins tall,
wooden cased Esbacks                                          clear glass, 4 with
Albuminmeter, leather                                         recessed labels under
cased bottles, cased                                          glass, all with
medicine glasses, cased                                       stoppers. (6) NR £20-
thermometer, cased                                            30+.
glass syringe, cased
glass measure, white
metal bottle case. (13)
NR £30-40+.

                                                                                             82. GROUP OF SHOP
                                                                                             ROUNDS. Approx 8 ins
                                                                                             tall, clear glass, all with
                            77. MIXED GROUP. Nasal                                           painted labels, all with
                            spray, glass ear syringe, Boots                                  stoppers. (6) NR £20-30+.
                            improved enema apparatus in
                            original tin, horn spoons/
                            measures, glass syringe,
                            Ingrams Sterilendum Enema,
                            Berkley Infants enema syringe,
                            nasal douche, glass syringes,
                            some with boxes etc etc. Only
                            part shown. (28) NR £30-40+.

                                                              83. LARGE GROUP OF
Chemist rounds                                                POISONS, MEDICINES
                                                              ETC. 13.75 to 2.75 ins tall,
78. GROUP OF                                                  cobalt blue hexagonals, cut
SHOP ROUNDS. 9.5                                              off backs, rectangular,
to 8 ins tall, all cobalt                                     circular etc. Green, aqua
blue glass, one with                                          glass medicines/ poisons.
recessed label under                                          Some with labels & contents.
glass, all with                                               Only part shown. (46) NR
stoppers, one                                                 £20-30+.
damaged. (4) NR
£30-40+.                                                      84 - 93 - no lots.
94. JOHN GOSNELL                                                           99. PAIR
& CO BEARS                                                                 SUBMARINE
GREASE POT LID.                                                            BABY FEEDERS.
2.75 ins diam, blue                                                        8.5 & 9.5 ins.
transfer ‘GENUINE/                                                         Similar to previous.
BEARS GREASE/                                                              (2) Very good. NR
IMPORTED BY/                                                               £30-40+.
AND PARIS’. Standing
bear pictorial. Rust
around bottom region -
easy to clean, plus chip
to bottom flange of lid,                                                                                100. CUT GLASS BABY FEEDER. 6.75
and two areas from the                                                                                  ins, nipple/ teat plus cap. Very unusual item -
base. Super strong blue                                                                                 never seen another? NR £20-30+.
transfer. NR £200-

                                       95. JOHN GOSNELL & CO
                                          BEARS GREASE POT
                                             LID. 2.75 ins diam, blue
                                               transfer ‘GENUINE/
                                               BEARS GREASE/
                                               IMPORTED BY/ JOHN
                                               GOSNELL & CO/
                                               SUCCESSORS TO
                                               PRICE & GOSNELL/
                                               LONDON AND PARIS’.
                                               Standing bear pictorial.
                                                                           101. PAIR BOXED
                                               Lid has been
                                                                           BABY FEEDERS.
                                             professionally restored (2
                                                                           Allenbury’s boxed
                                           halves + chunk off bottom
                                                                           feeder, 1/3d, bottle
                                       flange). More subtle, muted,
                                                                           brush, full of advertising
                                   colouration to previous lid. An
                                                                           to box. Plus Hygeia
                affordable rarity? NR £100-200+.
                                                                           Boxed feeder, original
                                                                           instructions. (2) Good.
                                                                           NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                                  102. BOXED BABY FEEDER.
                                                                                                                  Ayrtons Anti-Corrosive feeding
                                                                                                                  bottle, original box, (looks like
                                                                                                                  second label underneath too?).
                                                                                                                  Good. NR £20-30+.

97. THREE POTTERY FEEDING CUPS. 2 - 5.5 ins. Body & top
floral pattern, overall gold decoration, plus blue designs. (3). NR £20-

98. PAIR
BABY FEEDERS.                                                              Mixed Miscellany
7 to 8.25 ins long,
two hand made,                                                             103. GREEN MILK GLASS
flint glass                                                                JARS. 3.75 ins to top of
submarine baby                                                             stopper, unusual chemist jars,
feeders. (2) Very                                                          each with decorative stopper.
good. NR £30-40+.                                                          (2) Good. NR £20-30+.
104. SALTGLAZE SURGEON                                              109. SET OF WILLS
BOTTLE. 5 ins tall, impressed                                       TOBACCO CARDS.
‘RALPH MILNER/ SURGEON/ LATE                                        Coloured, pictorial cards
EDMUND TAYLOR/ OLDFIELD                                             depicting first aid issued by
LANE/ SALFORD’. Unusual wording.                                    W. D. & H. O. Wills,
Good. NR £20-30+.                                                   unusual to find complete set.
                                                                    (50) Good. NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                                    110. BRAGGS
                                                                                                                    CARBON TIN. 3.25 to
                                                                                                                    4.25 ins., ‘BRAGGS
                                                                                                                    PURE VEGETABLE
                                                                                                                    CARBON “FULL
                                                                                                                    TIN”, rear directions,
                                                                                                                    (never seen another).
                                                                                                                    Plus Pears Violet
                           105. WARNERS RHEUMATIC CURE.                                                             Powder for nursery &
                           9.25 ins, golden amber, embossed                                                         toilet use, violets pict to
                           ‘WARNERS SAFE RHEUMATIC CURE                                                             front. (2) Good. NR
                           LONDON’. Classic pictorial safe trade                                                    £30-40+.
                           mark. Well struck. Good. NR £30-40+.     111. PARK DAVIS
                                                                    & CO TINS. 1.75
                                                                    by 2.5 ins. ‘PARK
                                                                    DAVIS & CO
                                                                    DETROIT MICH/
106. PAIR SPITOON                                                   SPECIMEN TINS’,
BOTTLES. 4 & 4.5 ins,                                               both have circular
cobalt blue, hinged lid,                                            glass tops &
marked measures, double                                             contents. (2) Good.
ended opener. (2) Very                                              NR £30-40+.
good. NR £20-30+.                                                                                                 112. HEALTH SALTS &
                                                                                                                  POWDER TINS. 3.25 to
                                                                                                                  4 ins. ‘HARROGATE
                                                                                                                  HEALTH SALT/
                                                                                                                  RHEUMTISM & LIVER
                                                                                                                  SALT’, directions to rear,
                                                                                                                  the Old Sulphur Well
                                                                                                                  Harrogate pict to front.
                                        107. PAIR SPITOON                                                         Plus Hewlett Rose
                                        BOTTLES. 4 to 4.5 ins,                                                    Powder tin, owl pict to
                                        cobalt blue, one example                                                  rear, border of roses to
                                        (with measures) double                                                    most of tin. (2) Good. NR
                                        ended opener, plus rubber                                                 £30-40+.
                                        stoppered. (2) Good. NR
                                                                    113. GIBSONS
                                                                    SPOON. 7 ins
                                                                    pewter spoon, lift-
                                                                    up rear cover, imp
                                                                    ‘S. MAW
                                                                    LONDON’. Plus
                                                                    Pewter ? pap boat/
108. BOXED                                                          feeding cup,
SILVER                                                              slightly
CATHETERS. 5.75                                                     misshapen. Good.
by 13.75 ins, lined                                                 NR £60-80+.
box. ‘WM WOOD &
MANCHESTER’, 12                                                                           POSTAL BIDDERS
silver catheters in                                                    It is essential you ascertain items described within this catalogue
various sizes. Plus                                                   meet your needs. Please telephone, ask for items to be carried to the
Small glass bottle/                                                      telephone, and call back 10 minutes later, for a more detailed
stopper to centre.                                                                  condition report - ask for Alan Blakeman.
Good. NR £30-40+.
114. GROUP OF                                                119. TRIO OF
GLASS MEASURES.                                              FEEDING CUPS. 2.5 to
2.5 to 5 ins., unusual                                       6 ins, all have
spouted measure                                              multicoloured floral
marked tablespoon/                                           design. (3) Good. NR
teaspoon. Plus small                                         £20-30+.
tumbler shape, pouring
lip, marked same. Plus
2 wine glass measures,
one unmarked, other
tea/ tablespoon
measure. Fine quality.
(4) Good. NR £20-30+.                                                                                     120. TRIO OF PAP
                                                                                                          BOATS/ CUPS. 2.5
                                                                                                          to 8 ins., all
                                    115. INFANT/                                                          multicoloured floral
                                    BABY HAND                                                             design. (3) Good. NR
                                    HELD SCALES. 6                                                        £20-30+.
                                    & 1.25 ins, weight of
                                    boys by month, girls
                                    .25 to .5 less. ‘REX
                                    LONDON MADE’.
                                    Plus Silver nipple
                                    shield, cone shape
                                    with air holes, silver
                                    stamped. Very good.
                                                             121. TRIO OF PAP BOATS/ CUPS. 2 to 8 ins., 1 floral, gold & pink,
                                    NR £40-60+.
                                                             another overall blue pattern. (3) Good. NR £20-30+.

ins., 19c boxwood pill silverer,
screw off lid (cracked), but
still a very rare item. Good.
NR £60-80+.

                                                                                                         122. GROUP
                                                                                                         FEEDING CUPS. 2.5
                                                                                                         to 5.75 ins, transfer to
                                                                                                         top of cups. ‘QUEEN’
                                   117. TRIO OF                                                          ‘ST ANDREWS’
                                   FEEDING CUPS. 2.5                                                     ‘AUCKLAND’
                                   to 6 ins, 2 with floral                                               ‘GEORGE’ to other.
                                   design, 1 front design                                                (4) NR £20-30+.
                                   (plum). (3) Good. NR

                                                             123. GROUP
                                                             POTTERY FEEDING
                                                             CUPS. 2.5 to 5.75 ins.,
                                                             transfers ‘CITY OF
118. TRIO OF                                                 NOTTINGHAM’,
FEEDING CUPS.                                                ‘LIVERPOOL’,
2.5 to 6 ins, all have                                       ‘CORK FEVER’
various coloured                                             ‘UNIVERSITY
floral design, spout                                         COLLEGE
chip to one. (3)                                             MANCHESTER
Overall good. NR                                             HOSPITAL’. (5) Good.
£20-30+.                                                     NR £20-30+.
124. TRIO OF                                                             129. J. R. RANDALL & COS
FEEDING CUPS.                                                            OINTMENT POT (P116). 1.5 ins
2.5 to 5.5 ins, two                                                      tall, white glaze, black print. ‘J. R.
multicoloured                                                            RANDALL & COS SKIN DISEASE
floral. Plus crested                                                     OINTMENT & PLASTER/
example, all from                                                        PLYMOUTH’ & another Randall
Blackpool. (3)                                                           variant. (2) Good. NR £100-120+.
Good. NR £20-

Ointment Pots

125. HUMPHREYS OINTMENT POT (P90). 1.5 ins tall, white
with 8 lines ‘FOR THE CURE OF’ below, ‘SOLD BY THE
LONDON’ etc to rear. Base chip. NR £250-300+.

                                                                         130. POOR MANS FRIEND
                                                                         OINTMENT POT (P112).
                                                                         1.5 ins tall, white glaze, blue
                                                                         print. ‘PREPARED ONLY
                                                                         BY/ DR ROBERTS/
                                                                         BRIDPORT/ POOR MANS
                                                                         FRIEND/ PRICE 1/1 1/2’.
                                                                         This is a superb example of
                                                                         the very early, hand thrown,
                                                                         form from this famous
                                                                         manufacturer. A significant       131. BROWNS CANTHARDINE
126. STONE OINTMENT                                                      pot, of exceptional rarity.       HORSE BLISTER OINTMENT
OINTMENT POT (P132). 3.75 ins                                            Good. NR £200-300+.               POT. 1.75 ins tall, white glaze, lots
tall to top of lid, white glaze, black                                                                     of black print all round. Base chip.
print. ‘STONE OINTMENT/ FOR                                                                                An exceptional rarity. NR £20-30+.
HEALS ALL WOUNDS’ with ‘THE                                                                                          132. SMELLIES
STONE CHEMICAL COMPANY                                                                                               OINTMENT POT (P129).
LIMITED’ printed to lid. Some repair                                                                                 1.25 ins tall, white glaze,
to rim hairline & body scratch etc. NR                                                                               black print. ‘SMELLIES/
£60-80+.                                                                                                             GOLDEN OINTMENT’.
                                                                                                                     Rim & base chip, hairline.
                                                                                                                     Perhaps the only example
                                                                                                                     recorded? NR £180-200+.

                                127. STONE SALVE OINTMENT
                                POT (P132). 3.5 ins tall, white glaze,   133. J. LIGNUM & SONS
                                black print. ‘STONE SALVE/ FOR/          OINTMENT POT (P101). 1.75 ins
                                RHEUMATISM/ GOUT/                        tall, white glaze, black print. ‘J.
                                NEURALGIA/ SCIATICA/ USED                LIGNUM & SONS/ SCURVY
                                EXTERNALLY ONLY’. Good. NR               OINTMENT/ ESTABLISHED
                                £40-60+.                                 1790/ SOLD EVERYWHERE/
                                                                         PRICE 1s 9d’. Good. NR £40-60+.

OINTMENT POT (P65).                                                                                               134. HOLDENS OINTMENT
1.5 ins tall, white glaze,                                                                                        POT (P77). 1.75 ins tall, white
black print. ‘DOWNIES/                                                                                            glaze, black print. ‘HOLDENS/
UNIVERSAL HEALING                                                                                                 CERTAIN CURE FOR PILES T.
OINTMENT/ OR/ EVERY                                                                                               HOLDEN/ 26 SHAKESPEARE
MANS FRIEND’ with 5                                                                                               ST/ BARROW IN FURNESS/
lines of cures below. Very                                                                                        PRICE 1/9’. Slight hairline &
rare. Good. NR £120-150+.                                                                                         staining. NR £180-200+.
135. RANDALLS                                                          140. CAST
OINTMENT POT (P116).                                                   IRON
1.5 ins tall, white glaze,                                             CORK
black print. ‘RANDALLS/                                                PRESS. 1.5
CELEBRATED/                                                            to 11.5 ins,
OINTMENT/ SOLE                                                         floral/ leaf
PROPRIETORS/ BREEZE,                                                   pattern, 4
JACKSON & GREEN LTD/                                                   screwholes.
PLYMOUTH’. Scarce small                                                Good. NR
size. NR £40-60+.                                                      £20-30+.

                                                                       141. CAST IRON
                                                                       CORK PRESS. 2.75 by
                                                                       11.5 ins, leaf/ fruit
                                                                       pattern, 4 screwholes.
                                   136. LEMONS OINTMENT                Good. NR £20-30+.
                                   POT (P100). 2 ins tall, off white
                                   glaze, impressed print.
                                   ‘LEMONS/ CELEBRATED
                                   OINTMENT/ BELFAST’. Good.
                                   NR £30-40+.
                                                                       142. CAST IRON CORK PRESS. 3 by 9 ins, gnome laid on top,
                                                                       barrels, branches, leaf/ fruit design. Very unusual. Good. NR £30-40+.

(P59). 3 to 1.5 ins tall,
white glaze, black print.
3 variations. (3) Good. NR

                                              138. HANDYSIDES
                                              OINTMENT POT
                                              (P76) 1.5 ins tall,
                                              white glaze, black
                                              print. ‘THIS
                                              PREPARED BY/ G           143. CAST IRON CORK PRESS. 5.25 ins by 11.5 ins, lge wheel with
                                              HANDYSIDES/ TO           tapered section, 2 screwholes. Good. NR £30-40+.
                                              BE USED TWICE A
                                              DAY/ FOR ALL             144. BARK & ROOT CUTTER(?). 4.25 to 14.75 ins. ‘MAW SON &
                                              KINGS OF SORES’.         THOMPSON’ trade mark London, cast iron cutter on wood base. Good.
                                              Very good. NR £40-       NR £20-30+.

Cork Presses

139. CAST IRON CORK PRESS. 2 to 9 ins, leaf pattern, star with
‘C’ impressed to body, 4 screwholes. Good. NR £20-30+.

                                                                                             EITHER OR .....
                                                                          Don’t forget BBR’s unique ‘either’ ‘or’ option to postal bidders. If
                                                                          on a limited budget this allows you to acquire something for your
                                                                                  collection - just make your instructions very clear!
145. CASED DOUCHE/                                                         150. BRASS PAPER
ENEMA. 10.25 & 9 ins.,                                                     FOLDER. Adjustable with
metal oval container,                                                      leg niches. Plus ceramic
moveable arm attached to                                                   plate with 12 indents. Plus
nozzle, top with filling,                                                  brass tube with slot on legs?
screw-off cap & pump. Plus                                                 (3) Good. NR £20-30+.
Seul Veritable Irregateur Du
De Eguisier, winding handle
& tap impressed ‘J. L.’ (2)
Good. NR £30-40+.

                                                   146. PEWTER (?)
                                                   ENEMAS. 4.75 & 6        151. TRIO OF POTTERY FEEDING CUPS. 2 to 5.75 ins, all with
                                                   ins., pair metal        multicoloured flroal design. (3) Very good. NR £20-30+.
                                                   syringe type
                                                   ememas? Good. NR
to 10.5 ins tall, one with ‘THE SURGICAL
silver metal syringe. (2)
Good. NR £20-30+.

                                                                           152. TRIO POTTERY
                                                                           FEEDING CUPS. 2.5 to 6.25
                                                                           ins., two floral,
                                                                           one featuring fruit/
                                                                           leaves design. Plus
                                                                           Feeding cups,
                        148. TEST SIEVE TOWER. 8.75 ins tall,
                                                                           body & top floral
                        five tier sieve tower & base with cap, different
                                                                           pattern, overall
                        types of mesh to sieve. ‘ENDECOTTS
                                                                           gold pattern, plus
                        (FILTERS) LONDON’. Good. NR £20-30+.
                                                                           blue design. (6)
                                                                           Good. NR £30-

                                                                           153. TRIO POTTERY PAP BOAT. 1.75 to 7 ins, two with floral
                                                                           patterns, raised embossed flower to third. (3) Good. NR £20-30+.

2.75 by 11 ins., impressed ‘COL
CARNFORTH’, makers name on
inside ‘KIRBY & CO 14
N.W.’, lift-out tray at rear, comes
with original labelled bottles
marked Kirby. Good. NR £40-60+.
                                                                           154. TRIO OF
                                                                           CUPS. 2 to 6.25
                      EITHER OR .....                                      ins., all have
     Don’t forget the ‘either’ ‘or’ option offered by BBR to postal        overall blue
      bidders. If you are on a limited budget this opens up more           transfer patterns
  opportunities for you to acquire something for your collection - just    to body/ top. (3)
                   make your instructions very clear!                      Good. NR £20-
155. WHITE                                                  160. TRIO POTTERY
CERAMIC                                                     DOSE/ FEEDING
BABY                                                        SPOONS. 3.5 to 4.25
FEEDER. 8 &                                                 ins, 2 examples marked
6.5 ins long,                                               ‘R THOMPSON
back & hole                                                 CHEMIST ELGIN/
chip. Plus                                                  COD LIVER OIL
another,                                                    CREAM’, other marked
upturned spout.                                             in table/ dessert/
(2) Good. NR                                                teaspoon marks. Good.
£30-40+.                                                    NR £30-40+.

                                                                                                  161. TRIO POTTERY
                                                                                                  DOSE/ FEEDING
156. PAIR GLASS SUBMARINE BABY FEEDERS. 10.25 to 11 ins                                           SPOONS. 2.75 to 4.75 ins.,
long, one with very hard teat. (2) Good. NR £30-40+.                                              marked ‘IXL AYRTON &
                                                                                                  SAUNDEERS’ with
                                                                                                  graduated marks. Plus plain
                                                                                                  with leaf (?) foot to rear,
                                                                                                  graduated marked example.
                                                                                                  (3) NR £30-40+.

                                                            162. GROUP METAL
                                                            SPOONS. 5.5 to 8 ins., two
                                                            covered ends ‘RD 757667’.
                                                            Plus long spoon marked
                                                            ‘ROBOLENE’. Plus spoon
                                                            with narrow end. (4) Good.
                                                            NR £30-40+.
157. GLASS BABY FEEDER. 7 ins long,
submarine shape, flat bottom. Good. NR £20-

                                                            163. TRIO OF FEEDING CUPS. 2.5 to 6 ins., multicoloured floral
                                                            design to all. (3) Good. NR £20-30+.
158. GLASS SUBMARINE BABY FEEDER. 8 ins long, this
example with glass nipple to end. Rare. Good. NR £30-40+.

                                                            164. TRIO
159. TWO GLASS                                              CUPS. 1.75 to
FEEDING CUPS.                                               5.75 ins.,
3 by 6.5 ins, both                                          various
have ground down                                            colours, 2
pontils, one has                                            floral patterns,
very thin spout/                                            1
handle to side, other                                       multicoloured
has rear handle &                                           design. (3)
spout. Good. NR                                             Good. NR £20-
£30-40+.                                                    30+.
165. PAIR OF                               170. TRIO OF
PAP BOATS/                                 FEEDING CUPS.
CUPS. 2.25 to                              2.25 to 6 ins.,
6.5 ins.,                                  multicoloured floral
multicoloured                              design to all. (3)
floral designs                             Good. NR £20-30+.
(one with pink
body). (2) Good.
NR £20-30+.

                   166. TRIO OF PAP                                                          171. TRIO OF
                   BOATS/ CUPS.                                                              FEEDING CUPS.
                   1.75 to 7.25 ins.,                                                        2 to 6 ins.,
                   multicoloured floral                                                      multicoloured
                   design to all. (3)                                                        floral design to all.
                   Good. NR £20-30+.                                                         Hairline spout &
                                                                                             chip to two. (3) NR

                                           172. BED PANS.
                                           Maws Practical
                                           Bedpan, white
                                           ceramic, black
                                           print, triangular
                                           plastic female
167. TRIO OF
                                           urinal. Brownfield
                                           bed pan with lid,
                                           Boots ‘THE
to 6.5 ins.,
                                           LONDON SLIPPER
                                           BED AND
floral design &
                                           DOUCHE PAN’.
                                           Shovel bed pan.
                                           Part shown. (5) NR
(3) Good. NR
                                                                                           173. MALE
                                                                                           URINALS. 4 white
                                                                                           glazed ceramic urinals,
                                                                                           Boots, Certor, St
                                                                                           Thomas’s Hospital,
                                                                                           Grimwades, 2 clear
                                                                                           glass male urinals. Part
                                                                                           shown. (6) NR £20-
                      168. TRIO
                      CUPS. 2 to 6 ins.,
                                           174. TRIO OF
                                           BED PANS. 11 to
                      Grimwades to
                                           9 ins diam.,
                      base of one. (3)
                                           circular type
                      Good. NR £20-
                                           example, brown
                                           & beige glaze,
                                           pewter metal
                                           example. (3) NR

169. TRIO OF
CUPS. 2.25 to
5.5 ins., 2
multicoloured                                      FULL COLOUR CATALOGUE?
floral design,                                 If you have subscribed to this catalogue simply email your full
plus 1 gold &                                   name and address to: and we will gladly
pink. (3) Good.                                           forward a FULL COLOUR pdf version.
NR £20-30+.
175. SLIPPER BED                                                         180. GROUP OF
PANS. The New                                                            MEDICAL PACKAGING.
Slipper Bed Pan,                                                         Universal Antiseptic
white glaze, black                                                       Pastilles tin, Quinphos
print. W. T. Copeland,                                                   Tonic Tablets tin, Dr Singha
pink print, blue &                                                       Asthma Tablets, Silbe
white china male                                                         Tablets, Bunters Nervine,
urinal. (3) NR £20-                                                      Marmola Tablets, Cockles
30+.                                                                     antibilious pills etc. (20) NR

                                             176. LARGE GROUP
                                             OF POISONS. Green
                                             hexagonals, green cut-                                               181. GROUP OF
                                             off back hexagonals,                                                 MEDICAL
                                             green rectangular, cobalt                                            PACKAGING. Boxed
                                             blue poisons, 3                                                      RoyalCourt Tintonia,
                                             Manchester Royal                                                     wooden pill boxes,
                                             Infirmary etc. etc. Part                                             Valet Safety Razor,
                                             shown. (29) NR £20-                                                  Haemorrhoid or pile
                                             30+.                                                                 powders, Savory &
                                                                                                                  Moore Ltd Dr Jenners
                                                                                                                  Absorbent lozenges,
                                                                                                                  Fennings sulphur
                                                                                                                  powders, tin Ladies
177. BOXED SYRINGES ETC. Bengues Ethyl Chloride 50 gramme
                                                                                                                  occasional capsules
spray tube for local anaesthesia, ear syringe, Maw urethral syringe,
                                                                                                                  etc, etc. (21) NR £20-
Improved male glass syringe. some with boxes. (8) NR £20-30+.

                                                                         182. GROUP OF
                                                                         OINTMENT TINS.
                                                                         Pink Ointment, Sulphur
                                                                         Ointment, Red Indian
                                                                         germ ointment, etc, etc,
                                                                         etc, Not all shown. NR

                                             178. GROUP OF
                                             SHOP ROUNDS. 10 to
                                             9 ins tall, clear glass                                         183. PAIR INHALERS. 6.5
                                             rounds, blue glass round                                        to 8 ins tall. ‘THE SHAW
                                             with contents, clear                                            INHALER’, ‘DR NELSONS
                                             glass round with double                                         IMPROVED INHALERS’,
                                             ended top & base bung                                           both white glaze, black
                                             hole, quantity of                                               transfers. (2) Good. NR £20-
                                             stoppers. NR £20-30+.                                           30+.

EYEBATHS. 5 cobalt
blue glass pedestal &
reservoir types, 4 clear
glass, one white ceramic
unstemmed type,
Singletons Eye Ointment,
boxed Singletons Eye
Ointment. Iglodine nasal
douche, May Roberts &
Co eye ointment glass                                                    184. SAML CLARKES
rods, the Undine eye                                                     PYRAMID FOOD WARMER.
douche, green glass                                                      5.5 ins tall to top of lid, white
pedestal eyebath. Part                                                   glaze, black transfer. Good. NR
shown. (18) NR £30-40+.                                                  £20-30+.
185. INHALER. 6.5 ins                                        190. LISTERS
tall, ‘S MAW SON &                                           URETHRAL SOUNDS
THOMPSON IMPROVED                                            & METAL
EARTHENWARE                                                  CATHETERS.
INHALER’, cork & glass                                       Leatherette case with
tube. Plus Portmeirion                                       Listers sounds. Metal
tankard, ‘THE MILLION                                        catheters, polished
INHALER’. Both white                                         mahogany case fitted with
glaze, black transfer. Rim                                   12 metal catheters & oil
hairline. (2) NR £20-30+.                                    bottle. (2) NR £20-30+.

                                                                                               191. CACHET
                                                                                               APPARATUS. Wooden
                                                                                               box containing Morstadt
                                                                                               metal cachet machine &
                                                                                               instructions. (2) NR £20-

                             186. VAPO CRESOLENE.
                             Boxed vaporiser. Plus Wrights                                     192. GROUP OF BABY
                             Coal Tar Inhaler, Express                                         FEEDERS. Banjo shape,
                             Vaporizer. (3) NR £20-30+.                                        clear & aqua glass
                                                                                               embossed ‘THE
                                                                                               ALEXANDRA FEEDING
                                                                                               BOTTLE’. Plus ‘MAY
                                                                                               ROBERTS & CO
                                                                                               FEEDING BOTTLE’. Plus
                                                                                               boatshape, clear glass ‘THE
                                                                                               SENSIBLE FEEDER’ &
                                                                                               ‘WELFARE’. (4) Good. NR
‘A GALLENKAMP & CO                                                                             193. GROUP OF
LTD SCIENTIFIC                                                                                 INVALID FEEDERS. 3
APPARATUS                                                                                      half-covered types, one blue
MANUFACTURERS’                                                                                 & white design. Plus long
wooden box with contents.                                                                      spout type, blue & white
NR £20-30+                                                                                     design. Plus Spitoons,
                                                                                               white glazed ceramic. Plus
                                                                                               cobalt blue glass sputum
                                                                                               flask with pewter lid. (7)
                                                                                               NR £20-30+.

                               188. DR MACAURA’S
                               PULSOCONN. Boxed Dr
                                                             194. OINTMENT POTS.
                               Macauras Pulsconn. Plus Dr
                               Macaura’s blood circulator.
                                                             OINTMENT’. Plus
                               Plus another. (3) NR £20-
                                                             MIRACULOUS SALVE’.
                                                             Plus ‘NATURES HERBAL
                                                             OINTMENT’. (4) Good.
                                                             NR £20-30+.

189. RESPIRATOR                                                         Full colour catalogue?
Boxed Neu-Vita                                                If you wish to see this catalogue in FULL COLOUR -
Respirator, complete
                                                               every image - please email: and
with 2 ear pieces &
glass tube. Plus                                                say you have received the printed version through the
Dieulafoy’s Aspirator,                                            post and would like to download a full colour pdf
brass-cased aspirator.                                               version - we will advise you how to do this.
(2) NR £20-30+.
195. DRUG JARS. 4.5                                                     Cabinets
ins tall to top of domed
lids, blue & white                                                      200. BOXED
glaze, one with rim &                                                   MAGNETS ELECTRIC
lid chip. Plus green &                                                  MACHINE. 4.5 to 9.75
white glazed example,                                                   ins, ‘NEWLY
lid chip & some                                                         INVENTED IMPROVED
staining. (3) NR £20-                                                   MAGNETO-ELECTRIC
30+.                                                                    MACHINE FOR
                                                                        NERVOUS DISEASES’,
                                                                        good paper label to lid
                                                                        with instructions. Very
                                                                        good. NR £40-60+.

                                                                                                                201. BOXED GLASS
                                           196. DRUG JARS. 6.25                                                 BREAST PUMP. 2.5 to 6.5
                                           to 3.5 ins tall, blue &                                              ins., wooden lined box, glass
                                           white glazed, 3 with                                                 breast pump with brass screw.
                                           recessed labels under                                                Very unusual. Good. NR £30-
                                           glass, no lids. Some with                                            40+.
                                           chips, hairlines etc. (4)
                                           NR £20-30+.

197. DRUG JARS. 6.75
to 3 ins tall, one with all
white glaze, painted
                                                                        202. POLISHED
label. ‘EXTRI/
                                                                        WOODEN MEDICINE
                                                                        CHEST. 4.5 by 8.75 ins.,
blue & white glazed
                                                                        ‘EDWARD GOULD &
example, hairline. Plus
                                                                        SON/ HOMEOPATHIC
small blue & white jar,
                                                                        CHEMISTS/ 32
no lid. (3) NR £20-30+.
                                                                        MOORGATE STREET
                                                                        LONDON E.C.’with 30
                                                                        bottles, most with paper
                                                                        labels. Very good. NR
                                         198. DRUG JARS. 3.5 ins
                                         tall, dark blue glaze,
                                         painted labels, no lids. (5)
                                         NR £20-30+.
                                                                                                           203. BOXED ENEMA. 1.5 by 8.5
                                                                                                                    ins., containing brass
                                                                                                                    enema syringe & tube,
                                                                                                                    marked ‘MAW, 11
                                                                                                                    LONDON’. Plus Brass
                                                                                                                    syringe marked ‘S.
                                                                                                                    MAW SON & SONS
                                                                                                                    ENGLAND.’ Good. (2)
                                                                                                                    NR £30-40+.

                                                                        204. SCALES. 1 by 5.75 ins.,
199. PENETROMETER. 23.5 ins tall,                                       wooden base with small drawer
pharmacy testing instrument, (measures                                  containing 6 small weights, metal rod
viscosity of gels etc) NR £30-40+.                                      holds scales. Good. NR £20-30+.
205. PORTABLE                                                    210. COPPER
MEDICAL CABINET. 6                                               MEASURES. 12 & 7 ins.
by 8.25 ins. ‘S MAW                                              2 large copper jug
PORTABLE DOMESTIC                                                measures, 2 gallons, quart
MEDICAL CABINET’,                                                size, copper 2-handled
18 early looking bottles                                         bowl with 4 copper rings.
(one missing) with multi-                                        NR £30-40+.
facetted stoppers, 3 jars
(most have paper labels),
scales & weights. Pull out
rear compartment. Very
good. NR £80-100+.

                                                                                                        211. MEDICINE CHEST.
                                                                                                        Wooden fitted drawer
                                                                                                        containing 4 rectangular
                                                                                                        shape bottles. Plus leatherette
                                                                                                        case with bottles. (2) NR £20-
                             Bulk Items                                                                 30+.

                             206. PHRENOLOGY HEAD.
                             12 to 11 ins tall, white ceramic,
                             black print. ‘PHRENOLOGY
                             BY L. N. FOWLER’ to front,
                             ‘L. N. FOWLER 337 STRAND
                             LONDON’ & ‘ENTERED AT
                             STATIONERS HALL’ to sides.
                             Plus Vick’s inhaler, blue plastic   212. BABY FEEDERS. 5.5 ins long, 4 small boat shape in clear glass
                             head, shop counter display          all embossed, one embossed ‘THE/ ALLENBURYS FEEDER/ HALF
                             piece. (2) Good. NR £30-40+.        SIZE’. (5) Good. NR £20-30+.

ROLLERS. 17 & 18 ins
long, boxed example
ROLLER’. Plus cased
hand held small roller.
(3) NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                         213. BABY FEEDERS. 6
                                   208. SIGHT                                                            ins tall, banjo shape, clear
                                   IMPROVERS AND                                                         glass embossed ‘THE
                                   EYE MASSAGERS.                                                        QUEEN FEEDER’ & ‘S. A.
                                   Boxed example, ‘THE                                                   HOOD 245 WATERLOO
                                   NEJ-VITA EYE                                                          ROAD COBRIDGE’. Plus
                                   MASSEUR/ THE                                                          aqua example embossed
                                   PERFECT SIGHT                                                         ‘THE FAVOURITE
                                   RESTORER’. Plus                                                       FEEDING BOTTLE’. (3)
                                   another unboxed makers                                                Good. NR £20-30+.
                                   ‘NEU-VITA LTD
                                   OCULIZER’. (2) NR

EMBROCATION’. Plus                                               214. BABY FEEDERS. All
‘HARVEYS                                                         clear glass embossed
EMBROCATION’. Plus                                               ‘IMPROVED SANITARY
‘TANNAFAX FOR BURNS &                                            MILK FEEDER. Plus ‘S.
SCALDS’. Plus ‘SILKUM                                            MAW SON & SONS
CORN REMEDY’. Plus                                               LONDON’. Plus ‘SURE
‘HAZELINE CREAM’. Plus                                           FEED LTD CARDIFF’. Plus
‘CLARKES SALVE’. Plus                                            ‘MAMA INFANTS
‘COCKBURNS PILLS’. Plus                                          FEEDING BOTTLE’. (4)
‘KANGAROO SOAP’ etc. (10)                                        NR £20-30+.
215. MIXED                                                                 216D. CHEMISTS
GROUP. Including                                                           LEADED GLASS
miniature feeders, 2                                                       WINDOW PANE. 22 by
clear glass small                                                          20 ins, chemist show globe
boat shape feeders                                                         featured in ruby red glass.
embossed ‘GLAXO’                                                           Small crack to one pane.
& ‘MERITOR                                                                 Plus lead off corner at top.
DANDY FEEDER’.                                                             NR £20-30+.
Plus ceramic baby
feeder tops. (8) NR

                                             216. GROUP OF
                                             INVALID FEEDERS.
                                             Includes boxed ‘THE
                                             IDEAL INVALIDS
                                             FEEDING CUP’. Plus
                                                                           216E. DISPENSARY
                                             clear glass ‘IDEAL’. Plus
                                                                           GLASS WINDOW PANE.
                                             ‘SAVARS’. Plus white
                                                                           34 by 22 ins, red show
                                             ceramic example ‘ST
                                                                           globe pictured ‘Dispensary’
                                             GEORGES HOSPITAL
                                                                           in blue lettering. NR £20-
                                             BOMBAY’. Clear glass
                                             spout types. (8) NR £20-

                                                                           216F. SHAVING
                                                                           SALOON DOUBLE
                                                                           SIDED ENAMEL
                                                                           SIGN. 24 by 18 ins,
                                                                           ‘Shaving Saloon/
                                                                           Pearson’s/ Antiseptic/
                                                                           Used Here/ Non-
                                                                           poisonous’ blue lettering
216A. MIXED GROUP. Includes St John’s ambulance canvas bag                 on white back ground
and contents. Plus canvas and bamboo stretcher. Plus boxed milton          with red cross pictured
nasal spray. Plus ‘Boots’ first aid case. Plus boxed first aid equipment   surface and outer edge
for householders with contents. (5) NR £30-40+.                            chps and rust etc. NR

                                            216B. BOXED                                                                216G. SURGEONS BAG.
                                            ‘MELLINS FOOD’                                                             Leather bag containing lots
                                            BABY SCALE. Cast iron                                                      of surgeons instruments,
                                            base ‘Mellins Food’ in                                                     some marked ‘Hills’ ‘Down
                                            raised lettering with wicker                                               Bros’ ‘Maw & Son’ etc.
                                            weighing tray. Plus box of                                                 NR £20-30+.
                                            weights. (2) NR £40-60+.

                                                                                                                       216H. TEST TUBE
216C. SALTER BABY                                                                                                      STANDS. 2 large wooden
SCALE. NR £20-30+.                                                                                                     test tube stands , 29 by 18
                                                                                                                       ins & 19 by 19 ins. Plus
                                                                                                                       small stand, 16.5 by 4 ins.
                                                                                                                       (3) NR £20-30+.

                                                                                    FULL COLOUR CATALOGUE?
                                                                             If you have subscribed to this catalogue simply email your full name
                                                                               and address to: and we will gladly forward a
                                                                                                 FULL COLOUR pdf version.
                                    216I.LABORATORY                                                    216N. SALTGLAZE DRUG JAR. 6 ins
                                    APPARATOS. 15 ins tall, 12 ins                                     tall, t.t. saltglaze drug jar impressed ‘R. E.
                                    wide, 8.5 ins deep, heavy brass                                    Prockter/ Dispensing & Family Chemist/ 397
                                    construction, makers label reads                                   High Street/ Cheltenham’ to applied scroll
                                    ‘Laboratory Apparatos/                                             with crown below. Good. NR £60-80+.
                                    Gallenkamp/ Electrical
                                    Speciallities’. NR £20-30+.

                                    216J. DISPENSING
                                    DEPARTMENT WOODEN
                                    FRAMED SIGNS. 72 by 5 ins,
                                    ‘Dispensing Department’ gold
                                    lettering on black. Good. NR £40-
                                    60+.                                          216O. CHEMIST ROUND. 9.25 ins tall to
                                                                                  top of chisel stopper, green glass vertically
                                                                                  ribbed with recessed label under glass in red,
                                                                                  black and gold ‘INCT CHL/ ET MORPH
                                                                                  CO/ POISON’ (some deteriation to label). NR
                             216K. POLISHED WOOD LARGE
                             MEDICINE CHEST. 7.25 by 12.25                                          216P. CHEMIST
                              ins., ‘LEATH AND BOSS 9 VERE                                          ROUND. 7.25 ins tall
                              STREET AND 5 ST PAULS CHURCH                                          to top of chisel stopper,
                               YARD’, box contains a variety of                                     cobalt blue glass,
                               homeophathic medicines including 112                                 horizontally ribbed
                                bottles, most with contents and labels,                             recessed area with
                                     assorted packets and containers,                               ‘Tinct/ Aconit’ in
                                        pull out drawer to bottom. Rare                             whhite enamelled
                                         to find in such good condition.                            lettering ‘Poison’ in red
                                          Good. NR £120-150+.                                       enamelled lettering near
                                                                                                    base. Very good. NR

                                                                                                    216Q. CHEMIST
                                                                                                    ROUND. 7.25 ins tall
                                                                                                    to top of chisel stopper,
                                                                                                    cobalt blue glass,
                                                                                                    horizontally ribbed,
                                                                                                    recessed area with ‘Lin/
                                                                                                    Aconit/ B.P.’ in white
                                                                                                    enamelled lettering
216L. DRUG RUN. 46 ins tall, 20                                            ‘Poison’ in red enamelled lettering below near
ins wide, 9 ins deep, wooden drug                                          base. Very good. NR £80-120+.
run with 6 small drawers and 4 large
drawers all with cut glass knobs and                                       216R. CHEMIST SHOP CABINET. 14ft 4 ins
glass labels in gold, black, white                                         tall, 6ft 6.5 ins long, 12 ins deep. Assymetric
and red (one damaged) base with                                            assemblage of behind counter cabinet - 35 small
pull down front. NR £80-100+.                                              drawers, 69 medium drawers, 19 large draws,
                                                                           most with brass knobs. This comes complete
                                                                           with the history, and photographs, of the
                                                                           Rotherham shop from where it was recently
                                                                           removed. NR £60-80+.

216M. DRUG RUN. 48.5 ins tall, 6 ft long,
9 ins deep, wooden drug run, top section with
18 small
drawers and 12
large drawers
all with glass
knobs, some
with glass
labels in gold,
black, white
and red, base
with 3 double                                                              216S. 3 FIRST AID KITS. ‘The Tabloid
door cupboards                                                             First Aid Kit’ lockable box, split lid has
with glass                                                                 some contents bottles etc. Plus ‘Elastoplast
knobs. NR                                                                  Surgery Case’ again has some contents.
£150-200+.                                                                 Plus ‘First Aid kit For Householders’ with
                                                                           contents. (3) NR £20-30.
                                          217. SHAVING                                             222. POCKET CALCULATOR.
                                          MUGS. 2 floral                                           10 ins long when fully opened with
                                          design, one                                              case. ‘OTIS KINGS POCKET
                                          windmill pict. one                                       CALCULATOR’. NR £20-30+.
                                          coloured picture
                                          ‘A PRESENT
                                          I.O.M.’, one with
                                          City of Liverpool
                                          coat of arms. Only
                                          2 shown. (6) NR

with picture of Indian
Pavillion north Pier
Blackpool’. Plus ‘A
                                                                 223. SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. 13.5 by 2.5 ins. ‘DOWN BROS
                                                                 LTD LONDON’ surgical instruments in fitted wooden case. NR £20-30+.
Plus one with coloured
picture of Mr Punch. (4) NR

                                       219. SHAVING
                                       example, Coronation       224. SYKES
                                       of King Edward VIII       HYDROMETER. 8
                                       May 1937. Plus            by 4 ins., polished
                                       another with star         mahogany case,
                                       design. 2 with            ‘SIKES
                                       coloured floral design.   HYDROMETER
                                       Plus ‘A PRESENT           LOFTUS 148
                                       FROM RHYL’, dark          OXFORD ST
                                       green glazed. Only 2      LONDON’ makers
                                       shown. (6) NR £20-        plaque to lid, 2
                                       30+.                      weights missing &
                                                                 hinges broken. NR
220. MEDICAL WALL                                                £20-30+.
CHARTS. 41 by 14.5 ins.
                                                                 225. SIKES
                                                                 HYDROMETER. 9 by 3.5
                                                                 ins polished mahogany case,
                                                                 ‘IMPROVED SIKES
                                                                 HYDROMETER/ DRING &
                                                                 FAGE/ 19 & 20 TOOLEY
                                                                 STREET/ MAKERS TO THE
LONDON W1’ showing
                                                                 REVENUE/ OF THE
respiratory system. (2) NR £20-
                                                                 UNITED/ KINGDOM &
                                                                 COLONIES’ to makers
                                                                 plaque on lid, thermometer
                                                                 glass broken. NR £20-30+.

                                  221. BREAST GLASS &                                                     226. TRACHEOTOMY
                                  NIPPLE SHIELDS. Boxed                                                   INSTRUMENTS. Fitted
                                  ‘IMPROVED BREAST                                                        wooden boxes containing
                                  GLASS WITH ELASTIC                                                      tracheotomy instruments,
                                  TUBE’. S. Maw Sons &                                                    ‘ALLEN & HANBURYS
                                  Thompson, box damaged.                                                  LTD LONDON’. Plus
                                  Plus boxed glass nipple                                                 George Carsberg Ltd
                                  shield, box damaged. Plus                                               London & S Maw Son &
                                  breast glass with rubber                                                Sons London makers mark.
                                  bulb. (3) NR £20-30+.                                                   (3) NR £30-40+.
                                         227. SCALES. Sets of scales                                     232. BOXED VACCINATION SHIELD.
                                         in wooden boxes, both with                                      Picture of infant with shield on arm,
                                         weights. (2) NR £20-30+.                                        instructions on rear, complete. Plus boxed
                                                                                                         ‘BURNEY YEO’S IMPROVED
                                                                                                         INHALER’. (2) Very good. NR £30-40+.

228. SURGEONS KIT. Down Bros London Surgeons kit in cloth roll,
circa 1890. NR £20-30+.                                                   233. METAL PESTLE
                                                                          AND MORTAR. 4 ins,
                                                                          possibly brass? mortar and
                                                                          pestle marked ‘1826’, 2
                                                                          side handles. Good. NR

                                                                                                                234. BOXED HYDROMETER.
                                                                                                                2.25 by 8.25 ins, polished wood
                                                                                                                box (ivory?) inlay, hydrometer,
                                                                                                                weights and thermometer. Very
                                                                                                                good. NR £30-40+.

                          229. LARGE GLASS STOPPER. 12 ins
                          long, clear cut glass carboy stopper. NR £20-

                                                                          235. BLOOD LETTING
                                                                          FLEAM. 3.5 ins, c1820, 3
                                                                          blades pull out each with
                                                                          side point blade, all blades
                                                                          impressed ‘YORK’. Good.
                                                                          NR £60-80+.
INSTRUMENT? 7.5 by 5.75
ins, in fitted leatherette case.
NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                                 236. BLUE AND WHITE PILL
                                     231. LARGE GROUP OF                                                         SLAB. 12 by 7.5 ins., continental
                                     MEASURES. Clear glass, all sizes                                            pill slab, blue & white chantilly
                                     & shapes, 2 white ceramic, one                                              pattern, c1840. A very rare
                                     with ‘CITY OF STOKE ON                                                      offering seldom seen for sale on
                                     TRENT’ coat of arms, boxed                                                  the open market. Small corner
                                     medicine glass & Minim measure.                                             chip. Good. NR £300-400+.
                                     Only part shown. (30) NR £20-30+.

                    POSTAL BIDDERS
    It is essential you ascertain items described within this catalogue
   meet your needs. Please telephone, ask for items to be carried to
   the telephone, and call back 10 minutes later, for a more detailed
                 condition report - ask for Alan Blakeman.
                           237. WARNERS BOTTLE. 9.5 ins tall, 1                                            242. MINIATURE BED PAN. 3 by
                           pint, green glass. ‘WARNERS SAFE                                                2.25 ins, tradesman sample, miniature
                           CURE LONDON’, pictorial safe trade                                              bed pan transferred ‘FARMACIA
                           mark. Good. NR £30-40+.                                                         BRERA MILANO PONTE DI
                                                                                                           PORTA VENEZIA ANGOLO DI VIA
                                                                                                           SENATO/ MADE IN ENGLAND’
                                                                                                           stamp to base, very unusual. NR £30-

                                                                          243. BOXED LEAD
                                                                          NIPPLE SHIELDS. ‘DR
                                                                          CELEBRATED/ NIPPLE/
                                                                          SHIELDS/ PRICE 1/-s PER
                                                                          PAIR S MAW SON &
                                                                          THOMPSON/ LONDON/
238. DAFFYS ELIXIR BOTTLE.                                                SOLE WHOLESALE
5 ins tall. ‘TRUE DAFFYS ELIXIR/                                          AGENTS’, well used in
DICEY & CO NO 10 BOW                                                      circular decorated cardboard   244. BONE CHISEL. 7 ins, silver metal
CHURCH YARD/ UNLEFS THE                                                   box. Very good. NR £20-30+.    bone chisel, impressed ‘3/4 SELBY
NAME/ OF DICEY & CO/ IS IN                                                                               LONDON’ to handle. Very good. NR
THE STAMP/ OVER THE CORK/                                                                                £20-30+.
COUNERFEIT’, clear glass classic
medicine. Good. NR £40-60+.

                                  239. PAIR OF BLOWN GLASS
                                  PHIALS. 3.25 to 3.5 ins., clear
                                  glass example, pontilled base, flared   245. BRASS HALIFAX ENEMA. Brass & bone? enema syringe with
                                  lip. Plus deep aqua pontilled kick-     royal coat of arms. ‘J. RAMSDEN SON & CO/ HALIFAX’. Superb
                                  up base, flared lip, full of bubbles.   condition. NR £20-30+.
                                  (2) Exc/ A1. NR £80-120+.

BOTTLE. 6 ins tall, ‘SOUTHALLS A1
COD LIVER OIL’, pictorial label ‘THE A1
COD LIVER OIL’, shows boat, fisherman,
fish. Good colourful label, paper dose label
to rear. Good. NR £20-30+.
                                                                          246. METAL EAR TRUMPET. 13.75 ins, collapsible stem for storing.
                                                                          English made impressed. Good. NR £20-30+.
                                                                          247. MAWS PILL
                                                                          MAKER. 13 by 6.75
                                                                          ins, c1850, pill machine
                                                                          impressed into handle &
                                                                          machine. ‘S. MAW &
                                                                          SON’ removable drawer
                                                                          at end. Good. NR £60-
                              241. TURLINGTONS BALSAM
                              BOTTLE. 2.75 ins violin shaped bottle,
                              embossed ‘ROB’T TURLINGTON FOR
                              HIS INVENTED BALSAM OF LIFE/                     AT THIS POINT WE WILL OFF A NUMBER OF
                              BY THE KINGS ROYAL PATENT                          LOWER VALUE UNCATALOGUED ITEMS
                              GRANTED/ JANY/ LONDON’.                         AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THOSE IN ATTENDANCE
                              Overall dull appearance, needs a clean.
                                                                                DURING VIEWING & ON SALE DAY ITSELF.
                              NR £30-40+.
                      248. TUBE OF CATGUT. 7.25 ins, carboard                                              254. POOR MANS FRIEND
                      tub containing glass bottle, ‘LACE & CO                                              OINTMENT POT (P112). 2.25
                      BROADHEATH’. Good. NR £20-30+.                                                       ins tall, white glaze, blue print.
                                                                                                           ‘POOR MANS FRIEND/ PRICE
                                                                                                           2/9’. An undamaged example of
                                                                                                           the very rare lge size. Good. NR
                                                                                                           £60 - 80+.

                                                                           255. PROF. D. PHELPS BROWN
                                                                           OINTMENT POT (P56). 2.75 ins tall,
                                                                           white glaze, black print. ‘PROF. D.
                                                                           PHELPS BROWNS/ HERBAL
                                                                           OINTMENT/ PRICE 2s 9d PER POT/ 2
                                                                           KING ST COVENT GARDEN/
INHALER. Boxed inhaler for use with
                                                                           LONDON’. Some crazing. NR £30-40+.
antiseptics, gauze mask in original box.
Good. NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                       256. MOONSEED OINTMENT
                                     250. ELECTRICAL HERBAL
                                                                                                       OINTMENT POT (P104). 2.5 ins tall,
                                     OINTMENT POT (P70). 2 ins
                                                                                                       white glaze, black print. ‘MOONSEED
                                     tall, white glaze, black print.
                                                                                                       OINTMENT/ GREAT HOUSEHOLD
                                     ‘ELECTRICAL HERBAL
                                                                                                       REMEDY/ A. E. POWELL & CO
                                     OINTMENT SOLE
                                                                                                       SWINDON/ PRICE 2/9’, hairline &
                                     PROPRIETORS/ JAMIESON
                                                                                                       staining (will clean easily). Scarce large
                                     BROTHERS 9 & 11
                                                                                                       size. NR £80-120+.
                                     CLERKENWELL RD LONDON’.
                                     Good. NR £150-200+.

                                                                                                                 257. NATURES OINTMENT
                                                                                                                 POT (P54). 1.5 to 2.75 ns tall,
                                                                                                                 white glaze, black print.
251. MRS CROFTS                                                                                                  ‘NATURES/ HERBAL/
OINTMENT POT (P64). 1.5 ins                                                                                      OINTMENT/ PRICE 1s 1
tall, white glaze, black print.                                                                                  1/2PER POT/ 61 CHANDOS
‘MRS CROFTS OINTMENT/                                                                                            ST COVENT GARDEN
WEST HANDLEY/ NEAR                                                                                               LONDON. Plus ‘PRICE 2s 9d
CHESTERFIELD/ PRICE 7 1/2                                                                                        PER POT’. (3) Good. NR £30-
PENCE’. Good. NR £30-40+.                                                                                        40+.

                                                                                                         258. T. P. WREAKS OINTMENT
                                                                                                         POT. 2.1 ins tall, slab seal, grey/
                                     252. SCOTCHBURNS                                                    green glaze. ‘T. P. WREAKS/
                                     OINTMENT POT (P123). 2.75                                           GLOSSOP’. Good. NR £30-40+.
                                     ins tall, white glaze, black print.
                                     ANTISEPTIC/ HEALING                                                 259. JOHNSONS OINTMENT
                                     OINTMENT/ A.                                                        POT (P96). 1.5 ins tall, white glaze,
                                     SCOTCHBURN/ DISPENSING                                              black print. ‘JOHNSONS
                                     CHEMIST/ DRIFFIELD’. Rim                                            OINTMENT/ MANUFACTURED
                                     chips & staining. NR £150-200+.                                     ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOR 12
                                                                                                         JAMES ST WINDSOR/ PRICE 1/1
                                                                                                         1/2 OR 2/9 PER POT’. Good. NR

(P21). 1.75 ins tall, white glaze,
blue print. ‘TRADE SANDS/
MARK’. Staining. NR £120-150+.
                                           260.                                                            265. F. S. CLEAVER BEARS
                                           SINGLETONS                                                         GREASE POT LID. 3.5 ins
                                           EYE OINTMENT                                                         diam. Another impressive lge
                                           (P126). 2 ins diam.,                                                   size. ‘F. S. CLEAVER’S/
                                           tin glaze, blue print.                                                  GENUINE/ BEAR’S
                                           ‘S. GREEN 2                                                             GREASE/ FOR THE HAIR/
                                           UNION PLACE                                                             SHILLING 1 EACH’. Scarce.
                                           LAMBETH’. Some                                                          Very good. NR £40-60+.
                                           chips. NR £40-60+.

261. BROWNS &
                                                                    266. BEARS GREASE POT
(P51&P52). 1.75 ins
                                                                    LID. 2.9 ins diam.,
tall, white glaze,
                                                                    multicoloured Pratt style lid
black print. (2) NR
                                                                    featuring children snowballing
                                                                    bear handler ( & bear). Restored
                                                                    to top area. Interestingly with
                                                                    old paper label underside
                                                                    ‘GENUINE IMPORTED/
                                                                    RUSSIAN/ BEARS GREASE/
                                                                    WHITE & HAYCOCK/ LONDON/
                                                                    CHEMIST’. NR £20-30+.
                                   262. SINCLAIRS
                                   OINTMENT POT (P125).                                                          267. GROUP OF
                                   1.5 ins tall, white glaze,                                                    TRANSFERRED POTS.
                                   black print. ‘SINCLAIRS/                                                      Largest 3.1 ins diam., 4
                                   RHEUMATIC OINTMENT                                                            transferred pot lid bases (2
                                   1/1 1/2’. Rim & base chip &                                                   with lids) from Rusholme (2),
                                   hairlines. NR £150-200+.                                                      Norwich, & Manchester. Plus
                                                                                                                 Iglodine Nasal Douche. Plus
                                                                                                                 2 ceramic measures. (7) NR

                                                                    268. MANCHESTER COLD CREAM
                                                                    POT LID. 3.4 ins diam., lge lid.
                                                                    ‘JOHN WILD/ ROSE/ COLD
263. NOSCAR OINTMENT POT                                            CREAM/ ENGLISH & FOREIGN/
(P108). 1.75 ins tall, with lid,                                    CHEMIST/ 225 OXFORD ST/
white glaze, black print.                                           MANCHESTER’. Strong dark
‘NOSCAR/ HEALING WITHOUT                                            transfer. Scarce lid. Exc. NR £30-
A SCAR/ PRICE 1s 1 1/2 PER                                          40+.
CHINGFORD N.E.’, staining. NR

                                                                                                    269. PAIR MANCHESTER POT LIDS.
                                                                                                    Largest 3 ins diam. ‘LUPTONS/ COLD
                                                                                                    CREAM/ LEVENSHULME’, scarce
                                                                                                    regional lid - needs cleaning of some rust.
                                                                                                    Plus ‘THORNTONS CELEBRATED/
                                                                                                    TOILET CREAM... MANCHESTER’
                                                                                                    rest’d. (2) NR £20-30+.

                                      Pot Lids

                                        264. BEARS
                                        GREASE POT LID.
                                                                    270. BRADFORD LID,
                                        3.1 ins diam.
                                                                    CONTENTS & LABEL. 2.75
                                        Impressive lge size lid
                                                                    ins diam. An unusually complete
                                        with 2 bears before
                                                                    pot lid - paper label atop. ‘.... F.
                                        tree lined mountain
                                                                    M. RIMMINGTON/ CHEMISTS/
                                        landscape, large dec.
                                                                    BRADFORD/ AND AT/
                                        outer border (very
                                                                    MANNINGHAM/ ELIXIR
                                        dark). Rest’n 1 to 2
                                                                    ODONTALGIQUE’, 2 labels to
                                       o’clock - well worth
                                                                    side. Inside is the original wax
                                     professionally restoring.
                                                                    covering over the contents - past
                                   NR £30-40+.
                                                                    their sell by date! NR £20-30+.
                                      271. CALVERTS                                                            276. HOLLOWAYS
                                         MANCHESTER TOOTH                                                      OINTMENT POT LID. 3 ins
                                            PASTE POT LID. 3.2 ins                                             diam., ‘classic’ large pictorial of
                                             lge lid, 2 gold bands,                                            lady on throne, with child,
                                             CALVERTS/ ORIGINAL                                                ‘HOLLOWAYS OINTMENT/
                                             ORIENTAL/ TOOTH                                                   TRADE MARK/ 2s 9d’, complete
                                             PASTE ... STANDRING                                               with base. Couple underside
                                             SON & CO/                                                         flakes, otherwise good. NR £20-
                                             MANCHESTER’, with                                                 30+.
                                             central coat of arms pict
                                             t.m. Damage (reglued) to
                                             side - does not detract.
                                           Scarce lid. NR £20-30+.

                                                                          277. PAIR OF EYE OINTMENT POT
                                                                          LIDS. Largest 2 ins diam., (reglued).
                                                                          ‘DAWSONS/ EYE SALVE ... R. L. PICKUP
                                                                          ..... MANCHESTER’, eye pict near top. Plus
                                                                          ‘GOLDEN/ EYE/ OINTMENT/ TIMOTHY
272. PAIR MANCHESTER POT                                                  WHITES & TAYLORS.... with base (very
LIDS. Largest 2.6 ins diam.                                               good). (2) NR £20-30+.
LANCASHIRE’, decorative, foliate,
border with base. Plus ‘EDWARD
MANCHESTER’. (2) NR £20-30+.                                                                        278. PAIR MANCHESTER SUBURB POT
                                                                                                    LIDS. Largest 2.7 ins diam. ‘LUPTONS/
                                                                                                    BRITISH/ TOOTHPASTE/ CHEMIST/
                                                                                                    LEVENSHULME’, superb dark transfer.
                                                                                                    Plus ‘J. J. PHILLIPS, RYECROFT
                                                                                                    PHARMACY/ CARBOLIC TOOTHPASTE/
                                         273. GOSNELLS TOOTH                                        ... ASHTON UNDER LYNE’. Both need a
                                         PASTE POT LID. 3.1 ins                                     good clean. First has bottom flange damage.
                                         diam., multicoloured transfer                              Rare. (2) NR £20-30+.
                                         (predominantly light orange),
                                         depicting young Queen Victoria
                                         to centre & 2 lines of writing
                                         encircling ‘CHERRY TOOTH
                                                                          279. GROUP OINTMENT
                                         PASTE ... PATRONIZED BY
                                                                          POTS. Tallest 1.7 ins. Dr Rookes,
                                         THE QUEEN’, with base. Very
                                                                          Clarkes, Poor Man’s Friend, The
                                         good. NR £20-30+.
                                                                          Egyptian Salve, Holloways. Some
                                                                          damage - needs cleaning. (5) NR

274. PAIR OF POT LIDS. Largest 2.9
ins diam., ‘ATKINSONS/ ROSE/
COLD CREAM’ with thick decortive
outer border. Plus ‘COLD CREAM’
with especially decorative, foliate, outer
border. Some wear marks. (2) NR £20-                                                                  Mixed Miscellany
                                                                                                      280. SPECIE JAR. 25.5 ins tall to top of
                                                                                                      gold coloured domed lid, large glass specie
                                                                                                      jar, elaborate coat of arms in gold, two
                                                                                                      figures each side of lion anchor and crown
                                                                                                      symbols etc. ‘Acid Tart’ to scroll below, all
                                                                                                      on white ground. £120-£150+.

                                 275. PAIR OF JEWSBURY &
                                 BROWN POT LIDS. Largest 3.25 ins
                                 diam., both ‘ORIENTAL TOOTH
                                 PASTE ... ARDWICK GREEN/
                                 MANCHESTER ENGLAND’, both                        FULL COLOUR CATALOGUE?
                                 with central coat of arms & marbled       If you have subscribed to this catalogue simply email your full name
                                 outer areas. Smallest reglued, largest      and address to: and we will gladly forward a
                                 (very unusual - would clean well). (2)                        FULL COLOUR pdf version.
                                 NR £20-30+.
                             281. SPECIE JAR. 23 ins tall to top of gold                                             287. MIXED LOT. Includes drug jar,
                             coloured domed lid, large glass specie jar,                                             7 ins tall, white glaze, blue print.
                             ‘Turkey Rhubarb’ in gold lettering to scrolls                                           ‘DERMOVATE/ GLAXO’. 2 plain
                             with Prince of Wales plumes and foxgloves                                               pot lids & bases. 5 green glass
                             flowers etc, above ‘Lynch and Co’ makers                                                poisons. Boxed invalids feeding cup.
                             mark, on buff background. £80-£100+.                                                    Boxed hair clippers. Elastoplast First
                                                                                                                     Aid strip packet & tin. Stone bottle
                                                                                                                     ‘HARDINGS MOROCCO
                                                                                                                     REVIVER’, contents & paper label.
                                                                                                                     Only part shown. NR £20-30+.

                                                                              288. SHOP ROUNDS. 12 to 7 ins
                                                                              tall. 5 circular clear glass rounds,
282. SPECIE JARS. 3 specie                                                    some with acid etched labels. 4
jars, all 10.5 ins tall to top of                                             rectangular shape. 3 oval section
metal lids, clear glass with                                                  with acid etched labels. All clear
painted labels inside of jar in                                               glass with stoppers. Only part
gold, red and black,                                                          shown. (12) NR £20-30+.
‘Caryoph/ Off’, ‘Radix/
Valerianae’ and ‘Folio/ C.
Sennae’. (3) NR £30-£40+.

                                                                                                                         289. GROUP SHOP ROUNDS.
                                                                                                                         8 to 6.5 ins tall, clear glass,
                                                                                                                         recessed labels under glass, with
                                                                                                                         stoppers. (11) NR £30-40+.
                                     283. SHOW GLOBE. 13.5 ins tall,
                                     onion shape in dark olive green
                                     glass, applied collar lip and base
                                     pontil. Good. NR £60-£80+.

                                                                              290. GROUP OF SHOP
                                                                              ROUNDS. 9.75 to 6.25 ins
Shop Rounds Etc.                                                              tall. All clear glass, except 1
                                                                              in brown glass, all with
284. SET OF SHOP                                                              stoppers, 9 with recessed
ROUNDS. 10 to 8 ins                                                           labels under glass. Some with
tall. All clear glass with                                                    painted labels. Only part
recessed labels under                                                         shown. (20) NR £20-30+.
glass & all with
stoppers. (6) NR £30-

                                          285. GROUP OF SHOP
                                          ROUNDS. 9.75 to 6.75 ins tall.                                                  291. GROUP SHOP
                                          All clear glass, 2 with recessed                                                ROUNDS. 10 to 4.5 ins tall. All
                                          labels under glass, some with                                                   green ribbed glass, 4 with
                                          part contents, all with stoppers.                                               etched labels, 2 square
                                          (6) Good. NR £20-30+.                                                           examples, all with stoppers. (7)
                                                                                                                          Good. NR £30-40+.

286. PAIR OF SHOP                                                             292. GROUP SPITOONS.
ROUNDS. 10 ins tall. Both                                                     4 to 2.5 ins tall. 4 white
clear glass with shield shape                                                 ceramic spitoons, one with
labels. ‘TARTR/ KALIC,                                                        coloured floral design, one
ACID’ & ‘AMMON/                                                               with gold decoration & one
LIQUIDA’. Both with                                                           spouted type, brass example.
stoppers. (2) NR £20-30+.                                                     (5) NR £20-30+.
                                             293. GROUP OF                                                    299. CAUTERISING
                                             SPITOONS. All                                                    INSTRUMENTS. 7.75 by
                                             white ceramic, 2                                                 4 ins. Polished mahogany
                                             coloured floral                                                  case containing hand held
                                             design, one Red                                                  cauterising instruments.
                                             Cross, spouted type                                              NR £20-30+.
                                             & large floor standing
                                             type, 8.5 ins diam. (5)
                                             NR £20-30+.

white ceramic, 2 with
fan handles to rear.
(10) Good. NR £20-                                                     300. WARWICK
30+.                                                                   CACHET MACHINE.
                                                                       Wooden box 10 by 5.25 by
                                                                       3.25 ins. NR £30-40+.

                                             295. LARGE
                                             GROUP OF
                                             INVALID FEEDERS.
                                             White ceramic, side
                                             handles & spouts, 2
                                             Red Cross examples,
                                             some with gold
                                             highlights. (16) NR

                                                                                                  301. BLOOD PRESSURE
                                                                                                  INSTRUMENT METAL CASED. 12.5 by
                                                                                                  4 ins. NR £20-30+.
Hiram Maxims Menthol
Inhaler. Plus boxed Lewlab
Plastic Hand Inhaler. Plus Dr
Monroes All Glass Atomiser or
Throat & Nose spray. Plus The
Glaseptic Nebuliser. (4) NR

                                                                       302. DENTAL
                                                                       INSTRUMENTS. Cloth
                                                                       roll containing metal
                                                                       dental instruments. NR
Mixed Miscellany

297. MIXED LOT. 8 uterine
dilators in canvas roll. 2 ivory
handled scalpels in damaged
wooden box. 5 ivory handled
scalpels, ivory handled rasp/                                                                                    303. GROUP OF
file/ corn knife in leather case,                                                                                EYEBATHS. 3 cobalt
6 ebony handled Bistouries &                                                                                     blue glass, pedestal
knives in damaged wooden                                                                                         types (one freeblown),
box. NR £30-40+.                                                                                                 3 clear glass
                                                                                                                 freeblown pedestal
                                                                                                                 types. Pale green
                                                                                                                 freeblown pedestal
                                                                                                                 type. (7) Good. NR

                                                                       304. GROUP OF
                                                                       EYEBATHS. 3
                                                                       clear glass,
                                                                       pedestal types. 2
                                                                       cobalt blue glass
                                                                       & 2 green glass
                                                                       pedestal types (2
298. VAGINAL DILATORS. Box                                             freeblown). (7)
containing 2 clear glass vaginal dilators.                             Good. NR £30-
NR £20-30+.                                                            40+.
                                   305. GROUP OF                                         Shop Rounds
                                   EYEBATHS. 4
                                   green glass moulded                                   311. BLACK GLASS SHOP DISPLAY
                                   pedestal types, 3                                     ROUNDS. 14 ins tall to top of stopper, gold
                                   cobalt blue, 3 clear                                  & black, ‘TR: DETERSIV:’. Good. NR £60-
                                   glass pedestal types, 2                               80+.
                                   reservoir types in
                                   clear & green glass.
                                   (12) Good. NR £20-
EYEBATHS. 3 clear
glass, 2 cobalt blue &
one green glass,
moulded pedestal
types, 4 reservoir types
in clear, 2 green &                                          312. SHOP DISPLAY ROUND. 12.25
cobalt blue glass,                                           ins tall, deep olive green glass, gold &
amber glass examples                                         black central band ‘R. SERPENT’,
on short pad foot,                                           pontil scar to base. Good. NR £60-80+
nibbles to rim. (11) NR           307. GROUP OF
£20-30+.                          EYEBATHS. Large
                                  clear glass freeblown,
                                  pedestal type, 2 white
                                  china, unstemmed
                                  type, white china
                                  pedestal type, blue                                  313. SHOP DISPLAY ROUND. 14.5 ins tall,
                                  china unstemmed type,                                deep olive green bottle, has lots of bubbles.
                                  4 green & one clear                                  Good. NR £60-80+.
                                  unstemmed types, blue
                                  plastic unstemmed
                                  type. (11) Good. NR

EYEBATHS. All Optrex
types, unstemmed, 5 cobalt
blue glass, 2 amber glass, one
white milk glass, 2 plastic
blue & amber, 2 Optrex
bottles with eyebath tops. (12)
Good. NR £20-30+.                                            314. SHOP DISPLAY ROUND. 11 ins tall,
                                                             olive green, gold & black central band,
                                                             ‘PIPER: NIG:’ rolled lip. Good. NR £80-

                                   309. NASAL
                                                                                           315. SHOP DISPLAY ROUND. 11 ins
                                   DOUCHES. 4 clear
                                                                                           tall, olive green, gold & black label ‘P:
                                   glass nasal douches,
                                                                                           SEIDLITZ’, applied rolled lip. Good. NR
                                   one boxed, boxed
                                   nose & ear syringe,
                                   boxed injection
                                   syringe, boxed
                                   incorridible cork
                                   repirator. (7) NR

310. GLASS
FOLDER. 14.5 to 6
ins. Adjustable brass
folder, plastic irons,
one white metal,
both with wooden                                             316. SHOP DISPLAY ROUND. 12 ins
handles, enamelled                                           tall to top of metal cap, olive green, gold
dish. (6) NR £20-                                            & black bands ‘R. ASSAFCES’. Good.
30+.                                                         NR £60-80+.
                              317. SHOP DISPLAY ROUND. 12 ins                                                     323. LARGE BLUE
                              tall to top of metal cap. As previous lot                                           MANCHESTER OINTMENT
                              but ‘P. CALUMB’. Good. NR £60-80+.                                                  JAR. 4.5 ins tall, cobalt blue jar,
                                                                                                                  paper label ‘UNG. GALLAE. B.P.C.
                                                                                                                  D MAWDSLEY & CO
                                                                                                                  MANCHESTER’. Good. NR £20-

                                                                          324. LARGE GLASS CARBOY. 18
318. LARGE SHOP DISPLAY                                                   ins tall, pontil scar to base, has partial
ROUND. 11.75 ins tall, black glass,                                       label for malt vinegar. Plus 2 jar lids.
label reads ‘TRCINCHON.A’, pontil                                         (3) NR £20-30+.
scar to base. Good. NR £80-120+.

                         319. LARGE SHOP DISPLAY ROUND.
                         15 ins tall to top of stopper, stunning
                         amethyst glass, small lip chip, base pontil.
                         Good. NR £60-80+.

                                                                          325. DISPENSING PEDIMENT. 6.25 to 35.5 ins, wooden pediment
                                                                          top for cabinet,, lettering on glass reads ‘DISPENSING (white on dark
                                                                          ground), fixing screw holes. Fine above any cabinet? Good. NR £40-60+.

                                                                          326. MELLINS
                                                                          ADVERTISIMENT. 10
                                                                          by 20.25 ins. ‘MELLINS
                                                                          FOOD FOR INFANTS/
                                                                          INVALIDS LONDON’,
                                                                          gold on black. Very
320. COUNTER PILL/ SWEET JAR. 12.25 ins                                   early baby food sign.
tall, slim pedestal footed pill/ sweet jar, cut                           Rare. NR £40-60+.                      Jars
decorative design to bottom & top, with stopper.
Very hard to find complete. Good. NR £20-30+.                                                                    327. TAMARIND
                                                                                                                 EARTHENWARE DRUG JAR.
                                                                                                                 11.25 ins to top of domed lid, pink &
                                                                                                                 white, gold band and trim.
                                                                                                                 ‘TAMARIND’ old labels under lid,
                                                                                                                 ‘MAY AND BAKER CHEMIST
                            321. COUNTER DISPLAY JAR. 7.25                                                       LONDON’. Plus ‘VIZER
                            ins to top of lid, pontil scar to base,                                              BRIGHTON LABLE’ (appears to
                            decreasing circle pattern, heavy glass.                                              have words, numbers under glaze
                            Very good. NR £20-30+.                                                               behind labels), lid in two parts &
                                                                                                                 reglued. Still a rare jar. NR £120-

                                                                          328. DELFT DRUG JAR. 8.5
322. TWO COUNTER DISPLAY                                                  ins tall, white glaze, spouted,
JARS. 9 & 14 ins tall, conical shaped,                                    ‘INF: RHEI’ to central band, 5
display jar with base lid. Plus large                                     ins hairline to spout & some
sweet jar, domed lid. (2) Very good. NR                                   body staining. A fine early item.
£20-30+.                                                                  NR £150-180+.
                                 329. EARTHENWARE                 Blue and White
                                 DRUG JAR. 9 ins tall to top
                                 of sloping lid in blue &         334. FEMALE URINAL BED PAN. 14.25 ins long, overall blue &
                                 white glaze, gold & black        white shell pattern. Very rare, never seen another. Good. £80-120+.
                                 label. ‘U: GAL: cOPIO’.
                                 Plus another ‘UNG: AC:
                                 BOR:’. Minor base & rim
                                 chipping. (2) NR £60-80+.

                                 330. EARTHENWARE                                                              335. BLUE & WHITE
                                 DRUG JAR. 8.5 ins tall to                                                     BOURDALOU. 10 ins
                                 top of domed lid, blue &                                                      long, blue & white scene
                                 white glaze, recessed label                                                   of sheperdess looking after
                                 under glass ‘UNG: AQ:                                                         cows goats, buildings,
                                 ROSA’, crack to label. Plus                                                   river to sides, looks like
                                 another ‘UNG: HYD:                                                            Spode, but no makers
                                 AMMON’. Rim & base                                                            mark, insignificant .75 ins.
                                 nibbles. (2) NR £60-80+.                                                      hairline does not detract
                                                                                                               from such a rare item.
                                 331. TRIO OF                                                                  Good. NR £180-200+.
                                 EARTHENWARE JARS. 6
                                 to 8.75 ins tall, all blue &                                                  336. TWO PIECE BLUE
                                 white glaze, no lids,                                                         & WHITE SPUTUM
                                 recessed label under glass.                                                   MUG. 4 ins tall, overall
                                 ‘UNG: IODI:’ Plus ‘UNG:                                                       chariot blue & white
                                 HYD: NIT: OX’. Plus                                                           pictorial, funnel insert to
                                 ‘VASELINE’, chip to top.                                                      top. Good. NR £60-80+.
                                 (3) NR £30-40+.

                                                                  337. BLUE &
                                                                  WHITE SPUTUM
332. HONEY JAR. 14.75
                                                                  MUG. 6.5 ins long,
ins to top of domed lid,
                                                                  flower & vine
large pottery jar,
                                                                  pattern. Hairline to
overall blue with twin
                                                                  underside of spout.
handles & trim,
                                                                  Good. NR £30-40+.
‘HONEY’ to centre in
gold, gold decoration
above and below. In-
manufacture firing flaw to
inside base, in no way
detracts from such a superb
item, seldom seen for sale.                                                                               338. BLUE & WHITE
Good. £1200-1500+.                                                                                        SPUTUM MUG. 3.5 ins tall,
                                                                                                          two-piece removable funnel,
                                                                                                          blue flower & vine body
                                        333. BRISTOL                                                      pattern picked out in white.
                                        BLUE URINAL                                                       Good. NR £60-80+.
                                        BOTTLE. 11 ins
                                        long, flat base, flared
                                        end to spout, super
                                        colour. Seldom seen.
                                        Good. NR £20-30+.
                                                                   339. EARLY BLUE &
           Full colour catalogue?                                  WHITE SPUTUM CUP.
                                                                   3 by 7.5 ins tall, pattern
  If you wish to see this catalogue in FULL COLOUR                 appears to be soldier
   - every image - please email:               courting young lady in
                                                                   gardens with deer,
  and say you have received the printed version through            buildings etc. floral, blue
  the post and would like to download a full colour pdf            to funnel, looks like early
       version - we will advise you how to do this.                Spode, but no markings.
                                                                   Good. NR £80-100+.
                                Baby Feeders                                                  346. BLUE &
                                                                                              WHITE FEEDING
                                340. BLUE & WHITE                                             CUP. 2.75 by 5.5 ins,
                                POTTERY BABY                                                  has what appears to be
                                FEEDER. 7 ins long,                                           shells & frosty lines
                                willow pattern front and                                      design, side handle.
                                back, c1840. Small                                            Good. NR £40-60+.
                                insignificant glaze flake
                                to side. Good. NR £150-

                                                            347. LARGE BLUE &
                                                            WHITE FEEDING
                                                            CUP. 3 by 7 ins, side
                                                            handle, marble design
                                                            patter, early flat top,
341. BLUE & WHITE                                           base marked ‘ITALIAN/
POTTERY BABY                                                MARBLE/ C. E. & M’.
FEEDER. 7 ins long,                                         Very good. NR £60-80+.
c1840, overall blue &
white pattern. Good. NR

                                                                                              348. BLUE &
                                                                                              WHITE PAP BOAT.
                                                                                              1.5 by 4 ins., bridge &
                                                                                              garden pattern flowers
                                                                                              picked out in blue
                                                                                              band to inside, base
                                   342. BLUE &                                                marked
                                   WHITE FEEDING                                              ‘COPELAND’. Good.
                                   CUP. 2.75 by 6 ins.,                                       NR £30-40+.
                                   early dark blue
                                   marble pattern, side
                                   handle, nipple end to    349. BLUE &
                                   spout. Tiny flake to     WHITE PAP
                                   spout end. Good. NR      BOAT. 1.5 by 5
                                   £60-80+.                 ins., Italian house
                                                            pattern, body
343. PAIR BLUE & WHITE                                      hairlines & rim
FEEDING CUPS. 4.75 & 7                                      nibbles, does not
ins., small childs? feeding                                 detract. NR £30-
cup, butterfly & flower                                     40+.
pattern. Body hairlines & rim
repair. Plus Large flower &
diamond pattern. Spout chip.
(2) NR £30-40+.
                                                            350. GROUP BOXED
                                                            BABY FEEDERS.
                                                            Large & small
                                                            Griptight double-ended
                                                            feeding bottle. Plus
                                 344. LARGE BLUE &          Allenburys feeder, box
                                 WHITE FEEDING              full of instructions/
                                 CUP. 2.75 by 6.75 ins,     images. Plus Dimplex
                                 castle ruins pattern,      boxed feeding bottle &
                                 potters mark to vase       Pyrex feeding bottle.
                                 ‘VERC’ (unable to make     (5) Good. NR £20-30+.
                                 out). Glaze loss to
                                 spount end. NR £60-

345. BLUE &
CUP. 2.5 by 6 ins.,                                         351. PAIR OF FEEDING
birds foot pattern,                                         BOTTLES. Marvel feeding
Spode type scene on                                         bottles in original boxes, both
spout. Unusual. Good.                                       contain banjo/ murder bottles.
NR £60-80+.                                                 (2) Good. NR £20-30+.
                            352. PEWTER? BABY BOTTLE. Baby                                                             358. TRIO OF
                            upright feeding bottle, several dints to                                                   MEDICINES/ FEEDING
                            base area, screw off top, attached nipple.                                                 SPOONS. 3.5 to 3.75 ins. As
                            NR £40-60+.                                                                                previous lot, one chipped. NR

                            353. TRIO METAL PAP BOATS. 4.25
                            to 5.25 ins, 2 round back with pouring lip,
                            one dull, one silver metal. Plus handled
                            version. (3) Good. NR £30-40+.

                                                                          359. BOXED BREAST GLASSES. ‘S
                                                                          MAW SON & THOMPSON IMPROVED
                                                                          BREAST GLASS’. Plus another same but
                                                                          pictorial image of woman. Plus Boots
                                                                          breast pump. Plus Verisan breast reliever.
                                                                          (4) Good. NR £30-40+.

                                                                                                               360. BOXED ENEMAS AND
                                                                                                               VAGINAL SPRAY. Boxed ‘ST
                                                                                                               GEORGE’ enema syringe. Plus
                                  354. INVALID WHISTLING                                                       Allen & Handburys example. Plus
                                  CUP. 3.25 ins, invalid whistling                                             Taylors Drug Company example.
                                  cup, c1890, bird on handle                                                   Plus Ingrams Omega whirling
                                  produces whistle when blown,                                                 Vaginal spray. (4) Good. NR £20-
                                  pictorial image of invalid being fed,                                        30+.
                                  a present from Bradford round top.
                                  Very unusual not seen another.
                                  Good. NR £20-30+.

                                                                          Food Warmers/ Inhalers

                                                                          361. SAM’L CLARKES FOOD
                                                                          WARMER. 11.75 ins tall, metal stand,
                                                                          pottery jug, advertising ‘CLARKES
                                                                          PYRAMID FOOD WARMER’, glass night
                                                                          light holder & shade, metal water container
                                                                          above (often missing) with ceramic jug &
                                                                          lid for warming food. Spout chip. Good.
                                                                          NR £60-80+.
pottery medicine/ feeding spoons, 2 white, 1 has gold trim. (3) Good.
NR £30-40+.
                                               356. PAIR
                                               POTTERY SPOONS.                                                   362. FOOD WARMER JUG.
                                               3.25 ins, pottery                                                 5.75 ins tall to top of lid, side
                                               medicine spoons, ‘R                                               handle, base marked
                                               THOMPSON,                                                         ‘MACKINTYRE BURSLEM
                                               CHEMIST, ELGIN’                                                   ENGLAND’, also has ‘U’
                                               other side ‘COD                                                   wrapped in rope? two stem holes
                                               LIVER OIL CREAM’,                                                 to lid. Good. NR £20-30+.
                                               one has chips. (2) NR

                                                                          363. FOOD WARMER JUG. 6.5 ins
                                                                          tall, two intertwined handles, acorn
                                                                          finial to lid, no makers name. An
                                                                          impressive jug, not seen this one
357. PAIR OF MEDICINE/ FEEDING SPOONS. 3.25 to 3.5 ins,                   before. Good. NR £30-40+.
open spoons, both have leaf? stand under handle. Good. NR £20-30+.
                             364. INFUSION POT. 8 ins tall, two-                                                                370. SCALES.
                             tone brown, perforated plate inside for                                                            One brass, one
                             steeping roots, drugs etc. Not often found                                                         glass pans with
                             complete. Good. NR £30-40+.                                                                        weights. (2) NR

8.5 ins tall to top of mouthpiece,
white glaze, black transfer. ‘MAWS                                         371. PORTABLE BOXED SCALE.
VEL-FIN HYGIENIC INHALER’, six                                             11.5 by 6 ins, pull-out drawer
lines of directions below ‘S. MAW                                          containing brass arm, pans & weights.
SON & SONS’ base mark. Good. NR                                            NR £20-30+.

                                    366. MAWS DOUBLE VALVE                                                         372. TRIO OF INVALID
                                    INHALER. 10 ins tall to top of                                                 FEEDERS. Blue & white
                                    mouthpiece, white glaze, blue                                                  example, Red Cross & one with
                                    floral design. ‘MAWS DOUBLE                                                    gold decoration. (3) NR £20-
                                    VALVE/ EARTHENWARE                                                             30+.
                                    INHALER/ MANUFACTURED
                                    BY/ MAW SON AND
                                    THOMPSON’. Good. NR £40-

                                    Mixed Miscellany

                                    367. MEDICINE CHEST. 9 by 4            373. OPHTHALMASCOPE?
                                    by 6 ins, polished mahogany fitted     in fitted leatherette case, semi-
                                    medicine chest, interior fitted with   circular shape. NR £20-30+.
                                    8 square & rectangular shape
                                    bottles, with stoppers.
                                    ‘GODFREY & COOKE/
                                    CHEMISTS LONDON/
                                    ESTABLISHED 1680’ makers
                                    plaque inside of lid. NR £60-80+.

                                                                                                                     374. MEDICAL
                                                                                                                     PACKAGING. St Jacobs
                                                                                                                     Liniment, Royal Court
                                                                                                                     Tintona, Ephedrol, Vinolia
                                   368. URINE TESTING OUTFIT.
                                                                                                                     skin soap, Bishops Calsbad
                                   10 by 7 ins, polished mahogany
                                                                                                                     Salt, Sulphur Powders, etc
                                   box. ‘URINE TESTING OUTFIT/
                                                                                                                     etc. Not all shown. (28) NR
                                   SERVICES PATTERN’. NR £20-

369. CHAPIREAUSS                                                           375.
CACHETEUR NO2. 10 by                                                       OPHTHALMOSCOPE.
5.5 ins, cachet machine in                                                 Cased ophthalmoscopes,
fitted wooden box. NR £20-                                                 2 without lenses. (4) NR
30+.                                                                       £20-30+.
                                 376. MEDICINE BOTTLES.                                                          382. PILL MACHINE.
                                 6.5 to 4.75 ins tall, ‘J. B.                                                    12.5 by 3.75 ins, roller 12
                                 FOGGITT/ PHARMACIST/                                                            ins long, brass & polished
                                 SOUTHPORT’, ‘G. B. WRIGHT/                                                      wood. Good. NR £20-
                                 CHEMIST/ BY EXAM/                                                               30+.
                                 HEBDEN/ BRIDGE’, Both with
                                 mortar & pestle embossed
                                 ‘TAYLOR ST ANNES/ ON THE
                                 SEA/ CHEMIST’ with sailor pict
                                 t.m. (3) Good. NR £20-30+.

377. NIPPLE SHIELDS &                                                383. MIXED LOT. St
SOOTHERS. Boxed glass                                                Johns Ambulance
nipple shields, clear glass                                          Association triangular
circular shields, soothers.                                          bandage/ sling, boxed fine
(13) NR £20-30+.                                                     adjustment valve, wooden
                                                                     cased glass measure,
                                                                     protective jacket, etc. etc.
                                                                     (7) NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                            384. URINALS. 12 to 7.75 ins
                                          378. MEDICAL                                                      tall, white ceramic female
                                          PACKAGING.                                                        urinals, male example, clear
                                          Seidlitz Powders,                                                 glass female urinal. Not all
                                          Falconers Golden                                                  shown. (7) Good. NR £20-30+.
                                          Compound, Burgoynes
                                          Red Diamond Brand,
                                          emp Plumb Coloph.
                                          (16) NR £20-30+.

379. PACKAGED                                                        385. BED PANS. Grimwades
MEDICINES. Dr Hairs Asthma                                           Perfection Bed & Douche pan,
Remedy, Sloans Liniment,                                             The General Hospital, plain
Falconers Golden Compound,                                           white glazed bourdalou. (3) NR
Lands Rosebud Liniment, Ruby                                         £20-30+.
Remedy for worms in puppies.
(7) NR £20-30+.

                                                                                                      386. MALE & FEMALE
                                        380. PILL MACHINE.                                            URINALS. White glazed ceramic
                                        13 by 7.5 ins, roller 15.5                                    male urinals, one clear glass, female
                                        ins long, brass & polished                                    white ceramic glazed, GRIMWADES
                                        wood. Good. NR £20-                                           example. Only part shown. (7) NR
                                        30+.                                                          £20-30+.

                                                                     387. REGIONAL
                                                                     GROUP OF
                                                                     MEDICINES. Mainly
                                                                     aqua & clear glass,
                                                                     most rectangular shape,
381. PILL MACHINE. 13 by                                             some embossed. Many
6.5 ins, roller 17.5 ins long,                                       scarce regional items.
brass & polished wood. Good.                                         Part shown. (80) NR
NR £20-30+.                                                          £20-30+.
                                        388. BOTTLE CASES. 7 to                                                 394. BURROUGHS
                                        4.5 ins tall, boxwood bottle                                            WELLCOME & CO DISPLAY
                                        case containg bottles, 2 white                                          CABINET. 16 ins tall at rear to
                                        metal bottle cases. (6) NR                                              top of pediment, 15.75 ins wide,
                                        £30-40+.                                                                14.5 ins deep, sloping glass front,
                                                                                                                interior with wooden shelves,
                                                                                                                ‘Burroughs Wellcome & Co’ in
                                                                                                                gold lettering. NR £30-£40+.

Polished mahogany case
fitted with enema syringe,
pewter & bone. NR £20-
                                                                         395. SPECIE JAR. 30.5 ins tall to top of gold
                                                                         coloured lid, large glass specie jar on wooden
                                                                         stand, pheonix arising from flames in gold,
                                                                         pictured ‘COLOCYNTH’ to scroll below. NR

                                           390. MIXED GROUP.
                                           Small cachet machine,
                                           wooden cased
                                                                                                    396. SHOW GLOBE. 41 ins tall to top of cut
                                           thermometer, metal hand
                                                                                                    glass stopper containing fluid, large pear
                                           warmer, cased contact
                                                                                                    shaped show globe on wooden stand in clear
                                           lenses, cased spoon &
                                                                                                    glass. NR £120-£150+.
                                           scraper, boxed puffer?
                                           bone washers etc. (8) NR
PLAQUES. 7 & 6.5 ins
diam., pale blue, white
raised decoration, unicorn
                                                                         397. SHOW GLOBE. 17.5 ins tall to top of
1880-1980’ beneath.
                                                                         stopper, pear shape in clear glass, pontil scar
Wedgewood impressed
                                                                         to base. Good. NR £120-£150+.
mark. (2) NR £20-30+.

                                392. BEECHAMS ENAMEL
                                SIGN. 30 by 20 ins., ‘BEECHAMS
                                LUNG SYRUP/ FOR/ COUGHS
                                COLDS BRONCHITIS/ THROAT
                                AND CHEST/ AILMENTS/ FOR
                                ADULTS AND CHILDREN’ in blue
                                & red letters, white background.
                                Bottle pouring medicine into spoon
                                pictured. Surface chips, holes etc. &
                                outer edge rust & chips. NR £60-                                         398. SHOW GLOBE. 17 ins tall to top
                                80+.                                                                     of cut glass stopper, pear shape on
                                                                                                         circular base in clear glass, pontil scar to
                                  393. BURROUGHS WELLCOME                                                base. Good. NR £80-£120+.
                                  & CO WOODEN FRAMED
                                  GLASS SIGN. 21 by 10 ins,
                                  ‘BURROUGHS WELLCOME &
                                  CO/ FINE PRODUCTS’, gold
letters, unicorn above. Some deterioration to lettering. NR £20-30+.

                                                                         Ointment Pots

                                                                         399. BOURNEMOUTH WITT
                                                                         BROTHERS OINTMENT POT
                                                                         (P139). 2.25 ins tall, off white
                                                                         glaze, black print. ‘WITT
                                                                         BROTHERS/ BOURNEMOUTH
                                                                         BROWN DOMINION KING/
                                                                         OINTMENT’. Good. NR £120-
                                          400. THE FRIEND IN                                                                  406. SINGLETONS
                                          NEED OINTMENT POT                                                                   EYE OINTMENT
                                          (P72). 1.25 ins tall, white                                                         (P126). 1.25 ins tall, 2
                                          glaze, black print. ‘THE                                                            ins diam., white glaze,
                                          FRIEND IN NEED                                                                      blue print. ‘S. GREEN
                                          OINTMENT/ PREPARED                                                                  2 UNION PLACE
                                          ONLY BY/ P. P. BAKER                                                                LAMBETH’. Some
                                          CHEMIST DUDLEY’. Body                                                               minor glaze edge
                                          crazing - would benefit a light                                                     flakes. NR £60-80+.
                                          soak. Rare. NR £60 - 80+.
                                                                                                                              407. SINGLETONS
                                                                                                                              EYE OINTMENT
401. D. J. McKINNON OINTMENT                                                          (P34). 2 ins diam., Delftware, blue print. ‘W. S. FOLGHAM 2
POT (P105). 2.25 ins tall, white glaze,                                               UNION PLACE’. Some glaze edge flakes. NR £180-200+.
DUNDEE’. Good. NR £60-80+.

                                           402. HOLLOWAYS
                                           OINTMENT POT (P89).                                                         408. DR TIBBALDS
                                           1.5 ins tall, white glaze,                                                  OINTMENT POT (P137). 1.5
                                           black print. ‘HOLLOWAYS/                                                    ins tall, white glaze, black
                                           OINTMENT’, central ‘H’.                                                     print. ‘DR TIBBALDS/
                                           Ultra-rare variant. Good. NR                                                BLOOD TONIC OINTMENT/
                                           £40-60+.                                                                    TAUNTON ENGLAND’. Rim
                                                                                                                       chip. NR £60-80+.
OINTMENT POT (P106). 1.75
& 2.1 ins tall, white glaze, black
SWINDON WILTS/ PRICE 1/1                                                    409. IZAL OINTMENT POT (P94).
1/2’. Plus ‘AMOVAN/                                                         2.75 ins tall, white glaze, blue print.
FOOTPASTE/ PREPARED BY                                                      ‘IZAL/ OINTMENT/ SOLE MAKERS
WYNTER BROS & CO                                                            NEWTON CHAMBERS & CO LTD/
BRADFORD YORKS’. (2) NR                                                     SHEFFIELD’ with cap & part
£30-40+.                                                                    contents & labels. Good. NR £20-30+.

                                     404. THE EGYPTIAN SALVE
                                     OINTMENT POT (P68). 2.5 ins
                                     tall, white glaze, black print. ‘THE                                       410. SILALL OINTMENT POT
                                     EGYPTIAN SALVE/ PREPARED                                                   (P124). 2 ins tall, white glaze,
                                     ONLY BY/ READE BROTHERS                                                    black print. ‘SILALL/ FOR ALL
                                     & CO LTD                                                                   FORMS OF PILES/ PRICE 1S/-
                                     WOLVERHAMPTON’, original                                                   PER POT 1s 2d/ W. S.
                                     cap. Good. NR £60-80+.                                                     BROTHERS DEWSBURY’. Rim
                                                                                                                chips. Only example recorded. NR

Then a trio of scarce early
Delft style hand thrown pots:

OINTMENT (P126). 1.5 ins
tall, 2.25 ins diam., white                                                 411. DR WILSONS OINTMENT POT
glaze, blue print. ‘S. GREEN                                                (P138). 1.5 ins tall, white glaze, black
2 UNION PLACE                                                               print. ‘DR WILSONS/ ECZEMA CURE/
LAMBETH’. Some minor                                                        SOLD IN JARS 1/1 1/2 & 2/9 BY ALL
nibbles. NR £80 - 120+.                                                     CHEMISTS’. Good. NR £60-80+.
                              412. SINGLETONS EYE                                                    418. BOXWOOD BOTTLLE CASE.
                              OINTMENT . 2.25 ins                                                    4.25 ins tall to top of screw off top,
                              diam., off white glaze,                                                transferred in black ‘BY SPECIAL
                              impressed print ‘S. GREEN                                              APPOINTMENT’ with cooat of arms
                              2 UNION PLACE                                                          then ‘UNWIN & ALBERT COURT
                              LAMBETH’. Some                                                         HEAD DRESSERS & PERFUMERS/
                              chipping. NR £20-30+.                                                  17 REGENT ST. WATERLOO PLACE/
                                                                                                     & AT 6 BELGRAVE MANSIONS/
                                                                                                     LONDON’. Complete with bottle.
                                                                                                     Good. £60-80+.
                              413. SINGLETONS EYE
                              OINTMENT. 2 variations,
                              original packets containing
                              ‘SINGLETONS EYE
                              OINTMENT’. (2) Good. NR

                                                                 419. BOXWOOD BOTTLE CASE. 8.25
1.5 ins tall, white glaze,
                                                                 ins tall to top of screw off top, transferred
black print. ‘MOTHER
                                                                 in black, ‘HOOPER & CO/ OPERATIVE
                                                                 CHEMISTS/ 55 GROSVENOR ST/ AND
                                                                 AT 7 PALL MALL EAST/ LONDON’,
Hairline. NR £120-150+.
                                                                 coat of arms pictured. Complete with clear
                                                                 glass chemist round. Good. £80-120+.
                             Medicine Chests

                             415. BOXED BRASS &
                             PEWTER? ENEMA
                             POLISHED BRASS
                             SYRINGE. Tubes with 3
                                                                                                            420. TAMARINDS JAR. 11.75
                             pewter nozzles. ‘S. MAW
                                                                                                            ins tall to top of lid, cylindrical
                             ALDERSGATE LONDON’.
                                                                                                            lidded jar, in pale blue glaze,
                             Plus another brass syringe
                                                                                                            twin handles near base. In dark
                             with ‘S. MAW 11
                                                                                                            blue glaze with gold highlights
                             ALDERSGATE LONDON’.
                                                                                                            ‘TAMARINDS’ in gold lettering
                             (2) Good. NR £30-40+.
                                                                                                            on dark blue surrounded with
                                                                                                            fancy design in dark blue and
                                                                                                            gold. Some professional
                                                                                                            restoration to rim and handles.
                             416. POLISHED WOOD
                             MEDICINE CHEST. 7 by
                             7.5 ins, brass plaque
                             impressed ‘R. G. HENNELL’
                             to lid, chest containing 14
                             labelled bottles (some with
                             contents), drop down brass rod
                             locks lower drawer which
                             contains pestle & mortar,           421. HONEY JAR. 12 ins tall
                             measures & 2 jars complete          to top of lid, cylindrical lidded
                             with key. A superb small size       jar, in pale blue glaze, twin
                             medicine chest, most                handles near base in dark blue
                             attractive. Very good. NR £80-      glaze with gold highlights,
                             120+.                               ‘HONEY’ in gold lettering on
                                                                 dark blue surrounded with
                                                                 fancy design in dark blue and
                                                                 gold. Restoration to rim and
                                                                 handles. £800-£1,000+.

                                                              417. CHEMISTS CABINET. 46 ins tall, 45.5 ins wide, 19 ins deep at
                                                              base, wooden cabinet with double doors, opens to reveal interior with fitted
                                                              compartments containing labelled shop rounds and drug jars, to back and
                                                              inside of both doors. Base with 2 large and 2 small drawers with brass
                                                              handles. A delightfully decorative item of particular visual charm, and
                                                              overall attractive patina. NR £600-800+.
          Terms & Conditions of sale                                                                    before bidding by post, or at the
CATALOGUE DESCRIPTIONS                              CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS                               sale, it is important to read & fully
As much care as is practicably possible is          BBR accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta
given to descriptions. Such a task is subjective,   and Switch. Renegotiated bank charges are           understand Terms & Conditions
as are terms A1/ excellent. This, to the best of    now just a 3% levy for this service.
our knowledge, has no obvious major flaws,          It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL
& if minor ones, are such they would not keep
the object from being generally considered in
Show condition considering age/ rarity.
                                                    to complete your credit card
                                                    information on the postal
                                                    bidding sheet - inc. EXPIRY
IN SHORT                                            DATE & ISSUE No. - & issue
Many items are of an age/ nature precluding
                                                    date for a Switch card.
their being in pristine condition. Some
catalogue descriptions may make reference to
                                                                                                       BIDDING INCREMENTS
damage/ & or restoration.                                                                              UP TO £50 rising in bids of £2, £5, £7, £10 etc.
Omission of such does not imply a lot               Postal purchasers MUST advise how they wish
                                                    items sending. Full p & p costs borne by           After £50 bids rise in £5 steps.
is free from defects, nor does any
                                                    purchaser. Following the sale we pack, weigh,      After £100 bids rise by £10.
reference to a particular defect imply
                                                    then invoice for total amount, including p & p.    After £200 bids rise by £20, £50, £70.
the absence of others.
                                                                                                       After £500 bids rise in £50 steps.
                                                    POSTAL BUYERS
IMPORTANT:                                                                                             After £1,000 bids rise in£100 steps
                                                    Packing & weighing can take one working
No statement in this catalogue                      week+ to complete.                                 Toward conclusion rises at the auctioneers discretion.
shall be deemed a warranty,                         Please remain patient.                             NO £1 BID INCREMENTS
representation or assumption
of liability in respect of date,                    We try to keep costs down, calculating packing
condition, size, quality,                           time, plus materials used. We have
importance or provenance.
The ultimate judge,
                                                    considerable experience in coping with all
                                                    manner of shapes, sizes, and fragility, but they              Want additional information
                                                    may require special boxes!
and therefore onus, is                              Bulky or heavy items we suggest carriers
                                                    rather than Parcel Force.
                                                                                                                    about a particular lot?
with the buyer.                                     If you have a preferential carrier please advise   BBR attempts to help postal bidders buy with ease, and confidence.
                                                    when forwarding bids.                              Catalogueing errors/ descriptions can occur which may not provide the fullest
                                                                                                       and most accurate information needed for absentee bidding.
The highest bidder is deemed the purchaser.         INSURANCE
Advances on each lot determined by the              BBR can insure goods in transit                    The last thing we want is for anyone to
Auctioneer.                                         IF REQUESTED.
                                                    UK PO rates: 75p up to £150 goods value,           receive something not what they thought.
                                                    £1.35 up to £500 value.
POSTAL BIDDING                                      NOT done unless specifically requested at
                                                                                                       We therefore ask you to telephone for
Performed on behalf of absent buyers trying to
buy items as cheaply as possible directly
                                                    time of bidding. You should familiarise            more a specific condition report.
                                                    yourself with the P.O. terms & conditions of
competing with other bids. No charge for this                                                          We suggest telephone, leave lot numbers interested in, then call back 5
service.                                                                                               minutes later, when items will be by the telephone.
                                                    OVERSEAS PURCHASERS
POSTAL BID SHEETS                                   Insuring goods requires declaration of FULL
In the case of tied bids the first to arrive will   value. You decide advantages/ disadvantages
secure. This can result in bidding the same         re. customs, & advise.
price as someone else but NOT securing. It is       AGENTS
in your best interest to return forms soon as       In all cases BBR act only as agents between
possible.                                           Vendor & Purchaser.
If you tel or fax bids through you MUST
ALSO post off the bidding form, even though
it may arrive after the sale.
                                                    12% buyers premium on hammer.
Estimates are given purely as a guide. We
                                                    PRICES REALISED
attempt to take into account condition, rarity,     No posted on BBR’s website: as
& current market interests. Particular rarities,    a downloadable pdf, OR leave a stamped
highly desirable, or unusual items can, and         addressed envelope, OR pick one up from a
                                                    show, OR inlcuded at the back of the October
often do, exceed estimates.

ONLY telephone bids STARTING at
                                                    HELP US TO HELP YOU!                                    Milton Arms, Elsecar
                                                    If you spot damage or condition differences we
£100+ will be accepted.
If the estimate is below we would
                                                    have not at the sale PLEASE INFORM A                              traditional pub grub!
                                                    MEMBER OF STAFF!
STILL EXPECT anyone requiring to
bid this way to START no less than                                                                          Phil & Vicki
£100 - due purely to the logistics of               Postal bidders MUST
staffing this special facility.                                                                             welcomes
                                                    tel. if you need more
NR’ indicates lots without reserve. Other lots
                                                    detailed, & accurate,                                 everyone - 3
may carry reserves but this is not always the
                                                    descriptions of items                                mins walk from
                                                    in this catalogue in                                 BBR saleroom.
Tel/ postal/ fax & floor bids are a strictly        order to satisfy your
                                                                                                                                               01226 742278
legally binding contract. Purchases must be
paid for before taken away. All cheques to
BBR Auctions. Overdue accounts charged
                                                    own criteria.                                              plan ahead - book
3% after 21 days.
                                                                                                              your Sunday lunch!
Car. Follow brown “Elsecar Heritage” signs off jct 36 M1. Take A6135 for approx. 2 miles, turn L (Broad Carr Road), after 3/4 mile turn R
(Armroyd `lane). Signs all way.
Foot. Visitors’ entrance by side of Market Hotel - BBR is diagonally to your R.
Train. Regular Rail services from Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Barnsley, & Leeds to Elsecar. From Station follow brown ‘Elsecar Heritage’
sign down hill to Market Hotel. Cross road & in by visitors’ entrance.
Both Antique Centres, and the NEW look ‘Coddswallop’ Museum, open 7 days a week 10am to 5pm. Tel: 01226 745156 to check.

               Overflow                                                    150 - 200 indoor
camping        Parking                    Car Booters
                                                                           stalls inside blg 21

                                                                                    60 - 100+
     more                                                                           stalls in
     outdoor                                                                        front of
     stalls                                                                         blg 21

                                                                   BBR saleroom
 Hall                                                              Sunday Auction
 Sat. social                        Car Park
               Market Hotel
                                                   Coddswallop &
                                                   Antiques Centre 1

Accomodation Guide
Not everyone wants to camp - though it is easy peasy, and all so conveniently placed for everything if you have a
caravan or camper van.
NEW - The ROYAL OAK. Platts Common, Jump (just above                      The WENTWORTH. Purpose built Motel style (by jct. 36 M1,
Hoyland, up hill from Elsecar). Newly refurbished rooms - well            just past Tankersley Manor). Elsecar 10 mins. 42 rooms from
worth a look? Tel: 01226 742175.                                          £41.95.
NEW - The DOG & PARTRIDGE. Flouch. Elsecar 20 mins -                      The BUTTON MILL. Worsborough Bridge (opposite
don’t let that put you off. Fine Country Inn on Woodhead. Exc.            Worsboro’ Mill Museum & reservoir). Elsecar 15-20 mins.
accom. & food. Tel: 01226 763173. Ask for ‘Booze & Snooze’                SANDYGATE HOTEL. Wath Tel: 01709 877827. Elsecar 10
(Fri & Sat) Specials!!                                                    mins. 3 single, 1 family, 6 twin/ double. B & B double £40,
ROCKINGHAM ARMS. Wentworth. Elsecar 5 mins.                               single £25, family £50. Ask for ‘Bottle W/e Specials.’
Recently changed hands! Tel: 01226 742075. Idyllic Yorkshire              ARDSLEY HOUSE HOTEL. Barnsley. Elsecar 15 mins. Top
village. Elsecar 5 mins. Rooms from £60.                                  class accom’n in converted 18th c. blg - swimming pool, sauna,
NORFOLK ARMS. Chapeltown. Nr jct 35A M1. Elsecar 10                       gym etc! Tel: 01226 309955. 22 double. 23 twin. 11 family. All
mins. Highly recomm’d. En Suite £29.95. Exc. food. Tel: 0114              en suite. Room - £105 single, £125 double. W/e rates.
240 2016.                                                       
TRAVEL INN, WOMBWELL (well, more Cortonwood!). 41                         BROOKLANDS MOTEL. Barnsley, 400m jct 37 M1. Elsecar
rooms (max. 2 adults + 2 ch) @ £41.95. Elsecar 8 mins.                    15-20 mins. Top class accomm’n with Enq: 01226 299571.
Perfect for July National. Tel: 01226 273800.                             Reservations: 329100. Single B & B £85, twin £95, family
FITZWILLIAM ARMS, Taylors Lane, Parkgate, Nr                              £105. 77 rooms.
Rotherham. Tel: 01709 522744. Elsecar 10 mins: £35 double                 NEW to list:-
room, breakfast extra. Highly praised “exc., clean & super                The OLD CROWN. 6 Market Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36
food.”                                                                    6BZ. Tel: 01226 762422. Fax: 01226 403520. 6 rooms: £25
FORTE TRAVELODGE. Stairfoot. Tel: 01226 298 799.                          single, £40 double (b & b). Elsecar approx. 20 mins.
Elsecar 15-20 mins. 32 rooms, 1 disabled room. £42.95 per                 WORTLEY HALL HOTEL. Wortley, Sheffield, S35 7DB.
person. Little Chef & other outlets nearby.                               Step back in time - tranquil location. Tel: 0114 2882100. B & B
OLD BANK HOUSE. 85 Fitzwilliam Street, Elsecar.                           - double £70, single £46. En suite/ t.v., coffee & tea/ bath &
Comfortable, friendly bed & breakfast. Tel: 01226 747960.                 shower.
email: £25 per person.                                 WORTLEY ARMS HOTEL. Halifax Rd, Wortley, Sheffield,
THORNCLIFFE ARMS, Chapeltown. Nr jct 35A M1.                              S35 7DB. Tel: 0114 2882245. Fax: 0114 2885218. Classic
Elsecar 5 mins. 2 en suite double rooms, behind pub, colour               Country Inn approx 10 mins Elsecar. Double room & bath £50.
t.v., tea & coffee facilities. £30 per night, per room. Tel: 0114         Twin room & shower £50. Family room (4) £80, for 3 £60.
245 8942.
TANKERSLEY MANOR. Tankersley. Tel: 01226 744700. By                       Barnsley Tourist Office 01226 206757
jct. 36 M1. Elsecar 10 mins. 17 single, 23 double.                        Rotherham Tourist Office 01709 382121 - book online.                                      Sheffield 00114 221190

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