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					In Flight Entertainment System

          IFES (NRE)

• Several FAA AD’s were issued on large
  transport category aircraft 737, 747,757,
  767, DC-9, DC-10, A-340)
• Inability to load shed bus feeding IFES
  (NRE) without affecting required loads
• Inability to remove power from IFES
  without pulling CB’s
• Crew procedures not revised to address
  removal of power from IFES
              IFES (NRE)
• Proper selection of wiring and coordinated
  CB’s. Adequate electrical load analysis
• The switching must be incorporated as close
  as possible to the bus
• Proper entry to AFM sections and crew
  Manual, if applicable
• Proper definition of the configuration,
  Proper Documentation of IFES
• Type design includes drawings and specifications
  necessary to define the wiring configuration, wire
  routing, shielding, clamping, conduits, etc.
• Obtain or determine the applicable OAM design
  standards and/ or practices for a given installation
• Inspect the aircraft to be modified to ensure
     System Safety Assessment
• An SSA (FHA, FMEA, Zonal analysis, as
  applicable) is done as part of installation of any
  equipment on the aircraft.
• Failure of wiring bundles (e.g.chafing) may affect
  the required systems (separation from aircraft
  basic wiring)
• Modifications compatibility with installation and
  routing practices for original type design
              IFES (NRE)
• The installation of IFES (NRE) must not
  result in any degradation to the level of
  safety which was achieved at the time of the
  original type certificate
Objectives/ Draft Policy (TCCA)
• FAA Policy was originally intended for large
  transport aircraft where the IFES is consuming
  large amount of electrical power and there are
  multiple outlets
• TCCA has drafted a Policy which will indicate its
  validity on all transport category aircraft where the
  IFES (NRE) is fitted. It should also be considered
  on commuter category