ICAO Requirements Input for Internet Mobility Avionics Service by rt3463df


									                        ACP/SWGN1-5th meeting
                                       FL 502

ICAO Aviation Considerations
  Internet Mobility Services
          ICAO WG N-1
           Meeting #5
        Montreal, Canada
       November 7-10, 2005
 ICAO Technical Considerations
• TC-1. The approach should provide a
  means to define data communications
  that can be carried only over authorized
  paths for the traffic type and category
  specified by the user.
   ICAO Technical Considerations
• TC-2. The approach should enable an
  aircraft to both roam between and to be
  simultaneously connected to multiple
  independent air-ground networks.
   ICAO Technical Considerations
• TC-3. The approach should minimize
  latency during establishment of initial
  paths to an aircraft, during handoff, and
  during transfer of individual data

• TC-4. The approach should have high
  availability which includes not having a
  single point of failure.
   ICAO Technical Considerations
• TC-5. The approach should not
  negatively impact end-to-end data
  integrity, for example, by introducing
  packet loss during path establishment,
  handoff or data transfer.

• TC-6. The approach should be
  scaleable to accommodate anticipated
  levels of aircraft equipage.
   ICAO Technical Considerations
• TC-5. The approach should result in
  throughput which accommodates
  anticipated levels of aircraft equipage.

• TC-6. The approach should be secure.
        ICAO Implementation
• IC.1 The approach should permit the
  addition of air/ground service
• IC.2 The approach should not rely on a
  particular air/ground service provider
  or administration for operation.
• IC.3 The approach should not be
  unique to aviation but rather should be
  based on open industry standards.
        ICAO Implementation
        Considerations (cont)
• IC.4 The approach should have mature
  and commercially available
• IC.5 The approach should allow the
  industry to implement a closed
• IC.6 The approach should allow an
  authentication to be required for
  systems to join the closed network.

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