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June 10, 2005                                                                      Albany High School                                                                             Vol. 50, No. 4

Retiring staff begin next phase in life
by Chelsea Saulpaugh               Department       of      AHS.     She worked at School 6,            want my students to remem-
     There is no greater gift      According to Mrs. McCrea,         Arbor Hill Elementary School       ber the characters and their
than the gift of knowledge and     “Retirement is a new journey      and Albany High School.            struggles and how that reflects
the students of AHS applaud        leading to many new paths.”       “Over the years, students          our own struggles in the
the contributions of several of    She plans on spending her         have taught me at least as         world. Like Odysseus, I have
our finest teachers and staff      time volunteering at an animal    much as I have taught them,”       spent many years in a foreign
that helped us on the journey      rescue shelter and going to       said Mrs. Sharpley. She plans      land.” Mr. Tucker plans on
to adulthood.                      garage sales. She would like      on spending a few months           traveling after he retires.
     Among this group is           to be remembered as “being        without schedules and then              Since she started work-
Dorothy McCrea, who has            fair.”                            looking for work or volunteer      ing in the Albany City School
spent her whole teaching                 Barbara Sharpley has        opportunities involving books      District in 1978, Karen
career in the Business             been a librarian for 33 years.    or animals.                        Murray has worked at both
                                                                           For 29 years, Joanne         Hackett Middle School and                              Karen Murray
                                                                     Coppola has worked in the          Albany High School and has
                                                                     Albany City School District.       greatly enjoyed the students.
                                                                     “I have mixed emotions about       “The students have been the
                                                                     retirement. I will miss the        heart and soul of my profes-
                                                                     staff and students at AHS, yet     sion,” said Mrs. Murray.
                                                                     I look forward to new adven-       Concerning her retirement,
                                                                     tures,” said Mrs. Coppola.         she said, “I hope to learn to
                                                                     She plans on learning to be a      speak      French      fluently,
                                                                     “decent golfer” in her free        ‘relearn’ how to play the
                                                                     time.                              piano, and become more com-
                                                                           Gebhard Tucker started       puter literate.” She also plans
                                                                     out as a substitute in 1979.       on traveling and learning
                                                                     Now, 26 years later, he is         “...more about the ‘business’
                                                                     ready to begin a new phase of      of writing for publication.”
                                                                     his life. When asked how he             Also retiring this year are
                                                                     wanted students to remember        Ms. Sue McDermott, Mr.
                                                                     him, he said, “It was never        Chuck Coleman and Ms.
                   Gebhard Tucker                                    about remembering me. I            Janet Abriel.                                        Joanne Coppola

                                                                                                                             Classic review: Star Wars
‘Episode III’ worth hype, wait                                                                           The following originally ran in the September 30, 1977 Patroon edition.
by Caitlyn Farrington                   The finale for this long-    Wars movie will enjoy this         by Billy Nitzberg                  show. One (C3P0) is a gold             Star Wars, however, has
      The long wait for Star       loved story is a great movie      film.                                   Star Wars, written and        plated humanoid with a           a rather ordinary plot, but
Wars is finally over.              that will keep you on your              “This is my first time       directed by George Lucas, is                                        one which makes full use of
      Hundreds crowded into        toes. The fictional characters    seeing a Star Wars film and I      a fun and, at times, amusing                                        scientific jargon and striking
theater lines for hours just to    such as Wookies and, of           loved it,” said Sandra Futia.      film. It’s a rip-roaring, action                                    special effects. Its characters
see the final episode of the       course, Yoda, combined with       “It makes me want to see all       packed adventure in space.                                          have ideals and values rela-
popular science fiction film       the special effects, make it a    the others.”                            We are treated to a                                            tive to people today, or any
series. On opening day, May        must-see. Even those who                Overall, Star Wars:          galactic civil war, featuring                                       day.
19, many people slept outside      have never experienced a Star     Episode III is worth your time.    assorted heroes and villains                                              The special effects, cre-
so that they could be the first                                                                         engaged in space battles,                                           ated by John Dyksta and
in line. While they were in the                                                                         with a fencing duel utilizing                                       John Stears, are the movie’s
line, a few of the fans got into                                                                        laser beams, a princess in                                          strongest point. Mark Hamill
it and dressed up like Darth                                                                            distress and a fantastic old                                        and Carrie Fisher are ade-
Vader, Yoda, Jedis, droids and                                                                          man, surviving from an             British accent and the other     quate as the hero and leading
other characters from the pre-                                                                          extinct order of knights who       (R2D2) is a cross between a      princess, with Harrison Ford
vious films.                                                                                            possess a mysterious power         mailman and an electronic        as a star ship pilot. Alec
      Unlike the previous                                                                               called “the force.”                mailbox. There are also          Guinness as the old man,
films, the abundance of vio-                                                                                 Two robots are also           delightful scenes of interest-   Ben Kenobi, is excellent.
lence in Star Wars: Episode                                                                             seen pacing the set and they       ing new creatures from all       Star Wars is an impressive
III-Revenge of the Sith,                                                                                inadvertently “steal” the          parts of the galaxy.             film.
although necessary to the plot
of the movie, is disturbing at
times. Revenge of the Sith has
betrayal, love, comedy and a
great action, but it may not be
                                                                                                        IBO program to debut in fall
suitable for people who don’t      Even Darth Vader had to wait in line to see Revenge of the           by Dominique McCray                Diploma Programme coming         with a balanced education and
like a lot of violence.            Sith, the anticipated final installment in the Star Wars saga.            Albany High School            to Albany High under the         promote international under-
                                                                                                        wants to help students achieve     guidance of the International    standing. Students start the
                                                                                                        their goals a new method for       Baccalaureate Organization.      Diploma Programme in their
Arista members honored at banquet                                                                       doing so is being introduced
                                                                                                        next year.
                                                                                                                                           This will be a significant
                                                                                                                                           opportunity for students to
                                                                                                                                                                            junior year of high school and
                                                                                                                                                                            finish in their senior year.
by Kaitlyn Barron-                 Assistant         to        the   to since my sister was induct-          European History AP           excel in a new academic envi-         The flexibility of the cur-
Shashok                            Superintendent for Human          ed two years ago. It’s a good      teacher Tom McGurn is the          ronment.                         riculum is known as the
     Faculty and administra-       Resources.                        feeling to be rewarded for all     coordinator       of       the          The object of the pro-      Diploma             Programme
tors gathered with students             “This is the most punctu-    of the hard work over the last     International Baccalaureate        gram is to provide students      Hexagon Model, with six
and their families on May 25       al group we’ve ever had! I just   four years.”                                                                                           course areas surrounding its
for a dinner celebrating the       asked if we could have the              To be included in the                                                                            core. The students involved in
induction of 38 students into      food brought out a bit early      NHS, a student’s overall aver-                                                                         the program will study sub-
the Arista chapter of the          but they told me the baked        age must be 89.5% or higher.                                                                           jects selected from the six
National Honor Society.            potatoes weren’t done yet,”       Students who have been                                                                                 groups over two years, as well
     Held at the Crossgates        Mr. Petersen quipped as           caught cheating or who have                                                                            as the Theory of Knowledge,
Restaurant and Banquet Hall        guests waited for dinner.         been involved in other unethi-                                                                         the extended essay, and the
on Washington Avenue                    Each inductee’s name         cal activities may be denied                                                                           Creative, Action, Service
Extension, attendees enjoyed       was then read by David            admittance.                                                                                            (CAS) core requirements.
dinner, as well as words of        Bryan, AHS administrator, as            The NHS constitution                                                                                  Group 1, Language Al is
congratulation and encour-         students received a certificate   lays out the organization’s                                                                            study in a first language.
agement      from      David       and a photograph from the         purposes: “To create enthusi-                                                                          There are forty-five languages
Petersen, faculty coordinator      previous National Honor           asm for scholarship, to stimu-                                                                         regularly available, with oth-
for NHS, Michael Cioffi,           Society induction ceremony.       late a desire to render service,                                                                       ers available upon request. A
principal, William Barnette,            Inductee Mathew Simon        to promote leadership, and to                                                                          world literature component is
                                   said, “The dinner was some-       develop character in the stu-         Social Studies teacher Tom McGurn has been instrumen-            Continued on page 5
Board of Education member
                                   thing that I’ve looked forward    dents of secondary schools.”          tal in bringing the IBO program to Albany High School.
and Linda Jackson-Chalmers,                                                                                                                                                 Please see ‘IBO to debut’

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      Inside:                                Accident
                                                                                                                                                 Tulip Festival
                                                                                                                                                  art, fashion
Page 2                                                                                         The Patroon                                                                              June 10, 2005

                                      Editorial                                                                                           Is it me or...
                                                                                                           by Andrew Waite                     long and I wanted my last col-     brought out an entire side of
 Federal law requires schools to provide information to recruiters                                              Is it me or is keeping an      umn to represent my favorite       me that I never knew was
 “Hello?”                                              they risk losing vital funding. The only way to     open mind life’s greatest phi-      philosophy: Keep an open           there.
 “Hello, may I speak with __________                   keep contact information from military              losophy?                            mind and don’t be afraid to              I am sure that many of
 please?”                                              recruiters is to submit an “opt-out” letter in           It recently occurred to        change. I really believe that if   you have had similar experi-
 “Yes, this is she.”                                   writing to the school district’s superintendent.    me as I was walking from my         you do this, you will acquire      ences. If you have, then you
 “Hello __________, this is Sergeant                         Rep. David Vitter of Louisiana inserted       seventh to eighth period class      meaning in your life.              should definitely keep an open
 __________ from the Army Recruiting                   this stipulation, also known as section 9528        that I travel the same route             If you are willing to do      mind and be willing to change
 Center.”                                              into the No Child Left Behind Act with very         every day. I have been using        anything at least once, then       because you know the benefi-
 (Slightly Surprised) “...Hi...”                       little protest. He learned from the Pentagon        the same halls and stairway to      you are always just one            cial effects. If you haven’t,
 “__________, have you decided what you’ll             that many public schools had strict privacy         get from math to Humanities         attempt away from discover-        then you should always be up
 be doing after graduation?”                           policies protecting student information from        since September.                    ing your hidden passion. Life      for anything new because who
 “Well, yes, I’ll be going to college.”                being released to any outside parties, thus pre-         The next day, I altered        seems very exciting when you       knows, you just might find
 “Four year or two year? Private or public?”           venting aggressive military recruiting.             my path and ran into people         think about it that way.           something you love.
 “Private four year, probably.”                              What can we do to stop our records from       that I normally wouldn’t. A              One example in my life              Please think about this
 “That’ll be pretty expensive, huh?”                   being given to military recruiters?                 simple break from my routine        is drama arts. When I was in       article next time you are walk-
 “I suppose so.”                                             1. Educate our parents and make it easy       changed my entire day.              sixth grade, I tried out for a     ing down the hallway to class.
 “Are you aware that the armed forces will             for them to protect our privacy and to opt-out           As a senior, I wanted to       play and got a role. Although      Maybe you should change
 pay for your college tuition. Have you con-           from the school’s list.                             provide you with some part-         it was a risk, and not an ordi-    your route. You’ll be surprised
 sidered enlisting?”                                         2. Provide parent organizations with the      ing advice. I have been giving      nary thing for me to do, it        by all the new faces you see,
 “No, no thank you, I’m not interested...”             tools to demand that our school administrators      you my view on life all year        opened my eyes to theater and      trust me.
       How did Sergeant __________ get this            and school boards fully reveal their privacy
 student’s number? Deep within the crevices of         policy.
 the No Child Left Behind Act is a stipulation
 that requires public high schools to hand over
                                                             3. Support the Student Privacy
                                                       Protection Act of 2005, which reverses the
                                                                                                           Mall age limit difficult to enforce
 private student information to military               current legislation and requires schools to         by Jovan Totten                     actually think this isn’t a bad    through the anchor stores, to
 recruiters. This stipulation allows students to       obtain parental permission before releasing              Starting in mid-July, kids     idea. Malls are primarily          the mall), but you’ll need
 be recruited at home by telephone calls, mail         private student information to military             under 18 years old will not be      places to shop, not hang out.      some velvet rope for people to
 and personal visits. If schools do not comply,        recruiters.                                         allowed in Crossgates Mall          But I am a little surprised at     wait behind as they approach
                                                                                                           without an escort on Friday         how strict the policy is-4         the bouncer.
                                                                                                           and Saturday nights. The kids       p.m.? 18 years of age? They              I really can’t believe it

                           Cioffi’s Corner                                                                 must have a parent or
                                                                                                           guardian with them
                                                                                                           after 4 o’clock on
                                                                                                                                               are clearly very serious.          has come to this. I’m willing
                                                                                                                                                                                          to bet that this isn’t
                                                                                                                                                                                          totally about the two
                                                                                                           Friday and Saturday in                                                         recent incidents of
                             by Principal              graduating and attending college or entering        order to enter the mall.                                                       violence.           I’ve
                             Mike Cioffi               the world of work. Dedication, commitment,               Over             30                                                       observed that the pop-
                               Albany High             and diligence can make this a reality. Our job      ‘greeters’ will be post-                                                       ulation of teenagers
                          School is a learning         is to ensure your success.                          ed at all entrances to                                                         hanging out at the mall
                          community intent                   Another exciting school year has come         the mall and cinema.                                                           has increased signifi-
                          on educating. The            to a conclusion. Days have turned into weeks        They will be in charge of                 Nevertheless, the mall is    cantly over the past year-and
                          goal of AHS is               and weeks into months and the Class of 2005         enforcing the new plan. Mall        going to have a huge problem       that’s probably seen as a bad
                          excellence, which            shall soon be celebrating graduation.               authorities hope the plan helps     with enforcement. I just don’t     thing from a business per-
                          calls for a united                 We encourage seniors to reinforce life-       put a stop to the recent rash of    see how it can be done.            spective.
 effort on the part of students, administra-           long friendships and use this year’s experi-        violence at the mall. One inci-           If you are going to card           Sadly, I’m not sure if this
 tors, teachers, and counselors.                       ence to prepare for the next stage of your          dent involved a large group of      every teenager coming into         new policy would have been
       We strive to have our students gain the         life.                                               teenagers, and another result-      the mall, you’ll not only need     put into place if that were not
 freedom that knowledge brings. We value                     Our sophomores and juniors should use         ed in injuries to one police        a big staff (30 seems far too      the case. Eventually, I see this
 good citizenship, good scholarship, a love            the coming years to solidify their academic         officer.                            little considering all the         new age limit being removed
 of learning, independence of thought, and             abilities and goals.                                     First off, let me say that I   entrances, both regular and        or at least revised.
 the readiness to take responsibility for                    Our freshmen should concentrate on the
 one’s own actions.                                    successful transition they have made from
       To this end, we promote the provision
 of learning experiences that are engaging,
                                                       middle school to high school and begin to
                                                       focus on particular areas of interest.
                                                                                                           Hall traffic must keep right
 relevant, and forward-looking, all within in                Every student at AHS has great poten-         by Kaitlyn Barron-                  step back into their office,       this facilitation.
 a secure learning environment.                        tial; it is what one does with this potential       Shashok                             shaking and stunned and                  Aside from its origins, I
       No school can be effective without a            that makes a difference. Each student can                 Recently on the morning       promptly       write        this   also pondered possible prob-
 clear and concise vision. Ours at AHS is              guarantee success by being truly involved           announcements, I heard a            announcement?                      lems that could arise from
 simple...we want every student to graduate            and putting forth his or her best effort.           new nugget of wisdom. ‘To                Or perhaps it’s all part of   this new announcement.
 and become a good citizen.                                  I look forward to next year and I wish        facilitate the flow of move-        a more elaborate plan, the               Will the more obedient
       Each of you has the expectations of             everyone a happy and productive summer.             ment, student and staff are         plan that began with what I        students suddenly find them-
                                                                                                           asked to keep to the right side     refer to as the “tower five        selves walking extra miles
                                                                                                           of the hallway.”                    scheme.”                           around and around, just to
I swear I’m not co-dependent!                                                                                    Upon hearing this, I
                                                                                                           began to theorize (I have a lot
                                                                                                                                                    Often, I find myself
                                                                                                                                               trapped, with a hall monitor
                                                                                                                                                                                  reach their classes on the left
                                                                                                                                                                                  side of hallways without
by Sophie Friedman                    rade. We’re all there alone,            It’s strange, because I do   of spare time) upon the ori-        at one end of the hall telling     breaking the rules?
      I am fairly obsessed with       but we’re together.               things like use the library        gins of such a plan.                me to go the other way, an               I remember reading a
the reasoning behind things.                I don’t like to go places   website to request a book,               Did an unsuspecting           administrator at the other         book about a crazy elemen-
“Why is that man walking so           without my cell phone. The        rather than go to the library      administrator emerge from           yelling “tower five, tower         tary school. In this book, the
slowly?” “How come you’re             reason is twofold:                (two blocks away) to ask for       their office, only to find their    five!” and me trapped in the       principal made the announce-
not coming with us?” “Why                   1) When I feel afraid, I    it. We buy everything online,      path blocked by a sea of bod-       middle, unable to make my          ment: “Students are asked to
does this toothpaste taste so         like, nay, NEED, to grip          from groceries to nose-hair        ies, all trying to go in oppo-      way to journalism.                 walk on the right side of the
gritty?” I don’t know why I           something. Most often, my         trimmers.                          site directions, at varying              This is to “facilitate the    stairs when going up, and the
care so much about the “why”          cell can be found in the left           The “beauty” of Internet     speeds and with an array of         flow of movement” in the           left when going down.”
behind things, but I do.              pocket of my pants. I shove       shopping is that you can get       places to stop on the way?          halls, but apparently my                 At least we have that
      I wonder about the              my hand in there and just grip    what you want without leav-              Did said administrator        movement is excluded from          part right.
“why” behind the things that I        my phone, despite how hot it      ing your house and interacting
want to do. Why do I always           can get. And I grip it and        with people. The thing is that
want to live in big cities? How       know that because I’m hold-       we always want to be con-
come my cell phone is so near         ing on, and because I refuse to   nected, which is why we have
and dear to me? Why am I              let go, I will be fine.           cell phones and pagers and
nearly unable to sign off of                2) The phone allows me      PDA’s and AIM. We always
AIM for fear of missing               to be in constant contact with    want to be connected; yet we
something?                            someone, anyone. If I am out      want to be able to do things
      The reason is because           walking on the street, and,       without having to have con-
I’m afraid. I am afraid of            uncharacteristically of a big     tact with other people.
being truly alone. It makes me        city, I can’t see anyone out, I         Don’t get me wrong; I
nervous, anxious, and scared.         can just take out my phone.       am by no means codependent.                                                      The
      If I live in a big city, I’ll   Seven digits later there’s a      I enjoy spending time by
never be truly alone. Sure,           voice on the other end.           myself and do so frequently. I
maybe it’s three in the morn-
ing and all my friends are
                                            And AIM. What about
                                      AIM? My friend Kathleen
                                                                        just almost need to know that
                                                                        if I wanted to be with some-
asleep, but I know people are         says the reason she likes AIM     one else, I could.                                                         Editors-in-Chief
still out there, roaming the          so much is because you’re               And so I wonder ... am I          Sophie Friedman                    Khalilah Ramdene                     Andrew Waite
streets. If I scream, someone         always connected to other         the only one afraid of being
will hear me.                         people, so you’re never alone.    truly alone, or am just one
      And I know I can still go       And this is the reason I use it   among many?
                                                                                                                                                   Assistant Editor
out and get coffee and people         all the time. I think it’s the          We are introverted                                                       Kevin Dugan
will come and join the sippa-         reason we all do.                 socialites.

                                                                                                            Contributors: Ben Maggio, Leah Ennis, Andrew Alvez, Ja’Meeka Banks, Kaitlyn
                                                                                                            Barron-Shashok, LeQuashia Blackwood, Caitlyn Farrington, James Friedman, Kelly
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June 10, 2005                                                                                The Patroon                                                                                          Page 3

Seniors attend accident simulation                                                                                                                 Always and Forever :
                                                                                                                                               Albany High seniors celebrate their prom
                                                                                                         Staff reports
                                                                                                               On May 19, seniors           by Andrew Stone
                                                                                                         attended a demonstration                 The twenty first of May, two thousand and five is a date
                                                                                                         designed to illustrate the fatal   that will surely live on in the memories of many Albany High
                                                                                                         effects of driving under the       School graduates. The senior class celebrated their prom in
                                                                                                         influence of alcohol.              the banquet halls and lush grounds of the beautiful Birch Hill
                                                                                                               The presentation began       Farm, and truly made for themselves a night to remember.
                                                                                                         in the auditorium with open-             For many, the evening began months ago, with weeks of
                                                                                                         ing comments from district         preparation to help create the perfect atmosphere. The actual
                                                                                                         Superintendent Dr. Eva             reality of Senior Prom set in for most senior girls shortly after
                                                                                                         Joseph and other school and        noon, with a bottle of hair-spray and half a box of bobby-pins.
                                                                                                         law enforcement officials.         After all the grooming, and stunning finished products, many
                                                                                                               After the introductory       headed to houses of friends or the Empire State Plaza for pic-
                                                                                                         session, the students proceed-     tures with their dates and peers.
                                                                                                         ed to the Washington Avenue              People began to enter the grounds of Birch Hill as early
                                                                                                         parking lot for a demonstra-       as six o’clock. Attendees were greeted initially with the ballot
                                                                                                         tion reenacting an accident        for King and Queen, followed by numerous options of hors
                                                                                                         involving an intoxicated driv-     d’oeurves, Foto-Magic Magnets, a professional photographer,
 Above: An Albany Medical Center helicopter arrives to provide transport to “victims.”                   er and a group of students.        and even a horse drawn carriage ride around the Birch Hill
 Below: Firefighters use the “jaws of life”to extricate actors from the simulated wreckage.                    Working in real time,        estate.
                                                                                                         crews from the city police and           After socializing, and taking part in the activities provid-
                                                                                                         fire departments simulated the     ed, prom goers were served a delectable dinner at eight, fol-
                                                                                                         procedures, including the          lowed shortly thereafter by hours of dancing to a variety of
                                                                                                         “jaws of life,” necessary to       music only found at Albany High.
                                                                                                         rescue individuals involved in           While taking a brief respite from dancing, I spoke with
                                                                                                         such an event.                     Sophie Friedman, who was wiping her armpits, regarding her
                                                                                                               The simulation included      feelings about Senior Prom: “ Well, NOT to be a cornball, but
                                                                                                         actors posing as “victims”         when I was younger, I’d look at peoples’ prom pictures and
                                                                                                         and parents in order to give as    always thought ‘I will never be old enough to do that.’ and
                                                                                                         realistic a portrayal as possi-    then when I was, I didn’t want to. Luckily, I got a second
                                                                                                         ble.                               chance with senior prom, and I couldn’t believe how excited
                                                                                                               In addition, a helicopter    I was. My date is lovely, my friends are fantastic and we look
                                                                                                         from Albany Medical Center         SO grown up. And then when it’s over we get to CAMP for
                                                                                                         landed on the upper football       48 hours. And isn’t that what growing up is really about?”
                                                                                                         field to “evacuate” victims.             As the hours rolled by, it was soon time for the crowning
                                                                                                               The event concluded          of the King and Queen, Steven Allinger and Teresa Gallagher.
                                                                                                         with a return to the auditorium    The royal couple had their dance to “My Girl,” by the
                                                                                                         for a panel discussion.            Temptations, as the night began to slowly dwindle down, until
                                                                                                                                            finally the carriage was going to be turned back into a pump-
                                                                                                                                            kin. Seniors continued their celebration of high school’s finale

Grads offer advice on college transition                                                                                                    at various other functions throughout the weekend.
                                                                                                                                                  “It was magical,” said Shannon Igoe, in retrospect.
                                                                                                                                            “Truly perfect.”
by Kelly McKay                     school!”                           isn’t the same. I miss having a    Eat responsibly.”
      With June comes longer             Hogan and other mem-         big room. And my friends.”               “Be active,” recom-
days, warmer breezes, the          bers of the AHS Class of 2004            Joel Leibo, a freshman at    mended Chow, “and don’t
promise of summer freedom-         became nostalgic when asked        Brandeis University, really        slack off! The work can really                      Junior Prom
and a multitude of mixed feel-     what they missed most during       missed “AP Bruegger’s, my          build up on you fast.”
ings for the Class of 2005.        their freshman year of col-        favorite class!”                         “If you’re going to take
      As graduation rapidly        lege.                                    Marist        sophomore      any math classes,” said Leibo,
approaches, seniors are forced           “I missed AHS,” said         Meghan McKay confessed to          “make sure you learn mathe-
to think about the changes         Hogan. “The rap battles, my        missing “the excitement at         matical induction, because
that will occur within the next    jammed-in locker, people           lunchtime-the Kenyas, the          they didn’t teach it in Calc
few months. It’s a bittersweet     wandering into a classroom         random clapping...”                and you’re expected to know
time, with goodbyes to fami-       wearing shower caps-that                 The college kids also        it.”
ly, friends, and life’s familiar   doesn’t really happen at Johns     offered advice for the Class of          Maybe all of this doesn’t
routine; one giant step closer     Hopkins!”                          2005.                              make us feel a whole lot bet-
to adulthood. Many of us                 “I miss having lunch in            “Go to all of the orienta-   ter. Maybe it even makes us
have been counting down the        the courtyard,” said Dave          tion activities,” Hogan urged.     feel a little more panicked. We
days to graduation for the past    Chow, now a student at the         “They’re a great opportunity       know it’s going to be a scary
four years, but inside we’re       Rochester       Institute     of   to meet people.”                   time, and nobody really
all terrified of what comes        Technology. “And having                  “When you choose your        knows what to expect, but at
next.                              classes with friends every         classes,          go          to   least we have a few comfort-
      Sarah Hogan, a rising        period of the day. It isn’t like,” sug-         ing words and a bit of advice
sophomore at Johns Hopkins         that at college.”                  gested Oberlander, “and            from our friends who have
University and a former stu-             “The Curry House!”           always leave your door open!       been through it.
dent at AHS, tried to be reas-     exclaimed Binghamton stu-          Wander into people’s rooms               Oberlander had one last
suring when she spoke about        dent Sarit Oberlander. “And        and introduce yourself. Be         thought to add: “Oh-and I
college. “Don’t worry!” she        Bomber’s,             Paesan’s,    careful that you don’t bring       really miss Mr. Sarinelli!” she
told us, “people are a lot less    Bruegger’s, Xing Long...           too much stuff! Also, don’t        said, with a somewhat sheep-
mature at college than at high     everything! College food just      eat ice cream for every meal.      ish smile.

iPod leading wave of future in music
by James Friedman                  players are rather bulky and       radio.                             alphabetized.
      It is truly amazing how      the average CD can only hold            The iPod does have                  Every time the iPod is
the way that we listen to          about 18 songs. My iPod has        some drawbacks. Apple has          plugged into the computer, it
music has evolved over the         20 GB’s of memory so it can        created a system called            will format itself exactly the
years. We went from vinyl          supposedly hold roughly            iTunes, which is the software      same way as iTunes.
records to cassette tapes to       10,000 songs. So far, I only       used to download songs onto        Therefore, if a song is added
cds, and now we have arrived       have about 2,000.                  your iPod. The instructions        to iTunes, it will be added to
in the age of MP3 players.               The iPod has a wonder-       that you receive with the soft-    the iPod the next time it is
MP3 players have been on           ful system of organization for     ware are very vague and can        connected to the computer. If
the market for years but per-      the songs. You can search for      be quite confusing to a non-       you want to remove a song,
haps the one most commonly         a song on your                                    computer            you delete it from your
used and growing in popular-       iPod by title,                                    savvy guy like      iTunes and when the iPod is
ity is the iPod, manufactured      genre, artist,                                    myself. Once        connected, it will be deleted
by Apple.                          album or put it                                   the      iTunes     from that as well. Simple as
      With its enormous mem-       on        shuffle                                 software      is    pie.
ory bank and thousands of          mode,where                                        understood,               Apple has gone far and
extra attachment options, the      the songs are                                     it’s a piece of     beyond all other companies
iPod has become the MP3            selected and                                      cake.               to make the most popular
player for people to own. I        played in a                                             Songs can     MP3 player to date. Will                   The 2005 AHS Junior Prom was
see people of all ages using       random order.                                     be put onto the     there ever be something bet-               held in The State Room on May 7.
this amazing toy. I first                It’s hard                                   iPod       from     ter than the iPod? Will the
stepped into the world of          for me to think                                   downloaded          iPod ever be a thing of the
iPods this past December           of a time when                                    music files off     past as cassette tapes are?
when I received mine as a          I don’t have my iPod with          the internet. Some people use            These questions can
Christmas gift. I had a num-       me. I listen to it at the gym,     the iTunes software to down-       only be answered with time.
ber of friends with them and       before bed, while reading,         load songs onto their comput-      When baby boomers were
decided with all the music I       during my study halls and,         er, while others download          listening to vinyl records in
listen to that it would be a       with my new iTrip, even in         songs from other media file        the seventies, I bet they never
good gift to request.              the car. The iTrip is a device     sharers such as Limewire,          even thought we would get
      Since I received my          which plugs into the top of        Kazaa or Warez.                    this far. Technology is an
iPod, I have found that I lis-     the iPod and transmits the              Once a song is down-          amazing thing, especially
ten to more music than I did       song to a blank station on         loaded onto the computer, it       when combined with the love
before I owned one. Cds were       your car radio. It is a com-       can be dragged into the            of listening to music. Apple
great and I could always burn      pletely wireless operation         iTunes software folder where       has me impressed. What will
a new mix to listen to, but CD     and will work with any FM          it will be automatically           they think of next?
Page 4                                                                             The Patroon                                                                     June 10, 2005

   We, the Class of 2005, do hereby bequeath...
I, Emily Aronowitz, leave Minsoo Lee the morning                I, Shanee Hoke, leave my locker and the corresponding         I, Jimmy Niravathu, leave hacky-sack to my brother,
announcements, Lucy Reeder the tuba section, Mike               lock to my brother Cer-el Hoke. May he enjoy it as much       hearts to Deb and Eric, the college center to the juniors,
Sainato everything in Italy, Alex Casale a little green fairy   as I have.                                                    and the fields to all future ultimate Frisbee players.
and Eric Ginsburg an invitation to Grandma Esther's
birthday party!                                                 I, Shamyiah Holt, leave Marshay Hines all the parties.        I, Erasto Nova, my family and friends the leadership and
                                                                LaQuana, Keeia, Fashonette and Desha, my soda, candy,         respect that I had so they can keep it up.
I, Zach Baum, leave Jon Bard the tech crew and the              and food at practice.
Crescent Dr. neighborhood, Brent my hitting skills, Harry                                                                     I, Shenaya Parson, leave my right to be fly, my jokes,
the ability to keep sane on the baseball team, Mike             I, Ilana Horowitz, leave the music building and Mr.           and the knowledge of knowing the difference between
Sainato St. Catherines field, Collin Walkins Bethlehem          Reynolds to Sara Trujillo and Adam Siegal.                    friends and foes.
Hockey, Jake the soccer team and Annie the Baum-Dunn
legacy.                                                                                                                       I, Righteous aka Sali, leave my respect and love for those
                                                                                                                              that had love for me and for those that did not, you know
I, Joanna Belding, leave Valerie Channel News 9, taking                                                                       what you can do.
Tristan outside every single day after school, and not my
bedroom. Zach, nights on the couch and raunchy movies,                                                                        I, Elijah Rodriguez, leave my orange locker to any per-
midnight walks to ASH, neighborly love, Alex, 24, cracks                                                                      son that will have it. It’s clean so make sure it stays that
on your hook-ups.                                                                                                             way.

I, Andrew Bornt, leave a few words of advice to all who                                                                       I, Mary Rosch, leave French AP mon amour de francais,
need it, “Those who don't learn will be doomed to repeat                                                                      Ben Maggio lots of love, and whakapapa to Ben + Tim.
the class.”
                                                                                                                              I, Vannamarie Sanchez, leave all my Latinos my
I, Nathaniel Cobbs, leave my bag of pens and almost                                                                           strength and determination to succeed and graduate from
everything else in my locker to the “women.”                                                                                  high school. To minnie me, Angela Rosado, who will
                                                                                                                              hopefully follow in my footsteps and better represent.
I, Nahki Davis, leave my knowledge and wisdom to my                                                                           Good luck to all of you and much love.
lil' sister (Sha-meera Davis.) Keep your head. And to all
the underclassmen I know, stay strong.                                                                                        I, Marcus Scott, leave a treat to society: my brother Dom,
                                                                                                                              keep him safe. I also leave Alex Frye and Ginni with my
                                                                I, Jason Hulett, leave all my Marine Corp stickers and
I, Kristen Dawson, leave my ability to disregard what                                                                         perversion. I leave Macie Groves my audacity, and Eli
                                                                pictures to my green locker and to any freshman who will
others say about you, because you'll soon realize that you                                                                    Faver with my track uniform. I leave this track team
                                                                take it. - Semper Fi!
have something they want but can’t have.                                                                                      (especially Cornelius, Paris, Paul, Sean, Dan, Conner,
                                                                                                                              etc.) with my dedication, and the girls and boys at Anime
                                                                I, Shareem Jackson, leave Qua-sim Jackson my ability to
                                                                                                                              Club with my appearance. I leave Jen Wilcox with my sta-
                                                                make everyone around you laugh. “Qua. This is a big
                                                                                                                              bility. I leave Kim Lynch with my “social skills,” Marcus
                                                                responsibility, don't blow it.”
                                                                                                                              Henderson with some sense of thought, and Chris Leigh
                                                                                                                              with intelligence. I also leave Inkblot (Sara, Jasmine, Dan,
                                                                I, Jandayi James, leave my love to my peoples, Chrissy,
                                                                                                                              Krystal, etc.) with all of the wonders in the world. I leave
                                                                Shakena, Carlissa, Jennifer, Melanie, Myriah, Gabby,
                                                                                                                              Tim Bornt with my sense of humor, and Adam Siegal with
                                                                Mecca Matthew, Monet and Ashley. Keep your heads up
                                                                                                                              my sarcasm. I leave the class of 2005 with the happiness
                                                                and you'll make it out too! I leave my passion for green to
                                                                                                                              of leaving the dust!

                                                                I, Siedah Johnson, leave my favorite teacher and my
                                                                wonderful locker to any freshmen.

                                                                I, Knikki, leave Jake London the rights to take care of
                                                                Schmader's door in case of emergency.

                                                                I, Mike Kuzia, leave the stories, the legends, and the
I, Celestine Dinkins, leave my smiles and crazy laughter        magic to all of my capable underclassmen, make me
to my girls Cheyney, LaQuetta, Gloria, Crystal, and of          proud.
course one of the three musties I'Shaonta. Always stay
focused and keep ya head up. And much love to my boy            I, Jonathan Lajas, leave the great name of Lajas to my
Alfred Pleasure! I'm out!                                       brother Nate, my knowledge of common sense to Angie,
                                                                and much love to anyone trying to get somewhere.
I, Cal Egan, leave my love of Reggae to Ben Keefe, my                                                                         I, Andy Stone, leave holy-notes maintainership to
homeless style to Jake London. I leave the path of the          I, Chris Leigh, leave level 10 to Adam, Sisel and all         Charlsie, Key Club to Pita, Zoe and Alex. Crepes to all my
wasted to all boys who follow and hold it down.                 rights and privileges of the tennis courts to Alyssa Jung.    France/Italy guys and the wondorous world of Schmader
                                                                                                                              to Bonnie and J. Lo.
I, Genny Faist, leave Ben my locker and the Key Club            I, Brian Marengo, leave my locker to my girlfriend
Faist legacy; Arpita and Kelsey Key Club; Zoe, vice pres-       regardless of who or what is in there when I leave.           I, Shavon Stovall, leave my love and best wishes to all of
idency, Dunkin Donuts, Paulo and my heart; Jonus, my                                                                          the underclassmen, and also to my niece Crystal stay
swan; Eric G., Sheldon and the College Center, Zach, mad        I, Nydia Marshall, leave Xavier Marshall the task of          focused baby girl and ignore them Hataz!
love; Jeff, architectural skills, and Harry, my heart.          scaring Mrs. Varsames (the trainer) at least once a week
                                                                and to knock down a cheerleader pyramid.                      I, Raina Strausman, leave Bruegger's and the College
I, Neltineca Farilien, leave my favorite teachers and                                                                         Center to Alli, the Drama Club to my freshman girls and
teacher assistants to the kids who will soon have them.         I, Dominique McCray, leave my enthusiasm for writing          Devin, the school to Shea, and first violin first chair to
Good luck. Favorite teachers: Mr. McGurn, Mr. Pape, Mr.         and math. Also my published articles to encourage anoth-      Mikhail.
Schultz, Ms. Rogers, Ms. Ingram and Mr. Sarinelli.              er writer making their way through high school.
                                                                                                                              I, Antonia “Toni” Thompson, leave Ms. Baker my love-
I, James Friedman, leave Zach White my attendance                                                                             ly angel from above, all my love and my bright smile. My
duties in orchestra and Sara Germano my love of Kenny                                                                         baby, my heart. Jelly Bean “Gina” and BooBoo “Jen” all
Chesney and NASCAR.                                                                                                           my softball talents. Cut that Bologna and cheese. Xavier
                                                                                                                              all my sense of humor.
I, Sophie Frieman, leave Zoe and Katey the sanity to do
yearbook and a quality haircut to Ben Keefe.                                                                                  I, Shaldaya “Daya” Turner, leave Mr. Contento one of
                                                                                                                              my favorite teachers of all time and my other favorite,
I, Emily Gage, leave 18003239262 to the varsity                                                                               Mrs. Brown. I leave all my little cousins to grow and do
women’s soccer team, #3 to Emma, midfield to Swiz,                                                                            well and graduate on time.I especially leave my cousin
Anna, Emma, full 90 to Katey and Jordan.                                                                                      Khaliq, the future NBA star. And last but not least I leave
                                                                                                                              mi amor, Mr. Ramel Gonzalez.. And before I go I have to
I, Tess Gallagher, leave my laugh in the music depart-                                                                        leave LeQuashia “Young Qua” the harlem shake and my
ment, the bass section and RICH to Emma, the ESYO                                                                             math grade...
string section to Zach W-S, and Harris Ave. to Emman and
Alex.                                                                                                                         I, Javon White, leave this advice: do all homework, try to
                                                                                                                              pass all tests, stay awake at all times and, most important,
I, Jerome Green, leave all my leftover women to my “lit-                                                                      stay fly.
tle brother” Phillip and Chad.
                                                                                                                              I, Eliana Wachs Cashman, leave Jen Galle my mock
I, Amine “Harry” Hechehouche, leave the remnants of             I, Kelly McKay, leave local tourneys to Deb, the flute        trial Whipping Girl position and Dara Levy-Bernstein my
Kenya and the NDO to all debaters, PMA and the ropes to         section to Arpita, and the twinkly Christmas lights and a     Pete binders.
the tech crew and, lastly, the hope for continued play of       lot of love to Katie.
frisbee to all.                                                                                                               I, Kathryn Wakeman, leave the GSA to Tegan and
                                                                I, Denisesha Mitchell, leave my sneaker status to the per-    Quentin, my initials and shoes to fill to Katie “little Dubs”
I, Scott Higdon, leave my violin, Billy, to the next gener-     son most fit for the position. My only requirement is that    Worden, and the Wakeman Mystique to Ree.
ation; my cans of axe to my brother; my weight room to          you keep your kicks fresh.
the freshmen; my humour to the sophs; my boyish charm                                                                         I, Ashley Wilson, leave this advice: always be ready for
to the juniors, and my "smarts" to next year's seniors (who     I, Lakeshia Motley, leave all my carpet tripping to all       any and everything. See what you want and never stop
need it.)                                                       freshmen who will have to learn how to walk on it.            until you get it.
June 10, 2005                                                                            The Patroon                                                                                          Page 5

                                                                Underclassmen Awards
       Capital Area Art Supervisors’ 3-D Exhibit                                       Maxima Cum Laude                                              Kodak Young Leadership Award
                       Nathelia Bowman                                     Cara Herrick, Valerie Belding, Zachary Amodeo                                          Jacob London
                                                                                       Summa Cum Laude
            Siena College Martin Luther King                                               Benjamin Pastel                                           Wells College Leadership Award
                Art and Essay Invitational                                                                                                                       Deborah Chesser
Neema Blake, Danny Chester, Coretta Good, Alex Greenhut,                                Chess Club Awards
Shaquana Knox, Zuheily Rivera, Tiffany Rozzi-Algie, Deja                                    1st Place                                                 Wellesley College Book Award
Smith, Adrianna Wuerslin, Emma Dubin, Kione Peterson-                                      Benjamin Pastel                                                        Sara Germano
Smith, Derrick Sydnor, Lakita Clark, Mark McGlone, Kiwana                                     2nd Place
Outing, Melissa Rey, Fashionett Trowell, Duane Wisdom,                                     Maxwell Clarke                                               Clarkson University Awards
Nicole Generali, Jamia Noisette                                                                                                                      Kaitlin Worden and Paul Rosentrauch
                                                                      Student Achievement Awards Harvard Book Prize
              Regional Juried Art Exhibition                                               Jasmine Mauger                                       The Saint Michael’s College Book Award
Jordan Paley, Erika Savage, Raphael Mishler, Daniel Justa,                                                                                                Harry Kemp and Leora Flax
Duyen Tran, Jeffrey Barnes, Jolana Nicotina                                                  RPI Medal
                                                                                           Sarah Magidson                                                 The Smith College Award
       New York State School Boards Association                                                                                                                   Arpita Husain
Rasheem Williams, Jeffrey Barnes, Liza Nathan-Serio, Steven
Gioeni, Zoe Fullem, Maura Tarantino, Kayna Pfeiffer, Emily                                                                                           ESF Improve Your World Award
Harrison, Jacob London
                                                                                                                                                                    Lewis Stitt
              “Horsing Around” Art Exhibit                                                                                                              Dr. Harry Minassian Award
Krystyna Hall, Justine Maloy, Alex Greenhut, Kayla Duquette,
                                                                                                                                                                  Ernma Moran
Stacy Vanier, Adriana Wuerslin
                                                                                                                                                             Easton Essay Award
                   Annual Tulip Festival
                                                                                                                                                     Benjamin Pastel and Sa’Kiera Hudson
Kadeen Hermitt, Justine Maloy, Cameron Rivers, Duyen Tran,
Tegan Barron-Shashok, Daniel Justa, Leah Koutsakis, Sarah
                                                                                                                                               Jo-Ann Unright Memorial English Award
                                                                                                                                                                  Sara Germano
  Black History Month Creative Expression Contest
    Kione Peterson-Smith, Adam Kroopnick, Emma Dubin                                                                                               The Class of 1913 and Class of 1942
                                                                                                                                                          Alumni Latin Prize
            Sage College of Albany Art Award                                                                                                                     Patrick Maguire
                         Jolana Nicotina
                                                                                                                                                  William Gowey Memorial Latin Prize
            National Social Studies Olympiad                                                                                                                 Mary Florence Sullivan
Justine Maloy, Rafael Chaiken, Alexis Smith, Lucy Reeder,
Maxwell Clarke, Benjamin Heller, Sa’Kiera Hudson, Raphael                                                                                             Oscar D. Robinson Latin Prize
Mishler, William Huba, Michael Chernoff                                        Student Sage Scholar Recognition                                                     Lewis Stitt
                                                                                           Tanesha Thomas
                  National French Contest                                                                                                          William S. Dyer Keyboarding Prize
           Vanessa Ayivi, Jessica Ayivi, Ingrid Ayivi                                 RIT Computing Medal                                                         Jennifer Kemp
                                                                                         Joshua Pendergrass
                                                                                                                                                  Morris and Rose Orlin French Prize
                    National Latin Exam
                                                                              University of Rochester Humanities                                 French 2: Eli Raver and Zachary Amodeo
                        Cum Laude
Renata Tepitskaya, Samuel Wells, Quentin Lott, Justin Maloy,                      and Social Science Award                                      French 3: Sa’Kiera Hudson and Vanessa Ayivi
Alexis Smith                                                                               Evangeline Polan                                       French 4: Arpita Husain and Ingrid Ayivi
                     Magna Cum Laude
Abigail Kellam, Selina U11rich, Mary Florence Sullivan,                   Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award                                      New York State Music Association
Lewis Stitt                                                                                 Emma Moran                                                            Emma Moran

‘IBO to debut’: Continued from page 1                                                                Student profile: Celine Meirlaen
also included.                    design technology. These          help of a supervisor, with all   by Kelly McKay
      Group 2, Language A2,       classes provide the experience    teachers in the program func-          Contrary to popular opin-
B, ab initio is a second mod-     with scientific exploration and   tioning as supervisors. The      ion, waffles are not served at
ern language course for vari-     creativity.                       essay is turned in the middle    every meal in Belgium-or so
ous levels of proficiency.              Group 5, Mathematics        of the senior year.              says AHS student Celine
Language A2 is the study of a     and Computer Science have              For each course, a stu-     Meirlaen.
foreign      language.     The    five courses also. Group 5        dent must pay $160. For the            She would know.
Language ab initio courses are    offers mathematics HL, math-      IB Diploma, it costs between           A Rotary Club foreign
beginner foreign language         ematical methods SL, mathe-       $700 and $800.                   exchange student from Pailhe,
classes for those with no pre-    matical studies SL and further         “We’re aiming for kids to   Belgium,            19-year-old
vious experience in learning a    mathematics SL. These cours-      get diplomas,” said Mr.          Meirlaen joined this year’s
second language. Language B       es are designed to fit the stu-   McGurn, showing that he is       senior class at AHS in
is for students who are more      dents’ mathematic ability         devoted to this prestigious      September. Having lived in a
advanced in a language.           since math is apart of every-     program.                         small town and attended a
      Group 3 is Individuals      one’s daily life.                      When a student earns an     Catholic boarding school, her
and Societies. This group               Group 6 is the arts.        IB Diploma, it may very well     experience here has been very
offers nine subjects. They are    Visual Arts, music and theatre    take care of a whole freshman    new and different.
history, geography, econom-       arts are the courses available    year of college courses.               “I come from a town of
ics, philosophy, psychology,      in this group.                         The school has made         200 people,” said Celine in
social and cultural anthropolo-         In the middle of a stu-     plans to raise money to pro-     her lilting accent. “This is a
                                                                                                                                           Celine Meirlaen will always be a part of the AHS family.
gy, business and management,      dent’s junior year, he or she     mote the IB Diploma              very important fact. I am from
information technology in         begins an extended essay. This    Programme with activities        nowhere in Belgium! This is        observations and feelings           doubled the size of my family
global society and Islamic his-   4,000-word essay is a require-    such as bake sales, communi-     very different for me, but the     about America. “I am glad that      in coming here,” she said with
tory. These courses are offered   ment and is designed to pro-      ty fundraisers and a formal      differences make it interest-      I will be able to go home and       a smile. “I would recommend
to provide development of         vide practical preparation for    dance for parents.               ing.”                              challenge my family’s pre-          being an exchange student to
critical appreciation of human    undergraduate research in col-         All the money raised              With a varied mix of         sumptions about Americans,”         everyone who is open-minded
experience, behavior, society     lege. The essay consists of the   goes toward the program. If      courses including Chinese,         she says, “that they’re fat and     and wants to discover and
and theories.                     components a student learns       you have any questions about     Drama, Humanities and              all about war. It isn’t true!” On   explore another country.”
      Group 4, Experimental       through their junior and senior   the IB Diploma Programme,        Spanish, Celine has found her      the whole, she feels that “peo-           After her return home,
Sciences offers five courses      year of the program.              you can contact Mr. McGurn       schedule to be engaging and        ple are nice here.”                 Celine plans to study in
such as biology, physics, envi-         Students are encouraged     in the IBO office in the front   enlightening. She has been               Celine also appreciates       Brussels in hopes of becoming
ronmental systems, and            to complete the essay with the    of the Media Center.             continually impressed by her       the benefits of the size of the     an interpreter of German and
                                                                                                     teachers, especially Mr.           United States. “It is this whole    Dutch.
             Final Exam Schedule June 2005                                                           Coleman (“He is great!”) and
                                                                                                     Ms. Reinhardt (“She is like a
                                                                                                                                        big country where you can
                                                                                                                                        travel all around and see all
                                                                                                                                                                                  “My dream is to work in
                                                                                                                                                                            the European Parliament in
                                                                                                     friend to me”).                    different climates and land-        Brussels,” she confided, “and
Tuesday, June 14                  Regents-Session 1                 Regents in Global History &
                                  RCT Science                                                              Still, much of what she      scapes, from the beaches of         to own a lake house some-
8:30 a.m.                                                           Geography
                                  12:30 p.m.                                                         has learned could not be found     Florida to the cool forests and     where in the American
Global 9                                                            RCT Reading
                                  Mathematics A Regents                                              in a classroom. Her English        lakes in northern New York,”        Northeast.”
Economics                                                           12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                     has improved remarkably            she remarked.                             With her courage, conge-
Psychology (Sarinelli)            Friday, June 17                   Regents in U.S. History &
                                                                                                     since her arrival in the US,             Although we are “nice,”       niality, and super-cute accent,
12:30 p.m.                        8:30 a.m.                         Gov’t
                                                                                                     and she feels that she has         she also notices that we “are       Celine Meirlaen has been a
Math B 1                          Comprehensive English             Wednesday, June 22               become better able to solve        wasting a lot of water” and she     real asset to the AHS commu-
Pre Calculus                      Regents-Session 2                 8:30 a.m.                        problems and adapt in difficult    says that she does have some        nity, and we wish her the best
Wednesday, June 15                12:30 p.m.                        Earth Science                    situations. But perhaps most       regrets about her time here.        as she works to fulfill her
8:30 a.m.                         Comprehensive Regents in          Living Environment               importantly, she has gained              “I was really hoping to       dreams.
English 9, 9H                     French, Latin and Spanish         12:30 p.m.                       perspective.                       meet some real cowboys, on a              Celine wished to thank:
English 10, 10H                   Monday, June 20                   Regents in Chemistry                   “I realized that there was   ranch or something,” she            “Shelley, Lauren, Emi, Judy,
12:30 p.m.                        8:30 a.m.                         Regents in Physics               life outside my country, you       admits, “and maybe see Las          Tom, Kevin, Ben, Kelly, Cal,
Science 9                         Department meetings               RCT Global Studies               know what I mean? That peo-        Vegas or some other big             and all the other wonderful
Regents in Chinese                12:30 p.m.                        Thursday, June 23                ple are living other lifestyles,   cities.”                            people I was lucky to know
Thursday, June 16                 RCT Writing                       8:30 a.m.                        thinking with different beliefs,         Despite the absence of        this year. Thank you for mak-
8:30 a.m.                                                           Mathematics B Regents            far away from Belgium,” she        cowboys, Celine’s experience        ing my time here such a suc-
                                  Tuesday, June 21
Comprehensive English                                               RCT U.S. History & Gov’t         explained.                         has been an ultimately posi-        cessful and fruitful experi-
                                  8:30 a.m.
                                                                                                           Meirlaen has many            tive one. “I like to say that I     ence!”
Page 6                                                                                  The Patroon                                                                       June 10, 2005

Fashion, art featured in the park
by Lakeshia Motley               favorite flower. Whether by       included: Josh and Brandon
     Albany High School’s        the cut of the skirt, the shade   Abdullah, Craig Earle, NeGia
Fashion Club wrapped up          of the fabric or the embellish-   Gardner, Danita Henderson,
another exciting year with       ment of the accessory, these      Ciara Haggray, Cherry and
their annual “Tulip Festival     fashions paid tribute to the      Elsia    Maxwell,     Megan
Fashion Show” in Washington      tulip.                            Morrill,    Na-feshia     and
Park on May 7.                         Stacey Vanier hand-         Dawnae Parsons and Vadim
     Those diehard designers     painted everything from           Mikhaylov. Futia Formalwear
and stylists braved 60 degree    gowns and shawls to hand-         and Waldorf Tuxedoes of
temperatures to model spring     bags. Those who modeled           Albany provided tuxedoes.
fashions inspired by Albany’s    gowns      and     formalwear          Elsewhere in the park,
                                                                   the City School District of
                                                                   Albany’s Art Department
                                                                   exhibited artwork from stu-      Left to right: Stacey Vanier, Ciera Haggray, Megan Morrill, Na-Feshia Parsons, NeGia
                                                                   dents ranging from elemen-       Gardner, Cherry Maxwell, Dawnae Parsons, Elicia Maxwell and Danita Henderson pose on the
                                                                   tary through high school.        veranda of the Washington Park Lake house before modeling in the Tulip Festival Fashion Show.
                                                                   Albany High sophomore
                                                                   Justine Maloy won second
                                                                   place and Krystyna Hall an
                                                                   honorable mention in side-                                                                                     Justine
                                                                   walk painting.                                                                                                 Maloy’s
                                                                        Other winners included:                                                                                   “Butterfly”
                                                                   1st Place: Jubel Puthusseril                                                                                   won second
                                                                   PS 19; 2nd Place: Kadeem                                                                                       place in the
                                                                   Hermett AHS; 3rd Place:                                                                                        Tulip
                                                                   Cameron      Rivers    AHS;                                                                                    Festival’s
                                                                   Honorable Mention: Duyen                                                                                       sidewalk
                                                                   Tran AHS; Leah Kousakes
                                                                   AHS; Lakeshia Motley AHS;
                                                                                                                                                                                  contest held
                                                                   Asha Smith AHS; James
                                                                   Calhoun AHS; Daniel Justin                                                                                     on May 7 in
 Left to right: Vadim Milchaylov, modeling a Waldorf Tux, and                                                                                                                     Washington
                                                                   AHS; Dara DeWitt AHS;
 Josh Abdullah, Craig Earle and Brandon Abdullah, model-                                                                                                                          Park.
                                                                   Tegan Barron-Shashok AHS;
 ing tuxedoes from Futia Formalwear, pose in front of the
                                                                   Paul Kuhne AHS; Justin King
 bandstand at the Tulip Festival in Washington Park.
                                                                   PS 19; Jessica Ren PS 19.

                                                                   Designers catch                                                                                                  Dress: Pink
                                                                                                                                                                                    Pink beaded
                                                                                                                                                                                   jumpsuit with

  Dress: Orange sunset
                                                                   Supreme exhibit                                                                                                   beaded belt,
                                                                                                                                                                                     lattice work
                                                                                                                                                                                  cuffs with hem
  Orange satin, halter-                                            by Lakeshia                                 community based                                                     and matching
  top gown with beaded                                             Motley                                      exhibit included the                                               leather patch-
  neckline and front slit,                                               A group of 21                         group’s elaborate                                                       work vest.
  with sheer orange                                                Albany         High                         costumes and mem-                                                       From The
  sequined cocoon jacket.                                          School design stu-                          orabilia from local                                                  Mary Wilson
  Circa 1970. Photo                                                dents made the trek                         collectors, includ-                                                       Supreme
  courtesy of The Rock                                             down Washington                             ing those from                                                              Legacy
  and Roll Hall of Fame                                            Avenue on April 29                          Albany         High                                                    Collection.
  and Museum.                                                      to see the exhibit                          School’s         Mr.                                               Worn on “The
                                                                   “The Supremes” at                           Hyman.                                                                        Glen
                                                                   the          Albany                              The exhibit,                                                       Campbell
                                                                   Institute of History                        which ended on                                                           Show” in
                                                                   and Art.                                    May 22, celebrated                                                       1970 and
                                                                         The students,                         a singing group                                                     “Soul Train”
                                                                   under the direction                         which broke down                                                          in 1973.
                                                                   of Mrs. Morrill and                         many racial barriers                                                  Photo cour-
                                                                   Mrs. Miller, toured the exhib-   and paved the way for other                                                       tesy of The
                                                                   it with the museum’s knowl-      African-American entertain-                                                   Rock and Roll
                                                                   edgeable guides and sketched     ers to follow.                                                                 Hall of Fame
                                                                   the stage costumes of the ven-        See sample costumes                                                       and Museum.
                                                                   erable Motown trio. This         pictured at left and right.

Tulip Fest
by Ja’Meeka Banks
     The 57th annual Tulip
Festival was held on May 5-
8 in Washington Park.
Despite the weary drizzles of
rain, the festival was still a
     Amy Deitz, a 21-year-
old resident of Delmar, was
crowned the 2005 Tulip
Queen at the coronation cer-
emony on May 7 at the
amphitheater in the park.
     The main attraction of
the festival was the many
different shapes, sizes and
colors of beautiful tulips.                                                                           These works by Ceramics
     Not only did people                                                                              and    Sculpture       and
enjoy the tulips, but the                                                                             Advanced Ceramics and
musical performers as well,                                                                           Sculpture students were
including Little Anthony and                                                                          shown in The 2005 High
the Imperials.                                                                                        School Regional Juried
     The      festival    also                                                                        Art exhibition in the
included live entertainment,                                                                          Opalka Gallery at Sage
food, and a kidzone.                                                                                  College from April 1-17.
     Sponsors for the event                                                                           (Clockwise left to right)
included Price Chopper,
Best Buy, Verizon, Jamz                                                                               The Watching Statue
96.3, Fox 23 News, Fly 92.3.                                                                          by Raphael Mishler
     Next year’s Tulip                                                                                (Top left)
Festival is scheduled for                                                                             City Garden
May 12-14.                                                                                            by Jordan Paley
                                                                                                      (Top right)
                                                                                                      Strange Richness
                                                                                                      by Sahara Outing
                                                                                                      (Bottom Right)
                                                                                                      After Picasso
                                                                                                      by Erika Savage
                                                                                                      (Bottom Left)

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