Aquatic Nuisance Species – Fish

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					Table 4. Aquatic Nuisance Species – Fish Pathogens

Pathogen Species - Viral                             Affected CT Fish         Likely Host Organisms          Most Likely Vectors

Infectious Salmon Anemia                             ats                      anadromous ATS and eggs        Commercial/Government transfers
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus                   rbt,bnt,ats,bkt,np       fish and salmonid eggs         Commercial/Government transfers
Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus              kok,ats,bkt,bnt          salmonid fish and eggs         Commercial/Government transfers
Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus                 bkt,bnt,rbt              fish/salmonid eggs/crus/moll   Commercial/Government transfers
Channel Catfish Virus                                cc                       channel catfish                Commercial catfish transfers
Herpesvirus salmonis (Type 1 and 2)                  kok,rbt                  salmonid fish and eggs         Commercial/Government transfers
Largemouth bass virus                                lmb                      largemouth bass                Commercial transfers/Club tournaments
Salmon Sarcoma Virus                                 ats                      ats                            Commercial/Government transfers

Pathogen Species - Bacterial

Edwardsiella tarda                                   cc,lmb,sb,f,rbt          fish/aq inverts/marine+fresh   Commercial fish transfers
Enteric septicemia (Edwardsiella ictaluri)           cc,wc,bb,yb,bkb          catfish species/tilapia        Commercial catfish transfers
Hitra disease (Vibrio salmonicida)                   ats,rbt                  marine ats and rbt             Commercial/Government transfers
Bacterial Kidney disease (R. salmoninarum)*          all salmonids            salmonid fish and eggs         Commercial/Government transfers
Enteric Redmouth (Y. ruckeri)*                       rbt,bkt,bnt,ats,kok,we   all salmonids

Pathogen Species - Parasitic

Ceratomyxosis – C. shasta                            rbt,ats,bnt,bkt          salmonid fish                  Commercial/Government transfers
Asian Tapeworm – B. acheilognathi                    gc,cyprinids,bass?       primarily cyprinids            Commercial Grass carp/bait fish transfers
Proliferative Kidney disease                         rbt,ats,bnt,np           salmonid fish                  Commercial/Government transfers
Hexamitosis                                          young salmonids          fish                           Commercial/Government/Aquarium transfers
Whirling disease (M. cerebralis)*                    bkt,rbt                  all salmonids                  Commercial/Government transfers
Proliferative Gill disease                           cc                       channel catfish                Commercial transfers

*These pathogens have occurred or do occur in CT but still pose a threat to cultured and wild stocks of fish in the state.
Warm water                   Cool water            Cold water                   Miscellaneous

cc – channel catfish         np – northern pike    ats – atlantic salmon        crus - crustaceans
bb – brown bullhead          we – walleye          rbt – rainbow trout          moll - molluscs
bkb – black bullhead         sb - striped bass     bkt – brook trout
yb – yellow bullhead         f – flounder          bnt – brown trout
wc – white catfish                                 kok – kokanee salmon
lmb – largemouth bass

It must be mentioned that the major route of dissemination of these pathogens is through the movement of fish and/or fish gametes i.e.
importation/liberation of fish and/or fish gametes from infected areas/facilities into non-infected areas/facilities. This is accomplished by allowing
movement of fish and/or fish gametes into and within the state. Some of the more targeted game species pathogens such as largemouth bass virus could
be moved inter-state through contaminated boats i.e. livewells, bilge water etc. Movement of pathogens associated with aquarium species (Hexamitosis)
could be accomplished by inadvertent or intentional release of aquarium fish species.