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									                                            Packing List
Thank you for registering for Quake ’09! We are looking forward to another awesome summer
camp for our junior high and senior high students!

Check-in for Quake will begin on June 4 at 7:00am. We will be pulling out of the parking lot at
8:00am so that we don’t miss dinner that night… speaking of dinner, where will that be?

Our students will be staying in the dorms at Hope International University’s campus in Fullerton
California. Set in the warm sunny climate of Southern Anaheim, our students will be fifteen
minutes away from Disneyland and twenty minutes away from Huntington Beach… Sweeeeet.

Check out our packing list below:

        -   Sleeping bag
        -   Pillow
        -   Two towels (one for the beach and one for the shower… assuming you do shower)
        -   Magical shower cleaning solutions (soap, shampoo)
        -   Toiletries (can you believe we still call them that?!?)
                 o Tooth brush
                 o Tooth past
                 o DEODERANT
                 o Nose hair trimmers
        -   Photo ID
        -   Some spending cash for two lunches on the road and for two meals at Disneyland
                 o Any other spending money for snacks, souvenirs etc.
        -   Medication(s)
        -   Clothes for warm weather and good for walking around (Disneyland is a workout!)
        -   Beach clothes and swimming clothes (We’ll be spending a lot of time at the Beach and also a
            day at Raging Waters Water Park).
                 o Girls – please bring a tank top to wear with your swim suit.
                 o Guys – for the love of all humanity no Speedo’s.
        -   Sun Screen
        -   Sunglasses
        -   Hat
        -   Transistor Radio (what, is this the 50’s!... ok, you can bring your iPod’s… but we may ask you
            to put them away for awhile... mostly because we like you)
        -   Bible
        -   Flashlight
        -   A bottle/canteen for water
        -   Plenty of candy…

Each student must also fill out a medical release form and have it notarized. As well, each parent
and student needs to fill out the Come and Get Me Form. The forms can be downloaded from our
church web site: www.livingstreams.org/students


Jared Riley
Director of Student Ministries
(602) 957-7500

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