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									Students who participated in MATE internships and where they are currently studying or
working. Note: Some students participated in multiple internships.
         Student           School          Placement            Where are they now?
 1                                                         High frequency radar technician
                                                             for University of California,
                                                           Santa Cruz’s California's Coastal
                                                             Ocean Currents Monitoring
                                                            Program. Earned a Masters of
                                           UNOLS R/V       Science in Marine Science from
      Daniel Atwater      Peninsula
                                           Laurentian       UCSC, Bachelors of Science in
                        College (MPC)
                                                             Earth Systems Science and
                                                             Policy from CSUMB with a
                                                            minor in mathematics, and an
                                                             Associate of Science degree
                                                                      from MPC.
 2                       California
                                           R/V Seward         Graduate student at Moss
        Paul Chua        University
                                            Johnson          Landing Marine Laboratories
                        Monterey Bay
 3                                         R/V Atlantis
                                          (Alvin group),      Alvin submersible pilot at
       Gavin Eppard         MPC             R/V Cape         Woods Hole Oceanographic
                                            Hatteras,                 Institution
 4                                                          Bachelors in Molecular Biology
                                                                 from San Diego State
                                                             Was a research assistant at a
                           CSUMB          R/V Oceanus        Scripps Research Institute in
                                                            the Molecular and Integrative
                                                            Neurosciences Department. Is
                                                             currently preparing to start a
                                                               Masters in Public Health
 5                         Cuesta                           Studying Ocean Engineering at
                         Community                          University of California, Davis.
       Chad Findlay                      R/V Thompson
                           College                          Would like to become an Ocean
                           (CCC)                                       Engineer
 6                        Cabrillo
      Jesse Gallagher                     R/V Melville             Unable to locate
 7                                                          Program manager for Schilling
                                                               Robotics, LLC in Davis,
      Daniel Harrell        MPC          R/V Alpha Helix    California. Earned a certificate
                                                            and Associate in Science degree
                                                                      from MPC
8                                                     GIS technician position with
                                                      Southwest Fisheries Science
                                                     Center in Santa Cruz. Earned a
                                                       Bachelors of Arts degree in
                       Cabrillo      R/V Cape        Philosophy, teaching credential
     Matthew Jones
                       College       Henlopen          in Secondary Mathematics
                                                     through and Master of Science
                                                           Degree in Recourse
                                                      Conservation at University of
9                                   R/V Seward       Working at a resort in Big Sur,
     Dean Khalidy       MPC
                                     Johnson                    California
10                                R/V Alpha Helix,
                                                     ROV technician at Oceaneering,
     Stanford Leon      MPC         R/V Walton
11                                                   Video lab research technician at
                       CSUMB      R/V Alpha Helix       Monterey Bay Aquarium
                                                      Research Institute (MBARI).
12                                                    Graduated from MPC with an
                                                         Associates of Science in
                                                       Computer Science and SFSU
                        MPC       R/V Thompson          with a Bachelors of Arts in
                                                        Works in sales, is plans to
                                                     acquire a Master’s in Geography
13                     Southern
                         Maine                       Transferred to the University of
     Jessica Munro    Community    R/V Longhorn         Rhode Island is studying
                        College                               aquaculture.
14                                                   Employed by NOAA as a senior
                                                       survey technician. Earned
     Colleen Peters                                  Bachelors of Science in Marine
                      Maritime    R/V Thompson
      (2001 and                                         Science, an Associates of
                      Academy      (Jason group)
         2003)                                           Science in Small Vessel
                                                        Operations from Maine
                                                          Maritime Academy.
15                                   R/V Cape
      Emily Pratt       MMA                                  Unable to locate
16                                                    Currently working at El Sereno
                                     R/V Cape         Middle School in Los Angeles,
     Genoveva Ruiz     CSUMB
                                     Hatteras          California teaching 7th and 8th
                                                                grade math.
17                                                    Works at Science Applications
                                                        International Corporation
                                    R/V Seward         (SAIC) as a marine scientist/
     Deborah Smith      MMA
                                     Johnson          hydrographer. Has a Bachelors
                                                       of Science in Marine Science
                                                     from Maine Maritime Academy.
18   Charles Tilley    CSUMB      R/V Thompson                Unable to locate
19                                                      Physical scientist technician for
     Richard Tubb         MPC         R/V Alpha Helix
                                                             Los Angeles County.
20                       Georgia                          Graduate student in Coastal
                                      Raytheon Polar
     Teresa Garner     Institute of                      Physical Oceanography at Old
                       Technology                            Dominion University.
21                                    R/V Ronald H.
                                                        Returned to previous career in
     Diana Wellman        MPC          Brown, R/V
22   Alicea Carlstad      MMA             ODP                   Unable to locate
23                                                       Organic geochemistry research
     Chris Lernihan       MMA              ODP          technician at Pennsylvania State
24                                                       Water pollution source control
      Chad Peddy        CSUMB              ODP
25                                     R/V Knorr,
      John White         SMCC                                  Unable to locate
                                      R/V Longhorn
26   Jennifer Dreyer      MPC         R/V Oceanus             Unable to locate
27                                                       Junior hydrographer in the
      Saori Zurita      CSUMB          R/V Endeavor
                                                        CSUMB Seafloor Mapping Lab.
28                                                        GIS technician at California
     Yuko Yokozawa                                      Department of Fish and Game.
       (2002 and          MPC         R/V Longhorn      Is completing her Bachelors of
         2003)                                            Science in Oceanography at
                                                                CSU Humboldt.
29                                                        Co-owner of Monterey Bay
                                       Monterey Bay
                                                          Abalone Company, teaches
       Trevor Fay         MPC            Abalone
                                                          Submersible Technology at
30                                                         Works as an Operator for
                                                         Chevron Chemical Company
        Courtney       Community       Oceaneering
                                                         Graduated from Lee College
         Wright          College       International
                                                             with degree in Process
31                                                      Works in the Applied Research
                                       Moss Landing
     Jennifer Dreyer      MPC                               Lab at the Monterey Bay
                                       Marine Labs
32                                                         Autonomous Underwater
                                      R/V Thompson,     Vehicle (AUV) faculty research
      Chad Waluk          MPC
                                       R/V Revelle         assistant at Oregon State
33                                                      Works at Northop Grumman in
                                                        Redondo Beach, CA supporting
                                      R/V Thompson,      the design and fabrication of
                          ACC          Oceaneering        NASA’s James Webb Space
                                       International     Telescope (JWST). Earned a
                                                             Bachelors of Science in
                                                           Mechanical Engineering.
34                      California
                                         R/V Cape
      Giles Healey     Polytechnic                             Unable to locate
35                                        R/V Cape
     Sergey Babakov       MMA                                      Unable to locate
36                     Lake Superior                         Marine technician on the R/V
         David                         Raytheon Polar
                           State                                Wecoma at Oregon State
       O’Gorman                           Services
                        University                                    University.
37                                                          Research assistant at the Navel
                                                              Post-Graduate School in the
       Tad Masek         CSUMB          R/V Longhorn
                                                                 Autonomous Vehicle
38                                                          Independent contractor in ROV
                                         R/V Seward
     Penelope Ross         MPC                                construction for educational
39                                      Monterey Bay
                           MPC            Abalone             Changed major to nursing.
40                                      Monterey Bay
      Brian Pierce         MPC            Abalone                  Unable to locate
41                                      Monterey Bay
      Brent Henry          MPC            Abalone                  Unable to locate
42                                                           Working at Monterey Bay
                                                             Kayaks. Has Certificate in
                                         Naval Post
       Joel Leker          MPC                                Marine Science, an A.S in
                                       Graduate School
                                                             Mechanical Drafting and an
                                                                Associates of Arts.
43                                      Harbor Branch
     Michael Coulias       MPC          Oceanographic              Unable to locate
                                       Institution cruise
44                                                              Works with the Ontario
                                                            Ministry of Natural Resources
                                                             as a GIS technician. Earned a
        Mikhail                                               Bachelor of Science Honors
                          SMCC          R/V Savannah
       Paramonov                                               degree in Geography and
                                                             Environmental Science from
                                                                  Trent University in
                                                            Peterborough Ontario Canada.
45                       Cabrillo
      Terra Hulme                      R/V Thompson           Changed major to nursing.
46                                                          Employed by NOAA as a senior
                                                              survey technician. Earned
     Colleen Peters                                         Bachelors of Science in Marine
                                       R/V Thompson
      (2001 and           MMA                                  Science, an Associates in
                                        (Jason group)
         2003)                                                  Science in Small Vessel
                                                               Operations from Maine
                                                                 Maritime Academy.
47        Gary                          Oceaneering         ROV technician at Oceaneering
       Lindemann                        International               International.
48      Natasha                        Elkhorn Slough       Continuing Education at Moss
      Gonocharova                        Foundation          Landing Marine Laboratory.
49                                                      Works in the CSUMB Seafloor
                                                         Mapping Lab. Also student at
                                       R/V Endeavor,
                                                          CSUMB in the Coastal and
     Shinobu Okano        MPC                             Watershed Science & Policy
                                       Department of
                                                          Master of Science program.
                                         Fish & Game
                                                         Plans on pursuing career as a
50                                                       Student; based on internship
     Heather Valley      SMCC         R/V Weatherbird        now plans to continue
                                                        education into graduate school.
51                                                       Student planning to continue
                                                            education in aquaculture
     Jessica Marsh       MMA           R/V Longhorn      technology. Started a Marine
                                                         Science & Technology club at
52                                                       Looking for jobs in alternative
       Anne Hess          MPC         R/V Alpha Helix
                                                               health and science.
53                                     R/V Thompson Ocean observatory technician at
       Ken Heller         MPC
                                        (Jason group)                MBARI.
54                    University of                      Earned a Bachelors of Science
                                         R/V Walton
                        Maine at                       in Environmental Studies with a
       Rob Bland                          Smith, R/V
                        Machias                                Marine Ecosystems
                                      Seward Johnson
                        (UMM)                                    concentration.
55                     University                           Recently graduated from
                       California          R/V New       University of NE, Omaha with
     Stacy Tatman
                       Santa Cruz           Horizon      Master’s Degree. Is currently
                        (UCSC)                           looking for a biology position
56                                                          Laboratory technician at
                                                            Hopkins Marine Station.
                                           R/V New     Continuing education Bachelors
      Jared Kibele        MPC
                                            Horizon      of Science in marine science /
                                                             biology at University of
                                                             California, Santa Cruz.
57                                     R/V Thompson       GIS technician at California
                                       (Jason group),   Department of Fish and Game.
     Yuko Yokozawa
                                       NOAA National    Is completing her Bachelors of
       (2002 and          MPC
                                      Marine Fisheries    Science in Oceanography at
                                      Service (NMFS)      Humboldt State University
                                             cruise                  (HSU)
58                                                         Working at Monterey Bay
                                                           Kayaks. Has Certificate in
                                       R/V Thompson      Marine Science, an Associates
       Joel Leker         MPC
                                        (Jason group)       of Science in Mechanical
                                                         Drafting and an Associates of
59                                                          Is interviewing with the
        Mishka                           R/V New
                        CSUMB                            Department of Defense for a job
       Romanski                          Horizon
                                                                as a Data Analyst.
60                                                          Student in MPC Marine
     Matt Hampton         MPC           R/V Pelican
                                                              Technology program
61     Angelo Luis
                                                          ROV technician at Oceaneering
         Tavera            ACC          R/V Weatherbird
     (2004 & 2005)
62                       Florida
                       Institute of       R/V Walton         Student, wants to work in
     Melissa Martin
                       Technology           Smith             environmental science.
63                                                            Works as a lab assistant at
                       University of
                                                          UCLA. Is working toward a B.S.
      Florence Pi     California, Los    R/V Endeavor
                                                                    degree in Marine
                                                                Environmental Biology.
64                                                        Works in the Seafloor Mapping
                                                           Lab. Also a student at CSUMB
                                                           in the Coastal and Watershed
     Shinobu Okano        MPC             R/V Atlantis        Science & Policy Master of
                                                              Science program. Plans on
                                                                  pursuing career as a
65                                                             Works for Moss Landing
                                                                Marine Laboratories in
                                                            the Marine Pollution Studies
                                                               Laboratory as a database
        George                            R/V Seward      analyst. Earned an Associate of
       Radojevic                           Johnson         Arts in Computer Information
                                                                   Systems - Systems
                                                          Programming and an Associate
                                                            of Science in Marine Science
                                                                    and Technology.
66                                                        Works as a park ranger for state
                                                          of Marine, Bureau of Parks and
                                                            Lands. Is an Undergraduate
       Maryann                             R/V New
                          SMCC                                  student at University of
        Griffin                            Horizon
                                                          Southern Maine in Geology has
                                                           earned an Associate Degree in
                                                                    Marine Science.
67                                                        Graduated from Eckerd College
                                                           in Florida. Has B.S in Marine
                                                             Science, also participated in
       Heather                                              REU and NOAA internships.
                      Eckerd College      R/V Atlantis
      Hunsperger                                           Plans to take job in molluscan
                                                               aquaculture to gain more
                                                           experience before returning to
                                                          university for a Masters Degree
68                                                             Works as an aquarist at a
                                                            saltwater reef store, teaching
                                                            assistant at CSUMB for their
      Lee Morow           MPC           R/V Alpha Helix       open water and advanced
                                                          courses, is a dive master. Also a
                                                              Student at MPC. Plans on
                                                                 transferring to UCSC.
69                                       California
                                                         Continuing his education at
       Gary Lasky         MPC         Department of
                                       Fish & Game
70                                    Moss Landing
                                       Marine Labs
                                                           Working at University of
                                     Science Learning
     Allison Cochran      MPC                           California, Davis’ experimental
                                     and Exploration
                                                              animals lab facility.
                                     With The Help of
                                         Sea Lions
71                                                       Works as an intern in Florida
                                                        for the Palm Beach Zoo. Earned
                                         MLML-                a Bachelors of Arts in
      Sarah Stuve         MPC
                                        SLEWTHS          Psychology, and an Associates
                                                          of Science in Marine Science
                                                                 and Technology.
72                                    Oregon State
                                                             Employed as a web
      Chris Essert                                       programmer for an Internet
                          MPC            (OSU)
                                                             start-up company.
                                       GIS cruise
73                        MPC         CSUMB RISE
      Ben Ottmar                                              Unable to Locate
74                                                       Works for an environmental
                                                             consulting company,
                                                        CH2M HILL as a GIS Analysis.
          Zoe                         NOAA NMFS          Earned a Bachelors of Arts in
      Schumacher                        cruise          Geography at California State
                                                            University Long Beach,
                                                           currently working on her
75                      Humboldt
                           State       R/V Walton
     Devlin Jackson                                      Continuing student at HSU.
                        University       Smith
76                      Cape Fear
                       Community       R/V Walton
      Emily Garner                                       Continuing student a CFCC.
                         College         Smith
77                       Coastal
                         Carolina      R/V Walton
      Nick Allhoff                                        Continuing student a CCU.
                        University       Smith
78    Ryan Dillon          HSU        R/V Endeavor        Continuing student at HSU.
79                                                       Science teacher at Tomlinson
                        Eastern                           High School. Is pursuing a
      Ray Savicke      Michigan      R/V Blue Heron         Masters in Educational
                       University                          Psychology-Research and
80                                                 Working in the Quality Control
                                                    Lab as an analytical chemist at
       Joanne                                       Threshold Enterprises. Earned
                       UCSC         R/V Knorr
       Arguello                                       an Associates of Science in
                                                   Biology and a Bachelors of Arts
                                                       in Chemistry from UCSC.
81                                                  Earned a Bachelors of Science
                                                    in Oceanography from HSU is
      Brad Issler       HSU       R/V Kilo Moana
                                                    looking for marine technician
82   Colleen McCue      CCU       R/V Kilo Moana     Continuing student at CCU.
83                                                  Working part-time teaching K-
                                                    12 students about ecosystems.
                                                   Masters student at University of
                                   Pennington             Michigan working in
      Karen Gref      CSUMB       Marine Science   Environmental Science. Earned
                                     Center              a Bachelors of Arts in
                                                    Mathematics and Bachelors of
                                                      Science in Environmental
                                                          Science at CSUMB.
84                                                   Works as an intern in Florida
                                                   for the Palm Beach Zoo. Earned
                                     MLML-               a Bachelors of Arts in
      Sarah Stuve      MPC
                                    SLEWTHS         Psychology, and an Associates
                                                     of Science in Marine Science
                                                            and Technology.
85     Angelo Luis
                                                   ROV technician for Oceaneering
         Tavera         ACC       R/V Kilo Moana
     (2004 & 2005)
86                                                 Working for the Pelagic Shark
                                                   Research Foundation. Earned
                                   Pelagic Shark
                                                     an Associates of Science in
      Katie Kent       MPC           Research
                                                   Marine Science and Technology
                                                    at MPC. Plans to transfer to
                                                      either CSUMB or UCSC.
87                                                    Teaches oceanography.
                                   Oregon State
                                                    Graduate student in the UAS
                                   University /
                                                   Masters in Teaching program.
     Rhys Smoker        HSU        NOAA NMFS
                                                   Earned a Bachelors of Science
                                                   degree in Oceanography from
88                                 Pennington
       Stephen                                        Continuing education at
                      CSUMB       Marine Science
      Davenport                                              CSUMB.
89                    Loyola                             Double majoring in
       Myfawny       Marymount                       Conservation and Resources
                                  Marine Science
       Rolands       University                    Studies and Earth and Planetary
                      (LMU)                            Science at UC Berkeley.
90                                                          Earned an Associate of Science
                                                           in Marine Science & Technology
                                                           at College of the Redwoods. Has
                      College of the                       transferred to CSUMB to pursue
     Marc Manugas                      Marine Science
                       Redwoods                             a Bachelors of Science in Earth
                                                               Systems Science & Policy:
                                                            Marine and Coastal Ecology at
91                                      Louisiana State
                                       University- Dept.
                         Eckerd                            Continuing education at Eckerd
     Tanya Ribakoff                    of Oceanography
                         College                                 in Marine Science.
                                          and Coastal
92                      Clatsop
                                                           Continuing education at Clatsop
       Bill Logan     Community        R/V Blue Heron
                                                                Community college.
93                                                               Graduated from SMCC
                                                             (Southern Maine Community
                                                           College) earned an Associate of
        Theresa                                                Science in Applied Marine
                         SMCC          R/V Blue Heron
       McGovern                                               Biology and Oceanography.
                                                           Currently working on Bachelor's
                                                              Degree at the University of
                                                                     Maine in Orono
94                                                          Works/studies at University of
                                                              California, Santa Barbara’s
                                                              Institute for Computational
                                                                  Earth System Science
                      Orange Coast
                                                            laboratory on satellite imagery
                      Community         R/V Atlantis
      KG Fairbarn                                           of kelp beds and works for the
                        College         (Alvin group)
                                                           aquatic biology department as a
                                                               scientific diver. Earned an
                                                           Associates in Science in Marine
                                                           Technology and an Associates of
                                                                    Art from OCCC.
95                                                         Teaches at both Southern Maine
                                                           and Central Maine Community
                                                              Colleges, plans to continue
     Scott Lowicki       SMCC            R/V Revelle
                                                               teaching and move toward
                                                              biology as a career area and
                                                                 teach grades 7-12 level.
96                                                          Continuing education at CSU
      Simon Kang          HSU            R/V Revelle
97                                                         ROV technician at Oceaneering
      Chris Vance         ACC           R/V Wecoma
98                                                          Continuing education at Long
                      Long Beach
                                                             Beach City College studying
      Mario Ruiz      City College      R/V Wecoma
                                                           electronics. Would like to work
                                                                      with ROVs
99       Caymin                                             Continuing education at CSU
                            HSU         Seward Johnson
        Ackerman                                                    Humboldt.
100                       California
                                        US Coast Guard’s     Continuing education at Cal
       Hillary Timm     University- Cal
                                           R/V Healy           Poly San Luis Obispo.
                        Poly San Luis
101                                                        Works at CSUMB’s Recruitment
                                                             In Science Education (RISE)
                                                           Program. Continuing education
                                                             at CSUMB in Earth Systems
      Louie Okamoto        CSUMB         R/V Point Sur
                                                             Science & Policy: Marine and
                                                              Coastal Ecology at CSUMB.
                                                           Plans to continue working with
                                                                 RISE after graduation
102                                                             Continuing education at
                                                               CSUMB in Earth Systems
      Brenda Halsted       CSUMB         R/V Point Sur
                                                             Science & Policy: Marine and
                                                                    Coastal Ecology.
103                                                         Continuing education at MPC
                                                           studying business, would like to
       Dave Uyehara         MPC          R/V Point Sur
                                                           incorporate marine science into
                                                              his business degree/career.
104                                                         Continuing education at MPC
                                                               studying biology. Plans to
      Shawna Hughes         MPC          R/V Point Sur     transfer to a 4-year university a
                                                               pursue a degree in Marine
105                                                             Continuing education at
                                                               CSUMB in Earth Systems
      David Nijishima      CSUMB         R/V Point Sur
                                                             Science & Policy: Marine and
                                                                    Coastal Ecology.
106                                                        Has an assistantship with Moss
                                                             Landing Marine Laboratories
                                                               on a Sea Grant working on
         Jasmine                                               culturing red algae for the
                           CSUMB         R/V Point Sur
        Ruvalcaba                                            Monterey Abalone Company.
                                                                Continuing education at
                                                           CSUMB, Bachelors Marine and
                                                                    Coastal Ecology.
107                      Community                          Working at Scripps Institution
                          College of       R/V New           of Oceanography as a marine
        Drew Cole
                          Honolulu         Horizon            technician in the shipboard
                           (CCH)                            technical support department.
108                                                         Earned a certificate in Marine
                                                            Science and Technology from
                                                            Saddleback College. Working
        Santino de      Community
                                         R/V Point Sur       for Dana Wharf Sportfishing
          Santis          College
                                                            and Whale Watching. Student
                                                           at San Diego working toward a
                                                           Bachelors of Science in Biology.
109                                      Department of
                                         Energy (DoE)-
                                                            Working at the Gilbert lab in
                         Hartnell                            the Environmental Studies
        Alejandra       Community                           Department. Also a student at
         Huerta           College                           UCSC pursuing a Bachelors of
                          (HCC)                             Science in Chemistry or Bio-
                                        (PNNL): Marine
110                      Cabrillo                          Continuing his education at San
                                          DoE PNNL
          Mario         Community                           Jose State University pursuing
                                        Marine Research
      Degadillo-Lariz     College                              at Bachelors of Science in
                                                                Electrical Engineering.
111                                                           Undergraduate at UCB, will
                                                            graduate with Bachelors of Arts
                        University of                      in Anthropology in December of
                                          DoE PNNL
                         California                             2008. Plans to apply to
       Mia Prinzen                      Marine Research
                         Berkeley                            graduate school at the end of
                          (UCB)                                 2008 to pursue either a
                                                             Master’s or Doctoral degree in
                                                               Biological Anthropology.
112                                       DoE PNNL
        Elizabeth          CFCC                             Continuing education at Cape
                                        Marine Research
         Patrick                                              Fear Community College.
113   Anne Syndney                      CA Dept. of Fish
                           UCSC                                Working for the USGS.
         Elston                            & Game
114                                                        Earned a Bachelors of Science
                                                            and multiple subject teaching
                                                                Teaches part time at an
                                                               independent studies high
                                                            school-environmental science
                                                             once a week, also works with
                                                           the Coastal Watershed Council
                        Community          CA Coastal
      Tamara Meyers                                        as a volunteer coordinator and
                          College         Commission
                                                           consultant with Camp SeaLab.
                                                              Enrolled in the Masters of
                                                              Science Coastal Watershed
                                                           Science and Policy program at
115                      Brevard
                        Community                            Continuing education at
      Ashley Schultz                    Marine Science
                          College                          Brevard Community College.
116                                                       Student at Western Washington
                                                             University working toward
                                          DoE PNNL           Bachelors Degree in marine
          Emily         Community
                                        Marine Research    biology with chemistry minor.
        Stefansson        College
                                          Operations        Earned an Associates of Arts
                                                          degree from Everett Community
117                                                            Student at Oregon State
                                                             University’s Honors College
                                                           working on Honors Bachelor’s
                          Clatsop         DoE PNNL
                                                                 Degree in Computer
      Jarrod Jackson    Community       Marine Research
                                                           Engineering. Transferred from
                          College         Operations
                                                             Clatsop Community College
                                                           with Associate’s Degree in Pre-
118                      Gavilan          DoE PNNL          Student at UCSC, working on
      Laura Almaguer    Community       Marine Research   B.S in Ecology and Evolutionary
                          College         Operations                   Biology.
119                                      Pennington
                                                          Continuing education at Eckerd
      Emily Senesac    Eckerd College   Marine Science
120                                      Pennington       Continuing education at OCCC.
                           OCCC         Marine Science
121                                                        Continuing education at MPC.
       Tylar Murphy        MPC          R/V Blue Heron

       Allison Mayo        CFCC         R/V Blue Heron    Continuing education at CFCC.

123                                                          Continuing education at
        Albert (AJ)
                          CSUMB           R/V Atlantis      CSUMB, tutors physics on
124                                                            Works at JM Turner
                                                            Engineering as a part time
      Tesfaberhan       Santa Rosa                         engineer/ drafter. Continuing
                                          R/V Atlantis
      Habtemariam      Junior College                     education at Santa Rosa Junior

125                                                        Continuing education in ocean
                                                            engineering at FIT. Plans to
       James (Mike)                                        work in private sector or navy
                            FIT         R/V Kilo Moana
         Plasker                                          for ocean technology projects. Is
                                                          considering becoming a marine
                                                               technician after college
      Nicole Torres        HSU          R/V Kilo Moana   Continuing education at HSU.

127                                                       Continuing education in ocean
                                                           engineering at FIT. Plans to
        Makemba                                            acquire a Masters Degree in
                            FIT          R/V Pelican
        McGuire                                          Ocean Engineering with a focus
                                                         on navel architecture and shore
128                                                           Works as a SolidWorks
                                                             instructor and a research
                                                            assistant (prototype towed
                       University of
                                                         vehicles). Continuing education
      Matthew Jewel    Rhode Island      R/V Pelican
                                                               at URI studying Ocean
                                                          Engineering. Plans on working
                                                            on R&D small underwater
129                                                        Student at Cal Poly San Luis
                                                           Obispo California pursuing a
                                                              Bachelors of Science in
        Jose Tapia         HCC           R/V Pelican     Mechanical Engineering. Plans
                                                          on concentrating in hydraulic
                                                          systems, dam maintenance or
                                                               system configurations.
130                                                        Works part-time as a launch
                                                          operator and at Maritime Tech
                       Kingsborough                       Department at KCC as college
      Dan Henderson     Community        R/V Pelican        lab technician. Continuing
                       College (KCC)                      education at KCC pursuing an
                                                         Associates of Science in Applied
131                                       R/V Knorr           Continuing education at
                                                         University of Indiana pursuing
                                                         a Bachelors of Science degree in
                                                         Geological Science. Working on
       Laura Jones                                            research projects on the
                                                           geochemistry of the Maltby
                                                             Lakes Metavolcanics and
                       University of                       mineralogy and structure of
                         Indiana                           Manganese Oxide Dendrites.
132                                       R/V Knorr      Continuing education at College
      Jessica Thomas   College of the
                         Siskiyous                              of the Siskiyous.
133                                       R/V Knorr      Continuing education at Salem
      Prianca Joshi
                       Salem College                               College.
134                                       R/V Knorr            Working for Naval
       Monica Price      Coastal                             Oceanographic Office’s
                         Carolina                           bathymetry department.
135                                       R/V Knorr         Continuing education at
       Alison Jones
                         CSUMB                                     CSUMB.
136                                                         Continuing education at
                                          R/V Cape        CSUMB and tutors math and
      David Nishijima    CSUMB            Hatteras            science at CSUMB.
137                     Long Beach
                                                         Continuing education at LBCC.
                          College        R/V Atlantic
      Roberto Gomez       (LBCC)          Explorer
138                                                      Continuing education at LBCC
                                                              plans to transfer to UC
                                                          Berkeley, Stanford, or MIT in
                                                          the field of engineering. Plans
                                                           on pursing more internships
                                         R/V Atlantic     with MATE, Chevron, and Jet
       Maria Borja         LBCC           Explorer                Propulsion Lab.
140                                                          Continuing education at
                                                              CSUMB. Working as a
                                                            Mathematics and Statistics
                                                         Instructional Student Assistant
                                                           and also as a Student Water
                                         R/V Atlantic        Quality Assistant at the
      Brenda Halsted      CSUMB           Explorer             Watershed Institute.
141                                                        Graduated from CSU Chico
                                         R/V Atlantic
         Robert          CSU Chico                       Biology degree. Is looking for a
        Seyranian                                               marine-related job.
142                                                       Continuing education at HSU.
                                                         Has been contracted to support
                                         R/V Seward         a research cruise in Latin
                                          Johnson           America. Plans on gaining
                                                          additional Marine Technician
      Nate Gallagher        HSU                               training/certification.
143                                     MBARI research      Continuing education at
                        University of
      Lauren Vickery      Hawaii           cruise            University of Hawaii.
144                                     MBARI research      Continuing education at
                                           cruise                  CSUMB.
       Laura Minnis       CSUMB
145                                     MBARI research   Looking for a marine science or
                                           cruise               technology job.
       Rachel Stern         MPC

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