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					Cultural Improvement Partnership – East Midlands

Leveraging the power of mietool to make efficiencies

4th November 2009

         1   What is mietool?

         2   Why was it developed?

         3   Why is it useful to you?
         4   When can you use it?

         5   How is it used?

         6   Who is using it?
                                                 Initial discussion

How does your organisation make efficiencies?

       How do you make decisions about what to invest in / how
        to make savings?

       How do you make sure that you are realising the benefits?

                                                   What is mietool?
We have developed mietool to help councils plan for and measure
improvements and efficiencies

                                              What is it?

                            A sophisticated but easy-to-use spreadsheet that
                                  local authorities can use to measure
                                     improvements and efficiencies

                                   Why was mietool developed?

The story of mietool so far…

 Project brief: To develop an efficiency and improvement tool that can
  be used at each stage of the project process from an option
  appraisal to benefit tracking

 mietool has been developed by the Regional Improvement and
  Efficiency Partnerships in association with RSe Consulting [now part
  of Tribal], Department of Communities and Local Government and
  the London Borough of Brent

 Created as a response to the growing emphasis on the need for
  consistent, robust and effective end-to-end project management

                                  Why was mietool developed?

We liaised with many stakeholders to develop mietool…

                                                    Why is it useful?

A tool can effectively support key project decisions…

    Makes you ask the right              No guarantee of realising
     questions                             benefits
    Identifies gaps in knowledge
                                          Pseudo-scientific - false sense
    Delivers transparency and             of security
                                          Dependent on data - rubbish
    Communicates effectively              in=rubbish out
    Prioritises investment
    Starts arguments

                                                  Why is it useful?

Using mietool means that you have…

 A transparent means of comparing options and deciding between
 A means of clearly and consistently defining projects
 A consistent and credible way of evaluating the return on
  investment of the changes you make
 A consistent, well understood and practised project management
 A consistent, well understood and practised programme
  management methodology
 A means of tracking the impact of the changes you make over time.

                                                   Why is it useful?

Mietool has a number of distinguishing features…

 Benefit tracking facility – where you assess actual against forecast
  after every year post implementation
 Qualitative measure assessment against the 197 national
 Confidence level for each data input
 “Is this an efficiency?” assessment sheet
 Reporting facility against the new Efficiency Performance Indicator
  (NI 179)
 Compare projects tool – allows you to collate a high level summary
  of a number of projects

                                                                When can it be used?

   mietool can be used from project idea to benefit tracking…

    Option         Drill down into       Decide to             Project            Benefit Tracking
   Appraisal       one business           invest             Management             & Efficiency
                         case                                                        Reporting




Guidance through Work through model     Presents key       Provides high level    Review page allows
   high-level         to build a         qualitative &     information to feed    comparing of current
  comparisons     comprehensive       quantitative data to    into your own    position against what was
                   business case         inform your              project        forecasted, it provides
                                      business decisions management tool          efficiency figures for
                                                                                reporting and assesses
                                                                               qualitative impact against
                                                                                         188 NIs          10
                                                       How is it used?

The tool has a straightforward structure…

                      Financial     Non-financial
    Introduction                                         Outputs
                       inputs          inputs

   Provides         Forecasts       Assesses the       Summarises
   guidance on      costs and       project’s impact   your inputs
   how to use       benefits for:   on:
   the tool
                    • Staff         • The local
                    • Materials
                                    • How well the
                    • Services
                                    council works as
                    • Income        an organisation

                                                      How is it used?

Let’s go through a real life example for Culture & Leisure services

                           RFID in Libraries

                                                   Who is using it?

London Library Change Programme

    What is the     The programme is looking to explore the potential of
   programme?       pan-London library service

                    To collate evidence and assess different models
                    both for workforce sharing and technology /
  What is mietool
                    infrastructure sharing. Particular models assessed
  being used for?
                    using mietool include shared customer services,
                    specialist expertise and management.

                    Provided estimates of efficiency savings in a format
  What have the
                    appropriate to and requested by the London Library
  benefits been?
                    Change Project Board and Capital Ambition

                                                       Who is using it?

Hillingdon’s cross-authority approach

How has Hillingdon    Hillingdon commissioned training for 15 managers
rolled out mietool?   across the authority who’s teams will use mietool.

                      To appraise and plan a broad range of projects. All
  What is mietool
                      the projects that feed into the Council’s annual
  being used for?
                      budget are put through the tool.

                      Consistency of approach across the borough
  What have the       allowing projects to be compared like for like.
  benefits been?      Collating information is easier as it is all in the same

                                                       Who is using it?

Brent uses mietool as part of its service review methodology

                       The LB Brent, with the support of Tribal, has
   How has Brent
                       developed and rolled out an innovative yet practical
 rolled out mietool?
                       service review methodology across the council
                       mietool will be used to
  What is mietool      assess possible improvement                   Corporate
  being used for?      ideas generated through the
                       service area reviews                  3.
                                                                      Sustain        2.

                       Brent will have a consistent and robust way of
  What have the        comparing the impact of project ideas and of
  benefits been?       monitoring the projects as they are implemented
                       and the benefits realised

                                                     Who is using it?

Lincolnshire are using mietool for their VfM programme

Lincolnshire County Council is using mietool for its VfM programme

                         mietool is a key part of project management toolkit

   Value for
                         All projects worth > £100k run through mietool

                         Supported by Lincolnshire CC’s Chief Executive

                 Next steps – contact details

           Olivia Crill
       020 7323 7156