How to Make a Guy Ask You Out - Here is What You Should Do Which Will Make Him Ask You Out Fast by writeronline101


									How to Make a Guy Ask You Out - Here is What You Should Do Which Will Make Him Ask
You Out Fast

By Russell Jackson

If you're among the more conservative women who believe that first moves are meant for men,
you may be sulking in the corner thinking that you have lost the chance to be with the guy who
caught your eye and stole your heart (because it's against your principles to ask him out).

The good news that this article brings is, you don't have to ask a guy out to end up happily with
him. Curious? We thought so. As a woman, you possess super powers to make a guy fulfill your
every whim. You simply have to know what tricks to pull. Here are seven ways you can make a
guy ask you out, with the least effort possible.

1. Looks matter, all the time. Women think, that "it's the inside that counts", but unfortunately,
men do not think like this. Men are visual creatures, so don't be surprised if they'll fall in love
with your face and your body before realizing who you are inside. The best way to attract a guy
is to look good. Glowing skin, healthy hair and a great sense of style all work together to keep
you at your best at all times.

2. Make yourself semi-available. A guy may like you, but when he feels as if he has to climb a
high wall to get to you, he may refuse to pursue you. Put yourself in a situation where he can
comfortably ask you out. For instance, at the party, stray away from your friends and try hanging
at the refreshments table on your own. He'll think, "Perfect". Guys wouldn't want to ask you out
when there are other people around, and food is always a great conversation starter.

3. Do not underestimate the power of non-verbal cues. If you're not going to ask him out, give
him the signs that you're interested. Look into his eyes when you're talking, and flash him an
open, friendly smile so he'll know you're easy to get to know. Use body language that is slightly
suggestive of interest, but refrain from anything too forward.

4. Don't be afraid to flirt. Flirting is like dangling a piece of goody in front of him and waiting
for him to bite. Flip your hair flirtatiously, bite your lips, or gaze into his eyes and look away.
These are quick knee-weakeners for any man. Who can resist you with these simple flirting

5. Be careful what you say. If you're waiting for him to ask you out, choose your conversation
topics very carefully. Never ever talk about your ex, complain about the food, and never trash-
talk other people. He may be thinking you're sweet, but if you show him you've got issues, you
might scare him away.

6. Be friends with his friends. Making a good first impression among his crew gives you an edge.
When he needs a push to ask you out, his friends, who like you, will easily give him a shove.

7. And lastly, make him work for it. You've given him all the right signals, and now all you have
to do is wait. Never fall into the trap of asking him out just because he's taking too long. If he's
clearly interested, he will devise ways to ask you out. Guys love any kind of challenge, and if he
pursues you despite how challenging you are, you know he's going to be a keeper.

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