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					                 #1- “Life Is A Song” Basket
   (Donated by: The 7/8 Grade Band, Staples, Z104, Ward Brodt & Voigt Music)

100 Burnable CD’s and 50 CD Cases (Slim)
$10 Ward Brodt Gift Card
$10 Voigt Music Gift Card
$15 I-tunes Gift Card
$10.00 Best Buy Gift Card
“Life is a Song” Plaque
Skullcandy Headphones
Drumline DVD
Z104 Promo CD- David Archuleta
Classic Rock Ballad CD
Mozart CD
Land of Hope & Glory CD
Music Note Cards
Z104 Connie/Fish Mug
Z104 Keychain
2 Music Pens
Small Calendar
Airhead Whistle Pops
Train Whistle
Music Stamp
Guitar Iron-On Rhine Studs
Guitar Poster
Book- Learn to Play the Piano
Piano Pencil Sharpener
Keyboard Bookmark
Bell-Shaped Cookie Cutter
Brodhead High School Pep Band Shirt (Size S)
         #2- CAR WASH BASKET
   (Donated by: Premier Car Wash & The Middle School Staff)

6 Car Wash Tokens
Upholstery Cleaner
Armor All Interior Wipes
Armor All Interior Spray
New Car Air Freshener
Rain Block Glass Treatment Wipes
Rain-X Glass Cleaner Spray
Bottle of High Foam Car Wash Concentrate
3 Pack of Terry Towels
Bug Wash- Washer Fluid Additive
Vanilla Scented Vent Air Freshener
Aqua Dry Drying Towels
5 Wash and Scrub Sponges
3 Pack- Air Fresheners “New Car Scent”
1 Sub Zero Ice Scraper
                    #3- COLLEGE BASKET
                     (Donated by: The High School Staff, Subway,
                     McDonalds, Papa Murphys & Josie Suelflow)
    Laundry Basket 
    Mr. Coffee, coffee pot 
    Towel Set 
    Microwave Popcorn 
    Hot Chocolate 
    MSOE Coffee Mug 
    National Guard Beverage Mug 
    48 piece Silverware 
    20 Plastic Hangers 
    3 Wooden Spoons 
    Travel Light w/ Flash Drive 
    5 Burnable CD’s & Cases 
    Deck of Cards 
    Ramen Noodles (6 pack)
    3 Large Papa Murphy’s Pizza Coupons 
    3 Subway Free 6” Sub Coupons  
    3 McDonald’s Value Meal Coupons 
    $10 Piggly Wiggly Gift Certificate 
    26 Assorted Rubbermaid Containers (plus lids) 
    4 Bag Clips 
    Dawn Dishwashing Liquid 
    Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid 
    Softener Sheets 
    First Aid Kit 
    Student Dictionary 
    Travel Sewing Kit 
    Safety Pins 
    Assorted College Paraphernalia
        (Donated by: A Cut Above)

Water Bottle
2 pairs of earrings
Glo Minerals Lip Gloss
Eufora Face & Body Moisturizer
Eufora Hair Spray
A Cut Above T-Shirt (size Large)
  o Brow Shaping w/ Make-up
        Application $34.00 value
  o Hair Cut $28.00 value
  o Above Manicure $23.00 value
            #5- BEVERAGE BASKET
             (Donated by: Mel Manthei, Minhas Craft Brewery,
                     Gail Anderson & the Students)

4 Minhas Craft Brewery passes
A 4-pack of Blumers Root Beer
A 4-pack of Blumers Black Cherry Soda
2 Ceramic Mugs
2 Travel Mugs
Thermos Insulated Mug
Vacuum Insulated Glass Holder
1 New Glarus Brewery Spotted Cow glass
1 New Glarus Brewery Fat Squirrel glass
1 New Glarus Brewery Shirt
A box of Hot Chocolate
3 Bags of Hot Chocolate
A Bag of Straws
2 New Glarus Brewing Company Glasses
A bag of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate & Carmel Squares
2 containers of French Vanilla Cappuccino mix
29oz Container of Country Time Lemonade
1 box (10 packets) Crystal Light- Raspberry Ice
2 Vitamin Waters
8 pack of Monster
1 box (20 bags) Tazo Assorted Tea
12 pack of Mountain Dew
Donated by: Swiss Colony (Special thanks to Karen Wright)

 Copper Tub
 3 Sausage (Beef Log, Summer Sausage & Garlic Beef Log)
 4 Cheese (Cheddar, Colby/Monterey Jack, Swiss & Brick)
 2 Tubs of Cheese Spread (Garden Vegetable & Bacon and Cheddar)
 Swiss Colony Cook Book
 Cutting Board
 Cheese Cutter
 1 Large Tongs
 4 Small Tongs
 4 Small Cheese Spreaders
 2 Different Cheese Cutters & Knives
 2 Sets pf Dishtowels (2 Dishtowels & 4 Handtowels)
 2 Oven Mitts
 Grilling Mill of Seasonings
 Box of Ritz Crackers
                   #7- GOLF BASKET
    (Donated by: Decatur Lake Golf Course & Staff Members)

    $25 Gift Certificate for Decatur Lake Golf Course

    Decatur Lake Golf Course Windbreaker

    Golf Club Covers

    3 Golf Balls

    Divot Tool

    Ball Marker

 (Donated by: Sunflare Floral & The Riesterers)

Handmade Bird House
$20.00 Sunflare Floral Gift Certificate
Suet Feeder
Raisin & Nut Suet
Suet & Seed
Songbird Treat Bell
1 container of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Bird Shopping List Paper
Book- “Bird Calls” (Children’s Book)
Pair of Binoculars
    (Donated by: Ward Brodt & Voigt Music)

Straight Mute
Flip Folder
3- $10.00 Voigt Music Gift Cards
Quick Tune Automatic Tuner
2 Instrument Cleaning Clothes
Trumpet Care Kit
Bottle of Valve Oil
Smart Music CD- 90 Day Free Trial
 #10- Midnight Pomegranate Basket
           From Bath and Body Works
  (Donated by: Jillian Beaty & The Kloepping Family)

2 Bath Towels
Loofah Sponge
Non-Skid Bottom Lounge Socks
Midnight Pomegranate Body Lotion
Midnight Pomegranate Fragrance Mist
Midnight Pomegranate Shower Gel
Midnight Pomegranate Hand Crème
Midnight Pomegranate Body Crème
Robe (Size L)
Slippers (Size L)
          #11- FRUIT BASKET
            (Donated by: Piggly Wiggly)

  Variety of fresh fruit delightfully arranged
in a multi-purpose kitchen strainer with a
few kitchen accessories.
                            #12- Music Galore
(Donated by: The 7/8 Grade Band, Staples, Z104, Ward Brodt & Voigt Music)

100 CD’s and 50 cases

Bird House (Musically Decorated)

Wooden blocks that spell MUSIC

2009 Elvis Calendar

Harmonica & Learn to Play Booklet

$10 Ward Brodt Gift Card

$10 Voigt Music Gift Card

$10 Itunes Gift Card

$5.00 Best Buy Gift Card

$10.00 Best Buy Gift Card

Country Greats CD

Z104 Promo CD- Taylor Swift

Z104 Promo CD- Lesley Roy

Classic Rock CD

Camp Rock Socks

Music Mug

6 Play Blow Horns

Z104 Keychain

Music Paper

3 Music Pens

Airhead Whistle Pops

5 Handmade Music Cards

Eighth Note Iron-On Applique

Magic Mic, Jr.

Craft N’ Play Wooden Guitar

Guitar Container

Piano Pencil Sharpener

Keyboard Bookmark

Bell-Shaped Cookie Cutter
              #13- TOOL BAG
   (Donated by: The Middle School T.O.O.L. Team)

Tool Bag
5” Vise Wrench
6 Assorted Screwdrivers and Storage Rack
12” Tape Measure
Slip Joint Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Spring Clamp
Small Flashlight
Carpenter Pencil
(Donated by: M&J’s, Sand Burr, Stone Oven Pizza, McDonalds,
 Subway, Cardinal Lanes, Josie Suelflow, Brodhead Chamber,
       Swiss Colony, Body Crafters, & the Students)

     $10.00 M&J’s Gift Certificate

     $10.00 Sand Burr Gift Certificate

     $20.00 Stone Oven Pizza Gift Certificate

     3 Free McDonald’s Value Meals

     3 Free Subway 6” Subs

     3 Free Games of Bowling @ Cardinal Lanes

     $10.00 Piggly Wiggly Gift Card

     $20.00 Chamber Bucks

     Wooden Figurine- “History of the Old Clarence Bridge”

    “Delicious” Barbeque Book

    Kitchen Towels

    Oven Mitt


    Grilling Seasoning

    Grilling Utensils

    $50.00 Body Crafters Certificate

    Body Crafters Windbreaker

    (Donated by: Cardinal Country Floral & The Riesterers) 
  Handmade Bird House 
  Cardinal Country Floral Certificate 
     One free bouquet of flowers per month 
  Suet Feeder 
  Sunflower Suet 
  Nutty Suet 
  Songbird Treat Bell 
  1 container of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds 
  Bird Shopping List Paper 
  Book‐ “Backyard Bird Identification Guide ” 
  Pair of Binoculars
                          #16- KID’S BASKET
(Donated by: Dollar General, Maxine Denhof, The Ableidingers & the Students)
  2 Coloring Activity Books

  Paint By Number

  Water Magic Animals Book

  Barbie- Totally Hair

  Mighty Movers Farm Book

  Wildlife Stencil Pack

  12 Fineline Markers

  Magic Grow: Planes, Trains & Cars

  Rainbow Color Explosion

  Creative Building Bricks

  Wooden Tic Tac Toe

  Stuffed Animal- Dog

  4 Play-Doh Containers

  Craft Dough Press “2 in 1”

  Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle

  10 Twisting Crayons

  15 Glow Stick Bracelets

  Mickey Mouse Kaleidoscope

  Farm Tractor Play Set

  Box of Crayons- 64 Crayons

  Friction Power Fire Truck

  Bag of Crunch Hearts

  Bottle of Miracle Bubbles

  3 Whistle Pops
  (Donated by: Sue Riesterer & Kristin Thomas)

Handmade Birdhouse
Bag of Wild Bird Seed
1 Container of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Bucket Organizer
Kneeling Pad
Miracle Grow Plant Food
Water Pitcher
14 Tulip Bulbs
Gardening Gloves
Hand Shovel
Bulb Planter
Pair of Hand Shears
Hand Hoe
3 Packages of Sunflower Seeds
Garden Decorative Stake
         #18- FISHING BASKET
        (Donated by: The Bank of Brodhead)

Fish Picture Frame
Spinning Reel
Tackle Bag
2 Utility Boxes
Clipper Combo
Fishing Line
6 Lures
4 Balsa Floats
Speed Stops
Fish Hooks
          #19- SWEET SENSATIONS
                    (Donated by: The Deery Family)
  Jet Fruit & Tea Smoothie Mix (Make fruit or fruit ‘n cream smoothies)
     o Mango Mania
     o Strawberry Bomb

  Da Vinci Gourmet Syrups (Make your own flavored coffee drinks: espresso
and lattes: Italian soda’s: flavored lemonade and iced tea)
      o Caramel
      o Vanilla
      o Hazelnut
      o Kahlua
      o Raspberry

  Oregon Chai
    o Dry Tea Mix
    o Liquid Concentrate Mix
    o Singles

  Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee
  Coffee Mugs (2)
  Pironette Chocolate Hazelnut Rolled Wafers
  Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries
  Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
     o Dark Chocolate
     o Milk Chocolate

  Microwave Popcorn
  Da Vinci Gourmet Syrup Recipes
  Large Oblong Tray Basket
                         #20- CHOCOLATE BASKET
                                (Donated by: The Sixth Grade Band)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book

Chocolate Mug w/ Sipping Chocolate

Hershey Kiss Pillow

Brown & White Pillow

“Chocolate Brown” Stuffed Puppy

4 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

$15 Chocolate Temptations Gift Certificate (Monroe)

Hershey’s Recipe Book

Chocolate Themed Stationary

S’Mores Ingredients

Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

Handmade “Chocolate Love” Note Cards

Chocolate Stamp

M & M Socks

2 Chocolate Magnets

Lendor Truffles

Dove Chocolates

2 Bags Chocolate Covered Peanuts

3 Bags Hershey Hugs & Kisses

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Hearts

Bag of Tootsie Rolls

One Dozen Candy Bars

One loaf of Chocolate Cherry Bread

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
             #21- MOVIE BASKET
 (Donated by: Video Age, Movies 10, Shopko, Staff Members & Students)

2 free Movie Rentals from Video Age
Life Savers Gummies Sours
Chocolate Peanuts
2 Boxes of Junior Mints
Box of M&M’s
Box of Starbursts
DVD- Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
DVD- The Penguins of Madagascar
$25 Marcus Theater Gift Card
4- Movies 10 “Guest Passes For Two”
1 Large Popcorn Tub
4 Small Popcorn Tubs
3 Boxes & 1 Bag of Microwave Popcorn
1 Bag of Original Movie Theater Popcorn
3 Popcorn Seasonings: Nacho Cheddar, White Cheddar & Butter
Popcorn Spritzer: Butter
Movie Film Clock
12 pack Mountain Dew
12 pack Pepsi
  #22- Birds, Nests & Eggs Basket
(Donated by: K & W Greenhouse & The Riesterers)
Handmade Bird House
$10.00 K & W Greenhouse Gift Card
Suet Feeder
Wild Berry Suet
Peanut Suet
Songbird Treat Bell
1 container of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Bird Shopping List Paper
Book- “Birds, Nests & Eggs” (Children’s Book)
Pair of Binoculars
(Donated by: The District Office, Wizard of Aaahh’s,
          L,G & D Salon & Leia’s Renu)
1 Hour Massage (Wizard of Aaahh’s)
1 Pedicure & Manicure (L, G & D Salon)
$10 off any service (Leia’s Renu, Madison)
2 Effervescent Aromatherapies
2 Wash Clothes
Northsouth CD- Beethoven Naturally
Nukkles Massager
Brazilian Water Orchid Candle
Mary Kay Hydrating Gel
Mary Kay Satin Hands and Body (small)
Mary Kay Satin Hands and Body (large)
Bag of Hersey Almond Chocolate Kisses
           #24- PIZZA BASKET
     (Donated by: The Duffield Family, The Mohns Family,
                  Pizza Hut & Papa Murphys)

Pizza Stone w/ Rack
2 Pizza Pans
2 Pizza Crusts
Pizza Sauce
Pizza Hut Coupons (2 Free Large Pizzas)
Papa Murphy Coupons (5 Free Large Pizzas)
Marinara Sauce
Music Pasta
Pizza Cutter
Pizza Seasonings
Kitchen Towel
Oven Mitt
DVD: Mystic Pizza
12 pack of Pepsi
(Donated by: M&J’s, Sand Burr, Stone Oven Pizza, McDonalds,
 Subway, Cardinal Lanes, Josie Suelflow, Brodhead Chamber,
  Swiss Colony, The Independent Register & Body Crafters)

        $10.00 M&J’s Gift Certificate

        $10.00 Sand Burr Gift Certificate

        $20.00 Stone Oven Pizza Gift Certificate

        3 Free McDonald’s Value Meals

        3 Free Subway 6” Subs

        3 Free Games of Bowling @ Cardinal Lanes

        $10.00 Piggly Wiggly Gift Card

        $20.00 Chamber Bucks

        1 Free Subscription to “The Independent Register”

        Wooden Figurine- “History of the Old Clarence Bridge”

        “HOME” Figurine



         Great Entertaining CD

         $50.00 Body Crafters Certificate

         Body Crafters Windbreaker

         Red, White & Black Scarf (Made by: Melissa Schall)
                #26- FONDUE BASKET
        (Donated by: The Melting Pot, Swiss Colony,
                  & The Wymer Family)

Chocolate Fondue Set w/ Lazy Susan

$50 Gift Certificate for The Melting Pot

Melting Pot Bag

Raspberry Black Walnut Vinaigrette

White & Chocolate Melting Disks


Oven Mitt

Hot Pad

3 Dish Towels

Can of Mandarin Oranges

Box of Graham Crackers

Bag of Large Marshmallows

Box of Pound Cake

Swiss Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese

Recipes: Chocolate, Cheese & Pizza Fondue
#27- Scrapbooking Basket
   (Donated by: The Albrecht Elementary Staff)

Large Storage Tote
Large Scrapbooking Bag
$20.00 Scrapbook Haven Gift Card
Photo Storage Box
2GB Digital Photo Viewer
Creative Memories 12 X 12 Scrapbook
Complete Kid’s Scrapbook Kit
Scrapbooking Idea Magazine
Stampin’ Up Set of Stamps
Various 12 X 12 paper including: Wisconsin, Baby & Dog
Brodhead Related Items
Various Stickers
Photo Corners
Other embellishments
   (Donated by: Heartland Graphics)

Brodhead Cardinals Baseball Cap

Brodhead Cardinals Fleece Blanket

Red, White, Black Argyle Socks

Black Tote w/ Cardinal Logo

Sport Seat Cushion w/ Cardinal Logo

Brodhead T-Shirt (Size L)

Cardinal Sweatpants (Size L)

Heartland Graphics T-Shirt (Size L)
  #29- Coffee Lover’s Basket
     (Donated by: The High School Band & Bullwinkle’s)

12 Cup, Programmable Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker
Coffee Filters
Folgers Gourmet Coffee
Chocolate Truffle
Caramel Drizzle
Vanilla Biscotti
Coffee Mug
Hazel Nut Coffee Syrup
Caramel Ice Coffee Mix
Java Chip Ice Coffee Mix
Hill Brothers Coffee
Sweet Mate Sweetener (2)
Starbucks Frappuccino
Mocha Scented Candle
    Creamy Chocolate
    French Vanilla
    Hazel Nut
Coffee Nips (coffee flavored candy)
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
$5.00 Gift Card to Bullwinkle’s
Bullwinkle’s Coffee Travel Mug
           #30- Dog Basket
          (Donated by: The Fifth Grade Band)

Dog Bed
Pooper Scooper
Dog Chow
7 Bags of Dog Treats
1 Box of Milk Bones
Dog Bomber Jacket (Size M)
Pink Coat (Size M)
6 Bags of Rawhides
1 Dog collar
2 Leashes
1 Brush
3 Shampoos & 1 Conditioner
4 Packs of Tennis Balls
8 Chew Toys
$10.00 Preferred Pets Gift Certificate
$15.00 PETCO Gift Card
              #31- WISCONSIN BASKET
(Donated by: UW Varsity Band & The Novy Family)

4 UW Varsity Band Concert Tickets (17th Row/Floor Seats)

  o Date: (Thursday, April 16th 7:30pm Kohl Center)

Free Parking for Band Concert

2 Wisconsin Glasses

Wisconsin Coffee Mug

2009 Badgers Football Calendar

Wisconsin Badger Pen

5 Handmade Cards

Wisconsin Pillow

Reserved Parking Badger Fans Sign

Bucky Badger & W Decal

4 pack Badger Car Clings

Wisconsin Badger Socks (size M)

Wisconsin Badger T-Shirt (size L)

Wisconsin Fleece Scarf (made by: Kayla Kohlman)

             #32- Silpada Basket
(Donated by: The Ahrens Family & The Olsen Family)
   Crocheted Afghan (Made by: Donna Olsen)
   Jewelry Box
   Jewelry Traveling Case
   Silver Polish Cloth
   New Silpada Catalog
   17” Long Garnet Oxidized Necklace w/ Lobster Clasp
   Square Sterling Silver and Garnet Earrings
   Size 9 Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
   Matching Ball Earrings
   Sleek Sterling Silver Earrings w/ Oval Drops
   Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet w/ Raised Edges
   18” Long Smoky Quartz, Citrine & Jade & Sterling Silver Link
   17” Long Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace w/ Small Ball Pendant
       w/ Toggle Clasp