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					     Human Resources

Alberta Home Visitation
 Network Association
        January 2007
                  Home Visitation
                Makes a Difference
• 73 AHVNA member agencies provide
  services to Alberta children and
• In 2005-06,
  – we helped 3,989 families
  – we made 36,535 home visits
               Help Wanted Now!

We have:
• a human resources crisis
• increased demand for services
• home visitation programs that are
  in jeopardy
                Human Resources
• Difficult to recruit and retain staff
• High annual staff turnover (up to 40%
  in some agencies)
• 80% of managers to exit in five years
• Lack of qualified candidates applying
• Poor or no response to position ads
                   Factors Affecting
                   Non-profit Sector
• Rising cost of living
• Rising operational costs
• More demand for services
• Staff unable to make ends meet
• No or minimal increase in salaries
  since 2000
• Staff leaving for better paying jobs
               Funding Issues for
              Visitation Programs

• $6.5* million invested annually in
  home visitation services
• No increase in funding since 2000
• 25% lower salaries and benefits for
  non-profits vs others in sector
                     Looking Ahead

We need to:
• Obtain realistic and equitable funding
• Seek support from corporate sectors
• Have input into long-term government
  policy strategies on funding
               What We Need Now

• Increase in salaries and benefits to
  bring equity to the sector
• Adequate funding for cost of living
• Funding to meet increased demand
                       With Equitable Funding,
                      We Can Accomplish Much

• Build early healthy attachments between parent
  and child
• Holistically nurture and support whole families
• Use family strengths
• Connect families with community resources
• Complement work of other agencies
               Contact Information

Alberta Home Visitation Network Association
     9321 Jasper Avenue,
     Edmonton, AB T5H 3T7
Phone: (780) 429-4787

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