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Hear Ye


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									This information will be of interest in anyone who currently holds a
          Woodbadge Part I in either Company or Crew.

  Voyageur Council has agreed to support a course at this level.

Registration must be made through the Eastern Ontario Administrative
Office in order to be considered eligible for this training. Also, training
application forms must be signed by their Area/Council Commissioner
to be eligible to participate in this workshop. Payment is to accompany
Registration. This is only open to registered members of Scouts Canada.

More registration information may be found on either the Voyageur Council
Website (Training page or the Venturer Advisor’s Forum located on the
Scouting Links) or by contacting the Course Leader or Course Administrator.

CL: Stewart Ross: stewross@magma.ca or 613-820-6351
CA: Mark Milan: markmilan@rogers.com or 613-825-6847
  Hear Ye

 Hear Ye

Hear Ye

Hear Ye
As Advisors of Voyageur Council
  have requested an Advanced Woodbadge (II)

   And that the Council Management Team have heard

  Let it be known that there WILL be a Woodbadge II for

                   2008 - 2009
         Proposed Details:
- Weekend 1: Camp Opemikon
  November 28-29, 2008

- Weekend 2: Kingston Military Base
  January 2009 (details to follow)
- Weekend 3: Whispering Pines
  May 8-10, 2009
 Aim of Woodbadge II

The emphasis of this course:

  to have a fun learning time while
   providing/ developing tools and
    techniques to better assist YOU
       in your Advisor activities.
         Weekend 1 Content:
-   Candidate expectations
-   Networking with other Advisors
-   Communication Skills
-   Mentoring Skills
-   Meeting Skills
-   Program planning, structure and content
-   High Adventure progams
          Weekend 1 Content:

•   Networking
•   Developing a Company/Crew
•   Overage Venturers and Rovers
•   Company/Crew Administration
•   Use of Technology
•   Resources available to the Company/Crew
           Weekend 2 Content:
•   Special ceremonies
•   Sprituality (some new twists to a program)
•   Understanding the Age Group
•   Dealing with Discipline
•   Attitude Development/Motivating Youth
•   Scouting with Disabilities
•   Practical ceremonies (candidate developed
    and conducted
        Weekend 2 Content:
• 7 Steps to Problem Solving
• Conflict Resolution
• Succession Planning (for you and for your
• Personal Goal Setting
• Relationships – when they aren’t working
         Weekend 2 Content:
- Candidate Program Presentations
  YOU will have a unique opportunity to share
  topics of particular interest to you or your
  group or particular knowledge or skills
  which you feel other Advisors may benefit.
- May be anything that is relevant to a Crew
  or Company program (something you did)
         Weekend 3 Content:
- Along with a number of experienced Scouters,
  will be shown different types of techniques for
  cooking (no two burner coleman stoves) for
  lunches or a FEAST which will be designed by
  the candidates.
- Will participate in atypical camping skills which
  can enhance your section’s program

In order to ensure that this training opportunity
 meets your needs and expectations, I would
 ask that you provide some direction as to
 what you expect on this course, any special
 requirements that we should be aware
 (disabilities, dietary, disabilities, medical, etc).
 Don’t forget to complete a personal medical
1. Have completed a senior section Woodbadge Part 1

2. Have your training application form signed by your Area/Council
3. Ensure that your completed training application form is accompanied
   by the course fee of $150 (that’s for course expenses for 3 weekends

4. Ensure that your training application gets to the Scout Office by:
   November 14, 2008 (or contact either the Course Leader or Course
   Administrator by that time: Course Leader is Stewart Ross and Mark
   Milan is the Course Administrator. They can be contacted at:

   Stewart Ross: stewross@magma.ca or 613-820-6351
   Mark Milan: markmilan@rogers.com or 613-825-6847

 To ensure your comfort, please plan to bring
  personal equipment such as a sleeping bag,
eating utensils, and outdoor weather clothing. (If
     you wish, you may sleep outdoors on all
 weekends.) If you have specific items that you
  are not sure to bring, please don’t hesitate to
                   contact us!!!
      Senior Section Woodbadge II

Detailed Overview:
 3 weekends long
      Cost: $150
            Limit: 20 candidates
                  Fun, networking, skills

       Looking forward to seeing you on the
              WOODBADGE PART II

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