kosa kata dari a - l

					A                                                 acu-acuan         mold
                                                  acuan             hint, reference
abab                exhaled breath                acuh              not care
abad                century                       acuhan            not care
abadi               eternal, lasting, enduring    acungan           raising upward, outward
abah                direction                     ada               there is/are, be, have, did
abah-abah           harness                       adab              courtesy, culture, knowing
abai                neglectful                                      proper
abang               elder brother                 adalah            is, am, are
abar                brake                         adang             intercept,block,ambush
abaran              inhibition                    adanya            presence, existence,
abdi                servant, slave                                  situation
abnormal            abnormal                      adaptasi          adaptation
abnormalitas        abnormality                   adapun            now,it so happens
abnus               ebony                         adat              custom,tradition,
aborsi              abortion                                        customary law, manner
abortus             abortion                      adegan            scene
abrak               mica                          adem              calm,cool, cold, tasteless
absah               valid, legal, legitimate      adhesi            adhesion,
absen               absent                                          devotion,attachment
absenan             roll                          adi               superior, splended
absensi take        attendence                    adib              respectful
abses               abscess                       adicita           ideology
absolusi            absolute                      adik              younger brother/sister
absolut-absolutan   in an absolute way            adikarya          dictatorial
absolutisme         absolutism                    adil              just,fair,equitable, legal
absorpsi            absorption                    adiratna pekaca   lotus jewel
absten              abstain                       adiwarna          resplendent, excellent
abstrak             abstract                      administrasi      administration
abstraksi           abstraction                   administratif     administrative
absur               absurd                        administrator     manager of an estate
absurditas          absurdity                     administratur     administration
abu                 dust, asbes                   administrir       administer
abuh                swollen, swelling             admiral           admiral
abuk                fine powder                   adon              knead
abur                squander, waste               adpertensi        advertisement
abus                smallest portion, of no       adpisir           adviser
                    value,worthless               adpokat           advokat
abyad               white, tranparent,            adreng            eager
                    translucent                   adu               compete
acak                disordered, random            aduh              ouch,ow, oh my
acak-acakan         in disorder,chaos             aduhai            how beautiful, incredible
acang-acang         confidential agent, shop      aduk-adukan       continuous,mixing
                    steward                       adukan            the mix,mixture, mix,beater
acap                be under water, be stuck in   adun              dress,finery
                    deeply                        adverbia          adverb
acapkali            repeatedly,frequently         aerodinamika      aerodynamics
acar                pickles                       aeronotika        aeronautics
acara               agenda, program, judicial     af                break off,break up
                    procedure, jurisdiction       afal              works,deeds
aceuk               elder sister                  afal-afal         waste portions of butchered
aci                 agreed, valid                                   animals, reject products of a
aci-aci             pith, example                                   factory
aci-acian           suppossition, imagination
aci-acinya          supposing,assuming            afasi             aphasia
afdal              good,fine,nice, ritually pure   aih               exclamation of surprice
afdeling           section                         air               water,liquit, juice
afdruk             copy,print                      aisan             carrying cloth
afiat              healthy, good health            ajab              surprised,astonished
afiks              affix                           ajaib             niraculous,remarkable
afiksasi           affixation                      ajak-ajak         wild dog
afiliasi           affiliation                     ajakan            invitation, challange,
afinitas           afinity                                           stimulus
afirmasi           affirmation                     ajang             site, arena
afrikat            affricate                       ajar              study
afrit              evil spirit                     ajaran            teaching, theory, doctrine,
agak               rather, approximately                             ,punishment
agak-agak          guess,vague idea, careful       ajek              steady,stable,constant
agaknya            it seems,probably               ajektif           adjectiva
agam               virile,manly, sturdy,hefty      ajengan           community leader
agama              religion                        aji               spell,charm,magical
agama-agamaan      false religious                                   formula, exclamation of
agamawan           religious person, religionist                     surprise
                                                   ajir              stake,marker
agamawi            religous                        ajojing           rock style dancing
agamix r           eligious                        ajrib             respect and fear
agar               in order that                   ajudan            adjudtant, chief petty
agar-agar          gelatin made of seaweed                           officer
agas               sandfly,gnat                    ajukan            mimicry
agen               agency,branch, agent            ajun              purpose
agenda             agenda                          ajung             adjunct
agendaris          secretary or clerk who          aka-akal          pretended,feigned
                   draws up the agenda             akad              contract,agreement,
agitasi            agitation                       akademi           academy
agogo              western dance, rock and roll    akademik          academic
agraria            agrarian affair                 akaid             dogma
agregat electric   generator, aggregate            akaid ilmu        dogmatic theology
agresi             aggression                      akal              mind,intellect, tactics, ,
agresif            aggressive                                        deceit,
aggressor          aggressor                       akal-akalan       machination
agribisnis         agribusiness                    akalan            fabrication,invention
agriindustri       agriindustry                    akali             intelligent
agronomi           agronomy                        Ajam              Iran, Persia
aguk               locket                          akan              will,about to
agung              exalted,high,nobel,             akan-akan         equally true
                   impressive                      akanan            horizon
agustus             august                         akar              root, source
Ahad               Sunday, one                     akar-akaran       several roots, like a root
Ahadiat            unity                           akar-akarnya      source,origin
ahala              dynasty                         akas              clever,handy,skillful
ahli               expert,specialist,              akasia            acacia
                   skilled,highly competent,       akbar             exalted,grear, big
                   professional                    akhbar            newspaper,the press
ahli bahasa        translation                     akhir             end,finish
ahli-ahli          members, relatives              akhir-akhir ini   recently of late
ahlubait           owner of the house,host         akhiran           suffix
ahlukubur          the deceased                    akhirat           the hereafter,the beyond
ahlulsuluk         mystics                         akhirnya          final,last
ahmak              a fool, foolish, stupid         akhlak            character,moral
aib                shame,disgrace,scandal,         aki               storage battery
akibat         result,consequence               akuran          mutually agree
akibatnya      finally,as a consequence         akurat          accurate,exact
akidah         believe,faith                    akustik         accustics
akik           carnelian,agate                  akustis         acoustic
akilbalig      of age,grown up, legally         akut            acute,critical
akisir         battery acid                     Al-Masih        the Messiah
aklamasi       aclamation                       ala             in the style
aklimatisasi   aclimatization                   alahan          loss
akomodasi      accommodation                    alam            world,realm, nature,natural
akompanimen    accompaniment                    alamat          address
akord          harmonic chords                  alami           natural
akordeon       accordion                        alamiah         natural,concerned with
akrab          intimate,chummy                                  nature
akreditasi     accreditation                    alan-alan       comedian,jokester
akronim        acronym                          alang           middle,medium,
aksara         letter of the alphabet, script                   crosswise,diagonal,
akselerasi     acceleration                                     crossbeam
aksen          accent                           alang-alang     tall,coarse grass
aksentuasi     accentuating, accent,stress,
               emphasis                         alang-alangan   indifferent,halfhearted
akseptable     acceptable                       alangkah        how !
akseptor       acceptor                         alap            hawk, thief
aksesori       accessory                        alaram          alarm
aksi           action, lawsuit,                 alas            base,foundation,
               boasting,bragging, pretense,                     layer,covering
               attractive                       alasan          reason,excuse,alibi
aksioma        axiom                            alat            instrument,tool,
aksiomatis     axiomatic                                        device,equipment
akta           official document,               album           album
               diploma,certificate              alegori         allegory
akte           see "akta"                       alegro          allegro
aktentas       briefcase                        aleksander      topaz
aktif          active,energetic,                alem            spoiled,pampered
akting         temporarily in charge            alenia          paragraph
aktivis        activist                         alergi          allergy,allergic
aktivitas      activity                         alesduk         scarf
actor          actor                            alfabet         alphabet
aktris         actress                          algojo          executioner,hangman, bully
aktualisasi    actualization                    algoritme       algorithm
aktualisir     see "aktualisasi"                alhasil         eventually,in the end,
aktualitas     timeliness,topicality                            consequently,in sum,the
aktuil         recent,topical,current                           result
akuaduk        aqueduct                         ali-ali         man's ring
akuan          confession,admission             aliansi         alliance
akuarium       aquarium                         alias           alias,other wise called
akuisme        egocentricity,self-              alibi           alibi
               centeredness                     alih            shift,change position
akulturasi     acculturation                    alih-alih       instead of, on the contrary
akumulasi      accumulation                     alim            learned, pious,devout
akumulatif     accumulative                     alimentasi      alimony
alun-alun      town square                      aling           shelter,protective cover
akuntan        accountant                       alingan         shelter
akuntansi      accountancy                      alir            , a line with live hait
akunting       accounting                       aliran          current, trend,ideology,
akupungtur     acupuncture                                      pipeline, condult, wiring
aliterasi    alliteration                   amandir             amend
aljabar      algebra                        amang               threaten by brandishing
aljasair     algeria                        amar                injuction,command
alka         pimp, procuree                 amarah              anger
alkisah      the story, once upon a time    amat                very,exceedingly
alkitab      the bible                      amatir              amateur
                                            amatiran            amateur contest
alkitabiah   biblical                       ambah               trade,handicraft
alkohol      alcohol                        ambah-ambah         plague, pest
alkuran      Al-Qur'an                      ambai               scoop net
             all in everything included     ambal               carpet
             complete                       ambalan             procession, troops
             Allah God                      ambang              threshold, railroad tie
allamah      very learned                   ambar               ambergris, amber
allegoris    allegorical                    ambassador          ambassador
almaktub     the holy book                  ambeien             piles
almanak      almanac, calendar              ambek               pout,be unwilling to move
almarhum     the late,the deceased          ambekan             tending to sulk
almarhumah   see "almarhum"                 ambet               diaper, swadding clothes,
alofon       allophone                      ambigu              ambiguous
alokasi      allocation                     ambiguitas          ambiguity
alokir       allocate                       ambil               take over
alomorf      allomorph                      ambilan             the take,the receipts
alon-alon    slow,slowly                    ambin               strap,sling
alpa         neglectful, inattentive        ambinan             knapsack,pack
altar        altar                          ambing              udder
alternasi    alternation                    ambisi              ambition
alternatif   alternative                    ambisius            ambitious
alto         alto                           ambivalen           ambivalent
altruis      altruist                       ambivalensi         ambivalence
altruisme    altruism                       amblas              disappear,vanish
altruistis   altruistic                     ambleg              give way,collapse
altur        taurus                         ambles              mire,bog down,sink in mud
alu          rice pestle                    amblesan            subsidence
alum         faded,wilted,withered          amboy               hei !
aluminium    aluminium                      ambreg              untidy,messy
alumni       alumnus,alumna                 ambreng-ambrengan   strong smelling
alun         wave, swell                    ambrin              sweetheart
alun-alun    town square                    ambring-ambringan   indescribable,unheard of
alunan       wave, strains                  ambrol              collapse, be destroyed
alur         gully, channel, plot, slot     ambruk              collapse
aluran       channel                        ambulan             ambulance
am           general, ordinary, common,     ambulans            ambulance
             universal                      ambung              bounce,soar
amal         deed, work, good               ambyar              splatter,fall apart
             deed,charity                   ambyuk              swarm,gather in large
amalan       good deed, good works                              numbers, fall down
amaliah      charitable                     amendemen           amandemen
aman         peaceful, calm, safe, secure   amerika             america
amanah       trusteeship,mandate,           amerikanisasi       americanization
             instruction,commission,        amerikanisme        americanism
             speech,message                 amfibi              amphibian
amanat see   "amanah"                       amil                mosque official who
amandel      almond, tonsil                                     collects the tithe
amandemen    amendment                      amin                amen
amir             commander,leader             analogi         analogy
amirulmukminin   caliph                       anarkhis        anarchic, anarchist
amit-amit        God forbid                   anarki          anarchy
amnesty          amnesty                      anarkisme       anarchism
ammonia          ammonia                      anasir          element
amoniak          ammonia                      anatomi         anatomy
amor             Goddess of love              ancai           disabled
amoralitas       amorality                    ancak           rack,shelf
amorf            amorphous                    ancak-ancak     indifferent,causal,
amortisasi       amortization                                 nonchalant
ampai            slim,slender                 ancam           threat
ampai-ampai      jellyfish                    ancaman         threat
ampaian          rack,clothes                 ancang-ancang   the distance, preparation
                 rack,clothesline             ancangan        approach
ampang           insipid,tasteless            ancar-ancar     estimate, target...
ampas            waste,dregs                  ancer-ancer     see "ancar-ancar"
ampek            asshma                       anda            you
amper            porch, ampere, electric      andai           if
                 meter                        andai-andai     supposition
ampere           inexpensive                  andainya        suppose that
ampiran          stopping off place           andaipun        supposing that
ampiteater       amphitheater                 andak           see "mengandakkan"
amplas           fig tree, sandpaper          andal           rely on, trade on
amplifayer       amplifier                    andalan         mainstay, security pledge,
                                                              chief seat
amplop           envelope                     andam           lock up
amprok           meet,run into                andaman         incarcerated
amprokan         run into                     andang          torch
ampuh            endowed with magical         andang-andang   mole,birthmark
                 power, potent,effective,     anderak         elephane pit
                 flood,overflow               anderok         slip,perticoat
ampul            ampul                        andewi          andive
ampun            pardon,forgiveness           andil           share, constribution
amputan          female genitalia             anduk           hold
amputasi         amputation                   andukan         support,prop, sling
amril            sandpaper, emery board or    andun           go to
                 paper                        andunan         outsider
amsal            proverb, parable, proverb    andung          grandmother
amsiong          internal injury              aneh            strange,queer,peculiar
amtenar          official                     anehnya         the strange this is
amtenarisme      officialsm,burreaucratism    aneka           various,diserve,all sort of
amuba            amoeba                       anekdot         anecdote
amubawi          amoebic                      aneksasi        annexation
amuk             go berserk,run amuck         anemer          building contractor
amukan           fight, uncontrolled raging   anemi           anemia
amunisi          ammunition                   anestesi        anesthesia
anak             child                        anfal           attack, heart attack
anakanda         child,son                    angan           thought,notion,idea, illusion
anakronisme      anachronism                  angan-angan     thought,notion,
analis           analyst,analyzer                             fantasy,illusion,day
analisis         analysis                                     dreaming
analitik         analytic                     anganan         idea,notion
analitikus       analyst                      angel           difficult, strange,unsual
analitis         analytical                   angga           tine,branch of antler
analog           analog                       anggak          conceited,arrogant
                                                     aniayai see menganiaya
anggal                 light,insignificant,          animis animist
                       slack,light, lighty loaded    animo zest,energy, interest
anggapan               opinion,belief, judgment,     anis anise,anisette
suspicion              ,impression                   anja-anja      spoiled,pampered
anggar                 fencing                       anjak thrust,push,shove
anggaran               calculation,consideration     anjal bounce,rebound, elastic,resilent
angger                 fixed                         anjangkarya field trip,study tour
anggitan               draft, composition            anjar anchor
anggota                member, limb, part            anjing dog
                       ,component                    anjlog descend rapidly plummet, shift rapidly
anggrek                orchid                        anju attempt,running start
anggrekwan             orchid grower                 anjung axtension,annex, ship's bridge, platform
anggukan               a nod, pitching               anjung-anjungan        fubome praise, pavilion
anggul                 raise the head,tip upward     anjungan       ship's bridge, extention,pavilion
anggun                 neat,handsome,elegant,        anjungkan      see "menganjung"
                       pretentious, haughty          anjur stick out,protrude
anggung                lift,raise                    anjuranproposal, recommendation,advice
anggur                 grape, slip,cutting, wine     anoa dwarf buffalo
angin                  win, air, rumor               anoda anode
angin-anginan          blow hot and cold             anominitas     anomymity
angina tonsillitis                                   anonimanonymous
angit odor of burnt rice or bread                    anonser        announcer
angka numerial,digit, rate, mark,grade               anotasi annotation
angka-angka number, statistics,figures               ansambel       ensemble
angkara         greedy, egotistical,self centered,   antagonis      antagonist
brutal violence                                      antagonisme antagonism
angkasa         sky,heaven, atmosphere               antagonistis antagonistic
angkasawan space man,astronout                       antah rice chaff
angkat lift,raise, take away                         antamer        undertake,tackle
angkat-angkatan          play around at lifting      antamir        see "antamer"
angkatan        lift, branch of, generation,age      antan rice pestle
group                                                antap calm,quiet
angker eerie, terrible                               antar accompany
angkong-angkong          sit idly                    antar bangsa international
angkuh arrogant, form,appearence                     antar vokal    intervocalic
                                                     antar-antar    rotor, piston rod
angkup tweezer                                       antara between, in the meanwhile
angkup-angkup           valve,tweezers
angkut carry,transport, contain                      antara lain    among other
angkutan        transport,transportation,            antaran conductor, an order,thing ordered
shipment,load                                        antaranya      among, distance
angle-angleran calm,content                          antariksa      space,interplanetary, planetary
angler pleasant, smooth, quiet                       atmosphere
anglo brazier                                        antariksawan astronaut,cosmonaut
anglong         terrace                              antartika      antarctic
angop a yawn                                         antedatering retroactive dating
angot become angry or ill again                      antek henchman,lackey
angsa goose                                          antena antenna,aerial
angsio red brasied cooking                           anteng calm,quiet, being quiet
angsu draw water                                     antep heavy,solid,massive
angsur see "berangsur-angsur"                        antero whole,all,total,entire
angut see "mengangut"                                anteseden      antecedent
anian warp                                           anti    be opposed to, anti
aniaya ill treatment, oppression                     antih spin
antik   antique, ornate, eccentric              apanyapun     whichever
                                                apapun no matter what
antiklin        anticline                       aparat        apparatus, institution,agency
antilop antelope                                aparatur      apparatus
antimon         antimony                        aparteid      apartheid
antimonium see "antimon"                        apartemen     apartment
anting pendant,earring, pendulum of clock
anting-anting drongo bird                       apas be unlucky
antipatiantipathy                               apati apathy
antipoda        antipodes, wholly opposite      apatis apathetic
antipode        see "antipoda"                  apatisme         apathy
antisemit       anti semite                     apel apple
antiseptis      antiseptic                      apersepsi        apperception
antisipasi      anticipation                    api     fire, flame,blaze, spirit
antisipir       anticipate                      apik neat and nice,trim, attractive,chic
antitesa        antithesis                      apikal apical
antitese        see "antitesa"                  apit    hemmed in,wedged in
antitesis       see "antitesa"                  apitan clamp, press,extraxtor,
antologi        anthology                       intercalation,interpolation
antonim         antonym                         apiun raw opium
antonimi        antonymy                        apkir cast off, rejected
antrasit anthracite                             apkiranrejected, castoff
                                                aplikasi         application
antrean a queue                                 aplos relieve,take turn, redeem
antrean-antrean         queuing up              aplosan          turn,shift,swing
antropolog     anthropologist                   aplus applause
antropologi anthropology                        apolitik         apolitical
antuk come in contact with,touch
antup sting                                     apolo apollo
antusias       enthusiastic                     apopleksi       apoplexy
antusiasme     enthusiasm                       aposisi apposition
anu     whatchumacallit, unknown kuantity       apostolik       apostolic
anugerah       a gift from God or a person of   apostrofe       apostrophe
higher                                          apotek pharmacy,dispensary
anuitet annuity                                 apoteker        pharmacist
anulir annul,cancel                             apresiasi       appreciation
anumerta       posthumous                       aprit-apritan run pell mell,run feverishly
anut attentive,meek,pliant                      apuh wrung dry,squeezed out
anutan adherence, conviction belief, fad        apung float,buoyet up
anuti see "menganut"                            apung-apung lifebuoy,float
anyal pervish, resentful,annoyed                ara     tropical fig tree
                                                arah direction,course, aim,purpose
anyam plait                                     arahan directive
anyam-anyaman          plaited materials        arak rice wine,arrack, liquor
anyaman         cane work,plaited mats, plait   arak-arakan procession,review
anyelir carnation                               aral    hindrance,obstacle
anyep bland not salty, clammy,damp              aram twilight
anyes cold and damp
anyir rancid,rank                               arang charcoal, coke,slag, cinder
apa     what,which                              aransemen       arrangement
apabila when                                    aranser arrange, arranger
apak musty,moldy,sweaty                         aransir see "aranser"
apakala         when                            ararat ararat
apalagi above all, evenless, moreover,besides   ararut arrowrool
apalah please, what does it amount ?            aras border,limit
aras-arasan     feel too lazy to do               artian meaning, concept, interpretation
arasy the throne of God
arbei strawberry                                  artifisial        artificial
arbitrase       arbitration                       artifisiil        see "artifisial"
arca statue,image                                 artika arctic
arde ground                                       artikel article,clause, column
areal acreage                                     artikulasi        articulation
arek child                                        artikulator       articulator
aren sugar palm                                   artileri atillery
arena arena                                       artinya that is,meaning
ares arrest                                       artis artist
arestasidetention,capture                         artistik artistic
argumen         argument                          arts     physician
argumentasi argumentation                         aru      buginese title
ari-ari abdomen, placenta                         arum manis cotton candy
                                                  arun stir,mix in
aria    title of nobality, the aryan race, aria   arung wade across,cross
arif    learned, wise,clever, capable             arung-arungan crossing,ford, shipping corridor
arifin intelligent person                         arus current, flow
arih hold out,extend                              arwah soul,departed spirit
arik insomnia                                     aryaduta          ambassador
aring trap,snarl, lasso                           as       axle, axis, ace
aris    hem, edge
aristokrasi      aristocracy                      asa     hope
aristokrat       aristocrat                       asabat nerve, sinew,muscle
arit    sickle, grass knife                       asad leo
arive established,attained a position             asah grind down
arjuna playboy,womanizer, handsome man            asahan shavings, dust
arkais archaic                                    asai mouldered,mildewed
arkaisme         archaism                         asak move,budge, cram,jam
arkeolog         archaeologist                    asal origin,source, beginning
arkeologi        archaeology                      asal-asalan    perfunctorily
arkeologis       archaeologival                   asali original,primary, ancient, wellborn
arloji timepiece,watch                            asalkanprovided that
armada fleet                                      asam sour, acid
arnab rabbit,hare                                 asam-asaman pickled dishes, all sorts of acids
arnal hairpin,stickpin for the hair               asamanpickle, acid
aroma aroma                                       asap smoke, fumes
aromatik        aromatic                          asas basis,principle, foundation,base
aromatis        aromatic                          asasi fundamental,basic
aron half cooked rice
arona sun                                         asbak ashtray
arpus resin                                       asbes asbestos
arsen arsenic                                     asembling       assembling,assembled
arsenikum       see "arsen"                       asemblir        assemble
arsip archives, files                             asesanti        utter a slogan
arsiparis       archivist, file clerk             asese approved,agreed
arsir shade in                                    asesori accessories
arsiran hatching, shaded in area                  asetilen        acetylene
arsitek architect                                 asi     care,attention
arsitektur      architecture                      asimetri        asymmetry
arsitekturil    architectural                     asimetris       asymmetric
artesis artesian                                  asimilasi       assimilation
arti    meaning, sense, significance              asimptot        asymptote
asin salty, briny                               ateisme         atheism
asinan salted vegetables                        atensi attention
asing strange,foreign,alien, odd, different     atlas atlas
asisten assistant                               atlet athlete
asli    original, genuine,authentic,            atletik athletics
indegenous,autochthonous,aboriginal,primitive   atma breath, soul
                                                atmosfer        atmosphere
asma asthma                                     atom atom
asmara romantic love                            atomisasi       atomization
asmaragama the art of sexual relations          atop burp,belch
asoi passionate,hot, wonderful,super            atos hard
asonansi        assonance                       atraksi attraction
asor lowly                                      atret back up,go in reverse
asosiasi        association                     atribut atribute
aspal asphalt                                   atributif       attributive
aspalanpavement                                 atsiri volatile
aspek aspect                                    atur arrange
aspektual       aspectual                       aturan arragement, regulation,rule,
asperges        asparagus                       direction,instructions, manner
aspiran aspirant,candidate
aspirasi        aspiration                      aturannya      according to the regulations
aspirat aspirate                                aubade solemn,evening,ceremony of taking down
asprak appointment                              the flag
asrakal a ceremonial meal                       audiensi       audience
asrama dormitory,hostel, barracks               audio visual audiovisual
asri    beautiful, harmoniously chic            audisi audition
asset assets                                    aula hall,auditorium
astaga heaven forbid,for heaven sake            aulia sains,pious personages
                                                auntul bounce,rebound
astaganaga     gee whiz                         aurat genitals
astakona       octagon, polygon                 auriol halo
astrolog       astrologer                       aut     out
astrologi      astrology                        autarki economic self sufficiency
astronautika astronautics                       autobiografi autobiography
astronomy      astronomy                        autopsi autopsy
astronot       astronaut                        aviasi aviation
asu     dog!,bastard!                           avontirir      adventurer
asuh care for,take care of,rear,bring up        avonturisme adventurism
asuhan upbringing,rearing, education,           awahama        disinfect,sterilize
leadership,direction                            awahidrat      dehydration
asumsi assumption
asung incite,stir up                            awahutan      deforest
asungan        incitement                       awak body,self, crewman,crewwoman
asuransi       insurance                        awal beginning, first,early
asusila immoral                                 awalan prefix
asyik passionate, be infatuated, occupied,      awali see "mengawal"
absorbed                                        awam common,general, lay,nonexpert
atap roof                                       awamkan       see "mengawam"
atas on,upon,on top of, upper, upstair, upon    awan cloud
                                                awang-awang atmosphere, up in the air,far off,
atasan higher,superior                          dizzi
atase attache                                   awangan       impromptu,extemporaneous
atau or                                         awas careful,watch out, far sighted
ataukah        or,whether                       awet durable
ateis atheist                                   awetkan       see "mengawet"
awur scatter,sow                                   babi-babian toy pig
awur-awuran randomly                               babit involve
awut blindly,carelessly                            babon hen, original
awut-awutan tangled, tousled, chaotic              babptis baptism
ayah father                                        babu servant
                                                   babut rug, carpet
ayahanda       see "ayah"                          baca read
ayak sieve,sifter                                  bacaan reading, liretarure, reading material, style
ayakan see "ayak"                                  of recitation, incantation
ayal slow,doubtful
ayal-ayalan see "berayal"                          bacak moistened, wet, soft from moisture
ayam chicken                                       bacam impregnate
ayam-ayaman weather vane, toy chicken              bacar garrulous, talkative
ayan epilepsy                                      bacok jab
ayaran pickpocket                                  bacokan        grash
ayat verse, article, paragraph                     bacot snout, mouth
ayem calm,assured                                  bacul spiritless, lacking spunk
ayeng go here and there, go around in the circle   bada beyond word
ayo    come on                                     badai storm, hurricane, typhoon
ayom protected,sheltered                           badak rhinoceros
ayu    pretty,beautiful                            badal representative, substitute
ayun swing,away                                    badan body, torso, group, agency, corporation
ayunan cradle, swing, sling, swaying               badang large sieve, winnower
ayut fornicate                                     badani physical, bodily
azab torment,punishment                            badaniah       see "badani"
azal endless past,eternity without beginning       badek a guess
                                                   badek-badekan          puzzle
azam highly respected, intention                   badekan        estimate
azan call to prayer                                badge badge
azimat amulet,charm, mascot
azimut azimuth                                     badi evil influence, virus
azis enormous, aweinspiring                        badminton      badminton
azmat extraordinary fantastic                      badut clown
                                                   badutan        laughing stock
Indonesia - Inggris                                bagai like, as if, equivalent, kind, type
                                                   bagai-bagaikan           see "membagai"
                                                   bagaikan       as if, like, similar to
B                                                  bagaimana      how
                                                   bagak dauntless, confident
Babil Babel, quarrelsome                           bagal mule
Batak Batak, hobo                                  bagan draft, design, skeleton, program, chart,
Belanda       Dutch                                diagram
Belgia Belgium                                     bagas robust, strong
Bibel Bible                                        bagasi baggage, luggage rack, trunk
Bima Bhima                                         bagi for, devide
bab    chapter, matter                             bagian part, section, division, lot, fate, fortune
baba father, older man                             baginda        majesty
babad history, chronicle                           bagong portly, cumbersome, ponderous, wild boar,
babak stage, round, act, stanza                    willing sexual partner
babang gaping
babar spread, unfurl                               bagur hulking, ponderous, massive
babar pisan completely                             bagus fine, good
babat clear away, cut through                      bagusan       better
babe boss                                          bah   inundation, flooding
babi pig, hog, pork                                bahadur       knight, hero, bold, courageous
bahaduri      heroic, chivalrous, knightly            bakik betel vine
bahagia       happy                                   bakpauder       baking powder
bahak white bellied sea eagle, burst of laugher       baksi mizzen sail
baham molar                                           bakteri bacteria
bahan matter, substance, material, object             bakteriologi bacteriology
bahana loud noise, din, echo                          bakti homage, service, faith, filial piety, staunch,
bahari antique, ancient, charming, maritime,          loyal
nautical                                              baku standard, full fledged, basic, mutual
bahariawan seaman                                     bakul basket
bahariawati female sailor                             bakung wild lily
bahas research, investigation, study, criticism       bala troops, disaster
                                                      balah argue, quarrel
bahasa language                                       balai public hall, public building, office, house
bahasan         criticism, discussion                 balam turtledove, song
bahaya danger, peril, joepardy
bahenol         sexy, nicely shaped                   balap race, racing
baheula         old fashionned, ancient               balapan           race, race track
bahkan in fact, even, moreover, on the contrary,      balar albino
indeed                                                balas reply, respone
bahna on account of                                   balatentara       troops
bahtera ark, boat, ship                               balau confused, in disorder
bahu shoulder                                         balela rebellion
bahwa that                                            balet ballet
bahwasanya that, truly, indeed                        balgam mucus
baiat oath                                            bali     placenta
baid distant                                          balian shaman
baiduri opal                                          balik return, the reverse side, the reverse
baik good, fine, kind, healthy, yes, all right        baling propeller
baik-baik       well, carefully, in good condition,   baling-baling propeller, weathercock, toy
good, respectable                                     windmill
baik-baikan be amicable                               balingan          revolution, turn
                                                      balistik ballistic
baikut spare ribs                                     balkon balcony, platform
bait   abode, distich, verse                          ballada ballad
baja steel, armor                                     ballpoint         ballpoint, pen
bajaj bajaj                                           balok beam, cross bar, join, bar
bajak plow, bandit
bajakan         plowing, loot, illegal profit         balon balloon
bajan basin                                           balon-balonan soap bubbles, trial balloon
baji   wedge, peg                                     balonan        made of balloons, similar to
bajik good, wholesome                                 balloons
bajing squirrel                                       balong pond, fishpond, puddle
bajingan        thief, scoundrel                      balsa balsa
baju jacket, blouse, shirt, clothing                  balsem balsam
bajul crocodile, scoundrel, pick pocket               balu widow
bak    like, as                                       baluarti       fortress, bastion
baka eternal, everlasting                             balui draw, tie
bakal future, prospective, in the making, shall       balun beat, fold
bakalan         shall, will                           balung cockscomb, bone
bakar burn, set on fire, roasted                      balur jerky, dried meat, thick skin around
                                                      balut bandage, dressing, wrapping
bakat    trace, trail, sign, crest, talent            balutan handage, dressing, packing, parcel
bakda    after                                        bam gun
baki     small tray, remainder, residue               bambang        vast, extensive
bakiak   wooden clog                                  bambu bamboo
ban    tire, ribbon, belt, tire tread                  bangunan       building, construction, installation,
banal banal, trite
banat whip, thrash                                     banjang         fishing platform
bancang        tether                                  banjar line, train of events
bancar flow copiously                                  banjaran        line
banci hermaphrodite, effeminate, powerless             banjir flood, deluge
bancuh mixed up, confused                              banjur sprinkle
bancuhan       mixture, blend                          bank bank
bancut protruding                                      bankir banker, money lender
bandar barbor, port, water course, duct, ditch,        bantah say in disagreement
croupier                                               bantahan        objection, contadiction,
bandara        airport                                 protestation
bandaran       channel, draining                       bantai butcher, beat up severely
bandel obstinate, undisciplined                        bantaian        butcher's block, slaughterer
bandering      slingshot                               bantal pillow
banding        equivalent, consideration               banter fast, loud
bandingan      comparison, appeal, criticism           bantingthrow down forcefully
bandingkan comparable                                  bantu assist, auxiliary
bandit gangster, bandit, scoundrel                     bantuan         help
                                                       bantun weed, extract
banditisme     banditry                                bantut blocked
bandot billy goat, womaniser, lascivious               banyak many, much, have a lot of, excessively, in
bandul pendulum, hanger                                great quantities
bandulan       pendulum, hanger, swing, testicles
bandung        pair                                    banyak-banyak          very much
bandut cord, string                                    banyakan       perhaps
bangai neglected, given up                             banyaki        increase, raise
bangat fast, quick, soon                               banyaknya      amount, number
bangau white egret                                     banyol joke, clown, rascal
banget very                                            banyolan       jocker, jester
bangga rightfully, proud                               bapak father
bangga-bangga          be proud                        baptiskan      baptise, convert
bangir pointed                                         bara ember, heat, fire
bangkai        carcass, corpse, fuselage               barah boil
bangkang       rebel, resist, oppose                   barak barracks, quarantine quarters
bangkar        tough and stiff, rigid, rigor           barakah        blessed
bangkitget up, come up, be revived                     barang goods, commodity, article, object, baggage
                                                       barang-barang belongings, commodities, matter
bangkitan      attack, production, generation          barangkali     perhaps, may be
bangkot        old                                     baras leprosy
bangkotan      old                                     barat west
bangkrut       bankrupt                                barbir barber
bangku bench                                           barbur splash, waste
bangor naughty
bangsa nation, family, class                           bareng with, together with
bangsai        rotten, fragile, thin                   bareng-bareng together
bangsal        shed, public building, market stalls,   bares honest
ward, lean to                                          bares-baresan honest
bangsat        scroundel, bedbug, pauper               baret beret
bangsawan      noble, nobility                         bari-bari      fruitfly
bangsawati     noble woman                             barik-barik    grain, vein, spotted
bangun wake up, get up, rise, structure, model         baring lie down
bangun-bangunan         buildings, mock up model,      baringan       rest
baris row, line, queue, ranks, slide rule, drill,      bau     scent, smell, aroma, unpleasant, fumes,
verse                                                  give off an odor, suggest am element of
barisan ranks, front, row                              bau-bauan       odors, perfume
bariton baritone                                       baudut-badutan          be a smart aleck
barometer        barometer                             bauk beard
baron baron                                            bauksit bauxite
barongsai        lion dance us                         baur mixed
baru new, modern, fresh, just, only now, not           bauran mixture
until, be in the process of                            baureksa        ghost inhabiting
barung-barung stall, hut                               bausuku         unpaid laborer
barusan          just now                              baut bolt, bully
                                                       bavian baboon
barut bandage, diaper                                  bawa bring
bas    bass                                            bawaan          load, gift, nature, congenital, result
basa-basi      good manners                            bawah under
basah wet                                              bawahan         subordinate
basahan        cloth wrapped, humidity                 bawang          onion
basal dropsy, scab                                     bawasir         hemorrhoids
basi spoiled, stale, reduction, bowl, serving          bawel carping
basis basis, base                                      baya old
basit indivisible                                      bayak corpulent
basmi exterminate, cradicate, burn off                 bayan clear, distinct
bastar bastard                                         bayang shadow, image, imagination
bastaran       mixed descent                           bayang-bayangan        estimate, shadows
basuh washing                                          bayangan       shadow, imagination, estimation,
basuki prosper                                         under study, image
basung kick high, corklike root                        bayangkara policeman
basungan       high kick                               bayangkari     policewoman
bata concrete brick                                    bayar pay, pay for
bata-bata      ambivalent                              bayaran        payment, for pay
batal canceled, in vain, invalid, cancel out           bayat freshman, homage
                                                       bayi baby
batalyon        battalion                              bayonet        bayonet
batang stem, stick, trunk, pole, corpse                bayu wind, stale
batang-batang go stag                                  bayuan male food
batangan        boom, barrier, cross beam, bar, by     beasiswa       scholarship
the bar, trunk                                         bebal stupid, silly
batara God                                             beban load, , burden, charge
batari Goddess                                         bebang stillborn, asphysia
batas limit, border, confine
batasanborder, limitation, cicumscription,             bebar scattered
definition                                             bebas free
baterai battery                                        bebas-bebasan permissive, licentious
bati    gain                                           bebat bandage, dressing
batik batik                                            bebatan       bandage
batil copper bowl, plate, tray, invalid, false, evil   bebek duck
batin inner, mind, arcane                              beberan       explanation
batiniah        spiritual, internal                    beberapa      some, several
batok coconut shell, dry measure                       bebet ancestor
batu stone                                             becak spot, pedicab, muddy
batu-batuan rocklike, pebbles, boulders                beda difference, remainder
                                                       bedah surgical operation
batuan rock                                            bedahan       surgical incision
batuk a or to cough                                    bedak powder
bedegong      obstinate, stubborn                    beklitan        see "beklit"
bedel surgical operation                             beku frozen
bedelan       incision scar                          bekuan clot
bedeng shed, barrack, ditch, flowerbed               bekuk bend in two, capture, arrest, swindle
bedil gun                                            bel     bell
bedil-bedilan play gun                               bela care for, nurture
                                                     belaan protection
bedilan shooting match, toy gun                      belabaslathe, ruler
bediri see "diri"                                    belacak         abundant
bedonisme       bedonism                             belah crack, gap, half, cun in half
bedudak         viper                                belahan         split, fissure, splinter, slice, half
bedung swathe                                        belai caress, flatter
bedungan        swathing                             belaian caress, flattery
beeng very, extremely                                belajar study, learn
bega aim                                             belak black spot, white spot
begal robber                                         belaka entirely, quite, only
begap sturdy
begar confermed                                      belakang        back, behind, back of, later
begenomi        begenomy                             belakangan later, eventually, later on
begini thus, like this, well                         belalai trunk, proboscis, tentacle
begini-begini just like this                         belalak stare
begitu like that, so, how very, just at the moment   belalakan       wide eyed stare
begitu-begitu like all that                          belalang        locust, grasshopper
begituan        have sex, .... like that             belan bolt
begitulah       such                                 belang spot, band, skin blemish, blemished
begitupun       like wise                            belangkas       horseshoe crab
bego stupid                                          belangkin       asphalt, black shoe polish
beguk goiter, mandible                               belanja expense, expenditure, cost, go shopping
                                                     belanjaan       items purchased
behandel        take care of, manage                 belantan        club
behandelan treatment                                 belantara       forest, junggle
behlat supplement, esp                               belas mercy, pity, teens
bejana container, vase                               belasting       tax, duty
bejat damaged, depraved
bejo licky                                           belasungkawa condolences
beka chat, discuss                                   belasut growl, snarl
bekak be cruel                                       belasutan      a snarl
bekal stock, supplies                                belat bamboo screen, splint
bekam bruise                                         belatuk woodpecker
bekas print, former, ex, used                        belatung       maggot
bekas-bekasan remainder                              belau flitcker, glitter
bekasan         secondhand                           belau-belauan see "belau"
bekatul bran, rice sifting                           beledang       sea eel
beken well known                                     beleid policy
beker alarm clock, trophy, cup                       belek cut open, conjunctivitis, inflamed
bekerdom        see "kerdom"                         belekan        incision
bekerja work, active                                 beleng turn around
bekerlip        flicker, blink                       belenggu       handcuff, fetter
bekerlipan      flicker                              belengket      stick, cling
bekernyut       wrinkled                             belengkik      turn
                                                     belengkikan curve, bend
beking backing, support                              belengkong arch
bekingan      collusion                              beler cut into
bekles backless gown                                 belerang       sulphur
beklit upholster                                     belerong       market stall
                                                    bengkak      swollen, tumor, abscess
belet have the need                                 bengkal      choke
beli    buy                                         bengkal-bengkil      bruise
belia youth, young                                  bengkalai    neglect
beligo wax gourd                                    bengkang     crooked, curve
belimbing       ridged longitudinally, star fruit
beling porcelain, shards                            bengkar         expand, be in bloom
belingkang      sprawled                            bengkarak       skeleton, bones, carcass
belinjo bullet                                      bengkayang gorged
belintang       lie across, be athwart              bengkel         workshop, machine shop, garage
belit coil, curve                                   bengkeng        irritable
belit-membelit intertwined                          bengkok         crooked, bent
belitan kink, coil, twist, association              bengkol         bent, curved
belitung        billiton                            bengkong        crooked
beliungcarpenter adze, pickax                       bengkung        bent, crooked
belodok         protruding                          bengok goiter
belok muddy, mud, clayey soil, pulley, stocks,      bengol bump
curve                                               bengong         dazed, crestfallen, expressionless,
belokan         curve, bend                         vacant
belot turn coat, be a turn coat, apostate           bengot slanting
                                                    benguk angry, sulking, down hearted
belu-belai     chatter, gossip                      benian strongbox, jewelry box
beludak        outburst, viper                      benih seed, germ, semen, origin, cause
belukarthicket, shruth                              bening clear, transparent
belulang       tough, callus, raw bide, bones
belum not yet, not                                  benjol lump, bruised
belum-belum nothing has happened                    benjolan       bruise, lump, bump
belur welt up                                       bensin gasoline
bena particularly, care                             bentakan       bark, bellow
benak marrow, brain                                 bentan relapse
benalu parasite, sponger                            bentang        landscape
benam sink out of sight                             bentangan      expanse, disquisition
benang thread                                       bentar be running around
benar correct, right, just, true, sincere, valid,   benteng        fortress, fortification, rook
truthful, very                                      benter turn, detour
benar-benar real, seriously                         bentet cracked open
bencah muddy                                        bentil nipple
bencana        disaster, calamity                   bentok hit against
benci hate, dislike                                 bentol small bump
benda thing                                         bentong        large splotch
                                                    bentrok        quarrel, clash
bendahara      treasurer, grand vizier, queen       bentrokan      see "bentrok"
bendaharawan treasurer, bursar, office accountant   bentuk shape, type, form, bend
bendera        flag                                 bentukan       form, derivative
benderang      bright, brilliant                    bentur collide
bendosa        catafalque
bendung        dike, dam                            benturan       impact
bendungan      dike, dam                            benua continent, country
bengah pedantic, proud                              benum appoint
bengal stubborn                                     benuman        appointment, ordination
bengal-bengil bump, bruise                          benyek soft, askew
bengang        wide open                            beo    myna bird
bengek asthma, teat                                 beodosa        commit a sin
bengil have bump                                    bepergian      travel, go on
bengis cruel, angry, penetrating                    beperkara      litigate
bera dark red, red and swollen                      beramplop      within an envelope
berabad-abad for centuries                          beramuk        see "amuk"
berabe nuisance, bad luck                           beranak        have children, give birth to, breed
berabu dusty                                        beranda        veranda, quarterdeck, a bier
beracara      sit, be on the agenda, be in          berandai       suppose
litigation                                          berandai-andai suppose that
beracuan      having reference                      berandang      striking
beracun       poisonous                             beraneka       mixed, all kinds
berada be, well off                                 beranga        be tined
berada-ada    have a hidden motive                  berangan       arsenic
beradab       cultured, civilized, polite
                                                    berangan-angan        dream, fantasize, aim, have
beradaptasi adapt, assimilate                       ideals
beradat customary, traditional, well mannered       berangasan    hot headed
beradu collide, compete                             beranggapan be of the opinion
beradun        dress up                             beranggar     fence
beragah-agahan         stare at                     beranggota    have as member
beragak-agak intend                                 beranggotakan be composed of
beragam        various                              berangguk     nod
beragan        intend, plan                         beranggul     see "anggul"
beragan-agan tease, annoy                           berangin      windy, have wind circulating
beragi ferment                                      berangin-angin        get some fresh air
beragitasi     agitate for                          berangkat     leave, depart, set out
berai be spread, dispersed                          berangkatnya departure, leaving
berair have water, juicy, aqueous                   berangsang be very angry
berajojing     dance this dance                     berangsangan instigation
berak feces, excrement, defecate                    berangsur-angsur      move forward a little, in
berak-berak diarrhea                                installments
berakad        settle an agreement or contract
                                                    berani audacious, brave
berakal be intelligent or smart                     beranja-anja see "anja-anja"
berakarhave roots in                                beranjak       move, get up
berakhir        end, become extinct                 beranjangkarya         make a field trip
berakhirkan end in                                  beranjangsana tour an area
berakhlak       have a certain character            beranotasi     annotated
berakibat       have consequences                   berantah       fabled, imaginary
berakraban      be chummy with, be close to         berantai       in sequence
beraksi be in action, show off                      berantakan     in a mess, fall to pieces
beralakan       end in a draw                       berantara-antara       at intervals, be at a distance,
beralamat       have an address                     have an intermediary
beralasan       have a base or foundation           berantas       fight, wipe out
beraliansi      be allied                           beranting      sequence, series
beralih change, shift move                          berantuk       see "antuk"
beraling-aling be in the shelter                    berantuk-antukan       collide with
beraliran       have an ideology                    berapa how...., how much or many
beralun-alun heave, roll, billow up, be in steady
movement                                            berapi have fire, be on fire, fiery, fervent
                                                    berapi-api     furious, glitter, shine, sparkle
beralur grooved                                     berapit be wedged in, be hemmed in, be close to,
beramal       charitable, generous, pray silently   jammed
beramanat     instruct, issue an order              berarahhave an aim or purpose
berambal-ambal        in procession                 berarakan      go in a procession
berambil-ambilan      give and take                 berarti mean, be significant, valuable
berambisi     ambition                              beras bulled rice
berambut      possessing, hirsute                   berasa feel
berasah        filed, sharpened, hurnished              berbalik-balik   keep turning
berasak        see "asak"                               berbalikan       be the opposite
berasak-asak cram, jam                                  berbaling        turn, revolve
berasak-asakan          be jammed into                  berbalut         wrapped, handaged
berasal wellborn                                        berbanding       proportionate
berasap        smoke, dim, misty                        berbandingan     match, in accordance
berasaskan     be based on, have principles
                                                        berbangat      hasten
berasian        dream                                   berbangga      be proud
berasimilasi assimilate                                 berbangkit     rise, get up, break out
berasing        become different                        berbangsa      have a nation, be of noble birth, be
berasosiasi     associate                               related to
berastakona octagonal                                   berbangun      get up
berat heavy                                             berbanjar-banjar       line up
berat-berat     extremely difficult, strained           berbanjaran line up
beratap have a roof, roofed                             berbantah      remonstrate, quarrel
beratapkan      covered with                            berbantah-bantahan quarrel with
beratur be arranged, be in order                        berbantahan quarrel with
beraturan       uniform                                 berbantuan     receive aid
beraudiensi have an audience                            berbanyak-banyak       in great numbers
berawalan       prefixed                                berbareng      together, at the same time
berawan         cloudy, overcast                        berbarengan together with, at the same time,
berawas-awas be careful, control, check                 coincide
berayal delay, tarry, linger                            berbarik-barik veined
berayun         see "ayun"
berbabil        squabble, quarrel                       berbaring      lie down, be stretched out, be in
berbadai       accompanied by a gale                    berbaring-baring       relax
berbadan       have a body                              berbaringan be lying alongside
berbagai       various, all sorts of                    berbaris       from a line, march, line up, to drill
berbagai-bagai various                                  berbaris-baris line up
berbagisplit up, divisible                              berbasah-basah         be soaking wet
berbahana      sound, echo, reverberate                 berbasiskan have as a base
berbahas       confer                                   berbatang-batang       by the bar
berbahaya      dangerous, hazardous, risky              berbatas       have a boundary
berbaikbe on good terms, be kind                        berbatasan     border on
berbaik-baik make peace, be on good terms               berbataskan have as a border
berbaikan      be on good terms with                    berbatin       mull over
berbait-bait by the verse                               berbatustony
berbaja armored, armorplated                            berbatu-batu covered with rocks
berbajuwear cloth/shirt/jacket                          berbatuk       cough
berbajukan     dressed as                               berbauk        bearded
berbakat       scarred, talented                        berbaur        be mixed

berbaki-baki by the tray                                berbauran    be mixed, mix
berbakti         be loyal                               berbawaan    match
berbalah         see "balah"                            berbayang    be reflected
berbalap         compete                                berbayang-bayang     hover
berbalas         mutual response, reverberate, have     berbebaran   see "bebar"
a response                                              berbecak-becak       spotted
berbalas-balasan         correspond with                berbeda      be different
berbalasan       exchange replies, gunfire              berbeda-beda be different
berbalau         mix                                    berbedaan    be different
berbalik         turn over, change, turn around, turn   berbedil     armed
back, reflect, return, retrograde                       berbeka      see "beka"
berbeka-beka see "beka"                          berbinar-binar be very bright
berbekak      be cruel                           berbincang      see "bincang"
berbekal      have a supply                      berbincang-bincang see "bincang"
berbekalkan supplied with                        berbingkah-bingkah in bits
berbekas      have a print, have result          berbingkaikan framed with
berbelak      spotted                            berbingkas      bounce, rebound
berbelakang-belakangan        back to back       berbini have a wife
berbelang     striped                            berbintang      starry, be lucky
berbelang-belang      striped                    berbintang-bintang starry, starry eyed, see the
                                                 star, shine through
berbelanja     shop, buy
berbelasbelasan        ne compassionate toward   berbintik-bintik       bead
berbelaubelauan        see "belau"               berbisa poisonous
berbeleng      turn around                       berbisik       whisper, speak confidentally
berbelibelian buy for, go shopping               berbisik-bisik see "berbisik"
berbelit       wind                              berbisikan     whisper
berbelit-belit wind, complicated                 berbising      make noise, be dazed
berbelot       be a turncoat, be an apostate     berbisuan      not speaking to
berbelulang calloused                            berbobot       weight
berbelur       raise up welts                    berbolong-bolong       pierced
berbelur-belur see "berbelur"                    berboncengan ride along with
berbenak       have brains                       berbondong in throng
berbenam       see "benam"                       berbondong-bondong see "berbondong"
berbenang-benang       fibrous                   berbondongan see "berbondong"
berbenar       be sincere, state frankly         berbongkol having a hump
berbenar-benar         see "berbenar"            berbopong      drill
berbencah      swampy                            berborok       fester
                                                 berboyong      move, emigrate
berbenda       wealthy                           berbuah        bear fruit, have result
berbendera     fly a flag
berbengil      see "bengil"                      berbuaiswing
berbenteng     be furtified                      berbuai-buai swing
berbenter      see "benter"                      berbudaya     cultured, have a certain culture
berbenter-benter        see "benter"             berbudi       wise, well behaved
berbentok      see "bentrok"                     berbuka       remove, break the fast
berbentong-bentong having splotches              berbulang     wind, wear a spur
berbentongan see "berbentong-bentong"            berbunga      be in bloom, bear interest
berbentrokan quarrel with                        berbunga-bunga        patterned
berbentuk      have the shape/form of            berbungkal-bungkal in chunks
berbentur      collide                           berbungkus wrapped up
berberai       see "berai"                       berbuntang    stretched, rise, wide
berberak       defecate                          berbuntut-buntut      in succession
berbesar       great, adult, grow up             berbunuh      kill
berbesar-besar increase                          berbunuhan kill
berbetik-betik spotted                           berburu       go hunting
berbetulan     coincide                          bercabang     have branches, branch off
                                                 bercabang-cabang      have many branches
berbiakmultiply, breed
berbias reflect                                  bercabiran    in tatters, in shreds
berbibit        have a certain                   bercabul      have illicit sexual relations, rage
berbicara       speak, meaningful                bercabut      drawn, blackjack
berbiku-biku notched, curve                      bercabut-cabutan       see "cabut-cabutan"
berbilang       some, a few                      bercacat      disabled, have a defect
berbimbing-bimbing hold hands, cooporate         bercadang     ready, prepared
berbimbingan see "berbimbing-bimbingan"          bercagak      forked, branched
bercahaya       luminous, shine, gleam                berciri have characteristic of
bercak pockmarked, spotted                            bercirikan      be characterised
bercakap        be able, be capable, speak, talk      bercita-cita    desire, long for, aspire, longing,
bercakap-cakap          chat, chatter                 yearning, idea
bercalitstained, spotted, smeared                     bercita-citakan aspire to
bercamping be in rags, be in tatters
bercamping-camping see "bercamping"                   bercium-ciuman          kiss
                                                      berciuman       kiss
bercampur      mixed with, mix                        bercoblong      see "coblong-coblong"
bercanang      use a cymbal, state a message          bercomot        be dirty, grimy
bercancut      wear a loincloth                       berconteng-conteng be smeared
bercanda       joke, act playfully, tease, be         bercorak        have the design of, striped, have
capricious                                            the character of
bercangkung squat, hunker                             bercoreng       screaked, scriped
bercantik-cantik       be dressed up, dress up        bercoret        underlined, streaked, smeared
bercantum      joined together                        bercucuran      flow, stream, gush
bercapai-capai exhausted                              bercuit screech, squeak
bercarah       see "carah"                            bercuit-cuit see "bercuit"
bercari-carian look for                               bercukur        shave, get a haircut
bercarik-carik in strips, tears, rags                 bercumbu        flirt
bercarut       use foul language, utter obscenities   bercumbu-cumbuan joke flirtatiously
bercat painted                                        bercurajoke, jest
bercatatan     annotated                              bercuti be on leave
bercawat       wear a loincloth
                                                      berdadu        shoot dice
bercecah       a little bit                           berdagang      trade, deal, barter
bercedera      quarrel, bicker                        berdaging      fat, plump, wealthy
bercekcok      bicket, squabble, fall out             berdahaga      thirst
bercekcokan squabble with, fall out                   berdahak       expetorate
bercela have short comings, have defects              berdakwa       litigate
bercelak       see "celak"                            berdalam-dalam          grow worse, worsen
bercelentang see "celentang"                          berdalih       equivocate, quibble
berceletuk     see "celetuk"                          berdalih-dalihan        express mutual
bercemas       be anxious, on edge                    recrimination
bercemburu be jelous of, be envious of                berdalil       valid, well founded
bercempung-cempung splash                             berdamai       make peace
bercendawan moldy                                     berdamar       collect resin, use resin
bercengang see "cengang"                              berdambun-dambun repeated booming
bercengking yap, squeal                               berdamping contiguous, side by side
bercengkrama chat, talk                               berdampingan see "berdamping"
bercengkung squat                                     berdana        donate
bercepat-cepat race, compete, in a hurry, hastily     berdandan      dress up, get dressed, decorated

bercerai       be disvorced, separated, part,         berdansa       dance
disconnected, noncontiguous                           berdansanak    be related
berceraikan separated from                            berdapatan     meet
berceramah give a lecture                             berdarah       bleed, bloody, gory
bercerangah see "cerangah"                            berdasar       have a basis, have as a background
bercerita      tell, relate                           berdasarkan    be based on
bercerlangkan glisten, shine                          berdatangan    arrive
bercermin      look at the mirror                     berdaulat      sovereign, independent, become
bercerocok     spout                                  predominant
bercerucup     project, protrude                      berdaun        have leaves, be leafy
bercetak       printed                                berdaya        useful
bercipratan    spray                                  berdayung      row, pedal
berdebar       throb, beat, pulsate                berdesik     rustle
berdebar-debar         pound, beat rapidly         berdesis     hiss, sizzle
berdebar-debaran       see "berdebar-debar"        berdetak     beat
berdebat       debate                              berdetar     sizzle
berdebat-debat debate                              berdetup     explode
berdebu        dusty                               berdetupan   explode
                                                   berdiam      be silent, say nothing
berdekap       embrace, hug                        berdiam-diaman        see "berdiaman"
berdekat       associate
berdekat-dekat associate                           berdiaman       refuse to speak to
berdekat-dekatan       side by side                berdiet diet
berdekatan     adjacent, contiguous                berdikit-dikit little by little, be thrifty
berdema        give a donation                     berdindingkan walled with
berdencang see "dencang"                           berdiplomasi be diplomatic, engage in diplomacy
berdendam      bear a grudge                       berdisiplin     disciplined
berdendam-dendaman have hard feeling toward        berdislokasi re-dislocation
berdendang sing happily                            berdoa pray, say prayers
berdengap      see "dengap"                        berdomisili be domiciled
berdenging     ring, buzz                          berdompak       see "dompak"
                                                   berdondang rock back and forth
berdengkang-dengkang           croak, laugh hard   berduduk        be seated
                                                   berduit well to do, wealthy
berdengking yelp, squeal, scream                   berduka         be sorrowful
berdengkur see "dengkur'                           berduka-cita grieve
berdengkus whinny, snort, sigh                     berduli be dusty
berdengung wail, resound                           berdunia        live in the world
berdengus      snort
berdentam      resound                             berdurhaka      rebel
berdentaman beat                                   berduri thorny, prickly
berdentang     clang, peal                         berduri-duri very thorny, prickly
berdentar      clang, peal                         berdus obese
berdenting     jingle, tinkle                      berdusta        tell a lie
berdentum      boom out                            berduyun-duyun            see "duyun"
berdentur      crackle, pop                        berdwibahasa be billingual
berdenyar      flash                               bereaksi        react
berdenyit      screech                             berebutsnatch away
berdenyitan a screech, shriek                      beredarsee "edar"
berdenyut      beat, throb                         berefleksi      reflect
berdepan-depan          face to face               beregu in teams, in group
berderai       drip                                berekonomi economize
berderai-derai drip                                berekor         have a tail, tailed
berderak       creak, squeak                       berekor-ekor in single file
                                                   bereman         edge
berderak-derak          see "berderak"             beremas         have gold, wear gold
berderam       rumble                              beremban        cross beam, dam
berderam-deram          see "berderam"             berembuk        discuss, confer
berderap       trot                                beremosi        emotional, have emotional feelings
berderas       rush
berderet       in a row, in rows                   berempat     be four
berderet-deret line up                             berempat-empat       four by four
berderetak-deretak      rattle                     berenak-enak enjoy
berdering      ring, tinkle, clink, chirp          berenang     swim
berdesah       wheeze, sigh                        berendam     submerged
berdesak       see "desak"                         berenga      maggot
berdesak-desak          see "desak"                berenggil    see "enggil"
berengko        be in partnership, operate jointly     bergandengan see gandeng"
berengut        surly                                  berganduh      see "ganduh"
berentang       be stretched                           bergandul      hang, suspend
bererakunwind, uncoil, separate, part                  berganjak      see "ganjak"
bererot see "erot"                                     berganti       take turns, change
beres in order, well done, finished                    berganti-ganti take turns, by turns, keep on
beret demanding, exacting                              changing
berevakuasi evacuate                                   bergantian     by turns
berevolusi      evolve                                 bergantung     hang, depend
berfaedah       useful, advantageous                   bergantungan be hanging
berfajar        see "fajar"                            bergapaian     see "gapai"
berfalsafah     philosophize                           bergara-gara make a fuss
                                                       bergarah       joke, jest
berfamili       have a family, be related              bergarah-garah         see "bergarah"
berfantasi      fantasize                              bergaram       salted, be like salt, be effective
berfatwa        give instructions, advice on
religious matters                                      bergarit       be scratched
berfilsafat     philosophize                           bergaruk       scratch
berfirman       decree, speak                          bergaruk-garuk         scratch
berfitrah       tithe, purify                          bergas be filled with gas
berfluktuasi fluctuate                                 bergasak       fight
berfokuskan focus on                                   bergasing      spin a top
berfrustrasi be frustrated                             bergaulsee "gaul"
berfusi fuse, coalesce                                 bergaung       echo, reverberate, dig, escavate
bergabung       gather together, collected together,   bergaya        strong, energetic, stylish
merge, fose                                            bergayut       see "gayut"
bergadai        borrow money                           bergedoncak beat
bergading       be of ivory, use ivory                 bergeduyut     see "geduyut"
bergadis        no longer a virgin                     bergegap       haltingly, falteringly
bergaduh        make a row, squarrel, fight, be        bergegar       shake, rumble
confused, mixed up                                     bergegar-gegaran       thunder
                                                       bergegaran     tremble, shake
bergagah       have strength, influence, act with      bergegas       hurry up
firmness                                               bergegas-gegas         hurry up
bergagang      have a handle, stem                     bergegasan     hurry
bergagap       stammer, stutter, in a hurry,
hurriedly                                              bergegeran     make a commotion
bergairah      passionate, very enthusiastic           bergejala      have symptoms
bergajih       fatty                                   bergejolak     flare up, fluctuate
bergajul       scoundrel                               bergelabar     flap
bergala punt                                           bergelagaran thunder
bergalak       act fierce                              bergelak-gelak chuckle
bergalang      use a girder, be on the ways            bergelandangan         loaf about, loaf around
bergalon-galon          by the gallon                  bergelantingan hang down
bergalur-galur furrowed, grooved                       bergelap-gelapan       sit in the dark, be less than
bergaman       armed                                   frank
bergambar      illustrated                             bergelas-gelasan       kite fighting
bergamit       nudge                                   bergelebyar see "gelebyar"
bergamitan     nudge                                   bergelebyaran fly all
berganda       doubled                                 bergelegak     see "gelegak"
berganda-ganda          double                         bergelembung be in flated

bergandar      having an axle                          bergelembung-gelembung          bubble, fizz
bergandeng side by side, arm in arm, lock arms,
coupled, related to                                    bergelemprangsee "gelemprang"
bergelenggong see "gelenggong"                     bergerimis     drizzle
bergelentang roll over                             bergerit       screech
bergelepar     see "menggelepar"                   bergermelapan be gleaming, sparkling
bergelepar-gelepar     see "menggelepar"           bergerobak     in carloads
bergeletakan be sprawled, scattered                bergerohok be hollow, have a cavity
bergeletar     see "geletar"                       bergerombol see "gerombol"
bergeletaran shiver                                bergeropyak thump, thud
bergeletukan chatter strongly                      bergesa        see "gesa"
bergeliang     scriggle, squirm                    bergesa-gesa see "gesa"
bergeliat      squirm about                        bergesek       see "gesek"
bergelimang be soiled, smeared                     bergeser       shift, move, rub
bergelimangan smeared                              bergeseran     rub against
bergelinding roll, revolve, get moving             bergetah       have sap, sticky
bergelintin    see "gelintin"                      bergetar       shake, tremble, vibrate, quiver
bergelisah     worry                               bergiat engage in, energetically
                                                   bergidig       see "gidig"
bergeliut     see "geliut"
bergelojak    see "gelojak"                        bergigi have teeth
bergelombang wave, surge, fluctuate, bumpy         bergigih         persevere
bergelombangan        wavy                         bergigit-gigit bite
bergelonjak go around                              bergilir see "gilir"
bergelonjakan jumping around                       bergilir-gilir take turns
bergelora     rage, seethe, impassioned            bergiliran       take turns
bergelosor    slip                                 bergirang        be happy, be cheerful
bergeluduk    thunder, rumble                      bergizi nutrious, nourishing
bergelumang be muddied                             bergocob         see "gocob"
bergelundungan        roll downward                bergocob-gocoban          pummel
bergelung     coil                                 bergocoban pummel
bergelung-gelung      rolled up                    bergodek         growing side burn
bergelut      see "gelut"                          bergolak         boil, seethe
bergema       see "gema"                           bergolek         roll, lie down
bergemal-gemal        in bunches                   bergolek-golek            roll repeatedly, lounge
bergemar      enjoy, have a good time              about
bergembar-gembor rant, shout, cry out              bergoler         turn over, roll over, lie down
                                                   bergombal        old and turn, poorly made
bergembung be swollen
bergemercak splatter, splash                       bergoncang shake, be unstable
bergemerincing        tinkle                       bergonggong bark
bergemetaran tremble                               bergonta-ganti alternate
bergeming     see "geming"                         bergores       lined, be scratched
bergempa      shake, quake                         bergores-gores see "bergores"
bergemulung roll gently                            bergosok       rub, have a shine
bergemuruh thunder                                 bergosokan rub against
bergenggam-genggam in handfuls                     bergotong-royong       cooperate, share work
bergenggang be ajar                                bergoyang      rock, wobble, away, swing,
bergengsi     prestigious                          fluctuate
bergenta      ring out                             bergudang-gudang       with several warehouses, by
bergentar     vibrate, quiver, tremble             the warehouse
bergentayangan        roam                         berguguran fall
bergeolsee "geol"                                  bergugus-gugus         in bunches, groups
bergerak      move, be in motion, be active        bergulacontain sugar, sugared
bergerak-gerak        not make any motion at all   bergulat       see "gulat"
bergercokan foam                                   berguling      roll
                                                   bergulingan roll, wallow
bergerigi     serrated, toothed, jagged
bergulir       see "gulir"                            berhati-hati be careful
bergulung      roll, be rolled up, coiled             berhelah        use a trick, use as an excuse
bergulung-gulung        by the roll, keep rolling     berhelai        in sheets, unbound
bergulut       see "gulut"                            berhelak        see "helak"
bergulut-gulut see "gulut"                            berhelat        celebrate with a party
bergumam       see "gumam"                            berhemat        be thrifty, economise
bergumpal      in clumps, wads                        berhembalang see "hembalang"
bergumpal-gumpal in many clumps                       berhenti        stop, end
bergumpal-gumpalan see "bergumpal-gumpal"             berhenti-henti repeatedly
bergumpalan see "bergumpal-gumpal"                    berhias see "hias"
bergumul       see "gumul"                            berhiaskan      decorated with
berguna        useful, beneficial                     berhibur        see "hibur"
bergundah      depressed, anxious, restless           berhikayat      narrate, tell stories
bergundul      bald, bare, leafless                   berhikmah       possess wisdom, possess magical
bergunjing     gossip with                            power
berguntak      rattle                                 berhiliran      stream dowm

bergunung-gunung mountainous                          berhimpit     see "himpit"
bergurah        see "gurah"                           berhimpit-himpit      pressed together
bergurau        joke                                  berhimpitan very close to
bergurauan      joke with                             berhimpun     see "himpun"
berguruh        thunder                               berhimpun-himpun collect together
berguyon        joking                                berhingga     limited, finite
berguyur        see "guyur"                           berhitung     count, confer
berhabis        waste                                 berholopis    work together
berhad limited                                        berhormat     pay respect, respected
berhadap-hadapan        face to face                  berhormat-hormatan show mutual respect
berhadapan face, front on, be face with               berhubung     see "hubung"
berhadiah       with a gift                           berhubungan related to, get in touch
berhajat        intend                                berhujah      argue
berhak have a right                                   berhujan      rainy
berhakim        seek justice                          berhujan-hujan        go about in the rain
berhala idol, image, in the direction of              berhukum      have rules, follow laws
berhalangan see "halang"
berhaluan       follow a course                       berhulu         have in upper reach at
berhamba        be a servant, have a servant          berhuma         grow rice on dry field, clear land
                                                      for cultivation
berhambur      jump                                   berhuni         see "huni"
berhamparan see "hampar"                              berhuru-hara riot
berhamun-hamun          see "hamun"                   berhutang       credit, owe
berhandikap have a certain handicap                   beri give
berhantam      fight, scuffle, collide, infringe on   beriak ripple
berhantu       haunted, prossessed by a spirit        berias make up
berhanyut      drift, wander, roam, drag on           beriba-iba      ask for compassion
berharakiri    commit suicide                         beribadah       devout, pious, perform a religious
berharap       hope, expect                           service
berharap-harapan        always hoping                 beribarat       contain a smile, be figurative
berharapkan have hopes for                            beribu have a mother
berharga       have a price of, valuable              beribukan       have a certain personal as a mother
berhari spend a day                                   bericak-icak pretend, simulate
berharta       propertied, landed                     berideologikanhave a certain ideology
berhasil       succed
berhasrat      desire, wish                           berijasah      licensed, certified
                                                      berikhtiar     endeavor, seek the means to
berhati have a heart, show compassion                 berikrar       make a promise or pledge
beriktikal      go on a retreat                        berjangkitan spread
berikut accompanying, together with                    berjanji        promise
berilmu         learned, erudite, scholarly            berjantang      see "jantang"
berilusihave illusions                                 berjarak        be at a distance of, put distance
beriman         faithful, nelieving                    between
berimbang       balanced, matched, comparable          berjasa render a service, deserving, meritorious
berimla         do dictating                           berjauhbe distant
berimprovisasi improvise                               berjauhan       be far from
berinduk        have its main office, have as its      berjawab        answer, reply
mother                                                 berjawaban reply to
berinfiltrasi infiltrate                               berjaya victorius, triumphant, successful, doing
beringas        wild, furious                          very well
beringat-ingat be careful
                                                       berjebah        see "jebah"
beringin        banyan tree                            berjeda take arest
beringis        grin                                   berjejak        step, tread on, leave track
beringsut       see "ingsut"                           berjejalsee "jejal"
berinteraksi interact                                  berjejalan      thronged, crowded
berintikan      contain, have as a core                berjejer        in a row
berirama        rhythmical, having rhythm              berjela dangle
beriring        successive, consecutive                berjela-jela    dangle
beriring-iring in a procession                         berjelejehan see "jelejeh"
berisi have contents, have substance                   berjenaka       joke
berisik noisy, uproar, rustling                        berjendol       stick out
berisikan       noisy, din                             berjengkolet see "jengkolet"
beristirahat    rest, take a break                     berjengkot      see "jengkot"
berita new, announcement                               berjengukan look out
beritahu        inform, report                         berjenis        various
beritikad       have conviction, faith                 berjenis-jenis various
beriur see "iur"                                       berjenjang      step by step, gradual, in tiers,
berjabat tangan          shake hands                   terraced, by ladder
                                                       berjerait       see "jerait"
berjabir-jabir see "jabir-jabir"
berjaga stand guard                                    berjeraitan    see "jerait"
berjaga-jaga be careful                                berjerangkang see "jerangkang"
berjagal        hawk wares                             berjerangkangan        project upward
berjahat        sin, do wrong, defame, seduce          berjerawat     be pimply
berjahit        seam                                   berjerih       exhaust, exert
berjaja see "jaja"                                     berjerih-jerih see "berjerih"
berjajan        eat snacks                             berjerumbai tassled, fringed
berjalan        walk, run, go, work                    berjibun       see "jibun"
berjalan-jalan take a stroll, take a pleasure trip     berjilid bound
berjalar        spread over                            berjilid-jilid in volumes, in the volume
berjalar-jalar see "berjalaran"                        berjingkek     tiptoe, wear high heels
berjalaran      crawl, creep, spread                   berjingkrak straddle
berjalin        tied together                          berjiran       be neighbors
berjalin-jalin complicated, intricate, involved        berjiwabe alive, animated, spirited
berjalinkan     involved in, interlaced, interrwined   berjodoh       be paired, be married
                                                       berjolak       blaze
berjalur         striped, be in columns                berjompak      see "jompak"
berjalur-jalur   see "berjalur"
berjaminkan      hace a collateral                     berjompakan prance about, leave a wake
berjanggut       bearded                               berjongkangan see "jongkang"
berjangka        measure, be spaced                    berjongkok squat
berjangkit       see "jangkit"                         berjongkok-jongkok be obsequious
berjonjot        in flakes                       berkarat       rusty, corroded, rust, stained,
berjuakcompete                                   disgraced, blemished
berjual sell for a living                        berkarau       be mixed
berjualan        sell, sell for a living         berkarib       be intimate with
berjuang         fight, struggle                 berkariban     be friends with
berjubel         see "jubel"                     berkarya       work, do work
berjubel-jubel see "jubel"                       berkas bundle, dossier, have cash
berjubelan       see "jubel"                     berkasak-kusuk         plot, conspire, lobby
berjudi gamble                                   berkasan       bundle
berjudul         be entitled, have a title       berkasih       love
berjujai         see "jujai"                     berkasihan     love
berjujuh         see "jujuh"                     berkat blessing, thanks to, profitable
berjulai         see "julai"
berjulai-julai see "julai"                       berkata talk, speak, say
                                                 berkata-kata converse
berjumbai    tassled, fringed, frayed, flutter   berkaulto vow
berjumbai-jumbai      see "berjumbai"            berkaum         be related, in groups
berjumlah    number                              berkaum-kaum            in groups
berjumpa     meet, run into                      berkawal        stand guard, be on guard
berjungkiran be upside down                      berkawan        have friends, companions, be
berjunjungan see "junjung"                       friends
berjuntai    see "juntai"                        berkawan-kawan          do in group, be friends
berjuntaian  dangle                              berkawas        see "kawas"
berjurai     dangle, hang down                   berkayu         wooden
berjuraian   hang down                           berkayuh        paddle, pedal
berkabar     tell, relate                        berkebalikan be the opposite, be the contrary
berkabu-kabu fluffy, downy, cottony              berkebangsaan have a nationality
berkabung    mourn                               berkeberatan have objections
berkabut     misty, hazy, foggy                  berkebolehan able
berkaca      look in the mirror, contain glass   berkebun        farm
berkaca-kaca shine, glisten, be glassy           berkecai        see "kecai"

berkacakan be reflected                          berkecai-kecai see "kecai"
berkacang      scramble after                    berkecambah sprout, germinate
berkacau       be all mixed up, mixed, blended   berkecamik murmur
berkaing       yelp                              berkecamuk rage, be in an uproar
berkait use a hook, caught, hooked               berkecandan see "kecandan"
berkait-kaitan related, linked together          berkecebong-kecebong           chat
berkaitan      interrelated                      berkececeran scattered, spilled
berkakihave feet, have leg, lean, depend on      berkecelaan have short comings, have defect,
berkala periodic                                 suffer ignominy
berkala-kala from time to time, occasionally     berkeciak      see "keciak"
berkalang      be supported                      berkecimpung see "kecimpung"
berkali-kali repeatedly                          berkecimpungan        see "kecimpung"
berkamar-kamar         compartmentalised         berkecumik see "kecumik"
berkampung gathered, collected                   berkedai       shop, market, have a shop
berkamuflage camouflage                          berkedip       wink, blink, flicker
berkanjang     see "kanjang"                     berkedip-kedip        see "kedip"

berkaok-kaok    see "kaok"                       berkedudukan be located, hold the position
berkapan        shrounded                        berkedut       wrinkled, creased, twitch
berkaparan      scattered, littered about        berkehendak have an intention
berkapitulasi   capitulate                       berkeinginan have a desire
berkarah        stained                          berkejang      be convulsive
berkarang       deeply rooted, chronic           berkejap-kejap blink, flicker
berkejapan     flicker                                  berkemik      be all dented, be chapped
berkejar-kejar chasing                                  berkempul     see "kempul"
berkejar-kejaran        chasing                         berkemul      cover, be blanketed
berkejaran     chase                                    berkenaan     in connection, in the matter of,
berkejut       prick up                                 agrre
berkejutan     run helter skelter, scatter, fly apart   berkenal-kenalan      know, be friend with
berkekalan     enduring, everlasting                    berkenalan    be aquainted
berkelakar     crack jokes, wisecrack                   berkenan      see "kenan"
berkelakuan behaving like                               berkencan     have an appointment, dating
berkelamin     in pairs                                 berkencing    urinate
                                                        berkendala    constrained
berkelana      roam, wander
berkelap-kelip flicker, sparkle                         berkendali     controlled, directed
berkelar       notched                                  berkendara     ride
berkelar-kelar see "berkelar"                           berkendur-kendur       slack, loose
berkelayap     see "kelayap"                            berkentut      break wind
berkelayapan see "kelayap"                              berkeok        cluck
berkelebihan abundant, surplus                          berkeok-keok cluck
berkelemayuh gangrenous                                 berkeokan      cluck
berkeliaran    swarm about                              berkepak       winged
berkelik       bend, have curves                        berkepang      braided, plaited
berkeliling    go around                                berkeping      in pieces, in tatters, in tresses, locks
berkelip       blink, twinkle, glitter                  berkeplok      clap, applaud
berkelipan     twinkle                                  berkepul       billow forth
berkelipat     see "kelipat"                            berkepul-kepul         see "berkepul"
berkelok       curve                                    berkepung      see "kepung"
berkelok-kelok          winding, twisting, sinuous      berkerabat     be related to, be allied
berkelokan     see "berkelok-kelok"                     berkerah       mobilised
                                                        berkerait-kerait       see "kerait"
berkelompok cluster, group, gather                      berkeramas shampoo
berkelompok-kelompok          in groups
berkelontang rattle                                     berkeras       persist, be hard, use force, insist
berkelotak    rustle, jangle                            berkerdom      see "kerdom"
berkeloyak    slough                                    berkeredong wrapped, covered
berkelubung covered, veiled                             berkeresek     rustle, crunch
berkeluk      bend                                      berkeretak     creck
berkelun      billow                                    berkeriapan swarm
berkelupas    see "kelupas"                             berkerincing see "mengerincing"
berkeluruk    crow                                      berkerincingansee "mengerincing"
berkeluyur    see "keluyur"                             berkeringat sweat, perspire, be sweaty
berkemah      camp, put up a tent                       berkeriput     wrinkled
berkemah-kemih         chew                             berkerisik     rustle
berkemam      mumble                                    berkeriuk      crow
berkemampuan           have a certain capacity          berkerolok     gurgle
berkemas      pack                                      berkerosok     rustle, be dry
berkemauan have a will                                  berkerudung veiled
berkembang grow, breed, bloom, unfold, rise,            berkeruit-keruit        wiggle
expand, develop, burgeon                                berkerumuk see "kerumuk"
                                                        berkerumun see "kerumun"
berkembangan in bloom, flowering, expanding
berkembar    be twin, be a pair, be identical,          berkerunyit     frown
match                                                   berkerunyut     wrinkled
berkembur    chat                                       berkerusut      see "kerusut"
berkembur-kembur joke, chat                             berkerut        furrowed
berkemih     urinate                                    berkesah        see "kesah"
berkesinambungan continuous
berketa crackle                                   berlaki be married
berketul-ketul in clots                           berlakon       perform in a play
berkewajiban have the duty of                     berlalu pass by, past, overdue, passed away
berkewarganegaraan holding citizenship            berlama-lama for a prolonged period, for a long
berkeyakinan be convinced                         time, gradually in the long run
berkhayal        see vision                       berlambai      wave
berkhidmat dutiful, respectful, serve, be         berlandaskan rest on, be based
faithful                                          berlanggan     see "langgan"
berkhitan        be circumcised                   berlangganan be a costamer, subscribe
berkhotbah       preach                           berlanggar     see "langgar"
berkial gesture                                   berlanggaran collide with
berkian-kian repeated                             berlangkah     take a step
berkiat be stiff, cramped                         berlangsung go on, take place
                                                  berlangsung-langsung continuous, incessant
berkibar       see "kibar"                        berlanjut      continue
berkibaran     see "kibar"                        berlanjut-lanjut        protracted, extended,
berkicau       see "kicau"                        prolonged
berkicut       squeak                             berlantung      bump against
berkilah       farfetched, spurious, deceitful    berlapang-lapang        be unfettered
berkilah-kilah see "berkilah"                     berlapar        go hungry
berkilap       shine                              berlapik        have a base, use a mat, serve as a
berkilat       shine, flash                       mat
berkilau       sparkle, glitter                   berlapis        have a layer, stratified
berkilauan     sparkle                            berlapis-lapis in layers
berkipas       fan, wag                           berlarat        spread, drag on, be protracted
berkipas-kipas swish                              berlarat-larat see "berlarat"
berkira-kira think over, plant, intend            berlari run
berkiriman     correspond with                    berlarih-larihan        see "larih"
berkisar       revolve, change                    berlat at interval
berkisi center                                    berlatarkan     be set in
berkitar       turn, revolve                      berlatih        practice, train, rehearse
berkocak-kocak         joke                       berlaun-laun dally, dawdle
berkompeten be competent                          berlawan        compete, contest
                                                  berlawanan contest, disagree with
berkompetisi compete
berkomplot plot, conspire                         berlayar       sail, go by boat
berkonklusi conclude                              berlebih       remain, excessive
berkonsentrasi concentrate                        berlebih-lebihan       copious, profuse
berkubur        buried, lie                       berlekap       embrace
berkumpul       assemble                          berlekas       hurry
berkunjung visit                                  berlekuk       dented
berkunjungan visit                                berlelawa      gaudy, flashy
berkurang       decrease, dwindle                 berlemak       greasy
berlaba gainful, profitable                       berlengir      shampoo
berlaban        have soil                         berlereng      cycle
berlabuh        anchor, dock, be at anchor, be    berlibur       go on vacation
pulled down                                       berliburan     take a vacation
berlaga see "laga"                                berlimpahan abound, be in abundance
berlagak        pretend, put on air               berlimpit      laminated
berlagumelodious, sing                            berlinangan trickling with
berlahar        expel lava                        berlindung     be under the protection of
berlainan       different, be divergent, differ   berlipat       folded, pleated
berlaju-laju speed, move fast                     berlokasi      be located
berlompat-lompatan jump about                            berniat-niat   wish intensely
                                                         bernikah       married
berloncatan leap about                                   bernilai       valuable
berloteng    storied                                     bernoda        stained
berlubang    perforated, hollow
berlukiskan have painted on                              bernotasi      ennotated
berlumpur    muddy                                       bernyala       flame, flare up, burn
berlumuran smeared                                       bernyala-nyala burn, flare up repeatedly
berlumut     mossy                                       bernyanyi      sing
berlutut     kneel, surrender                            bernyawa       animate
bermaaf-maafan       forgive each other                  berobathave treatment, take medicine
bermacam-macam       various                             beroda wheeled
bermadah     praise, recite                              berogak-ogak joke
bermadat     smoke opium                                 berolakturn, whirl
bermain      play                                        berolehget, obtain, receive
bermain-main playful                                     berolok-olok jest, joke
bermakrifat concentrate                                  berombak       be wavy, undulating, rolling
bermaksud    intend, plan                                berombak-ombak         be wavy, in waves
bermalam     spend the night                             berombang-ambing bob up and down
bermalas-malasan     loaf, be idle                       beromong-omong         talk, chat, converse
bermandikkan be bathed in                                beronani       masturbate
                                                         berondok       see "ondok"
bermanja-manja         court
bermasyarakat form a group                               berongga        hollow
bermekaran blossom in quantity                           berongsong muzzle, gag
bermenung     meditate, ponder                           berontak        struggle, revolt
bermesin      motorized                                  beroperasi      take action
bermesraan be very close                                 berorangan      alone
bermeterai    have a seal affixed                        berorganisasi be organised
bermimpi      dream                                      berorientasi be oriented
berminat      have an interest                           berotot strong, very muscled
berminggu-minggu for weeks at atime                      berpacaran      be engaged
berminyak     greasy                                     berpacu         race
bermobil      go by car                                  berpadu         be united
bermodal      have capital                               berpagar        be fenced in
bermuara      empty into                                 berpahala       bringing a reward
bermuasal     originate                                  berpaham        sensible
bermuatan     contain                                    berpahat        carved, chiseled
bermufakat agree, discuss                                berpakaian      wearing, get dressed
bermukim      live, reside                               berpakansi      go on vacation
bermula       first                                      berpaku         cling, stick to
bermunculan spring up, appear in numbers                 berpaling       turn
                                                         berpalut        wrapped
bermusuhan be enemies
bermutu        high quality, excellent                   berpamili      be related to
bernada        have a tone, smack of                     berpamitan     say goodbye
bernafas       breathe, sigh                             berpanasan     sunbathe
bernafsi-nafsi individual, private, egotistic, selfish   berpandangan view each other
bernafsu       passionate, lustful                       berpangkal     originate in, have a cause basis
bernanah       suppurate, fester                         berpantang     abstain
bernas filled out, full, pithy                           berpapasan     meet
bernaung       take shelter, be in the shelter           berpartisipasi be a participant
bernegosiasi be engaged in negotiations                  berpasangan form a pair
berniaga       engage in trading                         berpasir       have sand
berniat intend                                           berpautcling to
berpautan    merged, connected               bersama-sama together
berpayah-payah       toil                    bersamaan    be equal, be in corformity with
berpedoman orient, guided by                 bersambat    connected, joined
berpegang    hold on                         bersambung continued, prolonged, connected
berpegangan hold on to something             bersambungan connected
berpelajaran obtain an education, educated   bersambut    parried, intercepted
berpelana    saddled                         bersampingan side by side
                                             bersampul    covered, wrapped
berpeluh       perspire                      bersandar    lean on, dependent on, based on
berpembawaan           have talent, have a   bersandaran lean on
disposition                                  bersandi     in code
berpencar      spread, disperse
berpencaran dispersed                        bersanding      angular, sharp, biting
berpengalaman          see "pengalaman"      bersandiwara pretend
berpengantin get married, go to wedding      bersangkal      unwilling
berpengaruh influential                      bersangkut-paut         closely, relevant
berpengetahuan         knowledgeable         bersantai-santai        relax, enjoy
berpenjuru     angles, having corners        bersantap       dine
berpenyakit sickly                           bersara share, pensioned
berperang      wage war                      bersarang       nest, nestle, lodged
berperangai behave                           bersarung       sheathed
berpesta       celebrate                     bersayap        winged
berpetak-petak compartmentalized             bersebambangan          extended, act big
berpetuah      give advice                   bersebelah      be split in two
berpidato      make a speech                 bersebelah-belahan see "bersebelahan"
berpihak       side with, take sides         bersebelahan side by side, contiguous,
berpijak       stand on                      berseburitan commit, sodomy
berpijar-pijar glowing                       bersedia        prepared, disposed
berpikir       think
berpilin       spiral, twist                 bersedih       be sad
berpindah      move                          bersejajar     in a row, in a line
berpisah       part, separated               bersejajaran side by side, in rows
berpori porous                               bersejarah     historical
berpraktek     practice                      bersekedudukan         cohabit
berprasangka prejudiced                      bersekutu      united, allied
berpredikatkannotation                       berselaju      see "berlaju-laju"
berprihatin    concerned                     berselang      alternating, intermittent
berpulang      die                           berselera      attractive, appetizing
berpusar       revolve                       berselibat     celibate
berpusat       center, concentrate           berselimpetan crowd
berputar       rotate, insincere             berselindun hidden, hide
berputus asa desperate, hopeless             berselisih     quarrel, disagree
bersabar       be patient, calm              berseliweran crowd
bersabda       speak                         berseloroh     joke
bersabung      fight, compete                berseluk beluk complicated
bersabut       fibrous                       bersemadi      meditate
bersahabat     friendly                      bersemangat conscious, enthusiastic

bersahaja      simple, uncomplicated         bersemayam reside, sit
bersaing       compete                       bersembahyang        pray, worship
bersaksi       testify                       bersembunyi hide
bersalah       guilty                        bersemi       sprout
bersalin       change clothes                bersenandung hum
bersama        joint, collective             bersenang-senang     enjoy
bersenggolan touch each other                      bertalian      related, relevant
berseni artistic
bersenjata       armed                             bertalu-talu continuously, incessantly
bersentuhan touching each other                    bertalun       resound
bersenyawa agree completely, become a              bertambah      increase
compound                                           bertambat      tethered
bersepadan       harmonize                         bertamu        visit
bersepakat       discuss, agree with               bertanam       cultivating, planting
bersepatu        shod                              bertanda       marked, labeled, signify
bersepeda        bike                              bertandang     visit
berseragam in uniform                              bertandatangan         signed
berserat         fibrous                           bertanggal     dated
berseri beam, shine                                bertanggung jawab responsible
bersesumbar brag, boast, challenge                 bertanya       ask
                                                   bertarak       abstain
bersetru        hostile                            bertaruh       bet, wager
bersewenang-wenang act arbitrarity, act cruelly,   bertarung      dispute, fight
despotically                                       bertaut fuse
bersiantukan collide with                          bertautan      related
bersiap get ready, get prepared                    bertebaran     spread, scattered
bersidang       convene                            berteduh       take shelter
bersiduga       sink out of sight                  bertekuk       crumpled
bersih clean                                       bertekuk lutut surrender
bersikacau      be in confusion
bersil protrude                                    bertempat      live, stay
bersilaju       see "berlaju-laju"                 bertemu        meet, match
bersilang       crossed                            bertenaga      powerful
bersimbah       bespattered                        bertengkar     quarrell, dispute, conceited
bersimpangan intersect                             bertentangan contradiction, conflict,
bersimpati      sympathetic                        incompatible
bersin sneeze                                      berteori       theorize
bersinar        shine                              bertepatan     coincide
bersinggung nudge, touch                           berteriak      scream
bersinggungan touch, contact                       bertetangga be neighbors
bersisik        scaly                              bertikai       quarrel
                                                   bertikulturis horticulturist
bersit a burst of, a little of                     bertindak      measures
bersiul whistle                                    bertingkah     act, behave
bersolek        dress up                           bertingkat-tingkat      multistoried
berspekulasi speculate, conjecture                 bertiup blow
bersua meet, find                                  bertolak       depart, leave
bersukaria      happy, celebrate                   bertuahlucky, fortunate
bersulam        embroidered                        bertubi-tubi repeatedly
bersumpah       swear                              bertujuan      purpose
bersunat        circumcised
bersungut-sungut         grumble, complain         bertukar       change
bersusun        stacked, arranged                  bertulang      bony
bersut hiss, glare at                              bertumpu       rest on, concentrate, focus
bersyarat       conditional                        bertunangan engaged
bertabrakan collide                                bertunas       sprout, bud
bertaburan      spread, scattered                  berturut-turut in a row
bertahan        hold out                           bertutur       talk, speak
bertakhta       reign                              beruang        bear
bertakuk        notched                            beruang-beruangan teddy bear
bertakwa        pious                              beruap steam, carbonated
beruar cry out, proclaim                              berus brush
berubah        change, become different               berusaha         try, endeavor
berubah-ubah be fickle, changeable, fluctuate         berusia attain the age of
beruban        have gray hair                         berusir-usiran see "usir"
berucap        say, utter, pronounce                  berwadahkan have a certain organization as the
berujar speak                                         umbrella
berujung       pointed, culminate in
berukir see "ukir"                                    berwadat      live as a celibate
                                                      berwajah      have a face of a certain kind
berukir-ukir embellished with all manner of           berwajib      have the obligation of
carving, pockmarket                                   berwakaf      donate for religious community use
berukiran     having a carving in it                  berwakilan    be represented, have as a deputy
berukup       be performed, be incensed               berwangsaka suspicious
berukuran     have a measurement of                   berwarna      colored
berulak-ulak whirl, bubble                            berwarna-warna        multicolored, various
berulang      happen, again, recur                    berwawancara hold an interview
berulang-ulang        be repeated                     berwawasan have a conception
berulangan    see "berulang-ulang"                    berwenang     have the power to, be competent to
berulas wrapped, covered, be painted with             berwibawa     with authority
berulat worm eaten                                    berwilayah    have a certain area
berumbai      fringed, swing, dangle                  berwiraswasta run a private enterprise
berumbai-rumbai       tasseld, fringed
berumbi       rooted                                  berwirid       recite koranic passages
berumbung tubular, cylindrical                        berwiron       pleated
                                                      berwiru-wiru pleated
berumpama talk hypothetically                         berwisata      make a tour
berumpan        have bait in it                       berwujud       have the shape of, concrete,
berumpuk        in a pile                             tangible
berumur         attain the age of                     berziarah      visit a sacret place
berundak-undak           have stairs or stories       berzinah       engage in illicit sex
berundan        protracted, drawn out in stages, in   besar big, large, huge, arrogant
the different level                                   besar-besaran on the large scale
berundan-undan           curly                        besaran        bigger
berunding       discuss, confer                       beserta along with
berunggun-unggunan in heaps, make a campfire          beset scraped, occupied
or bonfire                                            besi iron
berunggut-unggutan see "unggut"                       beskit cookie
berungkur-ungkuran see "ungkur"                       beslah seizure, confiscation
berungut        grumble, gripe                        beslahan       booty
beruniform      wear a uniform                        beslit decree, letter of appointment
berunsur        has as an element                     besok to, later on, later, coming, tomorrow
beruntai-untai hang loosely, on a string
                                                      besoknya        the next day
beruntaian      see "beruntai-untai"                  besot scraped
beruntung       lucky, succesful, make a profit       bestari expert, bright
beruntusan      pimple                                bestek specification
berunyai        see "unyai"                           bestel order, an order
berupa shaped, pretty, handsome                       bestelan        an order, package
berupah         be paid a fee                         bestir administration, board of director
berupaya        make serious effort                   bestral radiation
berurat muscular, sinewy                              besuk visit
berurte suffer a stroke                               besut improve
berurusan       see "urus"                            bet     bad, badge
berurut see "urut"                                    betah stay, like, feel like home
berurutan       in a series, chronological            betapa how very, as
betas torn, cracked                                 bidding          bidding
betawi batavia                                      bidik aim
beternak       breed                                bidikanaim, selection
betik be announced, leaked out                      bidston prayer group
betik-betik    pimple, rash                         biduan vocalist
betina female, woman                                biduanita        female vocalist
beting shoal                                        bigami bigamy
betis calf                                          bijak able, wise, witty
betok burned by acid                                bijaksana        wise, astute, prudent
                                                    bijan sesame
beton concrete                                      biji     seed, stone, classifier, grade, point,
betot snatch                                        testicles
betul right, correct, true, exact, really           biji-bijian      cereals
betul-betul     truly                               bijian digit
betul-betulan real
betulan precisely, actually                         bijih ore
bhineka         diversity                           bikin make, cause
biadab ill mannered, uneducated, uncivilized        bikin-bikin      pretend, make up
biadi thread worm                                   bikinanproduct, fib
biak fertile                                        bikini bikini
biang mother, ringleader                            biksu monk
biang-biang saltwater herring                       biksuni nun
bianglala       rainbow                             biku lace edging
biar let, permit, so that                           bikulturalisme biculturalism
biara monastery, convent                            bila when, if
biarlah that will do, all right                     bilabialbilabial
biarpun         although                            bilah lath, wood chip, knife blade, classifier for
bias ray, refraction                                long
biasa usual, used to, ordinary                      bilai hem, addition
                                                    bilamana         when
biasan refraction                                   bilang every, say
biasanya       usually                              bilangan         amount, numeral, calculation, fate,
biaya expense                                       group
bibi aunt                                           bilas rinse, wash off
bibir lip, genital labia, edge                      bilasan flushing
bibit seed, seedling, germ, cause, prospective,     bilik room
fledgling                                           bilingual        bilingual
bibliograf     bibliographer                        bilingualisme bilingualism
bibliografi    bibliography
bibliografis bibliographic                          bilion bouillon
bicara speak, state opinion, matter, meaningful     bilur welt
bicokok        small crocodile, accomplice, rogue   bilyard billiard
bidadari       fairy, beautiful woman               bilyet ticket
bidah heresy, lie                                   bilyun trillion
bidai bamboo, basket work, splint, base             bimasakti        Milky
bidal thimble                                       bimbang          worried, hesitate
bidan midwife                                       bimbing          find guidance
bidanan        stretch, sector                      bimbingan        leadership
                                                    bimbit carry by hand, lead by hand
bidang area, sector, plane, broad, classifier       bimbitan         leadership, foreword
bidas penetrate, spring back, fly from, attack      bin     son of
verbally                                            bina building
bidasan        stretch, sector, reaction, attack,   binal rebellious, wild
spring movement                                     binar bright
bidder bidder                                       binaraga         body building
binaragawan body builder                          birokratisasi bureaucratisation
binasa destroyed                                  birokratisme bureaucratism
binatang      animal                              birput cesspool
binatu laundryman                                 birsam pleurisy
bincang       discuss, deliberate                 biru blue
bincul lump, bruise                               bis     bus, box, tube, pipe
bindu lathe                                       bisa be able, can, should, poison
                                                  bisa-bisa      possible
biner binary                                      bisik whisper, say in whisper
bingit ill at case, jealous                       bisikan whisper, whispering
bingkah         bit, lump                         bising noise, noisy, buzzing
bingkahan       lump, chunk                       biskop bishop
bingkaibrim, frame                                biskuit cracker, Dutch rusk
bingkaian       frame                             bismut bismuth
bingkap         legging, putter                   bisnis business
bingkas         resilient, elasticity
bingkis send, gift                                bistik beefsteak
bingkisan       gift, souvenir, parcel            bisu dumb, mute
bingung         confused, disoriented, panicky,   bisul boil, abscess, tumor
perplexed                                         bius drug
bini wife, additional, mistress                   bivak bivouac
bini-binian     keep taking wives, mistress       biyung mother, mama
binnen elite                                      blak-blakan outspoken
binomium        binomial                          blandong       lumberjack
bintak stain                                      blandongan timber, lumber jacking
bintangstar, medal                                blangko        blank
bintangan       constellation, artificial star    blantika       world, arena
                                                  blaster crossbreed
binti daughter of                                 blasteran      see "blaster"
bintik spot, stain                                blesek pushed in
bintil small pimple, nodule                       bletok mud
binturung       bear cat                          blok bolt, block, bloc, obstruct
biografi        biography                         blokade        blockade
biokimia        biochemistry                      blokir see "blokade"
biokimiawi biochemical                            bloknot        note pad
biola violin                                      blong free
biologi biology                                   bloon stupid, wacky
biologik        biological                        blouse bluse
biologiwan      biologist                         bludrek        hypertension
biopsi biopsy
bioritme        biorhythm                         bob    bouffant
bioskop         movie, cinema, theater            bobo sleep
bipolar bipolar                                   bobok pierce, break open
bipolarisasi bipolarisation                       bobokan        hole, aperture
bir      beer                                     bobol give way
birah lascivious                                  bobolan        pierced hole
birahi sexual desire, passion, passionate         bobos breach
birai low wall, banister, curb                    bobot heavy, weight, integrity
biri-biri       sheep                             bobrok dilapidated, rotten
                                                  bocah kid
birit buttocks, bottom                            bocel chipped
biro office                                       bocor leak, orinate, bleed
birokrasi    bureaucracy                          bocoran        leak, leakage
birokrat     bureaucrat                           bodoh stupid, dumb
birokratis   bureaucratic                         boikot boycott
boke broke                                             boros wasteful, lavish
bokong        buttocks, hindpart first, back           bosan boring, tired of
bola ball, globe                                       bosan-bosan never flagging
bolang-baling propeller, weathervane                   boss boss
boleh may                                              bot    boot
bolehlah      all right                                botak bald
boling bowling                                         botani botany
                                                       botanikus      botanist
bolong perforated, precisely                           botoh shapely, croupier
bolos penetrated, truant                               botol bottle
bolpen ballpoint, pen                                  boyongan       moving
bom bomb, fart                                         bralaskan      be placed
bomor number                                           brandalrascal, gangster
bon     check, bill, voucher                           brandalan      madcap
bonafit bonafide                                       brangus        muzzle
bonceng        ride                                    brankar        hospital cart
bondo goods                                            brendi brandy
bondong        group                                   breng-brengan pungent
bondongan      throng                                  brengsek       useless
bondot bundle                                          brevet certification
boneka doll, puppet, figurehead                        bridge bridge
bonggol        bump                                    brigadebrigade
bongkahan      hunk                                    brikadebarricade
bongkak        proud, insolent
bongkar        take apart                              briket briquet
bongkar-bangkir         scattered                      bril    eyeglasses
bongkaran      unloaded goods                          brilyan brilliant
bongkol        knob, hump, head                        bromida         bromide
bongkot        tree trunk, tree stump, base of plant   brompit         moped
stem                                                   brondol         featherless
                                                       brondong        fusillade
bongkrek        inedible                               brondongan barrage
bongmeh         note                                   bronhitis       bronchitis
bongok          tombstone                              bronsitis       bronchitis
bongsor         oversized, big                         bros brooch
bonjol lump, projection, protrude                      brosur brochure
bonjor furtification                                   bruder friar
bonyok          flabby, soft, tainted                  bruderan        friary
bool anus                                              brutal brutal, impudent
bopeng pockmarket                                      bruto gross
boper buffer                                           buah fruit, result, focus
bor     drill                                          buai swing
bor-bordrill                                           buaian swing
bor-boran       drilled                                bual bubbling over, boasting
bordil bordello, embroidery                            buana earth, universe
bordilan        embroidered object                     buang throw
boreg guarantee, security                              buangan         exile, elimination, remunciation
borgol handcuffs                                       buani universal
borhan proof
borjuasi        bourgeoisie                            buas wild, cruel
borjuis bourgeois                                      buat do, for, in order to
borok ulcer, mangy, bad                                buat-buatan artificial
borong the entire stock                                buatan make, product, artificial, pretense
                                                       buaya crocodile, villain
borongan        total sale, work contracted            bubar disperse, fall out
bubaran       dispersal                                 bulsak upholstery, mattress
bubuh put on                                            bulu body hair, fur, feather
bubuhan       addition
bubuk powder                                            buluh bamboo
bubul sore on palm, reapir, soar                        buluk-bulukan moldy, stale
bubun-bubun fontanel                                    bulur starving
bubung        top, ridgepole                            bulus totally bald, childless, robbed
bubungan      ridge, ridgepole, cam                     bulutangkis badminton
bubur porridge                                          bumbu spices
bubus swarm out                                         bumbun           shady, shelter for hunters, heap,
bubusan       culvert                                   pile
bubut lathe, pull up, stay, coucal                      bumi earth
bubutan       lathe, guy                                bumiawi          earthly
budak servant, slave, youngster                         bumiputra        native
                                                        buncah disturbed
budaya culture, practice                                buncit distended, pregnant, recent
budeg deafanonymous                                     buncitan         latest
budel inberitance                                       bunda mother
budi mind, character, sensibleness, trick               bundar round, circular
budidaya       cultivation                              bundaran         circle, traffic, hoop
budiman        wise, prudent                            bundel bundle, collection
buduk mangy                                             bundelan         bundle, knot
budur prominent                                         bung fellow, buddy, brother
bufet buffet                                            bunga flower, the best part, floral design, interest,
bugil naked                                             tire tread, suit
buhuk goiter
buhul knot                                              bunga-bungaan           flowers, artificial flowers,
buhulan        knot                                     floral decoration
bui    jail                                             bungkal         lump, piece, chunk, leaden
bujang single, bachelor, male servant                   bungkalan       piece
bujangga       sage, poet                               bungkam         quiet, silent, speechless, not go off
bujet budget                                            bungkuk         crooked, humped
bujuk coasing, persuasion                               bungkuk-bungkukan repeatedly bowing
bujukan        blandishment                             bungkul         cauliflower
bujur lenghtwise, longitude                             bungkus         parcel, pack, wrapper
bujuran        lenght                                   bungkusan       parcel, package
buka open                                               bunglon         chameleon, vacillator, opportunist
buka-bukaan run around naked                            bungsu youngest, the last in series
                                                        bunker bunker
bukaan opener, opening, cut away drawing                buntal swollen, bloated
bukan no, not, isn't doesn't, didn't, hasn't, haven't   buntang         straing, stiff
buking booking                                          buntat gallstone
bukit hill, testimony
buku book                                               buntel wrapping
bukung           tailess                                buntelan        bundle
bukur grain                                             buntet clogged, stifled
bukut cover up, cover                                   bunting         pregnant, full
bulan month, moon                                       buntingan       gestation
bulang wrapper, tape                                    buntu blocked, deadlocked, stumped
bulat circle, complete, unanimous                       buntung         lopped off, bad luck
bulat-bulat      round object, flatly                   buntut tail, rear end, aftermath
bulatan circle, rotundity                               buntutan        plow handle
bule albino, white person                               bunuh kill
bulir ear, counter for long                             bunyi sound, noise, contents
bulkpos          bulkpost                               bunyi-bunyian music, musical instruments
bupati regent                                        cacahan       digital
bura spittle, spit                                   cacak vertical, upright, pinch, steal, swipe, elder
buram blueprint, sketch, unregistered, not clear,    brother, comrade
buras chitchat, small talk                           cacap flood, imundate
burit poterior, rear                                 cacar pustular skin eruption, smallpox
buritan ship stern                                   cacat physical defect, flawed
buron fugitive                                       cacau fickle, inconstant
buronan        fugitive                              caci abuse verbally
bursa stock exchange                                 cacian scornful
buru-buru      hurry                                 cacing worm, maggot
buruan prey, fugitive from justice                   cadang spare part
buruh worker, laborer                                cadangan       reserve, back up, upare, a vote, a
buruk old, worn out, decayed, bad, foul              proposal
burung bird, penis                                   cadar veil
burung-burungclay pigeon                             cadik berboard, outringger
burung-burungan        imitation bird                cadong share, portion
busa foam, scum, suds, gasp, blow                    cagak a forking branch, crossing, pole, life
busana clothing                                      annuity
busi sparkplug                                       cagar security, guarantee, advance payment
busuk putrid, rotten, spoiled, low                   cagaran        security, guarantee
busung bloated, distende, edema, bulging, elevated
land, sandbank                                       cahaya radiance, brilliance, light, ray
busur arch, archer bow                               cahaya-cahaya see "bercahaya"
busut small mound, anthill                           cair    liquid, fluid, thin, weak
                                                     cairan liquid
buta blind, blank, forgetful, unknowledgeable        cakap able, capable, words, staement, adroit,
butir grain, granule, pellet, small object, item     clever, good looking
butir-butiran grains, cereals                        cakap-cakap chatter, prattle
butiran a small object                               cakar claw, paw, scratch
butuh need, necesity                                 cakar-cakaran fight, quarrel
buyar scattered, dispersed, scatterbrained           cakaran         scratches
buyung          narrow necked                        cakil prognathous
                                                     cakram disk, discus
                                                     cakrawala       firmament, heavens, sky
Indonesia - Inggris                                  cakrawati       rule, away
                                                     cakup arrest, round up, embrace
                                                     cakupan         scope, law quality
C                                                    calang bare

cabai red pepper                                     calar laceration, scratch
cabang branch, bough, fork, chapter, affiliate       caling tusk, canine tooth
cabik torn, ripped, strip, piece                     calit smear, stain, spot
cabik-cabik torn, ripped, a piece of                 calo ticket scalper
cabikan        tear, snag                            calon candidate, aspirant, applicant, recruit
cabir long rip                                       cam interest, attention
cabo prostitute, whore                               caman lash, stroke, exhortation
cabuk carbuncle                                      cambang         whiskers, sideburns
cabul indecent, obscene, pornographic                cambuk          whip, exhort, spur
cabur disturbance, commotion                         cambung         large bowl, tureen
cabut yank out, take off, leave                      campa coarse
cabut-cabutan mutually yank out                      campah          flat, insipid, tasteless
cabutan        an object that in extracted           campak          a throw, toss, measles
cacah number, amount, cut up                         campin skillful, handy, clever, adept
camping         in rags, in tatters                  carikan a scrap torn off
campung         lopped off, clipped                  carter charter
                                                     carteran        chartered
campurmixed, mingled                                 caruk notch, indent, tap
campuran        intervention, alloy, mixture,        carut obscene
intercourse, medley, interference, meddling
camuk stab                                           cas     charge, cat
canai grind down                                     cat     paint, tint, tinge
canaian         polished, manner of sharpening,      catat record, note
baptism of fire                                      catatan note, documentation
canang crier cymbal                                  catu share, portion
canangan        summons, description, message        catuan share, portion, ration
cancut loincloth                                     catuk peck at, rap, rap on, hit, a hammer,
canda joke, caprice                                  aspoonful
candi enshrine                                       catur chess
candit fluke                                         caturangga       chessboard
candra moon                                          caturisme        political chess
candu opium                                          catut tweezer, forceps, tongs, pincer, black
cangah be opened wide, agape                         marketer, scalper
canggung        clumsy, awkward, gauche, ill         caung sunken
mannered, insufficient, inadequate                   cawak leash
cangkircup, small mug, spur                          cawang           check mark
                                                     cawat loincloth
cangkok         shoot, cutting, graft, transplant,   cawik handful
false                                                cebak dig, mine
cangkokan       a transplant, a graft, false         cebakan          mineral deposit
cangkrang       leafless branch, chassis             cebol dwarf
cangkriman riddle, conundrum                         cebur splash, jump, plunge, splash
cangkul         mattock, hoelike tool
cangkum         embrace, hug, clasp                  cecah a moment, awhile, a little, a touch of
cangkung        squat                                cecak dot, spot, fleck, pinch, tweak, nip, pick
cantel be hooked on                                  cecer spilled, scattered
cantelan        hook, clasp, clip                    cecunguk       cockroach, shady charter, spy
cantik pretty, beautiful, well executed              cedera disagreement, conflict, bickering
cantol hook                                          ceding small, scrubby, understand
cantrik pupil, disciple                              cedok dipper
cantum graft                                         cegahan        prohibition, prevention
cap     stamp, seal, trademark, printed, quality,    cegat hail, flag down, waylay, hold up
feature                                              cegatan        interception, checkpoint, sliding,
cap-capan       made with a stamp, not genuine       tackle
                                                     cek    check
capai    reach, attain, achieve, tired, exhausted,   cekak a pinch, short, insufficient, inadequate, to
weary                                                narrow, rude
capak    slight, ignore, take lightly                cekal stalwart, gallant
capcai   hodge-podge
capik    lame, paralyzed                             cekam dibble
capit    tweezers                                    cekatan         adroit, deft, adept
caplok   snatch and swallow                          cekcok quarrel, squabble
capuk    pockmarked                                  cekel stingy, miserly
cara     manner, mien, style, fashion, method, way   ceker foot, claw
carah    in small lots                               cekik quarrel
caraka   envoy, emissary, messenger                  cekikan         strangulation
carang   tendril                                     cekikikan       chuckle, giggle
cari     look for                                    ceking thin, slender, wasted, frugal, economical,
carik    torn, classifier, stub, remmant             examination, checking
cekung sunken, concave                                   cemuk shaft, shake
cekungan      cavity, basin, be sunken                   cenayang      medium, spiritualist
cela defect, flaw, blemish, short coming,                cendala       low, base, mean
disgrace, shame                                          cendana       yellow sandalwood
celaan reproach, demunciation, censure,                  cendawan      mushroom, toadstool, fungus,
shortcoming                                              middew
celah gap, space, fissure, rift, slot                    cendekia      learned, educated, clever
celak sparkle, shine, glisten                            cendekiawan an intellectual, the educated
                                                         cenderung     inclimed, lean, disposed, sloping
celaka misfortune, bad luck, unlucky, dammit
celam-celum unsure, uncertain                            cendol small
celana trousers, pants                                   cengam         snap at
celang stare                                             cengang        surprised, astonished, amazed
celangap        agape, wide open                         cengangan      amasement
celat jump far, jump high                                cengap snap at, gape
celekeh         stain, blemish, dirty, soiled            cengeng        whine, tearful
celemek         apron                                    cengenges      jeer at, sneer at
celeng wild boar, pig, jerk                              cengengesan jeering, sneering at, ridiculing,
celengan        saving, money box, piggy bank            smile sheepishly
celengkang-celengkokwinding, twisting, bent              cengir very smile, grin
celentang       lie face up                              cengis had odor, loathsome, nauseating
celep dye                                                cengkah        quarrel
celepan         dye                                      cengkam        grip, squreze, hold
celetuk chat, joke, gossip                               cengkaman grip, hold, squeeze
celi    keen, sharp eyed, careful precise                cengkar        fallow, barren
celik open, see                                          cengkau        middleman, broker
                                                         cengkeh        clove, club
celomes         ail, suffer chronically, fusy, hard to   cengking       yelping, squealing
celopar fussy, finicky, talkative, garrulous             cengkirhalf ripe coconut
celoreng        gash, cut                                cengkok         crooked, twisted, bent
celoteh empty talk                                       cengkong        deformed, misshapen
celung sunken, hollow                                    cengkram        grip, hold
celup dip, dye                                           cengkrama       chat, talk
celupan         dyed article, dyeing                     cengkraman grip, hold
cema accuse                                              cengkung        hollow, sunken, yapping, barking,
cemar dirty, soiled, filthe, besmirched, blackened       yelping
cemaran         dirt, filth, slander, calumny            centang         tick off, hit, slap
cemas worry                                              centeng         guard, watchman, hired thug, hit
cemat pull                                               man
cembung         chubby, dome shaped                      centet stunted, shrunken, economical
cemburu         jealous                                  centil coquettish
cemburuan       jealousy                                 centong         rice ladle, dipper with handle
cemerlang       sparkle, bright, gleaming, dazzling      centung         lock, tuft of hair, tuft, crest
cemeti whip, lightning                                   cep     quiet, silent, sudden silence
                                                         cepak smacking
cemil a little bit
cemomot        dirty                                     cepat fast, speedy, quick
cemong         dirty, soiled, scratched                  cepeng half a cent
cempaka        frangipani                                cepengan       cheap, not worth much
cempiang       rowdy, roughneck, ruffian                 cepit sandwich, between, jam
cempleng       cure, instantly                           ceplas-ceplos speak out frankly, speak
cemplungan cesspool                                      uninhibitedly
cemuh insult, taunt, ridicule                            ceplok circle shaped
cemuhan        belittling comments                       ceplos blurt out
ceplosan       unimhibited comment                     cetusanspark, flash
ceplus press                                           cewek girl
cepol break off, broken, damaged                       ciami handsome, beautiful
cepung splash                                          ciar    bawling, squalling
cerabut sproot                                         cibir curl
cerah bright and clear, sharp                          cibiran scorn
cerai divorce, separate                                cibuk dipper
ceramah        speech, talk, extracurricular,          cicik whistle, flow
talkative                                              cicil pay in installment
cerancang      prickly, thorny                         cicip taste, sip at, eat
cerangah       forked, branched, prickly, thorny       cicipan sample for tasting
                                                       ciduk arrest
cerapan         response, sense, perception            cidukan        detention
cerat faucet, spigot, pour through, drain              cikrak waste basket, dustpan
cerawat         rocket
cerca derision, scorn, disdain                         cikutan hiccup
cercaan         disdain, criticism                     cilap flicker
cercah a slight                                        cili    chili
cercak slightly pock marked                            cilok steal, pilfer, pick pocket
cercap flop about, squirm                              cincai bot important, it doesn't matter
cerdas intelligent, educated, shrewd, clever,          cincang         back, chop, mince
mentally agile                                         cincin ring, faucets
cerdik smart, cunning, tricky                          cincing rise up
cerecak         slightly spotted                       cincong         ado, fuss
cerek kettle, watering can                             cincu boat owner, ship captain
ceret diarrhea                                         cindil baby mouse
cerewet         fussy, finicky, sharp tongued          cindur mata sweetheart, souvenir
cergas enterprising, active, energetic                 cingangah       startled, surprised
                                                       cinta love
ceri    cherry                                         cipoa cheat, decieve
ceria pure, clean, cleaned, clodless, cheerful         ciprat splash
cerita story, account, narrative                       cipta creative force, thought, idea
ceritaan        story                                  ciptaan creation, product, composition
cerkau grab at                                         circir small bell
cerkauan        a grap, snatch
cerlang bright, gleaming                               ciri     feature, characteristic, identifying
cerling ogle                                           cirit diarrhea, sediment
cermat accurate, precise, careful, neat                cita     feeling, sentiment
cermin mirror, shining                                 citra image
cerna digested, absorbed, dissolved                    citraan imagery
cerobong        chimmey, smokestack                    cium smell, kiss
cerocok         funnel, spout                          ciuman kiss, whiff, sniff
ceropong        muzzle of gun                          ciut     shrunk, shriveled, narrow, tight
cerpelai        mongoose                               claim claim
certa chert                                            clash conflict, disagreement
cerucup         pointed, tapering                      coan gain a profit
ceruk hole, cranny, compartment, shaft                 coang protrude, stick out
                                                       coba try, make an attempt, please, just imagine,
cerutu cigar, cheroot                                  just try, if, supposing
cetak mold, form, cast, matrix, print                  cobaan test, trial, ordeal, temptation
cetakan        publication, printing, edition, mold,   cobek mortar
matrix                                                 coblong          small hole
cetek shallow, superficial                             coblong-coblong          heve hole in it
ceti   pimp, procuress
cetit small pinch                                      coblongan      a hole made in
coblos perforate, punch                              corak design, motif, pattern, color, type, feature
coblosan       relections                            corat-coret     rough, first draft, scrawded
cocok agree, correct, come true, like, be            corek long line, scratch, streak
agrreable, compatible, suitable, pin, needle,        coreng scratch, streak, smear
skewer                                               corengan        scratch, smear
cocol extend, thrust out                             coret scratch, streak, smear
codet scar                                           coretan scratch, line, stripe, pen drawing, graffiti
coel rebuke                                          coro cockroach, creep, bum
cogan emblem, standard, ensign                       corong funnel, shaft, microphone, mine shaft
cogok be erect, vertical, appear, occur              corps corps
coklat brown, chocolate, cocoa                       cowboy          cowboy, rough, rowdy
cokol settle, reside, squat, extant                  cowboy-cowboyan roughly
cokolan        large bite                            cowok guy, boy friend, boy, man
colak-caling in disarray                             crocos rattles on
colak-colek touch lightly                            crossboy        punk, delinquent
colang-caling in disorder
coleng hold up, steal by force, rip off              cuaca weather
                                                     cuai insignificant, unimportant, trivial
colet bit                                            cuap talk
colok litte                                          cuar stick up high, project upward, stick out
colong steal                                         cuat be dipped, spring back
colongan       booty                                 cubit-cubitan pinch
colot spring, leap, jump                             cubitan a pinch
comberan       drainage ditch, sewer                 cuci wash
comblang       matcmaker, go between, pimp,          cucian laundry, wash, manner of washing
procurer                                             cucimaki        verbal abuse
combor         horse feed                            cucu grandchild
comel grumbling, nagging                             cucuh kindle, light, switch on
comelan        scolding, rebuke, reprimand           cucuk bill, beak, front line
comot grimy, dirty, filthy, seize, nab, snatch off   cucung grandchild
compang-camping         in tatters, frayed, ragged   cucup a kiss, shuck, sharp
compeng        torn on the edge                      cucur a flow, trickle
compes         chipped, jagged on the edge           cucut shark, kiss, suck
condong        leaning, inclining to, inclined,      cuil    chunk, chipped
symphatetic, set, off, insane                        cuitan nudge

conet upturned                                       cuka vinegar
cong brew tea                                        cukai duty, toll, tax, excise duty, tariff
congak dictate mathematics                           cukong boss
congek deaf, inflamed                                cukup enough, sufficient, adequate, exactly, well
conggok        erect                                 to do, complete, quite, rather
congkak        proud, arrogant, snooty               cukupan         just enough, adequate
congkong       guard house, sentry post              cukur razor, shaver
congol stick out suddently                           cukuran         shaving, instrument for shaving
congor snout, muzzle                                 culas lazy, indolent, slow, plodding, clumsy,
container      container                             deceitful, dishonest
conteng        smear, stain, blemish                 culik kidnap, abduct
contoh soecimen, sample, model, pattern, design,     cuma only, merely, but
example                                              cuma-cuma in vain, useless, free, free in charge
copet pick pocket                                    cuman only
coplok come loose, break off, detached, apart        cumbu flattery, sweet talk, joke, jest
copot dislodged, broken off, gracious                cumbu-cumbuan           advances, approach
cor    cast, found, pour
cor-coran      concrete                              cumbuan        sweet words, flattery, joke, jest,
cumi-cumi       squid, evildoer, criminal, traitor,   dahaga thirst, opposition, subordination
enemy spy
cun     inch, kiss                                    dahagi oppose orders
cunam pliers, pincers                                 dahak phlegm, sputum
cundang         defeat                                dahan bough, branch
cungkilcrowbar, lever                                 dahar eat
cupai neglect, ignore                                 dahi forehead, brow
cupak bowl                                            dahlia dahlia
cupar deride, sneer at                                dahsyat        horrifying, terrifying, awe
cupat inadequate, short, insufficient, skimpy,        inspiring, imposing
shortsighted, petty, narrow, bigoted                  dahulu previous
cupet see "cupat"                                     dahyang        guardian spirit
cuping ear lobe                                       dai     proselytizer, revival mullah
cuplikan        citation, quotation                   daidan battalion
cupu box for pills, posthole                          daidanco       battalion commander
cupul too short                                       daif weak, powerless, incompetent
cura joke, jest                                       daim eternal, enduring
                                                      dajal irreligious person, liar, deceiver
curah fall                                            dak     roof
curahan         precipitation, outpouring, outflow    dakar stubborn, obstinate, harheaded
curai loose, detached, apart, clear, evident, real    dakhil inner life, intimate
curaian explanation, separation
curam steep, fraudulent, deceitful                    daki grime, climb
curat spout, nozzle                                   dakian slope, incline
curi steal, surreptitious                             daksa skilled, able, proper
curi-curi       surreptitiously                       daksina        right side, south
curian stolen goods                                   daktiloskopi dactylography
curiga suspicious, distrustful                        dakwa charge, accusation, indictment
cuti    leave, furlough                               dakwaan        accusation
                                                      dakwah         religious, proselytizing, missionary
Indonesia - Inggris                                   dalam interior, inside, in, within, deep, thoughtful
                                                      dalam-dalam very deep
                                                      dalang mastermind
D                                                     dalfin dolphin
                                                      dalih excuse, pretext
Desember        December                              dalil argumentation, proposition
Duta besar      Embasador                             dalilkan       elucidate, defend an opinion
dabing dubbing                                        dalu ripe
dada chest, thorax, bosom                             daluwarsa      overdue, expired, expiration date
dadah medicine
dadak sudden                                          dam checkers
dadakan         all of a sudden                       damai peace, transquillity
dadar omelette                                        damak blowpipe dart
dadu dice, pink, cube                                 daman sheet
daerah territority, area, region, district            damar resin torch, oil lamp
daftar list, roster, slate                            damast damask
daftaran        list                                  damba long, yearn
daga resistance, civil unrest                         dampak        impact
dagang trade, commerce                                damparbreak
dagangan        merchandise, wares                    damping       close, near
dagel joke, clown about                               damprat       abuse, scolding
dagelan         joking, clowning                      dampratan     scolding, verbal abuse
daging meat, flesh                                    dan    and
dagu chin                                             dana donation, fund
danau lake                                           daya power, energy, capacity, trick, ruse
danawa       ogre                                    dayah foster mother, wet nurse
dandan grooming                                      dayung oar, pedal
dandanan     clothing, make up, equipment            de fakto       de facto
dandang      cormorant                               debar sensation of pulse beat
dangau loom up                                       debaran        beat throb
dangkal      shallow, superficial                    debarkasi      debarkation
dangkalan    shoal, shallows                         debat debate, discussion
dansa dance                                          debet debit
                                                     debidrasi      dehydration
dansanak       relative, kin
danta elephant tusk, ivory                           debit rate of blow, discharge
dapat can, be able, may, get, obtain, be obtained,   debitur debitor
be found                                             debos boasting
dapur kitchen, galley, stove, kiln, firebox          debu dust, grit
dara virgin, young girl                              debur pounding of heart
darab multiplication                                 dedah exposed, uncovered
darah blood                                          dedas civet cat, musk
daras study, investigate deeply                      dedengkot       prominent figure
darat land, shore, upland, hinterland                dedikasi        dedication
daratan mainland, landing                            deduksi         deduction
dari from                                            deduktif        deductive
daripada       from, better than                     defensif        defensive
darma duty, obligation, service, good deed           definitif       definitive
darmabakti     volunteer work                        defisit deficit
darmasiswa student scholarship, fellow ship          deflasi deflation
                                                     defleksi        deflection
darmatamu       leadership grant                     deformasi       deformation
darmawisata excursion, outing, field trip            degap heartheat
darurat emergency                                    degapan         pounding throb
darwis dervish, fakir                                degenerasi      degeneration
dasalomba       decathlon                            degil obstinate, headstrong
dasar base, foundation, basis, nature, background
dasariah        basic                                dekan dean
dasasila        the ten commandments                 dekap near
dasawarsa       decade, decennial                    dekat near, close by, vicinity
dasi necktie, tie                                    dekatan         come closer
daster house dress, louging gown                     dekil caked with dirt
data data                                            deking protection, shelter, cover, patron,
datang come, arrive                                  protector, reserve funds
datang-datang upon arrival, suddenly, all of a       deklarasi       customs declaration, voucher
sudden, keep coming                                  deklerer        deklerer
datar flat, superficial                              dekonsentrasi deconcentration
dataran plain, level land                            dekor decor
                                                     dekorasi        decoration
datuk headman                                        dekrit decree, edict
datuk-datuk grandfather                              delapan         eight
dauk gray, roan                                      delegasi        delegation
daulat good fortune                                  delep sink, go bellow surface
daulat-daulatan      passing the buck                deligir delegate
daun leaf, playing card                              delik offense
daun-daunan foliage, leaves                          delong sunken
daur cycle, ratation                                 delta delta
dawai fine, wire                                     demam lever, feverish, fad
dawet ink
demarkasi      demarcation                            denyutan       beat, throb
demek moist, still wet                                deodoran       deodorant
demen like, be front of                               dep     pigeonhole
demi for the sake of, by, as soon as, after           depa fathom
demikian       such, thus                             depan front, ahead, coming next
demiliterisasi demilitarisation                       depo store house, ware house
demobilisasi demobilisation                           depok reside
demografi      demography                             depolitisasi depolicisation
demokrasi      democracy
demokrat       democrat                               deponir         delay, put on ice
demokratis     democratic                             deportasi       deportation
demonstrasi demonstration, protest                    deposan         depositor
demoralisasi demoralisation                           deposito        fixed deposit
dempak         low and flat                           depot refreshment stand
dempet stuck together                                 depteri diphtheria
dempok         bump against                           depus exhaling air
dempulglazier putty, boat caulking                    deputasi        deputation, delegation
denah sketch, blue print, grond plan                  deputi deputy
                                                      dera lash
denai trail, track                                    deraan whipping
denak decoy                                           derai in droves, continuously
dencang         rattle, clang                         deraian pattering sound, flow of drops
denda fine                                            derajat degree, rank, level, standard
dendaan         fining                                derakan         creaking, squeaking
dendam          revenge, vengeance, grudge,           deras swift
resentment, yearning, longing                         derek crane, cargo boom
dendang         crow                                  derep harvest rice
dengan with, by, by mean of, and, in. by way of, in   deresi passanger car
the manner of                                         deret row, line, series
dengap pound, beat, pant, gasp
dengar hear                                           deretan row, line
dengar-dengaran          hear a rummor                derik creaking, sound
dengking        a yelp                                deringan        tinkling, clinking noisy
dengkingan a yelp                                     derita suffering
dengkir         chirp                                 derma alms, donation
dengklang       lame, limping                         dermaga         quay, pier
dengkul         knee                                  dermatalog      dermatologist
dengkung        growl                                 dermatologi dermatology
dengkur         snore, grunt, purr                    dermawan        donor, philanthropist
dengkuran       snore                                 dermimil        mumble, talk incessantly
                                                      deru storm, thunder, large trucks, planes
dengkus        whinny, snort                          derum kneel
dengu see "dengkus"                                   desa village
dengungan      wail, drone, propaganda                desak crowd, jostle
dengus snort, deride with a snort                     desak-desakan shuffle
dengusan       a snort                                desakan         push, shove, pressure, request
denok svelte                                          desas-desus rumor
denotasi       denotation                             desegregasi desegregation
densitas       density                                desentralisasi decentralisation
dentaman       pounding
dentar clang                                          desentralisir decentralise
dentuman       booming                                desersi desertion
denyar flash                                          desertirdeserter, defector
denyaran       flash, gleam                           desimal         decimal, decimal fraction
denyut throb, beat                                    desinfeksi      disinfection
desinfektan disinfectant               diametrikal diametrical
desiran hiss                           diancuk        dammit!, fuck you!
deskripsi       description            diare diarchea
deskriptif      descriptive            diaspor diaspora
despot despot                          dibagaimanakan         be done to or with
despotisme despotism                   dictatoris     dictatorial
destruksi       destruction
destruktif      destructive            didaktik        didactic
desuan rustling                        didih boil, rage
detakan         tapping sound          didikaneducation, upbringing, pupil
detasemen       detachment             dido frenchman, European
detasir detail                         didong stubborn, obstinate
deteksi detection, discovery           diesel diesel
detektif        detective              diet    diet
detektor        detector               diferensial     diferential
detel detail                           diferensiasi diferentiation
                                       difraksi        diffraction
deterjen         detergent             diftong diphthong
determinan       determinant           difusi diffusion
determinasi determinant                digital digital
detik seond                            dikarenakan caused by
detil detail                           dikit little, small
detonator        detonator             dikotomi        dichotomy
devaluasi        devaluation           diktator        dictator
devaluir         devaluate             dikte dictation
deviasi deviation                      diktean dictation
deviden          devidend              dilema dilemma
devisa devisa, foreign exchange        diletan dilettante
dewa God, idol                         dimaksud        meant, intended
dewan council, board
dewani council member, council         dimengapakan be treated in what way
dewasa adult, of age                   dimengerti      be understood
dewasawan a mature person              dimensi         dimension
dewi Goddess, darling, be loved        dinamik         dynamic
dewi-dewi        davit                 dinamika        dynamics
di      in, at, on                     dinamis         dynamic
di kasi give, be put                   dinamisasi      dynamicisation
di nyana         expected              dinamisator dynamist
dia     she, he                        dinamisme       dynamism
                                       dinamit         dynamite
diabetes       diabetes                dinamodynamo
diafan diaphanous                      dinas official, agency
diafragma      diaphragm               dinasti dynasty
diagnosa       diagnosis               dinding         wall, buttress
diagnostik     diagnostic              ding dong       arcade game
diakon deacon                          dingin cold
diakritis      diacritical             dingklik        stool
dialek dialect                         dini early
dialektik      dialectic               dioksida        dioxide
dialektika     see "dialektik"         diorama         diorama
dialektis      dialectical             diosis diocese
dialog dialogue                        dipakai use for
diam silent, quiet, motionless, idle   dipan divan
diam-diam      quietly, secretly       dipercaya       be trusted
diameter       diameter
diploma           diploma, certificate                dobelan      double, counterpart
diplomasi         diplomacy                           dobi laundryman
diplomat          diplomat                            doble gold plate
diplomatik        diplomatic                          dobol perforated, torn
direksi management, administration                    dobrak smashed, broken open
direktif directive
direktorate       directorate, department, division   dobrakan      breakthrough
direktori         directory                           dodok squat
direktris         directress, head mistress           dogma dogma
direktur          director, headmaster                dogmatika     dogmatics
dirgahayu         long life                           dogmatis      dogmatic
dirgantara        sky, upper atmosphere               dokar horse drwan buggy
diri     self, stand, exist                           dokrin doctrine
dirigen musical director, conductor                   dokter doctor
diris water plan                                      doktriner     doctrinaire
dirus flush with water                                doku money
disain design, pattern                                dokumen       document
                                                      dokumentalis documentalist
disainer        designer                              dokumentasi documentation
disentridysentery                                     dol    crazy, mad, damaged
disertasi       dissertation                          dola dollar
disharmoni      disharmony                            dolfin dolphin
disiden dissident                                     dolok montain
disipasi        dissipation                           dom compass
disipel disciple                                      domba sheep, the congregation
disiplin        discipline                            domeindomain
disipliner      disciplinary                          domestik      domestic
disjoki disc jockey                                   dominan       dominant
disket floppy disk                                    dominasi      domination
disko discothecque                                    dominir       dominate
diskon discount
diskontinuitas discontinuity                          domino        dominoes
diskotik        see "disko"                           domisili      domicile
diskredit       discredit                             dompak        leap, jump, prance
diskriminasi discrimination                           dompetwallet
diskriminatif discriminatory                          dompleng      join, double up
diskualifikasi disqualification                       domplengan doubling up, hitching a ride
diskusi discussion                                    dompol        bunch
dislokasi       dislocation, disturbance              donasi donation
                                                      donat doughnut
disonan        dissonant                              donatur       donor
disonansi      dissonance                             doncang       jump, leap
disorganisasi disorganisation                         dondang       cradle
disparitas     disparity                              dondangan     scolding
dispensasi     dispensation, exemption                dongak pointed upward, gaze up
dispersi       disperse                               dongeng       legend, fairy tale, nonsense
distribusi     distribution                           dongengan     myth, false story
diunggulkan be considered or proposed as              dongkak       lead up
superior                                              dongkel       lever, jack
diversifikasi diversification                         dongkelan     lever
divisi division, phylum                               dongkol       resentful, acrimonious, irked,
dnedeng        jerked meat                            vexed
dnegki envy, spite
doa     pray                                          dongkrak      jack
dobel double, doubles                                 dongok        stupid
donor donor                                         dulu formerly, previously, first, before, prior,
dorong push, motivate, urge                         for the time being
dorongan       pushing, urging, impetus             dulu-dulu       previous, former, earlier
dos    small box                                    duluan first before other
dosa sin                                            dulunya         formerly
dosir dossier                                       dulur kin, family
dosis dose                                          dumel nag, complain
dot    nipple, pacifier                             dungu gullible, dull witted, mentally slow
doyan be fond of
doyong         inclined, not straight               dunia world, kingdom
doyongan       inclination                          dupa incense
draft draft                                         duplikasi      duplication
draimolen      carousel                             duplikat       duplicate, carbon copy
drainase       drainage                             duren durian
drama drama                                         durhaka        rebellious, insubordinate
dramatis       dramatic                             duri thorn, burr, spine, fish bone
dramatisasi dramatise                               dusin be awake, be conscious of, realize
dramatisir     dramatise                            dusta lie, falsehood, tell a lie
dramaturg      dramatist                            dusun orchard, village
dramaturgi     dramaturgy                           duta embassador
dramawan       stage actor, performer               dutawati       ambassadress
                                                    duyun in throngs
drastis drastic                                     dwi     two
drat wire thread, thread of a screw                 dwiarti ambiguous
drive drive in golf                                 dwibahasa      bilingual
drop deliver, drop off                              dwifungsi      dual function
drum drum, oil drum                                 dwiguna        dual purpose
drumband        marching band                       dwitunggal     duumvirate
dua     two, kedua : second
dua-duanya both of them
duaan be a pair                                     Indonesia - Inggris
dualisme        dualism
dubilahGod forbid
dubun byena                                         E
dubur anus
duda widower                                        Eropa Europe
duduk sit, state, situation, live, dwell, recide,   Eropanisasi Europeanisation
settle                                              ebam porcelain pot with lid
duga guess, estimate                                ebek awning
duga-duga       apparently, seemingly               ebi    dried shrimps
duga-duganya see "duga-duga"                        ebonit ebonite
dugaan guess, hunch, assumption                     ece    make a fool of, kid, make fun of
                                                    ecean kidding, fooling
duit money                                          ecek apparently, outwardly
duitan concerning money                             ecer sell retail
duk    kerchief                                     eceran retail
duka grief, sorrow                                  ecerkan        see "ecer"
dukacerita     tragedy                              eco    delicious
dukacita       profound sorrow                      edan wild, frantic, insane, mad, crazy
duko spray, paint                                   edar turn, revolve, circle, circulate
dukuh hamler                                        edaran orbit
dukung         support                              edisi edition
dukungan       support, endorsement                 edit   edit
dulang food tray                                    editor editor
duli dust                                           edukasi        education
edukatif       educative, instructive     eksklusif        exclusive
                                          eksklusifisme    exclusivism
efek effect                               ekskurai         excursion
efektif effective                         eksodus          exodus
efektifitas     effectiveness             eksogami         exogamy
efisien efficient                         eksogen          exogenous
efisiensi       efficiency                eksotik exotic
egah glorious                             ekspansi         expansion
egois egoist, egoistic                    ekspansif        expansive
egoisme         egoism                    ekspansionis     expansionist, expansionistic
egoistik        egoistic                  ekspedisi        shipping, forwarding, mail room
egol pry up                               ekspeditur       shipping agent
egos evade
egosentris      egocentric                eksperimen experiment
egosentrisme egocentricity                eksperimental experimental
egrang stils                              eksperimentasiexperimentation
eja     spell                             eksplisit      explicit
ejaan spelling, orthography               eksploitasi    development, working,
ejakulasi       ejaculation               exploitation, uperation
ejawantah       visible, manifest         eksploitasikan see "mengeksploitasi"
ejek mock, redicule, make fun of          eksploitir     work, use, exploit
ejekan mockery, derision, ridicule        eksplorasi     exploration
eka     one                               eksplosi       explotion
ekabahasa       monolingual               eksplosif      explosive
                                          eksponen       exponent
ekabahasawan monoligual person            ekspor export
ekamarga        one way                   eksportir      exporter
ekamatra        unidimensional            ekspos expose, reveal, uncover
ekaristi Eucharist                        ekspose        expose
ekasuku         monosyllabic              eksposisi      exposition, fair, explanation
ekawarna        monochromatic             ekspresexpress, fast, special delivery
eko      echo
ekologiecology                            ekspresi        expressiveness, expression
ekologis        ecologycal                ekspresif       expressive
ekonom          economist                 ekspresionis expressionist
ekonometri econometrics                   ekspresionistis expressionistic
ekonomi         economics, economy        ekstase ecstasy
ekonomis        economical                ekstern external
ekor tail,                                ekstra extra, extraordinary
ekosistem       ecosystem                 ekstradisi      extradition
eksaktaexact sciences                     ekstradisikan see :mengekstradisi"
eksamen         examination               ekstrak extract
eksekusi        execution, carrying out   ekstrakulikulerextracurricular
eksekutif       executive                 ekstraparlementer       extraparliamantery
eksem eczema                              ekstrapolasi extrapolation
eksemplar       copy, issue, number       ekstrapolasikan         see "mengekstrapolasi"
                                          ekstrem         extreme
eksentrik      eccentric                  ekstremis       extremist
eksepsi demurrer, exception               ekstremisme extremism
ekses excess
eksibisi       exhibition                 ekstremitas      extremity
eksistensi     existence                  ekstrovert       extrovert
eksistensialisme       existentialism     ekuivalen        equivalent
eksit exit                                ekuivalensi      equivalency
ekskavasi      excavation                 ekumenis         ecumenical
elaborasi        elaboration                       empangan       fish pond, dam, barrier
elaborasikan elaborate                             empar drift off, be off course
elah trick, pretext, excuse
elahan trick, pretext, excuse                      empas be tossed, dashed against
elang hawk, eagle                                  empasan        violent crashing
elastik elastic                                    empat four
elastisitas      elasticity                        emrat large watering can
elegi elegy                                        emulsi emulsion
elektrifikasi electrification                      en      and
elektrikan       see "mengelektrifi"               enak nice, tasty, delicious
elektris electrical                                enak-enakan relax
elektrisir       electrify                         enakan preferably, more pleasant, more
elektro electro                                    confortable
elektroda        electrode                         enam six
elektrodinamika           electrodynamics          enap ponder, consider deeply
                                                   enau sugar palm
elektrolisa      electrolysis                      encer liquid, weak, thin, smart, quick
elektrolit       electrolyte                       enceran        liquid, solution
elektrolitis     electrolytics                     enciritkan     discharge, eliminate
elektromagnit electromagnet                        encit cloth, fabric
elektron         electron                          encok rheumatic, rheumatism, gout
elektronik       electronic                        endal stuff, cram, elastic, resilient, springy
elektronika      electronics
elektroteknik electrical engineering               endap-endapan          see "endap"
elemen element                                     endapan         sediment, deposit
elementer        elementary                        endasan         chopping board
eleng rock                                         endemi endemic discase
eliminasi        eliminate                         endemis         endemic
eliminir         see "eliminasi"                   endosemen       endorsement
eling remember                                     endosir endorse
elips ellipse                                      endus get wond of, smell, whiff, find out
elipsis ellipsis                                   endusan         whiff
elipsoide        ellipsoid                         endut throb, beat, pound
elit    elite                                      endut-endutan see "endut"
elitis elitist                                     enek nauseated, feel sick
elitisme         elitism                           energi energy
elok beautiful, lovely, good                       enga be aware, be concious
elu-elu acclaim, give applause                     engah see "enga"
                                                   engahan         panting, puffing
elu-eluan      welcome given, acclamation          engak drowsy, sleepy, conotase, dazed
elus stroke                                        engap panting, puffing, tight in the chest, breathe
elusan caress, flattery                            with difficulty
email enamel
emam eat                                           engas stink, stench, foul odor
emansipasi     emancipation                        enggan reluctant, averse
emas gold                                          enggan-enggan          somewhat reluctant,
emat checkmate                                     hesitate, waver
embalau        shellac                             enggang         hornbill
emban breastband, waistband, sash, bellyband       engget hook
emoh be unwilling                                  enggil toothed, serrated, notched
emong care for, look after, direct an enterprise   enggokan        curve
emosi emotion, emotional, be emotional             engkah wood glue
emosional      emotional                           engkau you
emosionil      emotional                           engkel single, keep arguing
empang         pond, embankment, dam               engko partner, business associate
engkoan        be partners in business      eskadron        squadron
engkol crank, wrench                        eskalasi        escalation
engsel hinge, switch                        eskas icebox, refrigerator
enjal stuff, cram                           eskatologi      eschatology
ensiklik       encyclical                   eskatologis     eschatological
ensiklopedi encyclopedia                    esok tomorrow
ensim enzyme                                esoknya         the next morning
entah who knows, don't know, doesn't know   estafet relay race
                                            estetika        aesthetics
entak stamp on with force, thrust, pound    etalase shop window
entakan         stamping, pounding          etatisme        statism
entar later                                 etek crave
ente you                                    eter    ether, upper air
enten graft, implant                        eternit plasterboard
enteng light, easy, mild                    etika ethics
entengan        lighter, easier             etiket etiquette
entomolog       entomologist                etimologi       etymology
entomologi entomology                       etiologi        etiology
entomologis entomological                   etis    ethical
entot fuck, screw                           etnis ethnic
entri entry
entrog shake                                etnisitas      ethnicity
enyah go away, get out                      etnografi      etnography
enyak tread on, step on, press, stamp       etnolinguistik ethnolinguistics
epidemi         epidemic                    etnologi       ethnology
epidemiologi epidemiology                   etnologis      ethnological
epigrafi        epigraphy                   etos ethos
epik epic                                   etsa etch
epilepsi        epilepsy                    evakuasi       evacuation
episentrum      epicenter                   evaluasi       evaluation
                                            evangelis      evangelist, evangelical
episode          episode                    evangelisasi evangelisation
epistemologi epistemology                   evolusi evolution
epolet eoaulette                            ewa averse, unwilling
era     era                                 ewe copulate
erak screeching sound
eram hatch, brood, crouch on all fours
erang groaning, moaning from pain           Indonesia - Inggris
erang-erot       zig-zag, askew, awry
erangan          a groan
erat    tight, firm, close                  F
eratkan see "mengeratkan"
ereng leaning, sloping                      faal    deep, work, function, action, sign, omen,
eret    drag, pull, snare, lure             view horoscope
eretan sleigh, sledge                       faali physiological
erik scream, shut, trumpet                  fabel fable
erobik aerobic, exercise                    fabrikan       maker, manufacturer
erosi erosion                               fabrikasi      manufacture, product
erot distorted, wry, in a row               fadihat disgrace, shame, ignominy
erotik eroticism, erotic                    fadil prominent, eminent, famous
                                            fadilat excellence, prominence
es     ice                                  faedah use, benefit, profit
esa    single, one                          fajar dawn
esa-esaan      alone, lonely                fakih expert in canon law
esei essay                                  fakir poor, destitute, indigent
fakta fact                                           feri     ferry
faktor factor, element                               fermentasi        fermentation
faktual factual                                      fertilitas        fertility
faktur invoice                                       festival festival
fakultas        faculty                              fiasko fiasco
fakultatif      optional                             figur figure, shape, personage
                                                     figuran supernumerary
falak celestial sphere                               fiil     behavior, deeds
falsafah        philosophy                           fiksi fiction
falsafi philosophical                                fiktif fictitious
famili relative, family                              filamen           filament
familial        familylike                           filantrop         philanthropist
familier        accustomed, intimate                 filantropi        philanthropy
fana transitory, fleeting, perishable                filantropis       philanthropical
fanatik fanatic                                      filateli philately
fanatisme       fanaticism
fani perishable                                      filatelisphilatelist
fantasi fantasy, illusion, imagination, fancy        filial branch
fantastis       fantastic                            filing feeling, intuition
fardhu see "fardu"                                   film film, movie
fardu obligatory, religious obligation               filolog philologist
faring pharynx                                       filologi philology
farji vulva                                          filologis        philological
farmakologi pharmacology                             filosofi philosophy
farmakope       pharmacopocia                        filosofis        philosophical
farmasipharmacy, drugstore                           filsafat philosophy, ideology, philisophical
                                                     system, mysticism
fase phase                                           filsafati        philosophical
faset facet                                          filsuf philosopher
fasid imperfect                                      filum phylum
fasih fluent, eloquent, quick writted, glib          final final
fasihat eloquence                                    finalis finalist
fasik godless, atheistic                             finansial        financial
fasilitas       facilities                           finansir         financier
fasis fascist                                        fineer veneer
fasis-fasisan fake facist, act fascistically         finir see "fineer"
fasisme         fascism                              firasat ability to prophesy the future,
fatal fatal                                          presentiment, hunch, foreboding
fatwa instructions, guidance of an older person, a
binding ruling in religious matters                  firaun pharaoh, tyrant
favorit favorite                                     firdaus paradise
fayit bangkrupt                                      firdausi        heavenly, paradisiacal
februari        february                             firma firm, company, enterprise
federal federal                                      firman saying, decree
federalis       federalist                           fisi    fission
federalisme federalism                               fisik physical
federalistis    federalistic                         fisika physics
                                                     fisiografi      physiography
federasi        federation                           fisiografis     physiographic
feminin         feminine                             fisioterapi     physiotherapy
feminisme       feminism                             fiskal fiscal, departure tax
fenomena        phenomenon                           fitnah slander, calumny
feodal feudal                                        fitri   pure, natural
feodalisme      feudalism                            fitting light socket, fixture
feodalistis     feudalistic                          flamboyan       poinciana tree
flanel flannel                             frateran         friary, abbey, priory
flat    apartment                          fraude fraud, swindle
fleksibel      flexible                    frekwensi        frequency
fleksibilitas flexibility                  frigat frigate
                                           frigiditas       sexual frigidity
flipper dolphin                            frikatif fricative
floret foil                                friksi friction
floridasi        fluoridation              friser freezer
flu     influenza, a cold                  frobel kindergarten
fluktuasi        fluctuation               front front, cadre
fluor fluoride                             frontal frontal, head on
fluoroskop       fluoroscope               fruktosa         fructose
fly over         traffic overpass          frustrasi        frustration, frustrated
fohte humid                                fuli     mace
foklor folklore                            fulus filthy lucre
fokus focus                                fumigasi         fumigation
folio foolscape size paper                 fundamental fundamental
fondamen         foundation                fungisida        fungicide
fondasi see "fondamen"
fonds fund                                 fungsi function
fonem phoneme                              fungsionalisasifunctionalisation
fonemik          phonemics                 fungsionalisme          functionalism
fonemis          phonemic                  fungsionari functionary
fonetik phonetics                          fungsionil      functional
fonologi         phonology                 furak difference, dissimilarity
fonologis        phonological              fusi    fusion, coalition
forklif forklift                           futbal soccer
formal formal                              futurolog       futurologist
formalisir       formalize

formalitas     formality                   Indonesia - Inggris
formasi        formation, position
format format, form
formika        formica                     G
formula        formula
formulasi      formulation                 gaang mole cricket
formulir       form, declaration, blank    gabag German measles
forsir force, compel                       gabak cloudy, overcast
forum forum                                gabardine     gabardine
fosfat phosphate                           gabari moderate
fosfor phosphorus                          gabas rough, aorse, mot tidy
fosil fossil                               gabir clumsy, awkward, maladroit
foto photograph, picture                   gabug see "gabuk"
foto copi      photo copy                  gabuk empty, sterile, childless
fotografer     photographer                gabung bundle, sheaf, cluster
fotografi      photography                 gabungan      federation, merger, consolidation
fotosistesis   photosysnthesis             gabus cork
fragmen        fragment                    gacok the marble, card
fragmentari fragmentary                    gacokan       preferred marble, card, boyfriend,
framboesia     frambesia, yaws             girlfriend
frambos        raspherry                   gada club, bludgeon, cudgel
                                           gadai pawning, security
frambosen       raspberry flavored syrup   gadaian       pledge, security
frase phrase
frater friar, brother                      gadang large, big
gadas bowling pin
gading elephant tusk, ivory, ivory color              gamak estimate
gading-gading joist, truss, ribs of ship              gaman weapon
gadis girl, maiden, virgin                            gamang         nervous, affraid
gaduh noisy, boistereous, rowdy, tumult               gambangan yoke
gaduk arrogant, conceited                             gambarillustration, picture, drawing, sketch
gadungan       fake, bogus, imitation                 gambaran       illustration, picture of, image
gaek old                                              gambir gambier
gaet hook, snare                                      gamblang       clear, understandable, explicit
gaetan a hook, catch                                  gamblok        be attached to, hold on to, join
gagah strong, brawny, muscular, handsome,             gambutpeat moss, turf
dashing, heroic, brave, dauntless                     gamelan        gamelan
gagak raven, slow                                     gamit nudge
gagal fail                                            gamit-gamit nudging
gagang handle, stem, stalk, spadix                    gamitan        nudging
gagap stammer, stutter                                gampang        easy
                                                      gampang-gampangan easy going
gagas have an idea                                    gampangan easier
gagasan         idea, concept                         gamparstrike, slap
gagau grope                                           gamparan       slap, stroke, wooden clog, flapping
gagu mute, dumb, empty minded, void of ideas          slipper
gahar scrub, scour
gaharu eaglewood                                      gamping         limestone
gaib mysterious, invisible, hidden, incrutable,       ganas savage, ferocious, vicious, malignant
disappear, in absence                                 gancang         quick, spry, alert
gairah passion, strong desire                         gancaran        prose
gait    pull, hook, pluck, wheedle, swipe, steal,     ganco boat hook, packax
purloin                                               ganda fold, handicap
gajah elephant, bishop                                gandal obstacle, hindrance
gaji    wage, salary                                  gandalan        see "gandal"
gajian payday, wage laborer                           gandar lever, arm of scales, asle of wheel,
gajul scoundrel, rascal                               carrying pole
gajus cashew                                          gandel clapper
gala resin, pitch, caulking, gala                     gandeng         side by side, arm in arm, coupled
gala-gala       putty                                 gandengan       connection, truck teller, sidecar, go
                                                      side by side, arm to arm
galah punting pole, spear                             gandes graceful, charming, elegant
galak fierce, vicious, sharp and mean, impudent,      gandik milling stone
forward                                               gandin large mallet
galaksi galaxy
galang girder, supporting beam                        gandrung       infatuate, in love, crazy about
galangan        slip, dry dock, shipyard              ganduh barter
galant gallant                                        gandulan       hanger
galantin        galantine                             gandum         wheat, wheat flour
galar board                                           gandung        outrigger
galas carrying pole                                   gang alley, narrow street, corridor, passageway,
galau hubbub, confusion                               gang
galbani galvanise                                     ganggang       algae, seaweed
gali    dig, dig up, delve, unearth                   ganggu disturb, annoy
gali-galian     plants dug up                         gangguan       interference, hindrance, nuisance,
galian entrenchment                                   bother, annoyance, attack, assault
galib normal                                          ganggut        pull, tug
galir fluent, glib, articulate, agile, nimble, spry   gangsa brass
galon gallon                                          gangsir mole cricker
galur furrow, groove, channel                         ganja bemp plant, hasbish, marijuana
ganjak budge, move a bit                               garis line
ganjal a wedge, aprop, support                         garisah instinct
ganjalan      a wedge, prop, support                   garisan ruler
                                                       garit scratch, move
ganjar reward                                          garnisun         garrison
ganjaran       reward, just deserts, punishment,       garong robber
retribution                                            garpu fork
ganjat tangled, have a cramp                           garu barrow
ganjen coquettish                                      garuda mythical bird
ganjil uneven, odd, queer, abnormal
gantar stake, post                                     garuk round up
gantel hang from, stick                                garuk-garuk scratch
ganteng        handsome, dashing, coagulated,          garukan         scratch, scratching
congealed                                              garung growl, roar
gantet stick                                           garut abrade, chafe
ganti substitute, replacement, change, over            gas     gas, vapor from gasoline
gantole hang glader                                    gasak fight, hit
gantung        hang                                    gasakan         blow, drubbing, hitting
gantungan      hanger, hook, gallows                   gasal uneven, odd
ganyah polish, strike hard                             gasang lustful, lecherous, lascivious
ganyang        eat raw, devour, smash, crush,          gasing a top
eliminate                                              gasket gasket
ganyangan      nlow delivered                          gasolin gasoline
                                                       gasung sandbar
ganyar hard                                            gatal itch, cager for
gapah skillful, aroit, agile                           gatra phrase
gapai reach for, extend the hand for, grasp after,     gatuk match, meet, coincide
wave to, achieve, attain                               gatukan         being matched
gapit pincers, tweezers, clamp                         gaul associate
gaple dominoes                                         gaun gown
gaplek dried cassava                                   gaung echo, reverberation, hole, ravine
gapu reach, extend to
gapura gate, gateway, portal                           gawal mistakel, error
gara-gara       turbulence, just be cause              gawang         gate, goal posts, burdles
garah joking, jesting, frighten away, chase away       gawang-gawangan        wicket
garam salt, a mineral salt, experience,                gawar warning sign
effectiveness                                          gawat critical, serious, grave, dangerous, bad,
garan handle                                           terrible
garandir        guarantee                              gawe work
garang fierce, cruel, ferocious, vivid, very strong,   gawir escarpment
angry                                                  gaya energy, force, style, form
                                                       gayal elastic, tough of meat
garansi guarantee, warrant                             gayang staggering, reeling
garap work on                                          gayang-gayang          a rack
garas thin, cat, gobble up                             gayem chew the cud
garasi garage                                          gayeng pleasant, warm, cheerful, interesting
garau hoarse                                           gayuh hang low, aspiration, ideal
garba embryo                                           gayung water dipper, scoop, attack
garda guard                                            gayut hang, swing
gardan differential gear                               gayutan        swing
gardu guardhouse, sentry post, bus shelter, depot,
dump, magazine, relay station                          gebah    chase away, chase out
gari handcuffs                                         geber    vibrate
garib strange, percullar, exotic                       gebes    move, be unwilling
garing dry and crispy, crunchy, cool                   geblak   fall backward
geblok bolt of cloth, wad of money                   gelak laughter, laugh
gebok bolt of cloth                                  gelakak      hearty laugh
gebos scold, snap at
gebrakan       blow, chop, slap                      gelama mucus, phlegm
gebres sneeze                                        gelambir        wattle of fowl, jowls
gebu flare up, rage                                  gelandang       halfback
gebuk beat                                           gelandangan vagrant
gebyak perform, stage                                gelang bracelet
gebyakan       performance                           gelang-gelang tapeworm
gebyar sparkle, shine                                gelangan        hoop, bracelet
gebyuran       water splashed out                    gelangsat       slide, slip up
gecar trembling, fright                              gelantang       bleach, dry in the sun
gecek crush, smash, catch, seize                     gelanting       hang down, dangle
gedang large                                         gelantung       see "gelanting"
gede big, large                                      gelantur        flow forth, come forth
gedebros       talk nonsense                         gelap dark, unclear, secret
                                                     gelap-gelapan in a secret, illegal manner
gedempak       tambourine                            gelapan         darkness
gedempol       fat                                   gelar title, academic title, alias
gedeng sheaf                                         gelaran carpet, mat to sit on
gedok weave
gedokan        primitive handloom                    gelas glass
gedoncak       beat                                  gelatak tickle
gedong fancy house, mansion                          gelayangan meander, roam, ramble
gedongan       having in a large, stone house        gelayaran      stagger
gedor pound on, break into plander                   gelebar flap
gedoran        loot, plunder                         geleburplunge, jump into
gedruk stamp                                         gelebyar       fly around
gedrukan       stamping                              gelecek        skid, slip
gedung building                                      gelecik see "gelecek"
geduyut        drrop, bend                           geledah        search, frisk
gegabah        rash, reckless                        geledek        thunder, lightning
gegaman        hand weapon                           geleding       twist, warp
gegaokan       caw                                   gelegak        bubble, effervesee, wheeze
gegap uproarious, noisy, clamorous                   gelegar beam, girder, thundering, rumbling
gegar shaking, swaying                               gelegata       itchy rash, prickly beat
gegares        stuff                                 gelek rool over, roll, run over, dodge
gegau stratled                                       gelekak        peel
gegep pliers                                         gelekek        giggle, snicker
                                                     gelemat        forecastle
geger commotion, be in tumult
gegeran         make a commotion                     gelemberan wattle of fowl
gegetun         surprised, dumbfounded               gelembung        bubble, vesicle, swollen
geguyon         joke                                 gelembungan bubble
gejala symptom, tendency                             gelembur         ripple
gejolak flaming, fire, fluctuation                   gelemprang high pitched
gejuju build up, pile up                             gelentang        roll over
geladak         deck, mongrel dog, criminal          gelenyar         tingle
geladi rebearsal                                     gelepak          sag, collapse
geladir mucus, phlegm, slime                         gelepar fluttering
gelagah         wild sugascane                       geleparan        fluttering
gelagapan       stutter, stammer, confused,          gelepok          muddy
flustered, losing direction                          gelepot muddy
gelagar thunder                                      gelepurflapping, fluttering
gelagat sign, indication, symptom, attitude, habit   geleser begin to turn, flotter
geletak flounder, flutter                      gelulur slide down, fall, slip down
geletar shiver, tremble, beat                  gelumang        muddied
geleting        tinkle                         gelundung       roll downward
geletis twitch, squirm                         gelung coil, curve, turn
geletuk chattering                             gelungan        coil, curve
geli    amused, ticklish                       geluntur        glide, slide
                                               gelup fall out, drop ot
geliang writhe, scriggle                       gelusak         trouble, throw
geliat writhe, wriggle                         gelut screstle, romp, quarrel
gelicik avoid, evade                           gema echo, reverberate
geligis tremble, quiver, shudder, chatter      gemak handle, finger
geligit bite repeatedly                        gemal bunch, shreaf
gelimangan mud                                 gemala magic stone, probably bezoar
gelimbir        hang loosely, hang in folds
gelimbiran      sagging                        geman afraid, frightened
gelincir        slip, skid                     gemang          thick, cylinder
gelincuh        stumble                        gemap astounded, dumbfounded
gelinding       wheel                          gemar be fond of, delight in
gelindingan caster                             gemas annoyed, put out, passionate
gelinggam       red lead, red dye, red paint   gembala         shepherd, herdsman
gelinggaman shudder, get the creeps            gembang         pudgy
gelinjang       jump up and down               gembar-gembor           ranting
gelintang       sprawled                       gembira         glad, happy, cheerful
gelintin        sticky, thick, concentrated    gembleng        united, welded into, forge, harden,
gelinting       roll, scrithe, squirm          train, undoctrinate
                                               gemblengan discipline, training
gelintir pellet                                gemblok         cling to
gelis lovely, pretty                           gembok          padlock
gelisah nervous, on edge, worried              gembolcarry
gelitar struggle                               gembong         leader, brains, prominent figure
gelitik tickle, stimulus, incitement           gembor          watering can
gelitikan        tickling                      gembor-gemboran         ballyhooing
geliut writhe, squirm
gelo unmannered, foolish                       gembos        deflated
gelodarsee "geliut"                            gembrot       big bellied, paunchy
gelogok          swig, gulp                    gembulalways hungry
gelohok          opened wide                   gembung       swollen, suffed, filled
gelojak slap, wash against                     gembungan swelling
gelojohgluttomous, greedy                      gembur        loose, crumble
gelombang        phase, facet                  gemeletak     shiver, chatter
gelompar         leap up                       gemelugut     shake, shiver, shudder
gelondong        roll, bunch                   gemercak      splatter, splashing
geloneng         small gong                    gemerincingan tinkling, clinking
gelonggong nubble at                           gemerlap      shining, gleaming
gelonjak         jumping up and down           gemerusuk     rustle
gelora seething, turbulence, enthusiasm        gemetar       tremble
                                               gemetaran     trembling, tremor
gelosang       hurry up                        gemilang      brilliant, shining, bright
gelosok        rub hard                        geminasi      gemination
gelosor slip                                   gemingkeep quiet, be motionless
gelotrak       rattle                          gemintang     full of stars
geluduk        deep, far off thunder
geluga red lead                                geminte        municipality
geluh loam                                     gempa earthquake
geluk coconut shell                            gempal sturdy, plump
gemparuproar, commotion
gemparan      tumult, stir                            gentat dented
gempel adhere, fuse                                   gentayangan roam about
gempil chipped, damaged                               gentel pill, pellet
gempilan      chip, splinter, sliver                  genteng         roof tile
gempita       loud                                    gentingnarrow, thin, frayed, critical
gempul-gempul         panting, out of breath          gentus surly, offensive
gempur        attack                                  genyot awry, askew
gempuran      attack, assult, charge                  geodesi         geodesy
gemuk fat, corpulent, grease, rich, fertiliser        geofisik        geophysical
gemulai       supple, pliant, swaying                 geofisika       geophysics
gemulung      rolling                                 geofisikawan geophysicist
gemuruh       thundering, cannonading,                geografi        geography
clamorous                                             geografis       geographical
gena gene                                             geokimia        geochemistry
genah proper, straightened                            geol away, swing
genangan      puddle                                  geologis        geological
genap exactly enough, even                            geologiwan geologist
gencar unceasing, incessant, unbroken                 geometri        geometry
gencar-gencarnya      incessantly                     geometris       geometrical
gencat stopped, suspended, stunted                    geopolitik      geopolitics
gencatan      cessation
gencet squeeze, urge, press, crush, suppress          geopolitis     geopolitical
gencetan      suppression                             geotermis      geothermic
gendak mistress, concubine                            gepak kick
gendang       drum                                    gepuk fat, obese
gendeng       dumb, stupid, oblique, inclined         gera frighten, threaten
gendong       carry                                   gerabah        earthenware vessels
gendongan     carrying cloth                          gerabak        trickle, flow
genduk girl                                           gerabang       large rip, gaping hole
gendut corpulent, potbellied, very profitable         geradakan      uneven, rough
genealogi     genealogy                               geragas        gluttonous
genealogis    genealogical                            geragau        claw at
                                                      gerah stiflingly hot, sultry, sick
generalisasi generalisation                           geraham        molar
generalisir     generalise                            gerahan        difficulty
generasi        generation                            gerai dig, excavate
generator       generator                             gerak movement
genetika        genetics                              gerakan        movement
genggam         handful                               geram infuriated, pasionate
genggaman grasp, grip                                 gerang tooth blackener
genggang        ajar, slightly open, fissure, split   gerangan       can it be ?
genggong        harmonica                             geranggang bamboo spear
gengsi prestige, put on airs
genial genial                                         gerantam        explosion
genialitas      geniality                             gerantang       tumult, din, racket, snarl, growl
genit firtatious, vain                                gerapai grope
genitif genitive                                      gerasakan       rough
genjang         askew, rhomboid                       gerat gnash
genjur stiff                                          geratak scarch, look for
genta vibrate                                         geratih canter
gentar vibrate, tremble                               gerayang        crawl, scratch
gentaran        vibration, tresmor                    gerbak pervade
gentas pinched, finished                              gerhana         eclipse, in difficulty
geriatri geriatrics                                 gerundang       tadpole
geriatrik        geriatric                          gerundel        complain, pout
geridip blink                                       gerunjal        jolt, appear suddenly
gerigi serration                                    gerupis tinker at, putter at
gerigis serrated, cogged                            gerusan         scraping, rubbing
gerigit gnaw at                                     gerut scraping, scratching
gerilya guerrilla                                   gerutanscratch, claw
gerimisdrizzle                                      gerutu rough, coarse
gerindagrindstone, emery wheel                      gerutuan        complaint, gripe
gering ill, esp, of animal                          geruyak         shake
gerinjam         car scoop                          gesa in a hurry
                                                    gesek rub, scrape
gerinyau        feel itchy                          gesekan         rubbing, friction, stringed
gerip date pencil                                   instrument
geripir court clerk                                 gesel fricative
germo pimp, procurer, panderer, brothel keeper
germud          crowd, swarm around                 geser see "gesel"
gero-gero       wail                                gesit nimble, adroit, skillful
geroak have a large, gaping tear                    gesper clasp, buckle
gerobak         cart, car                           getah sap, fatex, gland secretion
gerobok         bubble, gurgle                      getap broken, quick tempered, easily shicked
gerogi dazed, dizzy                                 getar tremble, trill
gerogoh         grab at, grope                      getaran vibration, quiver, trill, pulsation, frequency
gerogol         palisade                            getas brittle, easily, clear, distinct
gerogot         gnaw on, undermine, embezzle        getek small raft
gerogotan       gnawing, embezzlement, erosion      getik tap lightly, flick
gerohok         hollow, empty                       getikan a pinch, a nip
gerombol        assemble, collect                   getil a pinch of
gerombolan group, bunch, cluster, gang, band        getir bitter
                                                    getis brittle, frail
gerong hole                                         getokan         stick to hit with
geronggang cavity, be bollow                        getol diligent, industrious, hardworking
gerontologi gerontology
geronyot       throb with pain, twitch              getun surprise, astonishment
geropyok       stage a raid, give chase, round up   gewang          mother of pearl
geropyokan raid                                     geyong large buttocked
geros snore                                         geyong-geyong           dangle
gerosok        wade                                 giat    energetic, active
gerosokan      seething, roaring                    gida tempt, plague
gersang        dry, barren, coarse                  gidig shudder, shiver
gertak snarl, snapping, threaten                    gigi tooth, cog, gear, edge
gertakan       snarling, snapping, threat,          gigi-gigi       tread, perforation
intimidation, spurring                              gigih persevering
geru roar                                           gigil shiver, tremble
gerudug        attack en masse                      gigir mountain ridge, range of hills
gerugut        grooved, corrugated                  gigit bite
geruh snoore, roar                                  gigitan a bite
gerumbul       density                              gila    insane, crazy, obsessed, infatuated
gerumit        perform line, meticulous work        gila-gilaan     foolhardy, foolish, frantic, like
                                                    mad, exessive, beyond reason
gerumpung mutilated, deformed                       gilang-cemerlang        glitterring and bright
gerumuk     sit hunched up
gerumus     murmur                                  gilang-gemilang        bright and brilliant
gerumut     swarm                                   gilap brilliantly shining
gerun overwhelming fear
gilas crush, pulverise, run over, overrun, cross     glotokronologi glottocronology
over                                                 glukosa        glucose
gili      tickle, incite, egg on                     gobar somber
gili-gili          bund, earthen dike, sidewalk      gobet cut very thin, grate
giling steam roller                                  goblek finished, done
giling-giling see "giling"
gilingan           mill                              goblok stupid
gilir alternate, take turns                          gocan toss and turn
giliran turn, shift, seve                            gocob fight, pummel
gim gold thread                                      godaan temptation
gimnastik          gymnastics                        godam sledgehammer
gimpal locket, pendant                               godek side whiskers, sideburns
gin       gin                                        godog boil
gincu lipstick                                       godok boil
ginekolog          gynecologist                      godokan        boiled food
ginekologi         gynecology                        godot slice, saw thinly
ginjal kidney                                        gohong         hole, cave
                                                     gojlok shake up, haze
giok jade                                            gojlokan       hazing
gips gypsum, plaster cast                            gokart go cart
gir     gear wheel, cogwheel                         gol    goal, score, point
girang glad, happy                                   golak flare up, outburst
girik ID card, chit, title of land ownership         golak-galik up and down, to and for
girik-girik     area nut crusher                     golakan        seething, violent move, stir
giring herd, drive, escort a criminal                golek be around, lounge around
giring-giring bell                                   golek-golek see "golek"
giringan        procession                           golekan        doll, puppet
giris feel fear and horror
giro clearing, credit transfer, check for deposito   goler lie down
only                                                 golf golf
giro pos        postal clearing                      golok machete
giroskop        gyroscope                            golong classify, group
gisik beach                                          golongan       group
gita    hymn, song                                   gombak         forelock, tuft, crest
gitar guitar                                         gombalempty, false
gitaris guitarist                                    gombang        handsome, good looking
giuk guy                                             gombeng        enlarge
giur arouse interest, tempt                          gombol         bunch
                                                     gombrong       loose fitting
giwang ear stud                                      gombyok        tassel, fringe
gizi    nutrient                                     gompaltorn down, broken
gladi rehearsal                                      gompyok        thick, betasseled, bunch
gladiol gladiolus                                    gonada gonad
glasiasiglaciation                                   goncang        shake, shaky, swaying, onstable
glaukoma        glaucoma                             goncangan      a shake, a jolt, shock
glazur glazing, tooth enamel, cake frosting          gondang        snail, slug
gletser glacier                                      gondok         goiter
gliseringlycerine                                    gondol steal, swipe
global global, overall, broad                        gondong        gotter
glondongan unprocessed timber
glos gloss                                           gondrong     long haired
glosarium       glossary                             gong gong
glotal glottal                                       gonggong     bark
glotalisasi     glottalisation                       gonggongan bark
glotis glottis                                       goni jute, gunny sack
goniometri     goniometry                             grojok gush forth
gonorea        gonorrhea                              grojokan       flushing
gonta-ganti mutually, reciprocally, take turns,       gros gross, large
changing repeatedly                                   grup group
gontai slow                                           gua    cave, grotto
gontok quarrel, fist fight                            gual-gail      loose, wobbly
gontokan       see "gontok"                           guam thrush
gonyak ridicule, deride                               gubah arrange, compose
gonyok         wipe, scour, make clean
gonyokan       wiping, cleaning, scourge              gubahan       arrangement, composition, literary
gopoh quick                                           work
gopoh-gopoh in a hurry, hurriedly                     gubal clump, pile, cambium
gorden curtain                                        gubel coax, urge
goreng fried                                          gubernemen get, residence of the governor
gorengan       fried                                  gubernur      governor
gores scratch, etch line into                         gubit beckon to
                                                      gubris heed, pay attention to
goresan        scratch                                gubrisan      attention
gorila gorilla                                        gubuk hut, shake
gorok cut                                             guci porcelain jug
gorong-gorongwater channel                            gudang warehouse, storehouse, storeroom
gosip gossip                                          gudel water buffalo calf, plaque
gosok brush                                           gudik scabies
gosok-gosokan          incitement, instagation        gudikan       mangy
gosokan        rubbing, polishing, instigation        gugah waken, arouse, grouse, complain, grumble
gosong sandbar                                        gugahan       the moving of
got    gutter, drain                                  gugat a shick, jerk, jolt, accuse, charge, critise,
gotek matches                                         judge, claim
gotes pluck, pick, gather
gotong carry                                          gugatan         accusation, suit, claim, criticism
gotong-royong community self help, mutual             guguh bear, knock on, very old
cooporation                                           gugup panicky, nervous, jittery
gotongan       heavy burden, share load               gugur fall
gotri pellet, buckshot                                gugus group, clusser
goyah loose                                           gugusan         group, cluster
goyak shake, rock                                     guik aqueal
goyang shaky, wobbly, unsteady                        gula sugar
goyangan       oscillation, staggering, fluctuation   gula-gula       sweets, candy, mistress
                                                      gulai curry
gradasi gradation                                     gulali taffy
graduil gradual                                       gulat wrestle
gram gram                                             gulden guilder
gramatika       grammar                               guli marbles
gramatikal      grammatical                           guliga bezoar
gramopon        phonograph                            guling roll
granat granade                                        gulir move, roll on, go
granit granite                                        gulita dark
gratifikasi     bonus, dividend                       gulma weeds
gratis free, gratis                                   gulung roll, coil
gravir engraving                                      gulut in a hurry, hastily, in haste
gravitasi       gravity                               gumal wrinkled, creased, rumpled, crumpled
greges feverish
grehon greyhound                                      gumammumble, suppress
grendellatch, door bolt                               gumaman     a murmur
gres brand new                                        gumok knoll
gumpalclod, clump, wad, ball                               guyuran        splash
gumpalan       clod, clump, limp, agglomerate
gumul wrestle, struggle
gumul-gumulan          playfully wrestle                   Indonesia - Inggris
gumulan        a tangle
guna use, purpose
guna-guna      magic, magical formulas                     H
gunawan        virtuous, noble, useful
gundah depressed, dejected                                 Habsyi Ethiophia, African
gundal notch, knot                                         Hanuman        the white monkey
gundar coarse brush                                        Hindu Hindu
gundik concubine, mistress                                 Hinduisasi     Hinduisation
gundu marble                                               habis finish, complete, completely
gundukan       heap, pile                                  habis-habisan completely
gundul bald, bare, leafless                                hablur crystal
gunggung       sum total                                   had     boundary, limit
                                                           hadap across, side, facing in a certain direction
gunggungan the total                                       hadapan        front, future, presence
gunjai tassel, tuft                                        hadas ritual impurity
gunjing          gossip                                    hadiah prize, reward, gift
gunjingan        slanderous gossip                         hadir be present
guntak rattling                                            hadirat presence
gunting          scissors, shears, clippers, cut, clip     hadirin those present, audience
guntingan        clipping                                  hadrah tambourine
guntung          flat, level, smooth, short, blunt, flat   hadrat presence
guntur thunder                                             hafal know by heart
gunung           mountain                                  hafalan material to be memorised
gunung-gunungan           imitation mountain, hillock,
hill, heap, pile                                           hafalkan         see "menghafal"
gunungan         imitation mountain                        hai     hey !
gurah gargle, rinse                                        haid menstruation
guram dull, dim, hazy, chicken flea, insignificant,        haik charge !
inconsequential                                            haiya greeting, exclamation of disapproval
gurami gurami                                              hajar beat up
gurat scratch, line, line in the palm                      hajaran beating, trashing
                                                           hajat wish, intent, orination, desire
guratansketch, outline, facial scrinkle                    hak     right, rightful
gurau a joke                                               hakekat          truth, reality, essence
gurdi drill, auger                                         hakiki true, real, authentic
gurih deliciously oily                                     hakim judge
gurita octopus                                             hal     matter, thing, case, concerning
guru teacher                                               hala direction
guruh thunder                                              halai allowed, permitted, rightful, legal
gurun wasteland, desert                                    halai-halai      ignored, neglected, in confusion
gurung windpipe, esophagus, gullet                         halaman          yard, premises, page
gurungan        water channel
gusah chase away                                           halang be bindered, handicapped
gusar angry                                                halangan      hindrance, obstacle
gusti the lord                                             halau expel
gusur haul, drag, condemn, flatten                         halaukan      see "menghalau"
gutural guttural                                           halia ginger
guyon joking                                               halilintar    flash, thunder
guyonan         joke, object of fun                        halimbubu     whirlwind
guyub friendly, close, mutually helpful                    halimun       mist, fog
guyur bathed                                               halma chinesse checkers
halo hello                                          harapkan         see "mengharap"
halsduk       neck scraft                           harbor beaverboard, hardboard
halte bus stop                                      hardboard        see "harbor"
halter dumbbell:bar bell                            hardik snarl
haluan bow, prow, direction, foremost section       hardikan         rebuke, harsh words
halus refine, sensitive, soft, unseen, small        harfiah literal, word for word
halusinasi    hallucination                         harga price
ham ham                                             hari day
hama plant disease, pest, infection, scourge        hari-hari        day after day, for several days
hamba slave, servant                                harian daily
                                                    harim wife
hambartasteless, flat, insipid, vapit, trite        harimau          tiger
hambat checked, blocked                             haring herring
hambatan       obstacle, barrier, fence, closure    harkat level, standard, rate, dignity
hambur         scattered about
hamburger      hamburger                            harlah anniversary, birthday
hampa empty, without result                         harmoni         harmony
hamparbe spread out                                 harmonika       harmonica
hamparan       rug, carpet, spread out area         harmonis        harmonious, harmonic
hampir near, close, almost                          harmonisasi harmonisation
hampir-hampirvery nearly                            harmonium harmonium
hampiran       vicinity, neighborhood               harpa harp
hamud acid                                          harpis harpist
hamun rail at, be abusive                           hart heart
hana empty, deserted                                harta property
hancing        stench, foul odor                    hartawan        wealthy person
hancur shattered, smashed                           haru commotion, uproar
hancuran       debris, solution                     harum fragrant, romatic, fragrance
                                                    haruman         perfume
handai friend, companion                            harus have to, must
handikap       handicap                             has    filet, gause
handuk towel                                        hasad envy, spite
hangat warm                                         hasan good, beautiful, handsome
hangat-hangat while hot                             hasil yield, product, result
hangatan       warming up                           hasrat longing, desire, propensity
hanggar        airplane hangar, sports hall
hangus burnt, scorched, singed, completely use up   hasta cubit
hanil pregnant                                      hastakarya       handicrafts, petting
hantam strike                                       hasut incite, goad, stir up
hantaman       blow, smack, punch                   hasutan          instigation, provocation, agitation
hantir wield, manage, handle                        hasyiah          edge, border, marginal annotation
hantu ghost, evil spirit                            hasyis hasbish
hanya only, however                                 hati    liver, seat of emotion, heart
hanyut washed away, drift, wander                   hati-hati        be careful, carefully
hanyut-hanyut see "berhanyut"                       hatta then
hanyut-hanyutan         see "berhanyut"             haus thirsty, thirst
hanyutan       drift, flowing movement              hawa air, climate
                                                    hawa nafsu carnal desire, lust
hapus completely remove, clean, erase               hawar blight
harakiri     suicide                                hayat life
haram forbidden, proscribed, on no account,         hayati biological
never                                               hayo come
haramjadah illegitimate                             heban hurl
harap hope                                          hebat intelligence, violence, attractiveness
harapan      hope                                   hebat-hebatan intensive
                                                   hidang serve with
heboh commotion, fuss, sensational                 hidangan       serving, presentation
hektar hectare                                     hidayat guidance
hektoliter     hectoliter                          hidrat hydrate
hela drag, haul, pull                              hidrogen       hydrogen
helah trick, escuse, pretext                       hidrolik       hydraulic
helai sheet, a counter of paper, leaf              hidrolisis     hydrolysis
helaian sheet                                      hidrolistrik   hydroelectric
helak be wafted, lifted back
helat celebration, party                           hidrologi        hydrology
heleng turn, look                                  hidrologis       hydrological
heli    helicopter                                 hidu sniff in, in hale
helicak three wheeled motorised pedicab            hidung nose
helikopter     see "heli"                          hidup be alive, live, life, fresh, run, long iive,
helipad helicopter pad                             prevocalic
helium helium                                      hidup-hidup alive
helm helmet                                        hidupan          alive
hem shirt                                          higiene hygiene
hemat judgment, observation, thrifty, economical   higienis         hygienic
hembalang      tumble head over heels              hijau grren, verdant, inexperienced
                                                   hijau-hijauan greenery
hembalangkan see"menghembalang"                    hikayat tale, story, history
hemong          homo                               hikmahwisdom, philosophy, magical power,
hendak wish, will do it, intend, be about to       power in general
hendaknya       be desirable                       hikmat see "hikmah"
hendam karam destroyed, wiped out                  hilang lost
hendel handle                                      hilir lower course, downstream
heng hands                                         hiliran downstream course of a river, fistula
hening clear, silent, quiet
hentam stamp                                       himar zebra
hentaman        foot stamping, big explosion       himne a solemn song
henti stopping, stoppage                           himpit coincide
hepatitis       hepatitis                          himpitan        press, crush
her     retake, make up exam                       himpun          assemble, gather
heran surprised, amazed, astonishment              himpunan        insult, indignity, taunt, gibe
herba herb                                         hindar avoid
herbisida       herbicide                          hingar noisy
heroik heroic                                      hingga until, up to
heroin heroin                                      hinggap         perch, alight, attack
heroisme        heroism                            hio    joss stick
hetero heterosexual                                hiolo incense burner
                                                   hiperbola       hyperbole
heuristia      heuristic                           hiperbolis      hyperbolism
hewan domesticated animal, pet, animal             hipertensi      hypertention
hewani of an animal                                hipnotis        hypnotic
hiansay        son in law                          hipnotisir      hypnotise
hias be decorated, adorned                         hipnotisme      hypnotism
hiasan decoration, illustration                    hipokrasi       hypocrisy
hiatus hiatus                                      hipokrit        hypocrite
hibah bequest, grant                               hipotenusa      hypotenuse
hibahan        bequest                             hipotesa        hypothesa
hibernasi      hibernation
hibrida hybrid                                     hipotesis      hypothesis
hibur entertaun                                    hirap disappear, vanish
hiburan        consolation, entertainment          hirarki hierarchy
hirarkis         hierarchical                      hotdog hotdog
hirau heed, note, pay attention to                 hotel hotel
hiruk tumult                                       hubaya-hubaya         make sure that
hirup draw on, sip at, sniff in, implosive         hubung         connected, related
hirupan          whiff                             hubungan       connection, relationship, contact,
hisap computation, calculation                     context, coupling
hisit shark fin
histeri hysteria                                   hujah proof, evidence
histeris hysterical                                hujan rain
histologi        histology                         hujat blasphemy
histologik       histological                      huk     hook, corner, intersection
historikus       historian                         hukum law, verdict
historiografi historiography                       hukuman        punishment
historis historic                                  huler rice buller
historisitas     historicity                       hulu upper course, beginning of
hit      extremely popular                         hulu-hulu      upriver region
hitam black, dark                                  huluan see "hulu-hulu"
                                                   hulubalang     cpmmander, district chief
hitung arithmetic                                  hulukan        see "berhulu"
hitungan      count                                huma field for dry rice cultivation, newly cleared
hiu    shark                                       land for agriculture
hiung whistle                                      humaniora      the humanities
hobi hobby, like to                                humanisme humanism
hodeng comportment                                 humas public relation
hokah hookah                                       humor joke, funny
hoki good luck                                     humoris        humorist
hokki field hockey
homo male homosexual                               humoristis     humorous
homogen       homogeneous                          huni occupied
homonim       homonym                              hunjampierce, dive
homonimi      homonymy                             huru-hara      disturbance, riot
homoseksualitas      homosexuality                 huruf letter, character
hongerudim malnutrition                            hutan woods, forest
honghouw      empress                              hutang debt, obligation
hongsi rheumatism                                  hutangan       having a debt
honor honorarium, payment for service
honorarium see "honor"
honorer       honorary, not officially confirmed   Indonesia - Inggris
honorifik     honorific
hop    head, chief
hopeng close friend
horas greeting!, long live!                        Ibrani Hebrew
horden curtains, drapery                           Indonesia       Indonesia, Indonesian
hore hurray!                                       Indonesianisasi        Indonesianisation
horison        horizon                             Indonesianisme         Indonesianism
horisontal     horizontal                          Inggris England, English
hormat respect, esteem, respectful                 Injil Gospel
hormon         hormone                             Islam Islam
horn ice cream cone                                Isolasi isolation
horoskop       horoscope                           ialah is, are
hortikultura horticulture                          iba     pity
hoskut housecoat                                   ibadah act of devotion, religious service
hostes taxi dancer, bar waitress, prostitute       ibarat like, simile, metaphor
hosti host                                         iblis devil, Satan
ibtida beginning                                     ikal     curl, lock, curly, wavy
ibu      mother                                      ikalan string, thread
ibu tiri step mother                                 ikamat final call to prayer
ibunda mother                                        ikan fish
icak-cole       defaulter on payments                ikat     string, cord to tie
icak-icak       pretend, act as if, fake, spurious   ikatan union society, league, bond, tie, knot
icak-icakan false, pretended                         ikhlas sincere, free choice, decision, initiative
                                                     ikhtiari optional
icip-icip         food sample                        ikhtilaf difference, discrepancy, deviation
ida      title of nobility                           ikhtirafan        recognition
idam craving                                         ikhtisarsummary, recapitulation, synopsis
idam-idaman aspiration, ideal                        ikhtisariah       succinet, brief
idaman long after                                    ikhwan brother, fraternal
idap ail                                             iklan advertisement
idapan persistent illness, discase, sickly
ide      idea                                        iklim climate
ideal ideal                                          ikonis iconic
idealis idealist                                     ikonografi      iconography
idealisasi        idealisation                       ikrar promisee, declaration of intent
idealisme         idealism                           iktikal religious retreat
idealistik        idealistic                         iktisab legal profit
idem idem                                            iktisad economy, economy matters
identifi identify                                    ikut follow, go along
identifikasi      identification                     ikut-ikut       be a hanger on
identik identical                                    ikut-ikutan     always a follower
identitas         identity, identification           ilahi God
ideologi          ideology                           ilahiat Godliness, divineness
ideologis         ideological                        ilai    neigh, laugh uproariously
idep eyelash                                         ilam-ilam       hazy, harely, visible
idependen         independent                        ilas    squash, crush
                                                     ilat    physically handicapped, physical defect
idola popular idol                                   iler    slobber, spittle
ifaf    sexual abstinence                            ileran drool
ifitah opening prayer
ifrit   evil spirit                                  ilham divine inspiration, inspiration, brainstorm
iftar ending of fast                                 illustratif    illustrative
iga     rib                                          ilmiah scientific
igal    strut, display of feathers, dance in a       ilmiawan       scientist, scholar
strutting way                                        ilmu knowledge
igal-igal        dancing                             ilusi illusion
igauan delirium, nonsense                            ilustrasi      illustration
ihsan good deeds, charity                            imaginatif     imaginative
ihtilam nocturnal emission                           imaj image
ihtimal assign task to                               imajinasi      imagination
ijab    final offer, agreement, consent              imajiner       imaginary
ijabab approval                                      imam faith, belief, creed
ijabah approval                                      imamatleadership, priesthood
ijabat approval                                      imanen immanent
ijajil devil                                         imani religious, pious
ijasah diploma                                       imaniah        see "imani"
ijin    permission, permit, license                  imbak imagine, dream of
ijmal resume, summary                                imbal lopsided, awry, unbalanced, of balance
                                                     imbangbalance, match, equal
ijtima astral conjunction
ijuk embarrassed, ashamed                            imbang-imbangan        approximately equal
imbangan        match                             in absentia    in absentia
imbangkan       see "memperimbangkan"             inai   banna, red nail polish
imbas air current, electrical current             inang wet nurse, nursenaid, female trader
imbasan         air current, electrical current   inang-inang mistress
imbau appeal                                      inap spend the night, stay overnight
imbauan         see "imbau"                       inaugurasi     inauguration
imbo built in                                     inayah help, aid, assistance
imbuh supplement, extra
imigran         immigrant                         inayat see "inayah"
imigrasi        immigration                       incang aim at, peek
iming tantalize, entice                           incang-incut zig-zag, askew, not of equal lenght
iming-iming see "iming"                           incar drill, borer
imitasi imitation                                 incaran aim, target, thing aimed at
imla dictation                                    inci     inch
imlah dictation                                   incit go away
imlak dictation                                   incrit-incrit dole out
imobilitas      immobility                        incut lame, crippled
imoral immoral                                    indah beautiful, handsome, precious, valuable
impak impact                                      indang winnow
impas impasse, deadlock, paid off                 indekost        rent room
                                                  indeks index, price increase
imperatif      imperative                         indeksasi       indexing
imperialis     imperialist                        inden pivot
imperialisme imperialism                          indera sense
imperialistis imperialistic                       indikasi        indication
imperium       empire                             indikator       indicator
impersonalitas impersonality, impersonal          individu        an individual
character                                         individual      individual
impi dream, hope
impian dream, vision, wish                        individualisasi individualisation
implemen       implement, tool                    individualisir individualise
implementasi implementation                       individualisme individualism
implikasi      implication                        individualistis individualistic
implisir       implicate, imply                   individualitas individuality
implisit       implicit                           indoktrinasi indoctrination
impor import                                      indoktrinator indoktrinator
importir       importer                           indoktrinir     indoctrinate
impoten        inpotent                           indologi        Indonesian studies
impotensi      impotence                          indrawi         sensory
impregnasi     impregnation                       induk mother, chief
impresaris     impresarion                        induksi induction
                                                  indusemen       inducement
impresiimpression                                 industri        industry
impresif      impressive                          industrialis    industrialist
improvisasi improvisation                         industrialisasi industrialisation
improvisator improviser                           industriawan industrialist
improvisir    improvise
impuls impulse                                    industriil        industrial
impulsif      impulsive                           inefisiensi       inefficiency
imsak predawn                                     infantri infantry
imsakiah      fasting calendar                    infark infarct
imun immune                                       infeksi infection
imunisasi     immunisation                        infertil infertile
imunitas      imunity                             infiks infix
imunologi     immunology                          infiltran         infiltrator
infiltrasi     infiltration                         insan man, human being
inflatoir      inflationary                         insang fish gills
influensa      influenza                            insani human
informan       informant, source                    insektisida     insecticide
informasi      information                          inseminasi      insemination
informatif     informative                          insentifincentive
informil       informal                             insersi insertion
infrastruktur infrastructure                        insiden incident
infus infussion                                     insidensi       incidence
infusi infussion                                    insidentil      incidental
ingat remember, recall, attentive, careful, plan,   insinuasi       insinuation
intend                                              insinye badge, identifying button
ingat-ingat    be careful, be attentive             insinyur        engineer
                                                    insisi incission
ingat-ingatan souvenir, keepsake, recall vaguely    inskripsi       inscription
ingatan memory, remembrance, thought, notion,       insolvensi      insolvency
purpose                                             inspeksi        inspectorate, inspection
inggang-inggung            stagger, totter
ingin want, wish, desire                            inspektorat      inspectorate
ingkar reluctant, refuse                            inspirasi        inspiration
ingkel tease, pester, oppress, maltreat, torture    instalasi        installation
ingsut shift, move slowly                           instalatur       installer, fitter, electrician
ingus snot                                          instansi         institute, agency
ingusan           runny nosed                       insting instinct
inhalasi          inhalation                        institusional institutional
inhereninherent                                     institusionalisasi       institutionalisation
inhibisi          inhibition                        institut institute
ini      this, these (jamak)                        instruksi        instruction
inisial initial                                     instruktur       instructor
inisiasi initiation                                 instrumen        instrument
inisiatif         initiative                        instrumental instrumental
injak pedal, stirrup, running board                 instrumentasi instrumentation
                                                    insubordinasi insubordination
injak-injak     see "injak"                         intai spy on, watch surreptitiously, lurk, lie in
injak-injakan pedal, stirrup, running board         wait
injeksi injection
injili evangelical                                  intaian spy
inkarnasi       incarnation                         intan diamond
inkaso payment, collection, cashing of a check      integral         integral
inklaring       clearance                           integrasi        integration
inklinasi       inclination                         integratif       integrative
inklusif        inclusive                           integrir integrate
inkompatibilitas        incompatibility             intel intelligence
inkonsekwensi inconsistency                         intelek intellect
inkonstitusional        unconstitusional            intelektual      intelectual
inkonvensional          unconventional              intelektualisme          intellectualism
inkorporasi incorporation                           intelektuil      intellectual
inkubasi        incubation                          inteligensi      intelligence, intelligent
inkubator       incubator                           intendan         quartermaster
inkuisi inquisition                                 intens intense
                                                    intensi intention
inokulasi      inoculation                          intensifintensive
inovasi innovation                                  intensifikasi intensification
inovatif       innovative                           intensitas       intensity
insaf realise, understand                           interaksi        interaction
interdependensi         interdependency             inventarisir to inventory
                                                    inversi inversion
interesan         interesting                       investasi        investment
interferensi interference                           investasikan invest
interim interim                                     investigasi      investigation
interinsuler interinsular                           investor         investor
interior interior                                   invitasi invitation
interjeksi        interjection
interkom          intercom                          ionis ionic
interlokal        interlocal                        ionisasi         ionisation
intermeso         intermezzo                        ionosfer         ionosphere
intern internal, domestic                           ipar brother in law, sister in law
internasional international                         iprit run away out of fear
internasionalisasi        internasionalisation      ipuk grow, cultivate
internasionalisme         internasionalism          ipukan seedling
internat          dormitory                         iradab will of God
internir intern, imprison                           iradat see "iradab"
interniran        internee, internment champ        irama rhythm
internisinternist                                   iras     similar
interogasi        interrogation                     irasional        irrasional
                                                    irigasi irrigation
interogatif      interrogative                      iring in a row, unanimous, together with, along
interpelan       questioner                         with
interpelasi      interpellation                     iring-iringan procession
interpolasi      interpollation                     iringan see "beriring-iring"
interpretasi     interpretation                     iringi together with, join in, accompany
intertip intertype                                  iris     sloce
interupsi        interuption                        irisan slice, section
intervensi       intervention                       irit     economical, frugal
interviu         interview
inti     kernel, nucleus                            iritasi irritation
intian core                                         ironi irony
intim intimate, close                               ironis ironic
intimidasi       intimidation                       isap suck, smoke, absorb
intip spy on, peep at                               isbat confirmation, ratification
intipan surveillance                                iseng causally, leisurelly
intoleran        intolerant                         isi      volume, contents, capacity, substance
intonasi         intonation                         isin     shy, embarrassed, ashamed
intra-universiter        intrauniversity            isit     guns
intransitif      intransitive                       isolasionisme isolasionism
intrik intrigue, conspiracy, plot                   isolemen         isolation
                                                    istana palace, castle
intrikatif       full of intrigues                  istiadat custom, tradition
introduksi       introduction                       istilah technical term
introdusir       introducer                         istimal utilisation
introspeksi      introspection                      istimewa         special, extraordinary
introversi       introversion                       istirahat        rest, pause, break, intermission,
intrusi intrusion                                   recess
intuisi intuition                                   istri wife
intuitif intuitive
invalid invalid                                     isu       issue, rumor, gossip
invasi invasion                                     isyarat   sign, signal
inventaris       inventarice                        itik      duck
inventarisasi stock taking                          itikad    conviction, determination
inventarisasikan          see "menginventarisasi"   itil      clitoris
ittifak   agreement, compromise                        jajah colonise, take over, traverse
itu       that, those(jamak)                           jajahan colony, district
iur       contribute                                   jajak probe, sound out, fathom, take soundings,
iuran     contribution, subscription, levy, premium,   plumb
dues                                                   jajal try, test
                                                       jajan a sweet, snack, eat snacks
                                                       jajar row, line, plow
Indonesia - Inggris                                    jajaran row, line, series, array

                                                       jajat imitation
J                                                      jaka bachelor
                                                       jakal jackal
jabal mountain, rob, mug, steal from                   jaket jacket, sport coat
jabal-jabal    robber hand, gang                       jakpot jackpot
jabal-jabalan see "jabal-jabal"                        jaksa public prosecutor
jabang bayi new born baby                              jaksa agung attorney general
jabar west java, speel out, clarify, convert,          jala     net
announce widely, popularize                            jala-jala        a small net
jabat hand shake                                       jalad frost, cold air
jabatan function, duty, position, shake of a hand      jalan road, path, street, way manner, course, be
jabir-jabir    slovenly, sloppy                        going on
jabung resin                                           jalanan pathway, road, track
jaburansnacks, sweet tidbits                           jalang wild, untamed, undomesticated
jadah illegitimate                                     jalar creeping
jadi    become, get, so, therefore, thus, benee, end   jalaran climbing pole
up doing, be, serve as                                 jalinan thread, rope
jadi-jadian    imitation                               jalma creature
                                                       jalu     cock's spur
jadian invented, made up                               jalur strip, sripe, traffic line, track
jadinya outcome, consequently
jadwal schedule, table, list                           jalusi jalousie, venetian blinds
jaga wake up, guard, watchman, be on duty,             jalut goliath
preserve, be on the look out for                       jam    hour, clock, time for doing, watch
jaga-jaga      be on the safe side, be on the          jamadah         inanimate
lookout for                                            jamah touch, feel, attack
jagaan surveillance, thing guarded                     jamak plural, ordinary, customary
jagabaya       village constable                       jamal beuaty
jagal small scale trader, butcher, slaughterer         jaman period, epoch
jagalan small wares                                    jamang diadem, moment
jagang support, prop, stand, moat                      jambak bunch, tuft
jagat world                                            jamban privy, toilet, latrine
jago cock, rooster, gamecock, champion,                jambang         vase, pot
candidate                                              jambangan       see "jambang"
jagoan gamecock, champion, leader                      jambar shelter, serving, portion
                                                       jambe areca nut
jagung corn, maize                                     jambore         jamboree
jagur robust                                           jambretan       plagiarism
jahanam        hell, a strong oath                     jambu-jambu tuft, tassel
jahat bad, wicked, evil                                jambul tuft, plume, crest, front wave
jahe ginger
jahil stupid, ignorant, cruel, rascal, scamp           jambul-jambul cowlick
jahit sewing                                           jami principal mosque
jahitan sewn item, seam, stitch                        jamiah gathering, association
jail    mischievous, sneaky                            jamin gurantor, guarantee, security
jaja    hawk, peddle, vend                             jaminan       guarantee, security
jampi magic formula, magic spell, incantation            jara    small drill, auger
jampian        formula chanted                           jarab scabies
jamput a harsh curse                                     jarah plunder
jamrud emerald                                           jarahan plunder, booty, spoil
jamu guest, meal, offering                               jarak distance
jamu-jamu      nostrum, tonic                            jaram cold compress
jamu-jamuan medicinal herb                               jaran horse
jamungtorch                                              jarang rare, scarce, infrequently, seldom, spaced,
jamur fungus, mushroom, toadstool                        wide, sparse
jamuran        moldy                                     jarang-jarang rarely, seldom
jana birth place                                         jaras bunch, wicker basket
janabah        impure
janda widow, divorcec                                    jarem bruised, black and blue
jangan do not, should not                                jargon jargon
                                                         jari     digit, digit like
jangan-jangan let us hope not, perhaps, may be           jari-jariradius
jangankan      let alone, much less                      jaring dragnet, seine
janganpun      see "jangankan"                           jaring-jaring web, sport net, mesh net
jangar vertigo                                           jaringan          net, network
jangat skin, hide, rind, bark, rawhide rope              jarot fiber in fruit, fiber in vegetables
janggal awkward clunsy, inelegant, displeasing,          jarotan fibrous
discordant, unbecomming                                  jarum needle, pin, hand of clock, pointer, trick
janggel corncob                                          jarum-jarum nettles
janggelan      tentaive, provisional                     jaruman           needlework, stitch, mild trickery
janggo see "jenggo"                                      jas      coast
janggutbeard, chin                                       jasa merit, service, commendable
jangir Balines dancing girl                              jasad body, organism
jangka period of time, phase                             jasadi bodily, physical
jangkah        step, stride                              jasmani           body
jangkang       straddle, be wide apart                   jasmaniah         bodily
jangkap        even
                                                         jatah allotment, allocation, qouta, bribe
jangkaranchor                                            jatmikapolite, modest
jangkat shallows, ford                                   jatuh fall
jangkau          reach, reach to, reach for, reach out   jaubar jewel, embryo
jangkauan        reach, extent, scrope, range            jauh far
jangkit be contagious, spread, infectious                jauhan distant place
jangkrik         cricker                                 jauhari jeweler, expert, specialist
jangkung         heron, tall, long legged                jawa java
jangkungan stilts                                        jawab reply, answer, response
janik sea urchin                                         jawaban         answer, response
janin fetus, embryo                                      jawahirintrisic
janji promise, agreement, agree, condition,              jawat colleague
engagement, delay, deferral, dying hour                  jawatan         office, division, bureau
jannah paradise, heaven                                  jaya victory, victorious, glorious, prosperous
jantan male, masculine, nold, brave, dashing,            jazz jazz
valiant, virile, manly, macho                            jeans denim, jeans
                                                         jebah full, broad, profuse, copious, abundant,
jantang be clear, stand out                              assorted
jantungheart                                             jebat musk
jantungan       suffer a heart attack, heart discase     jebik thick
jantur magic trick, sleight of hand, magic spell
januari january                                          jeblok muddy
jap     completed, in agreement                          jeblos give way
japit tongs, clamp                                       jebol broken down, perforated
jebolan drop out, graduate, ex, former                 jelunut viscous
jebret scratched, scrawled                             jelus jealous, spiteful
jebretan         staples                               jemaah community, assembly, congregation
jebrol erupt                                           jemaat see "jemaah"
jeda rest, respite, take arest, caesura, juncture      jemala head, skull
jegal stop, intercept                                  jemang a moment
jegang stiff, inflexoble, tense, tight                 jemantung       heart
jegil bulge, stab                                      jemari finger
jejak trail, track, foot step, foot print, wake,       jemawa          conceited, arrogant
straight, erect, stable                                jembatan        bridge
jejaka young man, bachelor                             jembel poor, shabby, squalid, wanderer
jejal crowd, jam, be jumpacked                         jember dirty, muddy
jejala network                                         jembut public hair
jejalan a throng                                       jemeki spangle, sequin
                                                       jemparing       arrow
jejas laterated, lesion                                jempol thumb, thumbs up, tops, first rate
jejek stable, sound, firm                              jemput pick up
jejer series, row, line                                jemputan        pick up service, limousine,
jejeran series, row, line                              invitation
jek     jack
jel     jail                                           jemu tired, sick of, fed up with
jela    dangle                                         jemuju caraway seed
jelaga carbnn black, soot, lampblack                   jemur sumbathe, dry in the sun, dried rice plant
jelai barley, jam, jelly                               jemuran         the wash, loundry
jelajah explore, examine                               jenak confortable
jelak bored, satiated, be tired                        jenaka funny, humorous
jelalat glance                                         jenakan         uninstant
jelalatan        glance about, ogle                    jenakawan       humorist, comic
jelang call on, visit, to, around, toward, approach,   jenang door frame, window frame, porridge,
come close to                                          pudding, molten metal
jelangak         look upward                           jenasahcorpse, mortal remains, cadaver
jelas clear, distinct, unequivocal, explicit           jendela window
jelatang         stinging nettle, agitator             jendol swollen
                                                       jendral general
jeleh disgusting, sickening                            jendul-jendul bumpy
jelejeh dribble, slobber                               jeneng nam, status, danting, sloping, at an angle
jelek ugly, bad, evil                                  jengah embarrased, reluctant
jelek-jelekan of poor quality
jelengar         surprised                             jengek ridicule
jeli    charming, ravishing, beautiful, sharp,         jengekan        mockery, ridicule
cosmetic cream                                         jenggar-jenggur         overgrown, overlarge
jelimet hair splitting, maticulous                     jenggo cowboy
jelir project, protrude, stick out                     jenggotsee "janggut"
jelita lovely, sweet, graceful, charming,              jengkang        die
beautiful                                              jengkel annoyed, irritated, irked
jelma assume a form                                    jengkerstiff, rogod
jelmaan          incarnation, creation                 jengklitan      handspring, somesault
jelu    irked, piqued, annoyed, dejected               jengkolet       capsize, turn turtle, tumble over
jeluak vomit                                           jengkotlimp, be lame
jeluang bark cloth                                     jenguk look out
jeluat protrude                                        jengul protrude
jelujur baste, tie together                            jeni     genius
                                                       jenial brilliant, gifted, telanted
jeluk cup, container                                   jenialitas      genius, talent
jelungkap    spring loose, recoil                      jenis kind, sort, genre, specied, gender
jenjam tranquil, untrobled, secure                    jerumbai       tassle, fringe
                                                      jerumun        shelter, hide out
jenjang ladder, scaffold, strairs, stahe, level       jerumus        fall into a trap or hole
jenjang-jenjangan        imitation steps
jenjangan       span                                  jerungkis        bent upward
jentai situated                                       jet     jet
jentaka misery                                        jib     jib sail
jentat leap, jump                                     jibaku suicide attack
jentelmen       sportmanlike                          jiblah aptitude, talent
jentera mill, turbine, spinning wheel                 jibun pile, teem, swarm
jentret row, line                                     jidat forehead
jenuh surfeited, saturated                            jigong tartar, plaque, dirty person
jenuhan         surfeit, saturation                   jih     target
jepang japan                                          jihad holy war
jepit teezers, clip, clamp                            jihat side
jeprat sprinkle, splash, splatter                     jijik repugnant, abhorrent, nauseating,
jepret see "jebret"                                   disgusted, nauseated
jera    wary, chary, leery                            jika if, when
jera-jera       undaunted, unflinching                jikalau see "jika"
jerah abundant, plentiful, prevalent                  jilat lick, flatter, curry
                                                      jilatan a lick, fawning, praise
jerahak neglected, abandoned                          jilid volume
jerait interwined, interwoven                         jilidan binding
jerajak adhere, stick                                 jimak coitus
jeram rapids, cataract                                jimat charm, talisman, amulet
jerangkang      stick up, project upward              jimbit a pinch, a small amount
jerangkong      skeleton
jerap absorb                                          jin     genie, evil spirit
jerapah giraffe                                       jinak tame, gentle, benign
jerat snare, lasso, ruse, trick                       jinerap absorbant
jeratan noose, trap                                   jingau peer at
jerau florid, deep red                                jinggering      high heeled, long stemmed
jeraus nimble, sprightly                              jingkektiptoe
jerawat pimple, blackhead, acne                       jingkrak        straddle
jerawatan       pimple                                jinjang leader, necromancer
jereng squinting, cross eyed                          jinjing carry
jerepet linked together, grown together               jinjit stand on tipoes, carry in the hand, tweak
jerepetan       coalescence                           jip     jeep
jeri    frightened, afraid, waver, be hesitant        jipang branch, twig, melon, gourd
                                                      jiplak copy, plagiarise
jerih tired, weary                                    jiplakan        a copy, plagiarism
jeriji finger                                         jiprat splash, splatter
jerit a scream, shriek, clamor, strong complaint      jipratan        a splash
jeritan screams, shrieks                              jiran neighbor, kin, relative
jerkah snarl, growl                                   jiranan neighbor
jerman germany                                        jirat tomb, mousoleum
jernih clear, pure
jeroan innard                                         jirian leucorrhea
jerojol stick out                                     jisim body
jerubung        awning, canopy, tarpaulin             jit    seven
jeruji awning, grating, lattice, grating, iron bars   jitu   accurate, precise, exact
jeruk orange, citrus fruit                            jiwa soul, spirit
jerukup         overarch                              jiwani psychic, psychological
jerumat         darn, mend                            jobong prostitute
jerumatan       a darning, mend                       jodoh marry partner, mate, match
johan world, universe, champion
jojol piling, palisades                               juih curled
jok     seat, car upholstery                          juita sweet, lovely, beautiful
joki jockey                                           jujai ceaseless, incessant
jolak blaze                                           jujat slander, insult, abuse
jolakan a blaze                                       jujuh be incessant, unceasing
joli    palaquin                                      jujur honest
jolok probe, ferret out                               jujut pull, tug at
jolong project, protrude                              julang soar, tower
jolor creep, crawl, inch                              julat range, reach
jombang         handsome, pretty, beautiful           juli   july
jompakrear, prance                                    julig cunning, sly
jompo old, decrepit, infirm                           juling cross eyed
                                                      julir harpoon
jompong         rallying place                        juluan stick, stave, bar, line, row
jonggol         representative, responsible person    juluk named, called
jonggolan       responsibility                        julukansobriquet, nickname
jongkang        protruding, fall                      jumanten        emerald
jongko stall                                          jumat friday
jongkok         squat                                 jumbai tassle, fringe
jonjot tuft, flake                                    jumblang        cesspool, septic tank
jontrot poke                                          jumbuh          similar, identical
jor-jor push, elbow aside
jor-joran       compete                               jumlah item, amount, total, number, quantity,
joran fishing rod                                     number
joreng small piece, small clod                        jumlahnya       the amount of
jori    team of horses                                jumpa meet
jorok slovenly, slipshod, dirty, untidy, stick out,   jumpalitan      somersault
project, protrude                                     jumplang        unbalanced, unequal
jorokan         a protrusion                          jumpluk         pile
jorong ellipse, elliptical, a corner                  jumput a pinch of
jotos-jotosan fisticuffs                              jumud stiff, rigid, unbending, old fashioned
jotosan boxing, fisticuffs                            junam dive, attack in fight
                                                      jungkaloverturn, overthrow
jrawut rumpled, disheveled, messed yp                 jungkar         project, protrude
jua     even if it is                                 jungkatbob up and down
juadah provisions, foodstuffs                         jungkatan       seesaw
juak compete                                          jungkir upside down
jual    sell, sale                                    jungkrak        raze
jualan merchandise, goods                             jungur snout, bow
juang struggle                                        juni june
juara champion                                        junjung         have a husband
jubah robe                                            junjungan       adoration
jubel crowd around
jubelan see "jubel"                                   junta junta
jubi dried squid                                      juntai dangle
jubin flour tile                                      juntrung        organised, ordely
jublek amazed, astonished                             juntrungan      organisation, unit, purpose, aim
jubur anus                                            juraganskipper
judes cruel, vicious, unmannered                      jurai bunch, row, sequence
judi gambling                                         jurang ravine, gorge, chasm
judo judo                                             juri    jury
judul title, caption, credits, heading                juring section, segment
juga also, too, even if, no matter what, rather,      juringan        see "juring"
anyway                                                jurnalisjournalist, reporter
jurnalistik     journalism                           kadar degree, content, standard, level, amount,
juru skilled worker                                  value, quality, fate
jurus steps                                          kadaver         cadaver
jurusan direction, academic field                    kade quay
justru exactly, precisely                            kader cadre, framework
juta million                                         kadera chair
                                                     kaderisasi      see "pengkaderan"
                                                     kadet cadet, midshipman, pickpocket
Indonesia - Inggris                                  kadi arbiter, referee
                                                     kadim eternal, close, intimate, predict, foretell,
K                                                    kadir almighty
                                                     kado gift, present
Kristen Christian, Protestant                        kadung go too far, overdo
Kristus Christ                                       kadut sack, back
kaba tale, story                                     kafe cafe
kabar news, report                                   kafein caffeine
kabarnya         people say                          kafir infidel, unbeliever
kabel cable                                          kagak no, not
kabilah nomadic tribe
kabin cabin, cream cracker                           kaget startled, shocked
kabinet cabinet                                      kagok clumsy, awkward
kabir mighty                                         kagol frustrated
kabit thief, pickpocket                              kagum amazed
kabriolet        convertible                         kah     birdlime, glue
kabu-kabu        kapok                               kahaf cave
kabul answered, granted                              kahan proboscis monkey
kabung sugar palm, slice, fragment                   kahat scarcity, famine
kabupaten        regency                             kahin southsayer, diviner
kabur hazy, vague, blurred, fading, unclear, haze,   kahot old fashioned, ancient
bolt, run off, flee                                  kahrab amber
kaburan          vagueness                           kahwa the beverage coffee
kabus nebulous                                       kaidah norm, rule, principle, theorem
kabut mist, haze, fog                                kaifiat quality
                                                     kail-kail       tonsilitis
kaca glass, mirror, example                          kaimat quantity
kacak dashing, robust, vigorous, conceited           kain cloth, fabric, material
kacang pea, bean, peanut                             kaisar emperor
kacang-kacangshot, pellet                            kaisaryah       imperial
kacapiring      gardenia                             kait    hook, barb, catch
kacau in disorder, in an uproar, confused, in        kaitan hook, crook, link, connection
kacek different, dissimilar                          kaji    knowledge, teaching, inspect, examine,
kacoa cockroach                                      investigate
kacu handkerchief                                    kajian study, studies
kacuk mix, put in disorder, muddle                   kakak sister, brother
kacuk-kacukan          all mixed up                  kakang elder brother
kacung lad, boy, errant boy, houseboy                kakao cacao
kada divine decree                                   kakap gangster, patrol, scout, hold, grasp
kadaluwarsa expired too old, superannuated,          kakas scratch, scrape
expiration date                                      kakatua        cockatoo, pincers
kadang sometimes                                     kakeas doubletime
                                                     kakek grandfather
kadang-kadang          sometimes                     kakeriak       cockroach
                                                     kaki foot, leg
kakok hold                                          kalsium       calsium
kaktus cactus                                       kalung necklace
kaku stiff, rigid, clumsy, awkward, ungainly        kalut confused, chaotic
kakung male                                         kama love, passion
kakus privy, latrine                                kamadean      parasite
kala time, era, period, age, tense, scorpion,       kamar room, chamber, moon
mare                                                kambeh        gourd
                                                    kambi rib, frame, paneling
kala-kala       sea anchor                          kambing       goat
kalah defeated, lose, ibferior to                   kambrat       comrade, accomplice, small party
kalahan         underdog                            kambus        blocked, stopped up
kalai lie down, lean, rub                           kamera camera
kalak recripocal, inverse
kalam word, saying                                  kamerad        camrade
kalang tranverse support, prop                      kami we, us , our
kalang-kabut confused, chaotic                      kamil perfect
kalangan        shipyard, drydock, circle, arena,   kamis thursday, shirt
realm                                               kampai lie supine, stretched out
kalap be besides                                    kampak         adze
kalau if, when, as for, whether, that               kampanye       campaign
kalau-kalau in case, less, maybe, perhaps           kampercamphor, mothball
kalaupun        even though                         kampil see "kampit"
kalawarta       magazine, periodical, bulletin      kampit small sack
kalbu heart, mind                                   kampiun        champion, very clever, very skill
kaldera caldera                                     kampret        shuck
                                                    kampuh         shawl, wrap
kaldron          cauldron                           kampung        village, quarter
kaldu broth, stock                                  kampungan countrified, boorish
kalelawar        bat                                kampus         campus
kalelep be submerged, lowered, drowned              kamrat camshaft
kalelesa         chamelon                           kamsia thank you
kalem calm, cool, patient, relaxed                  kamso rustic, provincial
kalender         calendar                           kamu you, your, order, command
kaleng tin                                          kamuflase      camouflage
kali    river, time, times, fold, probably, very
kali-kali        multiplication table               kamuflasering camouflaging
kali-kalian      multiplication                     kamuflir       camouflage
kaliber caliber, importance, class                  kamus dictionary, lexicon
kalibut chaos                                       kana preserved olives
kalifah desert caravan, convoy, column,             kanak child
contingent                                          kanal canal, channel
kaligrafi        calligraphy                        kanan right
kalimatsentence                                     kanape canape
kalis dull, lacking luster, pure                    kancil mouse deer
                                                    kancut loin cloth, jackstrap
kalium potassium                                    kandang        stable, stall, pen, boats
kalkarim       see "kalkarium"                      kandas run aground, founder, fail
kalkarium      wallpoint                            kandel thick, heavy, rich, well to do
kalkulasi      calculation                          kandi pouch, small bag
kalkulator     calculator                           kandidat       candidate
kalkulir       calculate                            kandil lamp, chandelier, candelabra, candlestick
kalkun turkey                                       kandung        womb, uterus
kalo strainer                                       kandungan      uterus, womb, contents, unborn,
kalor heat                                          pouch
kalori calorie
kangen long for                                 kapi pulley block
kangguru       kangaroo                         kapin limestone
kangkang       wide apart, straddle, strangle   kapiranbe neglected, let down, beyond help
kangkung       large frog, lrge toad            kapita capita
kangmas        elder brother                    kapital capital
kangsen        appointment                      kapitalis       capitalist
kangtan        chance, opportunity              kapitalisme capitalism
kanibal cannibal                                kapitulasi      capitulation
kanigara       sunflower
kanin canine                                    kapoces        condom
kanjang        persevering, persistent          kapok be cured
kanji starch                                    kaporit chlorine
kanker cancer                                   kaprah usual, ordinary
kano canoe                                      kapri snow peas
kanon cannon                                    kapsalon       beauty parlor
kanonisasi     canonisation                     kapstok        clothes hook, hatrack
kanopi canopy                                   kapsul capsule, hair piece
kans chance, opportunity                        kapten captain
kanselir       chansellor                       kapuk kapok
kanta lens                                      kapul cardamom
kantang        mud flats                        kapur lime, calcium
kantib thread, yard                             karabincarbine
                                                karaf decanter
kantil the champac                              karah stain, tartar
kantin canteen                                  karakter       character
kantor office, agency                           karakterisasi characterisation
kantuk sleepiness, drowsiness                   karakteristik characteristic
kantung         pocket, bag, puch               karam be shipwrecked, founder, fail, founder
kanun canon law                                 karambol       billiard game
kanvas canvas, brake lining                     karang coral, atoll, stay, sojourn
kaok cackle, yell, shout
kaok-kaokan cackling, yelling, screaming        karangan        coral, arrangement, composition
kaoliang        sorghum                         karantina       quarantine
kaolin kaolin                                   karapan sapi bull race
kaos sock, stocking, singlet, undershirt        karar calm, peaceful, stable, steadfast,
kap     roof of car, shade                      unchanging
kapabel         capable, able                   karas aloes wood, camphor tree
kapabilitas     capability                      karat stain, rust, carat, quality, value
kapah startled, grasping                        karatan rusty, bad, blemished
kapak ax                                        karate karate
kapal ship, boat, vessel, callous, stubborn,    karau be mixed
insensitive                                     karavan         camper
                                                karbit carbide
kapalan       calloused                         karbohidrat carbohyfrate
kapan when, because, as you well known          karbol carbolic acid
kapan-kapan at some time                        karbon carbon
kapang mold, mildew                             karbonaci       baking powder
kapar flotsam, driftwood                        karburator      carburetor
kaparan       flotsam, driftwood, rubbish       karcis ticket, calling card
kapas cotton, fleece                            kardamunggu cardamom
kapasitas     capacity
kape spatula, putty knife                       kardinal      cardinal
kapel chapel                                    kardiograf    cardiographs
kapelan       chaplain                          kardiografi   cardiography
kaper moth                                      kardiogram    cardiogram
kardiolog     cardiologist                           kasbuk ledger
kardiologi    cardiology                             kaset cassette
kardus cardboard, cardboard box                      kasi give, put
karena because, because of, reason, cause            kasih love, affection
karesidenan residency
karet rubber, elastic, condom                        kasihan         mercy, pity, poor
kargo freight                                        kasim castrated
karib close, intimate friend                         kasima upset, disconcerted
karier career                                        kasino casino
karih mix, stir                                      kasip too late
karikatur     caricature                             kasir cashier
karikatural   caricatural                            kaspe cassava
karikaturis   caricaturist                           kassa cashier, ticket office, box office
karil scholarly paper, rabbit                        kasta caste in society
karim generous, magnanimous                          kastengel       cheese stick
                                                     kastil castle
karisma         charisma                             kastrolicastor oil
karismatik      charismatic                          kasuari cassowary
karitatif       charitable                           kasur mattress
karkas carcass                                       kasus case
karnaval        carnaval                             kasut sandal, slipper
karnivor        carnivore                            kata word
karosel carousel                                     katah be thrown
karoseri        body of a car, body shop             katai midger, dwarf, pygmy, bantam chicken
karpet carp, carpet                                  katak frog, toad, short, stocky, thickset
karsa wish, intention                                katakombe       catacomb
karsinoma       carsinoma
kartel cartel                                        katalis catalyst
kartika star                                         katalisasi      catalysis
kartografi      cartography                          katalisator     catalyst
karton carton, cardboard, hardboard                  katalog catalog
kartotek        card file                            katarak cataract
kartu card                                           katedral        cathedral
kartun cartoon                                       kategori        category
kartunis        cartoonist                           kategoris       categorical
karu interrupt, stir                                 katek armpit
karuhun         ancestor                             katekese        catechism
karung bag, sack                                     kateketik       catechetical
karuniagift, grant from above                        katekis catechist
                                                     katekismus      catechism
karut confused, muddled, chaotic                     katekumen       catechumen
karya work, opus, work, labour, activity, creation   katering        catering
kas    cash, money supply, treasury, case,           kates papaya
wardrobe, armoire                                    kateterisasi    catheterisation
kasa gauze                                           katifah chenille
kasai fragrant shampoo, lotion                       katir outrigger
kasak rub                                            katoda cathode
kasak-kusuk whispering, intrigue                     katok shorts, undershorts
kasam grudge, spite                                  katolik catholic
kasap coarse                                         katrol pulley
kasar coarse, rough, rugged, crude, uncouth
kasatmata     in plain view                          katub valve, shut tight
kasau rafter                                         katun cotton, cloth
kasava cassava                                       katung sea turtle
kasbon cash receipt                                  kaul a vow, to vow
kaula servant, subject                            keahlian       expertise, skill, competence, know
kaum social, family, clan, ethnic group           how
kausa cause, movement                             keaiban        humiliation, disgrace, shame
kavalery       cavalry                            keairan flooded, imundated
kavlinglot, parcel of land                        keajaiban      miracle, mystery, wonder,
kawa-kawa spider                                  remarkableness
kawah cauldron, kettle, crater                    keajekan       regularity, constancy
kawak old                                         keajukan       mimic, imitate, parrot, mock
kawakan        experienced, veteran               keakanan       the future, futurity
kawal guard, sentry, watchman, watch              keakasan       skill
kawalan        escort, guard                      keakbaran      exaltation, evelation, glorification
kawan friend, comrade, companion                  keakhiratan concerning the hereafter
kawanan        flock, herd, swarm                 keakhlakan inorality
kawanisme      cronyism                           keakraban      intimacy, familiarity, solidarity
kawanua        fellow countryman                  keaktifan      being active
                                                  keaktuilan     topicality
kawas border on
kawasan       region, area, sphere                keakuan      egoism
kawat wire, filament, cable, telegram             keakuran     conformity, harmony
kawin be merried                                  keakutan     acuteness, severity
kawruhknowledge                                   kealahan     defeat, loss
kawul tinder                                      kealaman     quality, nature, character
kaya wealthy, rich, well to do, having power,     kealiman     piety
like, as                                          kealpaan     shortcomming, omission
kayangan      heaven                              keamanan     safety, security, peacefulness
kayap itchy abscess                               keamatiran   amateur standing
kayau headhunt, flood, inundate                   keambrukan collapse
kayu wood, timber, tree                           keampuhan magical power, potency
kayu-kayuan various trees                         keampunan forgiveness, amnesty
kayuan stroke                                     keanehan     oddity, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy
kayuh bolt, paddle                                keanekaan    variety
kayun popular, see well, sold out                 keanekaragaman       variety, diversity
keIndonesiaan Indonesian, Indonesianised          keanekawarnaan       variety, miscellany,
kea-kea       king parrot                         assortment
keabadian     durability, permanence, eternity,
perpetuity                                        keanggotaan membership
                                                  keanggunan elegance, affectation, haughtiness
keabnormalan abnormality                          keanggunhalusan      refirnement
keabsahan      validity, legality                 keangkaraan greed, covetousness, ruthlessness
keabu-abuan grayish                               keangkaramurkaan ruthlessness, evilness
keadaan        situation, condition, supplying,   keangkeran eeriness, awesomeness
provisioning, procurement                         keangkuhan arrogance, vanity
keadaban       politenesi, refinement             keantengan imperturbability, calm
keademan       felicity, peacefulness             keapakan     mustiness
keadikaraan dictatorialness                       keapatisan   apathy
keadilan       justice, judicature                keapian      neatness, tidiness
keafiatan      fitness, healthiness               kearifan     learning, wisdom, ability
keagamaan      religious, religiouness            kearsipan    archival matters, records
keagenan       see"peragenan"                     keartistikan see "artistik"
keagrariaan agrarian matters                      keasam-asaman        sourish, acidic
keagresian     aggressiveness
keagungan      grandeur, majesty, greatness,      keasaman       acidity
mastery                                           keasingan      difference, deviation, strangeness
                                                  keasistenan    assistantship, estrangement
                                                  keaslian       genuineness, originality
keasoran      lowliness, defeated                     kebasan      flapping
keasrian      beauty                                  kebat bunch, bundle
keasyik-asyikan        deeply absorbed, infatuated,   kebat-kebit  nervous, agitated
sinniten                                              kebata-bata see"terbata-bata"
keasyikan     preoccupation, obsession                kebatalan    nullification
keateisan     atheism                                 kebatan      bond, tightener, wrapper
keatsirian    volatility                              kebatilan    evil
keawaman      generalness, commonness                 kebatinan    mysticism, spirit
keawetan      life, duration, preservation            kebauran     mixture
keawuran      recklessness
keayahan      fatherhood, parental                    kebawelan       carping
keayuan       beauty                                  kebayakan       overly fat, very stout, obesity
                                                      kebayi-bayian babyish
kebacut        gone too far                           kebayuan        fermented, stale
kebadanian     physical matters                       kebebalan       imbecility
kebadutan      clowning, ridicule, absurdity          kebebasan       freedom, liberty
kebagakan      poise                                  kebejatan       turpitude, depravity
kebagian       be allotted                            kebekenan       fame, notoriety
kebagusan      exaggerated praise, beauty,            kebekuan        rigidity
splendor                                              kebeler accidentally cut
kebahagiaan    happiness, well being, bless           kebelet have the need
kebaharian     nautical matters                       kebenaran       correctness, truth, righteousness,
kebahariawan   seaman matters                         honesty, fidelity, proof, by chance
kebaikan       goodness, kindness, advantage,         kebencian       hate, dislike, loathing, hostility
good                                                  kebendaan       matter, material, physical
kebajaan       hardness, resistance                   kebengahan pedantry
kebajikan      good deeds
kebakaan       eternity, durability                   kebengalan stubborness
kebakaran      fire, conflagaration                   kebengisan      cruelty, severity
kebaktian      loyality, religious service            kebeningan clearness
                                                      kebentok        see "bentok"
kebal invulnerable, immune, insensitive               kebentur        collide with, failed
kebalauan       disorder, confusion                   keberadaan existence
kebaligan       adult hood, puberty                   keberadaban being civilized, polite
kebalik up side down                                  keberakhiran finally
kebalikan       te contrary, the opposite             keberangkatan departure
kebam lead gray                                       keberani-beranian       act brave
kebancian       effeminacy                            keberanian      bravery
kebandelan obstinacy                                  keberantakan disorder
kebanditan      bandity, gangsterism                  keberartian     significance
kebangetan excessively                                keberatan       objection, raise objection,
kebangkitan resurgence, resurrection                  drawback, too heavy
kebangkrutan bankruptcy, default                      keberatsebelahan        partiality, serious, hard,
kebangsaan nationality, nationalism, national         close, weight, strong
kebangsatan hooliganism                               keberbagairagaman diversity, assortment
kebangsawanan           aristocracy
kebangunan awakening, uprising, renaissance           keberbedaan difference
                                                      keberesan    order, neatness
kebanjiran     flooded, over whelmed                  keberhalaan idolatry
kebanyakan majority, too much, ordinary               keberhasilan success
kebarakahan bliss                                     keberhentian cessation, stopping
kebarat-baratan       be like a westerner             keberingasan wildness
kebaruan       newness. novelty                       keberkatan   blessing
kebas paralysed, num, shake out, flap, wag to tail    keberlakuan validity
kebasahan      get soaked, wetness                    keberlangsungan      persistence, resoluteness
keberlanjutan continuity                          kebur churn
kebersihan     cleanliness, purity                keburaman     vagueness, unclearness
keberuntungan luck                                keburu-buru hurried
kebes wet, soaked                                 kebusukan     rottenness, putridness,
kebesaran      too big, amount, greatness, pomp   decomposition, badness, wickedness, evil
kebetot accidentally snatched                     kebut race, speed up, compete, dust off
kebetulan      by chance, happen to, just right   kebut-kebutan wild, reckless speeding, racing,
kebhinekaan diversity                             drag racing

kebiadaban impertinence, rudeness                 kebutahurufan illiteracy
kebiasaan      usage, habit                       kebutuhan      need, necessity
kebidanan      midwifery                          kecabulan      lewdness, salaciousness
kebijakan      wisdom, policy                     kecacatan      disablement
kebijaksanaan wisdom, policy, discretion          kecai smashed
kebilangan     prominent                          kecairan       liquidity
kebimbangan vacillation, worry, in doubt          kecakapan      skill, ability
kebin cabin                                       kecam critise, investigate, review
kebinalan      disobedience, wild behavior        kecaman        criticism, censure, critique
kebinatangan bestiality                           kecamatan      subdistrict
kebingungan confusion, panic, perplexity          kecambah       shoot, sprout
kebirahan      lasciviousness                     kecamuk        raging, uproar
kebiri castrated, neutered, emasculated           kecandak       caught, seized
kebiru-biruan bluish                              kecandan       joke, jest
kebisaan       virulence, poisoned                kecanduan      addicted
kebisingan     noise                              kecangkokan transplantation
                                                  kecantel       hooked on
kebisuan     muteness, silence                    kecantikan     beauty, pulchritude, charm,
kebisubatuan totally mute, quiet                  sweetness, attractiveness
keblesek     fallen into a hole
keblinger    confused                             kecantol     caught, snagged
kebobolan    pierced, penetration, cought         kecap word, soy souce
unawares                                          kecapaian    weariness, fatiqued
kebobrokan collapse, evil                         kecapan      taste of
kebocah-bocahan      childish                     kecarutan    obscenity
kebocoran    leakage, puncture                    kece cross eye, great, good locking
kebodohan    stupidity, ignorance, mistake        kecebong     tadpole, chitchat, small talk
kebolehan    ability                              kececer      scattered about, leaked out
kebolongan perforation                            kececeran    scattered, spilled about, stolen
kebon gardener, janitor, garden                   kecederaan   see "percederaan"
kebongkaran get broken into                       kecekatan    adroitness, dexterity
keborosan    wastefulness                         kecekingan thinness
kebosanan    boredom                              kecekungan concaveness
kebrandalan rascally                              kecelaan     short coming, fault, disgrace,
kebrengsekan lousiness                            shame
                                                  kecelakaan   accident, mishap, bad luck
kebrutalan   brutality
kebuasan     cruelty                              kecele disappointed, feel cheated
kebudayaan culture                                kecelik realise the truth, disappointed, feel cheated
kebugilan    nakedness                            kecelikhurufanliteracy
kebujanggaan literary                             kecemasan        anxiety, worry
kebulatan    roundness, unanimity                 kecembungan curvature of the earth
kebun garden, estate, plantation, gardener        kecemburuan jealousy
kebuncahan frustation                             kecemerlangan            glitter, luster, glow, glory,
kebungkaman silence, stillness                    brilliance, wittiness
kebuntuan    deadlock, impasse                    kecendalaan baseness, meaness
kecendekiaan learnedness, shrewdness                   kecurigaan      suspicion, distrust
kecendekiawan         intellectualism                  kecut wrinkled, shriveled, shrunken, seared,
kecenderungan         inclination, preference,         afraid, sour, screak, squeak, screech
tendency, willingness, trend
kecengengan bathos, sappy, bathetic                    kedadak        choleric diarrhea
                                                       kedah open wide, spread wide
kecengkaran fallowness, barrenness                     kedahagaan thirstiness
kecepit see "tercepit"                                 kedahsyatan awesomeness
kecerahan       brightness, radiance, sharpness        kedahuluan be the first, preliminaries
kecerdasan      intelligence, shrewdness, astuteness   kedai shop
kecerdikan      intelligence, cleverness, cunning,     kedaifan       weakness, comtempt, scorn,
chicanery                                              bumbleness
kecerewetan fussiness, fault finding                   kedalaman      depth, profundity
kecergasan      activity, verve, dash, vim             kedamaian      peacefulness, tranquillity
keceriaan       purity                                 kedampingan closeness
kecerlangan beauty                                     kedang outstretched, extension, drain
kecermatan neatness, accuracy, frugality               kedangkalan shallowness, superficiality
kecewadisappointed                                     kedap hermetical, impermeale, watertight
keci ketch                                             kedapatan      be found, be uncovered as
keciak cheep, peep                                     kedapuran      see "perdapuran"
kecil small, little, young, minor, insignificiant,
discouraged                                            kedatangan arrival, attacked, invaded
                                                       kedataran     being level
kecil-kecilan in a small way                           kedau scream
kecilan smaller                                        kedaulatan    sovereignty
kecimpung       splash around                          kedayagunaan efficiency, usefulness
kecimus         scorn                                  kedayaserapan absorptiveness, effort
kecipratan      sprayed, be showered, get a share      kedegilan     obstinary
kecirian        identifying characteristic             kedek stagger, waddle, toddle
keciut whistling, whizzing                             kedekar       miserly
keciutan        narrowness, astringency                kedekatan     nearness, too close
kecoa see "kacoa"                                      kedekeran     be agitated
kecocokan       agreement, harmony, compatibility      kedekut       stingy
kecoh fraud, dishonesty, deceit, stir, commotion       kedelai soybean
kecoklat-coklatan       brownish                       kedempung wormy, worm eaten
kecoklatan      brownish                               kedendaman resentment
kecolong        stolen                                 kedengaran can be heard, seems
kecondongan leaning, tendency, inclination             kedengkian spite, spitefullness, jealousy
kecongkakan pride, arrogance, baughtiness              kedengkik     very thin

kecrek handcuffs                                       kedenokan      svelteness
kecres strike, slash                                   keder confused, frightened, scared, trembling,
kecu robber, bandit                                    shaking, quivering
kecuali except, aside from                             kederasan      speed, swiftness
kecubung        cone shaped                            kedermawanan           philanthropy, generosity
kecuh-kecah make a fuss                                kedesaan       villagelike, pertaining to villages
kecukupan       sufficiency, adequate amount           kedi transvestite
keculasan       deceit, fraud                          kediktatoran dictatorship, dictatorialness
kecumik         mumble, mutter                         kedinamikan dynamism
kecundang       defated                                kedinginan     coldness, be very cold
kecupan         kiss                                   kedip wink, flicker
kecupatan       narrow mindedness                      kedipan        wink, flicker
kecurangan deceit, fraut, corruption, foul             kedirgantaraan aerospace affair
kecurian        experience a theft, be stolen from,    kedisiplinan discipline, training
theft                                                  kedogmatisan dogmatism
kedok mask, guise, cover                             kegadisan      virginity, chastity, continence

kedongkolan anger                                    kegaduhan     commotion, tumult, brawl, rumpus
kedua second, two, both                              kegagahan     courage, valor, strength, firmness,
kedudukan      situation, state, position, status    handsomeness, conceitedness
keduk scoop                                          kegagalan     failure, abortive attempt
kedukaan       sorrow, misery                        kegaguan      muteness
keduluan       be preceded to                        kegaiban      mystery, mysteriousness
kedumel        grumble                               kegairahan    passion, fervor, enthusiasm
kedung pool, center of information                   kegalakan     fierceness, ferocity, gruffness,
kedunguan      stupidity                             audacity, impudence
keduniaan      affairs of mortal life, worldly,      kegalau       confusion, hubbub, uproar
profane                                              kegalauan     see "kegalau"
kedurhakaan rebelliousness                           kegaliban     custom
kedustaan      prevarication                         kegamangan dizziness, vertigo
kedut fold, crease, wrinkled, crumpled, snatch, a    kegamblangan explicitness, clarity
twitch                                               kegampangan easiness, ease
kedutaan       embassy
kedutaan besar embassy                               keganasan     ferocity, viciousness
kedwiartian ambiguity                                kegandrungan love, infatuation, craze for
kedwibahasaan          bilingualism                  keganjilan    strangeness, pecullar nature
                                                     kegarangan fierceness, ferocity
keedanan      craziness, foolishness                 kegaringan    crispiness, crunchiness
keefektifan   effectiveness                          kegarongan be robbed from
keefisienan efficiency                               kegat bite hard
keegoisan     egoism                                 kegatalan     itchiness, irritation
keekonomian economy, economics matters               kegawatan     criticalness, danger, gravity
keekonomisan economy, frugality, thriftiness         kegayengan cordiality, warmth
keeksklusifan exclusivity, exclusiveness             kegedean      too big
keekspresifan expressiveness                         kegegapgempitaan      clamor, uproar
keekstreman extremism                                kegegeran     commotion, clamor
keelokan      beauty, loveliness                     kegelap-gelapan       fairly dark, become furious
keemasan      golden, gilded                         kegelapan     darkness
keempat       fourth
keenakan      pleasantness                           kegelian       amused, tickled
keenam        sixth                                  kegelisahan    nervousness, concern, worry
keenceran     diluteness                             kegemasan      anger, spite, passion
keengganan aversion, dislike, unwillingness          kegembalaan    leadership, being a herder
keesaan       oneness, unity                         kegembiraan    happiness, gladness, cheerfulness
                                                     kegembrotan    paunchiness
keesentrikan eccentricity                            kegemerlapan   luxury shining quality
keesokannya the following day                        kegemilangan   brilliance
kefaedaan     utility, usefulness                    kegemilapan    glitter
kefakiran     poverty, destitution                   kegempalan     sturdiness
kefanaan      transitorisness, impermanence,         kegemukan      too fat, overweight
fleetingness                                         kegemuruhan    thundering quality
kefarmasian pharmaceutical affairs                   kegenapan      completeness, evenness
kefasihan     fluency, articulateness                kegencaran     too fast, too often, rapidity
kefatalan     fatalism                               kegendutan     corpulence, too fat
kefeodalan    feudalism
kefiktifan    fictitiousness                         kegenitan      coquettishness
kefilsafatan pertaining to philosophical matters     kegentaran     vibration, fear
keformalan formality                                 kegentingan    crisis, critical junction
kefustrasian frustration                             kegerahan      mugginess
kegadis-gadisan        behave like a girl, girlish   kegeraman      furious anger
kegersangan dryness, barreness                        kehel crooked, twisted, deformed, off course,
kegesitan      nimbleness, agility                    sprained
kegetiran      bitterness                             kehendak      wish, desire
kegetolan      industry, industriousness, diligency   keheningan clarify, purity, stillness
kegetunan      see "getun"                            keheran-heranan       greatly surprise
kegiatan       energy, ardor, activity                keheranan     wonder, miracle, be amased
kegigihan      persistence, perseverance              kehewanan     pertaining to animals
kegigitan      bitten
kegila-gilaan rather insane, appear crazy             kehidung-hidungan nasal
kegilaan       madness, insanity, folly, stupidity,   kehidupan      life, existence
mania, passion                                        kehijau-hijauan         greenish
                                                      kehijauan      greenness, verdure
kegiliran     in turn                                 kehilangan     suffer form a loss, loss
kegirang-girangan     overjoyed                       kehingarbingaran        boisterousness
kegirangan    gladness, happiness                     kehirukpirukan          racket, din
kegoblokan stupidity, folly                           kehitam-hitaman         blackish
kegojlok-gojlok       shaken up, jolted               kehitaman      blackness, very black
kegombrongantoo large, too loose                      kehomogenan homogeneity
kegoncangan jolt, jarring, shock                      kehomoniman homonymy
kegopohan     haste, hurry                            kehormatan honor, honorary
kegoresan     be scratched                            kehujanan      get caught in rain
kegotongroyongan      cooperativeness                 keibaan        emotion, compassion
kegoyangan unsteadiness                               keibuan        maternal, motherly
kegugupan     nervousness, jumpiness                  keijinan       see "perijinan"
keguguran     have a miscarriage                      keikalan       curliness
kegunaan      use, purpose
kegundahan depression, dejection, despondency         keikatan       commitment
kegundulan being denuded, baldness                    keikliman      clomatological
                                                      keikutan       participation
kegusaran   anger, ire                                keilmiahan     scientificness
keguyuban   communality                               keilmu-ilmuan pseudo-scientific
kehabisan   run out of                                keilmuan       scientific, scholarly
kehadiran   presence, attendence                      keindahan      beauty
kehakiman   judicial affairs                          keindividuan individuality
kehalaan    directionality                            keinformilan informality
kehalusan   refinement, breeding, gentleness,         keinginan      wish, longing, desire
daintiness                                            keingintahuan curiosity
kehamba-hambahan humbly, in humble fashion            keingkaran     denial, disavowal, refusal
kehambaan servitude                                   keinsafan      awareness, realisation
kehambaran vapidness, insipidness                     keinsanan      being a person
kehamilan   pregnancy                                 keinsinyuran engineering
kehampaan emptiness, disappointment, vacuum           keistimewaan peculiarity
kehancuran destruction                                kejabal get robbed
kehangatan heat, warmth, tenseness, eagerness
kehangusan state of being charred                     kejadian       creation, genesis, incident, event,
                                                      occurrence, affair, party, case
keharmonian    harmony                                kejaga-jagaan sleepless, wakeful
keharmonisan   harmony                                kejagoan       prowess, mastery
keharuman      fragrance, fame, renown                kejahatan      evil, wickedness, felony, misdeed,
keharusan      necessity, requirement, imperative,    crime
must                                                  kejahilan      ignorance
kehasratan     wish, desire, longing                  kejaksaan      attorney, judiciary
kehausan       suffer thirst, be thirsty, thirst,     kejalangan     wildness
thirstiness                                           kejam closed, cruel, brutal, stingy, miserly
kehebohan      fuss, ado, stir                        kejamakan      pluralisation
kejandaan    widowhood                                kejumudan      obstinacy, unbendingness
kejang stiff                                          kejur stiff, unbending, inflexible
kejanggalan awkwardness, discordancy,
impropriety                                           kejuruan         vocational, vocation, trade
kejantanan   virility, manhood, machismo              kejut frightened, scared, startled
kejap blink                                           kejutan jolt, shock
                                                      kekabur-kaburan          rather hazy, rather clouded
kejapan         a wink of the eye                     kekaburan        haziness, vagueness, fuzziness
kejar chase, race, compete                            kekacakan        dash, drive, conceit, cockiness
kejaran pursuit, chase                                kekacauan        confusion, disorder
kejarangan      infrequency, sparseness, rarity       kekacaubalauan           chaos, total confusion
kejat stiff, rigid, firm, sturdy, tight               kekafiran        infidel state, paganism
kejatmikaan politeness, modesty                       kekagetan        shock
kejauhan        distance, too far                     kekaguman astonishment, admiration
kejayaan        glory fame, properity, wealth         kekaisaran       empire
kejeblok        be stuck, mired in mud, be tricked,   kekakuan         stiffness of body, rigidity,
cheated, sag, drop                                    clumsiness
kejeblos        cheated, fooled, ticked               kekal eternal, everlasting, durable, lasting,
kejelasan       clarify                               colorfast
kejelekan       ugliness, badness, evil
kejelian        carefulness                           kekalahan        defeat
kejelimetan meticulousness                            kekalangkabutan           confussion, chaos
                                                      kekalapan        confussion, bewilderment
kejelitaan      loveliness                            kekalutan        confusion
kejemawaan concoitedness, arrogance                   kekam scum
kejembelan squalor                                    kekandasan failure
kejempolan being tops                                 kekang bridle, reins, restraint, curb
kejemuan        boredom, be very bored                kekangan         bridle, reins, restraint, curb,
kejen plowshare                                       inhibition, hang up
kejenakaan      humor                                 kekar open, unfolded, spread out, solid, firm,
kejengahan embarrassment                              squat, hefty, tight
kejengkang die                                        kekariban        closeness, intimacy
kejengkelan annoyance, irritation                     kekarutan        confusion
kejenisan       sort, clasification, sex              kekasaran        coarseness, roughness, rudeness
kejenuhan       surfeit, saturation, oversaturated,   kekasih          beloved, sweetheart
overfull                                              kekasihan        love, mercy
kejepit see "terjepit"                                kekasipan        lateness, tardiness
kejerahan       prevalence, abundance
kejernihan      weariness, fatigue, overly fatigued   kekatolikan catholicism
keji    despicable, shameful, contemptible            kekaulanegaran        citisenship
                                                      kekayaan      wealth, riches, power, might
kejijikan     filthiness, disgust, repugnance, feel   kekebalan     invulnerability, immunity,
disgust                                               resistance
kejipratan    be splattered with                      kekecewaan disappointment, lack of success
kejituan      accuracy, precision                     kekecilan     smallness, insignificance, too small
kejiwaan      spiritual, psychic, psychalogical       kekecualian exception
kejiwaragaan psychosomatic, spirit, inhabitant        kekedapan     impermeability
kejombangan handsomeness, beauty                      kekedian      transvestitism
kejora morning star                                   kekejaman     cruelty, harshness
kejorokan     slovenliness, dirtiness, squalor        kekejian      meaness, baseness
keju cheese                                           kekejuran     stiffiness
kejuaraan     championship                            kekejutan     startled, surprised
kejuju flowing                                        kekek giggle, snicker
kejujuran     honesty, integrity                      kekekalan     constancy, durability
kejumbuhan identity
kekekaran     heftiness, solidity                   keladak         dregs, sediment, residue
kekelaman     darkness, obscurity                   keladan         the champor tree
kekelantangan bleached                              keladau         keep an eye on
kekelesaan    apathy, indifference, unconcern       keladi taro, calladium
kekeliruan    error, mistake                        kelagepan       chore
kekelompokan cluster, clustering                    kelah complaint, a charge
kekenalan     known, discussed, found out           kelahapan       gluttony
kekencangan speed, acceleration, sension,           kelahi quarrel, argument, fight
tautness                                            kelahiran       birth, be born of, spring from
kekenduran weakness, laxness, relaxation, slow      kelainan        difference, deviation, aberration,
down                                                anomaly
kekentalan    viscosity                             kelak-kelik     flickering
kekenyangan satiation, too full, overly full        kelak-keluk curve, detail
keker binoculars, telescope                         kelakar a joke, jest, wise crack
kekerabatan kinship, genetic relationship           kelakatu        flying ant
                                                    kelakian        manliness, virility, mannish,
kekerapan      frequency                            manhood
kekerasan      hardness, harshness, loudness,
forve, violence, severity, sterness, rigor          kelakian-lakian        see "kelakian"
kekerdilan     dwarfishness, smallness              kelakuan       deed, act, behavior, demeanor
kekerempengan          thinness                     kelalaian      neglect, carelessness, indifference
kekeringan     dryness, aridity, drought, too dry   kelaliman      despotism, tyranny, cruelty,
kekerlapan     twinkle                              oppression
kekeruhan      muddiness, unrest, irregularity      kelam dull, overcast, dark, obscure, dim, clamp
kekesalan      annoyance                            kelamaan       eventually, in the long run, finally,
keketatan      tightness                            in the end
kekhianatan treason, betrayal                       kelambanan indolence, torpor, inertia, laziness,
kekhidmatan solemnity                               awkwardness, clumsiness
kekhilafan     mistake, error                       kelambatan too late, slowness, inertia, delay
keki annoyed, irritated, resentful,                 kelambit       flying fox
uncomfortable                                       kelambu        mosquito net
kekibiran      haughtiness                          kelamin        pair, couple, sex, gender

kekikiran      stinginess                           kelampauan the past
kekikukan      clumsiness                           kelamun       daydream, muse
kekisi lattice                                      kelana wonderer, rover
kekisruhan     confusion                            kelancangan presumption, effrontery,
kekocakan      hilarity                             impudence, insolence
kekok clumsy, awkward, blundering                   kelancaran    smoothness, fluency
kekolotan      conservatism                         kelancungan forgery, fake, emptiness
kekompakan compactness, harmony,                    kelanggar     see "terlanggar"
togetherness                                        kelanggengan perpetuity, eternity
kekompletan completeness                            kelangkahan pverstepped, transgressed
kekonkritan concreteness                            kelangkang crotch, groin
kekotoran      filthiness, dirtiness                kelangsingan slimness, slenderness
kekuatan       strength, energy, power              kelangsungan performance, execution
kekurangajaran          lack of respect             kelanjutan    repercussion, carry cover,
kekurangan lack, shortcoming                        continuation
kekusutan      confussion                           kelantaman arrogance, haughtiness
kelabakan      flounder about
kelabang       braid                                kelantang    bleach, whitten
kelabat fenugreek                                   kelantangan volume, loudness
                                                    kelap-kelip  blinking, flivkering
kelabu gray, ash colored                            kelapa coconut
kelaburan      windfall
kelapangan emptiness, vacuity, lessure, ease,      kelenturan      pliancy
feel relieved                                      kelenyapan disappearing
kelaparan     hunger, famine, be famished          kelepak         hang limply
kelapukan     moldiness, mustiness                 kelepasan       escape, freedom, release,
kelar ready, done, finished, notchindentation      separation
kelarasan     harmony                              kelepat caulk
kelarian      escape                               kelepek         flutter
kelarutan     solubility, lateness                 kelepir resticles
kelas class, neap tide                             kelereng        marbles
kelasa camel hump, mat                             kelesa easygoing, indifferent, apathetic
kelasi sailor                                      kelestarian     preservation, conservation
kelat brace, sheet, astringent, stuck              kelesuan        listlesness, lassitude
kelawar       club                                 keletah coquettish, affected
                                                   kelewar         foresail
kelayah         be stretched out                   kelewat         excessive
kelayakan       worthiness, fairness, properness
kelayap         roam the streets                   kelezatan        taste, delicacy, influated, pleasure
kelayuan        drooping, death                    keli    edible, river catfish
kelder cellar                                      kelian tin mine, village official
kelebatan       luxuriance, heaviness              keliar swarm about
kelebu sink                                        keliaran         wildness
kelebut shoe last, shoe tree, mold for hats        keliatan         plasticity
kelece tease                                       kelicih skid, slip
keledai donkey, ass                                kelicik see "kelicih"
kelegaan        relief, space                      kelih look
kelek banister, armrest, armpit                    kelihaian        astuteness, ability
kelekatan       adhesiveness, viscosity            kelik slight curve, turn
kelelahan       weariness, fatigue, exhaustion     kelikik giggle, titter
kelelapan       deep sleep                         keliling         circumference, area around,
kelelawar       cave bat                           periphery, surrounding
kelelep submerged                                  kelim hem
keleluasaan freedom                                keliman          hem
                                                   kelimpahan abundance, affluence
kelem sunk, foundered, submerged                   kelimpungan confused, distraught
kelemahan     weakness, frailty, laxity            kelimun          group, crowd
kelemapih     gangrene
kelemayuh     gangrene                             kelincahan      liveliness, friskiness
kelembaban humidity, dampness                      kelinci rabbit, hare
kelembagaan institutional                          kelindan        bobbin, spool
kelembak      aloes wood                           keling rivet
kelembekan softness, slackness                     kelingking      little finger, pinkie
kelembubu     whirlwind                            kelinglungan absent mindedness
kelembung     inflated                             kelinting       small bell
kelembutan softness, tenderness                    kelintingan     tinkle
kelemumur dandruff                                 kelintung       rattle
kelenaan      somnolent, soporific                 kelip firefly, spangles, sequins, flicker
kelencer      take a walk                          kelipan flickering, blinking, twinkling
kelengahan neglectfulness                          kelipat folded, pleated
kelengkapan completeness, comprehensiveness        kelipik speck
kelengkeng longan                                  kelir color, curtain, screen, disguise, cover,
kelengketan    adhesiveness                        keliru wrong, erroneous, be mistaken
kelengkong     intrigue, conspiracy                kelis dodge, zig zag
kelenjar       gland                               kelobaan        greed, covetousness
kelentikan     suppleness, pliability
keloget wriggle, writhe                                 kelus abraded, scraped
kelojot convulse                                        kelut-melut crisis, critical stage
kelojotan      convulse                                 keluyur      loaf around, hang around
kelok curve, bend, turn
kelokan        bend, curve, turn                        keluyuran     see "keluyur"
kelola manage, carry out, execute                       kemaafan      forgiveness
kelolaan       management                               kemacetan     jamming, stagnation
kelom wooden clogs                                      kemah tent, camp
kelompang      empty, fruit peel                        kemah-kemih chew
kelompok       group, cluster, category                 kemahalan     expensiveness, scarcity
kelonggaran laxness, laxity, dispensation               kemajemukkan          complexity, plurality
kelongkong young coconut                                kemajuan      progress, development
kelongsong husk, wrapper, cartrudge case                kemak-kemik chew, mumble
kelongsongan cartridge case                             kemakmuran prosperity
kelontong      bamboo clapper, peddler, sundries        kemaknitan magnetism
kelop jibe, tally, square, balanced, fit together, be   kemaksiatan wickedness
in agreement                                            kemal moist, damp, clammy, dingy, grubby
                                                        kemalangan calamity, distress
kelopak         sheath, spathe, calyx, bract            kemalasan     laziness
kelos reel, spool, bobbin                               kemalingan robbed, robbery
kelosok         rub hard, scour                         kemaluan      privates, genitals
kelotak bustling about
kelotokfall off, be shed                                kemam mumble
keloyak         slough                                  kemampatan congestion
kelu dumb, mute, speechless                             kemampuan ability, capability, capacity
keluan nose rope                                        kemandekan stagnation
keluar go out, come out, exit, leave, go off, turn      kemandirian autonomy
out to be                                               kemandulan sterility
keluaran        output, graduate, ecodus                kemanisan    sweetness, beauty
keluarbiasaan peculiarity                               kemanjuran efficacy, effectiveness
keluarga        family                                  kemantapan steadiness, stability
kelubung        cover, veil                             kemanten     newlywed
kelucuan        humor, joking, cuteness                 kemanunggalan        total integration
keluh sigh, moan, complain                              kemapaman state of being established
keluhan         complaint                               kemarahan    fury, anger
keluhuran       grandeur, majesty                       kemarau      dry season
                                                        kemari come here
kelui ramie                                             kemarin      yesterday
keluk curved                                            kemaruk      ravenous, greedy, covetous
kelukan        buckling                                 kemas orderly, well kept, crated, boxed
kelukur        abraded, scraped, grazed
kelulu proper, fitting                                  kemas-kemas pack
kelulusan      passing an examination                   kemasakan      maturity
kelumit        bit, part                                kemasan        package, packing
kelumpuhan paralysis                                    kemasi care for
kelumun        cover, wrapping                          kemasukan      possessed
kelun billow                                            kemasyarakatan         social
kelung bent, hollow, concave                            kemasyhuran fame, renown
kelupaan       forgetfulness                            kematangan overripe, maturity
kelupas        get peeled off                           kematian       death
kelupur        flutter                                  kemau mutter, mumble
keluron        miscarriage                              kemauan        desire, wish
keluruk        crow                                     kemayu         cpquettish
kelurusan      honesty, sincerity                       kembali        return, revert to, once again, you
kelurut whitlow                                         are welcome, change
kembalian     pocket change                       kemiripan     resemblance
kemban        breast cloth                        kemis beg
kembang       flower                              kemiskinan proverty, destitution
kembartwin, in duplicate, identical, match        kemogokan stoppage
kembaran      twinning                            kemolekan     beauty, loveliness
kembeng       flood, overflow                     kemong        sunken
                                                  kemontokan plumpness
kembolbulge                                       kempa a press
kembung         puffed up, puffing, fill          kempaan       a press
kembur          chat                              kempang-kempis         pant
kemburuan       jealous                           kempihdeflated, flat, sunken, penniless
kemegahan greatness, glory                        kempis see "kempih"
kemekaran       efflorescence                     kemplang      strike, not pay, embezzle
kemekmek        be fascinated
kemelaratan misery, poverty                       kemplangan embezzled
kemelekan       literacy                          kempos       flat, deflated
kemelencengan           slant                     kempotsunken, hollow, broke, penniless
kemelesetan decline, shortfall                    kempuh       soft, mushy, very ripe, rotten,
kemelikan       greed, craving                    spoiled
kemelut         crisis                            kempulpant
kemenakan nephew, niece                           kempung      sunken
kemenangan victory                                kempungan abdomen, bladder
kemencongan declivity, skewness                   kemreket     gnash
kemendaman drunkenness                            kemringet    sweaty
kemendesakkan           urgency                   kemrungsung unconfortable
kemenduaan indecisiveness                         kemudaan     youth
kemendur        commander, harbor master, civil   kemudahan ease
official, overseer, foreman                       kemudihelm, rudder, steering wheel, reins
                                                  kemudian     afterwards, later, then
kemengertian understanding                        kemufakatan agreement
kemengkalan irritation, annoyance                 kemujaraban efficacy, effectiveness
kementahan rawness                                kemujuran    luck
kementakan probability                            kemul blanket, coverlet, munch
kementam     booming, thundering
kementerengan        luxury, magnificence         kemuliaan      glory, magnificence
kementerian ministry                              kemulukan      pomposity
kemerah-merahan      reddish                      kemumu         dandruff
kemerataan evenness                               kemunafikan    hypocrisy
kemerdekaan liberty, freedom                      kemuncak       peak, top, summit, spex
kemerosotan decline                               kemunduran     decline, decrease
kemerup      flicker                              kemungkinan    possibility
kemesraan    absorption, love                     kemungkus      addled
kemestian    necessity, obligation                kemuning       yellow
kemesuman indecency, obscenity                    kemurahan      cheapness, generosity
kemewahan luxury, extravagance                    kemuraman      gloom, dejection
kemi sucking fish, the remora                     kemurkaan      fury, greed
                                                  kemurnian      purity, chastity
kemih urine                                       kemurtadan     apostasy
kemik dented                                      kemurungan     depression
kemil eat snack                                   kemusnahan     destruction, extinction
kemilan       snack                               kemustahilan   impossibility
kemilau       sheen, shiny, shining               kemusykilan    abstruseness
kemiliteran military
keminusan     unproductiveness                    kemut throb, suck on
kemiringan declivity, slope                       kemutlakan absoluteness
kena struck, hit                                      kental thick, strong, close
kenaifan       naivete                                kentalan        extract
kenajisan      prohibited                             kentang         potato
kenakalan      naughtiness, mischief, delinquency     kentara visible, discernible
kenal know, be familiar, be aquainted with            kentit steal, hide
kenalan        an aquaintance                         kentong         gong
kenan birthmark, agree                                kentut flatus, stomach gas, break wind, fart
kenang be reminded of, think of                       kenup truncjeon, bludgeon, billy club
kenang-kenang          souvenir, keepsake,            kenyal tough, rubbery, clastic
memento, remembrance                                  kenyalan        rubberiness, elasticity
kenang-kenangan        see "kenang-kenang"            kenyam          taste, sample, savor, experience,
kenapa why, what happened to                          sample
kenasionalan nationality, nationalism                 kenyamanan freshness, fitt feeling, pleasure
kencan date, appointment                              kenyang         satisfied, sated, saturated

kencana        gold                                   kenyang-kenyangnya insatiable
kencang        fast, quick, speedy, taur, tight,      kenyaringan sonority
selling well                                          kenyat-kenyut pulsate, throb
kenceng        bow drill, frying pan                  kenyataan       fact, data, truth
kencing        urine, urinate                         kenyih sickly
kencong        crooked, askew, awry, pitche plant     kenyir crave
kencur greater, galingale                             kenyit wink
kendaga        cowries, shell money                   kenyot suck
kendak lover, mistress                                kenyut suck
kendakan       paramour                               keobyektifan objectivity
kendala        constraint, obstacle                   keodituran      matters pertaining to military
kendali reins                                         prosecutors, prosecuting attorney
kendara        ride                                   keogahan        aversion
kendaraan      vehicle, mount                         keok defeated, beaten, cackle, cluck
kendat interruption                                   keolahragaan sports, sportsman like, athletic
kendatan       see "kendat"                           keolengan       rocking
kendati although, not to mention                      keonaran        confusion, boisterousness,
kendit cloth, belt, sash, girdle                      sensation, disturbance

kendur slack, loose, flabby, lifeless, slacken, lax   keong snail
kenduri        ritual meal                            keoptimisan optimism
kenegaraan statesmanship                              keorganisasian organisation
keneker        marbles                                keotentikan authenticity
kenes coquettish, affected                            keotonoman autonomy
kenestapaan grief, sorrow                             keovalan       ovalness
kenetralan     neutrality                             kepadatan      density, conciseness
kengantukan drowsiness                                kepaduan       cohesiveness
kengerian      horror, horrified                      kepagian       too early
kengiluan      smarting pain, hurting feeling         kepahitan      bitterness, exasperation
kengototan     obstinacy                              kepahlawanan heroism
keniagaan      marketing, trade                       kepajakan      revenue
kenikmatan bliss, enjoyment, confort, amenity         kepak wing, flutter
kening brow, forehead, eyebrow                        kepakaran      expertise
keningrat-ningratan aristocratilike                   kepal lump, clod, fist
keningratan aristrocratic, class                      kepala head, leader, person
                                                      kepalaan       headline, masthead
kenisbian    relativity                               kepalan        fist
keniscalaan abstraction                               kepalang       insufficient, inadequate
kenistaan    insult                                   kepalsuan      falseness
kenop knob, button
kepam musty stale, faded                          keperjakaan bachelorhood
kepanasan      too hot, heat                      keperkasaan courage, power
kepandaian cleverness                             keperluan      need, necessity
kepandiran     stupidity                          keperwiraan heroism
kepanduan      scouting                           kepesatan      speed, momentum
kepang braid, plait                               kepet shake, manipulate
kepanikan      panic                              kepiawaian expertise
kepaniteraan secretariat                          kepicikan      stuck, narrow mindedness
kepanjangan length, duration, continuation        kepikunan      senility
kepantasan     fairness, properness               kepil near, alongside
kepapahan      poverty, destutition               kepiluan       sadness, emotion
keparat dammit, dammed, rogue, infidel, heathen   kepincangan lameness, defect, imbalance
keparauan      hoarseness                         kepincut       attracted, drawn to
kepariwisataantourism                             kepinding      bedbug
kepasrahan     submission, resignation            keping chip, fragment, splinter, sliver, shard
kepastian      certainty, assurance               kepingan       fragment
kepatang       yesterday
                                                  kepingin        desire
kepatuhan      obedience, discipline              kepinis ironwood
kepatutan      fairness, consideration,           kepinjal        flea
appropriateness                                   kepintaran      cleverness, skill
kepausan       papacy                             kepitan clamp, pincers
kepayahan      weariness, fatigue, exhausted      kepiting        crab
kepedihan      pain, smarting                     keplak slap
kepegasan      elasticity                         kepleset        slip
kepegawaian officialdom                           keplok applause
kepekaan       sensitivity                        keplokan        applause
kepekatan      thickness, darkness                kepoh deflect
kepelabuhan harbour affairs                       kepok deflect
kepelacuran prostitution                          kepolisian      police
kepelbagaian diversity                            kepolosan       smoothness, plainness
kepelet seduced                                   kepompong cocoon, chrysalis, pupa
kepeloporan pioneering                            keponakan       nephew, niece
kepemilikan ownership                             kepot swerve, zigzag, crumpled, creased,
kepemimpinan leaderhsip                           tousled, disheveled
kepenatan      tired, weariness, fatigue          keprajuritan military, heroism
                                                  kepras prune, trim, cut back
kependekan abbreviation, shortness                kepret spill, spray
kependetaan clergy, ministry
kependiaman taciturnity                           kepribadian individuality, personality
kependudukan demography                           keprihatinan concern
kepengacaraan matters dealing with lawyers        kepruk smash, break open
kepengawasan monitoring                           kepuasan       satisfaction
kepenghunian occupancy, occupation                kepudang       oriole
kepengurusan management, leadership               kepuh bulging, billowing
kepeningan dizziness                              kepuk dented
kepentingan importance, interest                  kepukan        indentation
kepenuhan     completeness                        kepul billowing smoke
kepepatan     flatness                            kepulan        see "kepul"
keperak-perakan       silvery                     kepulauan      archipelago
keperawanan virginity, maidenhood                 kepundan       lava, crater
kepercayaan faith, trust, confidence              kepung encircling
kepergian     departure, journey                  kepungan       beieger
                                                  kepuntir       twisted
kepergok      surprised, unexpected               kepura-puraan dissimilation, pretense
kepustakaan literature, ducuments                     keras hard, solid state, tight, not flexible, strong,
keputusan    decision, decree, sentence               gruff, hard, loud, stern, seriously
keputusasaan despair
                                                      kerasukan      possessed
kepuyengan dizziness                                  kerasulan      apostolate
kepuyuk          cockroach                            kerat slice, piece, part
kepyur sprinkle down                                  keratonpalace
kerabang         eggshell                             kerawanan      unsafe
kerabat relative, family                              kerawang       filigree, openwork
kerabit torn, ripped, rent                            kerbau caracao, buffalo, stupid person
kerabu ear studs                                      kerdak dregs
kerabunan        myopia                               kerdamboom, loud
keracak          elated                               kerdil dwarf, stunted, small minded
keracunan        poisoned                             kerdilan       petty bickering
keragaman        variety, diversity                   kerdom         cuss
keraguan         hesitancy, doubt                     kerdom-kerdom          see "kerdom"
kerah corvee, collar                                  kerdut wrinkled, corrugate
kerahasiaan secretcy                                  kere puppy, beggar, vagrant, tramp
kerait creaky                                         kereat-kereot rickety, squeaking
kerajaan         empire, kingdom                      kerebok        tear
kerajang         gold leaf                            kerecokan      excitement, noise
kerajinan        diligence, handicraft                keredak        caked
kerakal gravel
kerakeling       brass knuckles                       keredaksian editorship
kerakyatan       democracy, populist                  keredong      cover, blanket
                                                      keredupan     overcast
keram have cramps, imprison                           kerek hoist, pulley
kerama curse, spell                                   kerekotrough, stingy, avaricious
keramahan      friendliness, informality              kerelaan      willingness, consent, blessing
keramahtamahan         friendliness, hospitality      kerelatifan   relevance
keramaian      festivity, noise                       keremang-remangan vagueness, blur, obscurity
keramas        shampoo                                keremehan     triviality
keramat        sacred, holy, shrine, sacret spot      keremi pinworms
kerambil       coconut                                keremot       wrinkled, furrowed
kerambit       short sickle                           kerempagi     straighr razor, pocketknife
keramik        ceramic                                kerempeng     emaciated, thin
kerampang      perimeum, crotch                       kerempengan thinness
keran tap, faucet, spigot, crane, derrick, brazier,   keren impressive, handsome, dashing, spirited
portable stove                                        kerendahan lowness
kerancuan      confusion, contamination               kerendahatian modesty
kerang cockle shells, tortoise shell
kerang-kerang shellfish                               kereng surly, grumpy, gruff
                                                      kerenggangan aloofness, distance
kerang-keroh crisscross, askew, awry, irregular,      kerenjanaan emotionally
rambling, conniving, scheming                         kerentanan     sensitivity, susceptibility
kerangka       skeleton, framework, design, plan      kerenyam       geranium
kerangkeng jail, lock up, cage, playpen               kerenyot       grin
kerani office clerk                                   kerepotan      stir, bustle, busy
keranjing      be fond of                             keresahan      unrest, restlessness
keranjingan have a mania for, possessed               kereseng       cracked open, slightly open
kerap close, often, frequently, race bulls            keresot wrinkled
kerapan        bull race                              keret cut
kerapatan      density                                kereta carriage, cart
kerapian       neatness, tidiness                     keretak crack
kerapuhan      fragility, crispness                   keretakan      crack, fissure, rift
keretan a pull                                      kerotot grooved, pockmarked
keretot deformed                                    keroyok         gang up on, swarm over,
kerewelan      choosiness, fussiness                overwhelming of
keriangan      cheerfulness, exhilaration           kerpu blende
                                                    kerpus guardhouse
keriap swarm                                        kersai crumbly
keributan       commotion, disturbance              kersen cherry
kericau chirp, twitter, chatter                     kersik grit, gravel, coarse sand
kerikanscratch, scraping
kerikil pebble, gravel                              kertas paper
kerikit gnaw, nibble                                kertau mulberry tree
kerimut         undo, rumple, hurt                  kertus cartridge
kerincian       specification                       keruan known
kerincing       jungling                            kerubung       crowd
kerinduan       longing, yearning                   kerubut        mob
kering dry, arid, poorly paid, crispy               kerubutan      crowd
keringanan      lightness, dispensation             kerucutcone
keringat        sweat, perspiration                 kerudung       veil
keringatan      sweaty, perspiring                  kerugian       detriment
keringkihan frailty                                 keruh turbit, disturbed, restless, snoring
keriningan      bicycle bell                        keruit wiggle
kerinjal        kidney                              keruk scratching, dredging
kerip crackle, nibble, gnaw                         kerukunan      harmony, concord
                                                    kerul curl
keripik crispy chip                                 kerumit        gnaw, nibble
keriput wrinkled, furrowed, wizened                 kerumitan      difficulty, complexity,
keris kris                                          complication
kerisauan       worry, restlessness                 kerumuk        be crumpled, wrinkle
kerisikan       rustling, peeling off               kerumun        swarm over
keriting        curly, kinky                        kerumunan      crowd
keriuk crowing                                      keruncingan sharpness
kerja work, occupation, activity, celebration       kerung concave
kerjaan work
kerjain give a beating, have sex with               keruntuhan      collapse, debacle
kerjasama       cooperation                         keruntung       piggy bank
kerlap glare, glistening                            kerunyut        wrinkle
kerling shining, gleaming, sparkling                kerusakan       damage, flaw
kerlip flickering, fall in love                     kerusuhan       disturbance, turbulence
kernyih         grinning                            kerusut shrink, crease
kernyit furrow                                      kerut furrow
kernyut         wrinkle                             kerutancontraction
kernyutan       wrinkled                            keruwetan       complication, complexity
                                                    kesabaran       patience, tolerance
kero squinting                                      kesadaran       awareness, realization,
kerob false, deceptive, crooked, confusing, hazy,   consciousness
unclear                                             kesadisan       sadism
kerobohan      collapse, ruins                      kesah moan, sigh
kerohanian     spirituality                         kesahajaan      simplicity, simpleness
kerok currycomb                                     kesahan         legality
keron crown                                         kesak shift
kerongkongan throat, gullet, esophagus, pharinx     kesakitan       be ill, in pain
keropok        small group, hollow, empty           kesaksian       testimony, evidence
keropos        porous, spongy, hollow, rotten,
rarefied                                            kesal fed up, dejected, piqued
kerosin kerosene                                    kesalahan     mistake, error, blunder
kesalahdugaan error, mistake                       kesendirian aloneness, solitude
kesalahpahaman        misunderstanding             kesenduan     sadness
kesamaan      sameness, similarity                 kesengajaan deliberateness
kesamaran     obscureness, camouflage              kesenggangan leisureliness, leisure
kesampaian achieved, accomplished                  kesengitan    acrimony, fierceness
kesamunan     robbed                               kesengsaraan misery, suffering
kesan impression, trace                            kesengsem     absorbed
kesanggupan power, capability, performance         kesenjangan discrepancy, asymmetry
kesangkut     involved in, stumble over            kesentimentalan      sentimentality
kesangsang be caught                               kesentosaan peace, safety
kesangsian    doubt, skepticism                    kesenyapan silence
kesarangan    porosity
kesaratan     density                              keseorangan loneliness, solitude
kesarjanaan scholarship                            kesepadanan correspondence, agreement
                                                   kesepakatan agreement reached
kesastraan     literature                          kesepelean   triviality
kesat stiff, shaggy                                kesepian     solitude, loneliness
kesatuan       unit                                keseragaman uniformity
kesayangan pity, affection, favorite               keserakahan greed
kesayuan       sadness, melancholy , wistfulness   keserakan    rasp
kesebalan      resentment                          keseraman    frightfulness
kesedapan      pleasantness                        keseran      dolly
kesederhanaan simplicity                           keserapan    absorbency
kesediaan      readiness, willingness              keserasian   harmony, matching
kesedihan      sorrow, sadness                     keserbaanekaan        diversity
keseganan      reluctance, aversion, respect       keserbasamaan         homogeneity
kesegaran      freshness, health                   keserdaduan soldiery
kesehatan      health                              keserentakan simultaneity
kesehatian     unanimity in ideals                 keseretan    sluggishness
keseimbangan balance, equilibrium                  keseringan   frequency
kesejahteraan prosperity, safety                   keseriusan   seriousness

kesejajaran    parallelism                         keserongan insincerity, adultery
kesejukan      cold, collness                      kesertaan     participation
kesek rubbing                                      keserupaan    similarity
keseksamaan accuracy, precision                    kesesakan     oppressed, oppressiveness
kesel tired, exhausted                             kesesuaian    conformity, suitability,
keselamatan welfare, safety                        compatibility
keselarasan harmony, conformity                    keset skin, flay, doormat
keselektifan selectiveness                         kesetanan     possessed
keseleobe sprained                                 kesetiaan     loyalty, allegiance
keseluruhan totality, whole                        kesetimbanganharmony, balance
kesemarakan splendor                               kesewajaran genuiness, naturalness
kesembarangan          arbitrariness
kesembronoan frivolity, recklesness                kesewenang-wenangan         arbitratiness,
kesembuhan recovery                                despotism
kesemestaan totality
kesempatan opportunity, occasion                   kesewenangan competence, authority
kesempitan narrowness, shortage                    kesi white, pale
                                                   kesia-siaan  futility, uselessness
kesemplok    hit, penniless                        kesialan     bad luck
kesempurnaan fullness, completeness, perfection    kesiangan    overslept
kesemuaan    totality                              kesiapan     readiness
kesenangan happiness, favorite                     kesigapan    efficiency, energy
kesendatan   stagnation                            kesilaman    darkness, past
kesilauan    glare, blinded                         keteduhan      calm, quitness, shelter
kesima upset                                        ketegakan      uprightness
kesimpulan conclusion                               ketegangan tension, stress
kesinambungan         continuity                    ketegapan      sturdiness
kesingkatan shortness                               ketegar stubborn, obstinate
kesinisan    sarcasm, scorn, cynicism               ketegasan      firmness, clearness, explicitness
kesip seedless                                      keteguhan      firmness, strength, dependability
kesipitan    narrowness                             ketekadan      determination
kesombongan arrogance, vanity, conceit
kesopanan    good manners                           ketekoran     deficit
kestabilan   stability                              ketekunan     diligence, perseverance
                                                    ketel thick, crowded, drop, kettle, boiler
kesterilan    sterility                             ketela yams
kesuburan     fertility, prosperity                 ketelanjangan nakedness, nudity
kesucian      purity, chastity                      ketelapan     permeability
kesudahan     conclusion, result, consequence       ketelatan     tardiness
kesudian      willingness                           ketelatenan patience
kesukaan      joy, pleasure                         keteledoran negligence, default
kesukaran     difficulty, hardship                  ketelitian    carefulness
kesuksesan    success                               ketelpak      coveralls, jumpsuit
kesulitan     difficulty, trouble                   ketenangan composure
kesuma        flower, beautiful                     ketenaran     noise, popularity, fame
kesumat       conflict, enmity, hatred              ketengikan    rancidity, spitefulness
kesumbangan   impropriety, falseness, discordance   ketentaraan military
kesungguhan   truth, sincerity, seriousness         ketenteraman calm, tranquillity
kesunyian     loneliness, quiet, solitude           ketentuan     certainty, stipulation, determinate
kesupelan     flexibility, sociability
                                                    ketepatan      accuracy, exactness, precision
kesuraman      vagueness, dullness                  keterangan     information, explanation
kesusahan      difficulty                           keterarahan directedness, state of having
kesusasteraan literature                            guidance
kesusilaan     decency, morality                    keterasingan isolation, exclution, alienation
ketaatan       loyalty, fidelity                    keteraturan    orderliness, regularity
ketabahan      firmness, determination              keterbatasan limitedness
ketagihan      addiction                            keterbelahan half heartedness
ketahanan      tenacity, endurance                  keterbelakangan        backwardness
ketahiran      purity                               keterbukaan openness
ketahuan       detected                             keterceceran backwardness, lagging behind
ketai crumble, decompose, loser                     ketercerabutan rootlessness
ketajaman      sharpness, acuteness                 keterdapatan occurrence
ketakaburan arrogance                               ketergantungan         dependence
ketakjuban     astonishment, amazement              keterharuan emotional
ketakutan      fear, anxiety, frightened
ketam tightly, crab                                 keterhentian impasse
ketamakan      greed                                keterikatan    being bound
                                                    keterjalinan involvement, entanglement
ketampanan handsomeness                             keterjaminan security, assuredness
ketang tight                                        keterjerapan absorbability
ketangkap      arrested, seized                     keterkadangan rarity
ketangkasan adroitness, dexterity                   keterkaitan    connection, interrelatedness
ketapel catapult, slingshot                         keterkejutan being startled
ketat tight, firm, strict                           keterkenalan fame, being fame
ketawa laugh                                        keterlaksanaan feasibility
ketawaan       laugher                              keterlaluan    excessive, far too much
ketebalan      thickness                            keterlanjuran excess
keterlantaran state of neglect                  keuletan      tenacity, preseverance
keterlibatan involvement, entanglement,         keulungan     experience, superoproty, excellence
complicity                                      keumuman      generality
keterpaduan integrity                           keunggulan superiority
                                                keungu-unguan         purplish
keterpencilan isolation                         keunikan      uniqueness
ketertiban     orderliness                      keuniversalan universality
keterusterangan        candor, immediately      keuntungan profit, luck
keterwujudan materialization
ketes drop                                      keuring      inspection
ketetapan      decision, firmness, steadiness   keusangan    decrepitude, obsolescence, dryness
ketiadaan      lack, nothingness                keusilan     annoyance, naughtiness
ketiak armpit                                   keuskupan    diocese, bishopric
ketial ponderous                                keutamaan    superiority, excellence
ketidakacuhan indiference, apathy               keutuhan     totality, wholeness
ketidakadilan injustice                         kevitalan    vitality
ketidakcocokan         incompatibility          kewafatan    death, demise
ketidakjelasan obscurity                        kewajaran    fittingness
ketidakjujuran dishonesty                       kewajiban    obligation, duty
ketidaksabaranimpatience                        kewalahan    overwhelmed
ketiduran      slumber, oversleep               kewalian     status as guardian
ketika point in time, moment, when              kewalikotaan having to do with the mayor
                                                kewangian    fragrance
ketil bit                                       kewangsaan kinship
ketimang       buckle, slacp                    kewanita-wanitaan effeminate
ketimbang      better                           kewanitaan femininity, womanhood
ketimpangan imbalance, lameness, partiality
ketindihan     pressed down                     kewarasan    healthy
ketinggalan remainder                           kewargaan    membership, citizenry
ketinggian     altitude, boastful               kewargaduniawian cosmopolitanners
ketip bite, dime                                kewarganegaraan      citizenship, civics
ketir-ketir    fearful                          kewartawanan journalism
ketis flick                                     kewas-wasan anxiety, ineasiness
ketombe        dandruff                         kewaspadaan vigilance, alertness, caution
ketopong       helmet                           kewedanaan district, residence of district chief
ketrampilan skill                               kewibawaan authority
ketrok strike                                   kewijayaan victory
ketu skull cap                                  kewiraan     manliness
ketua chairman, elder, moderator                kewiraswastaan       entrepreneurship
ketuat wart                                     keyakinan    conviction, firm belief
ketuk knock, tap                                keyunioran   being a junior
ketukan        knock, rap                       khadimservant, slave
ketul lump, touch, dull                         khair handsome
ketulan a touch, hit
ketularan      infected, contaminated           khalak creation, handiwork, product
                                                khalayak       creature, the public
ketulusan      honesty, sincerity               khali free, carefree, void
ketumbar       coriander                        khalifah       caliph
ketumpulan bluntness, dullness                  khalik the creator
ketuntasan     completeness, exhaustiveness     khalikah       creation, character
ketur cuspidor, spittoon                        khalil friend
keturunan      decline, descent                 khalis pure
ketus sharp                                     khalwat        solitude
keugalan       see "ugal-ugal"                  khamarwine, liquor
keujian found out, discovered                   khamir leavened
khaos chaos                                     kicerat spurt out
khaotis chaotic                                 kici    ketch
kharab destroyed                                kicu deceit, deceiver
kharismatis charismatic                         kicut squeak
khas special, exclusive                         kidul south
khasiat special quality                         kidung ballad
khasis chassis                                  kijing gravestone
khat line, handwritting                         kik     kick, tease
khatam seal, final                              kikik giggle
khatifah        carpet                          kikikana giggle
khatulistiwa equator                            kikir file, coarse, stingy
                                                kikiran filings
khayal fancy, imagination                       kikis scraped
khayalan       fantasy                          kikuk clumsy
khazanah       treasure                         kilah trick, deception
khianat treason, betrayal                       kilan span, be offended
khidmat        respect, humility                kilang press, mill
khilaf wrong                                    kilang-kelok winding, tortuous
khilafiah      wrong, uncertain                 kilap shine, gloss, sheen
khitan circumcision                             kilapan gloss
khlor chlorine                                  kilas flashback
khlorida       chloride                         kilat flash, shine
khlorinasi     chkorination                     kilatan lightning, a flash, shine
khloroform chloroform                           kilau luster, glare
khotbah        sermon
khrom chrome                                    kilauan sparkle
khronis        chronic                          kili    seam
khudu humility                                  kilih tickle, amuse
khuluk nature, character                        kilir whet, be sprained
khurufat       myth, superstition               kiliran whetstone, whetting
khusus special, specifically                    kilo kilogram, kllometer
khususnya      in particular                    kilogram        kilogram
khusyuk        devout, devoted, engrossed in    kilometer       kilometer
                                                kimah proce
kia     chain stitch                            kimat price
kiah stretch                                    kimbang         cricle, hover
kial    gesture                                 kimia chemistry
kiamat judgemet day, end of world, disaster     kimiawi         chemical
kian all the more                               kimono          kimono
kiang-kiang creak, screech                      kimpul purse, wallet
kias simile, comparison, analogical, allusion   kimpus hollow, concave
kiasan allegory, metaphor, analogy              kincah rinse, wash, dress
kiasi analogous                                 kincang         fraud, deceit
kiat    stiff, cramped, trick, secret           kincau mix
kibanat astrology                               kinces deflated, blind
kibar wave, be displayed                        kincir spool, reel
kibas wag                                       kinciran        waterwheel
kibasan          wag                            kincup small
kibir arrogant
kiblat direction                                kinetis kinetic
kibul bottom, rear                              kinine quinine
kicang-kecoh swindle                            kinjengdragonfly
kicau twitter, chatter, swindled                kintaka archieve
kicauan          warble, chirp                  kintakawan archivist
                                                kintal bullfrog
kintel see "kintal"                               klasifikasi   classification
kinyang         quartz                            klasikal      classical
kipas fan, propeller                              klausa clause
kipat shake                                       klenteng      temple, pagoda
kiper goalie                                      klien client
kiprah gait, pace, progress                       klimatologi climatology
kiprat spurt out, jump, hit                       klimis shiny
kipsiau teakettle                                 klinik clinic
kipu craftsman                                    klise negative of photo
kira guess, reckon, suppose                       kobar flaming
kira-kira       approximate, estimate, perhaps,
probably, reasonable                              koboi cowboy
kira-kiraan     estimate, guess                   kobok group, party, finger bowl
kira-kiranya possibly, might                      kocak hilarious, amusing, smart, proud, shaking,
kirai shake out, winnoe, flap, long strip         joke
                                                  kocok shake, mix, rub hard
kiraian open space                                kodak camera
kirana beautiful                                  kodi a score
kiranyaapparently, it seems, however, please      kodifikasi    codification
kirap flap, flutter, disappear, vanish            kodok frog
kiri    left                                      kodok-kodok piston
kirik shudder, pup                                kodrat power
kirim send                                        koeksitensi   coexistence
kiriman          shipment, consignment            kohabitasi    cohabitation
kirut-mirut      wrinkles                         koheren       coherent
kisa small purse                                  koherensi     coherence
kisah story, narrative                            koin coin
kisai sift                                        koinsidensi coincidence
kisaian sifter, sieve                             kokain cocaine
kisar rotation                                    koki cook, chef
kisaran revolution, milling, vortex               kokon cocoon
kisi    grill, grid                               kokot clamp
kisik whisper                                     koktil cocktail
kisikan gossip                                    kol    cabbage
kismat fate                                       kolam pond, pool, tank
kismet fate
kismis chemical, synthetic                        kolega colleague
kisruh chaotic, confused                          kolegial        colleaguelike
                                                  kolegialitas collegiality
kista cyst                                        koleksi collection
kisut wrinkle, creased                            kolekte church collection
kit     square                                    kolektif        collective
kita we                                           kolektivisme collectivism
kitab book                                        kolera cholera
kitar around, about                               kolese lecture, college
kitaran orbit                                     kolesom         ginseng
kitik tickle                                      kolomnis        columnist
kitiran propeller, windmill                       kolonelcolonel
klaim claim                                       kolong pit
klakson        horn                               koloni colony
klan clan                                         kolonial        colonial
klarifikasi    clarification                      kolonisasi      colonisation
klarinet       clarinet                           kolor drawstring
klasemen       classification                     kolosal colossal
klash clash                                       kolot old fashioned
koma coma                                   komunal       comunal
komandan   commander, commandant            komunalisme comunalism
komandemen commandement                     komune        commune
                                            komuni        communion
komando        command                      komunikasi communication
kombinasi      combination                  komunikatif communicative
komedicomedy, theater                       komunis       communist
komentar       commentary                   komutasi      commutation
komentator commentator                      konang discover
komersial      commercial                   kondang       famous
komersialisasi commercialisation            kondektur     conductor
komet comet                                 kondensasi    condensation
komik clown, humorist, comic                kondensator condenser
komisaris      commissioner
komisi commission, committee                kondisi condition
komite committee                            kondom          condom
komitmen       commitment                   koneksi         connection
komoditi       commodity                    konfederasi confederation
komodor        commodore                    konferensi      conference
kompak         compact, cohesive, unified   konfidensi      confidence
komparatif     comparative                  konfidensial confidential
kompas         compass                      konfigurasi configuration
kompensasi compensation                     konfirmasi      confirmation
komperensi comperence                       konfiskasi      confiscation
                                            konflik conflict
kompeten     competent                      konfort confort
kompetisi    competition                    kongesti        congestion
kompilasi    compilation                    kongkalikong intrigue
kompleks     complex                        kongko          talk, chat
kompleksitas complexity                     kongres         congress, convention
komplemen complement                        kongsi partnership, group
komplementaritas     complementarity        konifer conifer
komplementer complementary                  konjungsi       conjunction
komplet      complete                       konklusi        conclusion
komplikasi   complication                   konkordasi      concordance, agrrement
komplimen compliment
komplot      accomplice, plot               konkret        concrete
komplotan    gang                           konkretisasi concretisation
komponen     component                      konon they say
kompong      mutilared, amputated           konotasi       connotation
kompor       stove, brazier                 konsekrasi     consecration
kompos       compost                        konsekrir      consecrate
komposisi    composition                    konsekuen      consistent
komprador    comprador                      konsekuensi consistency, consequences
komprehensi comprehension                   konseling      counseling
                                            konselor       counselor
komprehensif    comprehensive               konsensus      consensus
komprei         comfrey                     konsentrasi concentration
kompres         compress                    konsentrat     concretrate
kompresi        compression                 konsentrik     concentric
kompresor       compressor                  konsentrir     concentrate
kompromi        compromise                  konsep draft, concept, notion, idea
komputasi       computation                 konsepsional conceptual
komputer        computer                    konseptor      conceiver
komputerisasi   computerisation             konseptual     conceptual
                                           koreng sore, scab
konser concert                             koresponden correspondent
konservasi     conservation                korok excavation
konsesi        concession                  korup corrupt
konsideran     preamble                    korupsi         corruption
konsisten      consistent                  kosinus         cosine
konsistensi    consistency                 kosmetik        cosmetics
konsolidasi consolidation                  kosmos          cosmos
konsonan       consonant                   kosong empty, blank, hole
konspirasi     conspiracy                  kota city, toen
konstan        constant                    kotak box
konstitusi     constitution                kotor dirty, soiled
konstitusional constitutional              kotoran         feces, dung
konstruksi     construction                koyak torn, ripped, lacerated
konsul consul, consultation                koyakan         tear, rip
konsulat       consulate                   kreasi creation
konsuler       consuler                    kreatif creative
konsultan      consultant
konsumen       consumer                    kredibilitas    credibility
konsumsi       consumption                 kredit credit
kontak contact                             kreditor        creditor
kontan cash                                kribo frizzy
                                           kriminal        criminal
konteks         context                    krisis crisis
kontemporer contemporary                   kristal crystal
kontes contest                             kritik criticism
kontinental     continental                kritis critical
kontingen       contingent                 kroket croquettes
kontinu         continuous                 kronik chronicle
kontinuitas     continuity                 kronis chronic
kontra contra                              ksatria knight
kontradiksi     contradiction              kuadran         quadrant
kontrak         contract                   kuadratquadrate
kontraksi       contraction                kuah gravy, broth
kontrasepsi contraception                  kualat accursed, damned
kontrol control                            kualifikasi     qualification
kontroversial controversial                kualitas        quality
konveks         convex                     kualitetquality
konveksi        convection                 kuantitas       quantity
konvensi        convention                 kuas brush
konversi        conversion                 kuasa power
konvoi convoy                              kuat strong, powerful, sturdy, forceful, be able
konyol foolish                             to
koordinasi      coordination
kop     head                               kuatir affraid
koperasi        cooperative, cooperation   kubik cubic
                                           kubu fortification, bunker
kopi coffee, copy                          kubur grave, tomb
kopra copra                                kubus cube
koral coral                                kucek rub
koran newspaper                            kucil expel
korban sacrifice                           kucing cat
korek matches                              kucir cowlick, tassel
koreksi correction                         kuda horse
korektor        correction                 kuda-kuda      sawhorse, easel, tripod
kudung          veil, crippled                         kusut tousled, tangled, rumpled, complicated
kudus holy, sacred                                     kusutan       kink, twist
kue    cake                                            kutang camisole
kuil tample
kujur stiff, rigid                                     kutil wart
kuku fingernail, claw                                  kutip pick up, copy
kukuh sturdy, strong                                   kutu louse
kukul acne, pimple                                     kutub pole
kukus steam, vapor                                     kutuk curse, malediction, bane
kuli coolie, laborer                                   kutukan       a curse
kuliah university                                      kwitansi      receipt
kulit skin
kultur culture
kumal rumpled                                          Indonesia - Inggris
kumat relapse

kumbang         bumblebee, bee, beetle
kumis mustache
kumnadang echo, reverberation
kumpul          fall in
kumpulan        collection, horde, herd, association
kumuh dirty, vile, base, low
kunang-kunang            firefly
kunci key
kuncup bud, closed
kuning yellow
kunjung         visit
kunjungan       visit, call
kuno ancient, old fashioned
kuntit tail, shadow
kunyah chew, masticate, digest
kunyam          shrunken
kunyit turmeric
kunyuk          monkey
kuota quota
kupas remove peel, strip, analyse

kupasan        peels, analysis
kuping ear
kupon coupon
kupu-kupu      butterfly
kura-kura      turtle
kurang less, decrease
kurap ringworm
kuras drain, deplete, exhaust
kurikuler      curricular
kurikulum      curriculum
kurir courier
kursi chair, position
kursus couse
kurung cage, prison, cabin, parenthesis
kurungan       cage, confinement
kurus thin, emaciated, meager
kusam dull, dim
kusir coachman

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