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					                    For theteaches say "No"
                    [Grace grace us] to live
(Titus 2:11-12) It teaches us toof God that
     Do you really
  to ungodliness and worldly godly lives
  brings salvationupright andpassions… in
  self-controlled, has appeared to all men.
  It teaches usage. "No" to ungodliness
  this present to say

      know what Grace says, “No”
         “The grace of God appeared”
  and worldly passions, and to live self-
                  Vital present
          “Grace in thisGrace age”
                  Vocal Grace
IfWe Gracewillimpossible godly difficult this
  controlled,adifficultnotin forthelivesgrace
   Graceit itisuprightwhereto isendureof to
                          and it wein becomes
       fact,tolerates sin, acannot world.first
     understandnot   true
                            then Grace who
   Grace is to and give painful lure
   In In I is the Grace grace, come
 To “No, “No,aliengentleness people tothe in
   Fuzzy-feeling will thing we need
       live in I third engage our
IfForgiveness worldtoto understand out of
  …andfact, is beGod’sand vital inmust lives,
             age. blindedwiththe price aand
  presentundifferentiated just angerpaid
                                    sin. are and
       Grace is?
 when it has is uprightness withwe lie are
     have is heartsgrace into a isHis that
      worldly to God because of
 understand passions not toforgivenessgrace
 understand that because and godliness.
 sacrificebeen comeshad makeGrace
  then ourthat that is filled a lifestylewarm
  self-control, leadtheby
     ungodliness it us because the
      understand are marks
But that why
We fornot forgiveness comes with far too
 surrounded and that see ungodliness, lives
 hardenedvisible fuzzyandthe openpeacewith
     can restraintso much we senseour
       that by say, grace feeling. isbetter
           and the “No” of seriously.
           only godly to if Godis comes
              byblindness of sin
     themetheby and undeniable behind
                  hurt living that
despair takesunforgivenessgentleness. evil,
 It is from the character of Grace that the
  offering forgiveness and Grace if it
      havingonly me to and showing grace.
          canthan “bring of greed…
 Grace livingcomelust ofsalvation”evil. can
                 influence grace.”
           violence, in throw away.”
 to the great for glorycontact witheveryday.
            actions of Grace proceed.
    stand up against the onslaught of sin

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