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					                                                          The Informer
                                                              Published by ISS as a Community Newsletter
16 March - Volume XXIX - No. 10 - 2006/07

                                                              ISS 40th anniversary gift to the city
                                             Shown above: ISS school nurse Heather Melhus, Stavanger City Manager Inger Østersjø,
                                            7th grader Brit Løvøy, Stavanger Mayor Leif Johan Sevland and 7th grader Gaute Johansen.
                                                                       From the Director:
                                                                       Welcome to our new look for the Informer. Along with the help
                                                                       of some updated technology and particularly the insights and
                                                                       hard work of three individuals, Liv Nærland Høie, Tor Steinar
                                                                       Nilsen, and Marjo Paardekam, we are delighted to bring you a
                                                                       fresh look for a publication that has been a communications tool
                                                                       for this school since 1976. Enjoy this issue and don’t hesitate to
                                                                       let us know what you think about the new look—as with any
                 The Informer is published by                          other innovation, we will be looking to evaluate its impact and
              InternatIonal School of Stavanger                        your viewpoints are very welcome.
                           Treskeveien 3
                       NO-4043 STAVANGER
                              Norway                                   Throughout this school year, we are celebrating the school’s 40th
                                                                       anniversary of existence. A number of activities—some large,
             Tel: +47 51 55 43 00 - Fax: +47 51 55 43 01               some small—help us to signify this event.
                                           Thus far we have enjoyed the following special events directly
                                                                       connected with our anniversary:
                        High School Office: +47 51 55 43 43
                      Middle School Office: +47 51 55 43 11
                     Primary School Office: +47 51 55 43 23
                                                                       · Late July, 2006—Five days filled with activities that present
                                                                         and former students, their families and employees enjoyed.
      Director: Dr. Linda Duevel                                       · The Parent Association has used the theme of the anniversary
      Middle/High School Principal: Mr. T. A. Hennard                    to decorate the school and connect with their activities.
      Primary School Principal: Dr. Len Duevel                         · Bringing in noted children’s author, Brian Jacques, was a
      Business Manager: Ms. Brynhild Åsheim                              “present” to our students.
      IB Coordinator: Ms. Lynn Park                                    Yet to come:
      High School Counselor: Ms. Carole Schweid
                                                                       · One free ISS yearbook wil be given to all families this spring.
      Primary/Middle School Counselor: Mr. Matt Armstrong
      School Nurse: Ms. Heather Melhus                                 · The 2nd ISS golf tournament will take place on Friday, May
                                                                         18th at 16.00 at Randaberg Golf Club, with an adjoining,
      The ISS Mission Statement                                          non-golfing group hiking along the beautiful Randaberg
      The International School of Stavanger is dedicated to pro-         coastline to Tungenes Lighthouse.
      viding its students with English language education in a         · An “all school” hike up to Pulpit Rock on Saturday, May
      supportive, academically stimulating, and multi-cultural           19th. Let’s see just how many members of our ISS community
      environment. We strive to foster a love of learning, the de-       we can get together at the summit—won’t that make a great
      velopment of individual skills and talents, and an awareness       picture! Or take the boat if you prefer your view of Pulpit
      of the value each person has to society. Our goal is to enable     Rock looking up, rather than looking down.
      students to succeed in continuing educational programs
                                                                       · An “all-school dance” which will take place at ISS on the
      and to live as responsible and contributing citizens in the
      global community.                                                  evening of Saturday, May 19th, with birthday cake for all.
                                                                       · More details on all of the above will unfold over the next
      The ISS Vision Statement                                           months.
      The ISS vision is to prepare students for greater global par-
      ticipation by helping them become responsible, empowered         It has been the habit of the school when it has celebrated other
      learners.                                                        significant birthdays that we make a point of giving back to the
                                                                       community that has helped the school grow in so many ways.
      The International School of Stavanger (ISS), founded in 1966,    Perhaps you are aware of the fact that when the Revheim campus
      is an independent, non-profit Norwegian foundation accredited
                                                                       was built, the piece of land we are on was given to the school for
      by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the
      Council of International Schools. The school enrolls students    its use without financial cost and Stavanger Kommune paid for
      from ages 3 through 18. ISS offers an international university   one-third of the original construction and inventory when we
      preparatory curriculum that combines the best features of many   moved into this building in 1982. In the case of the two later
      national educational systems. Both the International Bacca-      major construction additions to the school, in 1994 and 1999,
      laureate Diploma programme and the International General         we received, respectively, one-half and one-third, contributions
      Certificate of Secondary Education external examinations are     to the construction costs from Stavanger, Sola, Sandnes, and
      available to students.                                           Randaberg Kommunes and Rogaland Fylke. There are strong,
                                                                       healthy and congenial relationships between the school and each
      In 2007, the school has an enrollment of approximately 570
                                                                       of these government bodies and we take very seriously our role
      students who represent some 41 nationalities, including stu-
      dents from six of the earth’s seven continents.                  in assisting them in providing an English-language education
                                                                       program here. We have been told countless times how important
                                                                       ISS is to the economic welfare of the local governments in their

2 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
  Operations Manager at Sola Airport, Stig Jone Nevland, is presented with the cardiac defibrillator by Annika Smith and Patrick Langseth

role of attracting new companies and NATO nations to the local           school when the politicians voted to establish the first English-
area.                                                                    language school in Rogaland. We are pleased to return the
                                                                         “opportunity of life” back to all those who congregate in the
So when this anniversary year came along and we were                     Stavanger City Hall.
considering a logical gift to “give back” in thanks, we decided
to spotlight a program that is an important part of what we do         It was in 2002 that our school proactively became advocates
here and share it outside our walls. We have recently bought and       for public access defibrillators. Through training each of our
presented two cardiac defibrillators/”heartstarters” which have        employees and all our middle and high school students in their
now been placed for public access in two locations:                    use, we always have around 250 people in our building who
                                                                       are trained in using this life-saving technology. The students
1. Sola Airport now has a defibrillator available for public access.   mentioned above, Annika, Patrick, Brit and Gaute were all
   The next time you are heading through security control at           trained in their ISS health classes. ISS currently has twelve
   Sola, look to your right and you will see the defibrillator         employees who are trained to instruct others how to use the
   case mounted on the wall, along with a plaque naming it as          equipment. We have also taken a premier role throughout the
   a gift from ISS. Proudly making the presentation at Sola to         world by assisting many other international schools to establish
   Operations Manager Stig Jone Nevland, were ISS 9th graders          their own defibrillator programs. On January 4, 2006, it was our
   Annika Smith and Patrick Langseth and our school nurse,             privilege to use our equipment to save the life of the parent of
   Heather Melhus. According to Mr. Nevland, he believes Sola          a 1st grader who went into cardiac arrest in our school. While
   is the first and only airport in Norway to have a public access     we are great believers in training in their use, it has also been
   defibrillator available. Throughout the world, it has been          proven through research that even the lack of training should
   shown that public access defibrillators in airports save lives.     not constrain attempts to use a defibrillator in emergencies.
   To the millions who pass through the terminal, we are pleased       (New England Journal of Medicine, October 17, 2002.) By
   to make a contribution to making their travels safer.               having the equipment available, it has been shown that Good
                                                                       Samaritans with or without training can save lives.
2. Stavanger Rådhuset/City Hall also now has a defibrillator
   which was presented to Mayor Leif Johan Sevland and City            We appreciate both Sola Airport and Stavanger Kommune
   Manager Inger Østensjø from ISS, again with a plaque                helping us to celebrate our anniversary in a way that allows us
   commemorating the gift from the school. This time it was 7th        to give a gift back to this community that we are so proud to
   graders Brit Løvøy and Gaute Johansen, along with Heather           be a part of. We wish good health every individual who passes
   Melhus making the presentation. To us, the gift to the City,        through those buildings!
   made a lovely metaphor of “connecting the circle.” In 1966,
   it was in the Stavanger City Hall that life was given to the        (Warning—Commercial Coming up!) And now a short

                                                                                                           The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 3
advertisement aimed at anyone reading this Informer who’d like
more information about getting a defibrillator program up and
running in their place of business. . . for more information on
how we did it, please contact either Heather Melhus, HMelhus@                                  News, or myself at One never
knows when heart attack will strike a colleague or a loved one.         from the High School CounSelor
The price of the equipment is negligible when compared to the
power of the lives it can save. Some of us here at ISS have even
bought defibrillators to have at home—it easily gets tossed in the
backpack for an afternoon hike or ski trip, and it’s good extra      TO ALL 12th GRADE STUDENTS PLANNING A GAP OR
insurance for ourselves and our neighbors as well. I suspect in      MILITARY YEAR FOR 2007-2008 we offer a kind reminder
your workplace, just as in ours here at ISS, we plan and we plan     • Make sure that your teacher recommendations are on file in the
about dealing with a variety of scenarios of what might happen          Counseling Office
and how to react. For myself professionally, one of my proudest      • Keep a copy of your Personal Essay on file in the Counseling
moments has to be that on that cold January morning when we             Office
were suddenly faced with a parent in cardiac arrest, we were ready   • If you are interested in volunteering abroad contact www.teach-
to meet the challenge. How about you? (End of commercial!!)   

Planning is well underway for the upcoming school year. Just         TO ALL 11TH GRADE STUDENTS PLANNING TO
as I invite all of our staff to make suggestions for improving       STUDY IN THE UK
or upgrading our physical plant here at school, I would like         Open Days are currently scheduled for many UK universities.
to extend that invitation to parents and students as well. If        You can check on for specific university
there is something that perhaps you would like to suggest for        open days dates. Also consider a UK University Guided Tour
our consideration, please send me that idea, again via e-mail,       from July 1-6, 2007 go to Previous ISS stu-
during the next month. We will, as a matter of course, also be       dents have utilized this service and found it very beneficial when
taking another look at the ideas that were suggested in the last     making their UCAS selections. They also have guided tours in
all-school survey. Although I can never make any promises for        the USA from July 20-27, 2007.
eventual purchase, I can certainly promise that all ideas will be
considered.                                                          TO ALL GRADE 10 AND 11 STUDENTS
                                                                     The Council of International Schools Office of Higher Education
It is a BUSY time here at ISS. By the time you read this, our        offers an International Student Registry. If you are interested in
amazing Middle School play, which is nearly sold out already as I    receiving free admission information from CIS member colleges
write this, will be wowing its audiences. Tributes to all involved   and universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, New
in this year’s version of a much-anticipated, and much-loved ISS     Zealand, Japan, Middle East and Europe you may register online
tradition.                                                           by going to the following address:
This weekend, our NECIS varsity basketball girls and boys teams
will be taking part in the big tournament down in Rotterdam.         TO ALL STUDENTS INTERESTED IN LAW, BUSINESS,
It will be my pleasure to be one of the adults accompanying that     AND POLITICS:
group. Next week it will be our swimming teams’ turn to go to        Consider the Oxford Leadership Courses for students ages 16-18
their tournament in Sweden.                                          held from 1 August-13 August. For further information go to
And our rugby team just returned from a big tournament in
Bergen where a number of our students made the national              TO ALL GRADE 9 STUDENTS
rugby team. Have a look at Athletic Director Crystal Vaught’s        At the large group meeting on Monday March 12 the course se-
description on an upcoming page in this issue.                       lections for the 2007-2008 school year were discussed and the
                                                                     Course Selection Sheet was provided. Please return this sheet
This week we are also hosting three teachers from Broadgreen         signed by you and your parent to the Counseling Office by Friday
High School, the only IB school in Liverpool. They are here          March 23rd. If you would like an appointment to discuss these
visiting as we jointly plan for our projects, along with St. Olav,   options further please sign up for a time with the Counselor.
the other IB school here in town, for the big Stavanger2008
European Capitals of Culture year, which is just around the          TO ALL GRADE 8 STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS
corner.                                                              Your questions during the evening 8-9 Transition Meeting were
And yes, in classrooms around the building, the hum of academic      excellent and the individual meetings with the Counselor to se-
progress continues as our students and staff make the most of        lect courses for next year are now underway. If you have not
each day. It is a busy, but normal time here at school. Thanks       scheduled time for this meeting please contact the Counseling
for being a part of our ISS community!                               Office.

Regards,                                  Dr. Linda M. Duevel

4 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
REMINDER TO ALL GRADE 11 STUDENTS looking                                      portant proper nutrition is. Here at school Jean Pierre Duc, our school
to sit for any of the standardized college admissions exams                    chef, and his staff work hard to ensure that your children have access to
reamaining this school year:                                                   healthy foods. Would you like to learn more about nutrition for your
                                                                               teenagers? If so, I have a resource for you:
                                                                               • This is part of the Teens
Test      Date                  Application Deadline
                                                                                     Health web site and has articles on topics like Eating for Sports and
ACT       April14               March 30                                             many others. If you click on KidsHealth Home at the top of the
SAT       May5                  March 29                                             page, it takes you to a place where you can choose sites for Parents,
                                                                                     Kids or Teens.
NING TO APPLY TO COLLEGES/UNIVERSTIES IN THE                                   Happy surfing (and eating)!
U.S. The standardized tests PSAT/ACT/SAT will be offered at
ISS on the following dates during the 2007-2008 school year:                                                                           T.A. Hennard
                                                                                                                     Middle and High School Principal
Test                 Date
SAT I or II          October 6, November 3, 2007                                  combIned mIddle and hIgh School calendar
                     and May 3, 2008                                           March
PSAT                 October 20, 2007                                          16/3-18/3   MS/HS Varsity & JV Basketball Tournament (Rotterdam)
ACT                  October 27, 2007 and April 12, 2008                       23/3        3rd Quarter Ends
                                                                               23/3-24/3   MS/HS NECIS Swim Meet (Sigtuna)
                                                                               25/3-30/3   MS 8th Grade Leirskole (Trysil)
Best regards,
                                                                               26/3        Substitute Orientation Meeting (0900)
                                                                               31/3-9/4    Easter Break
                                                       Carole Schweid
                                               High School Counselor           April
                                              11/4       MS Recognition Ceremony (Theatre at 13:50)
                                                                               12/4-13/4 MS 6th Grade Culture Trip (Oslo)
                                                                               13/4       HS Activity Night
                                                                               14/4       ACT Plw Writing Test
                                                                               16/4       MS/HS Winter Sports Awards
                                                                               16/4-20/4 MS/HS Poetry Festival
                                                                               17/4       HS Advisory Session
                                                                               17/4       MS/HS Spring Band Concert
   Middle and High School News                                                 18/4-22/4 MS Girls Honour Choir
                                                                               20/4       Informer goes out
                                                                               26/4-28/4 Primary School Musical
Is it actually possible that the ides of March are behind us? The Middle       30/4, 2/5-4/5 MS 8th Grade Final Exams
and High School Principal Round Table discussions have just occurred           30/4       HS IB Examination Process Begins
and, by the time you read this, the second Middle and High School
Parent/Student-Teacher Conferences, the Middle School production of            May
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the basketball tournament in         1/5        Labour Day Holiday
Rotterdam will be (recent) history. It has only been two weeks of school       2/5        MS 5th to 5th Grade Transition Evening (1900 in Theatre)
since the last issue of the Informer, but it is incredible just how much ISS   3/5        MS/HS Mid-quarter for 4th Quarter
manages to pack into that time.                                                5/5        SAT Exams
                                                                               8/5-18/5 MS Barcelona Spanish Exchange
Thanks to those of you who came and participated in the Middle and             9/5        IGCSE Examination Process Begins
High School Round Table discussions. The numbers may not have been             10/5       MS/HS Choir Concert
large, but the discussions were very productive and some things have           11/5       Informer goes out
already changed because of them. For example, it was requested that I          11/5       MS Spring Dance
add the dates of the High School Advisory sessions to the calendar be-         16/5       HS Advisory Session
low. The thought was that this would allow parents to ask their children       17/5       Constitution Day—Half-day of School
about those sessions and perhaps use them as springboards for discus-          25/5-27/5 MS/HS Track and Field Tournament (Copenhagen)
sion. Therefore, you will see that the next High School Advisory ses-          25/5-26/5 Rugby Tournament (Antwerp)
sion is April 17th. A combined student and staff Advisory Committee            24/5-26/5 MS/HS Softball Tournament (Dusseldorf )
sets the topics and organizes these sessions. Some topics from previous        28/5       Whitmonday Holiday
advisories were discovering your learning style, cyber hygiene and time        30/5-1/6, 4/6 HS Final Exams
management. So…ask your student about on the evening of the 17th
and join in the discussion.                                                    June
                                                                               2/6         HS Prom
It will be some time until the next Informer so I really should alert you      4/6         MS/HS Spring Sports Awards
to some of the things that will be coming in the meantime. World Po-           5/6         MS Field Day and HS Activity Day
etry Day is March 21st and ISS will be celebrating this a bit later with       6/6         HS Awards Ceremony
the Poetry Festival during the weeks of April 9th and 16th. Thank you          6/6         MS/HS Beach BBQ
Mr. Kitching for insuring that, once again, poetry will ring through the       6/6         HS Baccalaureate Ceremony
hallways of ISS.                                                               7/6         Last Day of School!
                                                                               7/6         MS Recognition Ceremony (Theatre from 1000-1130)
Finally, as a parent myself, I know difficult it is to help your child eat a   7/6         HS Graduation Ceremony
healthy diet but I also am reading more and more about just how im-
                                                                                                                       The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 5
                                        Wow!                                                                          Primary School News
Middle School NewS and events!
                                        What a busy week this has been in the middle school – possibly
                                        the busiest of the entire year. The JV boys’ basketball teams played    Pre-School 3 Assembly             Primary School       9:00, 23 March
                                        their final games of the season here at ISS, the swimming team                                             Students and
                                        are still training hard on Tuesdays and Fridays preparing for their
                                        NECIS trip to Sweden (March, 23rd-25th). If you are reading
                                                                                                                End of Quarter Three and
                                        this on Friday, then the second performance of ‘Willy Wonka
                                        and the Chocolate Factory’ will be taking place this evening at         Red Nose Day                   Everyone             23 March
                                        7pm. There will be a larger write-up and pictures of this whole-        PA Orienteering Event          Everyone             24 March
                                        middle school event in the next issue of the Informer.                  Easter Holidays                Everyone             2-9 April
                                                                                                                Grade 5 Assembly               Everyone             12 April
                                        8th Grade Leirskole                                                     Primary School Musical         Everyone             26-28 April
                                        Students and teachers in 8th grade will be travelling to Trysil         National Holiday               Everyone             1 May
                                        (Eastern Norway) for their annual leirskole trip – a week of            Student-Led Conferences
                                        teamwork, cooperation and physical education. The trip departs          No classes for students, Pre- Everyone              11 May
                                        on Sunday, March 25th and returns on Friday, March 30th.
                                                                                                                School 3 through Grade 5
                                        Spring Sports                                                           Constitution Day               Everyone             17 May
                                        If you like to plan ahead, here is a list of the sports available for   Pulpit Rock Hike               Everyone             19 May
                                        middle school students during the spring season:                        All School Dance               Everyone             19 May
                                        Rugby                                                                   Kindergarten Assembly          Everyone             22 May
                                        Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to             Whit Monday, National Everyone                      28 May
                                        5:30pm.                                                                 Holiday
                                                                                                                Primary School Field Day       Everyone             1 June
                                        Softball                                                                Primary      School      Final Everyone             14:00, 6 June
                                        Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to             Assembly
                                        5:00pm                                                                  Last Day of Classes            Everyone             7 June
                                                                                                                Children leave at 12:00.
                                        Track and Field                                                         Dates for Primary School events can be found on the ISS website under
                                        Training takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from            “Calendars.”
                                                                                                                 Student-led Conference Times
                                        The NECIS tournament for all three spring sports takes place
                                                                                                                On 11 May, there will be an opportunity for parents and students
                                        on the same weekend – May 25-27th, 2007. Please keep
                                        checking the school website for updated information.
                                                                                                                to learn more about what children have been learning this year.
                                                                                                                Teachers will meet with parents of children in the Pre-School 3
                                        Q3 Recognition Ceremony                                                 and Pre-School 4 classes. For children in Grades Kindergarten
                                        You are all cordially invited to celebrate all the achievements and     through Grade 5, the students will take responsibility for
                                        events of the middle school during 3rd quarter. There will be en-       collecting and analyzing what they have learned through the
                                        tertainment, student recognition and a picture slide show from          year. This is a time to celebrate in the learning children have
                                        Q3. The ceremony takes place on Wednesday, April 11th start-
                                                                                                                demonstrated. To accommodate times that fit parent schedules,
                                        ing at 13:50 in the theatre.
                                                                                                                please e-mail or call Kimble Walsh-Knarvik (kwknarvik@
                                        I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all an enjoyable or telephone, 51 55 43 23) if there are times you
                                        and relaxing Easter holiday.                                            are either unavailable or prefer to attend student-led conferences
                                                                                                                on 11 May.

                                                                                                                Red Nose Day
                                                                                           Carol Wallace        23 March will be Red Nose Day at ISS. This day was initiated
                                                                              Middle School Coordinator         by students in Grades 4 and 5 who want to raise money for
                                                                                                                charity. More information can be found in a flyer included in
                                                                                                                this edition of The Informer. Join in the fun. Wear a red nose
                                                                                                                on 23 March.

                                                                                                                              Read more about rednose day on page 16
                                 6 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
The number of activities children are involved in outside the
academic day keeps us all busy. These activities are a part of at
the wide spectrum of learning in which children are involved.
                                                                                 Library News
Here are just a few of the activities that have happened in the           Many thanks again to our Parent Association Book Sale
last weeks and will take place in the next months. Skating on            Coordinators, and to everyone who bought books through
Monday afternoons for students in Grade 3 and 4 has come                 the sale in February. Your purchases made possible the
to a close with the warmer weather. 47 members of families               acquisition of new books for our school- for free!
of students in Grade Four and five staff members joined in a
wet day on the ski slope at Tjørholmfjellet on 10 March. Small           32 books were added to the library collection, and 30 went
groups of Grade 5 students will be invited to learn bicycle              to classrooms.
safety and join in an afternoon ride in April and May. Tuesday
afternoons in April and May will find 112 children on our track          Here are a few that come highly recommended:
for athletics/track and field activities. Students are rehearsing
for the next Primary School musical to be performed on 26-28             -in the Primary Library-
April. Children are participating in clubs and activities offered in
the greater community. Baseball, rugby, and scouting are offered            Spud Goes Green, by Giles Thaxton
at ISS in coordination with parents giving time and energy for             Peter Pan in Scarlett, by Geraldine McCaughrean
children. The time and our efforts to lead and sponsor events are          Ghost Writer, by Julia Jarman
valued. As Garrison Keillor wrote, “Nothing you do for children            My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Fall Out,
is ever wasted.”                                                           by Lauren Child

                                                Len Duevel, PhD          -in the MS/HS Library-
                                          Primary School Principal
                                          Tales of the Otori Trilogy, by Lian Hearn
                                                                           Tamar, by Mal Peet
                                                                           A Thief in House of Memory, by Tim Wynne-Jones
                                                                           Avalon High, by Meg Cabot

                                                                                              The PA
                                                                        Spring Reading Incentive Challenge
                                                                       We are now at the end of the second week of the
                                                                       Spring Reading Incentive Program so we hope you
                                                                       are all busily filling out your reading logs. The
                                                                       Celebration Balloon’s basket is overflowing with gold,
                                                                       silver and bronze vouchers to be won. The vouchers
                                                                       are redeemable against the next school book order.
                                                                       There are also a few mystery packages at the bottom
                                                                       for those who do the most reading in each grade!

                                                                       At the end of the challenge, please remember to ask
                                                                       a parent to sign your reading log and return it your
                                                                       teacher on Friday 23 March.

                                                                       For more information please contact
                                                                       Alison Paterson,            or     Nikki

                                                                       Happy reading!

                                                                                           Ali Paterson and Nikki Brockmann
                                                                                         PA Reading Incentive Co-ordinators

                                                                                                        The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 7
Congratulations RUGBY athletes!
   Our rugby coach, Jean Pierre Duc, recently traveled with          your son or daughter is prepared with running/gym shoes and in
five ISS rugby athletes, Michael Taylor, Alex Smith, David           warm clothes as the weather is unpredictable. We will be sending
Smith, Maciej Wnuk, and Anders Melhus, to Bergen to                  more information out to all parents and students involved in the
compete in a tryout for the U18 Norwegian National Rugby             primary school track/athletics activity next week through email
team. The selection process was fierce as more than 50               messages and letters home with the students. If you have not
athletes from all over Norway were battling out for the team         signed-up for the activity and would still like to do so, please
spots.                                                               contact Crystal Vaught at, with student
                                                                     name, age, homeroom teacher, and parent contact information.
The weekend practice ran from 9:00-20:30 Saturday and after          If you have any other questions or comments, please do not
a strong 15-a-side game Sunday morning, ISS students Michael         hesitate to contact me.
Taylor, Alex Smith, and Maciej Wnuk were selected for the
team as well as former ISS student Matt Whiteside. “My strongest     Softball
impression was Maciej Wnuk who had to fight for his spot among       Softball tryouts will begin Tuesday, March 20 and Thursday,
20 others, and Anders Melhus, the youngest of the pre-selection,     March 22. Sign up in Ms. Oram’s room, but if you have any
took part in all contact drills without a                                                 problems with making these two practices,
blink of fear in his eyes.” The ISS athletes                                              please see Ms. Oram or Mr. Christensen
will compete in Biarritz, France, April 2,    “The ISS athletes                           ahead of time. The 8th grade students
for the European Cup. The event will be                                                   especially need to see Ms. Oram before
broadcast on Sky TV. Norway is in Pool        will compete                                leaving for Leirskole if you are interested in
D and will meet Moldova and Serbia at                                                     playing softball. NECIS tournament will
the beginning of the competition. JP says,    in Biarritz, France,                        be held in Düsseldorf this year, May 25-26.
“With all my heart I wish those boys all the                                              All NECIS spring tournaments are after the
best off luck as I have had the privilege and April 2, for the                            IB exams have been completed.
honor of coaching them for their school team.
The future of Norwegian Rugby is very much    European Cup”                                Middle School/High School
linked to ISS, All the best to our boys.” We                                               Track and Field/Athletics
send huge congratulations to these boys for their hard work and      Track and Field will also be beginning Monday, March 19
dedication to the sport of Rugby.                                    at 15:30. Please see Ms. Hettema or Mr. Armstrong if you are
                                                                     interested. Please bring your running gear Monday, March 19
Basketball and Swimming (Winter Sports)                              if you are interested in participating in track and field/athletics.
As you are reading this informer, 20 basketball athletes are         NECIS track and field will be held in Copenhagen this year,
competing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in the NECIS                May 25-26. All NECIS spring tournaments are after the IB
Basketball Tournament. Students left Thursday and will return        exams have been completed.
Sunday. Check out the NECIS website at http://www.necis- for updated tournament information. Although             Rugby
JV basketball has officially ended practices, there are a few        Rugby practices will begin Tuesday, March 20. Please see JP for
games still left to play. Students should keep checking the daily    the necessary information about practices and sign-up. Practices
announcements for updated information.                               will be held Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 15:30 to 17:30.
                                                                     NECIS Rugby will be held in Antwerp this year, May 24-25.
The ISS swim athletes will travel to Sigtuna, Sweden, Thursday,      All NECIS spring tournaments are after the IB exams have been
March 22, for the NECIS Swim Meet. Thirteen swimmers, all            completed.
in middle and high school, will compete in various individual
and relay events. Times and event updates may be found on the        If you know of anyone who is interested in helping with the
NECIS website at                       rugby team, please contact me at No
                                                                     prior experience necessary with the sport. If you have played
The Winter Sports Awards has been rescheduled due to the Oslo        hockey or American football or any other contact sport and are
Trip with the sixth grade students. The Winter Sports Awards         interested in helping out two days a week from 16:00 to 17:00,
will be held Monday, April 16, at 18:30 in Valhall cafeteria.        please contact Miss Vaught. We are in need of a few assistant
JV boys are in charge of bringing plates/soda/cups. If your son      coaches due to our large turnout. Once again, congratulations
is in grade 6/7, please bring napkins and/or plastic cups, grade     to our new members of the Norwegian National Rugby team
8 please bring a bottle of juice or soda, and ninth graders please   and good luck to the NECIS basketball teams and swimmers. As
bring paper plates and/or plastic spoons/forks. Varsity girls and    always, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate
boys, and JV girls are asked to bring a dessert. (There are 39 JV    to contact me at, or at 51 55 43 28.
                                                                     In Sport,
PS Track and Field                                                                                      Crystal Vaugh, Athletic Director
PS track and field will begin April 10 at 15:30. Please make sure

8 · The Informer 16 March, 2007                                                                         ISS players in action at the NECIS Tournament
                                                                                                   in Copenhagen 2007, where they won the silver plate.
The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 9
                          ISS Poetry Festival 2007

10 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
Snapshops from the
Willy Wonka opening night
On Thursday March 15th, Friday March 16th and Saturday March 17th, the Middle School musical,
‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolat Factory’ was performed. Almost every single Middle School student, most teachers
and many parents have been involved in this huge production. The pictures below are showing the whole cast,
Willy Wonka with an Oompa Loompa and a group of Oompa Loompas. Congratulations to everyone involved
- the opening night was a huge success!

                                                                      The cast of Willy Wonka gave everybody a night to remember

                         Willy Wonka talking to an Oompa Loompa                                      Oompa Loompas in acttion

                                                                                          The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 11
                       International Friendship Group
SWEC ’s Easter Egg Raffle is in full swing. There                  BOOK SALE: Saturday, 14th April. This will be held in
are nine large chocolate eggs to be won so make sure you buy       the main foyer at the same time as the Nearly New Sale (which
your tickets. They cost kr 10 for 3 and all the profit will be     will be in the basement). Make a note to come along. We have
given to Min Store Dag Tickets are on          hundreds of books at between kr 5 and kr 20. Take the chance
sale during primary school lunch times and also from IFG and       to stock up for the summer!
SWECmembers. The Raffle will be drawn on Wednesday, 28th
March.                                                             COMING SOON - the primary school musical ‘Jack and
                                                                   the Beanstalk’ based on Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhyme.
‘INTERMISSION’ - a celebration of plays and musicals performed     Performances will be on Thursday, 26th, Friday 27th and
at ISS in years gone by and a celebration in honour of all the     Saturday afternoon 28th April. As usual, the profits from
wonderful people who have provided baked goods to sell during      these performances will be donated to a charity chosen by the
the intermissions! Come along to the Lovelace Theatre on Friday,   cast and SWEC. More information about this will be in the
23rd March at 19:00 to enjoy an interesting, entertaining and      next Informer but mark your calendars now. Don’t miss seeing
nostalgic evening. You will see costumes from - HS. Pygmalian,     this show! Tickets, kr 10, will be on sale in the main office
Hamlet, Pippin, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Fame, Grease       from10th April. Buy early for the best seats!
- MS, Annie, Godspell, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Alice in        Donations for SWECs table at the Nearly New Sale: Many
Wonderland, Jungle Book, Willy Wonka - and photos from PS,         thanks to those who have already left some wonderful donations.
The Downgoing of Orpheus Hawkins, Helen Come Home, Peter           If you want to help too just leave your contributions under the
Pan, Bad Day at Blackfrog Creak, The Wackadoo Zoo, The             IFG table in the foyer. SWEC have decided to donate the
Musicians of Bremen, Old Father Time, The Piper, Toby’s Ark,       money they make to SOS Barnebyer for a new village in Bouar
Goin’ Buggy, Hoodwinked, Snow White, Red Riding Hood,              in the Central African Republic. This village will commemorate
Frankie and Me, Cinders, Join us in Memory Lane.                   the birth in 1907 of Astrid Lindgren. There will be 12 family
Entry will be kr 30 (for audience and participants) and the        houses where 150 orphaned children will find new homes. Later
proceeds will be shared between ‘Sight Savers International’ and   on a barnehagen, school and health centre will be built and these
‘Vision Aid Overseas’.                                             will be open to the local community. Help SWEC to help the
                                                                   children of Bouar!
WOR LD WATER DAY             is 22nd March. Sponsor forms                     
for ‘Drink Water Only’ (for between one and five days. Milk
is allowed) and for a Sponsored Swim are in the main office.
Please take one if you would like to help to raise money for
WaterAid, All money should be returned by
28th March to IFG c/o Mrs. Kemp.

NEARLY NEW SALE: Saturday, 14th April. Remember
to let us know if you want a table. E mail ckemp@ or write a note and leave it in the main office.
Tables cost kr 300 (no sharing please). Advertisements
will be in the local newspapers and community outlets.

12 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
                                                                      of Thin
                                              en tal Side                            gs
                         ir         on m
                t he Env

What can your ‘rubbish’ be turned into?
Drink cartons: strong card, egg cartons, boxes...                     *Collections in School*
                                                                      Used Postage Stamps and Telephone Cards: These are sent
Plastic Bottle Tops: 650 bottle tops help to make one office          to TUBFRIM (Norway). Over Kr.550,000 is raised each year
chair!                                                                to benefit children and young adults with special physical needs
Plastic Bottles: 10 bottles help to make one rucksack!                and to help fund research into tuberculosis.

Paper: Norwegian recycled paper is used for newspapers                Used Spectacles: These are sent to Vision Aid Overseas (UK)
overseas.                                                             where they are cleaned,, repaired and graded prior to being given
Metal: All steel produced in Norway is made from recycled             to patients attending eye clinics set up by VAO in Africa.
metal. Examples of new goods are - nails and wheel rims.
                                                                      Empty Toner Cartridges: These are sent to Action Aid (UK),
Glass: The glass from 4,500 jam jars is enough to make GLAVA          a charity which helps people in some of the world’s poorest
insulation for one house.                                             communities by setting up programmes to improve their
                                                                      quality of life (safe water supplies, healthcare, education and
Old Clothes and Textiles: FRETEX make 150,000 dyner                   agriculture.
(quilts) each year. These are sent to the many countries which
need emergency help.                                                  Used Bottles and Cans: IFG students take these to the recycling
                                                                      depots and the money collected is donated to charity.
Kitchen and Garden Waste: This is turned into compost and is
on sale now at the plant at Hogstad, just outside Sandnes.            Used Mobile Phones: These are taken to Body Shop where they
                                                                      are recycled into alarms for use by women in danger.
Other: There is a facility for creating energy and electricity from
household rubbish at Forus. This is used by companies to heat         *Containers for all of the above can be found on or near the
buildings mainly in the Forus area but also in Sandnes, Sola and      IFG table outside Valhall*

                                                                                                        The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 13
                                        Parent Association News

From the Parent Association Board:

Orienteering Event around Stokka Lake
On Saturday March 24th the PA will be hosting an Orienteering
Event around Stokka Lake. Come out and enjoy an exciting
walk in the woods and lots of laughs with your family & friends!              you are a parent of an ISS student,
Sheila Percy is looking for enthusiastic volunteers that will help
with this event. Look for more details in the next pages of this
                                                                                     then     you are a member
                                                                                                 of the
Next year’s PA Board
We are still looking for some new members to join the PA Board                  ISS Parent Association
for next school year. I think it will be another wonderful team.
We still need a new President (among others) to head this group
                                                                           and are therefore invited to attend the
of enthusiastic ladies. I will be stepping down, since I have used
up the 2 years I can be in this position. I have had so much
fun doing this job and I have learned a lot about the different              PARENT ASSOCIATION
cultures at our school and leadership!

Think about joining us next year. It’s a great way to be involved
with your child’s school and to make new friends.                                        General Meeting
Upcoming/current PA events
•    March 5-March 23 Reading Incentive for Primary                                        Tuesday, April 17
     School                                                                                    8:45 a.m.
•    Saturday March 24 Orienteering Event around Stokka
     Lake – a fun filled family event!                                                       ISS Cafeteria

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!                        All members present shall vote on the elected
                                                                                positions on the nominated PA Board
                                                    Carolien Aretz
                                                                            (the elected positions being President, Vice
                                         PA President 2006-2007
                                           President, Secretary and Treasurer).

                                                                               For more information contact Lorraine
                                                                                   Abdelmalek, PA Vice President,
         Faculty Appreciation                                                51 53 49 15,
               Easter Holiday Treats
                     Wednesday, March 28
                                                                                    PRESIDENT NEEDED
Volunteers are needed to bring refreshments – homemade muffins
(any flavor), vegetable trays with dip and fresh fruit trays, etc.       Dear Parents,

Please drop off the food between 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. at the front office.   The Parent Association needs a new       President to lead
                                                                         next year’s PA Board!
For more information call the PA Faculty Appreciation
Coordinators:                                                            If you are interested or have any questions, please contact
                                                                         Carolien Aretz 51 57 18 10 or
Dana Hebert at 51 11 55 46 or Kathy Harrigian at 51 32 53                (for information) Or one of the members of the nominating
33.                                                                      committee:

                                                                         Leah Mathews 51 59 45 52 or
                                                                         Ali Patterson 51 52 19 97 or
                                                                         Lorraine Abdelmalek 51 53 49 15 or nabeel.abdelmalek@chello.

14 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
                                      Parent Association News

                  Come & Join Us…                                       ISS 40th Anniversary Golf
                    Rain or Shine…
   For the Parent Association’s First Ever

                                                                               randaberg golf Club

                                                                                    friday 18th May 2007

                                                                           open for ISS Staff,
                                                                       parentS, frIendS & StudentS
                                                                               a ll partIcIpantS muSt have
    Orienteering Event!                                                        a green card or handIcap

              Saturday March 24th, 2007
                                                                                          150 NOK p/p
                       1:00-4:00 PM                                 Ticket includes green fee, goody bag, supper and prize giving.

“O” is for Orienteering, the FUN “Thinking Sport” of land                         tee off 16.00 hrs. or 4 pm
navigation. Read your map, plan your route strategy, and see if
you can complete your chosen course in the allotted time. The                  IndIvIdual Stableford 9 holeS
course will be set up around Store Stokkavatnet and is suitable
for ALL ages and abilities. No experience is necessary!             For more information, availability and sign up contact
                                                                    Heather Melhus 51 55 43 47/ 994 89 022 or
Registration will take place in the main foyer at ISS on the day by April 30th.
of the event.

         Cost 30 NOK/person or 120 NOK/family
               based on a family of 4 or more

 Tickets will go on sale March 19th from 8:15-8:45 am &
3:00-3:45 pm Monday to Friday in the main foyer. Outside
     of these times they can be purchased at the Kiosk
              as well as on the day of the event.

The Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts will be fundraising for their
wonderful programs by serving food at the event so bring a
hearty appetite! They will be serving chili, hot dogs, drinks and
baked goods.

   Be Adventurous and Join in the FUN!
                                                                                                     The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 15
                                                           Classified Ads

         Stay cool! dIScover your potentIal!
Exam stress ahead – practice techniques for dealing with it. What
career to choose? Career counselling and coaching for adults and stu-
dents. Make sense of where your life is headed - find the patterns and
themes that help you thrive and with these, make good choices.

       Find out how to support yourself through difficulties like:

           stress, depression, bereavement, moves, relationships,                         The Big Red Nose Day is coming!
           negative behaviour patterns or family dynamics, etc.
                                                                                                     A group of primary school students
        Discover what they mean and how to respond positively.                                      will be raising money for Comic Relief
                                                                                                         on friday 23rd March 2007.
John Gibbs is a UK- registered psychotherapist, works with adults,
couples, children and runs courses and seminars for groups.                                • Wear red clothes to get in the groove!
Call 51 89 33 37, mob. 954 17 443, email:
                                                                                           • buy a red bracelet and have your nose painted
                                                                                             red for 10 noK.
              YOGA School Sunde
                                                                                           • buy cakes for 5 noK.
                      Yoga in the tradition of
            T. Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar                                      Bracelets and red noses will be on sale in the school foyer
                                                                                          at the start of school, at recess and during lunch.
                     Klaudia Achenbach-Wege                                               Cakes will be on sale at lunch time outside the cafeteria.
       Malthaugkroken 10, Hafrsfjord phone: 5189 4143
                 New courses start in week 17!                                            Comic Relief is a charity set up by celebrities to raise
                                                                                          money for Africa and the UK. It is a huge event in Britain,
 •      Yoga for beginners and advanced                                                   with schools, offices and workplaces all having fun and
        - Monday 23.4.       11:00 – 12:30                                                raising money at the same time. Wearing a red clown nose
        - Thursday 26.4.     20:00 – 21:30                                                is a symbol of Comic Relief and red is the colour of the day.
        - Friday    27.4.    09:00 – 10:30
 •      Yoga for 55+/ beginners                                                           Since its launch in 1985 Comic Relief has raised over
        - Monday 23.4.       09:00 – 10:30                                                £425 million. That cash is helping to change countless
 •      Yoga under pregnancy                                                              disadvantaged lives for the better- both internationally and
        - Friday    27.4.    11:00 – 12:30                                                in the UK. To find out how your money is making a
                                                                                          difference go to
     The fee is 500 NOK for a 5 session’s course. Maximum
             numbers of students are 5, minimum 3.                                               

                      Please call for more information!                                             Please bring a little money in to school
                                                                                                     on friday 23rd March and join in!
                            Moving Sale
     Bikes                                     Furniture
     Men’s: Giant Sedona SE; 28 inch wheel     Toddler Bed & Mattress; Hammock;                         - Child care wanted -
     Ladies: Diamant; 26 inch wheel            Computer Desk; Computer Chair;            Who would like to take care of two girls (primary school
     Child’s: 12 inch wheel, Red, Mickey       Sliding Door Cabinet; 5-Shelf Bookcase
              Mouse with training wheels       Clothes                                   students age 9 and 11) during July and the first week of August,
     Portable Basketball Hoop                  Girl’s Pink Winter Coat (8 years old);    for 4 days a week ?
     height adjustable, wheeled base           Girl’s Horse Riding Boots (EUR 34);
     Child Computer with educational           Girl’s Horse Riding Helmet (EUR 55)       I am thinking of a highschool student who likes to be with
     software (toddler/preschool) & monitor    Girl’s Dancing Ice Skates (EUR 35)        younger children or anybody who enjoys spending time with
                                               Boy’s Ski Jumpsuit (4 years old)
     Winter Tires with Studs (4)                                                         my girls. Payment to be agreed upon, depending on age and
     Size 225/75R15; used 5,000 Km             Household Items
                                                 Fisher Price Potty Training Chair;      experience.
                                                 Booster Chair; Electric Fan; Electric
     Child’s guitar, taxi snow sled, pogo stick, Slow Cooker/ Fryer; Rice Cooker; Hair
     skate board, board games, children’s
                                                 Clipper; Charcoal Grill; Guinea Pig/    Please contact me, preferably
                                                 Hamster Cage; 100-watt transformers
                       Call Chris Sweet at 90-70-2614 (m)
                                                                                         by e-mail:

16 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
                                                                                     !! S
   Do you deserve                                                                         TOP
a night of Fine Dining                                                                             PR
 and Entertainment?                            Unge forskere (Young
                                               researchers) regional final 2007!
         Then don’t be left out!
                                                 On the evening of 15th March, a number of 12th grade ISS
                                               students joined other young researchers at Sola Kulturhus
      Watch for tickets to go on sale for      for the Rogaland final of ‘Unge forskere 2007’. There were
                                               a total of 50 entries for the competition from Rogaland

  The School for Life Dinner
                                               (with 71 from the rest of Norway). Two prize-winners were
                                               honoured from the ‘videregående’ school age range in

                April 28th
                                               Rogaland, and both were from ISS!

                                               We are proud to announce:
         Chef Jean Pierre Duc                  Science prize
         has created an evening                 Emma Laura Svanberg with her project ‘The relationship
       of fine dining with a menu               between the ∆Eo values and the corrosion of iron and protector
                                                metals in relation to the sacrificial protection of iron’
             not to be missed.
                                               Humanities prize

   Entertainment provided
                                                Caroline Irwin Larsen with her project ‘What techniques are
                                                used in charity advertising and why is it necessary for charities

    by local musicians.                         to advertise?’

                                               Both Emma and Caroline will automatically go forward to the
        Dinner guests will be entered          national final of ‘Unge forskere 2007’ which will be held in Oslo,
       to win one of several surprises.        during the weekend of 14th - 16th April. They may well be
                                               joined by other ISS students, as a total of 19 ISS students entered
                                               projects for the competition, and they will all be considered for
            Come join in a night               inclusion in the national final. We should find out before the
        of posh decadence to support           holiday who has been invited to Oslo. It is an exciting time for
                                               our 12th grade students and their hard-working supervisors who

The School for Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
                                               gently guided them through the research and writing process.

                                               You can read more about the competition and follow the progress
      all money raised will go directly        of the competitors on
  to support the orphans in Chiang Mai.
                                                                                         Lynn Park, IB Coordinator

                                                                 Emma Svanberg                           Caroline Larsen
                                                             won the Science prize              won the Humanities prize

                                                                                      The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 17
                                                           Important Dates
                                               16/3            Middle School/High School Parent Conferences, 08:00-16:00
                                               16/3-18/3       Middle School/High School Varsity & JV Basketball Tournament, Rot-
                                               21/3-20/4       ISS Poetry Festival
                                               23/3            Pre-School 3 Assembly, 09:00
                                               23/3            Intermission
                                               23/3-24/3       Middle School/High School NECIS Swim Meet, Sigtuna

      Lunch Menu                               24/3
                                                               PA Orienteering Event, 1:00-4:00 pm
                                                               Middle School 8th Grade Leirskole, Trysil
                                                               Substitute Orientation Meeting, 0900
16 March - 23 March, 2007
    In addition to the daily HOT MEAL          2/11-9/11       Easter Break
         and the soup of the day,              11/4            Middle School Recognition Ceremony, Lovelace Theater, 13:50)
            the cafeteria serves               12/4            Grade 5 Assembly
       a vegetarian option for lunch.          12/4-13/4       Middle School 6th Grade Culture Trip to Oslo
                                               13/4            High School Activity Night
F     16/03     Monkfish Satay, served         14/4            ACT Plw Writing Test
                with gado-gado                 14/4            Nearly New Sale and Book Sale
                (= peanut sauce) and           16/4            Middle School/High School Winter Sports Awards
                                               16/4-20/4       MS/HS Poetry Festival
                gingered carrots.
                                               17/4            HS Advisory Session
M 19/03         Fried rice à la Cantonaise.
                                               17/4            5th Grade/Middle School/High School Spring Band Concert
T 20/03         Spaghetti à la Bolognaise.
                                               18/4-22/4       Middle School Girls Honour Choir
W 21/03         Viking day: “Valhall” is       26/4-28/4       Primary School Musical
                the name of our cafeteria      30/4, 2/5-4/5 MS 8th Grade Final Exams
                - the home of the Viking       30 April, 2 - 4 May Middle School 8th grade Final Exams
                gods - so we will serve real
                Odin food, prepared in         May
                the traditional Viking way.    1/5             Labour Day Holiday - no school
                Be hereby warned: a real       2/5             MS 5th to 5th Grade Transition Evening (1900 in Theatre)
                Viking will serve your food    3/5             MS/HS Mid-quarter for 4th Quarter
                this day!                      5/5             SAT Exams
T     22/03     Couscous from                  8/5-18/5        MS Barcelona Spanish Exchange
                Marrakesh - a delicious        9/5             IGCSE Examination Process Begins
                lamb stew with cummin,         10/5            Middle School/High School Choir Concert
                vegetables and couscous.       11/5            Pre-School 3 - Grade 5 Student-Led Conferences
F     23 /03    Fish & Chips as                11/5            Informer goes out
                in Liverpool                   11/5            MS Spring Dance
                                               16/5            HS Advisory Session
                                               17/5            Constitution Day—half-day of school
                                               18/5            May Madness
                                               2/52            Kindergarten Assembly
                                               25/5-27/5       MS/HS Track and Field Tournament, Copenhagen
                                               25/5-26/5       Rugby Tournament, Antwerp
                                               24/5-26/5       MS/HS Softball Tournament (Dusseldorf )
                                               28/5            Whitmonday Holiday - no school
                                               30/5-1/6, 4/6   High Sschool Final Exams

                                               1/6             Primary School Field Day
                                               2/6             High School Prom
                                               4/6             Middle School/High School Spring Sports Awards
                                               5/6             Middle School Field Day and High School Activity Day
                                               6/6             High School Awards Ceremony
                                               6/6             Middle School/High School Beach BBQ
                                               6/6             HS Baccalaureate Ceremony
                                               7/6             Last Day of School! - Students leave at 12:00
                                               7/6             MS Recognition Ceremony (Theatre from 1000-1130)
                                               7/6             HS Graduation Ceremony
18 · The Informer 16 March, 2007
                                     High School World War I Trip
                                                    for grades 9-12                     Sept. 7-11 2007
         By bus, by bike and on foot…                                                   Maximum number of participants is 25.
         visit Ieper (Ypres) and surroundings                                           If you signed up last year but did not make the
         to learn about the Great War.                                                  trip, you will get priority if you sign up again.
         Relax in Brugge (Bruges) on the last day.                                      For other students, first come – first served.
                                                                                        (More details can be found in the letter sent

         Contact Mr. Keereman for more information.

The issue dates for the remaining Informers in the 2006-2007 school                     Families with children at ISS receive a free copy sent home in their
year are: Fridays 20.04., 11.05. and 25.05. 2007                                        youngest child’s backpack, or - in the case of high schoolers - sent
                                                                                        home by mail.
                  Deadline is Tuesday 3 days before, at noon.

To have CLASSIFIED ADS published in The Informer, please e-mail:                        Others wishing to subscribe may do so for the annual subscription                                                                   rate of NOK 250,-. If you are a subscriber and wish to continue
                                                                                        your subscription, an invoice will be sent to your address in the fall
The editor reserves the right to edit ads to fit the space requested by                 of 2007.
    Prices:                         Companies1      Private         ISS
                                                    persons2        Teachers/           NB! If you do not receive your Informer, please check that your fam-
                                                                    Students3           ily name is clearly marked on your letter box, or else the postman
                                                                                        might return the newsletter to ISS. NB!
    1/2 page (160x120 mm):          NOK 1200,-      NOK 600,-       NOK 300,-
    1/4 page (80x120 mm):           NOK 800,-       NOK 400,-       NOK 200,-
    1/8 page (80x60 mm):            NOK 400,-       NOK 200,-       NOK 100,-
    1/16 of a page (40x60 mm): NOK 200,-            NOK 100,-       NOK 50,-

1   If you run a business/company/activity that makes your living, you are a
    “company” price-wise.
                                                                                                 The Informer is also issued on the ISS web-page:
2   If you have a small activity, a non-profit foundation, organise a charity, adver-               .
    tise your belongings for sale, insert small personal ads, etc., you are charged a
    “private person” price.
                                                                                                      Go to “News” and then to “Informer”
3   This price also includes substitute teachers.

                                                                     Editor: Liv Nærland Høie
                                                                      Phone: +47 51 55 43 22
                                                                                                                            The Informer 16 March, 2007 · 19

                                                     Sent by:    International School Stavanger
                                                                 Treskeveien 3
                                                                 4043 Hafrsfjord

 Now, listen here ...                           es Text     He signed my
                                   Br ian Jacqu                                 book!

                         ..    Author i
                n a time               n action           Paint pictures with words
      Once upo

  You have                                                                          da    rt
             a talent         Redwall fans brush                        ure inspire
                     !          with celebrity                  Literat

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