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					  A partnership approach to
developing sustainable energy
  projects with First Nations
Gemini Power Corp.
• Ontario-based, privately-owned renewable
    power generation company
•   Experienced hydro power owner/operator
•   Strengths:
    – technical, financial, environmental & operational
• Senior advisors
    Arnold May, Nipissing First Nation
    Alastair Wilson - technical operations
    Lance McIntosh - financial operations
Partnering with Gemini Power
Corp. [GPC] means:
• Forming sustainable relationships
• Building sustainable energy projects
• GPC is the investor; First Nation becomes
  the owner
• Open door, open book
• “First Nations come first”
Power Generation Development

GPC- FN Partnership
   - Project Development
(Build Operate Transfer - BOT)
• Build     GPC lead       FN support

• Operate   FN lead        GPC support

• Transfer of Ownership

             GPC initial     FN final
                                                                   After about 15-25 yrs, FN operates a facility that it fully owns,
         First Nation                                              and receives 100% of the net revenues from that facility

          FN contributes land,
          water, human resources
          and cultural guidance

                              Here’s what we propose…
                                                                      The project continues as a legacy asset for the FN
                                                                      for generations to come
                                                              Once GPC recovers its investment plus a fair profit, we depart
  Together, we build a
  power generation facility

                                                      Over time, ownership and net revenues are transferred to FN

GPC contributes capital
and technical abilities                       Project funds educational scholarships for FN students

                                       In the beginning, ownership and most revenues, net of
                                       expenses, accrue to GPC

                                   0                 15-25 yrs                                                              100 yrs
GPC- FN Partnership
Project Development Stages
• Feasibility study (site location, hydrology, energy
    potential, constructability, environmental, regulatory &
    potential costs)
• Concept phase (preliminary design of plant,
    operational patterns, potential impacts and mitigation )
•   Detailed engineering and construction
•   Regulatory approvals, financing
•   Construction (plant, roads, transmission, training)
•   Commissioning (staffing, testing)
•   Operations
GPC-FN Partnership
               …Moving Forward
• A partnership committee is formed to begin
  discussions to identify and assess the
  opportunities and the issues
        – GPC - usually 2 members
        – FN - ? members [FN to decide]
        – Meetings begin…when the FN is ready
        – Frequency…monthly or as agreed
        – Committee Facilitator - Arnold May
Partnership Committee Tasks
• Facilitator and Pre-feasibility agreements [GPC to fund
    these initial costs]
•   Confirm site (s) to be investigated for development (part
    of pre-feasibility work to be funded by GPC)
•   Develop Memorandum of Understanding between GPC
    and FN detailing how we will work together
•   Development of formal legal and financing
    documentation, notification of regulatory agencies
•   Secure approvals (e.g. OPA, MOE, Hydro One & DFO)
•   Selection of engineering consultants (RFP - tenders)
•   Timetable for construction
GPC-FN Scholarship Fund

• Community capacity building
• Youth development
• Generating station operational &
  maintenance capability
• Asset ownership and local industry
Gemini Power’s
Development Commitment
• Results to date:
• One partnership development
    agreement signed with the Lac
    LaCroix First Nation
•   Two MOU’s have been signed
    and the pre-feasibility studies
    are now in process
•   GPC is actively in preliminary
    discussion with several FN
Gemini Power’s
Development Commitment
               Thank You/Meegwech