Falling in love again by sdfwerte


									Falling in love again
• Our values include relationship and
  shared life
• I spoke a few years ago on “The key to
• Amarh last week - Abiding in the Vine
• Our relationship with God is paramount
Restoring Relationship
• Why did Jesus die? - The
  - to pay for sin
  - to defeat the enemy
  - to restore relationship
• Man was made in the image of God
  (Gen 1:26-27); Trinity
• God walked and talked with
Busy doing nothing
• The letter to the Ephesians (Rev
  - I know your deeds and your
    perseverance v2
  - BUT they count for nothing
  - this I have against you, that you
    have left (aphiemi) your first love
    v4 (could cost you your
Martha & Mary (Luke 10:38-
 • Martha
   - distracted with all her preparations
   - worried about so many things
 • Mary
   - sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to His
 • Jesus
   - only one thing necessary
Works - bearing fruit (John
• Work stems from law - got to, ought
  to, should, must…
• Fruit grows where there is life v10
  - by your fruit you will be known
• Faith without works is dead
  (James 2:14-18)
• Love without fruit is dead
  (1 John 3:1-10) - life comes from
The Chicken & the Egg
• What comes first?
• The relationship or…
  - worship
  - reading the word
  - prayer
• Leading to…
  - service
  - the fruit of the Spirit
Our wonderful Jesus
• Not intended to leave us with sense
  of I have missed it
• But “Oh! There is so much more.”
• As we fix our eyes upon Him…
• as we consider Him…
• as we see Him as He is…
• May we fall in love with Him all over

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