FACE and Plumpton College by sdfwerte


       Plumpton College

Collaborative Working
              Plumpton College
Established 1926

Land-Based Courses covering

Agriculture                   Forestry
Horticulture                  Wine production
Equine studies                Outdoor leisure
Animal care & management      Welding & Metal-smithing

From Entry Level though First Diploma, National
Diploma, Award, Foundation Degree and Degree Level
                         Plumpton College
                         Overview of work with schools
Key Stage 1 & 2
Programme of Curriculum Linked day visits
The College Farm / Healthy Living
Countryside / Environment

Key Stage 3 & 4
Tailor made visits;
Applied science
Applied ICT

14 – 19 Years
Increased Flexibility Programme
Motor Vehicle Maintenance (IMI Level 1 and 2)
Agriculture (NVQ 1)
Equine(NVQ1& developing outreach)
Outdoor Education (First Certificate)
Horticulture Outreach (NVQ Level 1)
            FACE & Plumpton College
                     Common Objectives

Promote interest and awareness;

• of both organisations within schools
• amongst teachers and pupils in farming
  and countryside matters

 Promotion of the industry and awareness of career opportunities in
  the land based sector.

 Raise awareness of course areas, career opportunities and recruit
  potential students.

 Availability of Resources / Teacher Resource Centre at Plumpton
                  Common Objectives
                    Partnership Working

         Working with partners

         Linking with outside organisations –
         providing support and training for rural businesses

-   CEVAS training for Farmers
-   School farm links
-   Promotion of partners activities and resources
-   Local opportunities – schools and farmers
                           Common Objectives
                          Partnership Working - examples

                         Primary Project partner
To introduce the concept of a learning journey to primary children and their families.

• To change perceptions from an early age and raise aspirations
• Inform primary children and their parents of the options open to them
• Sow the seeds for FE and HE
• Introduce subject options

Target group
Yr 5 / 6 Pupils
Schools with a high % of FSM’s
Schools within wards of less than 16% HE participation

Project Delivery
10 schools – 3 stage model
Preparation session - in school set the scene for the visit
Curriculum themed day visit to college
Evaluation / follow-up session back in the class room
                      Common Objectives
                      Partnership Working - examples

Woodland Enterprise Centre
established to demonstrate innovation
in wood based technology, and
opportunities for the use of local timber
for sustainable construction
And renewable energy

Kent Architecture
‘How Places Work’ project
Design and Technology Students
10 schools, 10 different buildings
                  Common Objectives
                  Partnership Working - examples

Surrey County Agricultural Society
Historic Farmland Landscape of the Surrey Hills project
Local Heritage Initiative funding
2 year project – training and research
Training for farmers with professional landscape archaeologists –
how to find out more about their land and impact on food production

Support to produce promotional materials to schools / teachers pack.
Links- local schools with trained farmers.

Farm accreditation
                Plumpton College
                Key Stage 1 and 2
   Day visits – areas of demand & partnership working

• The College Farm

• Healthy Living

• The Countryside
                Healthy Living
                 Partnership working

Links - promotion and support;
Food and Health Partnership –
(East Sussex & Brighton and Hove)
Better School Food Conference
Action in Rural Sussex – School Orchard Project
                    Plumpton College
                    Key Stage 1 and 2
       Day visits – areas of demand & partnership working
Farm Visit Themes           Links
Living and growing         Education Business Partnership
Animals and their young    South of England Agricultural Society
Where food comes from      National Farmers Union
Dairy Farming Project      Outdoor Education Adviser
                       Plumpton College
                      Key Stage 1 and 2
                   Day visits – areas of demand
Foundation Degree / HNC/D
Countryside Management Students
- Environmental Interpretation module

Biodiversity Days
- Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
- Sussex Environmental Educators Forum
- Gray Nicholls

Teacher CPD / INSET training
Phenology session at Plumpton College
                       Teacher CPD
       Secondary CPD Sessions for teachers
Chichester College, Brinsbury Campus
KS4 and 5 Geography and science teachers
  Campus Tour
  Careers in Land-based industries (courses and qualifications)
  Practical exercises
  – conservation, plant and animal biology, land use

Plumpton College
KS 4 and 5 Science Teachers
‘How Science Works’ - demonstrate how the agricultural environment
relates to the science curriculum
   Farm Dairy
   Pig Unit
   Farmland biodiversity
                Future Development

Expand the provision at Secondary level

Develop & promote;
Half day programmes    - Applied Science
                       - Applied ICT

Combine curriculum themed and
career based programmes

one day event which draw in businesses
from the sector

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