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Honours Summer 04


Honours Summer 04

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                                                                                                                                                                             SUMMER 2004

Institute now delivers bachelor degrees
Southbank Institute is continuing     qualifications within the vocational
to challenge what it means to be      education and training sector.
                                                                                                                                                                   Students already
a TAFE institution by delivering        “Figures released by the Australian
bachelor degrees in partnership       Vice-Chancellors’ Committee reveal                                                                                           enrolled in degrees
with the University of Southern       that unmet demand for higher                                                                                                 The first students to enrol in
Queensland (USQ).                     education had increased by 25 per                                                                                            the degree programs delivered
   From March, institute lecturers    cent since 2002, and by 60 per                                                                                               by Southbank Institute in
will teach the Bachelor of Business   cent since 2001,” he said.                                                                                                   partnership with USQ are
Administration and Bachelor of           Southbank Institute currently                                                                                             budding international business
Information Technology at the South   offers about 40 per cent of all                                                                                              practitioners from China.
Brisbane campus.                      diplomas and advanced diplomas
  “After rigorous assessment, the     in the TAFE Queensland network                                                                                               After studying for the past three
institute has met the requirements    of institutes.                                                                                                               years at the Oxbridge University
laid down by USQ and the Office of       The institute is also continuing                                                                                          in Beijing, the students will arrive
Non-State Education (International,   to develop dual diploma-bachelor                                                                                             in Brisbane in March to begin
Non-State and Higher Education)       qualifications with universities,                                                                                            their Australian education.
to start delivering the degrees,”     providing graduates of Southbank                                                                                             The students will initially
Southbank Institute director Craig    Institute’s diplomas with advanced                                                                                           embark on Southbank
Sherrin said.                         standing at universities.                                                                                                    Institute’s Diploma of
  “This is an exciting move for the       “Southbank Institute specialises                                                                                         International Business and
institute, as we realign our course   in work-ready education and                                                                                                  six months later, they will
offerings so we continually meet      training, so our lecturers apply                                                                                             commence the Bachelor of
people’s evolving education needs.”   industry experience to their teaching,                                                                                       Business Administration.
   Mr Sherrin said the move to        giving students a career-focused
deliver degrees in partnership        education,” Mr Sherrin said.                                                                                                 Some of the students’ previous
with a university responds to                                                                                                                                      studies in China will be credited
increased demand for higher-level                                                                                                                                  to the Southbank diploma.
                                                                               Degree students also benefit from the institute’s inner city location

Film by lecturer gets critic’s nod
A short-film produced by film and         Written and directed by Ben
television lecturer Gabrielle Jones   Hackworth, Violet Lives Upstairs
has taken out the Australian Best     has screened nationally at the
Short Film award at the recent Film   Brisbane and Melbourne film
Critics Circle Awards.                festivals and internationally at the
                                      Montreal, Mill Valley and Sao Paulo
                                      film festivals since its completion in
                                      April 2003.
                                          Gabrielle hopes the award and
                                      the short film will ultimately benefit
                                      her students.
                                         “It’s a fantastic award and I am
                                      pleased that I can pass on the
                                      knowledge I have gained from
                                      this experience to my students,”
                                      Gabrielle said.
                                         “By teaching, I aim to give
   Gabrielle Jones                    something back to an industry that
                                      has been very supportive of my
  The 18-minute film, Violet Lives
                                      development as a producer and the
Upstairs, beat category finalists
                                      projects that I undertake.”
such as the 2003 Cannes Film
                                          The Film Critics Circle award is
Festival short film winner Cracker
                                      the second major award recently
Bag by Glendyn Ivin.
                                      won by the Southbank Institute
  Starring Rebecca Frith (MDA,
Secret Bridesmaid’s Business,
                                          Gabrielle’s documentary The
Russian Doll, Love Serenade)
                                      Show: The Making of a Midsummer
as Violet, the film explores the
                                      Night’s Dream took out the Best
complexities of romance and
                                      Tertiary Educational Resource at
attraction when Violet becomes
                                      the 2003 Australian Teachers of
the focus of a father and son’s                                                Rebecca Frith as Violet in the award-winning film, Violet Lives Upstairs, produced by institute lecturer, Gabrielle Jones
                                      Media Awards.
hidden desires.


                              Australia’s                                        Griffith                                        16,000                                              Hope
                              best small                                         hospitality                                     jobs found                                          gained
                              employer                                           partnership                                                                                         from

                                            2                                                  3                                              4                                      despair
                      UP FRONT

Staff training vital to Australia’s                                                                                      The changing nature of TAFE
best small employer                                                                                                                                            By Craig Sherrin,
                                                                                                                                                               Southbank Institute Director
“Training has improved the quality         chance of retaining them in your        who conducts workshops
 and speed of my employees’                employment.                             each fortnight in areas that are
 work, as well as team morale,”              “In 16 years of operation, we         essential to any type of job, such
 says Stephen Dibb, co-founder of          have lost only six staff members.       as planning your workload and                                               natural step forward in preparing
 Brisbane’s Stephen Dibb Jewellery.        Three people have been with us for      managing your time.                                                         our students for work and higher
   “Whenever we increase staff             more than 10 years.                        A key part of the company’s                                              education.
 training, our sales figures improve.”       “The more staff that organisations    training system is to provide staff                                            Like certificates and diplomas,
    This attitude impressed the            can retain, the less they spend on      with the chance to plan their own                                           bachelor degrees are an
 judges of the 2003 Australian             retraining and rehiring.”               training needs and measure their                                            effective study option.
 Training Awards so much they                 Stephen sends his apprentices        individual contribution to profits.                                           The degrees we are about
 awarded the business with one             to Southbank Institute to learn the       “This increases staff morale                                              to offer in partnership with
 of their most coveted titles: the         requisite technical and practical       because each jeweller, retail                                               the University of Southern
 Prime Minister’s Small Employer           trade skills.                           assistant and administrator can                                             Queensland—in information
 of the Year.                                 This off-the-job training is         see a definite path of learning                                             technology and business—are
    With the help of training from         supplemented with on-the-job            backed by encouragement and                                                 destined to produce high-calibre
 Southbank Institute, Stephen              training at the workplace studio,       advice,” Stephen said.                                                      graduates.
                                                                                                                         The news that students of TAFE
 Dibb Jewellery has etched the             which is delivered through a               Stephen and his management                                                  Southbank Institute specialises
                                                                                                                         institutes throughout Australia are
 importance of professional                mentoring system.                       team abide by a management                                                  in work-ready education and
                                                                                                                         highly satisfied with their studies
 development on its workers,                  By handing down closely              style that is open and transparent,                                         training, so our lecturers apply
                                                                                                                         pays tribute to the quality of
 especially its jewellery apprentices.     guarded skills to his apprentices,      which he believes creates a                                                 industry experience to their
                                                                                                                         education and training we deliver.
   “There’s an old adage that says,        Stephen’s team is creating new          relaxed environment that promotes                                           teaching, giving students a
                                                                                                                            In the latest annual student
‘If you get them young, you keep           expectations in jewellery design.       success in the workplace.                                                   career-focused education.
                                                                                                                         outcomes survey conducted by
 them’,” Stephen said.                       “Mentoring empowers our                 “While I love designing, making                                              Combine this with USQ’s
                                                                                                                         the National Centre of Vocational
   “I have found that an effective         qualified jewellers to pass on          and setting jewellery, I truly feel                                         theoretical and problem-solving
                                                                                                                         Education Research, the majority
 way to retain staff is by investing in    their skills to the next generation,”   proud and successful when the                                               discipline and you have a wise
                                                                                                                         of graduates and short-course
 their professional development.           Stephen said.                           people training do the work as well                                         combination.
                                                                                                                         students were satisfied with their
   “If you do this when they are             “It is not a new concept, but it’s    as I can and better,” Stephen said.                                           This move represents an
                                                                                                                         education experiences.
 still at an early stage of their          one that many businesses neglect.”        “The role of training is to give                                          extension to our existing
                                                                                                                            Most believe their studies
 career, such as when they are still          The company also enlists the         people freedom.                                                             university partnerships, which
                                                                                                                         delivered the results they wanted.
 apprentices, you have a greater           support of a master jeweller,             “It gives us freedom to think,                                            have seen us unite with the
                                                                                                                           The 60,000 respondents to the
                                                                                   plan, innovate and development                                              University of Queensland
                                                                                                                         survey said they embarked on
                                                                                   new markets.”                                                               and Queensland University of
                                                                                                                         training to gain employment in a
                                                                                      The recent award was yet                                                 Technology to offer joint bachelor-
                                                                                                                         particular occupation, gain skills
                                                                                   another accolade earned by the                                              diploma courses.
                                                                                                                         to change careers or establish
                                                                                   company in recent years.                                                       Recently, we also launched
                                                                                                                         their own businesses, or prepare
                                                                                      Stephen has been a De Beers                                              with Griffith University an
                                                                                                                         themselves for further study.
                                                                                   Diamond Award finalist twice,                                               innovative tri-qualification
                                                                                                                           Just six months after their
                                                                                   won the Australian Bridal Industry                                          in hospitality management,
                                                                                                                         training, more than 90 per cent of
                                                                                   people’s choice award for best                                              providing students with the
                                                                                                                         graduates were either employed or
                                                                                   jeweller (Queensland) twice and in                                          opportunity to study a diploma,
                                                                                                                         in further study.
                                                                                   2000, his team won the coveted                                              advanced diploma and bachelor
                                                                                                                            It is clear that people wishing
                                                                                   Jewellery Association of Australia                                          degree concurrently.
                                                                                                                         to prepare themselves for work or
                                                                                   Design Awards.                                                                 Expect to see us continually
                                                                                                                         higher education would do well by
                                                                                     “Training is the fuel of our                                              expand our range of joint
                                                                                                                         studying at TAFE.
                                                                                   success and our expansion,”                                                 courses and degrees.
                                                                                                                            Southbank Institute’s move
                                                                                   Stephen said.                         to deliver bachelor degrees is a
                                                                                     “Without it, we would not have
The Stephen Dibb Jewellery team                                                    the skills and talents needed to be

Recent visitors
Recent visitors to Southbank               •   Printing Industry Association
Institute include:                             of Australia Regional Manager
• a delegation from the                        Neal McLary, who reviewed
    Philippines national                       the possibility of a scholarship
    government, which gained                   for printing and graphic arts
    a first-hand look at the                   students
    institute’s practice firm training
                                           •   Creative Industries Skills
    concept. The practice-firm
                                               Council Executive Officer Bob
    encourages students to run
                                               Ward, who reviewed with
    their own virtual business, a
                                               QSPGA lecturers the national
    bookstore, which is supported
                                               training package for printing
    by Brisbane book retailer, the
                                               and graphic arts
    American Bookstore. The
    delegation visited Brisbane            •   Education Queensland
    universities and Southbank                 Executive Director (Schools)
    Institute to gain an insight               Kerry Holst, who explored the
    into innovative techniques to              institute’s Pathways for School
    educate business students                  Students initiative.

•   Minister for Employment and
    Training and Minister for the          Business lecturers Mark Harris and
    Arts Matt Foley, who helped               Desley Lagos (back centre and
    celebrate the Way 2 Go!                    right) with Philippine delegates
    2003 arts pathways project                  Divina Madrid, Erick Romuldo,
    and launched exhibitions of            Ambhika Abella and Paulina Mayra
    student art


Southbank, Griffith launch innovative hospitality qualification Media stars
                                                                                                                                                                  The media spotlight has recently
 Southbank Institute and                 second and third years.                                                                                                  fallen on:
 Griffith University have developed         Griffith University School of                                                                                         • retail lecturer Pauline Greer,
 an innovative suite of hospitality      Tourism and Hotel Management                                                                                                  whose commentary on the
 programs giving students                head Hugh Wilkins said program                                                                                                differences between generic
 the flexibility to exit with a          graduates would be adept in the                                                                                               and branded goods in
 diploma, advanced diploma or            conceptual ideas of hospitality                                                                                               supermarkets was featured
 bachelor degree.                        management including both the                                                                                                 on Channel 9’s A Current
    Employment and Training              practical and management skills                                                                                               Affair. Pauline also provided
 Minister Matt Foley has praised the     needed in today’s hospitality                                                                                                 commentary on Channel 9’s
 development the TAFE–university         industry.                                                                                                                     Extra about the new age sales
“tri-qualification” which leads             Mr Wilkins said the program                                                                                                techniques employed
 to a Bachelor of Hospitality            would also enable Griffith to                                                                                                 by retailers
 Management specialising in              offer the Bachelor of Hospitality
 club and gaming management,             Management degree in Brisbane                                                                                            •    asset maintenance lecturer Bill
 or conference and function              as well as the Gold Coast.                                                                                                    Williams, whose comparison
 management.                               “Previously Brisbane students                                                                                               between microfibre and
   “This is a much fairer option for     had to travel to Griffith’s Gold                                                                                              traditional cleaning products
 students, who usually receive           Coast campus to get the practical                                                                                             was featured on Channel 7’s
 no qualification if they do not         and management skills this degree                                                                                             Today Tonight
 complete a degree,” Mr Foley said.      offers,” he said.                                                                                                        •    contemporary music graduate
   “The flexibility provided by this        Assistant director of Southbank                                                                                            Andrew G, whose success as
 suite of programs allows students       Institute’s College of Tourism                                                                                                the co-presenter of Channel
                                         and Hospitality (Cotah) Marty           Classes in the new tri-qualification begin in February
 to exit at a variety of stages.”                                                                                                                                      10’s Australian Idol was
    Students can finish the Bachelor     Rollings said Queensland’s                                                                                                    reported by City News, North
                                         burgeoning hospitality industry

                                                                                 Training turns
 of Hospitality Management                                                                                                                                             West News, South West News,
 degree in the same time it takes        had encouraged the institute to                                                                                               Northern News
 to complete a normal bachelor           join with Griffith in developing the
                                                                                                                                                                       photographer tutor Natasha

                                                                                 creative passion
 degree, but with the flexibility of     innovative course.                                                                                                       •
 exiting at an earlier stage with a        “We aim to further enhance the                                                                                              Beattie, who was called upon
 diploma or advanced diploma if          study options available to our                                                                                                by Channel 9’s Extra to offer

                                                                                 into skill
 they choose not to complete the         students by formally linking more                                                                                             viewers hints on taking great
 degree program.                         of our diplomas and advanced                                                                                                  photos
    About 50 enrolments have been        diplomas with bachelor degrees                                                                                           •    Cotah’s success at the greater
 offered through QTAC.                   offered by leading Queensland                                                                                                 Brisbane regional final of
                                         universities,” he said.                 Southbank Institute is helping          Institute as a model for
    To ensure students gain the                                                                                                                                        the World Skills hospitality
                                                                                 volunteers and workers at               partnerships with TAFE institutes all
 insights that only on-the-job                                                                                                                                         competitions, which was
                                                                                 museums and galleries throughout        over Queensland,” Ms Baillie said.
 training can provide, they will                                                                                                                                       covered by The Courier-Mail
                                                                                 south-east Queensland turn their          “Soon, we could see galleries
 embark on two internships in their
                                                                                 passion for history and art into        and museums in central and               •    the institute’s indigenous
                                                                                 employable skills.                      north Queensland gain consistent              student art exhibition, which
                                                                                    Creative industries lecturer Sally   access to similar training.”                  was profiled by The Courier-
Top marks for online learning                                                    Randell said lecturers have been
                                                                                 working with Museums Australia
                                                                                                                            One student who is taking part
                                                                                                                         in the program is Christine Spence,
                                                                                                                                                                       Mail and Southern News
                                                                                                                                                                  •    the European praise for visual
Students of Southbank Institute                                                  Queensland to help volunteers and       who has received some of her
                                                                                                                                                                       arts lecturer Heather Winter,
benefit from some of the best                                                    workers develop skills valuable to      training through the Bundaberg
                                                                                                                                                                       which was profiled in Campus
online learning infrastructure in                                                the livelihood of community run art     Arts Centre.
Queensland, according to judges                                                  galleries and museums.                     An employee of the Bundaberg
of the inaugural Queensland                                                        “The students are honing their        Historical Museum, Christine             To view the latest news on
Awards for Excellence in Flexible                                                skills in such areas as installing      has recently learned the theory          Southbank Institute, log onto
Learning.                                                                        exhibitions and preserving archives,    and practice of installing and  and click
   The judges ruled that Southbank                                               which is further enhancing the          dismantling exhibitions and              on Latest News.
Institute provides the most                                                      way our regional galleries and          displays.
affordable access and the most                                                   museums are run,” she said.               “This form of accredited training
advanced infrastructure for online                                                  When they complete their             has helped me develop the
learning out of all vocational                                                   training, the students will qualify     correct policies and procedures,”            New website easier for
education and training institutions                                              for Southbank Institute’s Certificate   Christine said.
                                                                                 IV in Museum Practice, which              “I have thoroughly enjoyed
                                                                                                                                                                      international students
in the state.
   Sponsored by the Australian                                                   is recognised by employers              my placement, as I have been                 Southbank Institute has
Flexible Learning Framework, the                                                 throughout Australia.                   involved in exhibitions that I admire,       become the first TAFE
awards recognise excellence                                                         Museums Australia Queensland         yet usually would not handle.”               institute in Queensland to
                                         Online learner, Simon Heath
by vocational education and                                                      training coordinator Ann Baillie           Students receive formal training          make available its international
training practitioners in developing        One online student who has           hopes to provide galleries and          by attending workshops in                    website in five languages, plus
and using high-tech learning             recently graduated is Simon Heath,      museums in other areas of the           Brisbane.                                    English.
technology.                              20, who studied the institute’s         state with similar training.                                                           The move is giving
   Institute alternative learning        Diploma of Multimedia online.             “We want to use our successful        Art galleries turn to Southbank              prospective students the
manager Lyn Ambrose said                    Last month, Simon arrived in         partnership with Southbank              Institute training                           chance to understand more
Southbank’s library team was key         Brisbane for the first time to attend                                                                                        about life at Southbank
to winning the award.                    his graduation ceremony.                                                                                                     Institute before they arrive in
  “Our library staff have worked            He had been studying the                                                                                                  Brisbane.
tirelessly to offer students 24 hours-   multimedia diploma through the                                                                                                  By making the website
a-day, seven days-a-week access          Internet, while in New Zealand.                                                                                              available in Japanese, Thai,
to our resources,” she said.               “It’s amazing to think how the                                                                                             Korean, simplified Chinese
  “By featuring online courses,          Internet cuts across geographic                                                                                              and traditional Chinese,
our website allows students to           boundaries,” Simon said.                                                                                                     the institute has increased
develop their knowledge while also         “For me, I’ve realised my dreams                                                                                           the number of ‘hits’ to its
gaining the information they need        of gaining a diploma in a field I                                                                                            international student web
to complete assessments.                 really enjoy.”                                                                                                               pages by 40 per cent.
  “The library team takes an                Southbank Institute offers the                                                                                               Visit
innovative approach to training,         most online learning courses                                                                                                 and click on the globe at the
challenging the way we teach our         out of all TAFE institutes in                                                                                                top of the screen to access
students.”                               Queensland.                                                                                                                  the site.

                                                                                                                                          SOUTHBANK INSTITUTE HONOURS | SUMMER 2004 | PAGE 3

                                                                               Institute finds jobs for 16,000 students
                                                                               Southbank Institute has found jobs         Employment service officers           value the work-ready trained staff
                                                                               for more than 16,000 students in        were first appointed at TAFE             Southbank Institute can supply,
                                                                               the past 10 years.                      institutes 10 years ago, as              without the added burden of
                                                                                 The jobs have been all over           part of the $150 million Jobs            advertising and wading through
                                                                               the world, including in Florida,        Plan introduced by the State             lots of applications.”
                                                                               New Zealand, Ayers Rock, China,         Government.                                Apart from finding jobs for
                                                                               England, Sydney, Melbourne and             Institute director Craig Sherrin      students, Melinda and Brendan
                                                                               Queensland island resorts.              said job placements were an              also teach job-hunting skills such
                                                                                 They range from working as IT         important part of the student            as resume writing and interview
                                                                               practitioners, office administrators,   support services offered by              techniques.
                                                                               travel consultants, Santa Claus,        Southbank.
                                                                               camera operators and even a               “We not only teach practical
                                                                               doorman at Government House             skills that prepare students for
                                                                               in Brisbane.                            the workplace, but we also help
                                                                                  Southbank Institute employs          them find the right job as well,” Mr
                                                                               two employment service officers:        Sherrin said.
Natural high advocate, Joshua Darvill, who is completing the institute’s       Melinda Lawrence and Brendon              “It’s all part of joining Southbank
community services diploma                                                     Stafford.                               Institute. Some students that were
                                                                                  Melinda was one of TAFE              placed in jobs a few years ago

Students help schoolies                                                        Queensland’s and Southbank
                                                                               Institute’s first job placement
                                                                               officers and celebrated her 10th
                                                                                                                       have gone on to form their own
                                                                                                                       companies, and are now offering
                                                                                                                       jobs to current students.
‘get high, naturally’                                                          year in the role in October.              “We have had repeat business
                                                                                                                       from employers because they

A group of community services          Alcohol and Drug Foundation of
students joined forces with a          Queensland to raise awareness                                                                                            Siemens experience
not-for-profit organisation to         of the many different ways young                                                                                         came alive at Southbank
ensure the hordes of Schoolies         people can have a good time                                                                                              Institute
heading for various locations          without drugs or alcohol.
across Queensland were suitably           One student who was involved                                                                                          The nutty professor eat your heart
occupied during Schoolies Week.        in the project is Joshua Darvill,                                                                                        out! Year 9 students who joined
   As part of a five-week placement    who is studying the institute’s                                                                                          The Siemens Science Experience
with the Natural High–Alternative,     Diploma of Community Services                                                                                            at Southbank Institute set off
the students conducted research        (Community Work).                                                                                                        mini explosions (under controlled
into the many different drug-and-         “Besides some of the obvious                                                                                          laboratory conditions, of course),
alcohol-free activities and events     highlights, such as visits to local                                                                                      created slime and even rock
on offer for the celebrating           theme parks and tourist attractions,                                                                                     climbed, all in the name of science.
Year 12 students.                      we unearthed many sporting and                                                                                              The Siemens Science Experience
   The areas the students              recreational pursuits that could                                                                                         was fun three days of hands-on
researched include the Gold Coast,     give Schoolies the buzz they were                                                                                        science activities, held from
the Sunshine Coast, the Magnetic       looking for,” Joshua said.              (From left) Craig Sherrin, Neil Appo and David Cameron                           January 20 to 22.
Island and Townsville region, and        “What this project has been about                                                                                         The students took part in
Stradbroke Island.                     is simply reminding Schoolies that      Southbank Institute staff earn Centenary Medals                                  experiments and excursions to the
   Director of the Natural High–       their end-of-school celebration                                                 •   Neil Appo, assistant director        Coca-Cola factory and science labs.
                                                                               A number of Southbank Institute
Alternative David McGovern             doesn’t have to be all about                                                        of the Indigenous Australian            At the end of it all, they joined
                                                                               staff members were named
praised the efforts of the students    drinking or abusing your body.”                                                     Peoples’ Unit                        colleagues doing the science
                                                                               recipients of the Centenary Medal,
and said that each team’s work            David McGovern said the                                                      •   David Cameron, finance officer       experience at other institutions to
                                                                               awarded for achievements or
ensured this year’s Schoolies          students’ contribution was a “fitting                                           •   Craig Sherrin, institute director.   party the night away.
                                                                               contributions at the time of the
Festival gave participants plenty of   legacy, from one group of young         centenary of federation.                  Congratulations to the medal
chances to “get high, naturally”.      people, to another”.                      The contributions may have been       recipients, who were announced
   The Natural High–Alternative                                                to the local community, education,      during a festive ceremony at
is a campaign set up by the                                                    a region, an activity or profession.    Government House in Brisbane.
                                                                               Staff recipients included:
                                                                               • Charlie Watson, member of the
State Library confers expertise on                                                Institute Business Council
                                                                                                                             Summer school proved way too
QSPGA students                                                                                                               cool for school
                                                                                                                             The institute gave hundreds of high school students the
A temporary relocation by State
                                                                                                                             chance to taste life as a tertiary student by hosting its first
Library book restoration, binding
                                                                                                                             Summer School.
and finishing experts to the
                                                                                                                               Throughout January, the students embarked on 28 short
institute’s Queensland School of
                                                                                                                             courses that introduced them to building computer games,
Printing and Graphic Arts
                                                                                                                             digital photography, creating Internet sites, desktop publishing,
(QSPGA) will result in a new range
                                                                                                                             screen printing, visual arts, applied science, beauty therapy
of joint courses in the highly
                                                                                                                             and health.
specialised field.
                                                                                                                               Other courses aimed to help the students secure work in
  The redevelopment of the State
                                                                                                                             bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and offices.
Library prompted its collection
preservation team to search for a
suitable home while construction
works take place.
   During the co-location, the
QSPGA will work closely with
the State Library’s experts to
incorporate world best practice
into its book restoration, binding
and finishing courses.                    So future students can use the       QSPGA lecturer Mike Phelan
   Options for the development of      latest book binding and finishing       teams with the State Library’s
joint courses will also be explored,   technology, the State Library is        Julia Donaldson at Morningside
ensuring library experts work          donating its professional guillotine    campus
closely with students.                 and cleat sewing machine to the
                                       print school.


TV lens focuses on retail lecturer                                              Students host Boggo
                                                                                Ball to celebrate gaol
When A Current Affair knocks               “After an initial off-camera         centenary
on your door, people tend to run         interview, A Current Affair
and hide.                                confirmed that the story was           The ghosts of Boggo Road Gaol
   But when the award-winning            a go, so I contacted our library       were brought back to life in
public affairs program recently          who put Elizabeth Smith on             November as the institute’s event
asked Southbank Institute to             the task of helping me with            management students hosted an
participate in a story, the institute    background research.                   informal black and white ball to
stood firm and delivered a                 “Elizabeth came back with some       celebrate the prison’s 100-year
message that has helped lift the         excellent data that allowed me to      anniversary.
reputation and credibility of TAFE       sound very well informed.”                Coined the Boggo Ball, the
training Australia wide.                    Pauline believes the story was a    celebrations were swung open to
   Reporter David Eccleston asked        great opportunity for TAFE and for     everyone and took place in the
Southbank to provide him with a          her own professional development.      main courtyard of Queensland’s
retail marketing expert who could          “The story was definitely            oldest existing gaol.
espouse the differences between          worthwhile as it has helped lift the      Partygoers enjoyed a licensed
generic and premium branded              credibility of TAFE,” she said.        bar, a buffet-style sit-down meal
goods in supermarkets.                     “Seeing me on TV has                 and tunes by local Brisbane band
   With more than 20 years of            encouraged my students to realise      Horse Box, which rocked the gaol
experience in the retail industry,       the value of their TAFE education.”    house down.
lecturer Pauline Greer was seen fit         A week after the story was             Boggo Ball co-chair and
to answer the call.                      aired, Channel 9’s Extra contacted     event management student
   Reporters usually source expert       Southbank Institute to see whether     Hayley Mundle said the students
commentators from universities,          the institute could comment on         encouraged people to wear their
but Pauline’s retailing acumen           the new breed of sales techniques      lairiest black and white attire.                   Part of the arts showcase at Morningside campus
convinced A Current Affair to tap        employed by retailers.                   “We weren’t interested in cocktail
into the know-how of Southbank
Institute’s academic faculty.
                                            Pauline graciously delivered
                                         expert commentary once again.
                                                                                wear. The Boggo Ball was more
                                                                                about wearing anything black and
                                                                                                                                Arts entice young people
   Broadcast on 37 television
stations throughout the nation,
                                            Southbank Institute attracted
                                         national media attention again
                                                                                white, from gaol uniforms to ghost
                                                                                costumes,” Hayley said.
                                                                                                                                    back into training
Pauline’s on-camera performance          when Channel 7’s Today Tonight           “Thanks to the support of local
                                                                                                                            Training in fire twirling, stilt        Employment, Training and Youth
was well received by the reporter;       called on assert maintenance           businesses, we gave away prizes
                                                                                                                            walking and screenprinting              and Minister for the Arts
not bad for someone who had              lecturer Bill Williams to comment      for the most inventive outfits.”
                                                                                                                            has encouraged a group of               Matt Foley.
not been interviewed by the              on the differences between                The Boggo Ball was sponsored
                                                                                                                            disengaged young people to                They also flaunted their
media before.                            chemically based cleaning              by Brett’s Wharf Seafood
                                                                                                                            take up education and training          performing art skills with the
  “To say it was exciting would be       products and microfibre cloths.        Restaurant, Zest Health Clubs, On
                                                                                                                            once again.                             high-profile audience members.
an understatement,” Pauline said.                                               Time Printing, PR 4 Hair Studio and
                                                                                                                              The team has recently finished          The training program,
                                                                                Goldstar Corporate Cars.
                                                                                                                            a training program aimed at             called Way 2 Go! 2003, was
                                                                                   Organising and staging the event
                                                                                                                            bringing out their artistic abilities   spearheaded by the Youth
                                                                                was the final hurdle the students
                                                                                                                            and encouraging them to                 Affairs Network of Queensland,
                                                                                overcame to graduate with the
                                                                                                                            continue studying.                      Southbank Institute, the
                                                                                Diploma of Event Management
                                                                                                                               Students learned elementary          Department of Employment and
                                                                                                                            skills in screenprinting at the         Training and Arts Queensland.
                                                                                   Hayley said she and her fellow
                                                                                                                            institute’s Queensland School             The Youth Affairs Network
                                                                                students attracted more than 150
                                                                                                                            of Printing and Graphic Arts            hopes the program will inform
                                                                                people to the event.
                                                                                                                            and showcased their newfound            Government policy on education
                                                                                  “It’s been a tough task, but we’ve
                                                                                                                            talents at the Morningside              and training reforms for the
                                                                                proven that we were up to it.”
                                                                                                                            campus to an audience                   future.
                                                                                                                            comprising the Minister for

                                                                                Graduate sets sights on national beauty competition
                                                                                A recent beauty therapy graduate           “I have just started my career, so       competition and every day at work
                                                                                has earned the right to represent        I am hoping the competition might          is getting me one step closer.”
Retail lecturer Pauline Greer (right) with reporter David Eccleston             Brisbane in the national World           lead to bigger and better things,”            The World Skills competition
                                                                                Skills beauty therapy competition.       Jillian said.                              recognises excellence among
                                                                                   Jillian Weiss’s technical and            Jillian has started to prepare for      students of vocational education
A pawn of war                                                                   communication skills impressed           the national final by practising her       and training courses.
                                                                                the judges, who awarded her              techniques almost daily.                      The Brisbane final of the
By Peta Schubring
                                                                                second place in the Brisbane final.        “I work extremely hard because           beauty therapy competition was
Witnessing what World War II was                                                   Current Southbank beauty              beauty therapy is now my life,”            sponsored by the Australasian
like for the other side is not a topic                                          therapy student Helen Lam earned         she said.                                  Federation of Estheticians and
that I would prefer to read in an                                               third place.                               “I am going into the national            Beauty Therapists Queensland,
autobiographic novel. However, the                                                “This is a fantastic achievement, as   competition to represent Brisbane,         Lycon Cosmetics, Matis Skincare
man who wrote the book Pawn of                                                  they competed with beauty therapy        not myself, so I don’t want to let         and Sunstate Therapy Supplies.
War has been a permanent fixture                                                students from all over Brisbane          anyone down.
at one of the institute’s e-Learn                                               to receive their honours,” beauty          “My ultimate aim is to own
Centres since its inception.                                                    therapy lecturer Gaille Last said.       my own salon. I believe every
   Rudi Stiebritz, 81, is the essence                                             “Jillian is still completing Year
of human endurance and sheer                                                    12, so her feat is particularly
determination, which makes his                                                  impressive. I wish her all the best in
                                                                                                                                                                                     Beauty therapy
novel a fantastic and inspiring read.                                           the national final.”
                                                                                                                                                                                     winner, Jillian
   Rudi came to the institute                                                      Judged by three independent
with a mission. He successfully                                                 beauty industry representatives, the
completed some basic computer                                                   students demonstrated exceptional
training and with the help of the                                               skills in client communication,
institute, achieved his goal of                                                 occupational health and safety,
writing Pawn of War while proving                                               technical skill, treatment planning
to everyone that being almost blind                                             and professionalism.
is only a mere hindrance.                                                          For Jillian, the chance to
   You can buy Rudi’s book at any                                               represent Brisbane in the national
good bookstore.                                                                 final in June 2004 is a dream
                                                                                come true.

                                                                                                                                         SOUTHBANK INSTITUTE HONOURS | SUMMER 2004 | PAGE 5
              NEED TO KNOW

                                                                             COTAH students and graduate named Brisbane’s best
  Accredited training the ticket
                                                                             Two students and a recent                     World Skills is a global               Neither did Jayne, who won
  for Brisbane company                                                       graduate of the institute’s College        competition that recognises            the restaurant service category
                                                                             of Tourism and Hospitality (Cotah)         excellence among students of           and is now honoured as greater
   For Brisbane pharmaceutical company Alphapharm, accredited                are one step closer to representing        vocational education and training      Brisbane’s Waiter of the Year.
   training has proved vital to retaining staff and helping them achieve     Australia in an international              courses.                                 Jayne is studying Cotah’s
   high standards at work.                                                   competition of skill and knowledge.           Regional finals are currently       Diploma of Hospitality
      Alphapharm has recently worked with Southbank Institute to                Erica Evans, Jayne Campbell             being held in countries throughout     Management and works part-time
   ensure its staff training programs count towards an accredited            and Will Morgan last month won             the world.                             in the field for Labour Hire Australia
   qualification that employers and educational institutions throughout      the hospitality and floristry finals of       By taking out the local             and Suncorp Stadium.
   Australia will recognise.                                                 the greater Brisbane World Skills          professional cookery final, Erica is      Will, who works for John Jones
      The company’s human resources manager Heidi Suominen said              competition.                               now known as greater Brisbane’s        Florist in Brisbane city, received the
   the exercise has set a benchmark for the pharmaceutical industry in          By winning the local competition,       Chef of the Year.                      best marks in the regional floristry
   recognising the skills, abilities and knowledge of staff.                 the trio will represent the greater           Erica completed her                 competition.
     “This milestone is not the end in our learning journey, but merely      Brisbane region in the national            apprenticeship through Cotah in          The talented student florist is
   the beginning,” Heidi said.                                               World Skills final, which Brisbane is      April and works as a commis chef       no stranger to winning. This year,
     “It has developed a foundation on which future learning                 hosting in May 2004.                       at the Brisbane Club.                  he has taken out six student
   achievements can be based.”                                                  If they take out the national leg,         She had never tested her skills     and professional floristry awards,
      With a 500 employee base in Queensland, Alphapharm has                 they will represent our nation in the      against others before and gave         including Interflora’s Brisbane
   worked with Southbank Institute to match its own staff training with      international World Skills final, to be    herself no chance of winning.          Florist of the Year.
   the accredited training delivered in the institute’s Certificate II in    held in Finland in 2005.
   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.
      The move has enabled more than 100 staff to receive the
   institute’s nationally recognised certificate.
      Alphapharm’s staff are the first in Queensland to receive
   the qualification.
      Some staff are seeking to undertake further studies, knowing their
   training can earn them higher qualifications, up to the advanced
   diploma level and beyond.
      To recognise the achievement, a graduation ceremony was
   held at the company’s Brisbane manufacturing centre, with
   representatives from Alphapharm management and Southbank
   Institute attending.
      Assistant director of the institute’s College of Tourism and
   Hospitality (Cotah) Marty Rollings commended Alphapharm on its
   commitment to accredited training.
     “Accredited training is quality training,” Mr Rollings said.
     “Accredited training ensures employers receive training that is
   relevant to them and their industry, of high quality and recognised       Competitive heat in the kitchen            Chef winner, Erica Evans               Food and beverage service winner,
   by businesses and training institutions throughout Australia.                                                                                               Jayne Campbell (right)
     “While all training is valuable, non-accredited training cannot
   guarantee these factors.
     “Non-accredited training is certainly not nationally recognised,
   which leaves employees without a valued qualification or statement
                                                                             English no barrier for budding criminologist
   of attainment at the end of their training.”                              Many young Australians find it             III in Spoken and Written English        “My parents moved us to
                                                                             difficult to complete their tertiary       and Certificate IV in Spoken and       Australia so we could enjoy the
                                                                             education but the task is even             Written English.                       benefits of peace,” Alex said.
Disability a strength for                                                    harder when you need to learn the
                                                                             language your classes are taught in.
                                                                                                                            Rather than wasting his time,
                                                                                                                        Alex believes his studies have
                                                                                                                                                                 “While I sometimes miss living
                                                                                                                                                               in the Middle East, Australia is a

massage student                                                                 What can be an overwhelming
                                                                             task proved a challenge for 25-year
                                                                             old Alex Yousif.
                                                                                                                        prepared him well for work and
                                                                                                                            Determination, gusto and
                                                                                                                                                               terrific country that presents us
                                                                                                                                                               with so many great opportunities.
                                                                                                                                                                 “I am now planning on moving
Taking out an international               In that time, he dropped              Alex and his family moved from          good old-fashioned hard work           to Sydney to study criminology
competition is an impressive           his weight from 143kg to a            the Middle East to Australia in 1998       have been the driving forces           down there.”
feat, but the achievement is           musclebound 88kg.                     and since then, he has studied             behind Alex’s push to further his         In 2003, 960 students
even sweeter if you have battled         “I’ve always trained but not        continuously at Southbank Institute.       education.                             completed the institute’s
obstacles that others believe are      always dieted,” Paul said.               He has just graduated with                  They are also the motivations      certificates in spoken and
insurmountable.                          “I knew what shape I’d be in        the institute’s Diploma of Justice         ascribed by Alex’s parents in          written English.
  After recently picking up World      under 90kgs, so I aimed for 88 and    Administration and is planning on          their quest to make a better life in
Pro-Am and Natural Olympia             the Natural Olympia titles and lost   majoring in criminology at university:     Australia for their children.
bodybuilding titles, massage           55kg in 20 months.”                   not bad for someone who first
student Paul O’Brien flew to              In 1985, Paul broke his spine      enrolled in the institute’s elementary
Hollywood to contest the Mr            after falling from a roof, but        English language course.
Universe wheelchair bodybuilding       disability has not stopped him from      Picking up English was relatively
competition, which he won.             realising his personal ambitions.     easy for this go-getter.
  Paul trained solidly for the            Since 1995, he has been               Born in Iraq with Assyrian and
competition after confirming           studying a range of health and        Turkish heritage, Alex could already
two years ago there would be a         fitness diplomas at Southbank         speak three languages.
wheelchair division in the titles.     Institute to secure his career as a     “I was determined to master
                                       personal trainer.                     English because I have always
                                          For the past year, Paul has        wanted to study at university,”
                                       studied the institute’s Certificate   he said.
                                       IV in Massage and now hopes to          “When I first arrived in Australia,
                                       be accepted in the Diploma of         I had just finished my secondary
                                       Remedial Massage.                     school studies, and I was planning
                                         “Massage is another service that    to head to university then.
                                       I can offer as a personal trainer,”     “Moving to Australia put the
                                       Paul said.                            brakes on my ambition, but I am
                                         “Many of my clients seek            now ready to take up the uni
                                       sports massages once a week,          challenge.”
                                       so by offering massage, I feel I         Alex now proudly boasts of
                                       will provide my clients with a        having four qualifications: the
                                       more complete health and              Diploma of Justice Administration,
                                       fitness service.”                     Certificate III in Business, Certificate   Legal studies aspirant, Alex Yousif

Mr Universe, Paul O’Brien

                                                                                                                                                                      NEED TO KNOW

                                                                                   Student art advances indigenous respect
                                                                                   Final year indigenous students
                                                                                   studying visual arts at Southbank
                                                                                   Institute hope an exhibition of their
                                                                                   works has helped to advance
                                                                                   Brisbane’s appreciation for
                                                                                   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
                                                                                   culture and traditions.
                                                                                      Staged at the institute’s South
                                                                                   Brisbane campus, the Black                 Exhibiting art students Lena Lee,       Indigenous art student, Janet Evans
                                                                                   Expressions exhibition represented         Stacey Flesser and Donna Page
                                                                                   the end of one journey and the
                                                                                   start of another for the group of            “We don’t have many places in         people understand our various
                  The inspirational                                                graduating students.                       Brisbane where indigenous artists,      cultures and traditions.”
             Abraham Aguto Akuot                                                      Each has spent one to two years         especially the young ones, can             Donna now plans to continue
                                                                                   studying the theory and practice of        find their identity and express their   her education by studying the
                                                                                   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander      feelings creatively while feeling       institute’s diploma-level course.
                                                                                   art and in December, they received         safe,” she said.                           Her painting, Windows to a Lost
                                                                                   their academic qualifications.               “We are of all ages here, and         Generation, joined other paintings,
Through despair comes hope                                                            For Donna Page, the thought
                                                                                   of using art to advance respect
                                                                                                                              we tend to support and inspire
                                                                                                                              one another.
                                                                                                                                                                      linocuts, ceramics and mixed
                                                                                                                                                                      media pieces to form the Black
When Abraham Aguto Akuot                   The two were back in the middle         for Aboriginal culture drove her to          “We appreciate that by working        Expressions exhibition.
informs you about the harsh times        of civil war, with children as young      complete the Certificate IV in Visual      together, our artistic gifts can help
he had while growing up, you really      as eight years of age fighting.           Arts (ATSI).
do understand why he yearns to             Together with a group of other
be a community worker.                   boys, Abraham and James
   Now a student of the institute’s      survived strings of attacks, thirst       Unity the secret for visual art students
Diploma of Community Services            and hunger before they fled to the
(Community Work), Abraham, 26,           Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya              Breaking into the Brisbane arts               One student, Robyn Stewart,
came to Australia 14 months ago          in 1992.                                  scene can be a difficult task, but         exhibited paintings and sculptures
after leaving war-torn Sudan.               After nine years at the camp, the      the institute’s graduating visual art      that reflect her love of the ocean.
   Abraham walked the African            United States offered to resettle the     students had a secret weapon up              “I draw nourishment and
wilderness as one of Sudan’s “lost       lost boys as refugees.                    their sleeve.                              inspiration from nature, which is
boys”, where he faced famine,               Abraham’s brother was among               The students cast aside all rivalry,    reflected in my works,” Robyn said.
despair and death for more than a        the first group of children who           and instead united to support one            “I am exploring some of the
one and half decades.                    were resettled.                           another by staging an exhibition                                                   Art by Darren Kearney
                                                                                                                              moods and forms of water: the
   At just nine years of age, war lost      After the terrorist attacks on         of their works called “Ism”, held at
                                                                                                                              quiet pool, the breaking wave,
Abraham his father, his home and         New York and Washington, the              Gallery Nona in Windsor.
                                                                                                                              the flooded plain, the stillness,
his childhood.                           program ceased, leaving Abraham              In the spirit of true solidarity, the
                                                                                                                              the poetry, the freedom and the
   With his brother James, then 7,       and thousands of other boys in            students were free to exhibit any
                                                                                                                              sheer power.”
Abraham arrived in Ethiopia with         uncertainty.                              works that could have caught the
other lost boys.                            A visit to the refugee camp by                                                       Another student, Darren Kearney,
                                                                                   eye of Brisbane’s arts crowd.
   Without parents, housing or food,     former federal Immigration Minister                                                  focused on a key passion in his life.
                                                                                      On show were paintings,
they survived on wild fruit and          Philip Ruddock resulted                   sculptures, installations and                 A competitive triathlete, Darren
leaves for the first six months, until   in Abraham moving to Australia.           printmaking.                               created three-dimensional works
a refugee camp was established              Soon after arriving, Abraham             “Ism” introduced the public to the       that express the strength of the
and overseas aid arrived.                was accepted into the institute’s         work of students graduating with           body in sport.
   After five years, the Ethiopian       community work diploma.                   Southbank Institute’s Diploma of              To create his art, Darren cast
government collapsed and                    His ambition now: to help people       Visual Arts (Fine Art).                    parts of his body in plaster, which
Abraham and James were forced            when society fails them.                     The exhibition marked the end           he joined with icons from cycling,
to flee back to Sudan.                                                             of two years of solid study for the        swimming and running, such as
                                                                                   students, who now aim to establish         the bicycle and the swimming pool
                                                                                                                                                                      Sculpture by Robyn Stewart
Design show wowed arts purists                                                     themselves in the local arts scene.        starting block.

An exhibition of folios by final
year design and illustration
                                           “Through the exhibition the
                                         students hope to further impress
                                                                                   Brazen ceramists make their mark
students tempted arts purists to         their talents on Brisbane’s graphic       A group of budding ceramicists               An exhibition highlight was the       Claycraft Supplies, Sirromet,
learn the principles of computer-        design elite.                             might have been brazen in the way          works of Vicki Williams, whose          Pottery Supplies, Fusions,
based design.                              “It’s a great way to raise interest     they showcased their talents, but          creative pieces debated the use         SOFA, Oxlades and South Bank
    The View-Me exhibition, held at      in their works and find jobs in           they certainly were not arrogant.          of artistic masterpieces to market      Corporation.
Source 22 in the Valley, reflected       the field.”                                  Ceramics students from                  goods and services.
students’ interests in graphic              View-Me showcased the talents          Southbank Institute united to                Within her art, Vicki’s
design, screen web design,               of students from the institute’s          showcase their best art pieces in          united some of the world’s
print-press media, drawing and           Diploma of Graphic Design,                an exhibition titled BRAZEN, which         great art pieces with everyday
illustration.                            Certificate III in Graphic Design         was held at the Suncorp Piazza at          consumerables, such as the
    Graphic design lecturer Jo           and the Diploma of New Media              South Bank Parklands.                      Coca-Cola can and the computer
Brand described the exhibition as        and Illustration.                            Lecturer Ronelle Clarke said            mouse.
first class.                                An exhibition highlight was            the exhibiting students worked              “I wonder what Monet, Degas or
   “The students’ talents have won       the work of Tiffany Scott, whose          very hard learning the theory and          Van Gogh would think about the
them national awards and paid work       talents earned her one of three           practice of visual art.                    way their paintings are depicted in
for leading design and illustration      finalist positions in the national          “Many of our city’s established          today’s mass market,” Vicki said.
companies,” Ms Brand said.               Saxton Designs competition.               artists have mentored the students          “Their images are found on
   “Some of the arts purists may            Her designs for a camping              by providing demonstrations and            everything. Anyone can buy a
have left the exhibition wondering       product impressed the judges so           delivering lectures throughout the         Degas umbrella, a Monet calendar
how the students have created                            much they granted         course,” Ms Clarke said.                   or a Van Gogh poster as easily as
such great pieces of creative                             Tiffany $5,500 to          “To create their artworks, the           a can of Coke or a McDonald’s
design using computers.                                   turn her concepts        students have united their mentors’        hamburger.
                                                        into a tangible product.   views with their own opinions               “Does this mass marketing
                                                                                   and beliefs.                               detract from their artistic
                                                                                     “The end result is a collection          masterpieces or does it bring art
                                                                                   of art that gave the students              to the masses?”
                                                                                   every right to be brazen with                 BRAZEN was proudly supported         A sample of Vicki Williams’ works
                                                                                   their exhibition.”                         by Artworkers, Craft Queensland,
  Tiffany Scott’s

                                                                                                                                             SOUTHBANK INSTITUTE HONOURS | SUMMER 2004 | PAGE 7
                     AND FINALLY …

Arts students fire up
Woodford festival
                                                                                           Chef coach reduces labels
                                                                                          Rubbing shoulders with the            fine dining restaurants of the              by the long hours faced by
                                                                                          maestros who trained the likes        UK, France, the United States of            chefs, every day.
A large-scale sculptural image of a            take time out on new years day
                                                                                          of Jamie Oliver gave Alison           America and Australia.                        “Chefing is more of a lifestyle
sundial by visual arts students went           to reflect and to think about times
                                                                                          Taafe of the institute’s College         She headed to Australia in               than a career,” she said.
up in smoke to add to the colour               ahead of us.”
                                                                                          of Tourism and Hospitality a          1988, attracted by the growing                “While those extremely lengthy
and magic of the Woodford Folk                    Sarah Stephens, of Redcliffe,
                                                                                          headstart in the industry.            reputation of Australian cuisine,           hours are less commonplace
Festival’s popular closing ceremony            was one of the students who
                                                                                             The fact she was chosen out        and the warmer climate. Her first           today, you will not make it in
fire event.                                    worked on the floats.
                                                                                          of 3,000 applicants to study at       Australian posting: head chef for           the industry, regardless of your
   The students of the institute’s                Two years ago, the seasoned
                                                                                          London’s Westminster Hotel            the VIP lounge of the Australian            gender, unless you are totally
Diploma of Visual Arts (Arts, Crafts           hospitality worker decided to follow
                                                                                          School was a considerable feat.       Pavilion at Expo 88.                        committed to your job.
and Community Arts) were invited               her instinct and study visual arts
                                                                                             That’s because chefing has            Alison noticed differences                 “There are so many rewards
to create the image after the                  after repressing her creativity for
                                                                                          and continues to be a male-           between the Australian and                  to being a chef that they far
closing ceremony’s director Paul               20 years.
                                                                                          dominated profession.                 European catering industries                outnumber the cons. Take the
Lawler came across a fleet of floats             “I have been lucky enough to
                                                                                             Being a woman in this              straight away.                              many young Australian chefs
the students had created for the               be having, artistically speaking,
                                                                                          industry has not stopped Alison,        “Besides the variation in the             who are now travelling the
2003 Riverfestival.                            somewhat of a coming out
                                                                                          who recently became one of            Australian palate, the most intriguing      world, lifting our reputation
  “The students meshed wood,                   experience thanks to my lecturers,
                                                                                          only a few female members of          aspect to working in Australia is           overseas.
cane, bamboo and paper to                      who are giving me the confidence
                                                                                          the Queensland Chapter of the         that women are more accepted as               “Today, Australians are
create an image that blended with              to express my creative side,”
                                                                                          Les Toques Blanches group of          executive chefs,” she said.                 welcomed in the top restaurants
the music, arts and lifestyle that             Sarah said.
                                                                                          internationally prominent chefs.        “While working in France, I noted         of London, Europe and
make the Woodford Folk Festival                  “This sculptural image has been a
                                                                                             The self-starter is now juggling   that businessmen typically ask              California, no matter whether
remarkable,” visual arts lecture               highlight for us all.
                                                                                          a full-time academic program at       to see the executive chef if they           they are male or female.
Paula Payne said.                                “Creating a large piece that, in
                                                                                          the institute’s College of Tourism    had enjoyed their meal. It always             “That’s a complete turnaround
  “This year’s fire event was all              the end, went up in smoke was a
                                                                                          and Hospitality with stints as a      seemed very surprising for the              from just 10 years ago, when
about the concept of time.                     funny experience.
                                                                                          guest chef on Brisbane radio          diner to be greeted by a female.”           Aussies were considered little
  “Through the sundial, the                      “I think it will be easier for us to
                                                                                          and television, and her Les              Women might be more accepted             more than BBQ masters.
students hoped to reflect how                  relinquish our bonds with our future
                                                                                          Toques Blanches’ role. She is         as chefs in Australia, but men still          “I believe that all established
important it is for the world to               works and put them up for sale.”
                                                                                          also a founding member of The         outnumber women locally.                    chefs in Australia and training
                                                                                          Chefs of the Future, the junior          Rather than the industry being           colleges should take a collective
                                                                                          arm of the chefing association.       anti-female, Alison believes women          bow for doing a job well done.
                                                                                             Reflecting on her career           both here and aboard have been                “Maybe, we could all teach
                                                                                          now spanning 21 years, Alison         dissuaded to stay in the profession         Jamie Oliver a few things.”
                                                                                          remembers an event, soon after
                                                                                          graduation, which cemented her
                                                                                          desire to achieve.
                                                                                            “I can never forget when
                                                                                          I applied for a job at the
                                                                                          Dorchester in London,”
                                                                                          Alison said.
                                                                                            “After spending hours on my
                                                                                          resume selling myself, I sent
                                                                                          in my application and about
                                                                                          a week later, received a letter
                                                                                          inviting me in for an interview.
                                                                                            “My maiden name was Young,
                                                                                          and when I opened the letter, I
                                                                                          found it was addressed to
                                                                                          Mr Young.
                                                                                            “I quickly phoned the hotel’s
                                                                                          personnel manager to arrange
                                                                                          an interview time and mentioned
                                                                                          that I wasn’t a Mr, but a Miss.
                                                                                            “I could tell by the long pause
                                                                                          that the manager was taken
                                                                                          back. He then proceeded to
                                                                                          inform me the job had already
                                                                                          been taken.”
                                                                                             After this initial set back,
                                                                                          Alison regrouped. She has since
Sarah Stephens, centre left, with fellow students creating the fire                                                             Alison Taafe, left, judging the recent World Skills hospitality
                                                                                          taken on top roles in equally
sculptural image                                                                                                                Brisbane competition

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