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Hill of Grace is a unique delineated single historic vineyard. The famous century-old Hill of Grace
vines were planted around the 1860s by an ancestor, Nicolaus Stanitzki, in rich alluvial soil in a
shallow fertile valley just north-west of the winery. The vineyard lies opposite a beautiful old
Lutheran Church, built of local field stone, which was euphoniously named Gnadenberg, meaning
‘Hill of Grace’.

Vintage Vintage Quality Optimum Drinking
2002     Exceptional      drink now to 2012+
2001     Excellent        now to 2012+
1999     Exceptional      2014
1998     Exceptional      2018
1997     Great            2007
1996     Exceptional      2011
1995     Very good        2007
1994     Exceptional      2009
1993     Great            2008
1992     Exceptional      2012
1991     Excellent        2011
1990     Exceptional      2010
1988     Exceptional      2013
1986     Exceptional      2011
1985     Great            2010
1984     Exceptional      2009
1982     Excellent        2007

2002 Vintage Description
The year 2002 goes down as being the coolest, windiest ‘non-summer’ on record, following on from our
hottest summer on record in 2001. It was preceded by a wet winter and a spring that was cold, wet and windy –
like winter really. The drizzly cold weather affected the flowering and caused poor fruit set, commonly known
as ‘hen and chicken’, leading to very little fruit. In addition the season was 2–3 weeks late due to the
unseasonable cold weather. With the smaller crop level, the balance of sugar, flavour and natural acidity in the
fruit were excellent. Despite the pitiful crop 2002 was one of our most exceptional vintages ever, helped by the
warm dry Indian summer autumn period, providing sensational colours, flavours and ageing potential.
Wine Description
Very deep crimson in colour. Rich complex aromas of plum, prune, blackberry and blueberry with licorice, tar,
exotic spices, chocolate, cedar and mint. The rich, complex palate is lush, dense and concentrated with layers of
flavours and textures. Excellent acid/fruit balance, velvety tannins and exceptional length.
                   TASTING NOTE: HILL OF GRACE 2002
TECHNICAL NOTES:                                            HENSCHKE HILL OF GRACE 2002
Grape variety(s)                                            Shiraz                                              Grape composition %          100

Harvest commencement date                                   21st March 2002 (hand-harvested)                    Harvest completion date       19TH April 2002
Oak source country                                          USA and French
Oak brand                                                   Various
Fermentation + maturation technique/s                       Open fermenters, headed down and pumped over minimum of twice daily
                                                            Externally cooled
                                                            Pressed and settled overnight, racked to 100% new oak
Time in Oak                                                 18 months
Crushing + stems                                            Crushed, no stems
Yeast culture/s                                             BDX, 2226
Batch handling; majority vineyard portion separate          Single vineyard wine, six separate blocks harvested, fermented, matured separately.
from growers etc
Time on skins (if any), agitation / cap pressing            10 to 14 days on skins; Airbag pressed

Fermentation, maturation treatment                          Fermented cool (16 to 20°c), matured in barrel cellars at Henschke Cellars, racked once, off gross lees

Filtering / clarification / stabilization                   Racked and cartridge filtered prior to bottling - no fining or stabilisation

Vine age                                                    Ranges between 54 and 146 years across the vineyard blocks. Original planting in 1860.
Plant materials                                             Originates from pre-phylloxera material brought out from Europe by early settlers
Major source vineyard/s                                     Younger blocks from mass selection of grandfather's block (146yo)
Vine Clone/s                                                Mass selection
Yield per acre                                              0.7
Vine spacing                                                3.0 x 3.6m
Trellising                                                  Single wire
Terroir / Site (site suitability for varietal relative to   Single vineyard in shallow valley at Gnadenberg Lutheran Church, in the northern section of the Eden
region)                                                     Valley GI, 400m altitude.
Distinct site characteristic                                520mm rainfall

Soil type                                                   Alluvial soil - sandy loam over clay base
Other                                                       Dry grown, prone to frost, organically managed.
Bottling date                                               18th Feb. 2004                                      Residual sugar               0.1
Titratable acidity (g/L)                                    5.7                                                 Label alcohol                 14.5
pH (units)                                                  3.56                                                Total SO2                     81

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